Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 6, 1968 · Page 21
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 21

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1968
Page 21
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PAGE 22 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N Sheinwold On Bridge PLAY AT MAJOR SUIT INSTEAD OF NOTRUMP By ALFRED SHEIN1VOLD " When you have enough high- card strength for a game, you -.normally look for a suit in which your side holds eight or jinore cards. If you can't find ; such a suit, you play the hand at three notrump. This is fine, .'except that sometimes such a : hand will produce game at a ·" major suit but not at notrump. South dealer Neither side vulnerabk NORTH 4 9 6 2 ? A K 5 4 3 O 82 A A 7 4 EAST 4 J 10 S 4 y Q 1096 O Q 105 * S I WEST 4 73 _·? J 7 J 9 7 6 3 4 K Q J 1 0 South 1 4 2 NT ·4- 4 SOUTH 4 A K Q 5 ^ 8 2 O A K 4 A 9 6 5 3 \Vest Norrii East Pass 2 ^ Pass Pass 3 4 Pass All Pass Opening Iwid - ilL K. In today's hand you have eight tricks in top cards. At not- round of trumps, take the top . but nothing else. Down one. ; You can make four spades. ;Take the first trick with dum- ·rny's ace of clubs, draw one round of trumps, take the top diamonds and ruff a diamond in dummy. That ruff is your ninth trick. Now draw two more rounds of trumps, discovering the bad break. Now take dummy's top ·hearts and ruff a heart. That [ruff is your 10th trick. Oddly enough, it's better to make four spades than to go down one al vthree notrump. If it's against your principles to play the hand with a four 'card trump suit, let your part ner play at four hearts. Sinci he has the same eight, top ;tricks, he will need two ruffin; tricks to make his game. He wins the opening lead whatever it is, draws two rounds of trumps with the ace spades. When the suit doestf and king, then leads out the top break well, he ruffs the fourth spade. Then he takes the top diamonds and ruffs a diamond He now has the first 10 tricks and can afford to give up the . rest. How do you stay out of three notrump on such hands? There are some wonderful theorie .. that tell you how to bid such a : hand after you have discovered '··. that you cannot make three not '· rump. The bidding of today's ; hand is typical. The trouble is that you always play such a hand at three notrump and go down one. Then you explain how you should have bid it to '. get to four of a major. All verj useful. DAILY QUESTION As dealer, you hold Spades A K Q 5. Hearts 8 2, Diamonds A K 4, Clubs 9 6 5 3 . What do yoi say? ANSWER: Bid one spade Avoid an opening bid of 1-NT when you have two suits completely unstopped. A POCKET GUIDE TO BRIDGE is available. Get your copy by sending 50 cents to Tuc ;.son Daily Citizen, Box 338 ·Grand Central