Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 2, 1960 · Page 46
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 46

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1960
Page 46
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WANTED, Female IQjAutei Transportation Burier Steady. K AUTO DELIVERED any cit .aurant., Bonded li«n.*l driver, . DC*.. shop, Bonded »»iAUTO REPAIRING 2] ^ ^ ^ ^ t^ ^ _22J|AUTOS FOR SALE 23(AUTOSJOJIJALJ 23jAUTOS FOK SALE WILL TRADE! j " "" "" 'NP Borgu-jird $U-1 STUI3E 4 Or. OD. RH R««l ,'» DODCt Make offer. Muet »U itnii IS4S. Can flnnnci l l « Mo. belor* Friday. CY. T-C41S. Call MA. 3-ii2?^5Ml_.N._pr»cJ»_H/l m j J*t'* r __A .-P:TM' rfcdio, h«*t«r. iWrt. ;*^ J^ J^ * p rn j, jhon* CA ; 8-3778 Used Car Salesman PRECISON Univcrsit}- « « ' rtar ·nd». motor, rtarta* «OO: "i^ and te A«redl!ed B-UH.ICSJ School .Ct "GIVE "room. BO., rare ^rteinj; mother cs fill. M A . 2" 7 721 r p H. in 1 -K»1 Metallic Manou* tvi'ctji-i _ _ \ jrx*.** rait off Alv«r- j 57 MOA Bin* RM. n tlrrs. l»«1hrr 1645 car MA iffirmiiaiel.v and without Or eraton. »tartrr« M ln« 4JOI ? _ ,, . Bl»rk Inlher. WSW. ·repVirins-budiet term t srranKed- ! I'","":.,"'" Wh "'* C! "" V P "~ eusnnteed work Rumll'f Auto-: _ ' . . ,, , motive ^Service. MS* S. IJth Avt j 58 A U S t l H H e a l e y White c«r. WhIM lulher. wire wheel*, overdrive, we re rolimf. our lot ia beii loaded wi'h !·(» model can you hive ambition. st»«d.v ana re-i liable Tucson'i most lEffreUlve] u«*(J r«r lot ha« · job for you GILES j i 711 N. STONE ! Sport Car Trade Ins "£153 Merc. H.T. $445 TRUCKS FOR SALE 22 'CHEVROLET 59 VW 1695.» CHEVY VS. WOO a i_. MA. *SKIXr I 5iH""PiyoiouthTuUon V.« Auto tran* RAH. WSW, Pearl Grey. Black Top. In he»u- tlful condition. 53 Chev. Convert. $345 Powerfllde. radin. tr»nd new cream paint A really sweet little bugjty 56 Chev. Bel Air $845 J Dr. « Cpl RAH. WSW Exceptionally clean car. Emerald :r«n white I vm* AUTOS FOR SALE 231 AUTOS FOU SALE otmv«rtiS!e. Full power equipped. In-siculate condition, Sl.tt). AX. S-1JOB. _ '» RAMBLER CiitWijT' indoor tST. tion waxon. Low mlleact. Price:! lor quick (ale. M»S. CaU MA. 4-3021 from !-5 p.m. Anytime *t)er MA. J-SW7. 23 Straight itlck, ti'Ji. CY. 7-0407 «fur '57 Olds Conv. Cpe. Terrific bw--Taie over pmti. Will sccrpt amaller car. Call Dave at 57 Custom 2 Dr. Ford V8 Stick ONLY $797 We're Moving Must Sell i!2 MERC. 4 dr. OD HH 1 I Clran. Can finance full purchase ITake over payment! 139.44 a I price. »22 monthly. MA. 2-4J2J. iKo down. 20th i Craycroft. AUTOS FO1 SALE 23 SAFETY TESTED MONEY DOWNi 10-24 MO. TO PAY I for your BIG 2 DAY SALE!!! 41 Pontiac. Runs cood ' in 4» Packard. A-l cond. 14S M Chev, M SO Old*. Real nice S9 » Ply. A bargain IM M Chev. 4-dr wafOB 485 94 Rambler wuon MS 5! Chev. 4-dr. V-8 SW » Ford V-». Wick »9 M Ford wason. 4-dr. 10H IM Olds a-c. *-dr. gg Ufl down 5T Cbsv. B.A. 4-dr. 12M 57 Chev. 4-«!r. wa_on ISO H Ford 4-dr. Ciut. 308 UM 59 Chev. B.A. a-e. 4-Or. Z1W a Chev. 4-dr. wwoa JJM S» ford Conv. Cp«. XtSi W Chev Irapala 2W8 Buy Direct from J. J. Kozak. MfT. No Money Down at All Free--riahinx Tackle--Free S Yr. Guarantee on All Can PREMIER AUTO SALTS 3C« So-_tth Ave. MA. 4-7100 Tucson ~if ThurWay. Jim« 1. 1»»» Tu«M» t Aril, AUTOS WANTED WZ HUD CAJUIII RoaejR Trade Down DMI* »B* So «th Av». MA 4-tlH "We Ke»d Tranaportaflon Car»~ HIGHEST CASH PRICES »id f«r U' to ore-wart. Sell your ear today. Call or ' ~ " MOTORS. 