Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1963 · Page 8
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 8

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1963
Page 8
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p« gt A-8-- INDEPENDENT ·"*· «·"·- *·*· **· *· '« i JFK 'Voter Rights' Bill in Hands of Congress WASHINGTON Wl -- The.agaic n thc= and in which Kennedy Administration sent'fewer thin 15 per cent of to Congress Tuesday a draft those old enough to vote are of proposed "voters rights" legislation as outlined by the actually registered. 2. Require that Judges be President in a February mes- appointed to handle voticg- tage. right law suits immediately Atty. Gen. Robert F. Ken- and that these judges process nedy called it a four-point, thr cases "in the most ezpe- "do-it-now" biH aimed at ditious way possible." speeding up the registration of Negro voters. 3. Require election officials use the same tests anc to use the HE PREDICTED enactment other standards for aU appli of the measure would resultjcants seeking to vote in a in the registration of several federal election. hundred Negroes in the South) 4. Establish a presumption immediately, and of more.that anyone with a sixth- thaa half a million over a grade education is literate longer period. . I enough to vote in a federa The proposed legislation election, would: t Kennedy said voting-righ 1; Provide for temporary-leases often take months to referees to pass on the quali-jcondude, and that one is stil f icaiions of Negro applicants pending after 22 months. He in any county in which court [referred to a case in Qoschit action has been brocghtiParish, UL. in which a tria charging discrimin a t i o n'date his not beensct. NATI O N A L G E N E R A L CORPORATION Mississippi Police RoughUp AmiTM Negro Comedian Gregory Seriously in KriifeFiglit ttTmanlF and wtad xrithMuTAy. stabbed early Tues- .1-- v^,v ·* ft*. vrw r«xn-'lay ia a. parking tot battle wu GREENWOOD. Miss." (UPI) quarters about a half mHe had been aspersed^ ^ * --Police manhandled come- away. dian Dick Gregory, broke up After the march had pro- . , marches and picked up Greg- gre ssed for seven blocks, one them back to the voter regis-^ ory and about 20 other |Negro teen-ager declined .to tratioa headquarters. i condition Tuesday at Negroes in the raoally tense lollow the route indicated by Back at the headquirters.l£££ ccoummity Hospital. delta town Tuesday. policemen and an officer the Negro comedian put on Murp j, y 39 whose only The Negroes, who had re- grabbed him. The boy feU to aa impromptu show for some!-^jj^' ^d. The - Ser- fused police orders to dis-tie' ground and an officerj30 young Negroes and f^^voa acxlaim m'1958. perse, were put ia police cars dragged h?m to a police car group of white newsmen. _j A^I___^ L.^I_ *_. *V_Z* ··«**· fc.« ^im tfWn* T*|A ··vSBifl* **T10rff *y*^l* vr»*«** fc* caVf *-« ·F.j and taken back to their votercby his foot The youth yeHedJ ' r e g i s t r a t i o n headqnartersrDon't disperse" to bis com- where they were released. No charges were filed. · · * THEY WERE herded into patiiiSni^ as he W2S away and plaiided. the driven car, ,- r "Oh, man," he said, referring to his ride in the police geant." received knife wounds in the throat, chest, and abdomen in was the greatestj marchers ap- comedy in the world. caned us 'niggers' and we the fight at Big Sur/ Hot 25 miles south;of Gregory, here to assist in caned them 'niggers and "- j. David Kipp. 33. Ihe ^ ^ charged uith assault with