The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 28, 1906 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1906
Page 4
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WOMAN CURED BY DR. WILLIAMS' PINK PILLS. New Lease of Life and Re. commends the Pills to All } . Others Who Suffer. Anosmia is just the doctor's name for "bloodJessness. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills 'lor Pale People actually make new blood. Can any cure be more direct or certain? Blood is bound to cure bloodless-ness. 1 Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure autemia Just as food cures hunger. They curr^d Mrs. Thomas J. McGann, off 17 Lincoln Place. Haiiifield, N. J., and they can do i the Bravest apprehension COIF STOl New Orleans, La., Sept 27—Th Gulf Coast, from New Orleans t Pensacola, is in the grip of th worst hurricane that has bee known for years. Northward a f tr as Birimghamthe galeis blow ing eighty to ninety miles an hour. South of New Orleans t the Qulf every wire is down an is fol as much for any other pale, weak, ailing, bloodless person. *«Inflie spring of 1903 I did my usual house cleaning," says Mrs. McGann, * "and BOOII afterward I began to have the most terrible headaches. My heart •would beat BO irregularly that it was painful and there came a naomius; when I could not get np. My doctor said I ]i ;i <l anzemiaaud be was surprised that Ihpd continued to live iu the condition I was in. I waa coufiued to iny bed for noarly irwo mouths, the doctor coining every "day for the first few weeks, hut I did not improve to amount to anything. "Altogether I was sick for nearly two years. I waa as -weak as a raff, had headaches, irregular heart beats, loss of appetite, cramps in the limbs and. was .enable to get a good night's sleep. Mv legs and feet were so swollen that I feared they would burst. "One .day while I was woiuleriufr how long I could Ijve, feeling as I did, I r«- ceived a booklet telling about Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. I read it and told my husband to get me some of the pills. Before very long I felt a change for the better. I have taken about twelve boxes and although I was as near the grave as could be, I now feel as if I t 'had a new lease of life. I have no more headaches, the heart beats regularly, mv cheeks are pink and I feel ten years younger. I feel that I have been cured very cheaply and I have recommended Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to lots of iny friends." Wheu Dr.Williams' Pink Pills replace bad blood with good blood they strike straight at the root and cause of diseases like headache, bHionsness,- indigestion, anaemia, neuralgia, sciatica, locomotor atr.xia and other disorders often pro, uouuced incurable. 'Dr. Williams' Pink "Pills are sold by all druggists, or will be seut by mail ou receipt of price, 50 cents ner box, six boxes $2.50, by the Dr.Wil- Ju-ms Mnrticiue Co., Scheiiectady, N.Y. WHEN YOU I ABE BETTING GLASSES Get them right. Absolute satisfaction in the relief of Headache and Eyestrain. i for tf.o fate of several towns wnfc are more exposed to the wind an water than the larger Gulf cities which have harbors. It is belived that many Hye have been lost,-but no positiv information can be'cbtaiaed. Th storm-swept area ia entirely iso lated tonight, and t"ie full effec of thf fury of the etorm will no be known for days. Pensacola, Fla., Sept. 23—Th worst sea storm and hurrican that the Gulf coast has'experiecc ed since the village of Pensacola was swept away, 170 years ago began last night and is etill rag ing tonight. It is reported tha many lives between the city anc navy yards have been lost, but a many rumors of this characte have been current all day tho re port does not obtain credence. I is known, however, that many o the houses in that section are un der from five to ten feet of wate and