14» S by RIXCON . MA. t-lltl. «SOO S«rle», 14' vin. Recently .ovrrnauled. B*«t o«?r ovrt $"M. 45 W._ Ft. Ixwell._ MA. »-7l08. . 60 Austin Healey ARIZONA COLLEGE COMMERCE . .. _ . . "1. E Broadway _.-i?Ai_!"! 0 ?'';vENDOU'cr delivery truck, rlectnc VL'NG woman livt in. Wotnani compressor » cubic fool atorMt : not alone. Licht homework. I 3053 N^Caraphell. _ , ,,,,, «..»«.., - -- !r . ,, A,_MS«m !cbbDlect1 0 nHtow.pri«J_plck-; A j s o jn stock: 5 g Sprite,jJjg model R«S 3.000. i«athtr. i dl«c brakei. b . r m a i d . Expert- i UM. Johnaon Auto S*l« iced. Apph' in person. l*r.a] i ^?HL_-5-V5TM~ .-- - } 35UENcEb secretory Speak! condition »»o. 2H1 N. j.piclsh Downtown llcstion Goodj MA.__.-4322. ralarv and workir.f con«!ticn« j'js CMC I 1 , ton ? IRJL or ywir.r wor ·^rk. No cookirc. V S-8J3S __ VotTSEWOR'K. aflernooni. Uvinc near 1434 Bcn»on MA. 2-J47J. od' 1 58 AUStin 53', '58 Ford Conv. Cpe. ! too hl/h. muit a«ll or trad* ""CbWERT 3500 E. Speedway ,, ___ -- ; Good condition , c y l i . power rteerlnz. Powerilid., TTX jo »»/" -rr- C C ! radio »r,n he.ter. BeiK. J2.200 cart). TD, 48 MG TC, 56 GL 1-331 i . e x t S W l . r t . Huachuo. * "i ** ' · -- ~ --Morgan. Permanent--Part Time j C sncral office. Accurate typisv. 12-' fc. Apply Williams Auto SaiM, Be-: l .'ten 8-11 703 S. «Ji A\-enu«. No] I GATX. COOD MOTOR. »5C. EA Highway^ i ·s«~SfTOiSTidOT~pTcifup~ Bc«t"ol-, I fer. By owner. K14 Monterey_Virt« ' Telephone 3500 E. Speedway $34 mo. TiMC~ Ton P I ) bed. Reasonable. Craycrof!. Mm So : -one callt olcase. BEAUTY OPERATOR | rxicrienc«i. Ca«i Adobe* Beauty : ' * OFFICE GIRL j For construction Company offte* t Able to run ftddtnfi maciune. typine, t-v*wcr ptwne. Call ZA. 7-70*1. or: /X. 8-1736. evenings. ' BEAUTICIAN TuH or part time. Good opportunity Pll_9ne__oay_or_eyenins. EA. 7-JSai., 1 Experienced dry clean-1 ing checker marker. | Apply_249_S. Park. __ ' t ifLL charie booi3;eeper"fm-~"pan- time evcnini work. See Mr. Kahn. Xo phone calls. National Health Stodig« 130 S. 6U Ave. ___- EaoSlT ORBEh eookrMOl E. fipeed- \s-ay. Sec Tonji'. ^__ LIVE IN MAID General houiework. Care of I r«ar old. Private room and bath. Call EA. I-VTU. over payment So. Craycron. 1»M \stUDEBAJCER PreiWent Cla«- »ic. *-ooor. 1X»' mlUnse New paint. Excellent condition. Mak* n/Ier. MA. 4-«n. 347 N. Las So. 1 Ave. 100% Financing on Approved Credit One Yeor Guarantee" Fountain Waitress Sxp«rlenre! only. Apply Geronlmo: Prof. 100 E- Sni. i SITUATIONS, MALE 11 E3fftRiKNCED ROUTtMAN SHIPPING CLERK. EXTEHMNATOR. MA. 1-0*03. _ _^ _ FAAr'TttaE, »-ortc e\-ente»-- w»«¥- enda. Anythln* le»»l. Collefe »ncla»te. EA. 7-OBO. . c»Ue«e «radu»t», ». lookiiir for cmner uslnt thl» rarity. Ref- erenoeii. 54 CHEV. 4 4r. Heat It S S. Exceptional!) $695 51 KAISER "Traveler" 4 e)r. B.H. * O D. Heal Clean A «ood. $250 . . . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ relationa field. ««Ie« man- ««m«nt. college fraduate. Ions on dlea experience, busSneas man- ajtement. Hefereneei- Permanent ' r«idence. Can travel. "Write to P O Bos 2SW Tucaon Arizona. 1C.. Complete rioors TA'axed. Wl d. Erttoatei. MA. 4-40M.. I DEPt34TABLX ambltioui yount men need employment. Do any- thinjr. AX. B-17K- adob. l»j-l .