Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 17, 1976 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 17, 1976
Page 10
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" 8 FAMILY Yanl SE!C. Friday ai^l Satnr ^ dsy fci Prairie Grove. Turn iwcrh at the barJc oa to Moc(r Si. across tlie street from Kemanlar^: School playground. ,Y;" - NOTICE REAL ESTATE Ordered soJd by po-A-er of aUorr^y il ' J PUBLIC AUCTION fyicatrf-- 1C8 Wesa E7nma S( . , Spring da!t. Ark. MONDAY, APRIL 19, 1976 1:30 P.M. . KNOWN AS THE OSCAR SEARS I'ROPF-RTY See Sunday edition lor lard deaaiptioi PETE'S BARGAIN SK3RE -- 546 W CfrtT. UKd fornilure. honi^iofd Hems steamer truohs and fcot lrx*ers. Glass »^re r s^nia dcprciSLoa. MisceEar-ecn- '.E^seraett [,(f* or*o. QCitMn?, lorn tor aid p!assv.are. -"·ASHER-S Trading Port U -aw crp«ii ·' S:30t Used tnrnimre dr/1 astJqneJ. 62*-517 '", vME-3JH ^-3 -- Personals Any.rfi*r»b! A ecu Bx chocXs ''wamTT S : ET," instantly ii#t-t xi Oi» spot. 123.0 Otco Drug No, 52 Nr.rOr^cst Arkau REDUCE safe k tssX, with )E*ft* Ta 'tis fr Vap "water pells." FajttteTM "·hanrjicy. i-i U ified Ads E -6242 ' V*."!*. fl Office Closed S u n d a y ! u Until 11:00 A.M. ! " Earfi 77 Additional ' vv «·,,,,! : * ays $7 80 394 * ays ·'. '. $4.80 24t C ay . . . $1.80 94 ; I -SF31VICE DmECrORY" * Udmum 3 linM dally [or ( KE MOVHI OMA' S17-70 fl CinJ of Ttwnta -- 53.00 s (Over 50 is'ords fc per word) g CL-^SSIt'lED WORD AHS ^ rotll 4 p.m. Friday J; -- to start Motiday Rra awopicd , -- (o start Tuesday thru Salurday t r* arwjitcd until 4 p.m. on the diy - wfnre pobyc-Atko. " " ' CLASS1FIKD DISPLAY "" (SPACE .\D3) -- ia Mart Socday are *«:ercd inti] -1 p-m. Thursday. -- to start Mocday are acc«pled «ita 4 P.m. Friday. -- Ira «art Tuesday thru Salurday efore puhirmUon. -- Schools Instructions or complde lacta about our home sJodj mcihod. American School " of CUcago Box 7245, UUle Rwk. 7tt« DvpartmeBt AT. \\YK-riE \1LLE Bnrfress College The school where you Learn to eain. 221 South «CD3t. Phona 442-2364. Fayelle\-i!l«, Art S -- Lost Found LOST-- One bteck bull catf KO Ibs.. ow brack white faoed Hcrefctrl ¥0 Ibs., phot* ajS-3933, orcd. Kas ID w-uh the name Motta. Lofct 2 miles walls oi bypass on t^Jto S^rii^s Road. Reward S30. Call 531-5223 or 521- LOST: IWack. «rtle (ace st«?r approra- matc3y 700 pounds in Hog Eye arra. Call R45-36W after 5 p.m. -O5T: Etov^ti, medium KZ« male TiJ^. «d ard dcojsn'l hear well. Lost east XCT: X[ale half Geiman Siepherd, halt .Matamuto. Name Joke. \\Tule face 4: link spot above now, dark ha!r «i back. Phtra 44S-5S16. LOST: Male Beade, named George, black 4- while with lenvm face. Wearing cwllar «1th half name UK torn oif. Los behir/d Enteitainment Center. 442-2430 af- er 5:M oa April 8th. Young puppy. Her name Is Grrtchen, weariog a gjven col I a r w-iLh rabies tac, PJease contact 521-614) or come by Chateau No. 19. 7 -- Business Opportunities FOH 51.A.LE or lease cctn operated laundry. and BOO square feet ot adjanlng space lor another biiHTiess, for further inlormailon call 442-OS20. RESTAUBAST MI South 71. Good break- last cd luocheon busanM. Terms w^th o-^-nor, C^!l Jan Benson, Trumbo fc Co. 531-6800 or " nites 531-5509. NEW j^m FRANCHISE V · Siari your cwncaiesr r · Advanced carpt! td-aning , « U o w j t s r o i i t a m · (Jinuns! irrrti1m*nt P.O.Box; 1532 W(iie 10: H O L I O A Y T u l s s , O k , 7 a i 0 1 INVESTIGATE TODAY WHITE AUTO STORE FRANCHISE Own your own badness M'ith U 1 * pro IFdion of a large chain orgamzation be hind you. We piide yw nn Uic road lo success- xpsntrce not. cficef*ary. Hrod lines oJ hardwajre, tools, ipor^in ftoodi', houiswaros, applrarees, electrr ifcs ti re?, batle rles, aulo pa cts an accessories available to you from central ly located dlitrjbutlon centers. A pnr.