Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 10, 1976 · Page 4
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 4

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1976
Page 4
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PAGE 4 Public Mr. Mr. Mr - Mr. Mr Mr. BIRTHS ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL . a n d Mr. Douglas Bfskie 2«9 N Fe§ 4 A u e " a bov at 1:a B m and Mr. Jim Barkman, 1710 N Owmond Ave.. a girl al 3: lip.ro 'DM? ** r ' , J fv Pa 'laries. -ia s Caile Pllar, a alrl at s:18p.m. Feb 6. Nlar'a 1 '' R?" 01 ' 5 Eichner. 6S5* E ff^.y r .i Jo"" L. Ccnfreras! 6937 E Feb7 ' a o i r l at ' 2 37 a -^ o a ,1? Mr ,-, Charles Russell, 47J2 E Andrew SI., a girl at 8:31 a.m. Feb.8 TUCSON G E N E R A L HOSPITAL ·jnd Mr. William P. Pate. 4736 N Camlno Feliz. a bov at 7:39 p.m A"" ^ r bo JOel Harri5 ' 7 " N - Cssln . a n d Mr. Robert j. 'otto, 2606 E Glenn St.. i girl al 12:30 p.m. Feb. £ TUCSON M E D I C A L CENTER n . and Mr. Francisco Looei. 7J1 s t!£ m . Avc - a ""v al 10:06 a.m Mr. Mr. tAr Mr. Mr. Mr. ,,, 1 · ,. Mr. Mr. Mr Mr. ,. Mr, Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. . 10:06 a.m . . and Mr. Blamis Holland, 1341 w Via Tlerra, a girl at 12:17 am, Feb 6 . and Mr. pale Frei. 5001 E. Monter °'o St.. a olrl al 1:36 p.m. Feb.6. r. and Mr. Jorge Calzadlllas 6300 Randall Blvd., a girl at IjhsV.m '.?"^ K r R i c k v Seckman. 6902 E Marv Drive, a bay at 12:J7 a.m Feb r · intt Mr. Kevin Gilmartin. 7752 E EUla S|.. a olrl al 9:04 a.m. Feb 7. , and Mr. Mark Anderson. 5250 s camobell Ave., a girl at i6:i s.m and Mr. Carl Larue, 2901 w. Sahua ro Divide a girl at 2:28 p.m. Feb.7 . and Mr. Juan Garcia, 2000 E-. Roger R»d,aoirlat3:20p.m.Feb,7. ?! °. Mr ; Michael McKesson, 2730 w Alaska St.. a oirl at 4:56 o.m! Feb.7 and Mr. Jose Mata, 1008 w Erie si a olrl al10:54 a.m. Feb.8. . and Mr, Garold Graham, 2509 E Seneca St., a girl al U:1B a.m. FetS - and Mr Jose Calderon, Havdcn, a bov al 12:3So. m. Feb.a . and Mr. Thomas McDowell, 117 E Susana St., a bov at 2:39 p.m. Feb g , and Mr. Alvln Hook. 9201 E. Patrick Drive, j girl at 2:54 o.m. Feb 8 . and Mr. Gilert Monsisvais, 1051 E 24th St., a bov al 6:28 c.m, Feb B . and Mr. Noiberl Aguirre. Oracle d bov al 4:11 a.m. Feb.9. . and Mr. John Ziemer, 2038 E 7th St.. a boy al 5:12 a.m. Fcb.9 and Mr, John Ernerv. 2742 N Wilson ,, « v V?. B l r l " S : Z J a - m - F *-'Mr. and Mr. Raymond Rtvera, 301 E District St.. a girl al 5:51 a.m. Feb.9. BURGLARIES Residence. 2600 block West Pac/ilta Place, stereo equipment, color tele- vis on. lolal value S750, reported to police Sundav. Residence, 6500 block East Shepard Hills, stereo equipment, cotor tclevi- sJoo, camera, total value S870. reported to police Sundav Residence. 1300 block East Ft Lowell Road, turquoise iewelrv, totat value, J880, reported to police Sunday. Residence. 2WO block South Tvndall Avenue, television, stereo equipment, turquoise bracetel, rfnas camera. J540, reoorled to police Monday. Business, 200 block West Speedway Boulevard, camera, calculator adding machine, typewriter, total value 51.350. reported Ic police Sun- Residence, .1000 block of East Holladav Street, stereo eauipmenl. valued at S990. reported to sheriff's deputies Saturday. ROBBERIES Service station, 2000 block of Soutfi Algernon Way, 5:15 a.m. yesterday Two suspects, one armed with handgun. robbed clerk of S15. No injuries Business, 600 block ol West Valencia Road, 11:20 p.m. Sunday, ore man armed wilh pi'stol robbed