Independent from Long Beach, California on February 12, 1958 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, February 12, 1958
Page 9
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PUBLIC EMPLOYES aren't allowed to strike for wage in- chreases or better working conditions, so maybe they'll consider the Pakistan "strip tease" as a mearfs of pressing their demands. This system was ..devised by the Pakistan Civil Accdunt- ants' Assn. last year as a means of improving the lot of the civil service worker. First they told the.authori- ties they wanted more money and other benefits. Then they a n n o u n c e d that members would start going'to the office with one piece of clothing less each day until they were left with "the bare minimum to hide human shame." On second thought, I'm afraid that system would never work here. Americans could never agree on what's "the bare minimum." * * * . SIGN on a car!. t "Made in Las Vegas from old slot machine parts." · V ' * * * WHEN YOU stop to think about it, "it's a wonder, more elevator operators don't .wind up in the bobby hatch. It's not the workload, that bothers them; it's the frustrations 'that get them down. For ' example, somebody is always getting on the elevator and starts telling somebody else a joke. Then, just as the story teller gets to ,the punch line, he and his friend get off. The poor elevator operator rarely gets to hear a complete story. * * * CITY CLERK Peggy Heart-: wel is convinced that members of the Long Beach City Council just aren't the curious type. Late last week'Peggy received an unusual letter addressed to'the Mayor and City Council. It started-off with the greeting, "Dear Friends," but the body of the letter .was written in shorthand. , Well, that posed a minor problem for the .city clerk. Should sh'e transcribe the mes- eage for the Council members? Or should she merely present the letter as received? Peggy chose the latter approach .wondering what kind of- reaction would come from the council She reproduced the letter, in shorthand, on the Council agenda and mailed copies, as is customary, to all members. What happened? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not one Council member called or tried to find out what the letter was about. As a result, one can make one of two conclusions: (1) There are many items of Council agendas which councilmen don't understand or (2) as Peggy concluded, councilmen just aren't curious. Incidentally, in case'you're curious by now, the letter was from Charles Savitr, who has operated a restaurant on Ocean Blvd. for the past 28 years. He said he was-taking, "the shortest way" to inform Councilmen that he is now serving breakfasts daily, starting at 7 a. m. * ' * * BY WAY of contrast, Savitz experienced a completely different reaction when' he sent copies of his announcement letter to local'private citizens. They just about turned flip- flops .to learn what the short-, hand meant. In fact, at last count he had received 30 replies to his letter. Twenty three of them were written in Gregg shorthand. Three were in Pittman, another form of shorthand. Three were in Stenotype. And one was written in Gaelic! A stenographer helped him decipher the shorthand notes, a court attache told him what the Stenotype said but, at last report, he was still looking for help on reading the Gaelic. * * * DEAN IVES, who operates the Turf dub on Pine Ave., was conversing with a man from Chicago. 