-en orosram of success, we ha^ over 6^0 dealers now in operalon. Tw-n-5 available In ALABAMA, ARKA S.KS FLORIDA GEORGIA, KENTIK KV. LOUISIANA, MISSISSIPPI, N E7, MEXICO, OKI^\H OMA , NORTH CAR C UNA, SOUTH CAROLINA, TEN K ESS K I TEXAS i \1RG1NIA. WE «crtJd like Uie opportunity « « r you one of our Jrce brocrurcs ^t r obliKaliOT. ttUDS OR CALL W H I T E AUTO STORES 3310 Call Field Rd. Wichita Falls. Tetfl.s J63K Ph. AC: 317) M-MIO i- BUTTONS BOWS wish to express their thanks to ?· EARL JONES Not Only Is An Outstanding .?: SQUARE DANCE CALLER, '·"·' he is a Great Guy as well L THANKS EARL! ZZA KESTAURANT-Fa\ntevUe; in- ntixirablc rroiuct i exclusive rcciiv ; 2 wks from V'nivi-nJty. Sanall Invert- nt; tw» wn c-r*raie. Itxnw -Wi-KB- 3-- Help Wanted E UNCOL.V Si-hoc-:* nc«ds clenwitarj- Jirtpal. STurt be (vrtififd ki,e!cmtn- r- education awl hold riemwitan' ad- unUlratots certificate. 3UNTKH HEU* rc«lod. Apply *t PJW- 'a Drive 1 Inn. fli W. fch afic-r S-.OO 1U No phoW! calls. irTBllS and waitr«sc-s needed both iH-i opon. Will train, also dishvwTier. ·ply l n ron-oii nl Luin's No. CcCIcse -e. sai-ww. ART ' T I M E hours-- full time pamlnas. sttuci Mtiors in TR1-C1[EL\1 UOU1D MBKOIDERV. no extxjriwice noccwsr) 1 - e-«25. rvaion Inspcciors (ESuvriciKC plus : oars college or equivalent ) PattHc r JcKirnciinan proof of a^rrwliccship) nick ropy operator. Custodial nx^kcrs. Criculture Technicians, tiroonds Kwpw. ·vittaripj (Sll required) Clcri; St«w- aphere (Sll rciuit«*l C3ark TJT:SI^ le-rlcs. Apply p^rsnrwirf Artmlnrist ration uad-np, Unlvcrstly o[ Arkanws. Equa] lpjrtiiniti' Eiiiployfr. XJUPLE or woman "'antwl for childcvire rsd ho»wek«!pins. Must live on prc- 1'^es. Pri\-ate housiiMr. 2 bedroom m- umistKd. Send inquiry lo P. O. IkiV W3 ·"ayottevllc-. VANTED for dcliverj', ivisvi with small ^r or cycle, part trme. afternoons- ca 42-737! «xt. 276. «JW NEEDED leTcrhone wpcralora. j\nt- - nie work. J2.30 an bour. Call M!-'/3T7 xt, 276. rtow. "ull time, permanent employ* B ncnt. must be able to manage pcortc j lust be mature and bondable. expecicn- - ·« preferred but nol cswntial. Cn!i to- n'.eni'cw 442-72^5 The Now World-- Mall , *. OAV Sale.-! hnsless positions avaiUWc - bove average oarnlnps, pleasant iwri- jig conditions, appij 1 in pcnwn lo K«i- uckj- Fried CWcketi, 514 No. CW.eSe. "JALES person for (utt time enip'.oym«.t. B Caido^hires Jtwelry. TJT«I« and »«*· s J\YCARB Ctnirr has position avBilable r Tay 1. lor hacdwiking parti time per- - KKifE) to work ss Janitor. OI\TI hours iner H6=log. Approxiinatdy 13 huure vr si-Bek. Call -H2-74T2. IETJ WANTED -- part-time -- 6 nig Ms a week Must be dependable. Apply in ptrwn, Taco H u t , !£S North Coltege. DESK Clerk 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Siturday and Sundaj-, at least 21, neat, deiKtwa responsible. Sec Mr. Boon«, Heritage Inn H.vy, 6S West. SprinedatP. No phone calls NOW TaJanE applications fee U-L« Taco Tco Res tan rant. From 10:00 a.m-l:CO p.m. Apply at 2i3 North COUege.' EXPtniIEN"C."ED Mortsage Loon Prtx**- ser/Oofor wanted tor local mortgage olfire. FIIA. VA, and wnvrnlJcnal cx- wricnce desired, abo\s: avenue lypins skills required. Send reaumc 1- salary record ill confidence to Ilox P-I. N,W. Art. TIMES. \VANTEll: Expcnerccd T.V. and stereo tcchnfcian to «oifc in Fayetlcnlle. Coed working conditions. · Paid \rafflllm ana insurance Scfkd quati RcaUccis lo M. Kincaid, El Melmar, Apt. 104, Fayellevflto, Rheem Manufacturing Co. has an- ijnmcdfatc opening for a PROGRAMMER/ ANALYST qualified applicants must pnws.! a min! mum of two j-ears COBOIj EXPERIENCE CICS/VS AAT3 DBOMB experience hSghly desirable. Ksumes and salary requirements should ba Pent to RHEEM M A N U F A C T U R I N G CO. 5600 Greenwood Rood For Smilh, Arkansas 72001 (Altn: Personnel Dept.) . c/o Andy Babyak ASSBMBLV "Torkere, ?2.25 