many persons have been taken from second-story windows ant carried to boats. The estimated prop rty damage is 3 million dollars. Every house in Pensacola has suffered damagi and many roofs ere blown off Telephone and electric ligh wires are among tho mass. Thi water front is strewn with wreck age for miles on either side of the city and vessels are piled on the wharves, or where the wharves once were, in utter ruin. Big iron steamers and many lighter sailing ships are lying high and dry up in the city where the tide has never before been known to reach. Eyery whari for miles around has been swepl away or is damaged beyond repair^ The electric power was shul off at 1 o'clock this morning. There is no street car traffic and contmunioation with the outside world is practically cat off. A. B MACDONALD EAST SIDE OPTICIAN AND JEWELER. Ir. Arthur J. Simpson, SURGEON AND OCULIST Eye Ear Nose Throat Practice devoted to Surgery and Diseases of the Eye, Ear Nose, Throat. Special attention given to surg-ery of the Eye, Nose and Throat. GLASSES FITTED Office in Herman Bldg. North Side Sd.. Phones 88 and 212 Bears the Signature of Tto Kiiii! You Have Aiwsys P%ghi STILL At THE OLD STAND E. M. GRELLIN HAS BEEN FJTTMG SPECTACLES IN CHILLICOTHE FOR YEARS EX-eONFEOERATE OFFICERS o|piri, Mo., Sept. 27— The an- jpiial reunion of the Missouri division United Confederate Veterans, came to a close at the session held at Lakeside park today. The day was ideal for an outdoor meeting, and the pavillion was crowded with veterans and many others who had been unable to attend yesterday. John B. Stone of Kansas. City was elected major general, to command the division for the coming year. His election followed the positive announcement of Ganeral Gantt that ho would not become a candidate for re-election. Like General Gantt, the ne>vly elocte-1 major general is one of -the men who fought through the civil war as a private soldier. T. J. Cousin, of Richmond.Mo., was elected brigadier general to command the eastern brigade of the division, by acclamation. J. D. Ingram of Nevada, one of the best known confederates in the state, was elected brigadier general to command the western brj.T gade. - ... ,,.,y^.--- ; ' PERSONAL AND LOCAL' Trip around the world Nov. 1st. Mrs. Can- went to Kansas City Friday. S. A. Corwin of Kansas City is here the guest of friends and transacting business. Miss Effie Fiske of Mooresville is in the city the guest of her sister, Mrs. A. T. Kirtley. . Mrs. Milton Shore went to Kansas City Friday. She will visit friends there until after next Tuesday. Jesse and Earl Smith returned Friday morning from a week's visit with relatives and friends in Harris. Hood's Sarsaparilla cures radically—that is, it removes the roott cf disease. That's better than lopping the branches. Mrs. P. W. Hartman returned Thursday night from Kansas anywhere she attended a meeting ol the Eastern Star Chapter. G. L, Williams will go to Wheeling Saturday to visit bis daughter, Mrs. H. E. Ishmatl. Mrs, T. H. Gibson returned to her home in Bversonville Fru'ay after a short visit, with relatives here. The ladies of the First M. E. church are making elaborate preparations for the 'Trip around the world," Nov. 1. d3t Pinesalve cleanses wounds, is highly antiseotec, uneaqueled foi cracked hands. Good for cuts.Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. Mrs. E. C. Lander of Muskogee, 1. T., who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Westrope, will return home Saturday. Kansas City Journal:—Dr. Reuben Barney,of Chillicothe,a member of the state board of regents ol ;he Kirksville state normal school, attended the Masonic convention. W. C. Critchfleld, the popular icket agent at the Burlington, left Friday afternoon for St. Joseph where he will spend several days. ?rom St. Joseph he will visit riends in Iowa. He will go to Buffalo before he returns. He was granted av thirty days' vaoa- ion. The attention of CONSTITUTION eaders is called to the numerous jusinesa announcements from hillicothe merchants. It pays o buy only of the advertiser. The man who is afraid or ashamed to ell you what he has to sell and what he charges for it, or who oesn't think enough of yourtrade o ask for it, is hardly worth pat- onizing.' Miss Helen Patterson, who has ieen the guest of Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Perry,left Friday for Bedford, owa,-v^tere she will visit rela- ves arM-friends before returning o her home in Dee Moines, Iowa. Aiss Patterson rendered violin so- os at the Teachers' meeting 'hursday evening which were ighly appreciated. Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Beyell will :ave Sunday for Kansas City here they mil. spend a month ith relatives and friends. They will return by the way of Richmond where they will be thogueets of their daughter, Mrs. Given. Mr. Bevell stated that he would return home in time to give the Democrat ticket a boost at the coming election. BUILT UP HER HEALTH SPEEDY CURE OF MISS GOODE She Is Made Wen by Lydia. E.' Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and Writes Gratefully to Mrs. Plnknam. After-dinner pit]; purely vt' Pleasant: easy to taku and For the wonderful help that she has found Miss Cora Goode, 255 E. Chicago Avenue," Chicago, 111., believes it her duty to write the following- letter for publication, in order that other women afflicted in the same way may be iiie hlond. iV-d tlifi THTV.-S n i '3 :• hru.-u-Jt, anil «ivu r.'sinil sif- ;-•-' :^-s or wall. r. |. Uor.,1 <,'„.. • '."Hi.? ?JJ HoOll Jl.V C'iOLl, TUG hesC Laxative Cathartic prompt and me rate. Ii5c. Vain, tone :#<• or $1 dl' Mass.' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS benefited as she was. Miss Goode is president of the Bryu Mawr Lawn Tennis Club of Chicago. She writes; Dear Mrs. Pinkham:— "I tried many different remedies to build up my system,, which had become run down from loss of proper rest and unreasonable hours, but nothing seemed to help ms. Mother is a great advocate of Lyflia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for female troubles, having used It herself some years agb with great success. 65"I began to take it; and in less than a month I was able to be out of bed and out of doors, and in three months I was entirely well. Really I have never felt •o strong and well as I have since. :I No other medicine has such a record of cures of female troubles as has Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Women who are troubled with painful or irregular periods, backache, bloating (or flatulence), displacement of organs, inflammation or ulceration, can be restored to perfect health and strength by taking- Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Mrs. Pinlcham invites all sick women to write her for advice. She has guided thousands to health. Her experience is very £reat, and she ^ives the benefit of it to all who stand in need of wise counsel. She is the daughter-in-law of Lydia E. Pinkham and for twenty-five 7ears has been advising- sick women tree of charge. Address, Lynn. Mass. FOE SALE buj-s ;i 5-roura cottage nrar Fir^t ward school. Ground 1(0 fni-t .'quau-. OVod neighborhood. \Vaier a:i;i Ki.ik i,. kitchin. iLqiiire at this cilice, dtf 171 DELIVERS INTERESTING ADDRESS BEFORE TEACHERS Papers Were Read by Teachers and A Musical Program Rendered— Finish Work Saturday For'sale—Cottag-o in Gravesville, three lots, two \vcllf, everything in good condition. Price 8550. Will t>ke team and wagon or cow as part payment. NVilliam Misenhelter, at County Infirmary. For Sale—A number of household and kitchen articles.