The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 28, 1906 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1906
Page 3
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HOWE- SEEKERS' RATES CUE FARE PLUS S2 Kor tho round 1 riji with minimum of 17 every Tuesday during 8epUmib'T, Oi'lolier, November, nml ]>eeenil>er, JWi, inclusive from St. 1'mii ami Minneapolis to points in Minnesota, North Dakota, Manitoba, Western Ontario and the Canadian Northwest nn<1 on tin 1 first ;tm! third Tuesdays during Septemln-r, October, imd Nnvemlier, l!«ki, to points in Montana and Idaho, Norlheast,- ern Oregon, Eastern Washington and Eastern British Columbia. Bee the finest agricultural lands in the Great Northwest. Low- rates afford an excellent opportunity to secure a farm in a rich and growing country, where yields are large, where excellent markets are near at hand and where irrigated districts present splendid opportunities and sure crops. Tickets bear final return limit of 21 days, with liberal stopover privileges. Go West via tho Northern pacific Jietwee.n St. Paul and Minneapolis nnd Hie Pacific Northwest. A. M. Ci.*v<l*nl>, GBN. PPS. AGENT. ST. Pnui.. •»!««. j For free booklets f and Information ' about Innd write (-,. W. MOTT, Con. ""Emigration Apt St. Paul, Mlon. Kor rntcs and Information write D. B. GARDINER, Dist Pas. Agt,, 306 MtaftouMi TRUBTBLDQ. ST. Lou IB, Mo. son FL ?i IDfi ^fall RETURN Oct. !6th arid Nov. 20th, SOUTHERN RY., FKOM ,- ST. LOUIS To all points except Jacksonville and Key West, and points within a radius of 25 miles of Jacksonville, and points on the Florida East Coast Hy.; also to many points in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virgina. Tickets good 30 cJavs anil allow stopover ]>rivi- leg-es going- and returning. ONE FARE PLUS $2 FOR HOUND TRIP To practically all points in the Southeast on same dates, with same limits, but no rate will be higher than $20. On Sept. 4th and 18lli, Oct. 2nd and 16th, Nov. Gth and 20th, tickets will be sold to Florida East Coast points and practically all points in Florida and the" Southeast at one fare plus $2 for the round trip, g-ood 30 days, Write for particulars to - J. C. BEAM, JR., Asst. Gen. Passenger A-»-ent, SOUTHERN RAILWAY, St. Louis, Mo. S4O.OOO in cash premiums will be awarded at the MISSOURI STATE FAIR SEDALIA Sept. 29th»0ct. 5th You certainly want to see the Biggest, Brightest and Best Fair ever held in Missouri. Very Low Rates from all points in .Missouri For tickets on sale Sept. 28th to October 4th, good until and including October Sth, 1906. Be sure your ticket reads via theM.K.&T. Ry. Sh'uttie- train service between Sedalia and the State Fair grounds. THE M. K. & T. Missouri, Kansas & Texas Ry Dr. Frances M. Singer Osteonafhic Physician Successor to Di. Genevieve F. Laugbllu F1TZPATR1CK BUILDING. 504 Washington St., Chillicothe, Mo TELEPHONE 444. CONSULTATION FRtE DB, H. M. GRACE, Physician and Surgeon. Rooms 3, 4 and 5. Wall- brunn building. Phones: Oflice 39S: residence 399. J. E« CALLAWAY, M.D Anv Chronic Ailment. Disease. Eve, Ear. Nose and Throat iriven special attention. Office in Walbruan ISld'fi Office Phone 57. Residence Pho-e 11. DR. W.H. PERRY, Hcmeopatb Office Rooms 1 and '2 Wallbrunn buiidinir. Residence 1542 west Cai- boun St. Office ohone, Ko. 531: residence ohonc. No. 593. Al! calls in citv and countrv answered promptly •'' v or night. 'ENWdYAlTiLLS -~^ THE DXAMVM* UOAXO. ladled! Ask J-our Druppibt for / rife He that knows, and knows that he knows is wise. Follow him. — Arabian Pr. He that knows Uneeda Biscuit and knows that he knows Uneeda Biscuit is well fed. Dine with him. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY ; DR.J.C.SHELTON, * . THE Oculist and Catarrh Specialist Limits bis practice entirely to Sur- ft«ry and Diseases of tin; Eye, Car, Nose, & Throat, And the correction of Errors of Refraction by Scieotific Fitting of Glasses. -;- IJncterioscoplc nnd Blood exinnin.