Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 30, 1950 · Page 27
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 27

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 27
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Jobless Benefits Argued** 0 . · _ - : - -- - r a C upon con- r-but of · the how the the are Voters will '.have two Initiative measures' concerning unemploy jnent benefits to cast ballots In'the 1 Nov. 7 "election. Both cern thep-same" general 'subject,each Involves a different phase unemployment benefits.' The first' will be on the ballot - -with numbers ,314--315 -'for yea and no vote. It concerns long and how much those unemployed may draw under -unemployment -'insurance carried by employer*. At the present time, .ansunem- ployed person may draw up to $20 perl-week for' 12 .weeks of unemployment.. The initiative measure ·would "raisei the amount.'ta- $25 per ·weelc.and-lengthen toe time to 26 weeks. Proponents 'of this act declare that toe present law does not provide adequate income for sufficient time. They point to records which show Arizona 1 to. be far down '"" list among' other "states - in length -V of, time ^tne benefits paid. They contend that in ^averaging · economic and employment conditions, over a period of years, 12 weeks is insufficient-time to find other suitable, employment They also contend that $20 a week, plus 52 a week for not more than three children is 1 not sufficient Income for a family while the breadwinner is unemployed. Says taw Abused 'Opponents . c o n t e n d that, to lengthen toe period merely lengthens the time that many ' persons .may live without working, a-'id that this law Is abused too much ·now.' For example, these opponents assert that while the law; is 'Intended to help those laid' off because of economic conditions, it has been Interpreted so. that the -benefits are payable · for anyone who 'quits or strikes. Lengthening ; the-benefits time does not correct 'this"'abuse, they.assert,' '. · ,. As'to increasing toe amountsrop- -.ponents'' cite the- fact that this to- '.gether with toe longer time adds 'to toe objecions and would increase costs to employers by 20 per cent ^-an addition to an already high 'Cost of doing business for the average employer of four or five per- .·:sons. ·'; The second unemployment meas- -iUre concerns ' adding agricultural "workers to toe list of types o£ ^workers who can receive, unemploy inent benefits. .^·Proponents of this measure ask 'the pointed question .of why.any · : group of. workers should be exclud- ;ed fronva,law intended to protect ^'workers - as;,a class" against unem- ;ploympnt. That-ls toe sole arid basic '-argument:for. toe measure. i'.".- '··· ''·-· ·'Includes.Migrants · - . . ' ; Opponents;. explain that '.this in- j eludes -all'mlgrant workers-in -toe Vnatlon: Using an example of cotton C pickers, :toey assert that this would ·-tend^to hold : these pepple · in Arizona after toe.picking season when j they would.-otherwise move on to -harvest other ! croj)s in other areas. ?:,Thig, say opponents, ; would create "almost-an Impossible welfare .prob- · lem. . · · ,;i; : ; In-\.addition,·;: these -..workers. · as Like Tombstone., Wisconsin Tirnn Was Too Tough To Die By HAKMAN W. NICHOLS ' ·' ' ' WASHINGTON, Oct. 30. (U.R)-rWhen the high water came to Spring Valley Wis., in 1942, they said the town'.could never,come back.. Whoever said toafdidn't measure the fiber of'the strong-hearts and gentle iple' of Spring. Valley. They came-back, to, this extent: Last year ·ing'Valley wound up-second among towns under 5,000 -"·"" 1 """ the national cleanup palntup, ixup competition. The town (pop. 966) is prettying-up to capture toe 1950 wize for towns of its size. ;packlng.shed workers, seldom work, ' ; for. one employer very long, and .toe detailed office work necessary ·to keep their records straight under i half dozen or more employes '.vrould add Immeasurably to toe "cost of