'I see by the papers that we're having a heat wave in Chicago," said the visitor. . Dean looked at the paper. And It showed Chicago with a high of 13 degrees above zero! By HERB SHANNON -A 1 former First Lady, recently returned from her first visit to the Soviet Union, Tuesday .night urged ,a Long Beach audience to an understanding of Russia as the best method of meeting the threat of communism. "You can't fight, against something if you don't .know anything . about it," declared Mrs. Elsanqr Roosevelt, world traveler, writer and lecturer for the · American Association for the United Nations. Speaking-to a capacity crowd which more than a week ago bought up-the last available ticket to the address in Millikan High.School'auditorium 1 , Mrs Roosevelt pointed put that the free world and the Soviets are adversaries in-other fields 'besides the military. "Do you -live only in one area?" sh'e asked. "Are you interested in only one thing? 1 * * *' * D E S P I T E ; the temporary Russian victories in the scientific field, Mrs. Roosevelt, maintained, leaders of the democracies must realize that the uncommitted nations of the'worlc are watching all phases of life under both Systems of government. " , . · ' ' "They 'are looking at botr sides and trying to decide wher^ their interest lies," she said. . Mrs. Roosevelt likened th United States to a showcase o: what can be. done in a de mocracy by a free people, bu warned that America "has no accomplished its-aims as com pletely as most Americans like to think. ' . ' "Often our undecided mend abroad are disturbed' by som of the things they read abou she pointed out. J.R.Gole OKd for: Assessor After a 40-minute debate, the (City .Council .Tuesday confirmed .the appointment of Jbhn;R. Cole, f o r m e r chief d e pi'u t y'*· assessor in charge Qfclandah"d building appraisals, idly ^assessor to -succeed Edward G. [Hoover.: ' · : The '^appointment. was made II by' City .Manager; Sam E. Vick- lers, who discharged Hoover Jan. MRS. ROOSEVELT--No political prognostications ALTHOUGH the tone-of offi- 1 dal Russian.propaganda w a s extremely unfriendly, there was no sign of unfriendliness by the interviews -with -ordinary Russian - citizens,. until. she .. '.'went to. the .top-officials." After that there further trouble, liL" OigH V-*- Mil*-* *»·« ·****· www ~j ~ Russian people during her visit Mrs.,Roosevelt said last September, Mrs. Roosevelt said prior to the talk which was co-sponsored by. the Long Beach Unitarian Forum.and the local branch of the U. N. association. However, she admitted that there was some difficulty in LIlcJ. W W a owiiiv ****.».»·*· M--.-V --- -i . . . arranging her Itinerary .and interestcd,"-she said. . The widow of the late President Franklin'.-Delano Roosevelt declined ' to '.prognosticate on Democratic .prospects 'in the elections;later this year.' · ^"1 am · interested' in -' politics only'as 'the ordinary citizen is Relief Applications Rise in Long Beach, County 31. Councilman D. ..Pat {Ahem cast.-the dissenting vote .on a 6-1 roll call. He. said he'had no obiiection-to Cole but would- re fuse^tO'.vote to confirm, anyone "until -I 'get an explanation o why ;Mr:" Hoover was deposed.' - ··. '··'*:··-*,/* *. ··',' . CHARGING THAT the citj is operating under "an anti quated set- of ..rules," 'Ahem called for sweeping charter changes · which would provide for election' of ..councilmen by districts and the appoihtmen of. a city, administrator -subser vient to the Council. Councilman Charles.M. .Gar rison advocated a'more limittic amendment to give councilmen some authority over dismissa of' officials, they; confirm.' ,"I concede that the manage acted .within his rights, but i is manifestly .unfair 'that th Council.' has 'nothing to-, sa about it, 1 ' he declared. - * * - . * . * · COUNCILMAN V i r g i l H Spongberg ;cited Section 46 o the charter which prohibits .at tempts by the Council to* dictate appointments by 'the manager. · ,, ··' "It is my opinion .that tlie procedure outlined -" by ^the charter has been followed," Spongberg said. "I can positively say that the honesty, integrity, character, and loyalty of Mr. Hoover.have not been questioned by anyone..! admire him as a devoted and.loyal city employe." HOSMER WARNS CITY Council The Southland.'