Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 2, 1960 · Page 47
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 47

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1960
Page 47
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TRAILERS, Ntw i Ui«d 25 UTILITY TRAILER J_Wh*tle4. Very food ItA. $-»«7«. STOP AT OK TRAILER SALES 50 Ft.--10 WIDE Al LOW AC $3995 3901 N. ORACLE MA, 1-UM JOATS FOR SALE __ 30 14* FIBERGLAS ·d and FlsNn* Boat. » borwpowcr. ·Jeetric Evinrude trailer. H**son- ablc. EA. 6-81M. after i p.m.. «20 f.. Iff Street. -- 8UILDING MATERIALS 501 HOUSEHOLD GOODS S41 *«"".». Muilcol, Etc. 5$l TRAILER COURTS 73 --^TM^£dwwWiRS~" KI ~- ' TOTOO; '»' *" G7and".~»W~rA C ·«OOC~MOVtK a"n"rltyl"Mi- yp. .^SfcyES^aa FAMILY ROOM FURN.« f c u S E B C R A N o P l AKo S ^JL^J^L.Tji USED ! TIME APACHE CAMP TRAILER. IJ- Open Siturdas' 'til s Limit rlehts rcien-ed. MA. 4-5SS1 Eart of Park Ave. R.R-Xins. M-H J. Electric Johnwn. Excel- 7 7V1',T^e«i"ir7STr '""'·"""'"~"^ em euu boat MA. 4-74«7, niD|MISC. FOR SALE E. th. and . tire. MI X. Terra Bob's Trailer Sales 1730 K. STCTrjE VACATION SPECIALS No down with approved crwiit on Una* ttiree. 1C 1«T Howird 9«ool ......... I JT 1MT Falanoe. LJka naw...$ r- im Uckthouac. Modem... *1,»5 _§· 1WT Central 1 br. full bath.$3.»6 »· im xuzmn. cooi«- * .. ................ . ·l' 1A9I Liuerty *-r. like new..S2,OM y iSjSdtSon. A. beauty. . .fig* Johnson Outboard Mtrs. New Aluminum Run-Abouts W/STEERING CONTROLS. II HR. OHKSON. NEW TEENEE TRAIL- R «SS DOWN. OR SEE OUR STORE DISPLAY Liberal Trade-in Allowance on Boati Motors BANK FINANCING Tucson Sporting Supply Tucson Serv. Stat. Supply 3650 S. 6th Ave. "REPOSSESSION ]Mt Uelody home. M' I . W widipirfMt eond. Monlhly Sivnjint tS. Will accept nso for SS^Tlf ««ilt n«0»a«. Call MA. m-tol. __ American President Goldseal Mobile Homes and ^ to HB'. 1. 2. » bedrooroa. Miracle Mile Tr. Sales MA. 4-43M Looking for a Deal? NASHUA * TWTLITE I**_taM°Wl« g H£»«- _EA FISHWORMS 111 t- Lo» Koblea EA, (-OM5 mtf K. and 8t ' TTfV^TT T1*\ UTILITY TRAILER B « Henderson Tr. Sales ·59 M-System 42x10 Perfect condition. $3900 or 100 used trailers PIMA TRAILER SALES Roof Cooler Specials Too « YouneU-Shells W« do it *or you~custon. new IW^roodel Dave HICKS horaw. a. low a« $353 down . w "S^Tbuy. lor even down payment Jt monthlj , i U . BullTto Mobile Home Eumimcturera Aa»c. Standards Sank flnaneiM In OB« «f the na '^^ - |M bank* up to 7 yrs. . ^ N UOBIL* HOME X. OrxJ* rtmnt MA, 3-lV Den'f Looking For Quality? ROD REEL Deiert Trailer Sale« mm N. ORACUI Save Money Trallw Headquarter! See the New 50 t 55 Ft. 10' Wides -- Trent XitcheflJi -- Dtuonal Kitchens -- J bedrooms fc 3 bedrooms CLEARANCE SALE OF ALL SIZES--ALL USED TRAILERS TED mm 1 LOCATIONS 2632 S. 6th Ave. 2419 N. Oracle Rd. TUCSON* OLDEST * LARGEST DEALER Open Daily $-». Closed »un. t» 2 Bedroom 56 Ft. DUCTED COOLING SYSTEM, LARGEST BATHROOM YOU'Vl! tVER SEEN IN ANY TRAILER MORE CLOSETS THAN MOST T BDRM. HOMES. COM- YOUH TUCSON DEALER rOK GLASSPAR BOATS AND EVINRUDE MOTORS COMPLETE SERVICE DEPT. 718 S. Cth _______ MA. «-783i 16' Express Cruiser SAVE THE CASHWAY" 8' Galv. Roofing $2.03 Fiber Glass ins'l't'n $39M 6V_' Treated Pests 4Sc Interior Jambs Keyed Lock set CASHWAY LUMBER STORE $2.79 $4.27 Car'top'rarH*r._EA_._ftti330. mp. AX. l-HTt ' ~ ' Sgve' Choice of CHICKKRINQ. WEBKR. BUSH A LANE. KTMBAIX. STEIN. | Giv 4044 E Spdwj' ! Te'rmi as needed. WINTERS MUSIC, I BIG SHADE TREES rug«. "ail i candUiuciii. "drenilnB "tJible lamps j Hsnd d*corateS antique style t»bl» | lamp. Antique spatter ware plate,, peacock center. ver - '"a"- CY.; T-0730- j Highest Prices" Paid Furniture-Appliances MA. 4-6484 ,, "BLOOM'S EXCHANGE" M USED Refrigerator. "Money S5* cuarantee. EA. 7-S57J. 40*4 E. i, nnd atoraie. ural *(.». Fontana Trailer r«tV g fonuna. Phonf MA ?-H«l Trimform % Orig Cost. Horn* reducing unll. AX. $-»!«. KENMORE WHINGER WASHER And set of tubs. Good condition. t». 3» W. District. EA. T-4311 Tucson Marine Supply ·COTT-MCCOLLOCB DEALER WK service Boats-Motors Volvo Inboutt Mtrs. as* Grande Hiihway C¥. 7-83SJ DIAMOND SALE Bankrupt stock and pawnbrokers ock for ladles' and men's dla- nond rinffs far below wholesale rices. $100.00 rlnc sets only $40.00. 150.00 values lor only JloO.OO--Seli orth $40 for only $300.00. Many arge diamond* also. Pay only $5 own. ROGERS JEWELRY, 37 W. ongresa. LONE STAR BOATS JOHNSON MOTORS Sales Service HMD gTKEEl' BOAT DOCK «60,E. and St MA. a-i ew tarpa fcc7. t2.7I; other aixes. Wkdays. 8:30-8:30. Sun, 10-5 BOB'S n» N. COtJNTRY CLUB TYPEWRTTER, Underwood atandard portable, excellent condition, $30. AX. »-83». X HP EVINRUDE MOTORS $469 TIP DEWEYS DESERT ODTBOASB* 13« E. Wetmore Rd. Open 8 til g 4S00 1 AUJMJNTJM Moldings, sell or trade tor good u*ed track or trailer. MA. 2-9434. 10M Call« Anemic. SPORTING GOODS 31 Wishing Tackle Lures LARGE _. SPEAR-- PENN -- GARC1A- STOCK OF LARi SHAKESFEA-- IJtNGLEY AND ALL KAKES OF REELS. POLES $1.95 UP ITSHTNa LICENSES ISSUED Tucson Sporting Supply Tucson Serv. Sta. Supply 3650 S. 6th Ave. lIA. 4-8264 EA T-4211 DOUGHBOY POOLS LOWEST DISCOUNT IN TOWN Apt. size None reMe. $36.95 Enamel kitchen wall cabinet JS at" BOYS BIKE--XLNT $22.SO Electrolux vacuum--Xlnt $22.50 STOCKADE. 10H W. WgTMOKE 9- JOOD xaddle. breait collar, and bridle. Like new. CY. t-Vm. BUILDING MATERIALS 50 PAY CASH--SAVE Alum. Screen Drs.. .11.95 2/0 Mahogany Drs... 4.81 Wood screen drs. .. 5.95 1x12 Shelving 12c 1x8 Sheathing ....$75M. Doug. Fir Dim. 2x4-2x6-2x8-2x10 $105 M, i/_" iheathing plyw ll^ 3 A" plywood 17c 8' aluminum Rfg. ..2.47 8-16 box nails 100 Ib. 10.95 90 Ib. Slate roofing ..3.69 4x8 Sheetrock 1.25 SH GREEN STAMPS Speedway Lumber Co Country Club-Speedway EA. 7-3409 leteetorc. Sell or trad*. Evenings, E. JBth Street. ___ERA. Kodak, n«ver b»«i Faberft-are ooffecmalcer. Hotpoint reftjggratpr. BA._j-glj L lATMftOOM IlSCTUMS complete. Glazed steel sash. Miscellaneous. Simmons Divan. MA. 3-8415. ·WO coin operated nickelodeons pletely re-built. 