Independent from Long Beach, California on May 20, 1957 · Page 12
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 12

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1957
Page 12
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M--INDEPENDENT' C.lll, MM. M«r 90, )»» ONLY ONE CONCLUSION li possible: Classified Ad are lo.weU used because the 'get ^results. Put one to vvor todty. Dial HE 2-9959. (A4nrtlwMiil Woman Tortured By Itch-Crazy Skin t '' H " m ' ir '' , Hm'abltmd nllri In. tk. Wrnira Md mmn ol rath, im»i m 'Mm IrriniiiMi with «· uullnf MW KHMjIic r«mut» nltod LANACANE Si!? t",!TMTM* 1 T" 1 ' 1 ""taltn wdiwnl OMB ktlli kMM bKntu mm wfcll* J nftn. ..4 4nql« iflimtd .km rant. Itoft (cntchiai ·~ l ·· lp~di ·B~llju. Do.', .,11,1 .««),» mman, C« UNACANI EUROPE'S! QUEENS i HUDDLING \ \ ' ' · Princes Are Too Feu LONDON (IIP) -- The Sunda Dispatch said that the queen* o Britain, Denmark, Holland aru Sweden will begin private dli elusions next week on the dli urblne fact that Europe hai too many princesses and not enough princes. The Dlipatch laid 12 Euro pean princesses now arc of mar lagc-able age. with "only landfill" of princes to go around ind to complicate matters, i; more princesses "are growing a«t." It llited the princesses as: feilree, 18, Margarethn, 22, and Irgltta, 20, of Sweden; Beatrix, 19, and Irene. IT, of Holland Anna Marguerite, 18, and It*. bella Maria, 25, of France; Mar- gerethe, 17, of Denmark; Maria Gabrlella, 17, of Italy; Sophia, 18, of Greece; Maria del Pilar, 20, of Spain and A«trld, 25, of Norway. Not listed: Princes* Margaret, 28, of Britain. Queen Elizabeth of' Britain will be asked for advice on the marriage situation by Queen Ingrid of Denmark during the Irltlsh sovereign's visit to the Scandinavian country this week, he Dispatch said, . "Queen Juliana of Holland, Successful % Slenderizing who with talked over the problem Queen Ingrld during her year-old playboy Duke of Kent. state visit to Denmark, will survey the top-level marriage market In Stockholm with the elderly Queen Loulie^of Sweden." The dispatch said Ingrld of Denmark and Juliana of the Netherlands "have the greatest worry.' "Each must find a consort for t daughter who will be queen In ier own right." · L The French, Italian and Span «h princesses have few worries ab?ut continuing the royal line, royalty having gone out of fash on In their countries. For available princes, the din. patch pointed to Britain's 21 Comlng up fast are Prince Michael, 14, Prince William. 15, and Prince Richard, 12. Also; Princes Juan Carlos of Spain, Constantino of llarald of Norway and Carl Gustav of Sweden," No mention was made of the jrlncc who In time will become he most eligible of nil--eight- year-old Charles of Britain, heir lo the throne. VERONA, Italy W) -- Sgt. Nightly Lullaby ·"orce, tired of the aqueaklng of his barrack room locker door. He Initalled a mutlrnl meehan- *} Vtalcolm Ware of the U, S, Air lun that play* Brahm'i Lullaby whenever he puts hli kit awmy S. I WHITIHIAD R. L DOU9USS YOUR HEARING CLEARS WHEN YOU USE BOTH EARS NEW-TWO-EAR EYEGLASS AID Enablei you to hear tn crowds To separate sounds.,. sweetly and quietly To tall the direction from which a tound comei To hear wordi clearly from clou up or distance For first time in choice of modern frames No wirei or buttons... nothing worn on body The result of 54 yean of research by ACOUSTICON If you have longed for rhe results llited here, we Invite you to listen through our new Stereophonic J (rwo-eor) eyeglasi old. You will be amated at MM i difference) . . . . Come In for free feif and frlaf or pfioire .for home appointment. No ob/fgaflon. ACOUSTICON OP LON» HACK « 3rd at Lecuif Nef/esel City !·« lldg. , PIMM Hlmletk M«l I'KINCKSS MAKflKRETHK Dnnmurk WITH PROPER Kuidancr. »vtry womin cm hivr normal figure, wtll proportioned from tup of head lo lip of too--as in tht center drawing ·Int. Common figure faults, as illutttatnl abovr. tit wiilc hipj, large thighs, thick inLlfi and swajr tuck, ind if you fit into one of these calc- florin, and are dislrcsstd. thtn consult the ntw manager pi the leading women's fi/iuie nlon in Ion* Be»ch--Jewel Salon. ThiJ salon it ready lo .ttckle any figure problems jou mar po""». These figure faults and olhefj ' irt being corrected in (he Jewel Salon by t supervised, "individually ·tailored" let of treatments. , tin Hi* LIU o) mil? st ttii HUNTINOTON HOTEL OF A HUH'K LONCI 1290 E. OCEAN BLVD. LONQ SUCH TMi bottl nilM thraucri fran th« bouiAfftrt to ih« o»«n. Two lobblu. All roomf hiv« privau bathf. wall. rhniw irxi dillv mitd »«rvl». illnlliK rqum fir** 1lt« oe»n. and tneilv $33.00 w««lf cacti PtMon. f.h r* itM''ff, nrlmt rlbi of M«f. ntK luik.r bikid Vlrnlnl. him * *v«r7lntnr Irnn4 