cfcrk of an undetermined amount of money No Iniurles. SENTENCINGS Superior Court Ronald Gentry, attempted second-degree burglary, two and one-half years probation with one year in Plma County Jail, Judge Ben C Birdsall. Paula A. Dotson, petty Ihetl. six monllu In Plma County -fait. ;udae Birdsall Michelle Monk, orand theft, one to two years in Arizona Slate Prison, Judoe Birdsall. Bennle W. Butler, possession of heroin, three years probation lo be served In Texas, Judge Birdsall, Curtis L. Wheeler, possession of mari- luana. J7 days in Pima Counlv Jail. Judge Robert B. Buchanan. MARRIAGE LICENSES Arnold D. Mulienbach, 25. Tucson, and Martha E. Duron, 25, Tucson. Dean F. Perry, 20, Tucson, and Sheryl L. Rench, 15, Tucson. Johnny A. Kutllmann, 35, Tucson, and Nancy E. Blngham. 31. Tucson. Donatd S. Sloane, 47, Tucson, and Nora J. Perry, 22, Tucson. David W. Slpe. 20, Tucson, and Mary L Provine, 19, Tucson. Rodolfo Orlheula, 27, Tucson, and Kathy Riskin, 23, Tucson. Perry S. Schiolin, T3, Tucson, and Justine M. Osborne. 17, Tucson Gordon J. Rossiter, 31, Tucson, and Blanca I. Romero, 27, Tucson Sidney A, Plummer, 20. Wesl Port. N H , and Maria Del Carmen Leon, 21, Santa Ana, Sonora, Mexico. Jack D. Simmons Jr., 22, Tucson, and Peggy De Mars, 23, Tucson Samuel O. Soles, 35, Tucson, and Mva L Simons, 22, Tucson. Don R. Davis, 19, Tucson, -and Darlene M. Zimmerman, 28, Tucson Donald B. Ulhe. 26, Tucson, and Deanne C. Wright. 25, Tucson. James N. Ball, legal age. Tucson, and Rubv L. Killovt, legal aoe, Tucson. Gary Phipps, 20. Tucson, and Cinrtv Jones, IB. Tucson Jetterv S. Conn, 23. and Elaine K Snvcl- er, 27, Tucson. David G. Elenes, 24. Tucson, and I illy A. Moriloya, 20. Tucson John P.Clark Jr., 30. Tucson, and Joanne L. Nigra, 31, Tucson. James H. Bufks, 21. Tucson, and Wanda L. Gottleib, 31, Tucson. PETITIONS FOR .MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION BERKBIGLER, Priscilla tf\ and Rodger P. DECKER, John J. and June R HALL. Wanda E. and A very D WILSON, Marie E. and Ira L 'HOLLAND, Kennelh F. and Eddie J PENN, David A. and Sharlene A. HENRY, Brenda A and William R HARMON, William C and Gwendoline SHACKELFORD, Leonard O. and Lorecia J. R E N T E R I A , Andres G and Sylvia R PEREZ. Monica C. and Jimmv P FEISE, Ronald J. and Patricia A. K. DECREES OF MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION FOSTER, Carolyn M. and Clinton R. GIBBS, Tom R. and Marv B WINHAM. Colin O. and Marv R GARCIA, Tomas G. and Alicia NASH, James H. and Sharon M JURKO. Judy and Darren. MOORE, Marv C. and Joe D VOLZ, Bernard and Loralvn PEAVLER, Carole and Robert Smell loss award $100,000 MIAMI (AP) -- A Hollywood, Fla., woman, who claims a careless surgeon robbed her of her sense of smell, has received $100,000 in damages by a circuit court jury. Sally Lewis told the jury that she went to Dr. James G. Robertson in March 1973 to have work done on a bone that was blocking one of her nasai passages and making breathing difficult. She said she began losing her sense of smell and returned to Robertson in March 1974 for a second operation. He removed too much cartilage, leaving her with a perforated septum and still no sense of smell, she said. T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1971 TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1976 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N MIRACLE WHIP KRAFT SALAD DRESSING. QUART JAR. A. J. Bay less DOUBLE GOLD BOND STAMPS GRADE BRAND I'AGK 5 MACARONI CHEESE