401 S. Plumer SPEED GRXPjHC .i: Flash _p». Miniature en- arger. Trays. Tripod. Lixht. IA DO YOU want a fall-out shelter? Call MA. 3-01W and ask for Roger Johnson. Trte estimates. iAHBER chair. KokenT white. »150 nvolvinc barber pole, $135. S3C N Stone, Swimming Pool Tile (bt8. frost proof. Turquoise. $1' quare feet. Call AX. 8-8123. NEW STEEL CHANNELI-ANGLES-REBARi Lintels cut to size. WCW FIP1! BKLOW WHOLESALE Large stock of used pipe Ac steel Allied Surplus Pipe Steel Co. 301$ V. lat Av«. MA. «-«01 New Galv. black pipe UNDER WHOLESALE Maw It ucad Stan--all slzac LWTEL* CUT TO IIZX $* FIJHC* Poirta f Tents - Tan» * clothes Lin* Poles Heavy duty garbe«e osns. muttrMces Air-tit* it waterpiool steel boxes. Pappadeas Pipe Steel STEEL SASH 40% OFF Alum. Screen Drs. $11. COMP. W/DELUXI HDW Wood Screen Drs. $5.9. Mahog. V. Paneling 15c % Sheathing Plwd. % Sheathing Plwd. Car stake posts GLASS DOORS 6 ft Alum. Sliding 8 ft. Alum. Sliding WITH SCMIN it GLASS 81c $7; $9 GRANT RD. LUMBER E. Grant Rd. EA. $-431 SW Lumber Co. 5001 E. Speedway EA. 6-4348 CASH CARRY 3/ 8 " Sheath Sheath Shop %" Shop i/ 2 " Shop %" Shop %" Shop Sure We Trade-What Have You? DESERT TRAILERS HBE N. Oncl« A 3 5777 National Tr. Sales See 5687 E. 21st Street Va«uit, waut-in, will' accept ·lear trailer. If interested call ZA. «-JT7$. YKAILEKS WANTED zs* TRABC eoiritv ftrmitnre for 8i/ 2 c Sq.ft Sq.ft 8c Sq.ft lie Sq.f 15c Sq.ft 16c Sq.ft 19c Sq.ft y 4 " Mahog. 16s Sq.f 34" Mahogany 40c Sq.f 4" Knotty pine 50c Sq.f 20-Gal. Garbage Can with lid. $2.95 WE Givr NATIONAL_REQ STAMPS, 14" Shop Plywd 7c sq. fi %" Sh'p Plywd lie sq. f i/ 2 " Sh'p Plywd 14c sq. fi " Sh'p Plywd 17c sq. f y 4 " A.D. Intr. sq. f TRAI V_" A.D. Intr. 16c sq. f ggaS.rMA~8.gy: 3/» A.D. Intr. 21c sq. f .« my proper.. A my «-Sn3, Bieyclw, __ Terrific saVrctlor, it foot used ·cooterc priced from Cushman. AHs1»1«. Vespa. l*m- f educe Without Effort otoriied exercycle and Stauifer uch. with timer, lex attachment. IT. Both machines like new. ACRTFICEI CYTVOMI. Sffi ' KgUiaERAfORfi $40 l Giuaranued. Wheeler TV. 3*39 iroadway. . SB Maytaf Dutch oven fa range. tandard sl». Excellent condition, $90 cash. 3715 E. Speedway, be- .ween 11 AJJ. and_5 P.M. DEEPFREEZE. 14 cubic foot. u£a new. Reasonable. 475$ E. Mon- cito. . unit, range, dinette _KE NEW-3Sranamans Jl* saw. ,lso S" table saw. both on stands. EA. S-1842. , , , asher, foajn rubber llvine room. aectional. TV. chair, 8 DC bedroom aet. Healthrett box aprinj; i mat- tresn. lamps, step tables, coffee table, deak. pick up payment*. 302 " Ft- Lowell Rd. MA. 2-Z562. ItJ. Air-Conditioner. 10.000 B.T.u; like new. u«ed 4 montht. X" floor an with »tand. automatic. Make ffer on« or both. See at A Sllvosa. lADIO GEAJl -- Tranjmitttr», re- csiv«r«, part* tor baro» or CAP- Geigcr counterm, tcintillaton, metal IOOM Cooler with sUnd. Used. C1.95. Cooler pads 98c ft. 4m E. Speedway. EA..^7-S573. BANK REPOSSESSED # 172, 173 174 · Livinr Room Seta · Dinette Sets · Bedroom Sets We have 3 complete household ank repooesaed furniture that has o be moved out of our warohouae t once. No Reasonable Offer Rcfuied Turaltura can ba financed at our atore. BARGAIN CENTER FURNITURE 22nd at Swan tc SELL camping Ki ment, jewelry, rnuaical instruments luggage, tools, men'a clothes radios, appli«nee«. etc. Tucson Army Surplm. 4] I. Meyer, MA. ONT SELL aBythins; until you call MA. 3-8771. Best price. ·TEW * USED office desks, files chairs,' tables, safes, typewriters adders, calculators, checkwritcrs Kardexei. etc. Low prices, deliver}' Office Liquidators. 3482 N. Park. USED Huffy Elect Mower «29.95 or Sean Elect reel «39.6S. Upham »S5 E. Grant. EA. 6-0187. ~ frame. New cuahioni. $37.90. ]8£ E. th, _ _____ SPECIAL Turpentine. $1.S» gallon. Linseed oil $2.10 gallon. Your container tedwood stain, $.W sjaUori. Houa ulnt. $3.M gallon. Malt's Olympl . alnt and Hardwarn. E. Ft jewtlry, elolhlnaT. paintings furniture. TV. radio. Muesum pieceai. Abe. »-021«. RECORDS. Thoussml« of pops, das ·leal, Jan, collectors pieces, etc Low-low price. DMtrt Auction, 700 Benson Highway. 5PE5 1 manure. Weed free ·d. «1. MA. «-73$2 _ !, deluxe C5c houM or Play House, ·chick «lec trie razor. Rolls razor. V border fendrm (never usedK $33 N. Desert Boulevard, EA. 7-0303 COOLERS anl~Partsn'umpsT'.8 up. Miracle Pads 7Sc up. ooolc motor ',4hp $14.95 exchange. Largest ·toclc In Southwest. Arizona Main tenance. 1930 N. Oracle. MA. 4-554" 3FF1CE and Restaurant Equipment, Glasj show oasei B A B WHSE OUTLET CASH FOR OLD GOLD. Jewelry-diamonds--watches--TV's -- Radios THE GOLD SPOT. »!· «. Cray croft EA. 7-M«. Auto Refrigeration Now you can cei a iuil siz NOVI UNIT INSTALLED A GUAR ANTEED for $285 with Duo Squirre caife blowers for quiet operation We service * repair all models. Bob's Novi Auto Refrlgerstlon mO S. CherryMA^-2322 3RAN13 NEW refrUjeratlve afr con ditloner (Gibson) $1S9.95. Used re frigerative models $110 and up. Arizona Maintenance. 1820 N. Or _scle._Open Eyes. Sun. MA. 4-554 5WIM POOL fUtcre and chemicals Arizona Maintenance. 1820 N. Or acle. Open Eves Sun. AIR conditioners, 1 ton, used, phor for details. EA. «i5675. BEACON INSURANCE STOCK. $3.25 share. (Market valu (41. Scarms (Privat* party). AX i-5833. SOUTH LAWN cemetery lots. Se! or trade. Tlemsnn. MA. 4-2»93. OSffli WHJ, PUMP, turbine type Cheap! 1830 N._Qracle.^ Used Coolers $10 up 1820 N. Oracle BARGAINS!! Camping trailer. Coke machine (col operated). 513 N. «th Avenue.. 1000 Shares M.l.T.i.. r TruJy Nolen, «-4363 CLOSE OUT ON Lawn hand mowers $10.95 up. Tucson Serv. Stat. Suppl X50 S $TH A VTD. 1390 K. 22ND S' MA. 4-$M4 EA. 7-42_ CLOTHING FOR SALE 52 BARGAIN Cotta«e. Resale ouali' Clothmg. 4480 E. Cuarantee. Speedway. two manual rhorct buttons blonde ]uM like new BROADWAY ORGAN CENTEn 4MO E Broadwa;- BABY"GRA»D VOSE P1AN07"MA- HOG ANY BEAUTIFUL TONE. $750. FLVJTS LlKS NEW. $»0. EA. iROOM * BOARD APARTMENTS FUKN. 79 (APARTMENTS FURN. 79 $60 EL RANCHO AREA Nsar UnlvMilty All «1imi*» i Newly dernraUd, large sludlo paid rurntahed aiailm«nl, EA. apartment. Jim K. Adtmi. EA !l AND"T HKOnOOM "aparlm.nu. ; Nraf ahcpplnv canur, rhurcli. ; nchnol. nus llr.e. EA. »-M«.J. KA F.I, RANCHO A R E A APARTMfNTS FURN. 79 MO ineliidlrvc J4J6..IC. Tth.... MA. 4-JTIO*. Tucton Th u ntsxt jiam f i.?***. _TMS»»!!J LOVELY $65 i BEDROOM. Private patio J1JO R_A1am» NEW rtth Mason ts. Hamltn Grand, S ft. f Elxiny. Steinway studio u»r. ebony. KB month. Cell Metba. MA I board. Convenient location. O.ntl.. r n a i i . 2 J w«ck L _.EA. «·M1^ «»n-ia . . - - . HOOMS. or room and board. Family nt.vlt cooking. 170 month. MA. v »ty)c CorrnU avalV Walk to U of A jwn. N«w.y rtocoraltd, duplex, H4 C. 3rd. Foothills . SUMMER RATES j l Gon* on* to co Nir*ly f.trril*h#d 1 1 twinn furnlirmrt not« from; .Aboard. laundry, air lYwilwl prl-' vat* carport. Maid Mrvle* *v»ll. *' . . . --^i wiUr . Wi nHU ' ' r "" apartment R»s»n- CACTUS CLUBAPTSr A A A WE NEED YOUR 'umlture ^ Appitaneaa ptione A 4-S733. "TARGET' Knliht tludlo upr., blond maple. R3oM~~AND~~ft1AlUT"YOR WO I Cable studio upr.. mahog. All In e x - I C O N G EN I A L HOME HOME cellent cond. Guaranteed. Termn. COOKED MEALS. MA. 3-7473, NSW * OSED - SALES . RENTALS MTA 4-»MI JOHNSON'S 41» N 4TH /IAPLE BED, DRESSER omplet*. Like new. 2 t*tU Itm-pa, a-oooe. sasi E. ssth, _ _ HELP! $687 BUYS $1,499 WORTH OF FURNITURE Large r*trlger»t«r. refrigeration »*t, r llv automatic . . MULLER PIANO CO 1010 K. Brondwnj.' at r»rk Qa» ·TJA^rTSR-"?f5t1(H~PjXf}d 11 Johnson's MAj^HJI P I A N O S Room Without Board 75 POTT iARYr^r^furr^SiTquTet home Convenient location. EA Fidellt.v PhonOjpraph, Special price. HARMONY HOUSE. INC. 4348 E. Broadway. EA. 7-4S91, COMPLETTham station. ftalBcraft- er HT-32 transmitter. Collins 7S-S-1 receiver. 