-i- tioi.sninde for Physicians who are not prepared to make thuin. Oilic-overGLOUK & MILLER 718 Washington St. Ohlllicotho, Mo. Telephones: Offlre. in: Res. 355 •I-K-X-H-I-H' !-;-H-1 M-I-1 I 'I-H-I' f*l?i!II<;o(:l7<? I aupdry The products of this Laundry will correspond nicely with Asphalt Streets and Electric Cars. We cater to the trade that knows. proprietor. Thev act like Exercise •H-5--H-W-;| DAVIS & SONS, | ATTORNEYS AND ^ COUNSELORS. £ •}• $ Notary always in office. £ f. Office: 516 Washington j; I St., Chillicothe, Missour :: THE SOUTH LOOUST ST. LIVERYMEN have added to their stock the finest Funer-al Car ever brought to Chillicothe^' Besides doing- a gen ral liverj- business, they frive special attention 10 funerals. They also make carriage calls (day or night) to any part of the city or county. Telephone 150. 410 S. Locust St. I $ He Was Not Found. MY. Robert Miller was the man wearing the Patriot $4.00 Star Brand shoes last Saturday. He was not asked about them, so we will have someone else wear a pair Saturday; September 29th, find the right person and get a pair of $4.00 shoes free. You had better ask the man wearing the old as well as the new. G. D. Brant & Son. NICK RAY'S Bus, Baggage &. Transfer Line. I am now located at M. W. Litton T s Livery liarn. All Calls will be promptly attended to. J OFFICE - - - - 3M TELEPHONES J! IlKSIDEXCB - - 43 HENRIETTA HOTEL Xo. 40. -I-I-I •; •! 'I 'H-H- H-I-H-I Annie F. Hurxthal Stenographer Notary Public Fire Insurance Postollice Building 1 , Chillicothe. M Phones, office 31S: residence 005. ••• -r-H--FM"M"M"M I I M-I-H-I-M-M-M' I. N. Page I LAWYER $ '.507 Washington Street, J It..;..;.,; .;..;..;„;.,;.;..;.;,;.,;..;..;..!. i ; ; ; ; ;..l-+ '25 to Pacific Coast Points Dafly to October 31. One-way, second-class tickets on sale via Rock Island Lines every day until October 31, li'OO. $25.00 from Kansas City and all points in Kansas to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland. Ta. coma. Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver. The Rock Island runs Tourist Sleepers daily on fast thru, trains. Fine dining car service. Your choice of two excellent routes. Write today for illustrated Tourist, folder. conlaininf-' full details and map. J. A. STEWART, Gen. AKtftt Passenger Depirtment KANSAS CITY,;MOT ALL NEXT WEEK. 18 —PLAYERS—18 GAR LOAD OF SCENERY 32 WEEKS IN ST. JOE OPENING BILL. THE MILITARY 1UIAMA— CUMBERLAND 61 HIGH - CLASS VAUDEVILLE BETWEEN THE ACTS. ILLUSTRATED SONGS AND MOVING PICTURES. iA 4(1 Ofl Cfl PTC IU'CU*UU'9U bid. V- I I"H- H-M-I-H-I-M"! 1 1 'I 1 •' I 'I"I - I"M"I Ladles Free on :«> and W cent tickets ) Monday NiRht. - Usual conditions. UNION PACIFIC DIDN'T GET GIRL'S CONSENT. Columbia, Mo., Sept. 27—In the list of marriage licenses issued by the Boone county circuit clerk ap- BRYAN AGAINST INTERVENTION: Little Kock, Ark., Sept. 27— While on the way to Little Rock Memphis yesterday Mr. Bry peared the names of John E. Spil- ! an nhatted at length with a news- lane and Miss Iva Dennis. But! paper man on the train. In reply to there will be no marriage. Both questions, he said : are of marriageable age, Mr. "The rate bill is a matter to Spillane being -10 years old. j which I have not given a great There will be no wedding because j deal of thought as yet, and 1 canr Miss Dennis says: j not at this time express an opin- "Why, he got the marriage license without my consent." Miss Dennis was not sure as to the spelling of the proposed groom's ion regarding its possible efficacy. Whether it will accomplish a great deal depends somewhat upon the railroads themselves. name,but said she thought .it was j Heretofore they have resisted to "Jack Spillane." Tho tiame appears on the marriage license as John E. Spillauo. Miss Dennis is an attractive young woman. Her father, a plumber, called at the circuit