! M Final Morning Netcfpaper ·WEDNESDAY; FEBRUARY 12, 1958 B-l Must Speed Fight on Land Sinkage ·'· · · - , C7 iroves Rep. Craig Hosmer warned City Council Tuesday ' that subsidence legislation should .be enacted before April 1 be-". .cause'the House .Armed" Servr ' ices' Committee, will 'begin considering' possible,- new-, appropriation's for .Long. Beach Naval Shipyard about that t i m e . ' . ! . . ' · ' . ' . ' . . " "It would appear'.we are edging toward .'too late', unless there is. action .with considerable, speed as soon as the legislative recess is concluded," Hosmer said in a ·letter. ' He added that "the- danger at that time. of unfavorable committee action .is "practical and real." ·. The' only comment came from Councilman John F. · Baker....' · . - . " . ' "Since only two.years ·.ago the congressman w a s' c o n - vinced that subsidence would never close the yard, we are · glad to welcome · him: as a latecomer," Baker Remarked. Councilmen. .then'-voted' to'- notify Hosmer'' that'v.Gov: Knight .has agreed to place, subsidence .on a special .legislative-call- and .that the; city.. is . ready,'. to' present . a proposed antisubsidence bill State to on 4 HE ADDED had requested Applications for relief from the Long Beach district office of the County Bureau of Assistance have increased 40 per cent over a year ago and jumped 52 per cent from December to January. · . The number of applications sons are applying for old age no longer contribute to their care. On a c'ounty-wide basis 'there were 5,459 applications . last month, a '20 per cent.increase monin, a ^u J«M I.CHL.U".*.-"·=--- : v- -over December .and 34 .per cent years, one .of which must .be received in January totaled 1,209--an increase of 417 over the month before and an increase; of ^between .350-and 400 over January 1957 - - . Ross: Lopez, district director of the Long Beach Bureau of Public Assistance, attributed the increases to recession con- dition,'layoff.s at airplanp plants and,to other econor'-" "( ''.-rs. are being received from fam- sons urc apy-ij 111 ^ AVJ. v^w «-^*- *«-- ----o security' because their children ilies, not eligible because they ·^^ - · .. . .,, · i. · * I:.T«^I iw r'ulitnvma Inner have not lived in California long enough; " . ·' . . ' Relief rules provide that.fam- ilies' from out.of the state must live in" California · for .three over January. 1957. Leland ' C. Carter, director of the'County Bureau'.of: Public Assistance,. ,said-,' l Many' .older people wh'oiliave. been supple- full or part-time'jobs, aretbeing laid off and'need additional assistance from the county." . * * *' * HE SAID MANY applications The State Lands'Commission, meeting.Tuesday in Los Angeles;'explore four legal questions whose solution may expedite, the city's proposed^umtaza- tion and repfessuring of the Wilmington Oil Field to that if Hoover hearing, .he spent in Los Angeles County, Carter said'that if the. fam ilies 1 that"needIhelp are'willing to return, to their^home states people wnoinave-u^ =.*«"*- where .they 'are.^eligible'for;fi- mentipg -their §105 monthly nancial assistance, the .county state pension by working- at will'tide'them over until, they . -- . . . . -..T-_ \._:-~ can arrange for the trip. "But," said Carter, "few of them are willing to leave California, and we can. do nothing for them." , . ' ' · would have voted to grant one. Hoover's -discharge after 20 years of city service, touched off earlier protests in the' Council and a request by the'Civil Service .Board Jor an/opinion from the city attorney's" office as to its. legality. * # i WALHFRED JACOBSON, .city attorney, Tuesday.: transmitted an opinion to. the board holding,-;.in effect, that the 'dismissal was; within';thVterms 'of the city charter. . · . The board had. raised tKat question in 'view, of "a charter section-providing that an appointive' officer 'may be^dis- ' " the LARGEST January over -Wii noted in the category..