Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1969 · Page 12
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 12

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1969
Page 12
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CORONER NOGUCHI QUITS POST UNDER PRESSURE From Our L.A. Bureau Coroner Thomas T. Ni- fiuchi, who has been under investigation hy lop county officials, said Tuesday he is quilting his job. The resignation will be effective March -1, afier Noguchi testifies on autopsy matters in the Sirhan B. Siihan case. Sirhan is on trial in the assassination slaying of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. Noguchi made his announcement to ihe Board of Supervisors amid rumors of increasing pressure on him as chief medi- cal examiner-coroner. The charges were not disclosed, but L. S. Hollinger. the county's chief administrative officer, told newsmen he would urge action by the supervisors and the civil service commission. Nioguchi will remain in the county service. "1 have decided," he said, "to give up my position as coroner so that I may de- vutc all my time and energy to the practice of forensic pathology in which I am especially trained. The administrative duties of coroner take up much time that 1 would like to spend in my professional field." He said that he was convinced his work as coroner was effective and that he had improved the department. Noguchi was named to the post reluctantly by the supervisors in December, 1967. Ho was then only a deputy medical examiner. Some board members said they would have liked to hire somebody of national reputation. Noguchi is -12. Texas Firm Has Low Bid on VA Hospital INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELESRAM (PMV-A-IJ Long Such, cam., wed., Feb. It, \1l» i f l.eaal Notice NOTICF.' T O ' C O N T R A C f O R S j N6TfcE~fo "STo D E R~S Noin-e is heiehy Riv.-n t h a i ihe '· The Loin; Beach f n i f i e d Sell....! 1,011^' J^eai-h U n i f i e d Si-linol Pisliict · Disti ici w i l l receive seal.-d bids in w i l l iv. -eive bids for labor, m a t e i i a l . ! ihe ofilc.: of ill.- I'lilvhasini; U i v i UI-;III.-P.,I lation and services, for ihelsioii. 1:00111 2uii Admimsuati.iii f.\l!owiiii; \vorl;: ) i : u i l d i i l L r . 701 L-.i-llsl Avenue, l.on^ K I N D OF WORK A N D SCHOOL BID OPENING DATF. XV.'il - M m . : , :.. S. h.'ilul.' N.I. I'.niH I'.iils skill !»· innil- "" ft.riiis p l l f . 1 l,i- III.- D i s l n r i .-Hill III II.- :lllri- \ \ i t l l li:i\vin:-;.-. .-|n-i-ilii-:t .-mil u t l l i - r i - i i l i . ~ n i l r t i . i l l il:ita In fill! ill llli: o f f i c e 1.1' I I I " .\.-5fl Ku | IITI l l l ^ l l i It'll I lSi-i A'irc.^ i;*::irll. California. .MaivU 1L'. lllii'.t. fur I!H- f.. ,N-.. IIJM-K -- I'uivlirix- X... 11'lVc - - Mjitim'-Viaii I ' u i l l n i i - l f,.i . . I.OXC R K A C I I L'XlKlI01 SrilOOI. DISTRICT Jiy: .MAI1IK WKI.I.S. ' 02454 C E R T I F I C A T E OF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME 69.2589 TliO Ulliii-rsi^ni-ii tlo.'-.* c-.--rlif\- he s i-Diiiln. liti-n a btlsiur-ss :tl l^ifi Lull:; lirti.-ll lilvil.. 1.011!.' i:.'ai-!l ilMij 1 ' a h l m l l M lllllK-r It!.'- f i r l i - iiHn f i r n i n.tin.- of l i l . A C K W O O l l SIT.HKNS. ami iim M«I fn-m is o l l l p o s l - l i 1 . 1 l l l l - l o l l . H v i l l U p l - I S O l l . \\] nanif in f u l l anil plavf of Dal.-.l: F.-liniarv 6. liriili CiKOKlil-: I I . . M U U K K ·d ·t Cl.-iv Ii:ill ! of tfi.. p,.,: nuiiilx-r .f hours he- p.m. shall work at a l l siuple . : ^ a , M i U i : - t l u i K - in 1)0 afi rt.Mmv.:: Thft uiiM r;icli nf t h e l i o n ? s l c i l l f 01' h . M i i h - wai;. p i c l n . K i » h i \\n\u: i\;\y' w i . i k . W i i i ' k i u c i i IMS I I I - h i l i t l n . u r j.i I'..'