The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 7, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1957
Page 1
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"t ''"&> ^w*./ x <. r<*-lsS S * J \ <£•'-* ,-, IJnt Kjgft fh* rwiflwi M« wui lift th* wMt t would cow< ft MA **« tt« 0. A, . '«« JuaUr w lundi* uu ^>*fr Aw tM^ufeind^ rt^ - ««M of B-* blrt", lnt*r«{ ,Wffi b« In th, «nM IMMIU, 6f WhUh Houtkd MO b»«» MtM, dgMd up will * a , 11 t»t twf U«i, i«t th L«x* fttfe&n, ttit* «r*u »rt MH> ttMttf « tw Lrts ^*«Wws4o«f6t ««h tehissi tor t i.nfi - ;«» iftfptw tfidt ««th wflf M*«t wfti m Vntftitt «a< V.ttMto b^y» ,ml ttai MaMtr if*™** « 4 TSI f «t tt • , t . *d«n, whttt m SKOM enc #iu tiN put* tn «M».hv« 6i» /us* 17. 8»>t*wa wilT S«H to &M 'm rftot# 1} white t** C^ltf eottl Oljtnpie twtw »til I* w^tt tfrfft to i« i-i-J pl»M t» en rt tH* AAtt Juniar tv*l wlrt ttti. (M . «f«« ot Sf»zo«port'» anttier rw-fMtlon il« to boyj tad Uri* <xt wuiacn ni ftaoi °™ Ml i*%1ltoi ttfc* ptaci from tt< rr*tp« *g ytfUtn*t fnfct itfi i|K¥&iifi|<(i Hi nuong iw pt*?»S Mi jmtil toUfnamiritt art haft B*Wi , r ire urged td M Oft Ran* «th* ft-Wpw* ftdii $m* i * am. Monday nwrniriti 1 l*v*wi ideal tournament* **• «s (fit joif «Nt Wmiliftr wiifc a few ***t* *lat*d ouUtde the jm&tf, %»«'* *•* tan* over th« tata ht th* *ft*m WHiVw* HMfcttpott Senior ft|h court* and th* „„* ft« Golf c«tf«t being- used. This is *tM Apefi lot afud.fini of attfett «*>. JS* Cargii* will work »rm th* youth* at tne C*nt«M, whith win be in th« Mutie Hall at JHlyu School. , „. StoriM KHI. te ihowa AroHghout th* am with L 1$?"' Bryaft working with that phat*. Bryan wffl fee on Haft* Mr *a*h Mereation center once a week t» ihow Him* M vat/ 1 * lout *p6rf«, „(, » T.J*? 1 L * PP * > *"' ** * ehW «* * «• J>«a»«*'St tafc* Jickion whil» Bo L»n<i»r, win head th« etrd teg, Vetue*. Joe ftanford ti in charge in Clat* while &£$& Tingl* work* with ffwport youth*. ' - & Thit,tear'*'turrtmti program is expected to be "*"' Mgg*« In it* hiatory a* a record number of youth* ** taking part in thi tetivfti** offered •i* Jfl •Ub, ^ JhMd «l ih* atvtolt • - wm k**4 «• Flood Tnmado**, 'llooda. wirtda and hafl h«v* i *xt*rp*pfv* darnag* to ^»f r,n~t -T, p*v • ax Dedi r »^, ~y. lo**e* b lT 'Saftr- «wn*ra. reoord Th«t ' camtaltr ordinarilr'd«due<i- ' - high e*c«M th»ad|a*t*d.cort of tbJItltt&M* l)r«|>e^ v ^*7idjtt*|*a — i-L-SCL. 'Con QC pfttp^tjr |pfcWo*( ' dft- prMipiiiOtt i^K^iMh{H>« aiiifl r^c* ord* of irwurane* and dii*»t« th* important ricprt* that ,an necoattry to «*Ub^»h an ao- tuallo**. * „ • ,' ' Th* actual coat et reetoring or replacing the / loet propertr i* not . Btpenne* for peraonei inj«ri*«, temporary light*,. A>eU moving or rental* for temporary quarter* ar* not deductible, Th* lo*a may be ny wbtraeting the < . mediately aper damage, ,._. *a any