Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 17, 1976 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 17, 1976
Page 9
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it'i^___ AWlE.UHYPON'TWU STOP MAKING THESE DUMB 8ASE8AU. CAPS? 7 it* '/- 00 50METHIN6 ELSE WITH WR EVENINSS... PO VOUR HOMEWORK, OR REAP OR SatteTHINS.,/ MARCIE? MARCiE? A (///.^//.A- l\ 'HM LINEV--· it I CAN TELL By ) Trie WAY ME'S J SETTUNS POWW ) ·rteS so/Me / TO 5NOKE r' /-: s^r «/ ^ 4-n I C V ' x - * " / y ^uf 2 HOKJ VOW KW7W7B//#K UKeiT, KERYDAY-ACHt- SK PUtlH'HWSONTHS .f YES.SIR. WE ALWAYS tlKS TOKAY me NA- nvsMUsic.OFVis/r/fie FOIW6N DIGNITARIES- YSKY wttTATHOMe! / fVl, J THINK YOU'tt UKB THIS NEXT · PiECm$iR f ff£ WHATX 8£UEV£ YOU CALL A OHtBQY- THEf's' ^^ /S HURRV UP DADBURN GRITS, WOMAN!! WOULD LIKE fl SECONT HELPING HONEY POT? HBRT*KIS6N' ROCK^ NOHMTH' RJLL WE'LL CAWP HERE TOWI_SUT, YOU PITCH MY TEPEE WHILE I SUPERVISE THE, OTHERS/ TAW6LEFOOT DOW't FOR6T/ Iffe CUSTOMARY tO PUT tHe CHIEF'S TEPEE ON UI6HER 6ROUMD THE OTHERS Believe li or Nat! Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Saturday, April 17, 1976 9 9 WORLD'S RAREST ANIMAL THE WIN, PART 60AI PARTCOtf, PART IS FOOr-lCl ONLY IM THE MOUNTAINS OF TIBET AMD /OO tN EXtSTEMCf? BAOBOB TREES FOVJNO W THE TROPICS, HAVE TtVHKS 30FKT Iff D«A1£m? i::'a;; : iri:, i-i: : i ;.:!::::'ii: 1 TM!;. :!i i;; IE. i!:: 1 *::'!;!: LESTER L. COLEMAN, M. D. New Drug Helps Control Asthma IN 16th AND 17th CENTURY EMGLAMR WOKE TMlRWEDCXMft WKJG CW THE/tZ THUMB IF1HIII1III1»«1II»I^ FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Look in the section in which, your birthday comes atid find what your-outlook is, according to the stars. FOR SUN. A P R I L 18. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20). Don't anticipate problems. Study, act, think in a careful manner. Mixed influences prevail, so he m i n d f u l . Avoid gossips and rumor-mongers. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) A sense of responsibility and nluc k will b e n£c tied now Situations may. not wprk out as expected. Don't pa'nic:; cautiously, knowingly. GEMINI (Hay 22 to June 21) step Keep emotions under conlro .nd do not make drastic icedless changes on Ehe snu if the moment. Be especial careful in your romantic in 'olvements. ;APRICORN T (Dec. 22 to Ja 10) A fine day for listening Something hinted at will be more importance than what actually said ; may put yo thoughts on an entirely (rack. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) A bit of daring could pay o f f now. Don't hesitate to try unique ideas, methods. You're thinking along the right lines. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Objectivity and a strong senF£ of realism needed. Don't look for much cooperation from others and don't count txi luck, to help you hurdle possible harriers to your goals. YOU BORN TODAY arp. highly individualistic, creative and possessed of driving ambition. You usually attain your ambitions, too, since your persistence and stamina arc out- of your emotions under all cir standing. In your relentless c u m s t a n c e s . Especially drivp toward success, you often favored: f a m i l y concerns outdoor interests. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Shun controversies You may ve lo do some extra maneuvering, revise some plans. Don't go too far out on a limb, however. Stability needed. CANCER (June 22 lo July 23) What is significant to you may not be to others, so be car.eful how you express you views and don't press fo results. LEO (July 24 lo Aug. 2.1) This day should turn satisfactorily if you are maste A new drug scorns Lo lie both, effective nKcl -safe in controlling attacks ol asthma in some children. The drug, mcla-protcrenpl snifote, is given by month in an ordinary syrup mixture. Dr. Milan L. Brandon of Snn Diego, has been trc;jfing a group of clulclren with Ibis d r u g as a substitute Eor ephedrine, now commonly in use. The results seems to be exciting and their .side effect. 1 ; are minimal. This hokls promise foi long-term treatment of some scs of childhood asthma. A physician anywhere in ...ruled States will soon be ablt pick up a telephone, dial 11-f ree n umh er wh ich v\ onncct hi m with a computer New Jersey a n d , within cconds, tell a patient sitlini bis office his probable risl developing eardiovascula seasc in the next eight, yars liis computerized system ha cen developed by the Gib; 'harmaceuticai Company. The system, known as car dio ial", was developed tn he' ihysicians treat patients wit ijgh blood pressure and hear isease. The function of the electron jmputerized system is to ed 1 ate and motivate 1 patients ontinue to take the medicim hat were prescribed for [her is well known t h a t more than per cent of patients with high ood pressure tend to drop out treatment because they are lawarc of the p o t e n t i a l risks their condition. It is believed that pliysiciani sing c a r d i o d f a l can help give atienls a belter understanding f their problems so tbaL tiiey ill continue medical treatment nd guidance. The control if bleeding f r o m he inner lining of the stomach the inteslines has always resented a difficult problem to octors. Tiny instruments with magni- ving lenses can be passed lirough the mouth, into the stomach and intestines, in order o find the source of bleeding. Now, using the same instru- ncnt. it is possible to coagulate he exact site of bleeding and conlro! it. i Dr. Walter D. Gaisford has successfully tised this technique 'or a wido variety of bleeding conditions in the stomach and .be duodenum. ; These early results need )a threat deal more .substantiation before the technique becomes universally accepted. Yet 1 he initial reports are drawing great enthusiasm from Hie. doctors who are trying this ingenious method of controlling bleeding. i. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge ITop Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play iiniiiiiiiBiiimiiiiM^^ 'hich O' HONESr/RieHT OUT AST merely take up time and dissipate energies. Change - your mode of approach if the occasion demands. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Ocl. 231 Day should prove stimulating ·hlfih- inspire others to follow your lead, but you could lose their support unless yoii bvercnni your overaggrcssivcness and an inclination to "dictal/3." You are extremely versatile ant many fields arc open to you in choosing a career. As a business executive or lawyer, you ,,,,, ,, could he an nuUlanding success One of your more casual in(er-i but, if your talents along artis- £sls will now take on added] tic lines seem to dominate your importance. i choice, follow your desires SCORPIO (Oct. 24 io Nov. 22) since, properly educated, of Do not- be deceived by sounding promises. Study person and situations with your usual keen perception, then act as your b«sriud2 merit dictates. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) course, .you could become eminent painter, musician, actor, playwright, composer. Birthdate of: Clarence Darrow. renowned attorney; Leopold Stofccnvski, famed symphony conductor. South dealer. Neither side vulnerable. NORTH *A 6 S 3 *103 *3 2 * A J 7 6 5 WEST EAST *K Q 108 *97 4 2 V J 5 4 2 ' V 6 4 Q 1 0 7 » K J 8 G 5 * 8 4 * K Q 1 0 SOUTH *.] V A K Q 9 8 7 » A 9 4 -.* 9 3 2 The bidding: South West Pass Pass Crossword By Eugene Sfxffer RUZ GOES TO THE MISSIONS ^AVin T ng SCHOOL BOARP LOOKING FOR FINN MOFPiT. | ^OFFIT?..NO...POMT RECALL A YANK BY THAT NYME, 9R. HEY, B1HNY BOY COME OUER rTM' GEOTLE- 'PAWNY FISH, CHAMPION SEWIWS^ \ A(ACHIkie ANP OUT60AKPMOTOR I SALESMAN OF AIL FREE GUIANA. rATfOUR ACROSS 10 Exclama- I Foolish talk tioh (slang) «Girdled 5 Kood fish robe 8 Strike K Son of (slang) Tantalum 12 Another, 49 Broad in Spain sashes 13 Actress 50 In the . Rohan .preceding II -- code month 15 Leap-- (abbr.) 16 Knight of 82 Till Uie Round 53 Where Table ' Cuzco is 17 Opponent of 54 Japanese Joe Louis food fish 18 -- as a 55 Shade ol filiost 20 Stadium seats KMoq 23 Long- used '21 Cheek by -27 Heal or actual . J2 "Do -- say!" 33 Ballad 3i Relatives 35 Soft fur 38 Publish abroad 39 Dip into water The bidding: Opening lead-kin g of If you look at all fou East Pass of spades. r hands 8 Actress: Lauren -9 Duke of Wellington 10 Parry 11 Admirers (slang) 19 Look! 21 Moreover 24 To crowd 25 Mountain in Colorado 26 Heat lightning 28 Sand mist in China 29 Branch o! meteorology 30 Slannum 31 Conclusion 36 Consumes 37 Health resort 38 Whorl 41 That man 42 Steals ' (slang) 13 Sanction 14 Crazy (slang) 46 Individuals 47 School orgs. 48 Flatfish ·*·« 51 New Guinea Answer to yesterday's puzzle, port it seems that declarer must down one. He has a Irum loser, a diamond loser and tw club losers. Bui South made four heart and he did so in Quite a simp] way. He won the spade lea with the ace. r u f f e d a spad and played a low diamond. Eas won with the eight and returne R Irump. Declarer went up with Iho ce, cashed the ace o[ dia- lonris, riiEEcrl a diamond in Limtny with Uie ten, and ruffed ashing the K-Q of trumps and earning that West had a t r u m p 'ick coining, he played a club o the ace and r u f f e d d u m m y ' s ast spade. As a - result. South ac- umulated ten tricks. He scored \c ace of spades, three spade uffs in his hand, the A-K-Q f trumps, the ace of diamonds, diamond r u f f in dummy, and ic ace of clubs. When Ihe play is analyzed, can he seen that the key move: was the spade rutt at rick two. Without this ruir. South would have lost the four Lricks he seemed destined to lose. The early spade ruff was part of a long-range plan to cover -he possibility of finding the .rumps dividied 4-1. Trumping a spade at trick two was unlikely to do any harm, but at Lho same time it had tho enormous advantage of protecting the contract if anything went wrong in trumps. It may seem odd that South wound up m a k i n g ten tricks despite his four losers, but this anomaly is not really uncommon in hands where declarer does n lot of ju'ffing. In such hands one does best, in the long run, by counting winners instead of looscrs'. PONYTAIL blue. Avg. solution time: 22 min. WELL-YOO NEVER SAW.)! 1 ' 41 49 19 SS '"Donald has NEAT parents! His allowance is tied to the rising price of pizza!" WANT ACTION? t-n Phone 442-6242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS For best results, give lull description ai-i start your Classified Ad (or 7 days. Vou may cancel it when results are obtained. You'll onlv be charged (or the octual number of days the nd ran.

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