-'of general relief to indigent '.perseas. In December there were 517 applications and in January 695. Applications 'for old age security jumped from 135 in December to 207 in January. Aid to needy children clinjbed from 113 in December to 167 in January. -·:] ; The local office said an increasing number of elderly per- DETRACTORS RAPPED Tiger Corp. Files Incorporation Secretary, of State Frank M. Jordan announced Tuesday the Tiger Corp., a. Los Angeles County compressed air, 'oil and gas firm,' has filed articles of incorporation to be capitalized at SI million in. 51'par shares. Directors ' were listed as M. H. and Bemice Stansbury, 1731 E.' Wardiow. Rd., and D; A. Boone, 4426 Village Rd. Doctor Supports Health Program A Long Beach physician told the City Council Tuesday.; that opponents, of a.proposed." city mental health program are' pasting a Communist label' on the program's sup--, porters. Dr. -K. C. Brandenburg, 217 Park' Ave., said -the opposition includes those who .also opposed water fluoridation as a means of combating, tooth decay. » » * « · ..- . ' "THESE P E O P L E are stating that, modern psychotherapy^ is .the same as Com-; ·munistic brain-washing,", the physician criticized. Dr. Brandenburg urged city participation .in . California^ Community Mental Health^ Services Act. , * * * , * ' ' TTTF. MENTAL H e a l t h Services .Act, also known as the Short-Doyle Act,.provides for. matching funds to estab- . l i s h . an -adult psychiatric clinic, a child guidance,.clinic and rapid treatment wards for mental patients in local hospitals.. Its: administration.- would entail Council^ appointment.-of a committee of seven persons, .including three psychiatrists. ' ; . . · ' . - " · missed summarily - : "with consent of'two-thirds' of the City- Council;" . ' " . . - ' Jacobson's ' opinion noted however., that another section provides that the city assessor "shall serve during the pleasure of the city manager." · » » . « - » . COLE has been a city em ploye 12 years, all- except six months in the" assessor's office He was promoted from.deputj assessor to.chief d e p u t y on May-1, 1957,'after''a-civil-serv ice examining panel described him as exceptionally-well quali fied. "'·' ' ' ' , . · ' - ' ' A-graduate of-Wilson Higl School and USC, .Cole has taken additional courses, in propertj valuation,, accounting-and per sonnel administration. ; * '.;·*; v .» *· ' HE SERVED more' than fou years.-in the Navy d u r i n World War. n and now has th rank of-commander in the re serve. . . Cole, '42, has" been a-.-Long Beach resident since, 1923.,' He would'be greatly expedited... a ^^ i= TM=,,L o«.v= *"~., -- Opinions .are;already.on' ffl lives with :his'.wife .and' one from'the^city,-attorney's, offic Construction of a thretf- million - d o J1 a r '12- story apartment building at the , northv/est corner of Ocean Blvd. and Paloma Ave. was approved Tuesday by the City Council r . » ; .7'' Only Councilman. Gerald Des« mond , voted to. overrule "an earlier unanimous decision/of-, the City Planning Commission to grant a-special permit to Shoreline Improvement^Co. for- construction of. 44: luxury: apartment,units,;at- the location,".»',, » '*^ '* ' · « ·· '· .''·" DESMOND ' cbnterided'- -the . builders', "plah;- for. proceeding" should be known,-, adding:. H .'"We should have.assurance-pf adequate : . ; .financing.:. arrangements. We don't .wjmt the .corner . change, into a sales office."