The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 29, 1906 · Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 29, 1906
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THE CHIELICOTHE CONSTITUTION. VOL. XVJI NO. 291- CIIILLICOTHE, Mo., FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1906 DAILY EDITION PRICE FIVE CENTS __ • _ There are many causes of nervousness, biif lm/^_^ ' J poor biood heads the list. The doctors call / V PT fyOt/S ' !t a " nemia - The blood lacks re d corpuscles. *^vx**v^ • At your first opportunity, consult your doctor about taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Ask him if he has anything better for weak,ness, debility, nervousness. If he has, take it. If not, take Ayer's Sarsaparilla "Set well, that's what you a re-after. ^^V^'y^oM^ WHEN YOU ARE GETTING GLASSES Get them right. Absolute satisfaction in the relief of Headache and Eyestrain. A. B. MACDONALD EAST SIDE OPTICIAN AND JEWELER. Dr. firthur J. Simpson, SURGEON ANB OCULIST Eye Ear Nose Throat Practicedevot- ed to Surgery and Diseases of the Eye, Ear Nose, Throat. Special attention given to surgery of the Eye, Nose'and : Throat. GLASSES FITTED Office in Herman Bldg. Nortli Side Sa- Phones 88 and 212 BRECKENRIOGE NEWS. From the Breckunridge Bulletin. Mrs. Lewis Wright of near Nettleton, and Miss Maltha Wright, called at this office Tuesday morning, the former to have her Bulletin sent to Chillicothe, where, she informed its they were moving to a farm just northeast of that place. Their daughter expects to attend some business college in Chillicothe. Mrs. Newton iHolines went to Chillicothe Wednesday for a visit with her parents. Mrs. J. C. Russel and daughter, Lucy, returned Tuesday from Chillicothe. Mrs. Laura McOarty returned Monday from a visit to friends in Chillicothe. Joe C. Russel was iu Chillicothe Sunday and Monday; he was callGd there by the death of his ratber-in-law, D. A. Creason. John G. Atwell, manager of the Missouri Lumber Company at hiliicothe, was here on business I yesterday. Mesdames Viola and Fred Runkle were Chillicothe visitors Tuesday. WOODMEN OF THE WORLDIWILL HOLD SERVICES NEXT MONTH Will Take Place in Edg-twood Cemetery—Monument Now Being Prepared by Local Firm. Telegraph Positions Offered Just received a letter from the Rock Island Railroad offering- a, station in Daviess county, Mo., salary $50 a month at first No question about opportunities. Enroll any day. Maupin's College '"R POSITION SCHOOL" Chillicothe, Mo. ! FOR CHARITY'S SAKE. j The United Commercial Travel ers base ball team challenges the • merchants to a base bull game to ! be played at South End park Sat! urday, September 29, the receipts to go to charity. If the merchants accept 'the challenge they must place their acceptance of the challenge in the CONSTITUTION that all the U. C. T.'s may see it. 1 EXCAVATING ON WALNUT. WorlJ at excavating for paving on Walnut street, north of Calhoun, was begun Eriday morning, and is going rapidly forward. Walnut is to be paved as far north as Bryan, and then Bryan will, be paved east to Locust, The bricklayers have finished the Calhoun- Walnut intersection and are now working further west on Calhoun. John Denison of Brayiner was a Friday business visitor in the city. - -'• RET OL VCD THAT WHEN VE ANYTWINC ELSE (N CLoTHES VE NEED GLOVES- GLOVES MAKE A PERSO/s/ LOOK AND FEEL SO MUCH WORE COMFORTABLE YOU KNOWTW OLD GLOVES LOOK SNIDE WELL DRE55ED PfOPLE/IRE"PARTICULAR ABOUT GLOVES *• OTHER LITTLE-THINGS. BUifEKBROW/1. - /nARY JAMES CLOVES No. 37, MANY MEN CAN AFFORD THE LITTLE LUX- *URIE.S OF PREJ-5 BUT ARE REALLY Too "CARELE-5^ TO GET THEM. A GOOD PAIR OF GLOVE ,5 NOT ONLY KEEP THE FR.O-ST OFF YOUR FI-NGER.5 BUT HELP TO PUT ON A GOOD APPEARANCE. A FRAYFD NECK- VTIE, A BROKEN COLLAR, A WoRN-OUT PAIR OF CUFF-5 OR A-SOILED HANDKERCHIEF WILL KNOCK THE .SHINE OFF OF A .SWELL -SUIT OF CLoTHE-S. A GOOD .SHIRT WILL GIVE YOU A GOOD FRONT. WE CAN .SUPPLY YOU—NOT ONLY WITH JUITJ AND OVERCOATJ BUT EVERY THING YOU WEAR UNDER THEM. -SUPPOSE YOU LOOK AT OUR 25 AND 50C LINE OF NECKTIES, OUR $ 1.00 AND $ 1. 