-"' E H Sheclz, 313 Calhoun. s20d'it For sale cheap—Modern house at 115 East Calhouu St. Inquire on premise's. lOsdOtwl For Sale — A part of ( my furni- tura. Inquire at residence, 420 east Clay. Mrs. Frank McNamarr For sale cheap: — Largest size Buck's Brilliant hard coal base- burner. Inquire this office. s21d(5t For sale—New elfiss condition. otlice. piano in first Inquire at this S2-U11W HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Sept. 17, 1906 Mr. Z. B. Myers, Mgr. Luella Grand Theatre Dear Sir: The Armin players played my house to the best business of any r>factory company I oyer had and are the clearest and most capable people. I write feeling that such a worthy attraction should have For stile—A top, single buggy almost now. Also set single harness. Will sell at a b..rgain if taken at once. i:8;dtf Saunders-Turner Lumber Co. FOR RENT 6 office rooms, best on north side of square. Itquiro C. L. Waito. s!2dt; For rent: HOUJO of 6 rooms; barn, buggy shed, two lots; near •chool. Mrd. M. L Johnson, North Cherry et. si Idtf For Rent—7-rooin house in good repair. Sevrnour Wisely. 22sdtf For rent—Furnished rooms with all modern improvements. Inquire this office. dlw Suit of rooms furnished for light housoKiM-pmg. Inquire at this office. dU HELP WANED—MALE Wanted—Energetic, trustworthy man or woman to work in Mis- •iouri representing large Manufacturing Comnany. Salary- §50 to 590 per mouth paid weekly. Expenses advanced. J. H. MOORE, Chillicothe, Mo. Tho second day of the teachers' meeting which convened at nine o'clock Friday morning, was opened by a vocal solo by Mies Gertrude Fanger, which was followed by a p;iper read by Edgar Scott on "The Art of Story Telling and Its Uses in the School Room." Mr. Scott's paper was well received by the teaehera. Probably the most interesting address of the morning was that of Prof. J. W. McConnick,on"Scho .1 Taxation and Teachers' Salaries. When, How Much." Prof. Mc- Coimiok had carefully studed this subject and he held the close attention of the teachers, who highly complimented him on his address. Prof. R E Moss of tin Normal road a paper on "Missouri—Har Writers and Literature." Papers were read by Misses Isabelle Reed and Nannie D<rling and Mrs. Alba C. McCormick. Tho afternoon session opened with a piano solo by Miss Edith Hunt followed by a vocal solo by Mrs. Amy Simpson. Pres. Frank Deerwoster of the Mary ville Normal was in attendance and delivered an address which was highly appreciated. After papers by Miss Vivian Evans and Miss Lizzie Morris the afternoon session was closed by a general discussion by all the teachorj on "Text Books—County or State Adoption." Supt. J. tj. White of tho Brookfield schools delivered an able ad- I dress before the meeting Thurs- I day evening. Boy wanted at the factory. Crow Cigar d-tt Men Wanted—For street paving work, also tearnttirs. J. E Meek ROOM AND BOARD board for Good room and 1U6 South Elm. two. dlw rerstLa -i. ..'5 "55 C> 2^. Z ^a.. .r, TSB You 'llano Always -?r utify the Complexion 3M TEN DAY&. adinoia *EAM, the im- j eoobrsed by tiou- { teed to remove • 'freckles, pimples, j «fci the worst ease in 20 days, »nd Testae the beauty of youth. Price SQc.and " •—-•— -' - - ttV**V*«W«V«««««»*««««tl ««** >i i % Society and Clxibs \ * Sold Swetiaad TOILET CO.. Pnii.Tcs»< larmacy, N. J. and others. Not always the Cheapesi^jlfealways the ' r ~ \ Best jptfwill find the Photos at TBeWATTON STUDIO Mrs. F. M. Bray and Mrs. John Pepper chaperoned a party o: ySung folks which went to the Jones pasture east of town and spent the day. A delicious dinner was served at noon. The day was spent in games and other amusements. -_- t t J. ftirs. .