clerk's office to state that MISFCmTUNE Every one has a hereditary right to a pure blood supply, whict insures a strong, healthy body; but how many do we see who-have inherited that greatest of all misfortunes, Scrofula, and are stnt£?!i:ij under a legacy of disease and suffering? Scrofula is n. constitutional trouble handed down from parent to child, a curse from generation to generation as long 83 *Ji^ scrofulous matter is allowed to remain in the fa::iily b'mod. As the very- foundation of the blood is diseased we see this awful affliction manifested in many ways, such as enlarged glands or tumors about the neck, which his daughter had not sent to any wedding, also a plumber. la these days of rush and hurry courtesy is often forgotten. In the mad, pell mell rush of our life little things are done to offend that we rather remained undone. A hastily eaten meal and its resultant headache may cause us social or financial loss. The wise man or womani is tho one who relieves little ills of this sort by a little- dose of KODOL for DYSPEPSIA. It digests what you eat and puts your stomach back into shape. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. LORA~ON~"REfURN TRIP. Kansas City. Sept. 27—The steamer Lora, carrying a full cargo of mixed freight for points between here and the Mississippi river, started today on its return trip to St. Louis. Qus Hanson, mate of the Lora, which made its initial trip last week, said before starting: "I'm glad to see the river traffic on the Missouri starting up again. It will, I believe, mean better wages for river men." "• the last ditch, aud successfully, too. any effort at control. "Threats of government owner ship were used by the Presiden to secure the passage of a rate bil But I doubt that this will compe given con- them to obey the law. The powe Spillane is of tho railroads is so great tba the individual is practical!} powerless against them, and th alternative of government owner ship may yet bo invoked." "What are your ideas regardini Cuba?" was asked «Mr. Bryan The Nebraskan's brows wrinkled and ho said with great emphasis: I object strenuously to armed intervention. I believe that t intervene at this time would lool like an effort on our part to take the island. Tnis course I .strone:- ly adyiso against. I would be mistake at this time to give the world any cause to believe or suspect that we have any desire to annex the island to the United States." On closing tho interview, he dealt with tho general outlook He said: "Developments from time to time now show a tendency toward a return to democratic principles." THE TEX.VS WONDER Cures all Kidney, Bladder and Rheumatic troubles. Sold by all druggists or two months' treatment by mail for SI. Dr. E. W. Hall. 2926 Olive street, St. Louis, Mo. Send for Mo. testimonials. If j'ou like Coffee but dare not drink it, try Dr. Shoop's Health Coffee. It's true that real coffee does disturb the Stomach, Heart and Kidneys. But Dr. Shoop's Health Coffee has not a grain of true coffee in it. It is satisfying, wholesome and harmless even to the youngest child. Being made from parched grains aud malt it forms a food-like drink,yet having the true tlavor of Old Java andj Laughlin. McLaughlin was an Mocha Coffee. Sold by P. T. Abell old soldier, who deserted his wife, Rebecca, in Pennsylvania, and coming to Kansas with a young woman named Annie Scott, married her and lived with her 30 years, raising eight children. Upon,hie death tho second wife, who says sha knew nothing of his TWO wwEssA HALVED Wichita, Kan., Sept 27—Federal Judge Pollock rendered a de- :iaion yesterday in an unusual case that came up from Cominan- che county. It was the result of an alleged aigamous marriage by James Me- and E. J. Barney back. WABASH RATES If you want to go to New York now is the time, the rate is very low, first class tickets and first claps service. Homeseekers excursions. One