40' crank up tower. Mosely tri-band beam. Parts for KW final. 6-4831. . 11000 take* all. EA. Oaib UPRIGHT PlAiO. *6. MA Julius Stravenue. AX. P-12S7. PIANO TUNING 5$A PIANOS--Tunlns:. repairing. Sales. Rentajt. Oene Castor. MA. ·**» Tucson Musical Repair IT ' M4 E. Speedwav . _ TUNING At _ . MULLER PIANO CO enter AX. 6-131: AYTAG wringer waaher. Excellent conditton. $45 cash. 1235 E. Broad- Excellent Frigidaire -'.i cubic refrigerator, with cross op freeier. AX. «-2575 S3U Ell ~ 1010 E Bro»du.-«y MA 3-OJM TELEVISION bedroom. Prlvat* bath and p«tlo Hbcclujbv* neighborhood. Heftt\et adult. |65. EA. 7-JIW. " TV opt 1-2 Bdrm. and Studio apU A A A Pool. Reasonable rate* liiwil vacation «pol. SEE TO APPRECIATE FOOTHILLS Small apartment 175. llttlltl» Alv«rnon 6A Genuine Summer Rales . . DONLEE APARTMENTS NEAB GOANT. 1 BEDHOOM. WI3J,! UAJJTWCAPED, »M AND UP. J701 N AL.VERNON, LA POSADA DEL SOL 1743 E. Adelaide 3 bedroom, newly decorated, on WficV Jroi ~ · Shopping Apt. Sis SWANCO REALTY 1403 kv Avpnovto Sludlo . I 2 Mrm rate« ton to «lso " APARTM'TS. UNFURN. 80 . OntraJ ooolln*. V*Ra» Uan blind!. Xa Camtron VUt*, _MA. .tita _ __ "EXTRA LARGE ] btdroom S«lux» aDartin r«'rliratar. mrpeitd, port and pool prlvlnin. Oul*t lo- catlon. i3« E. Linden St. EA. TwO STBTRjCifB e l n l r a r E . coollni. Curport, Storm plae*. ·umrnef ton in «ISO riMiixi xirdrn Pool Smiffl«)K,«rrt. PuUIng! . . _ . . , . . . _ _ ._ -. _ . _. - -. O r a o . M « r. ». «. cor Dod«,; N E W L Y DECORATED $5f.so tt 0F 1-3-1 bdrm ants. duplexes 3435 E, 3flth St. __ MA. 3-iiy LARGE I bedroom duplex. stovaj and refrigerator, J70..EA, _7_sy.4._ and Illvtf K A . H-J9M !i »»troorn. C«nVr»l h»stl) HO MOW11. all utilities paid. 3211 i moling. Bus service. MA. r~~,, .S, 4th Avenue 13 BKUliOOMS. Clean nice. 323S Z. SOUTHERNAIRE APIS'.\^K^ejcTraofiaan: im 'new' 7 Camob«\T U 'piiiia iCltnIlltul ' r *· «l'«»"»y furnlshefl. 1 J V^drooms. Near Campbell-Grant. C e n u V H e . ^ M r i r-ellinVt"|Healed DM) lt«.(ri«r.tert cooling,i *M4 N. Norri;. jA.,7-^9.__...... ^ X'l 1 ';,"" 0 ?:,,,"'TM^! HOUSES, FURNISHED 81 suMSffeF^m.;Tn-_iRv«Sv«:.| LOW-SUMMER-RATES i-*"^.^-^.*;'* 1 ; "£ .temlty house. $25 pei' month MA. 3-R504. SINGLES, "doubles, private entrance. town. 441 S. Sth, MA. 2-9J73. REAS6NABLE~a"ttractive. "Central cooling. Privat* entrance. Bus line. 829 E. 8th. K)K A MAN.' targe foam. Heater, cooler. Hot and cold water, not plait-. Shower. Refrigerator. Telephone and parking. $30 * month. S23ii N. Highland. MA. 4-43X1. PLEASANT ftooW. *i block bu*. line. Privat* entrance. Gentlemnn preferred. Inquire at »41S E. M»be] ..Street. ATTRACTTVE"!Immaculate rooms. Private entrance. Quiet nelghbor- RENT NEW portable TV. For Me. · used 21" sets. Lowest rates. Original TV Rentals jiSale« u EA. 6-772B. | TV RENTALS--SaJes.'iervici. S K TV. EA. 0-0433. Alvernon Speedway Lleht. niry room. Private home. i.,,_"~iini. G^ltt«HB.ort^on «0. lA^S-an. ^W-i 1 **^^ 3 A- 3 ROOMS. tniATEP POOL UNKNS. DISirES. UTILITIES N1SKED. " " PONG. ]' * UP COUNTRY CLUB. .__ C L E ArftTdtchtinettf np« Hardwood floor* Central coollnK. Summer rates.. 15S1 E. 7th, I BKDRQM, roomy. U t i l i t i e s f u r - nl«hrd. Convenient bus. shopping. churches, Uw swimming pool, rinr recreational facUltlen. Adults. »W EA. »-S4«l. » n.rn. to 4 p.m ' -K, - ' ; Desert CUiVApts. DISCOUNT TV New. used, trade-ins, freight dam- Bed. 250 to choose from. All sites, 11 makes. Fully guaranteed. Trade- ns accepted. Save $*$. 333 W. Con- GUARANTEED uied TVs 148 u». Wheeler's 5fl3!i C Broadway OFFICE EQUIPMENT 56 OFFICE LIQUIDATORS »4« N. Park MA, TV SERVICE BOB Swank's TV Service. APACHE TV, Calls $3.50. Small lp dependent shop. 301 W. Speedwa MA. 3-0315. _ 'RISER'TV--Radio repalrln.. Free calls Low prices. Phone MA, i-8938. ~SMAO_L DEEP Undercounter , Apt. ranee $39. Cooler $12. Piano. Cabinet aink. Cement mixer $80. 33 E. Grant Rd. MA. 2-7066 WASHERS FOR RENT KTESTINGHOUSE AUTOMATIC, monthly. No deposit. MA L _4j-13BO. _ SMITH - COROSA ADDING MACHINE AND REGISTER COMBINATION. UKE NEW. $115. EA 6-7078. ITAKD LAMP ft matcninE dressing lamps--10 oval round reversible wool throw rugs -- Service for 12 Alvin Sllverplate. All bargains. CY. 7-0730. _' JOR. U CT. FT. CroK- top freezer, door shelve*, d« luxe desiiTi. Used 4 montha. Just pick up payments for balance due, $8,76 per month. 4«4 E. Speedway. 3INWG ROOM TABLE, liitht color solid mahogany, 80x40, extension leaf. One arm chair, * side chairs upholstered. Good condition. MA 2-1W3. ICK UP Payments on repossessed furniture and rrfrwwator. 3309 effi! - SOLE TV. b»by crib study table. All rood condition MA. 4-4935,10*2 E. Lowell Street. SA7W(TTOVwr~aa3_5i' AT MY FUTtNTTURE. 1201 N. AR CADIA BLVP.. EA. 7-3102 REtelTl, 1MO MODKL. He*, sold on food plan for $*0o. used « months. VfOi take $J08 at $j PJJ mo No down. 10 CHOICE STEAKS PTCIATDEP. 4««4 H. Coldspot Refrig. Perfect condition. 4«43 E. »th. - " " " rORMICA DINETTE Extra leaf, $». Slnule boolc ~ bed, $15. Baby crib. $10. Sofa ane chair. $10. 14" boy's crib. $14. Meta diair. $S. 801 Kenyon Dr. ' furniture: "Tel'ephon EA. 6-8702, 3X22 N. EdtOv . . 21* TV., dlnlrur room s«t. twin bed* 1339 Vf. Partme, MA. . *-_J093. so£i~."p{ni tABITANT sectional fct. GE 10 cu. ft. refrigerator, GE dryer. Deitrjc* Whirlpool washln, machine. Excellent condition. --t P 5^Jth._A3LJt777*: s'ew chaUw lour.fr* pads $4.49 up New chaise lounge ti pad tSI.K up Wkdaya. 8:30-8:30. Sun. 10-5 BOB'S . . . M_N. COUKTRY CLUB T condTtTon. Hotpoint re »M . friecrator. XZ1 E, 21st Street, MA 2-PnSCE wrought iron sectlona: Monterey bed complete. End table chairs. Gas heater. Havuand pieces Fiesta pieces. 6-piece dinner ware Lots of pans, coffee makers, pot terv, some linens. Sec at IS1B E Helen. Or call MA. 4-37*2. Jun« or _ 3 only. __ ________ F"ROM Children * room. 2 book case headboards. $9 each. With springs and other «nds. each com plate unit $15. Kneehole de«k $13 90. Four drawer chests. $12.50 - _ __ _ BOOKCASE with record "change built-in, chair, lamp. EA. 6-09B4 2-PIECE sectional, almost new. $50 6-plece dinette set. $25. MA. 4-51M 2220 E, Motintalnvicw. ·loutekeaping Roomt 76 56A Niiht-Weekends. 