(. P. Canaday entertained ;he lOOIiclub a.t her" home on South Washington street Thurs- day.afteruoon. After club hours tho hostess MTred dainty refreshments, Mrs. Fepton of Uuionville was a guest of tho club. T -i- * I -The highest ecort-s at (Be Barclay-McVey "500" party yesterday 'afternoon were madetby Miss Leta Eylenburj> and Mrs. Faus of St. Joseph, the former receiving a hand painted cup and. saucer and and the latter a pair of fancy hose. tit The following party dfove to the Bench farm, west of town, yesterday afternoon and took supper: j Messrs, and Mcsdames Sipple, iDawsori, Abell and Sewell.1 t ;t Mrs. Faus of St. Joseph entertained informally at "500" yesterday morning. /-• The Armin players, a high-class organization of clever people, are booked to appear at the Luella for one week, starting Monday night, October 1st. This clever company of clayere have just finished a sixteen weeks' stock engagement of record breaking business at the Lyceum theatre in St. Joseph, Mo. The opening bill will be the beautiful war drama "CUMBERLAND 61." Ladies' free Monday night— usual conditions. WALTER ARMIN. every encouragement from housi managers. Their performance will substantiate and repay any special effort you may make in getting business '__ ,for them. Respectfully, IRVING HILL M^r., Boursocks Theatre; Lawrence, Kas. WANTED Wanted: Homo and place to work by eapnblo worn til. Inquire county infirmary. dtf LOST AND FOUND Found—Bunch of keys. Owner can have same by calling at this office and identifying the keys and paying for this notice •-2SM LETTER TO MR. J. S VENABLE ChiUicjthe, Mo. Btear Sir: Three gallons saved is S12 to 815 earned. Mr. Hanfor.d Platt of Bridgeport, Conn., ordered 15 gallons Devoe to paint his house, and returned ii gallons. His pi. inter said it would take 15; a lead-and- oil painter. Hubbell & Wade Co. sold it. They say everybody has the same experience there. Tho reason is, of course, they are used to poor paint. What is poor paint? Anything not Devoe; sotue worse than others. Besides, paints wear about as they cover. Double §12 to Slo. Yours truly, F. W. Dcvoo & Co. York, Chic-igo and Kansas Now City. P S DoarJorff & Mecaskey our paint. sell Lost—Cor;.uoy; coat wtih high collar. Finder please leave at this office. d2t WILL MOVE TO TEXAS. E. J. Poe,liTing near Jamesport, was in Chillicotbe Friday on business and called at the CONSTITUTION office and left an order for sale bills. Mr. Poe will have his sale October 15th. He will move his family to Tulia,Tex..about the first of November, near which place he purchased a section of land. Mr. Poe is well pleased with the Pan Handle country. The Armin Players will open a week's engagement at the Luella Monday night with a change ol play every night. Danderine GREW THIS Miss Albert of Cape Girardeau, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. S. .11 Nelson-, returns tQ {lef WOMEirS_WOES. Cbillicothe Wom^n are Finding Re- liffat Lait. It does seem that women have more than a fair share of the aches and pains that afiliet humanity; they must "keep up," must attend to duties in spite of constantly aching backs, or headaches, dizzy spells, bearing down pains; they must stoop over, when to stoop means torture. They must walk and bend and work with racking pains and many aches from kidney ills. Kidneys cause more suffering than any other organ of the body. Keep the kidneys well and health is easily maintained Road of a remedy for kidneys only tint helps and cures tho kidneys and is endorsed by people you know. Mrs. J. H. Shield, of 459 Vine St., Chillicoths, Mo, says: consider Doan's Kidney Pills a very effective remedy. I got a box at tho Clark Pharmacy and used it for pain in tho shoulders, in the back of the neck an-1 head and blurring off tho eyesight. Never can tell when you'll mash a finger or suffer a cut, bruise, burn or soald. Be prepared. Dr. Thomas' Eolectric Oil instantly relievos the pain—quickly cures the wound. AMONG THE SICK. j J. S. McN T :il!y was reported abcut the same Friday. Mrs. J. S. McNally, who haa been confined to her bod for the past week, was able to be up and around the house Friday. Mrs. W. E. Gunby paFsed ;i very restless night Thursday and it was stated