operating toe system. : T. Among toe opponents,, of this plan is toe employment security ·:«gency of the U. S. department of labor, which suggests a more effective manner of extending coverage o" .permanent agricultural em- · "The bureau," said R, G. Wag- ,«net of toe agency's San Francisco office, "recommends.gradual exten- ·*ion of coverage to the larger farm- · era, such as those employing at least four or eight workers In a specific number of weeks." In numerous sessions in toe past 10 years toe legislature. has had . both of toe proposals, presented, and after conferring with both toe .' state unemployment security commission and toe proponents, rejected toe proposals as unsound. -Soviet General Relieved Of Job "of his post,as Soviet minister- of '·tate control because of Illness, It Is reported.. ,,; . . .- . .-.-'.-.: V. N. Merkulov was appointed 't6' succeed Mekhlis,! who assumed the .office In 1940. In addition, - Gen. '· Mekhils. headed .the Red army's po- litlcal administration during 1941. 42, In 1949,. on his. 60th birthday, ' , -. Russia, as minister of f6od':proc-ure- ; da y ..ments also was- disclosed.- ' - Ponomarenko succeeds B. A. . Dvlnsky, who was transferred "to work " sprnrfiinp tn the pnv ° g ' Board Chairman Heads Red Cross Drive WASHINGTON, Oct; 30. (U.R-- David Sarnoff, board chairman of toe Radio Corp. of America, wirf head toe Red Cross fund-raising drlve',Dext year. He-.-.was appointed by Defense Secretary, George- C. Marshall, Red Cross president, Marshall said .Red Cross -work'is "oft^eat Importance to toe "nation's defense .... (and) .a potential force. In working toward restoration of .world peace." Here Are The Provisions , _ -i --..i i H ^ This is tfie way- the unemployment benefit measure concerning increased amount and longer .payment period will appear on the^ballot:' "J. ;/ *' . Initiative Measure Proposed By Initiative Petition.-_ An Act' , . Relating" to ^employment security: -Prescribing unemployment benefits: Increase amount of'weekly benefits to $25; extending period of benefits to maximum · of"-26 weeks; and amending cections 561003-a,,and 5e-1003-b,-ArIzona code of 1939 as amended. If you favor the above law, vote YES. If opposed, vote NO. · " . ' 314, YES ~ 815 NO ~| T 1 I O D This is the way the unemployment benefit measure concerning inclusion of agricultural workers will appear on- the ballot: ' i Initiative Measure ^ Proposed By Initiative Petition - · - An'Act- ' . · " Relating to employment security providing for the Inclusion of agricultural .labor in services entitled to unemployment benefits; adopting by reference the definition of agricultural labor contained in subsection (f) of section 56-1002-hm Arizona code of 1939, as amended; and superseding any contrary law. If you favor the above law, vote YES. H opposed, vote NO. DETROIT, Oct. SO.Xfl^A sizable" selling job/Ues ahead of toe motor car retailers -- especially'- those handling medium priced malces. That's toe view of many Industry- analysts attempting to appraise the effect of toe -newest, credit . . . . on an army cot with tfieir.feeVtuc^ed'upand.-theuj boot heels hooked over.the cot, edge.; .They looked' as elatecfc-as it's pos- sible'for'two people to be. ffiever had a pal hke me before, - - -- lit- con- troll. As they view the dealers proolems'created by tighter credit, a lot of buying-that normally goes to the medium priced market will be transferred to the lower brack dldja kid?" said toe sergeant- And . , he slapped-toe'lieutenant on.'toe ^^he,^ ^ ^ S- , , · . ' « , . , - tie'cguys."Both have gray eyes.; "Never did," said too lieutenant SOJ | hag s hort,'"cropped ;black *air and "he' looked; admiringly "atHbe and a small- b]ack .musrictie. The '· eray-halred man i'n' green faiigues father-ha-; a ruddy, face,-gray, bald[ 55 a;br le ht: yellow-'.sergeant-s ^^^^ ^ «* patch on toe left sleeve. . « We 've always been like a'coupie * of brothers," said toe, lieutenant.