fare plus §2 for the round trip, tickets on sale first and third Tuesday of each month, limited for return 21 days from date of sale. W. E. CKEAJIER, Agent. Hard to Kind. It would be hard to find a rcore perfect curative medicine for disordered digestive organs than that gentle tonic digestant, aud torpid liver regulator, kno%vn as DR. CALDWELL'« (LAXATIVE) SYRUP PEPSIN. No other medicine has its specific power over these delicate and important organs of your body, upon which you have to depend for energy to carry on your daily work. It cleanses, digests, stimulates and euros. Sold by all Druggists at 50c and SI.00. Money back if it fails. KANSAS CITY AND RETURN FOR $3.00 via the Burlington route. On sale Sept. 30th to Oct. (ith inclusive good to return not later than Oct. Sth. For further information call on or address, JR. B. JORDAN, Agent. A. cold taken at this time of the year is generally hard to get rid of but it will not be able to withstand Bee's Laxative Honey and Tar, That will cure all colds, coughs, croup, whooping cough, etc., by driving them out through the bowels. If you have a cold, try it and if not cured get your money back. No opiates. Sold by tho N. J. Swetland Drug Co. Ben Broyles and James Ward cf Chula transacted Duainess in the city Friday. You can Surely Secure Heart Health and Strength through Dr. Shoop's Restorative. Heart weakness which can be dealt with nt all is nerve weakness. Just as your liund trem- biea when its nerves are -.v<-ak. when your heart nerves are weak your heart llutters and palpitates. Other siu'ns are shortness of breath after siitrht exercise: fulnuni.'."pells: pain or tenderness about the heart caused by irregular heart actions chokintr sensa Atiou as if the heart was in the throat: uncasr/a^ sensation in tho chest, showinp tha' •workine right on one sioTt side, bnt fre vifht, painful brca thins feeling, solutely onto treuL a , That is to patural an< strensrthtoi Imagine how any- , done? Dr. Shocp's bring back the heart isn't pain when you lio usually the left q u e n 11 y the and difficult mothered There is ably one way iveak heart, br ineback permanent nerves. Can you thins else can ba It'siorative will _ _ __rcni,'htotho jie'a'rt "nerves always.W There ia nothing in this remedy to stimu- late : uothictr that leads to reaction. The strength that u gives 13 natural nnd permanent. It. Is just the same strensth as Nature elves to those who are well. Dr. Shoop's Restorative (Tablets or Liquid) creates strength which ext;-nJs over tho whole inside nerve system—it overcomes! the causs tl ttf trouble as well us die result, Sola by ' lUVSWETUNDPRUGCO, previous marriage, applied for a pension and this led to the- discovery of wife No. 1. .^ The Court decided that the Pennsylvania wife was entitled to half the pstat.e and McLaughlin's children by his second wife were entitled to the other half, while the second wife was entitled to nothing, though it was largely through her efforts that the property was accumulated. If all dyspepsia sufferers knew what Dr. Shoop's Restorative would do for them, Dyspepsia would practically be a disease of the past. Dr. Shoop's Restorative reaches stomach troubles by its direct tonic action upon the inside nerves — the true stomach nerves. btoraach distress or weakness, fullness, bloating, belching. We recommend and sell Dr. Shoopjs Restorative. The N. J. Swotland Drug Co. MISS MARY THOMPSON DEAD. Deputy Sheriffs J. L. Thompson received a telegram Friday morning from his daughter at Mt. Gilo- ad, Ohio, announcing the death of Mr. Thompson's aunt, Miss Mary Thompson. Some time ago Miss, Thompson, who wae S'£ years old fell and dislocated her shoulder, which is thought to bu t.