Independent from Long Beach, California on February 12, 1958 · Page 11
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 11

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1958
Page 11
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MISS PEACH -HE SAYS HE KNOWS REP AMP 6REEN -YE5, CHILPKEN, A -- - , CAN USUALLY 'IDENTIFY CERTAIN COLORS- BROWNCNE 5' '·"·'· teo AMD THE 0IWN6B0NE e ' - RED AN9 WHICH 16 6KEEN.' -CAN HE TELL CERTAIN COLORS? ly JANE CARVER, Ccru/ion By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: Please print this and you will be doing a lot of unsuspecting parents a favor. Our daughter is a lovely 15- year-old honor-roll student. She * would take her homework and go on "sitting .jobs" .to earn a little extra money.' The people (usually the. man) would call lor her in a car and tiring her home. . One night she came running into the house breathless. Instead o£ driving her straight home.the father tried to get her to stop olf for a beer with him. W h e n she'refused he tried to get her to kiss him -goodnight .?. and 'there was a little struggle before she got out of the :cr. 'The wife telephoned the next day to apologize for him. Said he had been' 'drinking. Nothing .serious happened but it could have. Parents, please check up on the homes where you let your daughters go to sit. Money isn't everything. EXPERIENCED MOTHER DEAR ABBY: I am 13 and, my sister is 15 and our problem is our father. He won|t let either of us .get any telephone calls from boys. When one calls he either says 'it is the wrong number or Joe's Pool Room and -when he hangs up he has. himself a good laugh. Don't you think we are old enough to get calls from boys? DISGUSTED WITH FATHER. DEAR GnUS: You are old-. enough to set calls from boys --and your lather Is old enough to answer the telephone like an adult. » » * * . . DEAR ABBY: My husband is quite a talker. I don't mind his talking but the only time he includes me in the conversation' is to ask me a question that requires either a "yes" or ·no" answer. Like "Did you feed the dog?" .or "Do you think it's going to rain?" I ever get a chance to say yes or no. I find this very tiresome. I am almost forgetting how to talk. Do you think I'am unreasonable in objecting to this form of conversation? !i YES OR NO DEAR YES: NO! » # * » C O N F I D E N T I A L TO R. W.: Don't be afraid to criticize me. I can learn more from my .enemies than I can from my friends. *" * * * DEAR ABBY: If your cbrre- pondent who is allergic to cigarette smoke will · light two andles, she;will not notice the moke at all. Don't ask me vhy, Abby. ,1. don't know.' All know is that it works. W. J. C » *' * * CONFIDENTIAL: DEAR DISGUSTED WOMAN IN HER FORTIES: There 18 .a good reason -why ou are target for these gafcs. Probably because .you let everyone watch your temperature rise. I agree. Your co-workers have a pretty cruel sense of humor--but If you weren't so annoyed they'd find another goal. Either control your anger . . . or get another job, where the ganp Is more agreeable. x 4 » # * ·IF. YOU have a. problem write to Abigail Van Euren in care ' of this paper. .She wil be' glad to answer your letter For a personal reply, pleas enclose a stamped, self-ad dressed envelope. Laughter /s Tome to Growing Child By ANGELO PATKI The younger children are,- the more they love to laugh. They should be encouraged to do so, for laughter, is tonic to their b o d i e s ancl minds. To the grownups, who see and hear their humorous remarks and hear their gales of "laughter, they s e e m downright s i l l y . Tommy says to Miki, "You've got green eye's and a red nose and you look like a monkey. Ha! Ha! Ha!" Both roll'over on the floor and laugh .lustily. This is such a success that Tommy says it all over again, and again, and each time they are more hilarious. The best 'thing the adults can do is move to another room out of. sight and hearing. The funny sheet in the dailj newspaper gives the children a lot of pleasure. Often the -joke is beyond them but they enjoj the humor of the pictures'aric make their own interpretations and -that is not a bad exercisi at all. They like to talk abou the characters on the steet an the wise parent l i s t e n s am joins in the c'on v . e r s a t i on Laughing together-is one of th happiest and most precious ex periences of family life. Wha they laughed at is going to staj with the children for years and years to l i v e n an otherwise heavy hour. * » * * THERE is a necessary difference between laughing and giggling that must be recog- .Alicia Mart Use Caution in Gestures Gestures can do much to BACON BOLJLS "set the stage for a snappy lunch... Combine bread crumbs* with diced celery, green pepper '·· and onion, season, moisten · with ^an^. and alittle'' milk. : ! Place-a tablespoon of .the. dressing- on.', slice of bacon.. Roll the" bacon and fasten'with wooden ,\ . Oven cook' -the rolls xrntil ..the bacon, is crisp-and the stuffing heated through.