- ·first'tiine in toe Korean war" _ TM ^ WW*.". sald WUliam oe iraiisierreu lu me JIUWEJ. utai-n.- 1 ^ « rKt tlmp in tne Korean war. · ·-· · "· --oo--r ets because of toe montolypavment^f^^^rlatner, It chief D- Jumping up; and swelling out n+ttMiii+-t/\n _ · . . . _ . .... _ f .LI »i_lv. niK cnssL. ·· ' stipulation. One of the^blggest crusades' automobile Industry history , shaping up right now In toe effort of dealer organizations to have toe federal reserve board recind modify Its most recent order. This cuts to 15 months toe period in which car buyers must complete installment payments on their aiitos. Before the order was Issued a couple of weeks ago payments were spread over 21, months. Dealers everywhere have protested toe restrictions as threaten, ing to put them out of business. At the same time they have expressed little hope -of early liberalization. The federal reserve board has held the stricter limitation necessary to halt Inflation. , ' . . . No Comment Yet So far the automobile manufacturers have made little or no com ment' for publication. However they,know'thatlin the long run anything that affects sales also will affect production.' : .Cutting; six months from.. toe William i}., en, uie iai:»ti, is ,"."" . , 'i,..! clerk,in, G-4 section of toe ninth "s chest, in corps. Elwood' B, 32, toe son, is an "He's smarter, too," said Elwood COrpS. JUlvVOOU B., O t Ulc tsuu, io *3" *..»-« ,,---- , -.,-, _ ' fs officer In toe seventh division ar- B., jumping' up also. "" tillery air section. - ' stand .Together his fatoer was hi Korea. This morn- t ---.-., ----, ------ - - - - - Ine toe phone rang. The lieu tenant D. Eager Is 5 feet 4 inches and ,P. . . c ., , , _ · · ! _ i 4.v««.. n U itrnl.vhe 19Q ·nrtimnc: KlWOOfl H.. lo _ ,f ka £ up gald nel i c and through whistle: Final awards will -be made Dec. B In Washington. Among toe judges Secretary of Interior Chapman, Secretary of Commerce Saw-' ver and Otto L: Seyferth, toe pres- dent-of toe "United States Chamer of Commerce. But to get back to toe amazing story of .Spring Valley, Wis. No own ever did a better'cleanup ob. Editor Behind Project The No. 1 man behind the project was fiery Leroy Gore, editor of toe i, a weekly paper, n'e was a one-man press bureau He called his town the'"Cinderella own." He rounded up the. kids.In Police - Rioters ClasH la Ponce SAN JUAN, Puerto.. Rico, Oct. 30. C/F)-- Nationalists and police clashed at two points today on the southern coast of, this island, and some dead' and wounded were reported, authorities announced. The outbreak began: at. a police station in the city of Ponce. Police said Nationalist party agents tried to storm the station and lost four dead..- Three police were reported wounded. ' .A group of SO police left- Ponce or a vHlage near" Penuelas to earch for hidden arms at the it 'will take thousands .of "potential car buyers out'of. the "market. Certainly; for toe dealers in-toe medium-priced, field It will mean greater competition for. business In that car class!' It long has been agreed in automotive circles that anything affecting car prices affects a motorist's choice of car quality. In other words; when a medium priced vehicle Is difficult to get--or to' pay, f or-- there usually Is a shift to lower priced'vehicles. But it also is true that many buy ers in the lower-priced".field 'can be forced entirely out of thevnew car market'by toe same factors. .The majority of car- buyers,--regardless own." we rounoea uy £----" sea rch for hidden arms at tne his area and sent them from house hQme rf ^ Nationa i ist party pres- o house, to demand_a cleanup.. J dent s mo ther. The police were In the past year, Gore is proud o report, there have been 8;b74 leanup jobs done. For one thing, -,900 rates have been-done. in. _."Bach person in our' town did e'tter' : : ^ c l e a n u . : - o b s - dent's .mother. The police were met- by 'shots and -.returned the ire. Some dead -and Injured were eported