Station, New -'York, N.Y. 10017. Copyright 1MB Judge Orders Release Of Cheyenne PHOENIX (AP) - A federa judge has ordered the release of a Cheyenne Indian held on the Navajo Reservation 01 ground that Arizona officials ex ceeded their authority. U.S. District Court Judgi William P. Copple ordered th release of Wayne Turtle Sr., 34 of Concho, Okla. Turtle had been held since Jan. 2 at Window Rock on order of Apache County Sheriff Edgar Merrill. Merrill said Turtle was await ing extradition to Oklahoma to answer charges of forging a $4C Jeheck. ( -~ CoppJe said Ai'izona officials '·v overstepped their authority by arresting Turtle on the reserva lion which permits extradition ef Indians only to the states o: Arizona, Utah and New Mexico 1 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, r when it comes to meat... WE DISCOUNT EVERY i £* QUALIT) . COURTESY, SERVIK ^·^··^^^·^··^^·^^·IHBHi^BI^HI^^B^^^HI^HH^HHHHIHMMMrilHl^^^^^^^^H ONLY 1 OUT OF 5 IS LUCKY "BONDED" MEATS ARE HANDLED WITH TENDER,LOVING CARE! DISCOUNT PRICED ^GREATER 6*1*" ^m^*nM -' ^ /; Lucky nsists that each beef be personally selected by our buyers .... Beef, even though within the choice or prime range, those that extremely fat or wasteful are rejected. Our buyers carefuly select the beef that wi pass our specifications for flavor and quafity, and is worthy of the Lucky "BOND".... Lucky selects from the finest, ONLY 1 OUT OF 5 IS GOOD ENOUGH! And Lucky's LOW EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICING MEANS GREATER SAVKGS WITH EVERY POUND! WAV; ONLY LUCKY BRINGS YOU "EVERY-DEPARTMENT II COPYRIGHT'" by lucky Stores, Inc. - All Rights Reserved ··;\T3 r iBWa FOODS GERBER'S BABY FOOD SKV GERBER'S MODILAC t«. F ! r ±25 e JUNIOR FOOD ?£., 15' MAXWELL HOUSE lt£ E ! e ± k) 69 MAXWELL HOUSE M: d !:± k) 1.37 MAXWELL HOUSED 1.99 MAX-PAX COFFEE L": 69' YUBAH INSTANT KS., 1.35 LUCKY TEA BAGS r 45' FRUIT COCKTAIL a?r 26' CRANBERRY SAUCE S'£TM 27' CLING PEACHES Sr°! 27' DOLE PINEAPPLE S t , 2 6 LUCKY TOP QUALITY BONDED MEATS ... CUARAHTEED FOR FLAVOR TEHDERNESS! .BLADE CUT I'lUCKY BONDED MEATS.. CENTER CUT i LUCKY BONDED MEATS. . LUCKY BONDED MEATS GUARANTEED FOR FLAVOR TENDERNESS STAR KIST CHUNKTUNA LIGHT MEAT - 6Ya-oz. CAN ( J, is APPLESAUCE »r 22' BREAKFAST FIGS $ f i Z 2 1 * FRUIT FOR SALAD ,°A5S±:! 36' »·« GRAPE JUICE STJ5 29' APPLE JUICE JAP. 35' ~DEL MONTE DRINK StS29' STEWED TOMATOES S«r 31' CHUCK ROAST: ROUND STEAK GROUND BEEF STANDING RIB ROAST T-BONE STEAK SMOKED PORTERHOUSE STEAK HENsQTC CHUCK ROAST c c r 5 3 ' * CHUCK STEAK ffiTM 57S GROUND CHUCK SSSC 58'* SMOKED PICNIC gSSSK 39° *. i). ft). fc. TAILS OFF i LUCKY BONDED MEATS. TAILS OFF LUCKY BONDED MEATS YOUNG TURKEYS PORK ROAST CORNED BEEF LINK SAUSAGE SHOULDER CUi PICNIC STYLE ROUND OR BRISKET SKINLESS-8-OZ. PKG. FABMERJOHN USDA GRADE A INSPECTED 39' * 89'* 28' $1U 1 lb. QQO J« lb. 43' 77 38° 77°. $109 JL fc. 49'.. TOP SIRLOIK STEAK $ 1% t ARGEEND IKKY BONDED MEATS SLICED BACON "55° BRAND 1-POUND PACKAGE LEAN AND TENDER RHCELLAYAMS ,»,, IBBY'S GOLDEN CORN 31' 23* 55' 57 KNOTT'S BERRY FARM STRAWBERRY JAM 16-OUNCEJAR FARMER JOHN BACON SLICED, I -POUND PACKAGE ................................................ BAR-S Flavor-Cure BACON SLICED, I- POUND Pkg. CANNED FOODS PICKLE STICKS ffis;±l 42' DILL PICKLES S 39' LINDSAY OLIVES SS^. 49' TOMATO SOUP ftffa 11« CLAM CHOWDER ££,, 34' BLACK PEPPER Sid 39' LOG CABW SYRUP M -» 67 * HALIBUT STEAK SLICED 79 I FRESH CABRILUFILLET S7ft. I BROKEN SHRIMP...- ..,89'ib. BROKEN SHRIMP 5«, BO, '-3.69 USDA GRADE A OC( FRYING CHICKEN 03 *. CUT-UP FRYERS . . . TASTY SANDWICH FIXIN'S AT LOW EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICES!... · Our LOW Everyday Price! ALL MEAT FRANKS WILSON OR FARMER JOHN 1-lb. PKG. 55 PORK BEANS ?%u n 27' PEANUT RIITTPD GREEN BEANS %SZZ 18' KERrS GRAPE^JAM PEAS CARROTS Sffi 23' 5 UKAKt JA * ZUCCHINI SQUASH SK: 25' MUSHROOMS ^£^ esi !' ms 29' TINY TOT SARDINES {- 35' CARNATION TUNA fSZ 35' VIENNA SAUSAGE 5^ 27' BEEF STEW Mr 62' ?8oz.J McCOY CORNED BEEF SLICED 4-oz. PKG WILSON'S BOLOGNA SLICED ALL Meo! onri oil beef 69 69 J ' PILLSBURY HUNGRY JACK PANCAKE MIX 3-POUND BOX . Mb. PKG. HOUSEHOLD ITEMS DELSEY TISSUE IS ,,, 54' ~LADY SCOTT FACIAL {,%,,, 27' SCOTT TOWELS Sf 35' ^GALANAPKIS »,,.«,, 19' REYNOLDS WRAP ^= m 31* TIDE DETERGENT ,,,.,,, 77 C DREFT cnuo, »-A-.*..·. ^ J^^K. ^^FW^F^^^fc LIQUID \ LUCKY BLEACH GALLON BOTTLE LOW DISCOUNT PRICES ON HEALTH AND BEAUTY AIDS i ?r'.mtf'ttw* OLIVE OIL Sr 85' MACARONI L^Sol ....^...45° PINTO BEANS SC M 33' SLENDER DIET FOOD ftB5l 89° CIGARETTES (Si^on 2.57 /t-y Of PERSCNNA RAZOR BLADES 'Package of 5 double-edge slninless sleel blodes. Delivers n smooth, (atnfortoble ihovt every time. Shoving edge remoirts sharp offer repealed me. RECTANGULAR LAUNDRY BASKET Seamless so it is snogproof, this durable polyethylene basket by FESCO will give ** ·· . you yeors of use. light- \r i V weight, easy to dean, f\ · (hoose Itom Avoforfo, ]w- ^^ quoise or Sandal. CREST TOOTHPASTE large Family-size tube. Your thoke ot Regular or Mint flavored. 6' off label MICR1N ANTISEPTIC Economy sue bollle. Keeps your breath fresh for hours. Helps to prevent colds 63* I 12 LUCKY LUNCH MEATS SLICED OQc BOLOGNA, SPICED, OLIVE, PiP, PIMENTO...... 6-oz. PKG.3 SLICED SWISS CHEESE COt CACHE VALIEY T2 oi. f KG. OO SLICED JACK CHEESE COc CACHEVAUEY T2a7.PKG.UO LUCKY AMERICAN CHEESE CCc INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED SLCICES , 12 oi.fKG.'JlJ LONGHORN CHEESE CQc HISS WISCONSIN-MEDIUM SHARP T2 01. PKG.