-".' - . ,.' .. ·;·'.' -. · '''··"-·' E. Tennyson Moore, presid;ent of Moore-Realty, .one of the project's .backers, said a mod«l apartment was' contemplated for- the , site ."but no sales office." - . · " -a-';*'-' , Attorney George. Hart'- v Ji'. r representing a group protest"' ing an apartment house ;'aji?the location, told councilmen Tl^jjer cent of the' property dwneri'jln the area' are opposed' structure.-- - lalt subsidence. . Commission members acted t .the request of--.Samuer M. ^oberts, city subsidence control dministrator. They agreed, to ave their ;'own.. staff 'explore tie questions and also to.refer them to the. attorney general's ffice for-an opinion,. » · * . * * The four questions »re: . May .tideland'funds for capi- al installations : be turned ovgr O'Rjanagers" of units 'for ex- eliditure, 'or· shouldV'iiistalla- ions i ;'fie.' r turried overJ gers -of units for''.expenditure, r should- installations be : made directly by'the city, with.own- ersh'ip; retained .by .the 'city? (Under- the latter ''condition recovery of funds might later e achieved by some'fonn ;: ;of ease . contracts 'with.. rentals p a y a b l e from secondary re covery-income.). · ' . .' What, standards -should be established for engineering.anc what type-of-engineering; anc other data should be required in' justification 'of specific 'pro- 'ects as a basis for expenditure- authorization -by "the-'ftity an'd any necessary,project approvals by the. Lands Commission? '.Should, provision -be indude'd for' a reasonable interest, re turn on public funds'expended and, if so,'.what 'is;a basis for establishing- a sound' .interes' rate policy? ~. ' , / - · · What legal documents an* procedures should be required' ·* * . » ' · » . ; ' TOTAL COST of the'repres suri'ng installations-is 'estimate at .32 .million · dollars. If the- citj could underwrife- this .initial ~Tf r 7 ·' /P f I Wire Sued or Divorce Malone cost from - tideland funds,, off i cials pointed out,-the program child at.1714 Erie.Sti.His starting salary was;set at'?731'per month:. . · · · . . " : ' . . . . . ' · Hoover remains : in'the" assessor's office with,his. civil-'service classification .of ^.deputy. Bar Fire Spreads to Cafe, Hotel ', An electrical, short above .the ceiling, of .the Algiers. Bar,' 140 E., 1st St;,. started, a -fife Tuesday which "caused" extensive damage.' -' ; :··'."· ' ' ' . ' . ' The, bar,, suffered water .arid smoke damage,-a restaurant at 138- E. 1st St. rreceive'd smoke damage and considerable : damage was done to the Aberdeer Hotel'.on- the /'second floor 01 the building.'.',',.;'. -, - ' CUBS GET SAFE1J AWA11DS : ; " ' . v-^".. . , . , . : -. Grinnine in ddieht after receiving poster/awards from the Long Beach Safety . ar^-S Cub Scouts, pupils at' Madison Elementary,; Scho.ol.^.:Front : (lefftorightj'ar e :^ddie ^^^Gibson,^, of ^eS.Boyar.Aye^-.SteerRoSe'^ Bovar Ave · Kenneth.'Kelley, 9; of 4316'Maury;Ave., , and . ^ ' r i a by A. C. Malone,- wealthy. 87- ear-old'investor, Tuesday sued bis -.56-yearrOld- wife, vlrene,: -for. ivorce:"; -·'·-_'- : "Y''·"". '"·' MaTorie.'s complaint,, .-filed 'in uperior Court, by Atty.. F. A. Cnight,: alleged''that(;Mrs.. Maone, deserted'him "against his vishes : June 30, 1955.' -The complaint said they were married here Aug. 29," 1929.- It s'ted-no-community-property.' Mrs.' Malone recently lost her Jgbt- to keep 11,500 shares 'of Hancock Oil stock her husband gave her.- The : State Supreme-Court in Tan'uary, denied'.-Mrs: .Malone's petition', for a- hearing,:, affirm- ng.''.ah 1 Aug. 14, 1956, decision f Superior Judge Mclntyre "THE PEOPLE favoring this building' are from outside ;ihe 300-foot-range around the site,"' he'said..'- -. ' . ' -,'?.!"·· Hart called: the move..-'spot zoning" and .said'' that -"first consideration should · be · given those persons who live in.-the area." He. asked that the- permit be denied. ': n.' .