Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 7, 1929 · Page 16
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1929
Page 16
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f, 16 THE AtTOONA MIRRQP-TttuasfrAV. 7, 1928 MIND SCENES IN BUSINESS WORLD By JOHN T. l''J,VNN. NEW YORK, Nov. 7.—At thn begin- ng of thn summer there wis a fueling :at conditions wcn> ripe for an up- irn In the eon! industry. It wns felt iat the bad conditions thorn had now •ached bottom and started up--not :-ry much. But the iniprovemnnt rup-i sented a turn. Now. however, it is on that the improvement Is very little -.•Joed and that optimism must be post- med for awhile. •Five yearn have brought very little the "expected readjustment In the 'luminous coal trade. A survey is ap- roprlate, as reports have just, been 1s- :ed for 1928 on proportionate produc- m of different sized mines nnd on oduction by districts. The two principal complaints are '.at we had "too many coal mines and • o many miners" and that the United Mine Workers held tho union flcldsup > altogether too high wages to per,it competition with the non-union aids. Some adjustment in the supply ' ; miners has taken place, many union ;en having sought other employment. The expectation of some was that Vie overworking of coal properties •ould be corrected In time; that the i irge mines would thrive; through ,;onomy while the small mines would ,le out. The report, just issued, how- ver, shows that there has been no lore than a small readjustment of hat sort. The percentage of the total tltput coming from mine's producing ver 100,000 tons M year hag been as :ollows: 1013, 75.4 per cent; 1923, 70.4 .-or cent, 1920, 79.1 per cent, 1928, 80.1 or cent. That represents progress, >ut not a great deal, for live years, particularly when one considers that iiroduction decreased 11.1 per cunt from 1923 to 1928, which In itself would make ;ome small mines Inactive. As to wage conditions, one finds that in general tho llstrlcts complaining about high wages liave lost farther In proportionate production while the districts complained about have gained. With thin matter of wages, employment, organization and methods thus In the air the problem of over-production remains and we must wait awhile before we can see the Industry as a wnolo pass under the dominion of modern scientific business direction. (Copyright, 1029, by U. P. C. NCWH Service, Iiic.) NEWS FROM CENTRE AND CLEARFIELD COUNTIES STATE COLLEGE.—A. J. Shartle, treasurer of the International Christian Endeavor society, will address the annual convention of the Centre county members of the society, to bo held at Pine Hall Lutheran church, one mile west of here, -all day Saturday. Warren G. Hoopes, secretary of the state union, will also make an address. WINBURNE.—Following an operation for goitre, Otto Pearson, aged 09, of DuBols, for years prominently Identified with the Wlnburne Firebrick company, died at Memorial hospital, Clearlleld, and was buried Wednesday afternoon. He was highly esteemed throughout the county. Be- Crossword Puzzle HORIZONTAL 0 To restato. 1 1 Oro found In Minnesota. 12 To Imitate. 14 Ilcgion. 15 To darn. 10 To. emulate. 17 Stalk. 18 Delivers. 20 Hardened. 24 Inn. 28 Beast. 00 Descending. 81 Sweet potato. 8ii Called. .14 Hustle. 1)02000 Ibs. ' S8 To clasolfy. 41 To prohibit. 46 Military vacation. 40 Subjects of •verbs. 48 To listen. 40 What was .Daniel Boono? VERTICAL 1 Highest MU. on earth. 2 Wrath. 8 To pnt on. 4 OonjimcUon, 5 Roofs edge. OJjortg grass. 7 Possesses. 8 Skill. « . 0 To scan. 10 With whom did Aaron liurr fight A dud? 18 Peg. YESTERDAY'S ANSWER 18 To crack. 19 Fteh. 21 Collection ol , facts. : ' 22 Not bright. 23 Typo rneaa* ure. 25 Alleged force 20 .Beverage. 27 Conclusion* 29 Tardy. 30 Penny. To depart.' 35 Breaker. 87 Black. 88 To secure. 39 Uodent. 40 Home of » beast. 44 God of tho sky. 43 Opposed tola. 44 Unit. -• x 45 Note In wale. 47 Senior. Hides his wife he is survived by one son and four daughters. WOODLAND.—The frame dwelling house owned and occupied by J. V. Knepp and family was badly damaged by lire Wednesday, despite the efforts of a large force of firelighters from the plant of the Hai'blson-Wallcer Re- fractories company. .The blax.e. of rn- known origin, was discovered Jn the attic. The loss is estimated nl 52,600. Mr. Knepp Is a merchant of the town. BELLEFONTE.—John Love, Republican, district attorney of Centre county, will again servo in that capa,c- Ity, having been elected over his Democratic opponent, Philip Johnston, by a majority of 871 votes. He Is a son of the late- Judge Lov«, and has been one of the Bucccssful membero of the Centre county bar, PHILIPS BURG.—Announcement has just been made of the marriage at health tor two year* with JiarH*hlftg of the arteries. Besides his wife, who was Mary Dunkle Barger of Curwehs- ville,' he Is survived by one son, Joseph Aughenbaugh, Altoona. A grandson, William Aughenbaugh, Is operator and engineer of a radio station at Cincinnati. He Was a native of Clearfleld and came to Phillpsburg seventeen year's ago. CLBARFIBLD.. — Ira McCloskey, who served a term as sheriff of Clearfield county before the World war, and who was known as oncPof the county's most successful public officials, was elected to the same office in Tuesday's election, Winning over Deputy Sheriff Harold Smith, Republican, by 300 votes. He was the only Democratic candidate for county office to win. BIT BY FISH. VIGO, Spain, Nov. 7.