^J %l FROSTY CINNAMON ROLLS OOc PILLS8URY mtfO 9-07. Tube O«J McCOY PASTRAMI COc SLICED 4-oz. PKG ftlij ; MIWMMHMICTS ^ BUTTER £K!±?.! 79' LADY LEE ICECREAMS! 0 ' 69' UMnitJiniyr MIrade4'Offlabe( *ftt MAKUAKINt lib cm /9 lliHAD nm"- * IVORY FLAKES lse so, 35' COMET CLEANSER *,.«.. 27' JOY LIQUID »r 60' IVORY SOAP Medi umB or 12' JOHNSON GLO COAT ELECTRIC HEATER This coil element fan-forced heater can be used in bedroom, bathroom to deliver extra warmth and help 4% CC eliminate drafts. Grill-franl pr«- ·* vents injury. Model^ £00. 6' LADIES' UMBRELLAS Deluxe "Rain or Shine" umbrellas in bright, colorful prints. Heavy duly plastic steel lip cane. Choose from a large assortment of styles and favorite colors. AQUA NET targe 13-ojnce aerosol can.'four choice of Regular, Unscenled or 'Super-Hold ,., FIVE DAY DEODORANT 4-Oume aerosol ton. Keeps you dry and safe for ? hours. Genlle lo skin .' 88 63 Our LOW Everyday Price! LUCKY TEA BAGS 48 COUNT BOX LOOK FOR THE KEY BUYS! "KEY IUYS" ere txtra-sovings mode possible fcy mnnufoclurer's temporary Qllowonces ... Tht M KEYIUr"il»nisli«id art just o few of the mony exlru values Jn store for you ... we suggest you slock-up en* those "KEY IDY" items you normally ust for GlEATEf! EVERYDAY SAVINGS! EASTGATE PLAZA: 5667 E. Speedway NORTHGATE: Grant Road at Alvernon COUNTY FAIR: 22nd at Craycroft PUEBLO PLAZA: 22nd St. at Cherry GOODMAN'S MARKET: Green Valley store hours daily 9 0 0 3m to 600 pm · closed sundae SOUTHGATE: So. 6th Ave. at Freeway SWANWAY PLAZA: Broadway at Swan AMPHI PLAZA: 1st Ave. at Ft. Lowell * Fair Trode Hems Extepted 3-7-og. FROZEN FOODS" (Except Cherry) " Pie.. FRUIT PIES SIRLOIN TIPS IS, CHILI BEANS ISS. SARA LEE CAKES 35* 63 37* MtAluAn I UUll BeefTocos-Jed 4Green ir* Chili Burrilos !........... ;. Reg.?H VEGETABLES Green Giant Mixed.in Onion Sauce lOoz. Pkg.. 45' 34' GREEN GIANT SWEET PEAS UrfiPTARi CC Green Giant in Butter Sauce: VCUL 1 HDL.LO Leaf Spinach-Medium fens. Hiblels Corn-French Green Beons 10 oi. Pkg BREADED SHRIMP {ffij 1.79 rnirn ||l|| 1BIIT Cerli-Fresh Golden 7OC rnltU nALlBU I 12«. n s ,, I L 21* 24* ORANGE JUICE fcr SWANSON MEAT PIES ,*« BEVERAGES PEPSI-COLA K, 8I , SHASTA BEVERAGES 6 pic. SEVEN UP £« 53 e 56 LIBBY TOMATO JUICE 46-OUNCECAN ; PACKAGED GOODS KRISPY CRACKERS Sunshine lib. Box.., SCOOTER PIES !ffi te 45 C OREO CREAM COOKIES H1 t { £ nd ±47 c GINGERBREAD MIX K 32' ALBERT CORN ME AL , 33' SPRECKLES SUGARS 57' SOFTNER SALT $£$£ 99' 1ELLO PUDDING !,,.,,, 18' · Our LOW Everyday Price!« FOREMOST COTTAGE CHEESE QUART CARTON CHIQUITA BRAND BANANAS Central America's Fines!-Golden Ripe RUSSET POTATOES U.S. NO. 1 OUAHIlf (Good Selection of Sizes) 1 *\ ram M f\ ^ 0 r 49* STORE HOURS D A I L Y S U N D A Y PJN. i A A . M . - P . M . 9 A.M.|| . TO 7

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