Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 9, 1962 · Page 3
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 3

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 1962
Page 3
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Sixth Graders In Annual Event At EHS Tomorrow Some 627 children are expected to participate in the annual elementary music and folk dance festival being held, Tuesday at 1 p. m. in the Eureka High schoo gymnasium. Students are from sixth grades. Purpose of the festival is to acquaint children with the folk-art heritage in music and dancing Mrs. ' Marianne Pinches will ui- rect the Elementary String Orchestra and Donald Moehnke the band. Mrs. Amelia Ley, physical education coordinator, anl Darwin i£. Belfils, music coordinator, are in charge of the program. S. F. Dairy SAN FRANCISCO (UPD-Dairy prices to retailers: Eggs case 30 doz: FSMNS: Large AA 35-41; large A 34-40; medium AA 26-34; medium A 25-32; small AA 20-27' smajl A 18-26.. Nulaid Farmers: Large AA 35 40; medium AA 29-34; small AA 22-27. Sylvester Dairy: Large A 42, medium A 39; small A 27. Butter: FSMNS: AAand A 1 Ib print 69 72%; y»-lb. print 69V4-73; bulk A 60-62 'A. Cheese: FSMNS: Single daisies 42VJ-47- processed American loaf 5 Ibs 45-47'/4; mild American cheddar 40 Ib block 42V4-45V4. clmnne, C^ v TONIGHT 4:iQ-- American Newstand. 5:00-- Ranger Mark. 5:30-- Comedy Capers. 4:00-- The News by 4 with Jack Mor* timer i:15-- Huntlev-Brinkley Report. i:30-- Laramie, 7; 30-- Academy Awards. 9:30-- Rifleman. 10:00-- Sur (si Je «. 11:00-- ABC Final Report. , 11:15-- News Final. TOMORROW t:15-- Romper Room. 10:00-- The Price Is Right (In Color). 10:30-- Education: Spanish 11. 11:00-- Tennessee Ernie Ford. 11:30-- Yours For A Seng. 17:00-- Camouflage 13:30-- Window Shopping. 1:00-- Day In Court. 1:35-- Mid Day Report. 1:30-- Bingo. .3:00-- Jane Wyman Show 3: 30-- Seven Keys. 3:00-- oueen For A Day. 3:30-- Who Do- YOU Trust. *:00-- American Bandstand. . 4:50-- American Newstand. 5:00-- Ranger Mark. 5:30-- BullWinklc. 6:OD-- The Newt by t with Jack Mortimer. A Paid ftdv. KIEM TV 3 MONDAY, APRIL 9, 1?« 2:14-- Search lor Tomorrow. 1:40-- Guiding Light. 2; 55-- CBS News. . 3:00- 8 Tighter Day. 3:lJ-Secret Storm. 3:30-- Edge of Night. 4: 00-- Commander Astronaut. 5:30-- Magi eland of Allakaiam. C: 00-- News. (:10-- Wealher, 4:30-The Detectives. 7:30-- To Tell The Truth. 6:00-- pete and Gladys. 8:30-- Father Knows Best. V: 00-- Danny Thomas Shgw. 9:30-- Andy Griffith Show. 10:00-- Hennesey. 10:30-- I've Got A Secret. 11:00-- News and Weather. 11:05-- Championship Bridge. TUESDAY, A P R I L 10, 1961 ):24 -- Search for Tomorrow 2HO-- Guiding Light 2:55-- CBS News. 3:00-- Brighter Day. 3:15-- Secret Storm. 3:30-- Edge of Night. 4:00-- Commander Astronaut. 5:30-- Quick Draw McGraw. 1:00-- News 4:10-- weather. K-RED 1480 KC KIEM TUESDAY: Local news 7:4S, l!:00p, S-OOp Mutual News on half hour. OFFICIAL REPORTS: Weather 6:43, 7:32, IJ.IOp, 4:)Sp, 9:fip, 10:3Bp. FAA Flying Weather 7:30, 7:lSp. Stock Stock Market 7:55, 5:10p. State Employment 8:54, l:54p. Eureka Police 9:54. Farm Advisor 12;3Dp. Highway Patrol 4:58p. Censorship Forum Topic Here Tonight James Crow, assistant professor of journalism at Humboldt State College,' will present the third in a series of Language Arts forums tonight at 8:00 in the George C. Jacobs Junior High School cafeteria. Entitled "Censorship in The Press -- Real or Imagined," Crow will discuss some of the pressures exerted by outside groups to influence the content of newspapers. Crow also will take a look at :he influences within the newspaper organization. "Every newspaperman serves as a judge and censor over what information will or will not be included