per hour to sun, J2.70 per hotir in M da'a. Super Shell Camper Co. 1000 Stem a., Fay* eiteville, No phrme calls. aWc wlifi Kc-nfucV^ Fried Chicken: Api!y in P*r,wi at 514 No. College, MEN AND WOMEN MAN- | TO START. CAIL 521-9750 ' FOR PERSONAL INTERVIEW. part-time help. Ar^y at box ofli« bf " iwefcn 7:00 If S:CO p.m. nightly. No phon - EXPERIENCED tnicl; diesel mtchar ^. ics. Good pay and benefits. Apply a Bell International, Inc. JHgh^-ay 71 South u EXPERIENCED Body Repairman. Goc pay and bentlits. Apply at Bfll Iritei or phone 751-7436. Minute Man No. Ootleze. App^y in pra sf*n. 1^-pN-- fiocd hoariy base plus [acenliv pad Iiosp:tallzat!w, 11-7, Full or parl imc. Contact Pam Twid, 52U353 S: a.m^:W p.n», 11 -- Situations Wanted WILT DO bshj-sittrn g in home Mtmda thrffligh Friday K,W per day. Call 44 2»5. RErrmER lady wlsh-os pulton « 1 compart*, babysitter, or cafe wor TorniaJIy with Grandinotht-ri' iw. K 8833. ^^^^vww ^6--Servieei Offered YARD WORK -- leaves removed, nw n a. trimmi nU, cl(« n up. Dopfr.diih work. Rcawnable prices call d'(9J1B 4.M-W.7, Termites? Pests? /^"ABCON N \ ^. "A B«lt*r contrflT^X Ray Johnson 521-375C If no answer, 521 SI 27 or 443-4472. 17 -- B o n f s Marina Supplies FISIHNff Ef^t with 1*75 J'jhriW^i St er, R-/CO Iraier »1th IS" wheelf w J«» «f extras. Oatl FCI-Mii. srti nv/«r, troilin* nv/'^ r depth fir/ Dilly irailer, 14'- wticcte, )12Tfl, Th aw-sr/j. 16 It. ASTROGIJiS basi fy^l wlih tra %-art'*J)i ojAlcnaJ a cec spirits Ir.clu t'XU PAnL'GlJSS Trtdtrt 1M Trf b^s( w-uti w.1»k-i'ira wlnd'AfcM, .w«"ti ler, la ctv/mrter, ^^^^^. six/JISW, o-iv IWc top aM full canvas on't-r, 56 Johnwxj nv/ivr «1ih ftJurnatrtf, n prf-p, 26 Jiallr/n furf unto, ard 1 Iralli-r Krmn sM «iislpmTil -- «*ff crwlll!wi. P.WO Call 442 WO. ; L A F F - A - C · ffi ^ -- -- =£ ^«^t.....,Zi "Thai's odd. It wouldn't wor Iricd to shave. 1 ' 7 -- Boats Marine Supplies 19- OAT Wocks -- built to la.* installed nt \v »r sile. Call 636-536t day or evenings. 1 REE -- 2 months stall rent on first ]o , par's rental. Lost Bridge Marina. Phone 54^ 8 -- Camping Sporting ^. Goods F FOOT. Wpstemrr campar, sleeps Isra. *? love" and Ice bos. Plwne W-K4L lw FAC1IE camper, slecps si\, in like ««· Mnditico. 5905. Itione 643-2333 X)W camper lor wide brf trucT;, Phone Her 3:00. -M24318. Veisons and others. aJso police stipjilie.i. Tamco Pav\Ti Shop ^03 So. School. 442701. . See the New 76 Solid State 7- APACHE Camper Trailers * r 2425 Old F a r m i n g t o n Road b Phone 442-2691 £ 20 -- Motorcycles ' 971 YA71AMA MOTOHCYCLB 35O. road bike for sate. J.TJS. Goort stiape. Phone 521- M20. 1772 K i \\V,\S.\Kl 7SO. Saddle bass, nxd shield, fairing. 3.000 mi!e cnijme. Kccl ent Crtndiliffi, Sale or trade. SUM- Phone 443-3750. HONDA 1570 CL 350 excellent condition. rffrr. ail-OW5. 1974 YAMAIA 250 MX, new transmisaon plus acve-SMrics. Phone 531-8376 eFler 3 1973 YAMAHA S£0, a WO milrs, in cs- HOSTiA 1970 CL350 execilent cw.dilion winds ileM. carriiir, now batltry, H50 or best offer. 3ZI-W45. 1573 YAMAHA 350cc. 12.000 mi!es. Fu! dress. Adult trunrf. Kd inside. Crcam- pulf. S12S3. Phwie ,442-a3!5 or .w« at IW? Towush p aCier 5 p.m. 1973 YAMAHA KO excellent 'condition, [625. Indudes 2 helm«U. hav* to sel poing to school. ^'-3950 after 5 p.m 72 SU7.UKI DOO very clean and nine like a dream HD5. 73 Honda SL100 in *xcei- lent condition. IW5. Fhone 613-2339. 171 KAWASLIKI 500 Very last, recent icp overhaul never wrecbal. 