force fckely'to ! i LUCKY MISS FORTUNE' 00 POUCE OFHCER collars comedian Dick Gregory in Greenwood, Miss., during trouble over Negro vote-registration marches. the police vehicles during the the mass registration drive by n*Hy «y h"t left.' o^^ , LU third march of the day. About; Negro dvil rights groups. vol- *I told Uiem -you can ar- cause t f _^ ^ 50 other Negroes, some of [unteered to enter a police me but don t kidnap me. i rjeputy Sheriff John Cri- whora had taken voter-regis-ais,. His offer was accepted'AU we really want is the nght^ ^ gwitness Joe jj^j. tration examinations, kft the and several others followed to vote for any white manjj^i 28. said Murphy, his courthouse when the CircuitWt They were loaded into who runs. We ain't about to ife ' DajyU. Kipp, Hudson Court clerk's office closed, the cars and taken to their nin for any office." _ _ L,^ Hudson's girlfriend were - A reinforced police cbntin- headquarters.' The others dis- I" » mid-day incident Baking at a kadge bar when gent hurried the Negroes'perscd. -Gregory was grabbed and Marphy ^^ Kipp v-i-along as they headed toward) Gregory said he later went n°ved from - -»--- the \-oter registration head-.back to the area where they THE EASY solution to all]ads. To get reliable tenants renting problems: Classified,fast, dial HE 2-5559 today. JACKPOT STEVE "°n REEVES OF THE ACADEMY AWARD WINNER · HELD OVER 3RD BIG WEEK! C R E S T Cm t r.M. · S UNITED ARTISTS OPE.NS MOON HOW SHOWING FIN 2 THEATRES I LOS ALTOS DR[VE-IM STtlTS IT DUSK SWINGING 'HIGHERTHANJ OBRIEN- LDGKWOOD PLUS "NO TIME TO KILL" JOHN IRELAND grabbed and JJ^y 0 a street comer . cross from the Lcflore Coun-'. r courthouse. HERCULES VS. TARZ.VN Steve Reeves (left), who has had several roles in movies as Hercules, and Gordon Scott, llth in the line of cinema Tarzans, are cast as the legendary twin brothers, Romulus (founder of Rome) and Remus, who battle to the death for the leadership of their people in "Duel of the Titans," starting today at West Coast Theater and Circle Drive-In Theater. A POLICEMAN twisted his ra behind his back and marched him across the street -hen the entertainer refused command to move faster. regory said another officer truck him in the back as he was being hustled away, but e was not hurt. While the new demonstra- ons were in progress here, [ississippi's senators -- John C. Stennis and James O. East- ind -- complained in Wash- ngton that "public statements by outside agitators "lave painted an unfair and misleading picture" of condi- ions in this north Mississippi own. Show Times Here are starting times of features at Long Beach theaters as listed by theater managers: ·: STATf ..i ».·».» suniom.' I.X. to. -Ih« lr«»t Or«.- r3 10:40. ... _. . rf *J°w»!» Sfiniom.- l-Jt. ·TTl* erjv* One." i:X. U:3a trvoi.1 erf Wlnt ina ROsn," l.«5. "Its Ortlv Vanrv," i.n, 7-ti 10:52. ftKT F»ir." 7.1Z. "Inn or fr« SJxfll Happinesx" f:58- ATLANTIC -T«o tor ffw S««.- 1.33. -lertn ef "t-ad^n Wan." 10:0*, « ST. 10:DS, 3:57. "tiorrh bv ttorfflwest- 11:57. 3:55. 1::5Z. -t.«H«n» £ic«frille.- J.t, 1:17. Mi noxr · -Ttrrr IKjritrr.'^i.- »:OTl, S :01 I M. 1:01. -FUm.nj Star.- Il:3t. « M. t:C. »:tt "Porl ChW H.n.