in the paper's offerings. This holds true from the publisher right on down to the freshest cub reporter," he said. Because of the decreasing number of competitive newspaper cities in the United States, Crow will examine the point that "Perhaps we should be equally concerned with what it omitted from the newspaper columns as well as what it included." Professor Milton Dobkin, chairman of the Division of Language Arts at Humboldt State College, will moderate the forum. Crow has had professional newspaper experience in New Mexico, Oregon and Hawaii. He received riis M.A. from Stanford and his B.A. from the University of New Mexico. This is his first year of teaching. The Language Arts Forum series is offered under the Spring Adult Education program. Larry Kavich, principal of Adult Education of Eureka City Schools, is in charge. NATIONAL OBITUARIES SEVILLE, Spain (UPD-Juan Belmonte, considered one of the greatest matadors of all time, died of a heart attack Sunday on the bull ranch where he had lived in retirement since 1937. NEW YORK (UPD-Alfred H. Cosden, 89, who made a fortune in the drugstore business and retired at 42, died Sunday. CANNES, France (UPI) Jacques Marsillac, 83, former ed tor of the Paris newspaper "L Journal" and a war corresponden in both World War I and II, died Sunday. MT. KISCO, N.Y. (UPI)-John A. Stone, 57, retired senior editor of the American Weekly, died Sunday. KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (UPI) Mrs. Harriet Hill, who had 143 known surviyors, died Saturday at the age of 103. CHICAGO (UPI)-Services w l l be held Tuesday for Oliver A' Knode, 83, former president of U.S. Gypsum Co. and a member of the War Production Board during World War II. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (UPI) ·- James Irving Holcomb, 86, mi lionaire industrialist and philanthropist, died Sunday. ROME (UPI)-A granddaughter of Italian national hero Giuseppe Garibaldi died Sunday at the age of 84. Anita Italia Garibaldi was the daughter of Gen. Ricciotti Garibaldi, one of the sons of the unifier of Italy. MIDGET WRESTLERS EUREKA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM ' ';-%'"." .'·;": TUES., 8 P.M. 4=W LITTLE BEAVER LORD LITTLEBROOK 'fw- FUZZY CUPID ' TraSyf m^^ . SKY LOW LOW J^^SHafjfffe HEAVYWEIGHTS . ! § ; J!PP%. · ' RAY STEVENS . K "'·'' » i ; ; U.S. CHAMPION " jl jj ^' JOE BRUNETTI ^ U m E BEAVER PE p PER SO MEZ ' RESERVED SEATS Now On Sale at Hook I Bullet 333 F SI. N« phnne Cllll pl«»«« VS. RED BASTIEN PRICES $2.50 . $1.50 - $1.00 Ann Landers^ ANSWERS YOUR PROBLEMS ^^^M Dear Ann Landers: This is an urgent cry for help. Last October the daughter of a dear friend applied to me for a secretarial job. Linda had graduated from high school and then enrolled in a business college. I've known this girl since she was a child and felt obliged to give her a-chance. Well, here is the situation:. . . Linda has a way of spelling which is unique. Here are some examples: congradulate, strickly, farmacy, constitushun, loona.tik, excape and inclosed. When she addressed a letter to Millwalkee, Westconsin I, decided to write to you. Linda is a nice person and tries hard, but in addition to her lack of skills she arrives late (from 20 to 30 minutes) about three days every week. Her absentee record is the worst in the office. She has not worked a single Monday in nine weeks. I pay this dumb cluck $3iO a month. . What can I do in view of the close relationship? -- 'DUTCH UNCLE . · ' . ' Dear Uncle: A girl who puts "Millwalkee" in "Westccnsin," arrives 'late consistently, has a poor work record and gets paid $310 a month is no dumb cluck. Her boss, however, must be eck- sessively stoopid. (cq) Dear Ann Landers: Two years ago I inherited