1675. Many ^EiE^-Pil^BcnSlSlSr^^^iE^^^^^vv 21 -- Automotive -- For Sole PICKUP for sale, 1W6 CVMC, gocd con- dtton. rhono *135063, if in) answer Sunday cal .Monday and Tuesday. WANTED 75 Volvo 1« or 74 or 75 M-H 230 P. Phor.e 501-7a377« after 7 p.m. , 1373 CORVETTE T Top, *hite, aulo. an, power n-indon-s, AM/r'M rAdio, leather in- crior, small engirt, excellent thape. $ Tsi-aiM, 1971 FOTtD LTD Country Squ:re, S pas- senEet station wagon. Excellent 'canrtit Ion- iH75. I'hwie 75144^2. ,S CHEVY Super Sport 283, runs perfect. lffi VW BtIS, Funs good. New tires Sleeps 2, See lo appreciate. Call 4-13 «:w, bctore 9:00 fi.rn. after 6:00 p.m cylinder, fair condition. S-^JO, ITione *13- ffi?3 after 3 on weekdays. I DOS CHE\ r Y pickup for sale. Tyicig wide V-8 .lundant. Air corrflSHoned. over Iw springs. Excellent condition, 53^- Thon IVn DATSUN 1200 4-."^e«i, nwv tires Kood condition. K»5. Phone 756-3853. d I9S9 CHEVY ^i t«i -J speed, neiv nain - r u n s . food, JJ'iO. 443-407fi, *· 1977 CHEVROLET pickup. With eaNn'c ramr*r. 23.«» miles. Call Ml-TT-l " BY OWNEn 1ST3 Corvette T-top, exit _ cl«an low mileage, now radfal tires , Phone 7K-MW. n lUW CHEVY Waeon 6. auinmaU J375. 1»7 14 ton ncAv motor, radial. n shocks, clean VW). 44.1 -#W7. IK7 CHEVY V^ automaUc, «2i. 1« y RENAU1.T runs ce*l fiootl, S300. «^4ffit5 * I3fi2 CHEVY 14 (f-n, c!oan, !-l"fl, 13C3 \^ y 413WT6, s : do and out. Most sell JA75- 1%S FIWV A HI 2 rtv.r, JITS/ 4«4fI76. l[r75 FIAT X19. Ht;e rew, will sell to- M505. Ph'jne 7S6 66.79. V « KAR^TA^JS «Wa for sale. Black, run. 0 ^ good Mafe* olfer. See st 725 Ifolcomh o call 7X£^«). ^rxjd .onnctttfotl. Call KM-M07. 68 FOUP Galaxj', 1 Awx, "vinyl rflrt r-wer hrak« ar^ siPcr;ng, lactory a[ tSW, Thone *W-221fi. dilion, 12,000. Also dur/ch-JB^y wlih to 1-.M. or h,^st olfcr. Call 4124W7, allt I I9M PLYMOUTH Savoy -- 4 Awe, (n crilwrt wn-Silifn. Original, with MS twittery and K^'id lirc.^. Musi MX) /v 1SW CHEVRI.T.E Mjtiha 4 d*r f , 1W mile? on c-implrtc 0%'crfiaulwl cndr dcpt'iKlfiWc awl rt w n , 1700. Call 5? 47M after 6:00. -- 1M3 TOYOTA OoM Omna ITfliJir RUi1 ".h Vf * * 1 ' *»vma\ tc, radio, heater, stc 1in helled radfa! Urea, extra clean. K 7TI-714^. MC CADILLAC - (j! v,lth hluc leaiher. I/adtd. v,1th *13 c Si! 524-5240 or 524-fil27 *t- ; (ra 1072 CUn-AS-S 4 rtVxvr, lron«, »xn ^ l *»!, a f r , pfwcr brafcwi ar/l *1ctri ent excf!1«il c*yndiUon. ne-v rarflsl l r $1775 Vn-'Jffi- )AY co, I'h MT ff ^ 197 ^^^^^\ I t L | - CA C^S4ws'S^7) ll ' L' 1 i; " * il1 ^ ^ K · . · c 11 -- Automotive -- For Safe u 3 VW 412 Vi'aRon, aulOTiialic. small 5 I nrnsMcr trade. MUST SULL. Phone ~ ·aJ33. r nUICK EJectra Unv.tcd. nne DV\TWT. J · mHes, ran he ttnar.ced. Phone 442- 1 1. 1 1 VOLKSWAGEN KAH.MANN GIHA -- , ilals. AM/FM, B-tracfe. Excellent. I1773- * R SALE $ Chevy Station wagon. \ ned. MM. Call 4J3 4305. High-Speed Butf Wax Jt*s $19.95 ' ' EMMONS PAINT BODY SHOP ,545 W. Center Ml-3770 T4 CAMARO, ore osvner, 22.COO original les. 350, automatic, air anrf lull power, barrel carburetor t good milea«e. Fab- c Interior, Uli wheel, real clwn. N'wd sell. 442-4Z.13. TINTO · -Wagon, power Etcerinfi 1 ·aVes Custom ln(tnr Min evtra-r nco NegtUab:e. Call .John, 5T3-3601, KJ-5:M or S21-036 evenings t \\eefcends. r j lll%lw w \ i A w e^wh'ri «%,H§it»f S · I Wlll«»s * -s$f J ^^U - .yi; ·A /?TSVf l*v"¥l« ."? L-^A mi- rt^i*-*-^ £· 5? ^ ' ' ' «· 'Pi^^ -- --^-^y *1ji YOUR IMPORTED CAR AND MICHELIK zX Built lo last, Michetln 7X is belled w i t h steel f o r resistance to wear . . . p o w e r f u l road grip ... precision conlrol. Make s u r e you change up to M i c h e l l n Z X . l t H T n u m b e r o n e KK *0,OJO H I1.E Vi'fcTIH AflTY ",Kh*]in'i Vi'jrrr.t/ lor ^X P*i«rtj?r litt j.ctot /-rjitj. D f d i crsirjnd (ji Mi^t:in'j txilirp,li«d V fWttT.UTS oi ivifrnK J m !«»j! Allenlion Fuel Savers: You can save up lo 10°/« of your gas consump- lion for more miles per qaElon of gas T h i n k R a d i a I . . , a n d Look to the Leader MICHELIN ; CENTRAL T I R E DISTRIBUTORS ' 315 W. Mountain 442-5342 ,, snle prfec, fi horse Ward Tiller. T\v r afler 5:00. 