to ML No trtttpr food mrwhcr*. Phot* UK 6-62A3. Our ritnltiK room mtto rRlin (o tli« outnU iniMV- nut, DraiklMt Sit, I'tMH. .1 "llARNETT I'KINCKNS BKATKIX Holland WALK AROUND PRINCESS SOPHIA Greece BETTER FIGURE PROPORTION * ANSWER TO WEIGHT PROBLEM" . ; ' - , ' · : ' " ' by MARTHA RANDAU ' 1 · , Special Beauty Edilof .. · Summer is almost here Ind lljilit. cool clothing li an answer to the irtive wonun'i dream. But ate you ready to look your best in warm-weather creations? Is reducing the answer? Have you Hied to slick lo · diet anc lh«n given up in dopair? There -is an answer, and It's bein, revealed by the new management o , one of the leading women's slenderii Ing salons in Long lleach--the Jewe · Salon. "A perfect f i g u r e is every woman's most valuable aiset; an every woman can have it--with proper guidance." said the knowledgeable ·^ lady who manages (his salon. (She I: on of the leading figure authorities I' en the West Coait). "We begin with * fairly good figure in our teens am then we have t tendency In sag," she ' lemarked, "not only In the relaxei * muscles of the abdomen, but hips ''arms and legs. Nature didn't intend * that." - . . · . Getting back to our original lUtr, or ; Improving it, is the task assumed by 1 this nptrt manager of the Jewel "Salon, and, after dealing with several "·thousand women on the West Coast with regard to their weight and ·figure problems, il« is « pretty good authority. ._.__,_ . Hie most common figure faults are (1) protruding abdomen, (2) en. Urged thigha and hips, ()) .bulging . .waistline, (4) large legs, ankles and ,.»rms, and O) away batk. These common faults can be and are corrected in the Jewel Salon, First, there is s figure analysis when they decide what problems need to be corrected and then a scries of treatment is mapped out for the customer "Most women have th« will power to 'inish the treatments." said the Jewe manager. "Only one In s liundtn ever backslide after starting with us.' The treatments, by scientific methods ate ftnoHtlitnl. Every woman re quire* different treatments for her own personal figure problems. What If you do not have s figure roblem? You'll still be Interested i he "toning up" treatments, designed o relax and soothe the nerves of the harassed mother or tired working irll The salons feature privacy and ow cost--only $2 · visit. Women mly ate accepted. ....r · Riiulii at guaranteed, If you call oday, you may have a jttt (rtilminl nd figure analysis, al no 'if it. There's really Ha okllftllot. hone HEmloit 2-0447, at 42) E. irit Street, Long Beach. JEWEL SALON New Success on Gangrene NEW YORK UP -- A New York doctor reported unuiua ruccesn Sunday In treating Ein grcnc of the feet and legs by th simple expedient of having the patients get out of bad and walk around. Exercising the limbs Is a com plclc reversal of the usual procedure In »uch cases; previous!; patlcnU were confined to bed the doctor said. The report came from Dr William T. Folcy of the New York llospltal-Cornell Medical Center. Writing In the May li- sue of "Circulation," the sclen* title journal of the American Heart Assn., Dr. Foley said: Amputations w e r e avoided and the gangrenous condition healed In 21 out of 22 casei when patients were encouraged to get out of bed and walk despite their ailment." .. . Walking Improved the clrcu latlon In the legs, the doctor said, nnd the Improved circulation promoted healing. Thief Loots Service Station in Keokuk KEOKUK, Iowa lUR) -- Attendants at a local service station were red-faced Sunday, A ineak thief took almost $400 m cash and checks. The thief apparently walked Into the station while attendants were msy, helped himself to an unlocked safe and walked out again Unobserved. Giant Uranium Strike in India · NEW DELHI W -- Vast deposits of uranium have been discovered by v an Indian mining official In the Bhelwara district of Rajasthan state, news reports said Sunday night. Mining engineer A, B. Chandra told -newsmen at Jodhpur it l« the largest uranium find so far anywhcm In Asia, but he refused to give any details. Pww VMM . Head-elm C« Oftee a. ky Prvswrn/ Nlfwal Olo · H«t» Y«« An Aisyrtd ·( · ' , Thtroufh -- Sl*Mlfla ", Examination · Y«ur Ey.s ': JO Taws fipi · CONTACT LINUS · IUNPID lirOCALS . Ne DlrWlKfl llsw · CONTINUOUS VISION UNSD · 9LASSIS--M wewkly « PiNSIONIUs-- APPROVID PATMINT HAN Dr. Milton Glinberg II PINE-PhoneHEo-2113 ^J · ^^ .. _. AA OA , BAKER'S SPRINGTIME AUTOMATIC WASHER SALE BRAND NEW 1957 MODEL FILTER-FLO SI ft A 95 NO EXTRAS (Price Includes free delivery to your home, Installation] to your facilities, I-year service and parti, plus 5«year iwnlt warranty. . · -u: ,. LOWEST PRICE TIRE SALE IN TOWN!! 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