50 LINE OF -SHIRTS, OUR 25C, 50C AND $ 1.00 LINE OF HOSIERY, OUR $ 1.00 AND fl. 50"LINE OF qloVEJ, OUR 40C TO $2.50 LINE OF UNDERWEAR. WE CAN FURNJJH YOUR BODY AND MAKE IT FIT T9 LIVE IN, CLOTHING CO, S^The local Woodmen of the World will hold its first unveiling ceremony at Edgewood cemetery this fall. The exact date of the unyeiling has not yet been determined but probably will be held the last Sunday in Octobr. The monument is being prep a ed at the Pitzpatrick and Sons Marble shop in this city and is said to be a pretty monument. The local order will be assisted by out of town speakers who will deliver addresses at the services. The officers of the lodge will have the entire charge of the unveiling. Cameron Woodmen of the World will hold their unveiling services next Sunday and it is expected several from the local order will attend the services. The unveiling at Braymer takes place some time during October, probably the second Sunday. The Woodmen of the World, since the order has been instituted in this city has built up exceedingly fast. It has among its membership some of the best citizens of Chillicothe, who have worked hard to build up the order and who are succeeding in their undertaking. The citizens of Chillicothe will look forward to that day as one which will long be remembered. CONSTITUTION Special Jellico, Tenn., Sept., 21.—A carload of dynamite exploded here today while being switched. The -entire business section of the town was damaged with a loss of §1,000,000. Fifteen persons were killed and one hundred injured. BAILEY'S TONGUE SILENT. CONSTITUTION Special. St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 21.—Senator Joseph P. Bailey of Texas was here today. He refused to talk about anything, even the weather. DAVID GLENN DEAD, David Glenn, aged 70 years, died at his home in Kingston, Monday, September 17, says the Lawson Review. He was the father of John, Kelly and Robert Glenn, all of this city. Death resulted after a long and painful illness. Mr. Glenn had been quite a prominent citizen of Caldwell county for years, having been sheriff, collector and treasurer of the county. He was buried Wednesday. Mr. Glenn was well known here having visited his son, John, when he was a ' resident of this city. TO REOPEN SNYDER CASE St. Louis, Sept. 20.—Circuit Attorney Sager tonight announced that William H. Ritter, wanted as a witness in the Snyder- bribery trial, and arrested last night at Hannibal, Mo., on a charge of blackmail, probably would be released tomorrow, as ex-Delegate Eugene Sweeney was today. .It is understood that Sager has reached an agreement -with Ritter and Sweeney, whereby they will appear as witnesses against Snyder in the reopening ft the case. LAYING 8RICK Workmen started" Yd ' laying brick on the First National b'a'nk building Thursday " : afternoon. The work Jg be-^g rustled so the building caa ha <B6m'jglete$ befor^ pold weather, ^' ; --. : • FAILED TO GET PAPERS "Constable Tom McCarthy returned Thursday night from Jefferson City where he took requisition papers signed by Miss Bessie Abshier, deputy circuit clerk and B. B. Gill, assistant prosecuting attorney, to have- Governor Folk attach bis signature for the return to this state of Arthur Green who is under arrest at Ottumwa, la., charged with assault with intent to kill Walter Tolson of this city. The governor did not honor the pipers on account of their not being signed by the circuit clerk and prosecutiug attorney proper. The papers will be signed and forwarded to Jefferson City for the governor's signature. When the papers are returned Constable McCarthy will leave for hu prisoner. TO PESTER STONE REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE SENDS 'FIRE ALARM" FLANNACAN Carthage Orator Follows the Senator at Wheeling, and Will it Is Said, at Other Places What is said will be the first of a series of joint discussions between Senator W. J. Stone and 'Fire Alarm" Flannagan of Carthage took place at the Wheeling sarbecue, Thursday afternoon. ?Jannagan was not on the program at Wheeling, nor had Senator Stone' been invited to a joint discussion of political issues with lim. For some time Senator Stone's admirers have been trying to get Senator Warner to consent to arranging a series of debates be- ;sveen these two statesmen over Missouri. Senator Stone has expressed his willingness to such an arrangement, but Senator Warner has never made reply. Thursday ;he announcement was made that ;he Republican committee had decided that Senator Warner should not meet Senator Stone on the stump, but that "Fire Alarm" Flannagan should meet Mr. Stone whenever opportunity offered. Wheeling was chosen for the be- inning place, Seldon