521-2VM. ' with wlstte vinyl top, opera v bcauLiful car. JBSS. Will consider tra 0 751-1477, 4 WJIEKL Drive, 73 Fnrd Brw.on, V new, irony CXUP.T, J3700 firm, call e, 4TiI ask for room 136. J ' 3W5 SCOUT 4 wheel drive, fi.OOO ml rtcluxe Interior awl wim, mud an.l s el crs, mu.U sell. |5 ( ISO. Cat! 4-I3-W31 ]] 521-S179. ·73 .MODET, Oio-rt)!*!, C-«0 Sorics Hu S(acf-.i, +42-7W7. nUNfP trucks (or rent -- 6 yard lr « 1Z) r-er day. 1 yard truck 130 r*r Inquire nt Ksmt Atito .^ilcs, 303 PH SitMxJ. 531 OCW, 170 1MPALA Oievrrtcl, 2 tfrxir hard Clean, one nvRor, S« «t «S FJMW nr Mil STt-WH. cti prwiri sir, hucko1«, nnR9, **«ty-b It, n*w Ures, evh^uit, hraJtfs and hat M, Very rtepovdahle. (1,693. WfWW. e in?*. OD 1055 IJOIX-.K « tcfi plrhup- *»0. ? ^«j 521-1CTO aftcir 6:CO. rH. t'HKVY pickup with camper, very 1 condiUon. ntw tiro* and painl. awxpt trndp. Call -H2-W12 a f t e r 3. J OUS CWlasj. IVxly IwH. rcwls i t ' , cap arvl sonw -other lxtl J woik. ns'good. LWV nrlcaw. J7O1, Inquire 103.53. School St. Aulo Sates. R I'Altillng and b«ly work- lUviswi- lc Kr« estimates and all week suar- SA ecd. Phono 751-7125. ^ S your' nulo Itisuranoe been can- -ed. nnd nrMnc record. DWI, ^c. We 2 i ^vritfl your 'Insurance at a reasonable ne e. C^all 521-fSUO, 5214522; evcnlitfs «3- vril 7. RM29A. . ~ WANTED j j ·'Cars ind I'rucHa for Parti "^ Any Make «r| M *^ el ' Curry and Warford Auto SalVM* *° · ' Phone 443-24B1 » 2 -- Machinery Farm w Equipment 44 \NTED lo buy -- Ulg Iilrtinian chain Y pe Iccdc-r s^lrm lor~heo\-' layera. K slem mu.5t consist of 1 Hoppers and flO [eel o[ chain and trougli. Call B39- A 08. · st 0 CASE Irach lo-idrr, po-,vcr shift. Coco -*id ITJoo. Phone -V12 6S59. A VTEItPILliAR Dcraer D-6. For informa- VV1 OT asD-awa. : _ ^ llily or gooseneck irailw, vvilh rides. - !ro ne«J Irrigation enuipmeot nnd pipes. 5 16137. m \\'O VI mile irrigation sj-Gleins, K«xl ^ ondition. Phone -M24SM, [j arris " Aulo Sales, Boswr, Arkansas. A 3_Uvestock -- For Sate « hone 443-1143 after 5-.OD. jj 4 RACE HORSES 2 year old St Milan by GO MAN GO V«r old Aiding by AZUHE TE Y*ar old stallion by LADY DUOS MOON Year o'd stallion by GO STOCKING iOod condition-- Heads 1 lo 'go to p,irnm- jil race (ravk. All 4 horses for SIO.COO. For further informition, call Ml-2316. Eniroducing - Flrel time In Arkansas AT STUD JOE DON REED ReEistPrerf Quartcrhorse Sorrell. Sftxrk- inqs blaie flaxen mane and tail. SinnR colls with ccnlirmalitHi, d'spositioii and ^peed. tJoc) Is the ire ol Taiian Joe, one o fthe lop Jumping horses in the n Lion Visitors welcome. Booking avail- b e . · . BOB F I T Z H U G H Tit. 6, Ml. Comfort Hd,, Fay. Phone 521-TTaS lead. Phoise S!4-K»Hi. WANTEH3 to rent, nature for 2 lo 3 horses. Phone after 5:00 4434243. HORSE SALE McDonad County' Livestock fttarkel ' Jaiic, Missouri Monday, April 19, 7:30 p.m. r vou have fat hroVe hrws to buy or se . att«x1 IMS sale. BRIGHT VIIt-\T STJtAW-- WIKH 'lllOJ. DELIVERED SU15 BALE, DO1-\S NOISE\VATEH. 613-2474, crhoise. Bert, Oklahoma Star, and Poco Bucno breeding. For Information, call D R N E D H E R E F O R D BULLS sir Service Age lew RAGSDEU FARM DE Prairie Grove 846-3583 [D!,E galled fiolden P.ihmlno, very a ridne ho«c, good with riiHdren, Oir 1 Kl 33-16, Evonfngs. · coo v, pads and bridlw. aU for 1650, or ;.. sell .s?[vira!Hy. W -3569. Ile n'jECT lo 'rt-guMor. A beautiful'. 2 [*]" r giccn broke coll. AAAptus Moc^- ».- as. MOO. Hcgisicred niare, AAA breed- :. ^^^^^^^^Ll^^L^^. W: t-rDogs, Cats Pets Jtnts, red and while, black, and Tri- 2i ots tor sale. Sumo lull jrrmvn dos*. ^87B. . HF rk, Reasohalite ralcj. Board inj? and p] lining also available, Cynlh!a Johnson. sa Z-B592 or 413-3141. ^j. )UNC Old EnglL* Sheepdog,, female, y,. 0. Thonc 521-1257. : j^ C ENGLISH Bulldog puppies, grand )J- rei, S Ivor Spurs and Ilig Ren, 7 H-ectat, 00 up. Prairie Grave. Ark. M 23-12. f: KC- RliXHSTBHETI miniature Dach- f n unds, 6 wks, (iret pupp' shots, and p irmcd. 