3-iS54. $3.90 call. MA, Hotili, Gu«t Houit* 77 CASH REGISTERS 57 ?EW USED--Also addinff machin NCR CO. Phone MA. 2-3358. WANTED TO BUY «-12 VOLT CHARGER On trade for car. MA. 3-5171 3UY, atll. trade guns ' other misc. items. ~ ' -· - · -... ·. 33-j E,.Speedway. EA. S-4128 DON'T JUST GIVE IT AWAY STUFF-N-TJONGS--1118 S. Oth pay! nore for fum. 'n things..MA. 3-877: Furniture--Appliances DON'T SELL a thing until you have cash bid from GRANTWAY FURNITURE, EA. S-3806. Open Sun OLD JEWELRY, silver, aticlc pins old cold, diamonds, coins, stamp* Martin Chanm, _MA. 4r-4CTl. Refrigerators, Ranges, ETC. Mor. $H for you. 'TABOET- MA 4-5133 Call ALWAYS CALL EA. 6-3612 W« Pay Top Prices lor the Tine* or Medium Grade Furniture. AD plUnces it Misc., or will sell fo, you on commission. Tucson's Big Reliable General Auction, Inc. Auctions every Friday from $:*C a.m. Continuous 'til all sold. «W8_E. Spee-dway -Blvd.JCA. «-.KH W A NTE"B : Furniture. ap"pI3ance cooler. TV. MlsceUaneous, EA 7-7953. DOGS, CATS, PETS 59 BEAGLE Registered female. 1 year AX. «-04»7. __ BEAGLE AKC Teilstertd, 1 male, I months 1 female. 3 years. Moving. ne sell_._«06 E. Laruna. CMHUAHUA~ stud service. 3 pounds--fawn. AX. »-»73. BOXER. AKC. Love« children. ye-r» old: $»' MA. 3-$M2. afi«r_g L O V A B L E S-year-old registcre male Basset. Reasonable. EA NEEDS NEW HOME Hi year mal* dog. Mixed breed Kept for child too young to be in tcrestcd. AX. 8-3023. :gFRJNGER~§p-HCi istered. Mal* and EA. 6-3HB1. Lovely reglst'd toy poodles. Colors Must be aeen. Terms. MA.JZ-W1" BEAGLES A.K.C. registered. Reasonable. CY 7-0081. evenings, weekends. SIAMESE kittens. Vscclrmted. Sea. point. Silver-Blues. MA. 3-S9S7. _ TREAT YOUR DOG Arizona Star complete dot cube or meal finest quality K lb«. $2.W --SO Ibs. $4.SO. Tree delivery 100 Ibs Arizona riour Mills. MA. 2-4855. ·PUNY 1 CHfflUAttUA Puppies. Champ Ion bloodline*. Reasonable. JOB N. Alvernon, EA. H-4730. AUTOMATIC washer. Kenmore luxe, still haa * months to go on origirial guarantee. Jutft pay b«l ance- at $7.R6 per mo. OR cash 4fi64 E Speedway. NfeV, BvBlV wi-EK Open Oailv 1:30-9 Sat. 8:00 to e 3B3« N COUNTRY CLITB .._ ; |SI^ excellent, must sellT Pay $10 mo. OR cash $SS. 4«84 E. Speedway. Pelclnuete. Chihuahua . . Cocker, Cseiuihun-ii. Beagles. Ger man Shi^nrris Scottled. Wire Ter riers. Mexican Hairless and mixe breed pucpie» at JACKDM PET SHOP S7?/ N. Campbell Ave. EA. 6-7434 - __ ____ iMonkeys. Trop: "GoT Fish Mynah Birds. Myers Pet * CLOSE-OUT SALE! FREEZERS NEW NORCES--IN CRATE: 12 CU. FT. UPRIGHT. $199. IB CU. FT. CHESTS. $238. 20 CU. FT. CHESTS. "** TV SETS NATIONALLY KNOWN BRANDS AT COST REFRIGERATORS NEW GE -- HOTPOINT ·PHILCOS ADMIRAL NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED WASHERS DRYERS BANK TERMS. 383J E. SPEEDWAY SJ^M. _TO_S PJM, WRINGER washer $29. Swine srt w'slide $15. Trailer couch $18. Large rollaway $19. Twin, bed $29. _ ^ - - . . _ . . _ DOGS boarded, jacklea Boardfii K»nnels.aA. «-74j4. CHIHUAlTOAS. Wee puppies. Tff matrons. Champion stud service 115_E.. Drachman, EA. 5-1246, _ AKC registered blonde Cocke 3upple«. 1 month old. $2S. 110 E Blacklldge. ^___ AKC REGlSTEREfi. Chihuahua pur ptes. Champion bloodline. Ax.8-795 ff733 Calle Herculo. _____ T6YTOO"i5LE"SrwhIte or black. 3" : _months. EA. g-3293. MINIATURE Poodles. 3 months old. Excellent pedigree. AKC registered. Shots. AX. 8-3407. DlISH SETTER PUP'S - $80 3 beautiful females left. Chama "f 5ion bloodllnei AKC Registered Jvalc . C. Spencer Cochlse PU 4-2048 _ . . hlncon Lodge" Hotel MO mo. Pool 1500 N. lit, MA. 3-1394 ^ poit. Pus. Nicely furnbshed. NIc* ocatlon. Gentleman only. Call EA. 5-«6i«, __, ~~fiOOM ruest house wift bath. Completely private. 1444 E. Drnch- man, KA. 8-3(W!. _ _ _ kIMACULATET~l"deaTfof atude'nTor employed gentleman. $30. 845 N. 5th Ave. ' eniranw. 2050 N. Vine, _EA. $50 MO. ARGE: twin beds. Private entrance Linens. Cooler. B»41 E. Mtti, AX. «-»3»Q. SB05 E. lh St. KA. 9-3542 Low *ummcr rates on 1 A* 3 bdrm. Apt» Carpeted. Comp. furn. Indlv. Coolers. Carport. Laundry. Swim- mtnjj. Putt free. Henu. view. On ACCEPT~HORSES" Swlmmlnff pool. Oro Valley, \ and bedroom._.MAJI-,27}«. _______ ____ !*kTRA large, one-bedroom" furnished apartment. Redecorated. Nice, quiet nelshbOThood. 4131 E. Falrmounl. AX. H-3244. -- J4«~E. SPEEDWAY. 'One bedroom, $«S. 34«!i-A E. Speedway, efficiency $JO. »4fl N. Dodse, one bedroom, near El Rancho. $85. Will- ties furnlshexJ Ja.all- EA....»;!lp(M.__ , ROOMS. $76 mbn'th. Summer months. Air conditioned, 3110 E. Hawthorne. _ _____ _________ ""BEDROOM "duplex, furnish*^ of unfurnished. «018 E. Beverly gt, ISA. 8-5I1W. _ _ __ CL RANCIJO area. 2 bedroom with utilities. $83 month. Aluo 1, $70 , couples. Day. week, or month. Centra^ cooling-. «I9 S. »th. i j . . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . TEAR towix. Nicely furnlahed ap*ri- ment. Ideal for two. MA. J-4H81. GLENWOOD HOTEL Modern rcfrifersted rooms with bullt-ln». 3 blk«. to as $60 -7283. , . . iss. Rent d»y, week or «» low a month. 343 S. Scott. MA. REST HOMES 77* home for elderly lady. Nice, clean, private room. Very reasonable. 1187 E, Linden. MA. 4-K29, _____ _ .. ECDERLY LADlES or couples. Core Best meals. Beautiful homes. Lawn Trees. Reasonable^ EA. 8-1411. _ ' BOO E. Oth.. RESORTS 78 $15 WEEKLY UP Kitchenettes, one and two bed rooms; also slecplnjf rooms. Com pletelv furnished. T.V. alr-condi' loned. «wlmmin». INTER-MOUN TAIN MOTEL, 1431 Benson Hlirh way. ._ APARTMENTS FURN 79 4720 N. CAMPBELL 1 Bedroom and den. nlocly lur nlshed. Individual unit. Fireplace cooler, heated pool. Quiet, dint ire area. PALO VERDE APARTMENTS » J BEDROOMS · t Am CONDITIONED · l COMPLETELY FURNISHED · · SWIMMING POOL · 3182 N. Country Cluh near Grant SUMMER RATES 6TH COUNTRY CLUB APARTMENTS · COMPLETELY FURNISHED · · AIR CONDITIONED · SW1MMG POOL. TELEPHONE. * COFFEE SHOP - DINING RM · E. 6th at Country Club EA. 7-3461 ,.. iEtli or ·1ft. »flT up. Utllliles _pald,_BOO W._Cpn((r*s». L U X U R Y L I V I N G Completely F U R N I S H E D APTS. Low Summer Rates DAY-WEEK-MONTH i Modem Vurntahlngn * * Switchboard Servlc* · f RnlrlgerittPd Cnnllng · » Maid Service · Laundry FacllltlM · I Carports--Shufflrbo«rd · i Outdoor B»r-n-Q · Convenient Location · Near Shopping--Golf Course · MONTCLAIR APTS. It N. ALVERNON EA, 7-M7B CAMPBELL AND 6TH Large, pine panelled. 1 bedroor apartment. Two bus lines. 423 N ""COUNTRY CLUB Cooler, phone, utilities. Kitchen irlvllegec. 