-iu direct cause of her death. — , 0 - 0 , . while a pallid waxey appearance of;the skin. ^3 of strength, Snd often lung affections show that the disease is entirely destroying- the rich, nutritive qualities of the blood. There is but one way to cure Scrofula and that ia to purify the blood and rid it of the germs of disease, and for fins purpose nothing equals S. S. S. Its purifying and building-up properties make it the ideal remedy for Scrofula. S. S. S. searches out and destroys ai: poisons and germs, gives strength, richness and vigor to the weak, polluted blood and cures Scrofula permanently. S. S. S. is a purely vegetable VEGETABLE me dicine, made from roots, herbs and barks and may be taken with absolute safety by young or^old. It so thoroughly removes the poison from the blood that no signs of it are ever seen, again and posterity is blessed with n pure blood supply. Boole on the blood and any medical advice desired without charge. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.. ATI.*?"**. GJ3. THREE D!E IN EXPLOSION La Motto, Mo., Sept. 27—A powder mill explosion, which occurred here late yesterday, killed three men and precipitated a panic in the public schools in which anum- ber of children were tramplsd and severely huri. Boone Thompson, Frederick Murray, and an unknown workman from Hannibal,Mo.,were kill- ed.The building was torn to pieces and the rest of the plant was only saved from being consumed by ;he hardest of work. Good for the cou^h, removes the cold, thecause of the cough. That's the work of KENNEDY'S LAXATIVE HONEY and TAR— the original laxative cough syrup 'ontains no" opiates. Sold by Mark's Pharmacy. UBLieS&LE on :it my farm. llcutlu-. on TUESDAY, QGT. 2, WILL ADDRESS TEACHERS. "n,m the Richmond Cons Tvator. Arrangements have been made or two entertainments for tho eachers of ftay county when they lold their meeting here next week. On Thursday evening at 7:30 'clock a recital will be given at Woodson Institute in their honor, ollowod by a banquet at Tho lichmond at 8:30 o'olock under tie auspices of the Commercial Hub. On Friday evening Presi- ent Allen Moore, of the Chilii- otho Normal, wi'l deliver an ad- ress. A sour stomach, a bad breath, a iasty complexion and other con- equences of a disordered diges- lon are quickly removed by the se of Ring's Dyspepsia Tablets, 'wo days treatment free. Sold by le N. J. Swetland Drug Co. ARTH QUAKTIFPORTO RiCO San Juan. Porto Rico, Sept. 27 —The city of San Juan experienc- d a series of heavy earthquake hocks today, beginning at 10:47 'clock. They increased in in- ensity and lasted thirty seconds, he terror stricken occupants of he shaking buildings fled to the ;rcets. Even the government uildings were deserted, but no amage has yet been reported, he alarm amone; tho people is ntense. A bath cleanses the skin and ids the pores of refuse. A bath makes for bettor fellowship and ;tizenship. Not only should the utside of the body be cleansed, ut occasional use of a laxative or athartic opens tho bowels and :ears the system of effete matter. ;est for this are DfiWITT'S LIT- 'LE EARLY RISERS. Pleasant ttle pills that do not grippe or icken. Sold by Clark's Pharma- y. Tin- fiillmviii:.'described property: One ".vntle biiiriry horse. 1 draft horsi'. 1 livL-y^iir-old jreldin" 1 , 1 om.'-yi'ai'-oii] ^rliliriq-. 1 four-year- old tn a re and colt, li milch cows, f> steer calves. - heifer calves, 45 ihoats. 4 brood sows, with pi.sfs by side, 1 thoroughbred Poland-China boav. 1 mower. '2 cultivators, .'t brciikin^- plows, '_' harrows.2 riikos. '2 wayons. 1 two-seated ciu-riaife. 1 rubber lire single bi;^L;-y, 4 sets (loabieliurnes.i. '2 sets single busrify iiai-nuss. 40 acres corn in Held, '20 trees of apples in orchard. Xi loads of dry .-.tovj wood. 1 Xewman llros.' ofi;-an. all my household and kitchen furniture ant! other things too numerous to mention. Col. i. E, KLEIN SHfer, Sue. FRESH EVERY DAY STENSLAHD IN BROOM FACTORY Joliet, 111., Sept. 27—Paul O- Stensland, the Chicago bank convict, was assigned to cell 22 in the east wing of the penitentiary today, and was put to work in the sorting room of the broom factory, where he will labor alongside of John A. Linn, the ex-clerk of the superior court of Chicago, under sentence of embezzlement. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of CHEAP EXCURSION TO TEXAS. The Stark, Averill Land Co., of )es Moines, la., will take in spe- ial sleepers for the Pan Handle of exas next Tuesday. Fare 320.00 ound trip, sleeper free, For fur- ier particulars see FRANK S. [ILLER at office back of Mansur ank. 27swld3 Inflammatory Cured in a v Morton L. [t.H. n! LKlmnun. Ind., says: -My wife hnil liiBnmmiuory Kli«uiuntlsm In uvorv musclu nnd Joint : IUT suffering was l.-jrnDit: ami hi;r Imrty mid TUCK wer« swollt 11 almost bisyoiiil ivei'(tnltl"n: hail bonn In bed for six weeks ivnd luid uluht Dhysk-luns, but rocelvocl mi bonettt until she tried the. Mysttc Oun for flheunnitl vliefMiul sin- wiisnlile to wiilkiilwmt In three ilnys. I inn suiv It suvcil her life." .S )!cl by N". J. Swetltiiul Imiu Company. Bee's Laxative Honey and Tar, he original laxative cough syrup, acts as a cathartic on the bowels. It is made from the tar gathered from the pine trees of our own country, therefore it is tho best for children. It is good for coughs, colds, croup, whooping cough, etc. it eavu immediate \ Try our free offer. Sold by the N. 'j. Swetland Drug Co. BIG Kroia I ho Mexico Ledger. Leavels vs. the St. Louis & Hannibal Railway was compromised JEAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. A.lonzo E. Brown has sold to J. S. Walby 80 acres of land in Chillicothe township for S5600. Edward S. Bailey baa purchased Thursday and brought to~a speedy j from G. H. Snidow 40 acres of con- land in Jackson township, conaid • end a trial that promised to sume the remainder of tho week, j oration §2400. The jury had been impanelled and the statements made by the ttorneys when the compromise halted tho case. nc' T ro girl by the name of Leave! was killed by a wreck on the aforesaid road during an ex- ^ cursion a year ago. The question [ that the matter hung on her i age. If over 18 and s-he had no one dependent upon h'-r no dam- a°e was obuinaoie. The suit was for SoOuO and was compromised at 82,500. CANDIDATES' CARDS The CONSTITUTION prints candidates' cards in any size or quantify. Prices reasonable; work the best. utf to You little knew when first we met That some day you would be The lucky fellow I'd choose let Pay for my Rocky Mountain Tea.—N. J. Swetland Drug Co. S. T. Robbins of Braymer was in the city Thursday evening the guest of friends. Pimples call for immediate treatment. There's nothing more offensive and dreaded than a pretty face covered with eruptions. The body must be kept perfectly healthy with Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea- Tea or Tablets 35 cents.—N. J. Swetland Drug Co. Tone the liver, move the bowels, cleanse the system. Dade's Little Liver Pills never gripe. Sold by tho N. J. Swetland Drug Co. As a dressing for sores, No woman's happiness can be complete without children j it is her nature to loye and want them as much so as it is to love the beautiful and pure. The critical ordeal through which the expectant mother must pass, however, is so fraught with dread, pain, suffering and danger, that the very thought of it fills her with apprehension and horror. There is no necessity for the reproduction of life to be either painful or dangerous. The use of Moth< r's Friend so prepares the system for the coming event that it is safely passed without any danger. This great and wonderful i remedy is always ap- bruises | p i; e( j externally, and I and burns, CHAMBERLAIN'S j has carried thousands SALVE is all that can be desired, j of women throujrh the It i" soothing and healing in itsef- | trying crisis without suffering. feet. Price, 25 cents. For sale by ' the MT. J. Svretiaud Drug Co,

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