-_ Patio MJ, In EowSTand "belt paint job Tuaon lUllable^MA., 2-4744. ....... iF~Votr want a refined boy that juat flnbthed mllltair school and would do mo« an1hlnr. IlXei draftlnx and aurveylnc. call MA. _ _ ^__^-_ ___ - - f ASfrtNO, Interior. «xtertor. crack atching faeierencea^EA^g^nin^. and mflntenance .en Tean HW rienc«. Kxcellent with four children ,TM,». Coropotltlon rooferf ·. Truck driver or yart m'orit. J.A McArter. jnalntraano.. 57 FORD "Rand«ro" s apd. R*H. Ntw paint ens. O'huul. $1395 59GMC t, P U. -1 ipd T..W.B. H««t New pulnt. $1495 59 FORD 60 MG MAGNETTE 60 AUSTIN A40 59 FIAT MULTIPL 600 59 SIMCA ARONDE 4 dr. J59 PANHARD 158 SIMCA ELYSEE 58 VOLVO STA. WAG. 58 V.W. SUN ROOF 58 RENAULT DAUPHINE 58 METROPOLITAN HT 59 OPEL 2 dr. 56-ENG FORDZYPHER ROADSTERS 59 MGA. !59 AUSTIN SPRITE J58 AUSTIN HEALEY 58 MGA' 58 CORVETTE 58 MGA COUPE 57 AUSTIN HEALEY 57 TRIUMPH TR3 57 MGA """'52 Ply. Sta. Wag. Good condition. Make offer. _ __? s . 5:! E - JP« dl W NICE MODEL, AT'S'roAN KM !S3_E. Grant_Hd. MA. IfJM* '59 Chev. Pick-Up On« owner, Hk» new condition-sacrifice If *old *t once. Coins oveneu. Call Mr, Marshall, EA. FROM NOW ON ANY CAR ON THE R1NCON MOTORS LOT WITH A RED TAG ON THE WING GLASS WILL BE FINANCED RIGHT IN OUK OFFICE. WITH A MINIMUM OF RED TAPE. THE AUTOS SELECTED FOB THIS PLAN ABE FROM OUR REGULAR STOCK AND THEY AHK FWE TRANSPORTATION CARS WHICH ARE READY TO GO, Buick 4 dr $15.18j |52 Pont. 2 dr $13.81! J51 Cad. 4 dr $28.16 51 DeSoto 2 dr $11.18 51 Pont. HT. cpe. $13.15 52 Ford 2 dr $11.18 |53 Merc. HT $22.18 153 Ford 2 dr $28.90 54 Chry. 4 dr $26.79 53 O l d s 4 d r $22.18 54 Chev. 4 dr $23.18 53 Merc. Wag $33.18 53 Ford Wag $34.26 52 Nash 2 dr $24.50 53 Buick 4 dr $22.18 53 Chev. 4 dr $24.75 _ 6AVE" DOLLARS, your cholca !g reconditioned low priced can. WE CARRY OUR OWN CONTRACTS BRANDON _MTHS., 1700 S th Av«_ 52 I^O~NT. convert. XLNT condition KM. 2831 N. Oracle Rd. MA. i SI BUICK 4 DR. radio, heater and automatic transmisilon. Tim Is really a nice car. Jt rum »nd look* fine. Ready to iro and It will be financed by Rincon Motors for 2-O22. Can finance full purchase i Only *125 down J10 per week "sTRambler Wagon" Air-cond. Must dliponr of thl» commc week. No reasoiialjle offer refused--will trade. Call John tJSElTS OVERHAULED ENGINEST V-B'« overheads Al»o all kinds ol u««l parts. Terma. snoua» Body Shoo. 1B32 W Prince Rd. MA i-777 BHO\VN^S BROWif's BROWN"'S JOHN BROWN'S TODAY'S SPECIAL M CHEV « itlck 4 dr. Like new «B9 57 CHEV. PANEL with windows. 51 CHEV 4 DR. Radio, heater and Powergllde transmission. Shi nm«l Ike » dream. Drive this one and you will buy U tnd It will be financed by JUncon ^ i Motor* for Only *100 down -- «10 per week 11 OLDS M 4 DR. Radio, heater and automatic transrnlMlon. Heady to go and it will be financed by Rincon Motors for Only (73 down 110 per week 65 More sharp and ready to go. 1621 S. 1 u r U. AT Heat. Wldf aide B. V8. New paint. $1595 U r L W dealrea perinaneijt i» -- rr " -- Hauling -- TopaoO -- j in|n. -- Renovitinc. KA. tAWK *Mwint. faedfe trimmlnf. · _yani cleantnt- H8 «· kind o? work MA. j. Small repairi. interior- ~«ctefkr. Keaionable ratei. Call / MA. 4-jar!. . JO yn. TM« »t wiring 4t Cornm. It ·enrlce ti malnt. BCP. All' _ «j lima tint. Control -wtrins. .C. So. 4th Ave. "A New Truck Dealer" IMPORTED CARS _22i VW CONVERTIBLE ~EA. 7-0053 i'One owner: clean. '»7. with radio. _ _ ^henter. ll.MS. Phone TCA. "SKBfBER plumbing and 1 between V7 p.m. Cooler »*lnt«n»"£r.. ftn ' '· " i 9 6 0 I SETT A WE TAKE TRADES 19271 Broadway «. NIC* ;. tires, heatpr Sw »9 FORD PICKUP V. ton. WSW. B*H, 