731-2373.. f r UXEU l*uis -- Male and ferrtaJo. F.ISVTX B" VOW whilo American Esldmo, male. 11 i; MS, old. loves children, has Jiad shots, * vm 9 to a -- .ual! 2673323 after 1 G n. ask for T. C. Torter. )a \ic lti'XJ[STEnci Boxers, ready tfl g w ay la. *75 lo $1CO. 442-T7ft3. ^ KC na=nxN T«rricr ; puppfes. well ] c inrtied, some toys, S«J KICS. Plait's, ^ 4G-217Q. ' * n KC Black and tan DACHSHUND puji- ^ {PS, Call 751-01-19 after 6 p.m. or TSfi- \ 983 IwJore 1:00 p.m. XW GROOMNIO -- All breeds -- » I way IS E. -- Ptiono : 521-5331 or U3. 511 . ' - , . . 25-- Home Needs -- For Sale 'OR SALE-K«nnoru wa£hcr arxl do'er. Jttc«l!ent cwrdilion. J300 or- boat otter. l rore 521-2257. own, SI2 monthly. Goody«ar Service lore, phone 442«Z!2. lEAUTIFUIj orange apricot snd jfl ow izaleas for Easier and hanging baskets, alueberry plants, rhatod«idnxi5. 'Open rtaj-s a week, Ed Brown' Blurtpny 3fll ailty, AH. Phone 7S9-28M, 9 PIECE Walnut (lininR room "set, M50, \ r or- good condition. Phone K1-JG15. BEDDING SALE -- We are stacked to he rafters vvllh nil sites of nrthopcflic Iwddiris! Selection acid prices havo never been belter, full size oil hoped ic mattress And I»x springs mly J99.a5, Qucc-n size sets ' in' Rood hrm grade only $149.95 and king size ortho'podic sets only 1199,03! F.-Z Terms AvflifaWe. UFS/Unllcd Freight Soles, Hvvy. 62 W. Faj'rtte^ELc. Open 9 SIon.-Fri,, tUl 6:00 Sat. NEW SOFA AND CIIAfR SHIPMENT. Tiial's right vv* have jasl rcceivt-rt a hrand new shipmpnt. frf brnuU Cul sofa anO chair seLs In a wit« raricty 01 colors and styles. Friers range from $133.35. . . $130 M EM9.M lo »299,95 nnd aim some beauliful colte* and cud tab!cj starting ' a t -only $10.95 *ach. t^sh or Terms. m'S/lJn'ricd Frdght Sales, 11 wy. 63 W. Fayctleville. Open 3^9 Mon.-Fri., till G:00 Sat, , 1ARGE DINIKG TtOOM SltlPNTENT -Has jus* arrived a'nd you mw have a super MJkctton on any slyle r site you may netd. Great buys swh as cli!n/i c^ binds af low as (165.95. 5 plei.'e din r-lie sets only !79,K, all wood 5 plecr dining Kom jcls only $239.01 nnd much more fiish or Torms Available. UFS/ UnJled FreiKhl Sales, fl«-y- 62 W. Fay eUeville, Open 9-9 Mbn.-Fri.. Ull fi:M Sat. · - %· T , T " ^ - ^ r ; ' ' ^ T i '*. "V ~ ^SERVICE DIREC 1 larfic oaK iti«acr-lypc chcal i vcrs 170. I cocktail fnbie. CO" In Ui, MO. 1 Kocarl, I1M. Ca31 521-311J r 12:00 noon. 170 E, Prospcd. ' NNIS HOME FURNISHINGS OUTLET STORE 327 So. School Phona 443-2163 no by and sc« our lino selection of d lumiluie, s- 2 ptocfl sola and chair, good covers. e J50 : IlM n llJSs, Hegular r29.M Now .. J198S I ny duly vlncllcs I -Hcis. KPod covers. Only . .'. : J33.33 · ·xl chest o( drawers start Ine a* lo-A 1 na I 05. . ' 1 ed IhinjJ room suifc starting *s low at I -*· Good tclcrtion of uicd tteim-- I Some Antiques I -irtrt*S.V^i^^«WN^V^^^^S^«^^"^^W^ I i -- For Sale -- Miscellaneous j IN'Z 1J70 tomalo plants. 5c each or 1 00 per 100. E4G-3J5\. | YER SIZE, breeding stock rabb'.ts lot i e. Alter 1:00 P.M. call (VKJ973 or 1 XC69. I MA'UT Contexetice desk. Walnut cr«- 1 nza. low piiced. Desert Sand c«dema 1 lh wins Secretary Desk and Executiva | sk matching. Best bun? En stain. Type- ! Ttora !C3 up adders $13 up, Ace Oific* ! luipmcnt. Springdale. diagonally across 1 m Apollo llioalrc facinR West. TJTO i CHE\ r Y CAR parts. Sandbuggy iinc, 3-sieed transmission, lluick m-- | ne, 110. Ono lurse dialr. Cal! 5214568 \tiF, hopecliesl, one year old, like new. j. IVaEier, needs repair, $M. Ptrr.c 521. 33-l£W N. l.c-veroU H A . MIIJFJ'J mw li11er 6 HP. 575. Rulinjt I ISTI unr-iw J165. 6x27 cam? trailer 1750, j 0\1NG-- Must sell : hevv 7 R. diameter d velvet round bed. 2 matching icO miw, riidal wardrobe. Gold whifa , pestrj- bechprMd. GaraEP dtw arxl Tiu- serous Items left over Ironi remodclJiyiL 'EDUING fountains, wedriine : arches, ·yslal and silver punchbowls, t crystal, Iver Eon'iccs. table lin«is (doth anil y. All Rents Sates Center. 