a large home. It was slightly rundown but conveniently located to my place of business, I talked my wife into selling our newly built home-at a profit. She has been mad at me ever since. My wife used to do a lot of extra little things in the other house but now she says she has to .work like a dray horse just keeping this one clean. I can't see why a few more rooms would make that much difference. Since October my wife has been having severe headaches. She claims the doctor told her the headaches are from tension and anxiety. I asked her what she is tense about and she says, "I hate this house." Since it's all' in her head I wish you'd, straighten her out by telling her to change her thinking. Maybe this house is harder to keep clean but it saves me 20 minutes to and from work every day. Thanks.-- JIM Dear Jim: If your wife is' having severe anxiety symptoms because she hates the house she's living in, I 'can tell you right now it won't help to tell her to "change her thinking." Get rid of the old barn and buy a house your wife can enjoy. Forty minutes traveling time per day is a small sacrifice to make for the sake of the mental health of the woman you married. Dear Ann Landers: Our wedding date, has been set for June. We are having serious trouble over the best man. My fiance (I will call him Jed) has asked a friend of his whom I .hate. This so-called friend has a reputation for being a loud-mouth and a bore. He tried to break us up but failed. 1 want Jed to uninvite Mr. Loud-mouth. He refuses on tlie grounds that the guy was so thrilled with the honor he had already told half the lown. I say Jed should have discussed this with me BEFORE he asked the guy. After all, my folks are paying for the wedding and I should have something to say about who is in the act. If I made a big fuss over this I 'could win. Do you think I should?-BRISTLES DEAK BRISTLES: Win what? The title of "Most Miserable Witch Of The Bridal Season?" The groom has almost nothing to say about the wedding except who shall be his best man. Don't put him in the humiliating spot of uninviting the guy. Be gracious-- and silent-- if it kills you. To learn the difference between a marriage that "settles down" and one that "gets dull," send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "What To Expect From Marriage," enclosing with your request 20c in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. NewYoi By United Press International Allied Chemical 46 Allis Chalmers 19'A American Can 45Vi American Motors 16Vs American Smelting 6014 American Tel t Tel 129% Ampex 16% Anaconda 46V4 Associated Dry Gds 10114 Bethlehem Steel 41% Boeing Aircraft 47'/« Bordens 64% Brunswick Balke 32% Calif Packing 2914 Caterpillar Trac 39% Jelanese 40 Chicago Rock Island 24% Chrysler 51% Crane Co 64V4 Crown Zellerbach 55',4 Crucible Steel 19'/s )ow Chemical 57% Du Pont 23914 Eastern Airline 25 1 /s Eastman Kodak 111 Fairchild Camera 6014 Fibreboard 27!s Food Mach 78Vz Ford 96% General Eelectric 75% General Food 84% General Motors 55% General Tele 24% Georgia Pac 50'/s Goodyear 42% Greyhound Corp 29% Building Fee Hike Goes Into Effect When R. L. Hancock obtained building permit this morning or $300 work in moving his gar- ge and placing a new founda- on under it, he paid a $3 fee, dollar more than previously had een in effect. Today marks the start of the pward revision in building code ecs approved by the City Coun- il. k Slocks Hewlett Packard 30% Intl Business Mach 521 International Harv 54V4 Intl Nickel 76% Intl Paper 35'/i Johns Manville 52% Jones Laughlin St 63 7 /s Kaiser Alum Chem 35 Kennecott 77% Kroger 26% Libby 15'A Libby Owens 58',i Ligget Myers 91 Lockheed 46 Macys 65'/4 Magma Copper 70',i McKesson-Robbins 