703 N. Euclid. , "TioTTuF- nished. New school, bus), and ·hop- ping c«ni«r. Cooler. MA. 4-OCJO, EA. i-lltO. _ _ ·fFffBIO witH dinette. KlttSen. Swlmmlnjt privilege. $s*n E, jrd, EA. 4-711(5: V-lTtSPLACK.--1 bedroom. Private p»Uo. Attractive--tjulej. Laundry I.VV . . i . -- , _ _ 3 ROOMS. Clean. Central cooling. " Oosg Call «* g. «th_Av».. BEST city loc-tlon. $40-$SO. Adults. Jfojpetj. *23S E. Belleyue., _ sso; FRElt ulill-es. 2~rooms, bath. Nesr Plma-Columbua, Adults, EA. B-400*. near Alvernon Others available. _ _ -- $M; 1 bdrm. -- $75. and Speedway. Road _MA. 3-B(IJ9. _ SEE THIS!" " Charming bachelor cuert house. room and bsth. Utilities. Trlrld aire. Cooler. Lovely yard, trees $042 E._Hayn«, EA. 7-B384. SWIMMING POOL Efficiency, located In beautlfu Tucson Mountains, overlooking; Tui son. $*) monthly, includln* utllltle: MA.S-S1M. __ _ TW5 ROOMS'" snd bath. $05 p« month. CUtUltles Included) MA 3-B94*. »0« \y._p»jlo. "AIR-CONDiTIONED" Studio ·Lpartrnmit. Perm*n*nt pdult PEYTON SCMROEDER, STEVENS REALTY «c TOUST CO.. INC. 1821 E. BroadjwaVj^EA.^ fi-3331^ "Frontier Village Apts. Shop bus laundry. Pool, Shuffle- hoard/Wklv-Monthly, 3838 E. Pirns, Las Lomas Tucson Mts. Duit Free--Seclusion--Pool MA. 4-1W15 4500 W. Speedway Summer Rates Just Completed · 1 St 2 bdrm.--exclusively fum. · Air conditioned--Heated Pool. · Centrally loca.--blk. bus, irtop Broadway Village Apts. 180 So.. Kflstbourne EA.«-n«M 4 Blocks North of U .. BEDROOMS DELUXE. Electric kitchen, fireplace, carpetln*. panel- ling nice. $180. Also 1 Tedroom unit. Done in Danish Modem. $11" _ ^ . _ MO5ERN apt. Mt. Lemrnon. Clone In $45jwk i _MA._4.-J44J_.EA..5-M]3. $50 NICE. Clean, Hardwood floors. Near .hopping, bus, Unlvereiw. Suitable for one or two adulu. trffi r. Drachman, EA^_*^*2BM. ORACLE NORTH APTS. 5945 N. Oracle Rd. DUST FREE FOOTHILL! · Refrigerated air cond. · Large poo) · Private patio · Spacious grounds · Electric kitchen · Completely furnished · Special rummer rules from $145. includes linen, silver fc utilities. Children over ten welcome 5945 N. Oracle Rd. .yjL-u 1 ""415"E." DRACHMAN STJMWCCH BATES 2927 E. 17TH ST. 1 and 2 bedroom furnished ·nd unfurnlihed apartments. $80 per month and up Carport and Individual storage. Call MA. 3-MOI or EA. ·-3IU7. _ AR1ZONA_TRUST CO. VICTORIA APTS. Mil I. »lh St,_$l2*_mo. EA. 1-4,194 1 2 Bedroom Apts. and $75. 114 W. Irvtnfto __ g to Tucson? lisa our fully furnished spts for your temporary hnnie. ] .(i block shopping, low summer rates, 1 or 2 Bdrm*. 5 a c r e s landscaped grounds. Relax vacation In our kin. -size pool while hmme, hunting in Tuc»on'« bt»t residential lootlon. CATALINA V I L L A G E APTS., 5.124 E. l«t St, EA. , room. 313 N. )rx. »fl-.,V. -MW, _.,, . . . . . _ _ npjirtment. clowi to ·Uindnlph ifolf rour»fl. Sultmblr for nnnvi FLOOR. ha the. Maid's qiurl*n, Refrtar»r»- tlnn fSwlmjrtlnj pool. Vi»tw of Cslaliruw. Nf'nr wiopptn^ Short or lonjf l«;rm nwrnlnfai S-jO^ ld«. $3S. All " tnrluded. trftnwportatlon, , __ _ _ " duplex. """uKTifleV Tur- rUshed. $«. 1« W. Michigan, MA. -.2S3J. ___ ,, _ _ . . . CEAN S rooma, tVh »i%rt ahowW. Tlcelv fvimlshed. SOU N. flnxter Jouleyard. _ V 1 S T A ""Apartments Klllty apartment. Neir Cmnnbell- " FurnUhcd urtiilt »unrim*nU BH., 2 bfith or 1 BR. »joo to HV monihly. ftxrtillnnt location. EA. rt-ia-ta "Why Pay Rent?" win t r n l you HOMB tnr MODERN rant. KA, N.._Nprtli.. can you .o*c? choice vrt As Low As $25 per mo A* apply M» th» r tow»rrt the pur^hiu* pr lc«. How lnvr«11(mU Indny. .Itl.t,.* «· A A -Wit * l , n n / m . / v , l rl.,v,n.*M.T l l n , A W l t r U L r »t-f.wl«/, r v ^ l r l l n K S »-n. ^ . ^ i i i . i t i . . ^ _ ^ l ^ ° pel*. A O U t U . 1 w « y . EA V8330 _ 5"JiCl5B("»O'StS. Near tnoppinf. bua, tttilvenlty. 1.VK E. Spe«dway. IMS5 S. MorrU, MA. 3-Olg. ' ~~ _ COO'C" clfip. comTortabU. rfxim. 13n w. King Road. - " 2.B3WI, DESERT TRAILERS 2125 pr«cle_Rd _ MA,_3-pl«3 2 n6V)M deaelraWe apartrnentTM\ValU _tn town. Reasonal?)*. *3 N. Euclid. " 2 Large Rms. $50 UtlllUea paid, 20n w _ Ventura TltllEE " room»."Nlreiy Vuml«lied: Lnts of clonet apure! Clo*« »lmp- plng, Du*lln«. MA. 2-2027._ 1,10 t. ~7fH DUPLEX. Three"Tsjrife i-oornji, Well funilphed. Good ator- .a|«_apae«. SUMMER RATES , $100 PER MONTH Day, Week, Mo. ** Golf ra-lvllen*-* ** v* Hentcd Pool · ** Prlv»tB hnlronic* H* RcfrlecTfitrd conlins ^ ^ Luxury 1 AT 2 hdrnn u p t r ** ** Q\ilrt, cool, duit frcr. t* iklnf W l n t r r renvrvntion* now. CY. 7-0411 $ miles beyond Cssas ^"be....Shopping. ..___ bedrooms, ^001 N. Falrvlfiw 3 "R"60MS'f"utliitl"es "fu'rnT«hedr"Ca"P port. Patio shade and Inwn 1425 N. Dodge. _ SAN CLEMENT* APTS. 430 BRYANT AVE. CLOSE TO c.oLf COURSE, LNS . DISHES. TV, UTIL ITIZS STDO iffi \ UP $11, 1 -$(5, CY. 7-04.12, E A . f l - l S 2 0 . croni from west SUMMER RATES FURNISHED * UNFURNISHED 1. 2 * 3 BEDROOM SUITES · Central RefrlBrrntlon Cooling · Spacious Swimming Pool · Prlv, n«lconl«R A patios · All Utilities Xncluded 1737 K Sill Kt, Th E/\. S-44J Nice cienn 2 bedroom. Near Frontier Vlllafin Shopping Center. Carport and utoracw ronm, 1115. CAPRI COURT, 1R.13 LouU Lape,_ EA. «-0172. I llEfjn66Si apnrtment. pool, raf rort, etc. Brondwav Gardens Apt AX. n.B28J. . . . 7th. Block from bu». Also furnish** «p«,rtment, $45. Inaulre Xot t. 7th, MA, 4-1215. __ "TTS"fN""irir r^finwi area nav " ith and Columbus, nd It hM 3 nR's., a den. an exceptionally lurira kitchen pantry, a nurvkm living room, and fin* funvlshlrut*. Only j!K p«r mo. with all utilities p*M. nu-thn- Information call K6 C. GRANT REALTY A rNS. CO. Mr. Evans. MA. 2.7471. _ furnished "« rootr* K3n| «ii- bed. Patio. Adults. $1110 monSv Must frc tn appreciate. Mai £ Burns EA, 7.M74 or EA. jj-HMS. »Si"PER MONTH. 4-hedroom hous*. Unrse enclosed patio. Barbvcu* pit. »nd uriiule trw. 3050 N Campbell. FBEDROOM. Near Amphl. Shady jrard, AX. . __EA. T ± _ apmrtrnent^ " Convent l*nt location. 233 E. Helen. MA, a-KjM. __ _____ ...... __ _ __ TTfROC room houfle, compfet*!;^ fumtfthed. Lart*e lot. South. R*«u- ·onahlc MA 4-3777. _ ilrw apnrtmrntit. S u i t a b l e for MnsU or cnilple. ne- Irlaerated ranling. Tull til* b*th, PrlvM* patlo» KA. 1-B5I8. i 1 O^lP fKl V'l-tWOX-. 11N 3 bdrmt., rarport. centrnl i-bedroom enmpletclv fumlahed. s w IMMIN c~pboE l-ovely house. Completely furnished. Redecorated On *\ acre. Adulta, MIS month. 40 W. Wetmore, aHowa 11-2. KA^ « : 0300 : CABIN'S-^Room*. $IS mo. up Acre- aste for «nle. MO N^ Tucson Blydj 1 ' BEDROOM. Carport." "Storsg*. Paved, Adults. No lease. $RS. «50 N. Catallna. ^_____ NTAR AMPHI. ""SmilT 2 bedrooni houie. Ijftrge yard, shade. Wst*r. $55 month MA 3JW33. fc cooHn«.U«ndry. beauuful l a n d - i j B*TR6'bM:""tar'S"lIv_i« room. N Fof.eu^'lM? rA P *B7SS' N l r e h " ck y " rd ' Grm "' gh * d *' Bu * i\ i*nit{eii!i. i'n. f.