FOOD CLUB ON WEDNESDAYS 7'/4-Oz. PKG. POTATO BUDS BETTY CROCKER 28-Oz.' PKG. DIAL GOLD BAR Regular size 3 ' / 2 - O z . O $ JOY Liquid Detergent 32-Oz. BOHLEI GRAPE JUICE WELCH'S A. J. Day less 24-Oz. BOHLE CAMPBELL SOUP Ve-G-E-TABLE- 10^/4 OZ..CAM BRIDGFORD 77* BREAD White 3-PACK ROOT BEER A W Sugar-Free 16-Oz. BOTTLE 6-PACK 99 EGG BEATERS FLEISCHMANN'S 2-Pock 16-Oz. PKG. 79 BUTTERMILK NANCY JANE or CARNATION QUART 29 SOFT MARGARINE BLUE BONNET Two 8-Oz. Tubs or Family Bowl 1-Lb. PKG. 57 We are offering beef ribs at a very special price this week. Following is a suggested way to prepare them: CRISP BARBECUED BEEF RIBS 3 Ibs. Beef Ribs 2 qts. water 2 teaspoons salt '/a cup barbecue sauce Simmer beef ribs in salted water in covered pan 45 minutes. | Drain. Brush all sides with barbecue sauce. Arrange on foil-covered pan. (Bake in preheated 350° oven 20 minutes, or on outdoor grill until | crisp and brown. 3 lo 4 servings. Chairman of the Board *^^%^%^^ PRICES GOOD FEB. 10 thru FEB. 16 IN OUR TUCSON STORES ONLY. LIMIT RIGHTS RESERVED. KI_L.OG3'S CORN FLAKES CLING PEACHES PACKAG-e- LNA ? 2'/z GAM DEEF SPARE RIBS Flash Frozen 0 09 LB. TOP SIRLOIN STEAK STEAK Ribs 6 thru 10. LB 98 0 TOIAAI OES WESSON TV DINNERS ·* WIENERS BAR-S 1-Lb. PKG. Oscar Mayer Meat or be«f .,j~~ CUT-UP STEWING CHICKEN Flash frozen. BONELESS COOKED HAM CUDAHY Water added LB. WHOLE SALMON Approximate 2-Lb. size Quick frozen Hormel Bulk cut BOLOGNA BOLOGNA M^r°,te7r ITALIAN SAUSAGE BRAUNSCHWEIGER SMOKED SAUSAGE JIMMY DEAN SAUSAGE JIMMY DEAN SAUSAGE HAM SLICES wot, h addcd BORDERS KISSES SLICED BACON "^ u,, BOLOGNA John Worrell Sliced i. PKG $149 $129 $057 SO69 ,83* $139 89' SPAGHETTI SKINNER Thin 24-Oz. PKG. NAPKINS ZEE Family pack 360-Counf PKG.' CANDY Milky Way, Snickers, Three Musketeers or Mars Afmond. Fun size. 12-Oz. PKG. $109 FRENCH FRIES 49' GAYLORD Crinkle cut 2-Lb. PKG. CRESCENT ROLLS FOOD CLUB 8-count 8-Oz. PKG. AJBayljjss GOLD STAMP MJB All grinds I -l.b. CAN PLUS ONE FILLED SUPER DISCOUNT BOOKLET. GOOD FEB. 10 thru FEB. 16. DISCOUNT SPECIALS ICECREAM I CAKE MIX ICHARMIN YOU MUST HAVE ONE FILLED COLD BOND SUPER DISCOUNT BOOKLET FOR EACH ITEM. EACH SUPER DISCOUNT BOOK MUST BE RUED WITH 30 "COLO- EN TEN" GOLD BOND STAMPS. PfltCES ON THESE 4 ITEMS EFFECTIVE FEB. 10 IhfufEB 16 or Sherbet CARNATION Round Deluxe Assorted varieties. HALF GALLON PLUS ONE FILLED SUPER DISCOUNT BOOKLET. GOOD FEB. lOHnFEB. 16. Roll-on Regular or unscen»ed \ y»-0z. BOTTLE TOMATOES DUNCAN MINES Layer Cake Mix Assorted varieties 18'/,-0 Z . Pkg. PLUS ONE FILLED SUPER DISCOUNT BOOKLET. COODFE8. lOlhruFEB. 16 Bafhroom Tissue Assorted colors. 4-Roll PKG. SALAD SIZE ORANGE JUICE RADISHES ,,,,,. GREEN ONIONS COLESLAW £«· Tropicora label "Orange Juice From Florida" HALF GALLON $ 1 0 9 Ariiona Gro BUNCH BUNCH fl OZ. PKG. PLUS OHE FILLED SUPER DISCOUNT BOOKLET. GOOD FEB. lOthrufEB. 16. NAVEL ORANGES From California 00 Tanque Verde Center Monterey Village Campbell IPtaia 7025 Manque Verde · 6230 E. Speedway · 281 6 N. Campbell 902 W. Valencia Grant-Stone Center Frontier Village Palo Verde Plaza Roger Road Center 4 ,., 9 . 8 W. Grant Road · 3933 E. Pima · 7 145 E. 22nd St. · 3925 N. Flowing Wells Rd. Casa Blanca ' 6030 N. Oracle Rd. Tanque Verde Center Monterey Village »7025 E. Tanque Verde · 6230 E. Speedway Campbell Plaza 902 W. Valencia Grant-Stone Center Frontier Village Palo Verde Plaza Roger Road Center Casa Blanca . 