Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 95
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 95

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 95
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F-18--Independent, Press-Telegram Long Beach Wednesday, MjrcJi 17, \M Thursday, Mirth 11,1114 By DOLORES KATZ Knight News Service Children with the emotional disorder known as anorexia nervosa refuse to cal. They starve t h e m selves to skeletons, and 5 to 15 per cent of them die. Children who s u f f e r from the Prader-Wllli Syndrome have the opposite problem: They can't stop .eating. Many of them die jfl early adulthood from 'complications of obesity. V i c t i m s of a n o r e x i a nervosa almost Uivariably arc adolescent girls. Most of them are above average Two childhood diseases with opposite effects' in intelligence and many of them are outstanding students. Some lime shortly after they enter puberty, t h e s e girls literally stop eating. Many of them lose half or more of their weight, and almost all of them slop menstruating. When forced to eat, they will vomit or use laxatives lo rid themselves of (he food. Although they look like concentration c a m p victims, the girls think their skeleton-like f o r m s a r e "beautiful." All of Ihem arc terrified of becoming fat. claim that they were loo fat before they started their "diets," and insist that they have no emotional problems. T h e i r emotional problems differ bul most of the g i r l s a p p a r e n t l y u s e slarvation as a way to exert control over their bodies and their lives. ONE GIRI, under treatment, al the Children's Hospital Medical Center ui Boston lold her psychiatrist: "1 started to d i e t because no one liked me be- baked this pie. 's terrific? I low it when Mora bakes her owri apple pie for dessert. The whole kitchen smells so yummy. And Mom doesn't have to work httrd, either. She just fills a ready made crust with Comstock Apple Pic Filling and puts it in the oven. Comstock hns big chunks of apples with lots of delicious juice nnd cinnamon. Mom says it tastraJustus good QS using fresh apples without all the work. 1 t's so easy, Mom's gonna let me bake the next Comstock pie. Wanna come over and taste some? 10$ OFF Comstock Pie Filling *.·*») ..Vfltot^-vd STORE COUPON B-995-« cause I was too fat. Then I got the tiniest waist, just like Scarlett O'Hara, and I was very proud of it. I was succeeding in dieting when so many others were failing. I had an iron will." Children with anorexia nervosa arc hospitalized and confined to their beds. Visitors, television p r i v i - leges, and outside activities are permitted only when the child gains a s p e c i f i e d n u m b e r of pounds per week. Once she has gained enough weight, the patient is treated on an outpatient basis with psychotherapy. Her family is treated, too, b e c a u s e anorexia is as much a problem of parent- rhild relationships as it is an individual problem. ONE STUDY of anorexia nervosa patients found t h a t treatment is m o s l successful for girls whose illness begins before age 15; about half of these girls recover completely. While anorexia nervosa affects mostly girls, Hie Pradcr-Willi S y n d r o m e occurs most often among boys. The cause of the disorder is not known. Most researchers believe it is a physical, rather than an e m o t i o n a l p r o b l e m , be- c a u s e P r a d e r - W l l l i children tend to be short, with small hands and feet, underdeveloped genitals, and below average intelligence. --Apricot-rum fizz 12 -ounce can apricot nectar (1W cups), chilled Juice of a large lime (2 lo 3 tablespoons) % cup 80-proof gold rum 7 -ounce bottle dob soda (generous % cop), tallied Just before serving stir together all the ingredients. Serve over ice cubes in l a r g e w i n e glasses. Makes about 3 cups -- six 14 cup servings. T h e i r o u t s t a n d i n g characteristic, however, is their voracious appetites. Prader-Willi victims are constantly hungry, always concerned a b o u t having enough to eat, and fearful thai someone is going to steal their food. They will eal any and all kinds of food, including rotten food if nothing else is available. Parenls of t h e s e c h i l - dren have to lock food in cupboards, put alarms on t h e i r refrigerators and hide food supplies. O n e Prader-Willi patient locked his mother out of the BECAUSE WE LEWETHEM ALONE, YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO. Tlx! ru-.xl lltnr: vou'vn ,'[( n n l i i r i i U y drlir.lmis Sun ("·Innl* Aliniiiiils siltlni; 1.11! in n sn.ick dish, wiilcli llii- ptirsim l i n x t to I l i u m . Almost w l l h n u l Viinvviciv: It. EI liniul snc.ils over ID thi! linu I nml snitches n f(\v of llmsr SII||IM| niul nnsh'tl ^olcti'n map- Kiils. And crrunrhlili. iinollinr linppy nlmonfl-liivisr Is munch- Ins (in inir nrtsp i,i'riicls of j;mnl- nras. I'l'opln ]ust ciin'l rc:slsl Ihom. So llui uoxt l l m u \xnrrc sliop- plni;. j;i!l Kvu ]nrs nl Sim Cl.inl Crisp Kimst Alnioiuis fur jtiur fiimlly inul Kunsls. D I X I H I I S C If jiiii leavu Ihi-in iilunt: for ii m i n i i t n . ihry'll IMS till Kiinti. house and ale all the food in (he kitchen. Another patient ate a dozen pumpkin pies that classmates had baked for a party. TO HELP children with this disorder, the University of Washington's Health Sciences Center has estab- l i s h e d a P r a d e r - W i l l i clinic, which now has 21 patients. The treatment team includes a 1 nutritionist two psychologists, a nurse, a dentist (I'radcr-Willi c h i l d r e n h a v e poorly developed tooth enamel), an occupational therapist and olher specialists as needed. Research i n t o t h e s e rare disorders eventually may lurn up clues aboul a n o t - s o - r a r e d i s o r d e r : obesity. Some doctors think that al least some overweight people are victims of a disordered appetite center that fails to signal when the body has enough food. And one researcher has turned up an intriguing similarity b e t w e e n the slarved victims of anorexia nervosa and people sui- fering from obesity. The researcher, A London psychologist, f o u n d t h a i both obese women and anorexia nervosa patients tend lo overestimate their size when aske4 to describe themselves. ,,. He has suggested that IBs. test could be u s e d ^ t o j evaluate Ihcse patien£s|j chances for improvement^ Anorexia nervosa patients' who greatly ovorestirtiafc their size h a v e a po° r prognosis; obese women . who overestimate t h e i r size have a good chance of losing weight. Gemco members, Get in on the savings on outdoor needs. Weber B8Q The most popular outdoor cooker in America. Food is placed on the grill directly over a single layer of coals.-' Best for burgers, l C.H'om.1 MJ 49°° 3 Cu. Ft. 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March 16!h. through Sunda|, March 2UL 1976."

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