3 upeed 1*45 53 CHEV. H TOP Sdr. Like new. itlck. RAH MS 53 JEEP St. Witn. New tire». RH. OD. new motor overhaul 40 PLY. J-dr. Clean M FORD 4-DR. Stick V», New paint 745 JOHN BROWN'S QUALITY CARS. 947 S/6th Ave. TUCSON MA 4-.T834 MA. 5-08(14 jgROWN'S BRO\VN'S __BHQWN'S AfConditioned" for summer driving 56 Chev. 4-dr. HT $1545 Bel Air. V-B encinc, radio, hfat- er. auto. Imng., Low, low mll««. On* o»Ticr and AUl COND1- T10NKD. /I56 Ford Wagon $1295 OFFER IS UMITED TO CARS WITH THE RED TAGS ONLY. IF YOU NEED A CAR. LOOK FOB THE CARS WITH THE RED TAGS AND YOU CAN WALK TN AND BK1VE OUT RIGHT AWAY. MA. 4-3345 AUTOS FOR SALE 23 1959 CAD. "HARDTOP FULL POWEK and «lr. Low mll»«. White with rod top. EA. 0-M17. 1941 FORD Original equipment. Run* food. Good tlrci. body. New buttery. »1M. AX. »-24»2 art«r S:M p.m. 4 door *ed*n. MOO «za..K._4th. st. " Dod£e wagon. ._. power, air. Radio. he«ter. -.42! ·-4504. 1 __ . interior and|T»i,e my p*yment« over «t 13! a paintirur anfl «ucco work. j_nionth._26th_«;_Craycroft. _ OR TRADE MA. T-3»fr. (5r lodjlnf. Take in motel 3 houn From 10 P.m. to U Perftr one wiio la workln* r int. MA -»»! '57 Triumph TR3. Sport* convertible (prlvnte owner, EA. 1«M Olda, m Super. Goorf oondltlon,_Caah._AX. S^SSp. POR '88 8 cylinder 4 door'atatlon waion. Exceilenl condition, Muit I»1L_ »1400. _AX._S-SM«. 5(f B'uick Riviera 4 door, one owner, low mll««j ^conrtillonlng , MA, -4-fWOfi 1959-Dodge Coronet Like new. MA. 4-7263. J-Dr. Ranch Wagon. Has heater. Automatic Tr«n. and AIR CON nmoN. for Beffer Usecf Imporfs See 59 Volvo 4-lpeed, model M4. 58 Volkswagen 2-ctr. Jhi)(« 58 Borgward J-dr. 58 Simca 4-dr. "Ely»re" 58 Borgward W«ron. HIM. 57 Sunbeam Xapler, hard top. $1995 $1295 $1595 $1095 $1695 1428 S. 6TH AVE. MA. -1191 Performance Plus That's what you get when you buy your Used Car HERE! Each to give you one ready years of safe, economical motoring. And-- you get a good looking car that you'll take real P r 'de in owning! Save money on our $1295jj ower prices. Easy terms too. Look at these: FRANK DAWSON Motor Co. Qualify Imporfs 6 N. 6th Ave. MA. 2-2836 SITUATIONS, M A F CAjgfAKBt JOB \\ A B U G S power and alv condltlontni. Must 19S»~PLYWOimi rz^dobrT V-»7 white" SljM. S3) E. Broadway, MA.i-»t01 V6S4" fSKb Convertible. '-"'*" "~ N. ~ ' fttpertenoed matuw couple e, reliable, references. Star. Clttaen, Box 157-C ____^,. SITUATIONS, FEMALE 12 real e«ate" Soker. In motel and Income manaire or a«ti*t. ·. nJA.--H37. General nou»e cleaning. NO MONEY DOWN Approved Credit SWAT 'EM CENTAL aaBiitant practical nurte Oive ent preferred) Inatltutlonal S« RENAULT D»uphln« .19 SKODA :-flr. 80 SKODA Sportj Con'. 59 ENGLISH FORD 3-dr. 59 SIMCA Wagon 58 GOLIATH 2-dv. 58 TRIUMPH Sedan M VAOXHALL 4-dr. 58DKW 'i Ton P U. 57 MCA RoadJter '55 BEL AIR V-*. 4 door. Radio. Heater. Power brake*. Tinted _lax3. Excellent condition. 42SJW. C»ll- MurRnrit.. GOOD 2ND CAR " 1B51 Pontlac, excellent condition. 1423 N. P»rk, or MA. 4-775,1. _ '58 Renault Dauphine .Leaving 1ou*n- Asatum* 21 monthly jpayjrieti'U.'' of *fi3 p*r month, unrt c«r la yoors, Nn money n«l«i. 5fl SIMCA 4-dr. »nd bookkeepers j TRADT - MANY MORJt g»: HAVE TO SELL 1095! 19e4 Cadillac 4-door... Power and H D S i a l r . Excellent condition. Prlvme. ·S3 MA. 4-3506. iPtNTDOW cleanln,. Floor u-axlne. Kotue cleaning. Free estimates. pi^eift.'seSftarT.i'sJho^' ffi: OPEN SUNDAY 12-6 p.m.l.