- : ··"· '. · ·» ·» '» *· · . x TUNA N-: BEANS NEW ENGLAND Mix ' a -1-lb. can · .of baked beans (any.-style)'; with-a-6%-7- oz. can ' tuna. ' Heat: -to . bubbling. : With'-..canned-"Drown bread,., heated, or cheese-toasted rolls, -plus, celery-and'catsup or pickles, ifs.supper-for4. · Official Hostess; ; Mrs. Alvin Gray, president "of Bernard-Milton Sahl.Auxiliary 593,- Jewish War Veterans,' has )een appointed an; official 'hostess for-the ninthj annual ..'donor uncheon sponsored- by;the'De- iartment of California "Feb 1 . --15 it'the Beverly Hilton Hotel: . make a mature far older. woman look The handbag dangling at the end of an arm, the feet crossed at the ankles, the head hunched forward between the shoulders all tend to add . years to N a woman's appearance. Glasses perched on the end of the nose as your peer at newspaper or boo"k put you in A youthful,- delightfully. slim frock for'warm weather, topped with a jaunty button-on cape- let. Combine two 'fabrics, No. 8182 with FATT-ORAMA is in sizes 10,'. 12, 14, 16 18, 20. Size 12, 32 :bust; dress yards of 35-inch; -belt, tt yard; cape, % yarti; % yard contrast. Send 35 cents in coins for this pattern--add 5 -cents for- each pattern for" first-class mailing. Send to -Barbara Boll, Long Beach Independent, 36T: W. Adams St., Chicago 6; 111. Print name, address with zone, style number and size. Send 35 cents today for your copy "of our fascinating pattern book Basic . Fashion. The 'new spring and summer '58 edition is a delight with special tea- · IF -WATER glasses ^accidentally become'- stuck;; 'together don't force, .them apait. -;jus put the outer !; glass' in - ho water 'and fill the inner, glas: with cold water,-- and; presto your'worries are 1 over:, » * .-* i " ' . ' ' WASH. .'with '..warm.. soapj ater ' containing .a few drop 'kerosene' and a ; little bluing r extra sparkle., A bottle ashing brushy dipped. in suds eked, up from corners of win w pane molding. Rinse wit] arm water and polish drj th a. clean, lintless cloth. - ». « * ,*. '-V WHEN someone spills choc ate on the' tablecloth,, ge ter the spot right away wtih doth soaked in m'ilk. For ffee.and tea spots,, rub,with ycerine. For. ink spots, rub ath glycerine, then milk.- Quell That Fire! A '.small grease · fire can oe put out by pouring bak- ng soda or .salt on the burning area." Never 'throw water. m a,grease fire. It inspires t. '. ' , Dale Carnegie Course ubfie Speaking--Memory Training--Human Relation* IJXJVro^/a^/wii \J*. w w w i k r»»" tf " ' M-J « ~~-o an age class' with Whistler'sjtures, up-to-the-minute styles. ' . , _ _ _ ,,,_,,. ... ;+ u -v ^,',fn^ CT D'on't miss it! mother. Walk with a step and derriere thrust-out if you want to age at least'.15 years. Hands on hips or arms folded make you look .not only older but completely, graceless. T H E 10-Y E A K-OLDS 1m- nized. One laughs at something prove on the pattern by telling but one can and often does * . .. ·· ... ., _ J .._,-- --i- giggle at nothing and less than nothing sometimes as'when the giggle covers what might better be passed unnoticed. W h e n children giggle give them something to do that separates the gigglers and changes the direc- tion'of their thoughts. each other "funny" stories, asking ridiculous riddles and the like. It may be the last one he heard on the radio, or an ancient one he overheard someone telling, but he will- recite his own version and his group will shout with laughter. That's .a signal for him to tell at least the "funny" part over again to the joy of the crowd. All this is harmless though -the repetition .and the n o i s e may annoy the captive adult audience; -but for the. children it is therapeutic. They are forgetting their troubles for the moment. The adult world is for the time not pressing on YET ALL of these are gestures that women (-and not just mature women but young women, too) can be observed male- ing every day. With such gestures, they rob themselves of the lovely illusion of,, grace which is -the. vory essence of beautv. them.) Sigma Kappa Sets Benefit Leff Group Se/s Meet Mrs. Rose