- · Architect Ed Killlrigswo'rtii, another of the sponsorsi'.'i'gaJd the apartments,--to be knowh;a» Marina Tower; ;"wm-^be a:luxury building' in every" respect: 1 ' 'Contractor -Noble:, MiUiei.'pre"-. dieted" it would',be ; ".pne-ofcitho · finest structures : ;6t:its : -kiil'd«on- - ' r " ' .. , · OTHERS'. SPEAKING siril3ta- . vor of .the 'building were 'Albert . L. , Code, representing^; i-the Chamber of ; Commerce ; ;Dbug B e n w c.l 1, 'representing . the Chamber's · ^shoreline . develop-' ment committee;- Gus-Lue'kinB. _ for 'Downtown Long. Beach. Associates, /and; Realtor; -.;Reg Dupuy. Dr. ". Joseph Ocean- Blvd., Fagin, also , supported,. 'aries. Judge Faries .ordered Mrs. Malone to return, the,- 11,500 shares, now worth -about .$450,000, but allowed .-her to keep anotherf 13,500 shares. . 'and 'the * legislative'; counsel office ,that ; use" of.-such func :or the'purpose..would'be lega _ Roberts askedVfor an. answe [rom. the. -Lands -Commission in time .to propose:to. the, Legislature at'the-special session in March any state: code aihend- ments''that may; tie 'necessary. Merit Badge Show .Boy' Scout. Troop 156. will have a'merit'-badge show from 8 to'.9 ;p...m'--'today at 1140 Xim'eno- Ave. Broadier F.". Jones is'troop scoutmaster. .-.- ;.. Iowa Picnic March 1 The'.Iowa Assn. .of'Southern California will hold ; ;its annual winter picnic at Lincoln Park, Los Angeles,'on March. 1. · All former lowahs have been invited to 'attend: 'The.park is located ' a t Mission" '-Rd.-, and Valley Blvd/. . -".:. ' '- ., -- ..... . . granting of the permit, saying "·these'-' luxury- apartments': : wilT- only rebound to; the.'good'-.of-;my. family."" i ; - .·'· · : ' ' . ' C i ' j . V - . . Millie' told councilmen;,.;one year will be required to erect the 150,000-square buildink.:-;-.'-! "' · « » * * , .-..--L' 7 .:''.. PLANS CALL for four.apart-' ments on/'eacti floor, each: with a-. '·· panorama,: .view ^ot ; : 'TnZ Beach's coastiinei 'Each' aparti ment wiir encompass- l,900 r - to 2,100 square feet, with .a 17%x 36-foot living room, study, mas-- . ter suite; second '-bedroom, kitchen; service area.-.and separate. service 'entrance.;.-;.. -,.' All will .have broad^balconies. Two garage-parking spaces will - be aUotted'to .each-'unit They. will -be . approached-^X:: trance. court; underneath- jthe building. Dance Set Feb. 22 The Sons of Norway will have, a Washington's Birthday dance Saturday night, Feb.: 22, -in-Norway Hall. " .- THE MIGHTY MIDGET LET'S BALANCE THE BUDGET! mother Ave 4432 Boyar Ave.; KennethKelley, y, oi.«io.iviaurjr v Av*.^m^.ivu B ^iTO.K- rth5r°S JHf£of ^0 ; B|rcr'ATM.;; S^^^^^4357-Maury ·e. t and LeonardrBose^ 10^pf^-Boyar/Ave^Staff;Photo,), ; : . · ; , . ; . Is your, pocketbook h a v i n g troubles keepint;- up .those in' coming, bills? Well, 'here's-"a f · quick, easy- way'-to catchuup'.,'" No-doubt you have'.many-iteros-.' around the"house\you'no longer·· ' use.that are still.-good-,and.use-.. .fu'l to-someone "else' 'So-why-not sell t h e m? I'm ·the."Mi'a'h'-,ty' . Midget, ari. Independent, -Press-'" Telegram Clas3iliea ; 'adj;-'and ari^ expert, at. '.Eelling- things,-;-just , rarin' .to go to',.work-.'far you!, 1 . Call me at HEmlock '2-5959.-'for GREATEST RESULTS AT LOWEST COST Set i or Big Sale Sh0 "We S are : prepared to handle 50,OOQ;.cars a day,ln our Pai:k W no^ote!^id:Vitb^Romans,. general' manage^ of the, ° f a p a r c p a - e - merchants, all ;are do,-. Days event we. .expect record crowds : each . ·ing:in ti-iis .day." · BUS RIDES HOME for customers will be paid by ' ° f To C pro S vide much, more : :parkihg-;under: the ^ plan, the'- lot , attendant, ;at, the Municipal, Au^u Ing area will' accept ia stamp -dunng.-theftree-day -This area is not one'oft.the regular Tark and Shop W* bargains.- · · ' - - · ' :'-. ' ' . - . ' - : .'.·.'.-'.- -' '-.' '.- i ^

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