^^ya 3-w39_ __! STATEWIDE MOTORS 26th Craycrpft i OWNEft~'»8"~Sl!Trc». 4 doo'r' sedarT. W MERCURY. Owner desperate, MjOte offer ca»h or trade. EA. alicfc. Like new con- tltUW ft* »H s»su«s$ in ui stt sss 3i M«tM j$ m Sit JJt tsmuss MS MS tSS SSS IU M$ SSS SSS SSS S$S «s $f$ss its sss sssssstfs SSJ SSSSS US SSS StSSJSSS SSS SSS SSS SSS JS$ sss sss sss sss w$ sss scsssssss sss sjs mstsm SSS SSS SffSJSS 711 I Stone Red Hot Sale 59 Chev Bel Air 4 throughout 1 1 AT. ImmacuUte rordomatlc, power VI 4 dr. Mu(t J dr. hardtop, derdll 55 Chev thin one 1 1 PONTIAC 1133 N. Stone Good Selection of Fine Used Cars Make Your Best Buy, Today 59 Olds, Fiesta lUtion Wagon. Full power. Save $ $ 59 Ford Sta. Wagon * Dr. « Paw. rordomatlc. $2195 59 Consul, English Tord, like new condition. $1395 58 Volvo Dr. Sedan.Excellent condition $1295 58 Ford MO 4 Dr. I $1695 Titlrlant MO 4 Dr. Power, automatic. 57 Buick ·pedal 1 Dr. Hardtop. Power. $1495 57 Olds Super 88 1 Or. Holiday. Full power. $1795 56 Mercury J Dr. Hi $895 Montclair Dr. Hardtop. Auto ma tic. Tucson xNEW CAR DEALERS' i ^" Association Bi PONTIAC 133 N. Stone MA. 3-6330 outflanding In- 4 dr. Radio, heater, extra nice! dltion. One owner. Guaninteed over A f\ ade *W pany. TOUNG COLORED «lrl wishes full tteoe eiertcal or general otlic« lob. _goroe «horihar.d_._ M A . V J 4 J 1 . · TRONING In my home. Pick up delivery. AX. t-8982, ~ JUTES Like new. Best offer. 1!17 Avcnidi Slrio. Terra del Sol. *« Work guaranteed. Free da-liven' y. Venice. biPftRfKOS) care of new mother and baby: help at froroe. EA. «-77ir;. primary grades--all sub- jecte--phonics used in readinc. ilA._4-aBtlO. FEBSONAL and family ironinB. call and deliver. EA. 6-3*00 or MA. miles per jfnllon, BarRfcin. Tra EA. 6-8417 St'CEPTlffNAUCi' clein. 'SO OTd*. Conv. Orltinul owner. Hus recent paint. 1 p p r~ I braKe. nhock, Fenton he»den. AX.! K K ("OPO j''S7"FlREFO?.HT"~4"'doo"i~Hifd top conv DeSoto. 25.000 mllen. $1.100. '55 BUICK Cenlxiry Convertible, J5000 miles. Practlolly new Royal Master Tires. S1.2GO. Both one own- rr ra^iT. EA 7-3S52. Needs ·52 FORD. Make_otfer._ MA. engine 4-5751. work. AVAILAB1JC practical nur»e Erad- .M^ ^xWT""^^*^ T»va. hourly ·work. MA. 4-4M7. CHILD CAKE 13 ^At"ITU: Someone to care for lively 8 year old elrl. weekdays. Vicinity Grant - Alvernon. MA. 3-74»i. A* for Bob McCany 1957 PORSCHE IttXt cabriolet heater Becker AM- FM Radio. Special lenlher Interior. Concours condition. Never raced 13.385. Can he seen at 1030 E. BrOld- w»y. MA. 3-5053. i 1952 PLYMOUTH coupe. 47.000 miles IEXPEHT imported car reoa!n-»ll| New rubber--clutch. $275 cash maker rranchl»ed Fiat AWi dealer | ^_ rj»llc_Seyille L JMiKipn_Manor. Continental Motors Ltd. lias N ." M DODGE. Good transponation Palo Verde A"! tA 7-SCT1 | j-irst S225 takes It. MA 3-H54I. SUition Wairon '57 VOLKSWAGEN I after fi;30. p Q '60 Renault Dauphine j g^., r . F "^ y.^; $g " '" 46 E i ^ 53 Nash Station W»ffor 51 Ford 3 dw 54 Ford $495 ! $495:54 $195' $895 Special 4 dr. Save tt* here! COMPARE ANYWHERE 157 Olds 88 2 dr. Fully Runs fine. 56 Ford PEACE OF Enjoy your vacation in a late model safety tested used car selected from our recent Cadillac-Oldsmobile Trade-ins. A FEW "SHINING EXAMPLES 60 OLDS 98 Hoi. Cpe. Save $900 59 CADILLAC 62 Sedan Air $4995 59 CORVETTE HT 4 Speed $3345 58 CADILLAC 62 Cpe. Power $3675 58 IMPERIAL HT Sedan Air $3145 57 CADILLAC 60 Special Air $2995 58 OLDS 98 Hoi Sed. Power $2345 