ropalrs. front the value Unmedlateiy before damVg*. TW* 'iMulting figure mayfnot Arouncf Brazo8po ! rt MM. J. J, V*mUve*r of Tr**port U the newHr elected trawurer of the Ho**nb*rg DU- trirt Council of C»tiSll« Woman,... Fact* Print.. Hamilton begin* hi* < 1 Coleman JR. in W- «d to d*** th,, MOrtto, ,. m ^Mttwat nr , ,pp trM j, f ea«Md bf an overloaded eteo*i«*t drctrft. M * m - IT. Tb. w»nt «< tb« Ited Wy«r thrett U6r.. a«. f tout ln. t pt*»*rtag thMrs ^. IB' Omk CrpHat " extaraDv^ ta» . vice , ; ta*v AW on* •srt&r it lon*'> ««?• fclreW-Way *nd in take-Ji Poltoe,' n*W tc .. . ' UmlU, __ firemen did com a" kJOII Wo»t T ioth. The tan* Jaahao* around r-th*j M-tV fJt \ fi. '*«' »«L >,***«n.i wrtK*i 'H''-'-- • ,ffi ~' ! ' •**H^ 5 sw? iad a J; at the With Alwayi ;fc*v •OfitM *tt» ! A P.trid* ^T I An Making Mr Patricia Mart*, of M* and nta. I Knatvof Aiviq. 1 h*p.y ^fctf '-- OMBOW, * AIM the Dr. Anlwiio, tor of th* regional ..,. her*, told the Unit** Prew! Th* infanta did not haw any ehatw* of aurvival the outaet They had * oreiri, <ttr*e- onal naapKhl 9 v f v^ww we** «f a»fwm K*n«u-.^—, af* none altar *x>hoation "juat Wt" dowtt.CorMi Chrirti pr^tad lai >£*. KiUonal An^o4« MF tt >*»**, - < • l4»* Jaek, •JMto Oawtf Brosk^who, wa* Brooke who.wa* ^T yrfadteiojrtaav MuwSon at •*»»*» C*U» $&• mr «WWI'.Nf w«*«iir we**' * • «Wl(^g»b^ i T*^ •••wi '•^w wainvi ^ and in no dantjir. ,-«.- ft t 6r. Moreira **id th« t»w qn Mit'a girt bom to foMn* t <WW^^ w*V ^PWw 1 ^^^^IpM^^n . ;>9lM WM TtpwMd b* nm,^, 4J\ vioutjy give, birth tt>FfaiSj[ Wl Mptot* and quadrupJ^*: > .- * • early report* **ld n*r -we vi«t* chUdren were I Named Ktvin ' Hotaital A« 1 pound* and oa* nujii*7 j 'It inn aivaivBOuna, i ipitaJ. »*m Jut^T'ii^w' -ku all had died twin. riotaX DearmanTire To Continue te»« in brief •worj *4t a'additfea <b th«rl ^_j^ - _ *. ** *•, i ,^"- • eny c*iip*a flnn* -nan brother* have j line* of Th*te nnd HamtttoK wM*MTw and gae dryera. They retail rMr in Armctronu In connection with' ail ttore. which to kmted »t To r- ; iak* Part ae-a-B-WaafiSSSSE :«d.,»,4i « b. e,, tot*. '*'t KM Ti Or*. .ftrrt- the Ifeeioria Kehefcah Lodge wilt entertain the *v»rt*rly Oddf*O««r and R«bekah KtHminr in th* Bp<*oop«t RM. nMUMk Adding in Braioria 10 South 4th, a haH block Saturday night. AU nWnkwn from Gulf Blvd. in Frteport of the Oddfellow or IMMkah the Deerman* operate the Hearmen Conoco Servicw St»-> Hon No. t. To help tn the «- panatoa. the broU>*rrhave ex. tenO'ed and- MOopamiaMC tko> front orthe'bniMlngi adding in th* proc*M 134 *qu*rc teet of floor apace. - • Equal p*rtMr*tin the buai- nee* ere Tred,'Chartte. and BtH Dearman. •ll.'joung. agect 14. M, ard M, They are aU na- Lodge* invited to attend. *re H*e* of the to mak.1,1wtt« «pd were mu Start Mondir Swimming UMUuction at th* Lake Jeekaoa Municipel Pool will begin at 140 *4n. Monday. Mo