^. B-7/3II. tfio 30W1 N Oracle MA 2-171A HeDROOM. LTVING~KOOM7~inT- »v,i» u~-j;i^=ri.i'.~-x^±iTa-T"rsr navls-Monlliiui. $»5 mnnlh. 21112 S _A.lvernon, EA. 8-M14. " BUNGALOW APT. Hi blocks to New Compftell Pla£a. 3 rooms. Shade, U w n , Carport. Porch. $80, u t i l i t i e s paid. 1503 E. Adelaide. RKFfclGERATED Studio Apartment. $70; utilities paid. 3M5 8. 7 t h . AX. «-IMW2. CWLDREN WELCOME _ , tlltlf*. p*i«1._ »I4 5-..5Mh St. ONtJ *nd t"wo Iwdroom*. hT»«rly nrw /urnltur»» 1n «pnrtm«nt«, On N. B«vtr1v Blvd. n*«r K. Pirn*, ^KTI' 1 '- CH'EN'"ANTI"MATH. pliTV A T E P A T I O . coMTLTrrcLY rtrnN- IK1IKD. UTILITIES PAID. MA. .1-7473. MET5TCAX' sou« 1 fp""aEiHH 1 ~-"l"~ir' "2 bedroom Ilefrl«erntlnn. Private patio, .Carport MI7 E. I*e, . . _ . | N F A S L Y Near El Rancho Bus! furn^he; I I r t n ^ » ' I bwlroom apartment. Private yard. Outdoor grill. EA. 7-041H, NICK 3-nCKiM DUPLEX. Near Veil Honpltnl. Couple. 125 E, Dlntrlrt, ONE bedroom hous« furnish*o r ~Carport. Ne*r U. of A. 145 N. Vine, j'hone oivner. MA. 4-DO46 «r ·· at 1J27 E »yj. _ 2 "HEbn'fJOM." W652 "floors! ATS nvKleern apartment. Couple. 13 Mo H'l'l or partly ** *~ POOL--$85 On* bedroom. Danish moderry furniture Near Grant A Alvernnn. Pool, Big Lawn, Trees Apts.. $70 up, R1NCON LODGE. 15QQ N, 1st. MA. 2-1 Jin-.r. A n-ma DESERT WINDS'APTS Swimming pool, near Sperdway A Country Club Luxury Apts. Nrw additions. We invite you to mike comparison belote vou decide t A 2 bedroom ava!]*ble. 1124 K Ti mount BmCTENCY". Sfrufle' " nd'ult. Nn pets. UUJIUee. paid. $!0. H1X K. and, EA.^.I-'"^!' ,., m ~ ]~~$El5?fOM PUPtXX. Northenst. Utilities and wnnhlnii mnrhlne f u r - 1 MEDROOM. funilKhed. Furnlslied or un- U t l l i t l e i . , T R A l E R S FOR RENT 79A AlSrc«T "NT5W^*l n "i I i]lly~HwaTfK trailer. Utilities .nd wuhrr fur. it" tV) r., EA. $4S. MW S. Ll^ertj;. TTiA~IEEH wlDi rofiler" /or wit" jx;r month. JR1B K. Prewlrtlr) Dr 0-II4.V) YlKKT city" locution rrom $40 Children under I. No pets. 4223 E, Ilellevue. FOR:" MWr on' SALE,"«·' ffaiie hounei. Vscstlnn tmllers. MA. 3-IK110. complete f.iclll- m p t e l. Larg , lot- Clnrtrlrh Trailer Park, Nn- «nle« Hlehwuy, 4 I B E. Corona Ronrt. rimne MA. 2-4572. t r « l l e r " $ 2 0 monthlv. EA. 7-3142' I'oom house, wllh patio. Bus, shopping n««rby, (f31 t, BelUvue. u»«. near S. Am- 2 BlSbROOM ho _ brosfl Church Avullable through Jieptemher 30th, $M month. EA_ 7-S3W. fTJEtiTKyOTS. Central c o o 11 n p newly decorated. M6U E. $tn. Adults or pre-scnool Me pre«Tr*d. MA. 2-0377 or Inquir* at »lj t lith gt COUNTRY HOME Beautiful new ranch horn* wl«Ji 3 hathrooms. Separst* activity roe»n, iwlmmlnx pool. Gorgeou* Tiav. Kast Droadwsy. fi months l««*e. Bargain AX. H-30M ' $60 MONTH 3 bedmom. Innulr* at 4710 t. «k Ave, After 4_p.m M O ft t R N 2"-"bedroom duplwt. Beamed ceilings. Nicely furnlsned. Ne«r hus and shopping. EA. «-T«3», )ni,:nii,win irsuer tai moniniv. *"*^['^yC* r TM n ; -« 3 All u l l l l i l e s av»ll«ble. Full b.th.! 3-BEDROpM, clean rwwly d*«o- nlihed. $10. CV. 7-04,17 EA. 8-0425. «venln»i BETWKEN STONK AND ORACLE .ttractlve u p H i t m e n t or 2, Also nice 2 bedroom Neat. lor i _. .. . . . . houje. furnished $1H.RO weekly. Lufia Court 241..W, G r u n t Roadrunner Apts. _ tr»IIe7.""K«fi' 1 i Trnller Parit, 3120 N. Stnne. !I2'X10 T Wide. 'NVw 3 lied room. *A win"- Inij, .Swlmmtnff poo!. r»ert Haven, fflra N. Romero Rd,. Space 34. ___ HEASOWAnLY priced one 'bedroom modern trailer. Awning. Nlee court. Neiir El Rsncho Khop- pine center. 3716 E. rd St.. EA. ti-IOT2 .SOLAN A" Y SOMJlJlA" tot ~si6. "June 11 10 rx-tob'-r 11, A d u l t c No pets l l r a u t l f u l park pool. Pntlo. 4^2R K Cr.mHo.rt EA, «-W23 ' Diterl. Central cooling. Norti**e,at. Nn pet». $7S, water furnished. AX. 2 BEDROOMS, den. ctntrsliwolfivg^ p«tln w«ll, close-in, $100 MA^. _ _____ ___________ " 3 B^R. - Eastside Schools, iihopnlnr. EA. S-»»08. . t- Comfortable Pretty Horn* for cnirple only. By owns*. Central hentlriE snd cooling. Carpeted throughout. » closets. Carport with outdoor storage, B«autt» . __ 2 Bdrms - (Northeast) U n ' ' h ' ° * So Lovely 2-bedrm.. romn. f u r n ] RefrIK coollnl! A d u l t » . Swim I privileges. IVjw summer rntee. 37.17'^,. E. 4th St. EA. 11-8834. CBNTflAL" cooling room*. Kleepi* Z. n i r n t In t r a l l r r rourt. DOOl 43fl E_ P r l n r ? Jlf)»d IN JToTlil^r -- NF.A'fi "nc'lWNTOWS j A r t u l t s . No peli. U t i l i t i e s f u m l l h e d I AX. I1-M77. _ ~ ""*'" '- -'·" - IlENt. Utli'ltiei "in weekly - up 7 den. iireplJice, clo«e4 private home. «th Street n»ar ry Club. EA, S-043S. Coma and , ollnsj. « l h Av». . MA. 4-7: 2202! W . I I UNFURN. |l Cnrnort. I-H 2124 K Kprl_ ^'^Sr?^^ Si ffl^WM. «n A ^ w or single person. Nn pets. 2431 N . ! .Mjwourl.. KA Stov nnrl i 2 blocks from $"30, 'C5. $4J an3Tls m/jnthTy. I. i. or 3 room cotUaei Cooler. refri«- eralr.ni. ut'.litlM palrt. Ijmnnrv (»- cllltle*. Trnller spacen a v a l l u h l r _Grand _ Court, iSM S^jilh Avenue 2318 N. Tucso^n'Blvd. Beautifull nished W lly all and completely fur- to w.ll wool carpet- MOU"Kfir 2 hedrooni. "Al"r~*).»rtrir RrtitrlrU'il urea, MA. 4-DSfll Mt. Lemmon Cottage Mivlrrn conu«ni«nc«», MA- 4-U14 Mrr_4_30 or^g^unlav^antl Sundyi "SUMMER HOMES ,· Vtry ipccUl tummer rates. l · 3 or 4 bdrmj.. and 2 or 3 bathe. · Pool privllejei Owned by flet. VIST. A SIEHRA CHOIUAHUAS. Toy poodles, foy Dobermans, Pups, Stud service. 3283J N. Card!. tj. 3156_ NORGE T ._ Grant _Rd__ . "SuSS Birds, Trop. Fish, etc. - -- -- " NORGE UPRIGHT FREEZER^ 11 CUBIC FT. GOOD CONDITION. EA. g-7078.__ SxTVerde .Resale clothing lor «n-j KENMORE automatic washer. rri«- lrefaimlly J _3*4^E.J^-fn|^A._S : 55»l ia au -e refrigerator. Good eondi- Resale. Men's-Women's Chil- dren'8 sprlnir^jpthlng^_2gC^E;^r jnt tion. EA. ·______-_-». " BETTtR CfSED FURNITtIRE 90S SPEEDWAY NEXt-TO-NEW~Sn.prr838 N. TJe mont. Open 12:30 to 4:30. MA. 3-1157. dren's. A«erations""snd~dreisrnait-| Z£T which "will" allow no down ing. 3378 E. Grant. EA. 7-6101. I payment. Pay baL on low montWy B Jjapnents. 468*. E. RET^GERATOR. sliRhtly damaged. igeo 2-DOOR. self defrost, never FASHIONS Ladles'^Sm-i used. Cost reduced S17S for dam- RENT-ALLS REST Typewriter 3 months. Apply . rental on purchase. MA. t-7MS. Machinery For Scale 54* LARGE GOLDFISH Call Monday--Friday. EA. LIVESTOCK 60 _ 2 years old. Broken but splrtte, Will traie for milk cow or sell reasonable. 3 Call MA. 2-8985 after 2nd. room apartment. 