56 CADILLAC Sed DeVilleAir $2245 57 CHRYS. Saratoga HT Air $1845 56 CAD. 62 Coupe Power $1945 57 OLDS 88 Hoi Sed. Power $1645 57 CHEV. Belair Conv. Pr. $1645 55 CAD. 62 Sed. Power $1645 56 MERCURY Mont. HT P. $1195 15 other Guaranteed Automobiles , ALL UNDER $ I'000 that you will be proud to own . CBH B*buUt tnerstor. r? N. W» In DEALING With GALLOWAY RAMBLER Have Money Left Over to Enjoy Your VACATIONS ·RANSMISSIONS Factory etund not u«t nibuUt 'ucson Serv. Stat. Supply i» ·. *TH AVX. mo r. mro rr. A. 4-«at _ EA. 390 Equity slid talta o»«r . Excellent condition throughout, S*« Iciolo. Blue Lain TralUr Court. E. Va Se.Habla Espanol MA. 1-744* '58 Amer. 1290 Slick Super. Automatic drive. Low mileage! Two 1SS1 all full prlcv X ft. Columbia, all mod,, eooltr ~ MB Cadillac Devill*, wffi tnd* *w Trailer. '57 Chev V8 1490 Beautiful Bel Air. -dr. Xcfrif. ·ration, automatic drl '55 Nash 6 590 Roomy 4-dr. Stmtttmta. .-iuto- matlc drl iw ILJ/ '58Buick 1890 lADCtirioua Oentory. 4-dr. Automatic. Power *U«r. Power brakej. lUdio. Jvwter! 58 Metro 1290 Smart M*tropolit*» Htrdtop. 58 Rambler 1 690 Custom 4-dr. Pushbutton abllt. factory air. Spotless Iniide and OUt! YYVYYVYVY fXJOOCXXX Tucson YVYXXJCXYV NEWCARDEALERS' Assnciati x-xvyxxx 8! Resale Drive-in 2121 E. Broadway Your authorized Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Renault Dealer for Tucson and Vicinity. Open Evenings--Closed Sundays MA. 4-0483 S1.S05 . _ KtXXXGS S-urjers?. Pre- ·ehool -- alco bo«rdlnf uixler 3 yean. 1A. 8-44-Q. CHILD CAKE in my home. J to 5. 18SO N. Firrt Ave.; A«te« MA. J-2119. _ _ ' child care. Day! niffht Xuraery Boarding. Lioen»ed,' Injured. 4tto E. Itth/EA. «-«2Si. 15!5HT:DAY ' -~M5tber-.~c«re. ' All ! tfts. Univ. Papoo»e Nuraery. MA.; _ _ CHILD CARZ in my horned Call MA. 4-4CTS. ___________ J^2 CHU-DKEN. Experienced. erences. Lunch. Snacks. equipment. EA. in '59 Plymouth Sed. ro C n r r l «u.Ti*T par TSf(^.lle~t prtrtdttin- *J *J ' ^J I Vj : One owner car. Excellent conditiori. J W I I I sacrifice for cash or trade. Call i EA^_«-S4S!j_J«ltk .'or_Rpl?er. Model A Ford 1 19S1. »140 No lew sccepted. MA. 4-M44. 1955 PLYMOUTH I 4 DOOR *5ZV 41J7 N. Oracle. MA '4-4911. _ _ '55 Olds Holiday Only $4fi month. Call Joe. MA. Victoria Ref- ] Play _ INTANT. Win ifive experienced motherly care, ray borne. North- ww*._MA. 2-3730. ·It. ._ . in my home. torn g. AX. g-7588. 3STIAN DAY NURSiERY and Kindersarten. all axes including Infanta. L o v l T i f . eHident care Jteuomble. V* * Broadway. MA 4-WM. TRAVEL Opportunities 15 WOMAN ·tarttrvs soon for ~ft vts- lyurili. Will take one womari. share expen«es. I A. «-K02. KEED trucker. Haul household iood«--Denver. KA.._ _.»«».._ CARS «Tallatle to raoit cftiei. Prlve as ygor own. MA. 4-8443. LADY and tmU boy want ride 'TIT-,,] j ·wfth J»«Sy tr»vean» to Wasfcfcie-. WOriQ ton. D. C. vjdafty. Share »r-, vrmrt, WrH» Siar-Cttizen Box Ro. * IN 1960 First 3 Months-Against 1959 COMPETITION? We love it! $995 "equipped. $8951 Customized COTJV. T Bird ftn(rine. RH New top. Rcsl nice. J56 Stude $795 _ . . . . , , , ' Station Wagon VS eji^ine. B«dio. he«t»r. overdrive!! Power brakes fine tires. 56 Dodge $695 Coronet 4 dr. Tull power. push button drive, radio, heater. 