442-5332. ^ KmnV Vacuum with alt. in perfect xxiditlon 170, or Hoover upright, real lice J2i. ClaH Wl-6045. XILOR TV 13" ' Seivj AJr crondiHoner 3,500 BTU new, dinciltc set, ottoman' 3 ·riawa.)' bed!, siiots 9W) new, suilSj lacks, sW rt.i, be 1 Is, large. Heat mas- ager aun lanip, nicdicinc diesis, pro- , paie tanks, 9 acres on Sfcellon Si. 413- SfiD. JOHNSON grass and fescue hay.. 112 133U "JTRAW for. sato. Phone 412-5151. USED RAILROAD TIES - traitor load miiiimutn. .C4Q5 321-2951. STRETCH-STITCn ' ^L\CH1NE S'39-M. Thai's ri£ht jwi c^n buy a brand new 1V1HTE onsolidated Inds. SRTETClt- STITClt' seising machine thai docs hut- onhdes, rlams, monograms and se\v a icavj' material for only JJ3$.K. Th;a machine is nationally advertised tor over f3jO 00 and carries a 23 Year PARTS and LABOR Guaran1«C. Hurry while supply lasts. E-Z Terms. UFS/Hnitcd FrclEhl Sales .Kwy. 62 \V. Faycttcvilte. DPMI 39 ,Mon. Fri.. till 6:00 Sal. !25, Hraa open arm .wring marhlne, HO. Rwglpr 500 slant otiulic. S60. Mobile home whccJs, dontils and 5-hrte, JIS each Son) 1 under daOi oasrelte player, I4, Fonder Teleoastor guitar. J3CO. Marshall amplified. JIM. Antique print trns's, (10. (^r lop luEfiiEC carrier. J23. Cal 4128813. . BEDROOM FUBNITURE -- Pickup from a nl«i iclecilon ot ai] tvood bedroom fumitiiFp at super pr;e*s. For examjfle a bwiulirul solid oak 4 piece bedroom s«t for only J2M.95. Many more and nil sets are all wood construction. E-Z Tt-rrns Availabte. UFS/Urfl«J Frei^it Sale.% Hsvy. 62 W. Fayeltevill*. Open 9-9 Men. Fri,, Ull B:00 Sal. OAK shavings d umpert out side your houw For J35 a Liwd. Sawdust also available. Phono -m-MOO. -·'-LL \ £- } TORYTOI j y r - , - ^ ~~ ^ · ' * r ** -r * c , y ^ * ,, ! * « , - ^ --Air Conditioning -- FOR AIR CLEANERS. AIR CONDITION ING HEATING AND inJMIDtt'IERS CALL SIIELTON SALES AND SERVICF 442-KHO WHAT'S a heal pump? Call Psscnal Air CcnJitlonlnB. 7SW1S5. COmmerein R«« ldcnllalSa!c3 t Service, all make* -- Antiques -- FimNITUHE nESTOHATIONS by S!BV na%Hj. Relimshlng, repairs, experience- iourh up, antliiies 303 W. Kckiou. 52 M75. Asphalt Work -- PARKIKO . lota and ffrlvewaya bnflt fl repaired crave] hauled. Motor (?ta« wark TimlSw" Asphalt Ca 521-3i70. -- AutomotivR -- RADIATOR REPAIR ENGINE REPAIR, Brakes, Tun ips, electrical. Bob Mayw Aulo Servio Marlin Mayes. -- Bulldozing -- Bacfchoe and Tractor Work - l^f" Ing - Leveltog - Damp" tck Work FMtlDEK l«fi and t«o»i J, C. JOOM « 6680. - -- Carpenter -- QUALITY worV on nddilltirvs, rcmodelln (exterior and interior) nxflnsr. stor Irork and fireplace Call Joe Hen RJ0212S or Tim ChiXe 83326*1 CARPENTRY. ROOFING, PAINT1N Panellns Eh M! rock, aluminum s-a . S Sir \ld7n8- Windows, dcors, ad Hons Rcleroncw. Ray RaRrfale. «3-7 rp you are INTERESTED ID tha B Cabinet Work. Homo Building, Kerned inj? r or TEXTURED CKTLC^GS call * REMODELING, carport additions - p los -- hOTisa leveling - roonnj? -- p»i Inl: Phone 4134075 or iil-7113. !c --Carpet Cleaning -- m SPUING CI,RANING7 CC Trotes* Caivet fflwim Cleaning nt Itw low H( , prices in area. Phone 412-«6t. ^; -ConTrt« Werk- IIOUSE flogrs, pltlMr drive MHJ^, fi lie walks and rwrtines. call Jim Slave Mjl R30-3254 alter 5:00. TT ' Oualrty Work K/ ,P Call Bolby r/n^, 5214932. 71p ' MACK MINER Concrete Conslrarl c t Piillo, OriTeiwya, Helalnin? Walls, U menu. Drjiiiane. No Job too small. ,mr ansUmo «3-431o, S21-OM9. ncs U NEED - (TO W CuNarKlKJl'l Drlvewayi Maunry. PaUo, Flatw uck carptnlry. Rc1alntn(t wain, rtr*lrjgt. ,v l« ZlmmenMB - AnA Miner M2- S«; 4433135, DependaWB Servlc* op, ^ 1 £ ·ood 4r» CASK Crawler with Ironl end oa fc 5 I'd. dump Irnck. Some ftf the lop Boll In NW Arfcinjns, 4IJ 1223. i ?