1 block from! yr."." mo'.. d_. * Park. Reasonable. 2345 E.; MO__.E._Broadwav NICE large duplex Apts 2 bdrm. SSO. 1 bdrm. $65. No pets. 4145 E. t New 1-2 bedrooms. $80 up, Wavne MA- 4-65B. 4S44 l~BEtiRdbM. Quiet. Adults N. Romero Rd.. after 4 p.m. ily !-IighInmL_A ye_. , , . .... _ ~ b u a and shopping. $55. 2325 N. E l u l n c Blvd. Cor. 3812 E. G r a n t IW. EA. (1-5547. cjiisft'iEw 'APARTMENTS One bedroom. Clean. Convenient. Carport. 141 »_N ._jCamlllii_Blvd. Enjoy Living at American Homes All essentials Included In our rUH- NISHED APARTMENTS. Convenient to swimming pool, park, ichr.olt shopping centers, city bus. j BR. . . $1U4.»0 3 BR. 1IS.50 3 BR, with PltlO 124,50 OPEN DAILY UNTIL 8 P M. SAT TILL 1 P.M. CLOSED SUNDAYS AMERICAN HOMES ASSN. 4530 E. Broadway EA ,_«-24M PE""ACbCX~iNN~APts 6 guest ranch setting bdrm. and studio. $M up. Dally weekly rate*. Ft. law- eft at_Swan. EA. 8-W4I. _ _ VISTA SIERRA LODGE APARTMENTS · On 10 beautiful landscaped acres. Mountain vicwr, · Usual low summer rentals. Tor . .. adults. Good cooling, l«- 7 ?5t a f t e r _ 4 _ P-.TTL. . . . . . . _ · 2 BR (5 rmal. 1 BR (4 rmsl ONE BEDROOM. Neiir but. $«0 bachelor apu. ; 2106 E. Eflstl»nd. · Also next door fine 3 BR. 5! bath, houses. Deluxe furn. i ,,^,,~. ~~ :j5(» E Bellrvue AX. B-BWMI for ap- Picture dUpiay plus full (nforma- · Large filtered pool. Bus service. bw j room .partmcnt. Pnverl nij-eet.; polntment. | t| On on all rentals No eo»t to . r? 1 TM^ «!?/·,onlnr tent«l« tav' Camphell Plaza »re» 2fi2! N ONE'"-"BEDROOM. Larec ;-oom«. tenant TOMPK1NS REAUTY 4tei · Carport. Shopping, nenuus oy chfTry ___ : S h » r t e nncl shrubs Yearly r a i e . ' E Speedway PH EA ?-421«. tl 1 ! 417 W F F K I Y : E a« t «l' J *. 71n N - Swan. EA 7-2«23. IMMACULATE 1-6EDROOM duplex. V^TrrY*Tr?TVT/ ;; r~-orv/-\T * * Y V L - L - I V I ^ J 2 RE r)riOC)M.S, Coolers. Modern For couple. Exceptionally nice. S WHVUVllINlj .rUUL. \a r monthly rates. Television, linen.i Fenred. t.',5. 1201i N. 1st Avr. EA Large rooms. Garage. Must sea t« 'rtlshei, utilities. Ljiundrv f»cllltle«. 7-1275 appreciate. Inquire 701 E. _rirst St^ Oe«7i 3_roomi. 2WI2 N^ B»ltv»" 2-BEDROOM" elean.""nicely deco-; -p~" o " D I ·""^ Enclosed backyard. Water; | W Q ^ DdriTlS. R D A K P\ K l t \ A / '· S^e FURNISHED APT. AD. D r \ / M N U I N L I V V 14801 E Bro.dw.y EA. 7-»Mt . . . . _ ! l BDRM. $65 - 2 BDRM $*0 It til 1 bedrnom duplex. B u i l t - i n m n g r ' N E LOCATION PK MA. 4-7347 «nrt oven Carport ,nrt storage, r.AST-2 bdrm, TV. quiet, adults, Paved street. 2MD N. W a l n u t . KA. nl , p) . u Immaculate, lawn $UHJ»i "- terrace. $75._Adulta. $65^ 1-831B 2 BEDROOM, duplex apartment. Refrigerator _nd «t.ove furnished. ClOKe to ahoppinK and transpnrut- t l n n 2008 T.. nth. NEW LIVOLSI APTS. » _ m o . Ph. EA. .V " ' " " ' ' " 1 Bedroom. B-1W8 _ . . - . NORTHEAST Shady. Quiet. EA. N. TREAT, Furn rml. EA. 7-IWiS un,um NEWLY DECORATED Deluxe, 2 Bdrrns. ______________ ________ 2-bedroom house, newly fur; n^Jied. Central cooling. Carport ; with ctorage room. Adults. 61S3 E 21st St. ___ __ _ _ ___ ' ( 4 BEDROOMS and family room on |_l__acre. Community pool. CY. 7-047S. $20 WEEKLY UP Full kitchen units. Everything furni*hed. TV. Large Pool. Shuffle- LARGE I bedroom, newly deco- board. major center ?·_ c^i^WA^^r^ 0 ^-- NEVVLY decorated 3 BLACK SHETLAND stallion. ST iniREX MOTEL in town. »343 8. *th shopping! nlshed apartment. H a r d w o o d floors. Near University. *48 E. 8th, duplex. j neighborhood. room fur- 5-881/5 . . erator.^432 E j g i h MA. 3-1 MODERN , _rurnished, _MA. , . _ _ . Attractively /urpi.-hed. One bed-i2-rrEDR'fKJM_duplex.__Stove - . j i refrig-i c]r»e iihopping. Apartment B. Rear. 42S2'room -- ~~- " -'inornooo. u u m - i r s piio. t./* : j Oulel El Encanto Apts. in . Also J ihoutet. _MA. 2-2553. - unfumiahWI size.. MA. 3-7807. ~ w^CCVAT3anCE-7o^-.tn555Ha -^ 3 rooms, l-bedroom. paneled knotty ^Vou, lawrT, and floweV,. G y«ar old geiding. Also near nrw , BEDROOM furnished. Good N.E. pine, new upholstering. Patio, bar- ^f convenient location. raddle. CY. 7-J022, location. $« per mo. No lease re- hecue. Laundry. 3M8 S^_Be_lma_r^_ . J.' u TM m , r Rlt , s ,, ]ow ,,, p; COMPLErinini o"f~new and used quired. A. P. Brown Co. EA.R-43S8.j40-$5S. Clean. Cooler Lawn f u r n l - . . ;,,,,!,, of refrigeratlnn or evi , . . . ; No swimming poo" ,'u«l » nulet,; omfortable place TO live, with - iced yard. '"·.rgLJ^lSL-TM*- 4 -'"S\., . 1 bath. Adults. No pets. $1M monti. OKLUXE 2 bedroom. Bullt-lns j AX. 8-4264. Paved Shopping. Bun. 4750 E. 2 n d . ~ -- " ~~ ' LET'S SWAP FARM TRACTOR Jswa S. Ho cc ntotorcycl*. Needs "ivorlc. $M. Call IA. »-J»5 from " iKE THE AMAZiN6 Triumph Tiger Club from $573 Terms "Mm Ott Motorcycles m6 - ? 7TOTpir^c^otEW: 4 " m! IVfrw A; tised. x^sy ierxro. ^ irfteels. Ga» * electric. Parts. Accessories. Helmets Cuthman Motor y 2 " C.C. Extr. 17c sq. ft. 90 Ib.-Slate Rfg 3.66 roll Thk Butt Shng 8.98 sq. ft. 15 Ib. Felt Rfg 2.44 roll Plstic Rf. C'm'nt 1.22 gal. 8'x26" Corr. Iron 2.06 sht. 10 r x26" Crr. Iron 2.58 sht. Economy 2x4 .04 L.F. 1x12 Pine Shelving lie 1x10 Sheathing $75 M 2" Corral Stock $55 M Open Sat. 'til 5 p.m. . IBtrr ON BUDGET PLAN AT OUH STAN'S Swap Shop. Buy. sell, trad* Rep, guns tools an?' 5313 Wheel. Modern. New tire* and nights. No implements. Ready to «;o horse trailers on display. Johnson' Auto Sales. 83S S._6th. ALFALFA HAY" For Sale $35 per Ton CLOTHESLINE POLES 53A $16 Installed Comp. Clothesline Serv. Co., 3571 . ALLIED SITRPTUS TOS N 1ft \ve MA 2-»01' 1,. C. Hardware. W» W. Gnmt. MA. 4-SO5. KASfsfDB «»«. E. md. i tin t. ATSKHSAll IX)W CASH PRICES LUMBER CO. 2750 S. 4th MA. 4-8294 -i Live on a Guest Ranch j- ture. 'Utilities. Adults. 250 W. La-' MA. 1 bedroom t bedroom apt. AX. 8-2111 AVC un r*.*-ij *ti ,' e^ii%. ···--·-·*» -^--... --. j-yt\ - " - Finest City Location 2340 E $th, choice 1 bdrm. * iludip apt., furn. or unfurn. Lovely! indK, reasonable wk or mo. Clothesline -two: fcA, e-«i» i MORSE air cooled generator, l.ooo oolas $9.X pair ; watt. Good as new. Newly recondl- tioned, $275; Air compressor, used - _ - - r -,·«. In service station. $235: 2 Rasoline! sj)d_s_whUe.JMA^2-8C- 77Xii"rnni'W~*»«%\iitr » t ' I pumpn for service station, $7S each. HOUSEHOLD GOODS j4 I EA. 7-4M1. Mr. Hill or Mr. Tldmore. best facilitic.1. Tack rooms. reaeon-irstes._MA._4-254e. able. 4360 N. 1st_Avf.. MA. 4-427?, l-jjifff^iti-ifr. GIRUs'i to 2^CEfTl,t rlding^mares. a sorref - - ' ~ -- KENMORE RANGE 199* electric, $7»; breakfast set with * chain. $20. Both in excel"' 4-37*1. over payments. Almoat new SAWS 12-Inch radial saw. (300. Band saw, $100. Mitre box s«w. $M. Call AX. 8-06S1 after_5_p.m, ___ _ _ _ TWO-tori tandem rollw. with hy- SAVE _ -- -. - -- _ tor * M«yt»g xtrashen. Jam t»ice over smril payments Beach May- _ dranlic wheels for on repossessed refrig-era-! ]B54 dump truck, in food" ccndl- EA. SALE EVERY SAT. FOR BETTER SKRVICE MORE BUYERS MORE DOLLARS CONSIGN TO TUCSON'S ONLY NATIONALLY CERTTfTTO LIVESTOCK AUCTION PAYNE'S Jy with_8aime. MA. 3^9517 after S:30. NEAR University, small cottage. Paved, shopping, bus. Private.] Fenced. MA. 4-7753. j (55 MONTH Very nice. One bed-j room. Central cooling, dose to shopping. 