available. · t . . ach," Gore " i' you' : match ttat'in-any town in the country?" Spring Valley went all out. It had parades and community meet- E somebody made book-on clean- UK up, toe bookies might make Spring VaUey an odds-on favorite. As-'for toe national- picture, I know a man who knows a cleanup man who knows somebody on toe the committee. I think I can give " what is to come Predictions Given ^ cities'/over half a million, you can put "em down like this: Philadelphia, P 'i 11 s b u r'g h, St Buffalo, Baltimore, Boston, In toe class between 100,000 and 199000, make it Memphis, Louis- Gary, Atlanta, Nashville, ' · and Kansas : The Nationalist party president s P.edro.'Albizu Campos., Late last week police had " been 'alerted to he possibility of. '-violence after our men in San Juan were found n possession of a large quantity Df arms and ammunition. The our were turned over to internal security agents and unofficial sources said -the "U.S. Federal Bureau' · of Investigation was called in. , The four were -arrested after a Nationalist meeting at Fajardo, a town 40 , miles 'from San Juan.?arty President Albizu was the main:, speaker. -Internal security agents followed Albizu's car on its way 'back ''to San Juan' from the meeting. ' , - . ' ' . A mystery car tried to force the nternal security agents' .car off nternai security agciit^ .\.cu. w**- ^gmarruw evening ai* me ^.iuwoc he road. The agents pulled guns ixdge, 628 N. Stone ave. Prizes,will and the'car disappeared. Later the be gi ven for tho most origlilal cos- nystery car was stopped in a tumes. All members are urged to City. In class 3 (25,000 .. .I'agerstown, Md.;- Little Rock, and Hammond, Ind.; Evansville, Ind and Hamtramck, Mich. Class 4 (5,000-24,999) -- Kendall- vllle, Ind.;- Florence, Ala.; -.Harts- 'ille, S. .C.;'.Endicott, N;. Y.; Morite- ey ; Park,^CaUf.,, and" Iron .Mouri- tain-'Klng'sfbrd,-Mich! ·- - - ·- · ' - - - 5,000. f . suburb of,-San Juan ;and -four men attend. in.it were arrested, when guns-and ammunition '.were ;found. in-,, the machine. : . ; MiUtown, N. Rai \ tou ?; :l;l -;. 1 ,,,,', · ·,. : Va ;,B ^ 'But.- don't ', seU .Spring VaUey snort Filipino Rejeiction Seen ,. Philippines, i Oct. : :'30. - m . ent l «P" rt ' , - - t .incllned : ;to reject - -P«POMl - that -.the United tates : ^^^n n n S n ecommended $250,000,000 In economic aid for the island republic.^ It said the government feels that the proposed requirement would in- frln | e ^e coun try s sovereignty. President Elpldlo Quirlno con- ened, his council of state, which includes his cabinet and congressional .leaders, along with the national economic council and monetary fund board for an' ejrtraordhi- '.jneetlng to consider the Bell ary'. eport. ' ts Informants said no decision had reached on whether to reject can control of toe entire aid but* ,the control will meet Nov. 15 and perhaps make up mind then. been American ^ plan, b again No CUDDLE TEDDY BEARS Orcr.'SCwo Eeet Tall and Made of Flue Silki Finish Mohair Material . ....... MUSICAL TEDDY BEARS Swtsg t M Qp Music Box ........···«"» DOLL HOSPITAL XMAS LAVAWAV . . . a» Kate of 50c witt hold your purchase. S a m / W a r d ' . »·' Kext Door to Mitchell Fnrnltnr* Co. but no details were ' ' sort of an -Eager, clan call," the sergeant said. "Back : in Newburgh, - " where I was born and uwuuj,. Draftees Service iiiajut-ii-j' wj. i^tii w«-j i.*u f - f O of what price class they are in. usually buy ;toe. best ..quality vehicle they can .-'afford. -. Bniids low ;Cost Models , Because of the newest.'credit-controls, Kaiser-Frazer las- decided, to build more of its lower-priced Henry J. models and-cut-toe volume of its larger, vehicles. . : But materials.and subassemblies for just about all toe other cars scheduled -for production for the remainder of-toe year, already, have been processed for' the car factories. Thus toe other auto companies cannot easily : changetoeir,-p-- J "~ tionV programs.''""