P. Spencer of St. Louis had been billed to speak at Wheeling but Flannagan appeared in his stead, and it is believed ,hat the Republican committee arranged the change. Flannagan s a master of invective, and takes :special delight in attacking Stone. At Wheeling Stone made speech of considerable length, discussing political issues. Flan - nagan followed with a speech full of ridicule and sarcasm. Wheeling played the host in admirable form Thursday. The big crowd attending the barbecue was royally; entertained, five muttons and three big beeves were served to the hungry visi- ors. GOING TO STATE FAIR. Ben Broyles of Chula was hero Friday having two teams of horees ihod, preparatory to taking them o the Missouri State Fair at Sedalia. BUYS PARISH HOME. P. F. Bradley has bought of Mrs. A. M. Parish her home on last Calhoun street and he and his family will occupy it. Mrs. 'arish will mo"o to Ottumwia. HEAVENLY HASH FBESH EVERY DIY FARRINGTONS ITSETJFIRB | BELIEVED THAT FIREBUGS CAUSED BURNING OF NORMAL One Young- Man Seriously Injured in Helping to Save Contents of Allen Moora's School It is believed in Staaberry that the fire which destroyed the Normal school at that place, pntailing a net loss of §25,000 on President Allen Moore of Chillicothe, was of incendiary origin. A telegram frqm St. Joseph says: St. Joseph, Mo., Sept 20— The big normal school at Stanberry, Mo., was totally destroyed by fire at an early hour this morning. The blaze was discovered by a citizen at 2 o'clock and President P. L. Maxwell of the school, who with his family lived in the building on the fourth floor, escaped in safety. The citizens tried to save the building, but the means for fire fighting were inadequate. 2J P. J. Flesher, a youth who was assisting the salvage corps, was seriously injured by a stove falling on him, and a number of others sustained slight injuries. The loss on the building is §50,000 and on the furniture and equipment §25,000. The total insurance is §25,000. The salvag e corps saved some of the furniture, including seven pianos, but all were damaged. The school library was a fine one valued at §7,000, and is a total loss. The girls' dormitory, fifty feet distan t from the main building, was saved after a. hard fight Arrangements already have been made to continue the school and use the dormitory and Huston's sanitarium until the burned building is relpaced. The attendance of young men and women at this school is 200. None of tne pupils slept in the burned building. The fire started in the cupalo and is supposed to have been of incendiary origin. The school was established in 1881 and was destroyed by fire in IgSS- It was rebuilt the following year. «.w r . ltharli , Aftor-'liiliwr rill; imrely voKct.-.hli-: jir'unpt ay pleasant: e'isy to take :u:ti e!t..y t<> nrxjratu. ^5c Peptircfs Pills Ironizo tlio blooil. i'e-M the nfrvi's ami limin, tor the stmimdi. ;itid niv*> restful #ii •»•;>. "pOir. "r $1 Drnm-i^ts or iDtiil. <_". I. Huo-.l <*u., ivjvvjll -'•!•&*>*. J.i THude by iloot! It's tiuod. THREE HORSES CREMATED Three horses which were in a barn belonging to William Howe at Meadville, were cremated in a Ire which destroyed the barn and its contests Thursday morning. The banr was filled with hay and feed and numerous vehicles were stored in the shed. It is said that one of the animals was yalued by Mr. Howe at S1000. The loss is estimated at between S6000 and §7000. It is not known whether any insurance was carried on the tiorses and barn or not. INFANTCHILDDEAD. The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Franklin, living south of Chillicothe, died Thursday night of summer complaint. The remains were interred in the Edgewood cemetery Friday afternoon at two o'clock. REMOVED CANCER. Dr. R. Barney removed a cancer from the head of Mrs. Elizabeth Shields, an old colored lady 84 years of age. The operation was successful and Mrs. Shields was reported getting along nicely Friday evening. MOVEDlTO NEW HOME Roadmaster Tom Burke moved his family into his new home on East Jackson street Friday. The new Burke home is considered ope of the finest residences on East Jackson street and adds greatly to the looks of the street. - ~OLDTIME Social at home of J. L. Boyle (old Weatherby place), Friday night, Sept 21,given by Endeav- orers of the Christian church. Admission 10 pence. d2t For social, medicinal or household uses