41% Montgomery Ward 36% Morrell 3H4 National Biscuit 86 National Distillers 29 3 /i National Lead 8514 New York Central 16% Olin Mathieson 36 ! /2 Pacific Gas 34 Pacific Lighting 58% Pacific Tele 36% Packard Bell 14'^ Pan Amer. World Airways 20^ J.C. Penney 46'/4 Penn. Railroad 15 3 ,1 Pepsi Cola 47!i Phillips Pete 56% Polaroid 182 Procter Gamble 84% Radio Corp. 58%. Republic Steel -55% Rexall Drug 42% Reynolds (RJ) Tobacco 60'/ 8 Rheem Mfg 13'/s Richfield Oil 40 Royal Crown Cola 26% Safeway 49% Sears Roebuck Co. 81% Shell Oil 37'/j Sierra Pac. Power 30'/i-31'/4 Sinclair Oil 37Vi Socony Vacuum Oil. 54% Southern Calif. Edison 31% Southern Pacific 26% Standard Oil California 58% Standard Oil Indiana 51 Standard Oil Jersey 52V4 Stanley Warner 28% Studcbakcr Packard 9Vi ^rf^mttTH America's 5S£fiBs^~ No. One TV ^^fc^^T Genuln* Handcratted ' J . ^ m NO PRINTED CIRCUITS! «(ij|P© Good itoclc of BLACK WHITE 'VTfiP-^ TV , a | !0 NEW COLOR TV UNITED RADIO TV 424 H STREET EUREKA HI 2-2002 Planners Action Due On Request At Trailer Park City Planning Commissioners will meet tonight to take up the case of Donald Talley, who is seeking to finish the Bucksport Trailer Park he started building n 1956. Lack of funds stopped Talley rom completing the work and when he wanted to resume activi- ies this year he was refused a )uilding permit. Talley, at the northwest end of Allard avenue, has completed spaces for 33 trailers, but has room for 12 more. When he appeared before the commission several weeks ago, several mem- jers expressed themselves as in 'avor of granting Talley's request for rezoning from heavy industry to light industry to allow him to complete the project "if we can do it legally." Planning Director R. T. Dittmer was instructed to "take a quick look, investigate a little bit, confer with City Attorney Melvin S. Johnsen and report back" at tonight's meeting. Only other agenda item is a request from Eugene Laudcll for a home occupation permit at 1604 S St. for. selling and servicing lome fix'et centers. Chairman Herbert Urban will Dreside at the session starting at 7:30. Burfon Re Rome A/f Weekend ROME (UPI) - Actor Richard Burton returned today from a weekend in Paris with his wife to resume his final role opposite Elizabeth Taylor. While Burton was holding the reunion with his blonde wife, Miss Taylor spent most of the weekend at home. Sunday night she went alone to the Golden Gate Cafe in the Via Veneto. The husky Welsh actor was be ginning to show signs of strain on his arrival here from Paris Passengers on his plane said he appeared nervous and drawn anc he answered reporters' questions reluctantly and gruffly. Miss Taylor was not at the airport when Burton arrived. "I've got to see her," Burton replied when a reporter asked whether he would see Miss Taylor today. "Remember I work with her." Burton denied reports that he Brigitle Bardot Flees In Terror From Prowler FLORENCE, Italy (UPI) - A terrified Brigitte Bardot, clad only in a nightgown, fled into the corridor of a hotel early Sunday when a man tried to enter her bedroom, a reliable source reported. The French actress, currently working on a film here, was n bed when the man checked into the hotel and was assigned the room adjoining 'Miss Bardot's. About 2 a.m., according to the source, the man tried to open the door between the rooms. Miss Bardot woke up and ran into the corridor in her nightclothes, crying for help. The would-be interloper was offered another room after order lad been restored. Bui he refused it because the walls and decorations were red and "red reminds me of blood" he said. Hotel officials finally called po- ice and they escorted him out of the hotel and into a taxi. Apparently no charges