- | M H ! l h . , 1 rr:ir!i.i]| d i f i i i u :ijri;s t h a i I I M - linui-s ..f cHi|t|..ym.'iit *}it:li!. WORKING RULES a. E i c l u coiir-'ticutivo I\ver-n K ;i.m. anil i r o u . J t i t l U f t a tl:iy'. B P i r a i - h ! tiin* f o r ^ l i t f l vvfirkcrs. b. l-'m-iy hnurs h r l w p e n Monday S a.m. ami Friday fi p.m. shall K m s t i u i t e :i week'.s work at s t r f i i ^ l i t time. i c. All work performed in f-xccr^ ! "f i*ii;lif hdiirs PIT clay ir fdi'ly j how.-? per week ur on Holidays j and Snndny^ shall 1)^ p n i d I'iir; ;ii t h n rate for n v c n i n i t : of l i i o j craf! involved. j Kids --'lall lie sr;i|i'd a n i l f i l f d in ' Hit- o l t i c t - , i f T i n - I ' t l n - l l i i P i l i : - . D i m - ! t-.r. I t o o m 'JUT. P.nan| if n u i l d i n v . 7nl l ^ u a i s l A V P I I I H - . l.niii; f'.oa.-li. C . - i l i f i M i i i a imxi::. ..n ur IKC O I P t i n - l i i n i ' a m i d;in ;ihnvc s l n n v i L . and w i l l )(· opoii'Kl ami n-:id al«m! hi p u M i c at «f a lion L .^at'l l i m e a n d plnco. .MAP.1K Wl-ir,LK .\.-j.-=i.-laril Sci-retary : Pilh. Ki-li. I!'. '2i\. \9f,$ IL'I ) l . l l l . N O T I C E TO C R E D I T O R S ! O F B U L K T R A N S F E R |ST.». 111(11- S I I I 7 U.C.C.) I r\'o|ii-e is herehy i;ive!l lo the fr...di- ; t o r s o| . M i r i l A K L - r O M . M I N O K . ' Transleror. whose hnsinc-^s adiln-ss is -ti::il W o o d r u f f Lakewom! Colin- . ly of I An-iele.s. Slale of California, l l i a t a h u l k I r a n s f e r is .-ihiitit lo ! Ije made 10 S'l'ANLKV J A S 1 X S K I . ' Transferee, ivhost: addn-ss is 7iS2 Trask. \Veslminsiei-. C u u n l y of Oi-iiiici. 1 . Stain of CalifiM-m.-i. ' . The property in he transferred is located at . r ):i:!:j in. Second Street. ! Lontr Reaeh. C o u n t y of Los A n ^ e - i le.i. S t a l e of C a l i f o r n i a . Said property ir. desei-ilipd in general as: All slock in n-ad\ f i x t u r e s . ! e q u i p m e n t uf l h a t I'afe h t i s i n e s : k n o w n an I I A V - A - S N A K a n i l I n c a l - i ed al .1:1:1:1 K. Sec:ond Slrei-t. LOUK , Be.-u-h. CMIIIH-.- of Los Angeles, i S t a l e o f C a l i f o r n i a . The l u i l k t r a n s r . - r w i l l lie c-onsum- liiat'-d o n i.r a f t ' - r t i n 1 i l l h d a y o f . U l a r c l i IflC!) a t I l l r o l l A . M a l COAST I I A N ' K . 1:1.1-1 K. S"i- I Slri-ei. I.IIMK H|.|ii:li. C o u n l ..f I...S's. Stan- "f :.-iliforuia. S'i far as k n o w n lo t h e Traii..-fi.ree. all biiBiness iialnes and aildress.'s i used liy tin 1 Transferor f u r I h e i t h r r e years last past, are: | The Clover -ll:!2 W I r l l f f . ! l.nk.'.wnod. C o u n t y of Los An^i-les. i S t a t e of C a l i l o r i n a I D a t i ' d - l-'ehniary ^1 l i H I ' l ; Sigi.ed l i y : ' ; S T A N ' L K V . l A S I X S K l i T i a n s f e r e e ! ! 535'! E. Second Street I Long Be.icll, C.ilifoi noi nth. i-'eh :-·;. tni;n Hit Li:l ~ 00755 ! CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, i F I C T I T I O U S NAME ' 60-33-18 . The tmdrrsi;:ni-d doe- l e r l i f y s l i e is r l i H - t i i i e a l i l l s i n i - - al I7J::7 B e l l f l ' . w i . r F I l v i l . . l:i.|lfli.»-.-i-. C a h - f o i l l i a f"17nii u i i d - - r t h e f i . - t i i i n u s i f i r m n.-uii" of V O C I i K I ! E A I T V | .SAI.n.X a n d l l l a l said f i n n i s i o m . j puscd of i h e f o l l o w i n g person, j whr.-e name in f u l l and p l a r e ,,f ! 1 - e M d e n i - e is as f o l l o w s - O l ' I l ' A .\1 i r,iciL\i:oso.x. ?6~n K f.Mh W a y . : LOHB I'.carh. C a l i f . InKnri. DaiOd Keh. i-l. ISM O K I D A 11. R I C H A I I O S O X i S l a t e of C a l i f o r n i a . : Ln-- Angeles C o u n t y : On 17th ol Keh. IflCft. before me. a X o l a i y 1'iihlie in and for said : SiiilO. personallj a ) a r lllida .\1 H i r h a r d s o n kno\\ n In me lo he I h e . person whose n a m e is snb.-.-i ibed I n ; t h e w i t h i n i l l s l r i l i n e n t a n d a e k n o w l - ' ed£ed she executed the, same. : .11-ANITA M. I\\I:K-KI:: ( S K A I . I X o l - u y l.'lli.lie; My l.- is'iini espu-.-s .May s. 11)72 Pub. Ii'eh. 21!. -M.-o. ·"'. 1'..'. 1!1. H'l'il'l I I I ) ]..!!.!. Dooley's Super Special diag. meas. BIGZOINCH E, LARGES rd COLOR TV CONSOLE 25,000 Volts picture power, Transistorized UHF tuner, Set-N-Forget VHP fine tuning, front speaker and UHF loop antenna. 