—-Antonio Estalleta, a sailor on a fishing launch operating out of Llanes, was severely hurt when a big "bonito" fish he and his companions had caught, bit him In the leg as It was placed in the boat. Hagerslown, Md., in September, of Stanford Wynn of Roanoke, Va., and Miss Mildred Fulton, daughter ol' JVJL-. and Mrs. Harry Fulton of Lewlstown, former residents of Phlllpsburg. The bride la a graduate of Phllipsburg High school and of the Indiana State Teachers' college. The couple will live at Lewlstown, whe"re the bridegroom la employed. SANDY RIDGE.—R. J. Barnett, popular tax collector of the township and o. candidate for reelection on the Republican ticket, won by a majority of 130 votes over Harry Callahan, Democrat. Barnett carried three of the four precincts. A. V. Hefferon, Democrat, defeated J. M. Bratton, Republican, and Clarence Wilkinson, Independent, for township road supervisor. PHILIPSBURG.—William A. Augenbaugh, aged 70,. died at his home here Wednesday. He had been in failing MxaeoocKXM BUSINESS and PROFESSIONAL MEN and FIRMS YOU OUGHT TO KNOW r ALTOONA LEATHER STORE "Outfitters to the Sportsman" 1509 Eleventh Avenue Altoona Discount Co. 1«5 12th Ave. New Anron Small Loam to Home Owners of Good Credit Standing Batteries Repaired and Recharged We have complete equipment for taking caro of your batteries. Satlifaction Guaranteed JNA STORAGE 1JATTERY SERVICE STATION 800 ChOHtnut Avenue HERMAN'S for GLASSES BegUtered OptomutrUt 1311 Eleventh Avenue New Bargains Every Day at Cut Rate Shoe Store 1113 llth Ave. CASANAVE'S — fiO V«»r» Leather Traveling Goods Trunks-f-Uinbrdlas 1213 Eleventh Street Opposite I'ontoHice Gas Logs fend Heaters See Our Ifinn Dlxpluy W. H. GOODFELLOW'S SONS 1319 Klnvonth Avnnno J ITnvo It Delivered 'la Your -Homo IX ROBERTS ** GAS BURNER Saves Time and Money Harry J. Kerlin 1)00 Eighth Avenue BROS JEWELERS — 112B Eluvcntli Ave. BIIOKS I'Oll ENTIRE FAMILY I'rlcen Mukn 2 1'ulrs Possible. VUlt Our Iturgulu IJiiKOment 1417 Eleventh Ave., Altoona Footer's CLEANERS AND DYERS 1111 llth St. Phone 5179 General Builders' Supply Co. lltt Uurcaret Avvuue, i'huue SMI HARDWARE Credit ClothingCo J507-II 4 AVENUE. LESTER SHOES Higher 1425 Twelfth Ave. Send Your Washing LOGAN LAUNDRY 'file Cubt Is SmjlU PHONE 7377 " Bargains In Itcbullt Typewriters The H. W. McCartney Co. 1107 llth Ave. Altoona, Fa. I AH Kinds of Dependable INSURANCE W. L. NICHOLSON Uppmuu 131il(f. llth Ave. and 13th\ tit., Alloona A. R. PATRICK Jeweler Eleventh Sixteen, Twelfth Street Altoouu'n Most Exclusive Uudlo House SYLVANIA R.ADIO CO J WESTMONT BREAD FRESH DAILY At Your Neighborhood Grocer Westmont Bakery H. L. Wilson Wall Paper and Paints 1021 Chestnut Avenue BASKETUALL 1'AllADOX. FORT WORTH, Tex., Nov. 7.- Francls .Schmidt, new head coach at Texas Christian university, whose dUcci'Ks lu developing championship basketball teams in the past few yearn hue earned him the title throughout the southwest of basketball's "miracle man," failed to make a letter m basketball while attending ucbool at the University of Nebraska. USE PLANKS I OH HUNTING. GREAT FALLS, Mont., Nov. 7.— Hunting lout flocks In airplanes la rapidly becoming common practice in Montana. One at the most successful is Earl aVnce, sheep operator, who has set forth twice In bis Stinspn- to locat« wOwing uheep. ANNUAL ANT ROttNOUP;- P^fif AR1NO f 6ft "WlHf m WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 1-r-fhe roundup Is drawing to a close on hill- llbnij of ant. ranches over the United States. With the advent of cold weather, ant colonies start bringing in their cows In much the same way that cowmen 6f the west round up their Kerds, according to Dr. William M. Mann, director of the National Zoological park here. ' The ants' cows are plant lice or aphlds; They have been pastured all summer on trees and shrubs and now they. are being carried Into winter quarters—subterranean nests below the frost line. During the summer, after the aphlda have gotten fat from the Juice, of plants, they are milked by their ant herdsmen. By stoking the fat parasites, the ants obtain ,a fluid which nourishes them. But when the' flratf frosj; comes, the aphlds must be taken Inside. Almost any ant 'colony watched closely at this time of the 1 year can be obserti> carrying HnjT tfhHe Insect* Into the passages WW6h lead to ! hibernating places. •••;••. • In the spring, the ftphlds Will again be brought but to pasture attd carefully guarded through" the summer. Trees are not usually harmed by the ants' coWs but their grazing is sometimes detrimental to corn. SAVES MONET. INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. T.-^The government saves over $500 a year on its automobile radiator alcohol bill here by using confiscated liquor. But the liquor must be of an extra grade. NO MORE CORNS OR CALLOUSES K*r4 or Soft Corti, Cortu tk« i**» or on tha top of bottom of th« feet now disappear instantly. Kto-O-CORN takes them all off every U>M— 'DO pain, no f usn, just Apply at night and walk with comfort n<!xt morning. W* Mil END-0-COftN but If you live too tef awar write! 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