cnarge 1* mad* for the group inttruction otter than t*r adauaaion to the pool. Suit DA** , Set* today at 7fl« p.m. Ri*** Saturday at J^u *m. S*ta Saturday at T:S1 vm. U» S. May Attempt i To Quosh Subpoena 1 ' ^ : By LM NICHOLS ' ."vnited Prt*t Staff Corrttpondtnt , VASHJNGTON —. (UP)— Attorney Oliver Gajdi charged today that IttwySri fighting for GI VniHkfk S. Oirnrd may h«v* hurt hi* defense in Japan«M court* by «agp*«ty«,actiona" in hia b«half. ' i*!!*piaMlB .*• ?-««.W^. i^'. ii.1*. j-» '**..- j •»* • • _, ^ i^phfe r*rd*r S? in the oaae. \ -. JndJeeHng -the government ~-*y 'teeje fo f qu*ih Ah« .<mbpe. >.. 0*«oh, *ald,. howt ver, "It look* .a* if we may. Have to open Up 1h* .Whole th'ing" Army *a«i«y Ob**Ww , Brig:.den. aaatstant i, I,. v A%y Judge, adyocaje general, prepared to go to Jtpan iinr mediately to act »• the Army'* 1 offtelal .obtervfr. ta the .Olr«id rial. Army Secretary Wilber M. Xrueker **(oV tending Decker reflected tlj* Army 1 * "in- *r*4 in th* «***." ,. . . Ganh noted the D«'*n»* Department haa.Jjeen "very teru- ptaou*" not to divulge evidence' which', .way be uaed in court for fear of prejudicing he- 21-;*e,r-oid... aojdter'* , dew*e. • ".'';''' ^ • • He added th* lubpena move 1* not going to do Oirard any food" might be < the» »hot her in the back • an empty iheH fired trc«vS.4tf grenad.. launcher. ; 7f j High U. s. official* told^rj. i United Pre*e earlier thet ft}* quMtioB wa« the'k«y lane in deciding whether to aurrettd** Oirard to the Japan*** Th* aubpen* requM government "to produce eourt on Tue*d«y alt writtS dat* having anything to" -d» with the caee. If the gc-/ern- ment object* it can try'. Jo get the court to quaih the *u»V P«na. Order Among *iy evideno* •*h'ch' M 5fSii.y i iSC. Council ^TwS 'ThfeWMm *«' & ' l frf 58 . h>'t A.k«J - f ' >«n**i»b(rt »*? hui- ViH^iJut tfley Jl ^<ftmy T.^v^tt- wili to *how cau'ae nnt "uertay why Oirard rtSS ot be returned to thi»^2§: i 7 for further co M fd»r«tWi : hi* controver^al gJt^T Stwk Market A«iAlrli.V~.J~" 114/4 . 00 .. .„ — an/i , a*tt»^St**J _ . ,- - - , 47 1/4 IsStway StVM Zi - '-"»;>« . fom Pub S*rr „. ., M a, Dow Chem _ _ „. - — Uuncan Coff*« 11 Freent llul - - , , W Gen crud* - . ,- ^ , W^f G«o7Mot" ""*•"" H I Gulf Oil _~ I „"_.._ 14J ' Guif.g U. _„„-_ -,<••,. HuatbJ* Oil J" II11 ^ ",. v: rt/ .Moat n G ^^^, "•n'aN**"'',., "•^ "rar- T -9W"' I ^TP 1 ',"~ «* *" * " ^f'e-, ^r 1f^ W-^F "^ai^pmM^^r WHU pi v" if" 1 Tkjn«*4ri/ yw* yewM J^ f* «M fr**a«ft •'-', «t«t |M"«wn|. lt|H|i|lc flu »JMt «i% |M| (jWafm'"—•— "**J Harrtngtnn and Bar) J, Cir. roll of New York, who haa Jit ken the caw without pay %*> c*uie of hia iotereat *m UA affair obtained a temporal* dSt'H^-^ lB -'»^«. uatrlct court her* Thursday tarring the government from urning Oirard over to a Jn£ an*«e eourt

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