295 SO. IN. PICTURE, LARGEST COLOR TUBE MADE dcard Bell,E9 DOOLEY'S SALE PRICE: 398 FREE DELIVERY, 90 DAYS SERVICE IN YOUR HOME, 2 YEARS PICTURE TUBE GUARANTEE AND 1-YEAR PARTS GUARANTEE) Packard Bell CQ968 Mediterranean Spanish 1969-Models Compare Dooley's LOW PRICES! DOOLEY'S Hardware Mart 5075 LONG BEACH BlVD -.NORTH LONG 8EACH INTEREST COMPOUNDED DAILY insured savings 5.1 3% is what you actually earn when the passbook rate is 5% and is compounded daily and maintained for a year. 5 .13 % You earn on additional 1/4% per annum over our current passbook rate of 5% per annum by Investing in a three-year bonus certificate. Should you withdraw your three year term you still passbook rate. l - U I . I V J W . - U . . I . M . C.25 EARNINGS PAID 4 TIMES A YEAR Funds received by the I Oth of any month earn from the first of the month. Funds received after the I Oth earn from the date of receipt. Funds earn to the date of withdrawal. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS OF LONG IEACH NOT THE LARGEST-JUST ONE OF THE BEST Fridayf FIRST QHCI RIME HEml.cIt 7-1211 F R E E P A R K I N G 135 E. OCEAN AVE. At Our Rur Kntrmt F R E E P A R K I N G for .in-.- ili-lil.';, li;ihililio.s or olili::;i-!cdi;eI lip f-xurinwl Uii 1 s;u . l i o n s o i r u r i f i l bv liny persoil.s o i h p l ! i .,,,,,.....,.. r . . . | l l i a i i h i m s e l f . ; I:UTH C. J ' A I I K S '.. · -V "','n -, Sieni'd 1 I I K B JlOr.KASH U S K A I . i X o l H r y P n l i l i r : \ i l · .'"' i' i F " h - --· 1! " ;| I P u h - F " h - 1f) . -''· M»"'l' : '- I-. ; ' '"- ''"" Pul. F'-l. 21. J.". ili. !!« C«l I..F..I.I10B!) (-in I..R1. ; By BEN /.IXSF.R .Medical-Science Editor A Dallas. IVxas. firm is apparent low bidder for the construction of an SI I-bed Wierans Administration Hospital in La Jolla. J. \V Baiesun Co. Inc.. submitted a bid of $34.523,000. Y.'U'rans Ad- minisiraiii:i ofncials said after opening six sealed bids. The bid opening was in n conferi'iMV room at Long Beach Veterans Ad- minisiraiion H o s p i t a l Tuesday. CONSTRUCTION of ihe new general medical and surgical hospital is expeci- ed 10 begin early next year adjacent to the University "I California School of Medicine al San Diego. VA officials esti- m a t e construction will lake two years. Currently, many San Diego area veterans are served hy the Long Beach hospital even though the VA has a number of cnn- tiact beds at San Diego Naval Hospital and also operates an o u t p a t i e n t clinic in San Diego. OTHER BIDDERS were. Gust K. Xewberg Construction Co., Chicago. $35.210.000. Walter Kidii-- Constructors. Inc.. l.os Angeles. $36.L'00.000: Robert !i. McKce General Contraciors, Inc.. Los An- geli":. S:!r.250.()0: I'clrr Kiewil Suns' Co.. Arcadia. .S:;.V-'20.000; and joint venture !-f J. li. Allen and Co. and Simpson Construction Company Division of Dillingham Corp., Anaheim, $::."..'"t.Glll. C f i n t t a c ! a w a i d will be a n i u i i M H r d l.iiet by the VA's Ct'iiual Of I ice. Washiditon. IX C. cnfteuf kVAY$ pflST O U A U T Y * 7Hf PERFECT GIFT FOR MOTHERS TOKKAJXCE HEART PATIENT IS fc ALEUT' Spokesmen a! llarbur Oneral Hospiial Tuesday said heart recipient Kidiaril Charles Newell was "alert and oriented" w i t h normal blood pressure and a reaular pidse. Newell. fiS-year-okl Oxnard onu-er, recoiveil the heart of Mrs. Shirley Arm Ilighhouse. J: 1 ., of Torrailce, lasi Thursday durinj; an eiplil-liour nperaiiun. Thorn;!] s t i l l on the i n i u a i lisi. he was desi ribed as s i l l i n g up in bed several limes a day and "projjrcssinR as expeclrd." He is allowed visiis hy his wife. Alu-e, several times a day and dials w i i h nurses and a t t e n d a n t s . The donor died l a i e lasi Wednesday from a self-infliried bullci wound. HIM heart was "maintained" in her body several hours a f t e r slie was derlarcd legally dead. 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