£: tiinfl ' ' · (ry. TOP SOU, I,ITFSTONF, gravel and E ·en- deJivoMd. Tor hire, cni5(rArtorsll n Duncan, 413 -WC6 «ft*r 6:00, -- Dirt, Gravel, Top Soil -- STEVE Harris -- Backhoe worfc.-- itT Eoll. Bank and creek gravel, till dirt septic tank and lateral lines Installed -H299W. -- Ditch Digging -- nrrcinvrrCH trenching for 'water, gas electric, drainage, etc. Narrow. M" dee trench, a** ft. Minimum Job, $25. Gre i BACKHOtt and Pump Tnich Work. loh -- Exterminating -- * Experienced Servle* for quality conlro J Call 756-6514. - - Fence - FARM FEXCINO, corrala Mfl loa din chutes Fre* estimates. Call Jack W« ·- broot el TSl-7530 or .751-7533 * Garden Plowing. + - !AnUEN piowin?, harrovlng, hrush ho gine. discing, yard Ievel!n(r, sallsfad ( - guaranteed, quick service. Phon* 44 - -- Garden Tilling -- GARDEN TILLING with Iwsavy tiB C or ion-jce, Ilaollng. 44J-XH7, r. --Grinding -- rT OZARK Grindiiyi Ser\lce. 65? Hantsvl ltd. K1-3000: CacMde Jtc hicn spwfl loo :T garden tools, chain saws, hand wa ^ scissors, r a r« cnlUiig knfvM, K. -- Handyman -- 91 fencing -- H!e - hauling - tree trl rt. mlnB - Yards -- Free Estimate* -- O '*, Job«, Erc«ll«it rrfeieocci Ken Host 4(35407, ai- -- Hauling -- TRASil HAULING -- TREE TR1MMINC Call before 8 a-tn. or aJlct 7 p.m., 4 ,,, M». rt -- House Design · -- · CONTEMPORARY iroose Design -- Cc plctc plAnninS unices -- Rpmorfcl'ng ~T new cntvrt ruction. Post OIMcc Box 1. -- Horticulture -- ECOTXWY ENTER PIUSES INC. aixn-- Hn? tha opening of out vrtvMewile d °" H Kro-.vlTiF mwlla, and will mlT an? ns *; lo soar sp«rt flcailons. Open R to 331 Tonday thru Friday Phone 52LM70 cubic feet vermlcalil*. W50, cnhlc «V F peal mo«, 7.». 100 Ibs. hamas p (1 Z Jhs. topsoll, TSc. Tlse corner riM Ml. Om/ort Road and Rnpple L*n -- · -- Landieaping -- ,](.[· fertilizing. ftxHinjf. sccrin?, tree lor v«i «r^l rcmiwul, For (rc« csdmnirs Ky. WAVIIP, Ml 1WO. TO PLACE AN AD I N T IIS * rA SPACE WOULD COST ONLY 417.70 PER MONTH -- Lawns Gardens -- COMPLETE lawn and yard care, service. Mowing, edging, trinini:ng, anjlhins. Call 456'2S67 or 4H6-SJM, Hsk (or Chuck Ogle. - QUALITY HousepalntinB Inside and out, · Satisfaction guaranteed. · For free csll- P mate, call collect, Llr.coln 8245673. - references U needed. For free e.«imat« n rail mawa or 521-132^. - ANY t;ind of p.iinling inside or oui. Fre» cstimalcs. Work fiiaranleed Jell Darker, _ 511-3033. L Fabrication and Distrlbtflon. AI! typa* · ot plastJcs. Prototypes made to yoar spa- dllcallons. Special orders. Free consults* lion, STountaln Plastics. Inc. 511-3ET79. TO PLACE AN AD IN T11SS 8 SPACE; WOULD COST ONLY *' (17.70 PER MONTH -- Plumbing Service -LIGHT Pi.uMniNo sr-mvics E- Call 4434336 ffl TACKITT'S PLUMBING CO. SPACE WOtII,n COST ONLY $17.70 PER MONTH ~ ilcCOYS HOOFINf! -- Ail lyjvs of n»f- ng v.i\h I year (vriUwi jruarantee. For ' U roofcs, OstTic r. *. ROOFING, nil Unas, ffaarantced, (re« esUmate*. PJiona 7S1-«6S8. Bob Entwnht. --Security Guards -- m ' ally licensed uniformed guards. \vaQ- M aWe Immedlattlj 14 hour sen-let. "· 4127530 ~" TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACK WOULD COST ONLY ,_ J17.TO PER MONTH «. --Tractor--- BILL'S TRACTOR SERVICE Call after 3 p.m. 521-5421, m a PAUL'S TRACTOR SERVICE 85, PHONE S2I-2CW ~~ TRACTOR SERVICE PIX)W1NG, discing, brushhoBElns, l^arRi JJ --Tree Service -- · *°J' TOR complete Iree slump rcmK'al, 3 : Irimmlnf!, shAping. ibrubs trimmed, call , ; Ray's Tree A Slump Service, We«* ^^ Fork, BMZilS. (N.W. Ark,) eat. MYFJH.O TREE SERVICE o UMT^ed, Free estimates, hisyred. SprAy- - Ins -- [rimming -- topping -- removal*. portence, 41M4Tfi. Mnfi SPACE WOULD COST ONMf call 11T.70 PER MONTH CALL (lane Owper for eomjilcl* venetun bllr«1 *^rkj ThOM 4430334. HO EaJt Prc«P*d. Fty«l*YllI*, Act

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