- . V, . . This is; especially true' cf. ,toosc companies now nearing. toe end of theii"' 1950,- model: schedules. This group includes aU-toe General Motors and Chrysler divisions and toe Ford-'Motor Co.'s Ford division. f Ford's action--tois week'in holding 'toe price line 'on its 1951 Mer cury models led to considerable speculation as to what action may be expected when toe new Fords Chevrolets and Plymouths are in troduced. It:is,among'those three lower-priced cars "that toe industry-sees Its keenest competition. ' MEMBERS OP TTTT! MOOSE Lodge, No. 747, will'hold a Hallo T ween costume' party and dance tomorrow evening at the Moose where Elwood was born - we'd "That-reminds me, toe sergeant never stick our head out the win-said, "I lent", you 2,700 won today ~" ' " w h e n h e t o o " : . - . · - . - . - · · - ^y the Tlie reporter butted in:: .How whistle call and-"he'd 'come " long you. going to stay In toe army William D' and Elwood B.-Eager sergeant?' . ,, . boto grinned. They have a habit of "As long ^as my son does he restaging sudden family reunions plied.. "We're going to retire 10- during wars. During ,toe,'second gether.:,! got .to snck around to World war toey met once by accident : and once when toe . fatoer went to a .hospital in Czechoslovakia to visit his son-'wtio had been injured in a plane crash. " "I did him more good than any doc, too," said Wililam D. "They PARIS, Oct.. 30. (U.B--French were feeding him through tne. arm draftees henceforth- must spend IS when I got there, but they fed him montos Instead of 12 in the French a bowl of soup before I left." army. - - - . . William JoinedNln 1914 The national assembly approved -William D. Eager Vjoiued the a government, bill to lengthen the army In 1914,.He went to, the' Mexi- conscription period by a vote'of 417 can campaign as 'a/private with to'185. Only Communists and fel- the fighting 69to. In 1917 he got low travellers voted against It. ; married. In 1918 Elwood was born. Under the bill, conscripts may be The sergeant was .but of toe army sent to French overseas territories a while. But he went back in'1925 except -Indo-China, where French and- he has more than 28 years regular and·'.colonial' forces are service now. · ' . . - · - ' battling-Communist rebels. Elwood B. joined'toe army the It also provided that the conscrip- day he was 18. He, had seen, so tion-period will be reduced to 12 much of It that joining up seemed months again whenever Russia ana toe natural thing'to do. He left its satellites do, likewise,. French toe family home in Newtmrgh, got youths 'become eligible for toe married and settled down in Mid- draft at the age'of 20. dletown, N. Y. He 'has two small The measure-was designed to sons. · - - ' - - . ' / help France Increase its army to 20 "I "use. the . family whistle on divisions by 1953. // leaves you breathless! f .' -V . - ·: .' : '. · . .' '. ' - ' KY FRONTIER AIRLINES PRESCOTT 8.0 or 100 proof...y. . · · , , ' , ' ; Made, from IOCS, gain. neutnl spiriu.. / Src.Pi«re5mirnbffFis.:Inc,Hirtford,Coniu' FLAGSTAFF WINSLOW SAFFORD CLIFTON MORENCI NOGALES CALL 3-0671 Or Your Travel Agency Others In- Reversible, ^Mahogany, Oak, Maple,-^Walnut, etc, to Match/Tables i " Order Now For Holidays For Appointment Call 2-3102 ROYAL TABLE PAD CO. ·2M E. Pennlneton No _ Charge--We Call, Show . Samples,, Measure 1 r HaJIPal Like Je, Dija Kid? fitrMan lallit Vttfftn - Mondiy Ivtnlt\»i Oct. *, 1*»0 By DOC QJUGG; - WITH 1J.S.'JFORCES IN KOREAjOct;' 30. (U.R)-- Master et. William D/Eager'and Lt. Etyood B. .Eager sat together ' keep up his morale. J-'took my .first ' ' '* The Didn't even know iiley BVOUU iugeLpci \* mt **- grcuiu vyur*vct, waa tuj.coi.Gu at porter could size,them up. William Bakersfield^ Calif.,"Saturday. Police T-k T71^»__ Ir. C fnat A S/. 