Kaufman, member of the national advisory board of .Pioneer V/cmen, will -be ! guest speaker Monday at the ing of Roslyn Leff Chapter. Members will convene, in the community room of the Bank of Belmont Shore at-8:30 p.m. The speaker recently returned from a special Pioneer Women meeting and Jewish agency seminar in Israel. "The 'Sweetheart Party' 'Set for Saturday Plans for- a "Sweethear Party" Saturday at the.home of Mrs: Don Gardiner'/ 2860 Allred St., were completed .a' a recent ' meeting Of . Beta Chapter, Pi Delta 'Epsilon Sorority, at the. home of Mrs George Fingado. The meeting also honored prospective members, Mmcs Robert Lar'kin and Ray Burris P A C I F I C A V E N U E «t 23rd STREET Southern California Council Role of the Women in Israel 1 the dis- ... I will be the subject of. her-talk of Sigma Kappa will stage its Qn Tuesday . a ser j es O f work- annual benefit Sunday at Pasadena Playhouse when members and guests view "Inherit the Wind" starring Sidney Blackmer. Proceeds from sale of tickets will go to various Sigma Kappa national and local philanthropies, including ' Hathaway Home for Children. A pre-theater party is being arranged at Pasadena Athletic Club. Arrangements for persons attending from the Long Beach area are being made by Miss Barbara Friendson, alumnae president, and Mmes. Darwin! Kendall and Robert C. Behymer. shops will be conducted. by Mrs. Kaufman in the home of Mrs. Martin Broido, 2744 Hardwick St. The.first-session will begin at 10 a.m. when the council of working women in Israel and' the work of^ Pioneer .Women will' be. cussed.. Other topics will' be leadership, membership, programming and fund raising. Music Center Studios Southern California's Finest School of Music CLASSES NOW FORMING GUITAR · ACCORDION ALSO PKIVATE INSTRUCTION Accordion. Clarinet, Drums, Guitar. Piano, Saxophone, Trompet, Trombone HE 7-8010 or HE 7-4090 1414 ATLANTIC, LONG BEACH Compl|K - Brilflower - Sun *«lro , DRY IT FREE All You Waih (25c lood) Htro PAY-LESS NO LIMIT! 7 DAYS 7 NIGHTS Tkira'i On* Htm Y»u FREE-DRY LAUNDROMATS NORTH LON» MACH-1339 E. Art«l« llvd. COMPTON--1W I. Roueron NORWALK--11157 I. RoMcroni DOWNEY--tail E. Imperial ARTESIA -- 1I70» SAN PEDRO -117 N. (Jaff.y IELLFLOWER--»713 E. Art«la ARMS HIPS CALVES : WAIST ! THIGHS I ANKLES ose where you want, to lose! Losing 'weigh 'and inches in the right .places':- · simpiv can't be done with diet alone! ·. . . . ··" ' . ; .But you, can lose where you need to lose with -the Stauffer Home Reducing'.Plan. With, this proved... . program of effortless exercise and calorie reduction you can order a new sst of measurements ,, and have them soorier.than you. think. . ' For a courtesy figure analysis and Jiome demonstration CALL GA 2-2122 STAMPER HOME PLAN D E P T . L B M 2 3147 Wiisliire Blvd.,. Lot Angela 5, C«lil,- ' I would like more infornution ibout the St»ufler Home Reducing Plan without oblijilion. Name. Addre: City-- .Phone No- _Sl»te_ USI4DAYS WANT THE BEST FOR Try Hytarf'i fhk Atfirii- Iftt iii/K JWtfflBtt «pirb ttUtt .HylaricVs Pini Aspirin is. the" only IHterate.aspirin tablet especially! or children..Thas, means that it contains no'filfr ·ers, ho starch-only thepurest' aspirin obtainable anywherel Ask your doctor.-Hyland's is "so pure, so .soluble,-it melts ·'almost instantly-'on', your child's tongue.'No spoon, no water/no coaxing .needed. Delicious raspberry flavor. Ideal for younger children. At all drug counters. !·« i«nuii». r · I MMtf" with -cklUrn \PARENTSy,;""?.. indiwirlil \j~*u",£/j*iPIRI* tm»ui . ·F*m a £jfr Blond's Pink Aspirin FOR CHILDREN M.N, , iw« INDEPENDENT-- Pag« Ml WAVE including Magic Mirror . Projection, Fashion · .: Cold Wave, Milky Shampoo and Styled Setting. ' . Now is the time to get-, the most perfect permanent' you've ever had and at the , same time - see ...- · · . yourself · actually, wearing many new hair fashions' in' the Magic - . Mirror. Proicctort 'before your . hair is styled. ' ' . BUDGET PERMANENT* SPECIALLY PRICED $350* Milli Mlmr PralMtiM · Hot iMlidld.. *Steriof Permanent Wave frict in effect tkrit Feb. 15tb ^ ining-- Hum** Divilip CoumB-PoUi-ConlldMM-lMfn foiSpirt In Public . Fr». Oimoiwtrilioll Muting - MOROAH HALL. Empiri Room 5 Loeuii Avinu*-Thirs!ay, Frt.lSt*; I p. m^Prtttirtid ty Eric SuHen - LONft IIACH : 1 34 'W. Iroadwoy Hlmlldt 2 " MM IIXIY KNOLLS 44« Atlantic Av«. SArfltld 3-7J8I . LAKIWOOD 5414 E. Villog* -Hoot Cmnon will Btlinowtr Blvdi. HArrlson S-64SI s ty without Compromise

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