2816 N. Campbell M 9 · 8 W. Grant Road · 3933 E. Pima · 7145 E. 22nd St. · 3925 N. Flowing Wells Rd. · 6030 N. Oracle Rd. Foreign copper danger? PD's Munroe gives warning The U.S. .government may be planning to help copper- producing foreign nations at [he expense of the copper industry in this country, according lo George B. Munroe. :hairman of Phelps Dodge :orp. His message to about 200 Tucson business and civic eaders at the company's annual lunch for them here yesterday was: "There is a danger that our own government may seek to jail our foreign competitors out of their imprudence, or wen urge and finance unwise mine development by them in attempts to buy friendship." M u n r o e said there are 'clear signs the U.S. State Department tends toward this approach." This could be "destructive :o our domestic copper indus- ;ry and damaging to the economies -- including Arizona's -- which we help support," he declared. PD's chairman noted that a major portion of the world's copper production now conies from such countries as Zambia, Z a i r e , a n d Chile, where the governments own (he mines. If they are encouraged by the U.S. government to keep increasing production, this will mean less income to American copper producers, according to Munroe. American producers already are caught in a squeeze between prices they can get for their copper and increased costs of production, Munroe indicated. Meanwhile the worldwide stock of unsold copper, 1.4 million tons at the end of last year, keeps increasing, he said. Phelps Dodge operates a mine, mill and smelter at Ajo and Morenci, and a smelter at Douglas. The company last year ended its operation of mines at Bisbee with the closing of the Copper Queen underground mine. Munroe noted that PD last year suspended indefinitely an exploration program aimed at finding more copper in the Bisbee area. The company also slowed preparation of a new underground mine at Safford because of the current copper "depression," he said. Pitfalls seen for U.N. If the United Nations is to deal effectively with major world problems, the developed nations and the Third World countries must drop the "acrimony" that made last year's session the stormiest in the .organization's history, says Japan's U.N ambassador. Shizuo Saito said here last night that one of the primary factors that marked the world organization with "acrimony and confrontation" last year was a decisive voting bloc of Third World nations that are trying to use the United Nations for political purposes, "Some developing Third World countries may take advantage of their vote to change the charter to suit their radical purposes," he stated. Sailo said the voting bloc that supported such resolutions as labeling Zionism a form of racism has become more powerful than the Security Council. Japan abstained when the Zionism resolution was voted on. The 61-year-old ambassador told about 150 students and Tucsonians at the University of Arizona that the atmosphere at (he United Nations must change because now more than ever countries are economically interdependent and must resolve their differences peacefully. The oil crisis of 1973 brought imbalance to the world's economy, he said, and created the thrust for world interdependence. Saito came to Tucson specifically to be a part of the university's 16th annual international forum, which this year focused on Japan. Exhibits highlighting the culture and achievements of Japan will be on display at the University until Friday.

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