were filed against him. -- SIBSEL. H "Dancing with her f««t Is o Ten Injured Accfdenls; 7 Ten persons were injured in seven traffic accidents in the county over the weekend, with seven of the victims sent to various hospitals for medical aid, the Highway Patrol reported here today. The outbreak of crashes came after a long lull when relatively few accidents were reported, Patrol officials said. The injured: Bernardine · Montgomery, 43, San Francisco, major. Dorothy Sunberg, 67, Arcata, moderate. Dennis Mclntosh, 17, Ferndale, moderate. Betty Thornbury, 17, Hydesville. moderate. Harry Holgersen, 21, Loleta, minor. Gregory Weed, 17, Ferndale, minor. Virginia Kotopoulous, 30, Rio Dell, minor. Letha Clark, 47, Eureka, minor. Elvor Andrews, 34, Hoopa, minor. Ruth Gingerich, 47, Eureka, minor. Trinidad Crash Mrs. Montgomery, believed the most seriously hurt, was a passenger in a southbound passenger car driven by her husband, Pau , when it collided with a pickup furns To er Paris Wifh Wife (old friends in Paris thai Mrs Burton would be joining him sooi in Rome. "I never said any such thing, 1 lie said. "So far as I know she'fa not coming." Mrs. Burton refused common on her arrival in London to re join her two children. But report ers who saw the Burtons in Paris several times during the dky ant later at the airport said they ap peared to be a happily marnec couple. Burton gave his wife what was described as a "most affection ate" kiss before they parted at the Paris Airoorl. Burton went to Paris to make additional scenes for the movie "The Longest Day," in which he plays a British officer. Neither he nor -his wife woulc comment on rumors linking lim with Miss Taylor. The actress a ready has announced that s h e would divorce singer Eddie Fis i er, her fourth husband. Viet Cong Reds Kill 2 Americans SAIGON, South Viet Nam (UPI) --A band of Communist Viet Cong guerrillas killed two American soldiers and apparently captured two others is a surprise raid on a village in the north of South Viet Nam Sunday, U. S. officials reported today. The officials s a i d they cou d not definitely confirm that the two Americans were captured by the Communist guerrillas and there- °orc officially listed them as missing. But there were reports that South Vietnamese forces in the area, about 500 miles north of lere, had been dispatched to hunt lown the rebels and rescue the \mericans. Observers said their chances were slight. KALMUTS TO BUILD LAKEWOOD, N. J.-Some 500 (almuks, members of a devout Buddhist group, live in this area. They moved from Mongolia to Russia three centuries ago and led Communist persecution after 1917. 'lyQuincy m rrmao ytJwiw IK*,^-« %))i^%| jrfma ay^yfl l^BBBBBBMBB^^^^^^^^B*'^^^'* · O.K., but that twisting utr In Weekend To Hospital ruck driven by William Kirkatrick, 71, of Trinidad. Patrol reports said Kirkpalrick 'as entering Highway 101 from cean View Terrace Road just orth of, Trinidad at 11:20 a.m. unday when ihe crash occurred. Mrs. Montgomery was taken to 'rinity Hospital in Arcala. Neither river was hurt. A similar accident on the Burns ·Yeeway at the Bayside Cutoff ntersection at 1: 40 p.m. Sunday ijured the Sunberg woman. Ac- ording to the Patrol report, she ·as crossing the freeway lanes r hen a northbound car driven by larry Holgersen, 21, of Loleta truck hers. She also was taken o Trinity. Holgersen indicated he r ould obtain private treatment. Mclntosh and Reed were inured at 8:20 p.m. on Rouke ;oad in the Ferndale Bottoms ·hen the driver, reported to be Mclntosh, lost control of the car ·hich ran off the roadway and roadslid into a power pole. Me- nlosh was taken to Redwood lemorial Hospital in Fortuna. :eed reportedly did not require ospital treatment. Car