Friday that she could not survive many hours. A r-^pirt iron tha badside of J. E. Cartniohae! Friday stated that t^ere was no improvement ia his condition and that he was gradually growing weaker. Jesse Palmer, carrier on rural route No. 6, is confined to his homo with illness. G. W. Richmond was confined to his home Friday with illness, The condition of Harry Koath was reported unchanged Friday afternoon. . MISS DOROTHY CLARK, SI3O Grenihaw St., Chicago. Fat the scalp In an active and normal condition, and the hair will take care of Itself every time. The scalp la tho soil In which the hair grows. It, alone, governs the growth of the hair, and It must be kept fresh and healthy to Insure a good crop of nalr. The hair Is s product of the scalp, and all tho treatments In Christendom will do no good, unless they are specifically efficacious In the cure of the diseases peculiar to tha scalp. HOW at all drugRlits, three ;|;xs. ., 60o. Mi$ 1. j When I began taking them I was suffering from a nagging pain in the back that was almost like toothache. Doan's Kidney Pills stopped the pain and made me rest better at night. I have felt new vigor and energy since using them." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Millburn Co., Buffalo. New York, solo agents for the United States. Remember the name Doan'a take, no other. O jfiL S3 *L* Beara Uio Pain from a Burn Promptly Relieved by ChambTlain's Pain Palm A littlo child of Michael Strauss, of Vcrnon, Conn , was recently in giett pain from ;» bur^j ou the hand, ;•.!;.: as cold applications only increased tho iullainitiatiou, Mr. Strauss came to Mr. James N. Nichols, a local merchant, for -something to stop the pain. Mr Nichols says: "I advised him to use CHAMBERLAIN'S PAIN BALM, iuiti the first application drew out the iailammation and gave immediate relief. I have used this liniment myself and recommend it very often for cuts, burns, strains and lame back, and have never known it to disappoint." For sale by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. It is a well known medical fact that pine resin is most effective in the treatment of diseases of the bladder and Kidneys. Sufferers from backache and other troubles due to faulty action of the kidneys find relief in the use of Pine-ules. SI O'/buyg 30 clays treatment by thrj N. Jt Swetland, Prug Co, NEWS FROM BREGKENR1DGE From tho r.wkfiiriilKC" lUilli-tin. Miss Mury Craymer of Richmond aad Mitchell Hendrictson of Chillicothe were the guests of Fred Runkle and wife recently, Miss Craymer was a room mate of Mrs. Runklo while they were attending college in Richmond. Mrs. Bolander and little daughter of Chillicotho came Saturday for a visit with Mrs. Addie Hughes. S. R. Nelson and wife of Chillicothe and Miss Albert of, Cape Girardeau were here Saturday trying to purchase several driving horses. George Baker, wife and little son went to Chillicothe Wednesday where they will make , their home in the future, with the former's daushtor, Mrs. G. W. Richmond. firlt plenum-**. Kaclly . clean—econornlrrtl—OM'B twice I I (M fnrnfl otlier polishes. I j FREE SABBPIJE Aiiilrcss nept.!.J I Lamniit. Corliss ,S- CVi.. Agts..7»Hlida«m St..N.Y. | OUR OPEN POLICY. There is iihsohitfly nothing to con"pal aliout this business. Our methods ••ire littoral, open and above hoard and noflern in every sense of the word. IV-insr a store economically administered on a very small rmir<rin of prolit •nr.dfr-huyinjf. under-.sellii<, r --Ne*r- land & Dider present a, tr;i(iin>f pi'opo- sition that appeals with tremendous force to every person wishing to eom- hine satisfaction and economy in the purchase of fall apparel. Ou • plans and preparations in behalf of our young men parrons arc quite comn'e-e. Only makers of es'cbl shed r' pupations have contribafed to our stocks thus insuring the highest, standard of quality and styles than can be relied upon.. AN OF EXTRAORDINARY SALE MEN'S FALL SUITS. Kxtraordinary lor several reasons, briMiise we'll lit :iny man, be be .stout or lean, t.ji'l i:r-.liort -because evi-1'V suit in thi-. sa!