- l.U. 1:30. I1:JX 4 11 ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS! . . ·fiEST ACTOR -JACK LEMMOM ·BEST ACTRESS-LEE REMCK ,.. · B£S TM T DIRK TIOH · BEST COSTVUE DCS1GH I c' · BESTSONG -"BAR if W1KE ml WS!T- ^ ("DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES"! IIE1I OitUISCl X I C C C I P A " " MiCItCt! UCOOIUtl t9l! tstoi SHOW TODAY 4 BEtmonr etuxt V ADULTS /pi ONLY VS Cp« IIJ f.M.. ,,MU, "LOLITft" ,,, -CIFITAIW IT f rmim j WmNtl OF WCtLO I FILM AV»DS I _ ''THE BRIDGE" J5 MAIM ST, st*t IU.CH PETM atMAn-mcuM Tm.ii Of«l »»»»**»»*»»* «. niTcmiw-I. Mrt.Amf «*******· 5 ATUNT1C J "2 KM THE SEESAW J c«. , J^'t-SfKu*--; "TERM OF TRUL" j *;i 5 ; L. OUV1EI--V SICOOICT ********** ?*?.*""^ « «*********. * * 'ART * "I"" OF 6TH H4PPINESS" J V«. ' J * **'*· » SA*W« f t-.n o«r» * A'^tn i ;1i ·%»* * "STATE FAIR" « ri « THE MAGNOLIA THEATRE o?uii6 THUBJDir, WBIt 4 .' StirrUt Hi Jituttfuf Atttnif tl tt« Firry H«ii TT »iw itts J '|Wilfal'fnan iS^SHJ SCIC.MHf.» «O MISTRESS MINK" I J»--«1JI SATUtOAT, I »-fiK WESTCOASTl NOW i CIRCLE | SHOWING JJJEW ^HES^ 1 DRfVE-IN ROXYS OKN* N O O N J IN J THEAUIS j Stam The Legendary Conflict of MANKIND'S MIGHTIEST MORTALS! PLUS -- 2 N D "ACTION" FEATURE! 11 A.M.--OPt» ALL MISHT ILV1* PirSLtY-- C«lor "FLAMING STAR- CrtTonr rice--c««. rtffAio "PORK CHOP HIIU" A lUsntrt * CrnMn * "3 MURDERESSES PALACEE3 AYE. -- PHO«IE ME -NO«TM IT NOITrfWEST" -U01IS" MAH- -tAfATIUI £SCAD»ILlf ONE JilfiHT ONLY Situriay, Apnl Bti, 8 PiL-1 A.VL 2ND ANNUAL TUNG t flKELUOOD HA 5.7530 till-1 Cim MIRACEES WORLD PACIFIC THEATRES 4*************A**AA* X- Jf inrsu ^. · » ·· M r.L JT LE.BU*.5ti HI I-K87 - Trrtfie CircT* £ CI J-351J _ US UTCS liESr. HI 5-T422 IISCOLI tineoll W. tl Ktan it- U 1-2111 MATINEES TODAY STATE RIVOLI PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES in enei i irrioir -sou tr nins- r«t · I T I i M I I C I l T T I t it inioi. ii.-n Tt mil nrF ii IBDIII finu- -nuiw m uti- II* »IIULli. «»I»T Tl l'l!«l t«K. itSIITI ··I1II ITIUJIIV "Tit mil in* iwiit. i.i. til mi -ton ir in *rrm- MtUll Til HtllFISEIT* tlDOHfO ir/CCH iiuii ir«i in ri si»i rmltr--"lirmrf M *nn Fnr- -tiiirsei i in i covr/ro.t I I » t l . l l l l . t . l . l l T . I I M i l l ·tlOITJI f M CI9TI1 UTIH -PIIIBI ir Gtism otorr tltTI A I (III -n IIMEIII IT inr rui ttutin tllitll (turnUfti) n unl -icriiti nun itru- -·tltGI IF _ _ JTITI lit. at w. in » i mi 'tin »:TI TII cnici ITII- mill, tun i. TimtM n « mi 1TIT1 Mil" _ ^ _ u ·mil irmn imimia I tin -tC3ITII! II Illllt FITIII- Illl- -»n» ii _ _"»* *mr _ ___ 13119*1 HI W. ·nlnr'M *iiR«r *-» rinii ii TIICILI" _ -I Illtl IIIHI- _ _ IW1I IBl" Tr-ltrM If Mil* II I Ir'tl -iinc IIILI: 11 tiv- PRIZES given away FREE! THE BIG 'D T lllw. · I1UI JTJICLf* -ILEfllll WJH: list m tmtii DRIVE-INS START SHOWS AT DUSK m WIT 3i Ir.LC.tlli. ]£ «-!2l2 run nt an ·it rim n iiu~ WltHEI Wirier W.ri HS-TtjfJJ . VI 1-3511 icnrs nttsn Tl HtSf - »»»u n wm MI" SI4 Ht (IILtll FANTASTIC! 4 FEATURE PROGRAM, REGULAR PRICES JliS fEI t*StOi»--JTUTJ {£| fjl. "HOUSE OF FRIGHT" "ABBOH COSTEU.O MEET THE MUMMY- J Now Showing in 3 Theatres! TWI EHSACEME1IT AT TATC t TOWHE OKIT -- AU. CM.TtStH 30C DORSET? SKI BOAT titanic I iTVj Electric Vj'jr, HONDA ^) -arjport * IH titsr TT * tKffjtt * Citiril firtf lir ;n ill !t * T.t WAr JVi * ICI Strn * TJJI ttttsta * tKKt noes tntrid if itlcr i«r- · Ilinj titilfitii Birittn ji.eau. 1WCJX! Hie BTctt E.ifterj- Taanf Vta fro.i K« Orlens- Jpjc« 1'ei viik FJJ EeB-Imrrj HcTJucrsofl ^ Fftfcocsi fiw Plus T.O. c« net nann mn. Tins Uniun tl Disr.cyfjnj, inTuniiel isi (I al Ktntftxi ..for * {faring ·tan, a devoted '.7, a bar.dfvt cl f.erces er.d t i magnificent tlaHions! IfusiCiTy Starn, ilia Disne/wJ Apr] Ett K73 it Disneyfand lit Cfficunlj. . WALTDISNEY TALLIONS !9T TAYLOR-PALMER-JURGENS riOt--SECOND OOnTANDINS HATOIt! [ .*

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