Overturns" The Kotopoulous woman was urt Saturday morning on High- ·ay 101 a little more than two miles south of A!ton when she lost ontrol of the northbound vehicle, 'hich crossed the divider strip nd overturned in the southbound anes. She was taken to Redwood lemorial Hospital in Fortuna. The Thornbury girl was injured vhen a car driven by Neal King, also 17, of Fortuna ran off the Centerville road west of Fernda u ate Saturday night. Lelha Clark was injured Sunday afternoon at 3:45 o'clock when she lost control of her northbound passenger car on a curve of Highway 101 just north of Redcrest, skidded across the road\\ay and crashed into a redwood tree. She was taken to the Fortuna hospital. Andrews and Mrs. Gingerich were injured on State Sign Route 96 nine miles north of the Highway 299 intersection when Andrews' southbound vehicle ran into the rear of another driven by Wilmer Gingerich, 45, of this city, ilie Gingerich vehicle, a jeep, was knocked out of control, ran across the roadway, and over- urned. The woman was taken to Klamalh - Trinity Hospital at loopa. Andrews was not hosp - alized. LENTEN MESSAGE By The Rev. Roger H. CROOK Chairman Department of Religion Meredith College (Baptist) Raleigh, N. C. Written for UPI "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came no o send peace, but a sword" (Matt. 10:34). Strange and jarring words these are from him whom we call "The Prince of Peace." We so dislike conflict that v.c will compromise convictions, or ic, or do tilings that we really don't want to do in order not to offend anyone. We believe that ve fulfill God's purposes for us vhen we live at peace each man vilh his neighbor. Yet truth is uncompromising. Two plus two equals four and I an never make it add up to five, 'oliomyclitis is a contagious dis- ase which can be controlled and am not free to ignore its danger. In the same sense what God las said and done is true and makes its demands upon us. Our cnowledge of the truth varies but he truth docs not change. Thus Jesus made it clear that here can be no pence between lis disciples and the world. There s an inevitable cla^h of ideals. Docs a man depend upon himself or upon God? Does a man assert limsclf or sacrifice himself? Does i man insist upon his rights -or act upon the basis of love? )oes a man concentrate upon natcrial values -- or upon spiri- ual values? The way of the world and the way nf discipleship are so dif- crenl that to choose the one is o reject the olhcr. Even in Chrisian American, diseiplcship may .set a man against his neighbor. FOR ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS on Arcata's Water Bond TUNE TO KENL Monday, April 9 7 p.m. to 1 1 p.m. This Ad Sponwfd liy Arc«!« I Cllliens 1 WBtor Commmee. ! WEATHER liy United Press International San Francisco Bay Area: Fair hrough Tuesday; high today San ·'rancisro 65, Oakland 67, San Mateo 68, San Rafael 70; low to- light 45-50; small craft warnings or northwest winds 20 m.p.h. Dccasionally renchint; :f5 m.p.h. Northern California: Fair ex- :cpt patches of coastal fog hrough Tuesday; cooler inland. Ml. Shasta-Siskiyou area: Fair ind colder today and tonight; cloudy Tuesday. Sierra Nevada: Fair and cooler irough Tuesday; strong winds in uth today. Sacramento V a l l e y : Fair irough Tuesday; high both days 78; low tonight 4MB; low nudity; north winds 12-24 m.p.h. San Joaquin V a l l e y : Fair rough Tuesday; high both days ·7fi; low tonight 40-50; lower hu- dity; northwest winds 10-20 p.h. ^ort Bragg and vicinity: Fair irough Tuesday; cooler tonight: astal winds north 12-Z4 knots. Northwestern California: Fair cept patches of coastal fog irough Tuesday and with clouds extreme north today; cooler in- and; high today and low tonight ;iah 70-42, Santa Rosa 73-311. apa 73-40; small craft warnings om Point Arena to Point Con- ption for northwest winds 20-35 ots; north winds 12-24 knots oint Arena to Cape Blanco. Central San Joaquin Valley: r and cooler through Tuesday; gli today 72-77; low tonight 45; northwest winds 10-20 m.p.h. is afternoon. High Low Precip. buquerque 73 49 anta 72 54 akcrsfield 110 56 oisc 51 30 .05 oston 65 46 rownsville 112 68 hicago 64 35 .33 cnver 44 29 ctroit 56 38 .22 airbanks 32 19 T ort Worth 68 43 r resno 83 54 elena 43 . 