1n/Ol£C QllH n 4- nn *-, n J Ufwt tf*vt /^unrif-inViit^rr iKn^tf- receiver heard a iTweet, ' tweet, tweet -- tweet, ." Two longs and tl ,, -Whistled Again see toe old man. I was broke. T gave him the__famJiy call," borrowed 10 bucks from him.; weighs 329 pounds. Elwood B., is 5, 3'Xi and weighs 135. "A couple of veritable giants." satd Elwood. "But I was glad to seargeant. He pursed his and whistled it again. "He ,,,,, "Who's that? .Who's that'?"; "I knew who it was," toe'lieu- said. "I was so stunned I "Yeah, I donlt care ho\v I throw my money away,' said Wil'jam D. Ka v" "amily call, , of rum. in Germany," said Elwood. " "Sh-h-h, we don't want mama to know about'that," said William. "Tl?.l3 guy will put It in the paprs." "I know where' you can get a souvenir for mother--a nice one for S.OOO won," said the lieuwnant. " ^ t .«.«-.TM= with/him '-wbeu he lesrnrd.to' fly" back In 1943--never b£en to'a plane before We tlew over toe" house, in a jPipet Cub and hollered down at mother: ,'We'll- be home for supper'."' "*·' - · ' ''WHHaiD'D..Eager poked the lieutenant, in toe "stomach: "Never had a pakUke'me before, dldja ktd?" " did," said Elwood ,B. 2 Suspects Held In Woman's Death YREKA, Calif., Oct. 30. ._.._ Sheriff Ben Richardson said today They stood together, so toe re- two- of the three'irien suspected of slaying Mrs. 1 - Bellse Alnsworth, 50, were-Jailed and authorities were asked to watch .for toe third. · William McClaln, 24-year-old mi grant worker, was arrested at stopped him for questioning about a stolen auto. He was wanted by Sheriff Richardson on a murder warrant Another suspect, Joe Cooperr was arrested Oct. 27 after .-Mrs. Ains- wortli - was. shot during an attempted , holdup' at a general store near the Oregon-California border. y oYVtlj, Btuu WJi.,t4iii *J' jieal Ultj \Ji egujl-waiiiuijiia. UUJ.WC1.. but'I gave'you a bottle Ray Merrill,, co-operator of the , I-*.,,-TM-,TM" cairi wiwnnd. store, was shot In'the leg during the holdup, jauujy. u aim;, xie w a s . Sheriff Richardson asked Bakers- shots were fired, field police to watch for Henry - - · "-' Thomas, whom Richardson was the third suspect in said Blind Band Director . .- 'Dead.Ut Hot Spring! 'HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Oct. 80.'(Jf) Taylor J.- Ashford, 73, believed' to be the only; blind band director-In the nation,'died here.. - .. · 'At the' age Of 14 Ashford wai blinded In both eyes in a hunting accident- He organized and -directed many high school and college bands In Arkansas, Tennessee and.,Oklahoma. Before coming here 10 years ago; he was a music instructor «t Henderson state .^teachers college,. (U.B-- Arkadelphla, Arlc · '.. At the time of his death he was- director" of a band-at the nearby Magnet 'Cove school..... Shot In: Thigh Ends 8,0-Mite-Per Chase HERMOSA 'BEACH, Calif., .Oct. 30. (U.B --Norman. W. Woodrlng, Ortrag,' Wash., was held for questioning by the FBI today after -an 80-mile-per-hour -chase that- ended when he was shot in the thigh. Police said they watched Woodring for several days at FBI reques^ when he moved out of the house- where he had. been' staying. When they sought to stop him he sped away through heavy'Sunday traffic. He was halted after.seven Bystander Robert grazed .by a police English- was bullet as. he' the directed pursuing officers toward. PREPARE YOUR GARDEN FOR WINTER We will be pleased to give suggestions .and estimates. Complete landscape service GUY MONTHAN NURSERIES Campbell at Speedway Ph.5-1566 SPECIAL THIS WEEK FRESH WHEAT GERM 49« 2 Ibs. POWDERED SKIM MILK Ibs. Remember, we Specialize I n _ _ . - · SALT FREE, DL1BETIC, ALLERGY REDUCLVG DIETS Visit Our Juice Bar the DESERT SHOP 16 E. BROADWAY . WATCH OPENING need lumber QUICK: I a carload or a stick? WM. a SEAL'S ou or Broadway Phone- 3-4728 BUILDERS SUPPLY AND LUMBER COMPANY WANT THE BEST BLEND BUY N ARIZONA Gome on htiy this ' k · ^Jr -- -- ·»· _ _ - ' _ · SAY-THATfe GOOD-NEWS! THAT'S WHAT TRY A "GET-ACQUAINTED PINT TODAY,.? Corporation; New Yotk, K Y; Grata Nenttal Spiriu. Blended Whi»key. «6 Proof.

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