55 Ford $595 4 dr. Real clean. RH has Chrysler 3W engine and straight trans. General Qua!, flo tires. A Bomb. 55 Chev. $695 V8 4 dr. Fine Car. *orics. Factory air cond. 1 to 33 OldS $895! choose from I I ; Holiday 4 dr. HT. A one owner car In fine cond. Real clean. Near new WW tires. Must be »e*n Buick $795 Special Riviera HT ope. Really sharp A fine cond. $495 I - - n, -.. Ready to ffo. toot. »lr cond. Immaculate 54 MerC $495 Mcr.t. 4 f,T. GMC SUBURBAN ! '58. excellent condition. Good tires. Low mlleasc. J1JS Jf. Campbell except Saturdav. EA. S-RaM PERSONAL CARS $495J59 T Bird $3989 ^ j HsrdTop Ixittdcd with ncccs- 54 Nash $595. rn _ D . , .-- , , ! 59 T Bird 53 Packard $595; s« r" -^ P\ I /t* J o r" Jtcwuy sn 53 Dodge $495:57 J Bird $2689: 54 ^f 4 door ' 54 GMC $595 '» TM V)SiSW'^ts' t S t SiS' 53 Chevs (2 ) 53 Fords (2) No Money down with NOBODY beats the deal 53 plvm · · Choice . . $395 ower equipment, ·r. Sec It today I ! A Flock of L A R K S Has Just Landed at C E N T U R Y M O T O R S 40 of ' E m - A l l Models-All Colors 6's, S's, overdrives, oufomof/cs, 2-drs., 4-drs., wagons, convertibles, hardiops and j SEE THE QUALITY CAR OF THE COMPACTS We Are Wheelin* and Dealin' Come Prepared to Get the Best Deal in Town TRADE «ry nice t bdrm. bam* MIT V ·! A for trailer. Apache Trailer S44 N. Oracle. MA. «-ai». MA. Tucson INEWCARDEALERS': **~ AssociationTM TM GALLOWAY RAMBLER OPEN EVE. 1958 Ford . $1491 Talrlana VI Stick. »·«. Utr. 1958 Plymouth , $149J Belv. VI 4 «. JU. Mr. Puih button. 1958 Chevrolet $1495 Blie. VI 4x1 Had. ·*. Milk. 1958 Chevrolet $1691 4d Yoeman *ta Wa«Mi Auto. Htr 1958 Oldsmobile $2395 M Conv. Full 1958 Packard Fact. Air $2195 Hawk. Full Tew«r. Air Intereft, 1957 Cadillac $249! Cpe. DeVille. TU11 Fewer, etc 1957 Chrysler $179 Saratoga 4d H.T. full rower Fact. Air. 1957 Chrysler $169! Wind. M. H.T. Pewtr. Auto. 1957 Plymouth $149, 4d. Wa«. Full power. Air Cond 1957 Ford $129 Falrlane VS 4d. H.T. Auto. 1957 Chevrolet $129 Bel Air VI «. rcwerfllde. 1957 Chevrolet , $119 210 *d cyl. Auto. 1957 Chevrolet $129, Id St. Wai. VI Had. Htr. Auto 1957 Chevrolet $169 VI 4d H.T. Power. Aute. Fae Air 1956 Ford $109, Fairlane VI Victoria Auto. Pwr 1955 Mercury $89 Mentclair H.T. Ope. Wad. Htr Auto. 1955 Mercury $79! Monterey H.T. Cpe. Had. Htr. 1955 Oldsmobile $119, t* Hoi. Cue. Full Power. Fad Air. 1955 Plymouth $69, Belv. VI Conv. Cpe. lUd. IItr 195 A 5 Ut Chrysler $99 New Yorker 4d Power. Auto. 1954 Ford $69 Cust. VS lUnch Wai. Had. Htr 1954 5uick $59 Special 4d. Had. Htr. Stick. 1954 Kaiser $59 4A. Sed. Had. Htr. Auto. 1954 Mercury $69 Montrey H.T. C»e. Had. Htr Aute. 1953 Plymouth $49 4d Sedan. Had. Htr. New tirej 1952 Buick $29 Sup. Hive. Cp*. JUd. Htr. Auto 1950 Oldsmobile $29 Ope W, Xad. Htr. Auto. COE !. Inc. Ill I Stone TEL. MA. 3-4338 MY NAME IS j DON J. McCORMICK J Service Mgr. of : Volkswagen For $«!· 20* h»ppy famto of Rvesters making 3D% and twtter Rtornx or, tea S"»cotitract» on new 4 ucoiooji j In uw l^iffer x oevelopnwntc wbeve prop- jcty ·mredatien te the _re*te*t. J»en» of tfte nwny tn-mtvat vri- 78% of our c u s t o m e r s come back. I need « qualified ·57 Fvd. V-8, Automitic transmission. Radio and H«ai«r very clean-- custom SOO. n«r r.*ti* Tirti. 'SS Ch*v.. RAdio and Heater. Sianrtard TrnnsmissiOTi. 4- door :i*ht blue, new tires. WV) CALL MA. 4-2481 '54 Ford Club Coupe Terrific «m!iOon. Lew mfie»? approved credit. Bank financing Open till 10 P.M. MAIN STORE iof the Southwest's largest Ford Dealer. ! 