I. W. Harper whiskey is the best and safest. The most popular high grade whiskey on the market, Sold by M. L. Hjg- I HER ONLY DEFENSE." Miss Grace Hayward and company presented "Her Only Defense" to a fair sized audience at the Luella Friday night. The bill was one of the best of the week and Miss Hayward was well supported. The costumes are elo- gant. The company will present "The Little Minister" tonight. The play tonight is a dramatic version of Barrio's famous stories of Scotland. The moving pictures tonight .will be the ruins of the Frisco fire. An entire change of specialties will be^put on. The company will give a matinee Saturday afternoon at 3:30 for the ladles and children. Miss Hayward will close her engagement in this city Saturday evening with the "Two Orphans." BLUE JACKETS FROM MARIETTA ARE ATTACKED SOCIAL WAS A SUCCESS. The ice cream, cake and coffee social given by the Euterpe club of ;he Presbyterian church at the lome of Frank Soruby, North Locust street, Thursday evening,was a success both financially and socially. There was a large crowd in attendance and the proceeds were §15.80. After paying the expenses the remainder will be added to the pipe organ fund of which the club has over §1200 in the treasury. BRIDArCOUPLfRETURNED Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Cameron have returned from their bridal trip through the Eastern states. Mr. and Mrs. Cameron were married in Chicago about two weeks age. They have taken rooms at :ho Pinkley home on North, Loust street. Mr. Cameron travels for the Marshall Fields house at Chicago and makes Chilliootho his headquarters. ANKLE BADLY CUT. Harry Gilbert met with a very painful accident at his home east of Chillicothe Thursday morning about H o'clock. Mr. Gilbert was cutting corn w'.th a two-horse cDt- ter and his team became unmanageable and Mr. Gilbert was thrown in front of the blade and his right ankle was cut badly .He will be confined to the house for several days. MODERN ~ JAPAN Dr. Katsumi, a native Japanese and graduate of the schools of ,his country, will talk on the above subject at the First M. E. church next Sunday evening. ome out and hear about the Yankees of the Orient from one of them. Free will offering will be taken. d2t ,- They Return The Fire And Drive The Cubans Back—May Bring , Peace Negotiations to End CONSTITUTION Special. Havana, Sept 21—Dispatches from Cienfuegos state that the rebels have fired on the blue jackets who were landed from the gunboat Marietta to protect the Soledad sugar Dlantations. The Americans returned the fire and drove the rebels back. It is not known whether there were any casualties. This is the first clash, so far as known, between the Americans and insurgents. This incident may bring Secretary Taft's peace negotiations to an abrupt ending. Millinery in full blast will take orders. N. Y. Racket. dlw Not always the Cheapest, but always the Best, you will find the Photos at TEeW ATTON STUDIO Headache Facts Eighty-six out of every one hundred people have headaches. Over half of these have them at frequent intervals A harmless remedy that costs little and actually cures is worth remembering 1 . Dr. Wolf's Headache Cure is a purely .scientific preparation that cures without the possibility of harm. Pleasant to take and prompt in results. Price, 10 and 25 cents. Clark's Pharmacy ..Henrietta Building.. CHILLICOTHE. MISSOURI. A Well-known Copyright 1906 The House of Kuppenhelmar Business Man talking to a friend said, "One reason why I have given up the custom-tailor habit is that by getting a good make of ready- to-wear clothes Iknow exactly how they will look—whether the cut, style and material will be becoming or not. I have often selected material from the piece or from samples in a tailor shop, and when it was made up into a suit, did not care for it at all. The same applies to the style of cut. Besides, I have found by getting Kuppenheim- er Clothes I am sure of a perfect fit without the trouble of trying on more than once;" • Clothes made by the House of Kuppenheim- er oifer a wide range for selection both iu f fabric and style. There is individuality about every Kuppenheimer garment—an elega'nce in material and fit which imparts an air of distinction to the Wearer. We have a Targe 'assortment for your inspection/ .'."; W. F. STARKEY Buocwsor to CARPENTER <S

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