-- is a new fall model, and l>Lvui!s<> the j.vice is fully one-third tliese suits are actually less than worth. Men's fast black Hockey Thibets. the tbibet that is warranted absolutely fast and not to wear Jflossy. Our price Men's double twisted cassimere suits, dark {fray steel mixtures, patterns that will not show soil easily. We recommend these suits for hard service. Our price Men's Fancy worsted suits, and sedate irr:i v pin check single and double breasted coat cut full length and made, with excellent titling collars. Our price Others up to $2.7.;10. $10.00 imere suits, es, patterns iilv. We rec- SiO.OO ts, in tasty ctk patterns, SiO.OO NEWLANB <& DIDER WEST SIDE SQUARE To Save Money ££ss is a pretty good combination. There are no cold rooms in a house where there is a " BARLER GUABAMTjED ABSOLUTELY TO BE FREE FROM SMOKE OR SMELL. Minieer& Williams Now on Sale a! Stone's Music Store 6-5-4WILL NOT WASH OFF No \vorkStimss itseif 128 Pages 9x12 Heavy Book Papsr, Clear Type, Paper and Cloth Bound TO THK MUSIC CRITIC. Iu looking over the list of "The Most Popular Piano Pieces" jriv- en below, you cannot help noticing- the admirable blending of the concert, dfiiwin-f room, sacred and popular forms of music. We have endeavored to produce a collection which could not fail to contain several pieces at which would please everybody. How well we have succeeded we leave you to jud^e. \ BY GEORGE ROSEY Complete Table of Contents: Secret (The. lalornuv./.!) Pizzicato ) L. Gautier Serenata M. Moszkowski Palms (The) Panre Sorella (La. Spanish March) Borel-Clare, C. Salut D'Amour -•- Hlgm'i E. Nocturne (O[>. !,', No. 2) Chopin, P. Vaise Bleue Marjji.s, A. Bridal Ciiorus (Lohenu-in) Wanner, R. Czarine (La, Mazvrka) Ganne, L. Polish Dance Scharwenka. X. Shepherd Boy Wilson, G. D. Fiinnral March of a Marionette .jGounod, C. Gavalieria Flust'ieana ([ntermez/.o) Mascajjni, P. Naila (Intermezzo from "Ballet") Delibcs, L. Palorna (La) Yradier Cinrjuantaine (La) Gabriel-Marie Melodie in P Rubinstein, A. Waltzing- Doll (Poupee Valsante) Poldini, E. "Minute" Waltz (Op. tU, No. 1) Chopin, P. Evening Star (Tunnhauser) Wajjner, R. Anitra's Dance (Peer Gynt) Grieg, E. Spring- Son<f Mendelssohn, F. Larij-o '• Handel, G. F. Gavotte (Mhfnon) Thomas, A. Love's Dream After the Ball .- Czibulka, A. Traumerei Schumann. R. Wedding March (Midsummer Nijfht's Dream) Mendelssohn, F. Monastery Bells Wely, L. Pizzicato ("Sylvia Ballet'') Delibes, L. Maiden's Prayer (Tlie) Badarzewska. T. Loin uu Bai Gillet, K. Lonffin? for Elome Junjfmann, A. Under the Double Eagle (March) Wagner, J. V. Stephanie Gavotte Czibulka, A. Soldier's Chorus (Faust) (, Gounod. C. List Price 75c. Orders hooked for October 15th delivery at 50c. We hope we haven't a customer so fastidious as to be unable to lind some selections to his liking in 1 this folio, whether his taste inclines toward the nocturnes or waltzes of Chopin, tho delightful ballet music' from "Naila'' or "Sylvia", or the latest dashing Spanish march success, "La Swx'lla." $10.00 WORTH OF MUSIC FOR. 5O CENTS. BOOK YOUR ORDER. TO-DAY. Sample Copy can be examined at Stone's Music Store. Price 75c after October loth. ; S. A. STONE, 512 Washington St., Chillicothe, Mo. 'Phone 186. Tfis World's Most Popular Piano Folio NTCORM1GK SCHOOL Report for the McCormick school for the month beginning; September 3rd and tember 28th. Number'ebrollec£,32| average daily attendance, 25;tb,ose attending every day, Ida Qgan, I WillieBIae, Earl Bowan, Roy Hutchison, Claude Jones, Chaun- cex:Pray, and Archie Price;"those Ionia ^nil: Eddie Martin, Mjrl Hum;-. ph.ery and Carl Roberts. GERTRUDE G>i<w.

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