3333 N. Flowing W«lls UP ; Kitchenette apartmenu. Utilities, i linens furnished. TV optional. Cop-1 per State_ Court._!615 _S^_«th. _ AtTRA'CTfVE i - 2 bedroom. P» Uo Laundry facilities. 31M I Klelndale. EA. 7-17B7. " " TUCSON'S NEWEST CHATEAU vapo-, ruttve cool In R 1 One »nd two · bcdrftom apari- j men is. completely und h e a i i t J f n l l y : Rm J l? 1 fil l h d Sl E A . 5-7221.' BEAUTIFUL - NEW IMPERIAL GARDENS 2 POOLS REFRIGERATION COND Apts Stove water furnished E 2*tb St . AIR- Refriff. EA COTTAGE 2 rooms and bath. Secluded and quiet. Close to everything. Utilities paid. 3114 E. _Glenn. _ 2 BEDROOM furnished home nor rent from June 15th to S»ptem- ber let. $45 per month, utUitle* paid. 313» E. Glenn. _ MONTEREY APTS. ^IIMMFR RATES OUIvuvii-rv i\rn ^^ Unf7Garden Type Apts. $18.50 WEEKLY ' l Bdmi. !re( Venetian blinds rsnee »»atVr~ Private carnorts Coun. - Nice 2 bedroom house. Injuire Luna BY DAY-WK-MO 1/3W SUMMER RATES Beautifully furnishffl. studio 1 bus to shopping, MA. 2-3738. iMonth to rr.omh or on leaie , ALVERNON GARDENS W. Grant. itxr« APTS room. lien. 'COOL.. . E plnw " ,CENTRAI." 1 Road. AX. SHUFFLEBOARD CARPORTS! Pa.tl^Laund NICE location. couple._ EA._Jt»48S. 2 BEDROOM. . . . . . 7 !3SM E and St.-E. on Speedway's R6OM apartment Phone MA, j Apartment f or , to DodKe then S. on Dodfe one blk. i 4-1074 or call «t 311 N. 3rd Ave, ' ALVERNON NEAJl PIMA ...._____ ...._._. , , . , ...tractive one bedroom hoena; :t6?E I N T University, shopping. woo d floors, nicely furniah«d; $*$ huscs. 3 large rooms. W250. ' M . s -'mo. MA. 2-74S4 eves. MA. 3-4373. Olsen, Apartment r2, MA. «- 5b2 ' :·"LOVELV 3 BDRM COliF. ' EA. 7-H7. _i JTJR.N .. UM BDRM. COMP. TURN. BDRM. COMP. FUXN. . .. . _ ., t BDRM. APT ,, , optional. ResKonable to couple or, BAC HELOR APT ing. Clean 3 rooms, i 3. West of Alvemon off Pirns. | A11 llre ni(H , an) ,.,,,.,, (^ ^.^ 1103 N. Camilla. ! J_«2.1_N._Winste1 i __ ,, ! Johnson, METROPOLITAN REALTY 'CO. EA. S-3342 or EA. S-KB2, p r j -K .. - . _ _ _ _ _ _ J . Fenced v«rd. Laundry f acill - 1 ^0EDROOM HOME. Modern. Tike , 2 ?81' _;?.-_ A I y. cr ' 1 , on - EA ^~~- ' new. Green shaded ares. Rear,, 2 L. cle»m. or.e bedroom duplex. : p ,tio. Handy to everything. H«nK';S) ] OT ". i» $» ««0 $*$ ,,_.. , . . -- - ' UNWKRSrTY. $«0 - one bedroom. N. ColurnbuB n*sr Sp**dway. EA. house. bedrooms MA. 3-104t. TRACTOR i LIVESTOCK AUCTION DONT s«n your^furniture and ag-, I (\r\V_ I W l\ «,,,,,,,,,,,, - r,,,. UNIVERSfTY~ district. Spacious 2! and 3 room_ cottages Laundnr | piiimcew ior oearmls. WAY TORNTI-CR!. EA. 5-3«« and . receive ALL CASH today. 1733 E. Tacwy Avenue. LEAVING TOWR tood Hadioi Muiicot, Etc. Mayt»* . ootMIition: Hollywood bed compitt*; g«m 1-yr-oM. bi? l«ath«r chair; good 2 wJxse] Term* to «nit. tri * fl * wiih 4 Miles Northwest of City on Caw Grande Hlway *!4 CY. 7-1187 CAXL US COLUECT PICKUP SERVICE I" RE'DECORATED 2-be!room duplex. U f A area.| NTc'KLY tTrRNiSHEp ap»rtm*nt.; Utilities paid. Summer rates. 811] private entrance iim c.. itrth E. Drachman. After t. EA. i-4«a. street. MA. 3-IMO iii» INVE»TIGATE EL CORTEZ APTS. 1 Ki 2 bdrm. completely fumlshed^KwHwnuig^goo] Enjoy Living at American Homes UNnlRNTSHED APARTMENTS (Range. j era tor Venetian blinds refrlr- ' FURNISHED 4c unfurnished r»ntaJ» $M to $1%. Now la the bast tinw o! year to rent. Call LUND* REALTY. XA. i-TMO. Xvw. AX. S-4474. NICELY" AND ATTRACTfVliE? Convenient to rwlmmlne J FTTRNISHED. 3 BDRM. * DEJT f - KITCHENETTE-$50 i"GRANt-STONE SHOP. TmLTTIES PAID. CLSAN. 1... 1 Efficiencies for 1 or 2 people. $55! Pl»r» shoppinK $5S mnnthly. Utll- TTRSONS TtfUXX FROW VET"S ! with militres. 251S N Estrella. M A . i Mes pild, 219 E. Delano. _ Organ Studios ° ! *«"Hry, ^M*. Etc- 41 | LOW ! CfLCiSe-tN'. l-bedr Elm. apart- 1 "monthiy fyt«"337 E. Glenn. ........ ----- --- -· way. EA~. i-mrn. , _ . _ .. IN. Univen-ity. shopping. lil S STEEL SASH .i^. v · - tvro ·- croiraYpav BA. a-ijjoirurix nccn t*i«:«»«nwi. alfalfa hay.; I N w W f\ V /\ 1 l*/f\ D L L*t *** E. srvta-^xfi-^g^^ ^y _iSs-gf5ia::PURrNA cwows. . : ,,f Mm ,. *,*«·«,,.«,, .__ .._ ._ . . i way vrjran X.'enter. 4MO E. ttfom-, KafiGV S t"GSQ JvUTWMV ItrolTed refrtsreri-teiJ air cfmditionmit:; O!«ri. ATXtrttnemt J. MA. ill TC T X rt I 1 i "^ay- '· ^ « s*p « -tf!» lari* h*»ted jfwtmmtrMi: pw»l: a-IP EA. 7-1474. frr~f~- 'vlv-'Oi OL.LI.. ; WUAYKR 3*IANOB |27SS KothTimff KG. ..^Y- V-UBS ^j^.^^/. vrtdven: TV, Dirfttsh mod- WALKINGSi»t»n Howoeftil f/f forn«ar«. Reasona'ble.'ABC plxver pismo Co.. «W S WE PAY top prices for Sve pottitry. «,, farniTOTe. latrndry. I Men only. $3JL* - -- - · -- ·*"· "· _?-^'*L ' Oa'.! MA. 8-W2 or tA. 5-3^7^^^^ J5 . j j |sj e ar Medical Squorft .! ' " Ic "' "*"~" poo), park, schools, anoppini cen sr*. cit" i^'* EA 6-6122 2 BR. $79.50 : 3 RD. . $94-«0 3 B3t. with Patio $89.58 OPEN DAILY TjNTIL 5 P.M. SAT. TTL 1 P.M. CLOSED SUNDAYS AMERICAN HOMES ASSN. 5SO E. Bro»!wxy EA. t-3464 . . $«. .tr^j«_jajj_._MA__l-7»j«. nicely fom. fiew. »2S LA PLAYA APTS. r i ~ ·V5".«r^ivvr" i V J 1 3 urnm/emso J-r;ve, J\A.. e-s/^ /. . * .«...^«. *··**+, »-«.^.. ^S£iLJ^£tiHiiiSSKmSZ^KU E i»^^L^^^^^^^^S^^S^^^^^^^^ .^"KSr^^^^'TUAflW COUtTS tnt. S btfma. new; aril* rent. i*47 E. Snd St. EA. 7-57S8. IA *.1«8 (jhiiaren wtJcorrnt.. Money bare* «a«ricr.1ie« IHtM. EA. | *S£Ege tone"at f ACTC*Y 1KA. -- ' '; eSrSomW* twcSSoy arjorl"- i LA PLAYA erittori. pool. BATHS. LANDSCAPED, KUJG SYSTEM. NTT ATJTO- MATIC WASHER. CENT. HEAT A COOLING. CLOSE TO SAL- POINTE SHOPPING CENTER, YEAR'S LEASE R E Q T J I l t X D . CHILDREN WELCOME. *I75 PER MO. CALL MR. JOHNSON. EA. S-M43 or EA. i-saa. Mrrnopou- TAN REALTY CO. EVES. AX. $-«9$. _ HOftSBS? Modem 4 trtrm.. 1 bath I WAHVM «*.«*»-i J «»·«·*.. *«..--*-. -»V_ 'I em. |»»I». A b*ri«dn at $ Jam*s C. Grant »e*lty. : MA. a-wri, * N5r6yBa ' ., HTMT *7 T. T-S7JR IA S~ EA. « rawi. » ·fcfmlsWed. / ' i r i V t A » » CLEAN 2 B.K, */er *p»rtra»nr Ca* HA. 7-nsW;

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