56 os Angeles 85 57 liami 87 76 inneapplis 43 24 .10 cw Orleans 76 58 ew York 62 47 akland 70 52 ilahoma City 57 39 menix 91 56 ittsburgh 58 45 .11 ed Bluff 80 49 eno 73 38 acramenlo 79 45 alt Lake City 48 33 .42 in Diego 70 58 an Francisco 66 50 cattle 56 44 .06 pokanc 53 36 icrmal 97 64 Vashington 61 45 .16 Bank Quotes SAN FRANCISCO (UPD-Banks; ank of America 55 : !i-58% Security First 73 -77V4 ells Fargo 70 -73% niled California 59 -63% rocker-Anglo 51Vj-54% CARPET OF THE MONTH DYNASTY Wards Best 100% 501 Nylon Pile 1 ""· 1 V 71 I 1373 B I B Sq. Yd. . B B sq. yd. I Include* injtallation pad I MONTGOMERY WARD HI 3-3033 to 4th F Sts. Eureka I HUMBOLDT STANUAiW Monday, April V, 1962, P. 3 Fernda!e Council Names Morrison To Attorney Post Stanford James Morrison, de- sccndanl of a pioneer Hum'ioldl County family, has been named PcrndsJe city attorney. City councilmen selected Mor- ·json to succeed the late 'n'ace )emps[er in the legal post. The new officer's grandfather, Si as Morrison, is said to have been one of the two firsl white men to settle in Bear River Valey. He has heen associated with .is mother, Mrs. Betty Morrison, in the 'iw firm of Korrison and Morrison. Eureka. The new city attorney's father was the late Marc Morrison, who lived in Ferndale and attended Ferndale schools. Recreation Highlights Monday, April 0, 1902 Friendship Circle -- 7:30 p.m. -- William Carson Building -Harris "J". Eureka Municipal Golf Course dawn to dusk, 4500 "F" Street. Ross, Hammond, 20-30 and Carson Playgrounds open from 3:30 ).m. to 5:00 p.m. -- weather permitting. Municipal Band Practice -- 7:00 i.m. to 9:30 p.m. -- Eureka High School Band Room. Men's Volleyball League -- 7:00 p.m. -- Municipal Auditorium -Georgia Pacific vs. Eureka Newspapers. Independents vs. Surfers. Tuesday, April 10, 1%2 Swimming -- 6:30 p.m. lo 10:30 ).m. -- all ages -- Eureka Higli Swimming Pool. Eureka Judo and JuJitsu Club -- fi:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. -George Jacobs Exercise Room. Ross, Hammond, 20-30 and Carson Playgrounds open from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. -- weather permitting. Arts and crafts program at Hammond Playground -- 3:30 . m. to 5:00 p. m. Sweet Adelines -- 7:30 p.m. -William Carson Building. Spring Baseball League -- 4:00 p.m. -- 20-30 Playground -- Ross Playground vs. Hammond Playground. DIAMOND EXPERTS · FREE CLEANING · REPAIR ESTIMATES · DIAMOND REMOUNTING diamonds for you today, free See how inexpensively you can havo that old set transformed into a lavish new diamond ensemble. Easy budget terms . . . JEWELRY CO. Call HI 3-6349 526 FIFTH SI. EUREKA SPECIAL NOTICE Veterans of Ford Post 1872 are eon Subscription cam] additional sick roi FREE home use f lluinboldl County. NO DOIS Please check crec these officers: Kenneth Green Richard Cooper -- Se Eugene Falk -- Jun c David Bradbu P. V. Alora Johnathan L. Webb Rob Roy Neil gn Wars, Eureka Incliny; its Annual aign to purchase mi equipment for ur any resident in IATIONS entials signed by -- Commander nior Vice Commander r Vice Commander n -- Adjutant -- Chaplain -- Past Commander on -- Secretary

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