52 Cadillac j 4 dr. a like new. Nuff 152 Packard A " Holmes Tottle Broadway Ford $695 TIPS ts* MI S KRB M?n jaS^ Tucson "^j ! i^fEWCARDEALERS' i 1 Overdrive. Bradv to ro. 20 Others 52s down A A Used Cars 358 SO, STONE '49 Plymouth assistant. Call me at - WlW »WVC p-tlT- . T r t T - ^ J x r i % v i » rrt * d hundreds of wir contT»«y|WOrId MtrS. MA. 4*5515 the yttttt Iwvft fvtr h*(J to * ,*··.» N A « owr » hoo»» or nwke t« 929 S Sth . Mr. Hom^i t» K. «h St. Arte. ' '58 Mercury Wagon T*lce over pmt* TIe»l barrnin if 'sold next tew d»\-s. C»I1 John «i :CY._7-1356. _ '50 HUDSON $250 ,ficce_ent conrtftlon. Can be «*en. i imyiirne ToeKlw, IPeftnewiav wnd . N. Ml MA. 3-3411 C E N T U R Y MOTORS uto Parts, Accts'rics 24A " " ' MII l." «tfc. OLDS ENGINE Complete with itutir, automatic tranamlsdoa. n. RAILERS, Ntw ft U».d 59 Mobilhom ttt tt*tf LATER Than You THINK Don't Let Another Vacation Year 'ASS VOtT BY XJEAVINS WITHOUT ENJOYINC THE LU1 OF EASE AND FREEDOM TO GO ANYWHERE WITH A CAMPER FROM TRAILER SALES LINES TO CHOOSE FROM SAVE --SAVE-SAVE! $100 DOWN M MOS. BANK FINANCINO Parts Store Open Sunday 3401 S. Park MA. 3-3427 Open * ».m.-» p.m. ftce«Pt Sat. * Sun. t-l Pay Less Trailer Sales Your Wheel-Estate Dealer rtATrmrao THE NEW FLAMINGO Clean USED TRAILER! M BARGAIN PRICES . »7»N. OKA [Ml 41' ROLLOH01 full bath. Heuonal 4-M«0. 31 g N. l bedroom. wy_prle - -FREE--FREE 3 days 2 nights all expense paid vacation for 2 in LAS VEGAS .with every new or used TRAILER SOLD. Includes 1st class Air Travel, Best Hotels Floor shows -" Meals Beverages We Trade · For Real Estate Apaclie Trailer 2844 N. Oracle Rd. HA. 4-«lH SPECIAL SALE KxlO 2-Br. VnivensJ, tl.M* New Circle Center Kitchen 10x10 1-Br. Unlvenal «,tl9 1 Front Kitchen, 1 Center Kitchen Several food used 1 * t Br. I wide* Tucson Trailer Sales 2S25 K. Oracje Xd. MA. 4-1 Will trade 1957 Chevrolet Stat Wgn for used trailer PIMA TRAILER SALES X1D Oracle MA. 4-3XN Airplanes F»rSaU 23^ Why Pay Rent? We will rent you a MOOUOt MOBILE HOME ior As Low As $25 per mo. apply ',4 th» rent toward tiM »urcha»e price. How can you k»e? InvOTUrate today. Choice Mlectlonl DESERT TRAILERS Oracle Kd. MA. 3-01« HP. D.C.O. Taylorera/T BTal Funk. T tranaceiver. MJtcnell Alr- lpy gR. MA. 3-MB6. E.HCOUFZ 415C. V hp. Variable pitch prop. L.F and HT radio*. Newly recovered antf reliceueed. GL»d»tone »-zao. Sierra Vista. 120 CESSNA. 800 noun SMOH. Bee- trifled. Omni. "Good fabric. New annual. AX. 8-94*6. IA. 7-4170. AUTOS WANTED CASH FOR CLEAN CAM na-DMAN MOTOR CO. ··· 315 N. 8TO?TE PH. MA t 3-397? M-^ S35-S 800 E. Sroadway POTJD DEALER MA. 4-8651 TOP CONDITION ;19» Olds S6. Power iteerinj i Hydramatic. AX. 8-277S. MA mi HP. OwnWfw. EA. This week. 'M TarS Tairlane VE fonT-JOOT. radio. h»«er. fordomiTic. ixwcer sreerini;. S75. '55 Chew VE, 4-door. P. G. S8». -S5 Btrldt Spedsl 1-aooT, Uyraflow. s«S5 No tr*d«- '.. 3ffW N. Pltnwer 7orA fit 5r*nt WANTED ear or equipped to pun larfe er. 40'xd". Moat be Hftit frock ]«UK trifl- __ __ _ -S50 more for your oar rtnence Qotitt i7« s. «I..AI». MA. a '59 DREAM HOME wide. Two bedrowni. Cooler and_ awntnc. MA. 3-1*07. New 1960 10x50 2 BR with front kitchen $3995 PIMA TRAILER SALES MA. *-3»» Cash For Trailers Giles Motor Center rn« MAW STOKE) ' rUEETWOOfi, ID x « *tet. I ' STONE rn. MA. »-s«u TS LAYING MOKK CAffi AW. KHt CLE.»J(r LATK MOWTL CAW. OUT or STATE . MABE. MT TO SELL YOOTl CJUt Will trade 1«S Dodge St«t Wgn for tr»«d trmilef PIMA TRAILER SALES Oracle *;

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