Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 30, 1950 · Page 26
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 26

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 26
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i It t)« Cranlr »-J«D, j«-«nja»at«! vtntan ef tit Air Fo*c«'« inttrcontUtnul itnttglc bombw. Ketnrf « i xijkr «how« tk» hi»s» wmrpUne »o«rinj,int th« itr»to- tplwr* on * tnunin j raiwion high above th plaint of T*wt. B.low, tit* world'* blfgtit bombtr t*k« ptf from C*mrtll Air Forc« B«« «*»«· iti Fort Worth birthpU" . . . with i« four G«B«r«l £Ictric J-47 turbojet «jin«» ud MIL Pratt, ts ·WJutmj- piiton Mgintt pouring oot more than 40,000 rMiwwcr. All B-}« jiow in production »t tht'Fort ortli plant of Con»lid»ted Vnltt. Aircraft Corporatiw, togtthtr with «rly nwdcli being wodtrnired »t Fort Worth, T«tm», «nd S«n Di«go, CulifomU, will b. eqnipptd ·with jtw in addition to pirton engines. Th» jti* ar« mounted ·i pair* in podj under th* outer «dgw of the winj;^ the piiton powkrplanti are pwiher-monnted on the win*'» trilling edge. Jct-nsmented B-3«i, including RB-3 re- connninanct bomberi, haye maximum cpced of mote than 43} mph aad eptYate at altitudtf above 45,000 feet. Guided Missiles Old Story .,,* %M* rnment'» gram. This made front pages B-XD SPECIFICATIONS UZfeet .230 feet ,...4f feet 9 inch«» 331,000 pounds More than 43 5 MPH Over 45,000 feet 10,000'mile» i-s'f i The first flight photos of a B-36 using jets.. Length Wingipan . . . . . . -- . . . . . Height (at tip of tail) Maximum Grow Vcight ( approximate) Top Speed ^ ; Service Ceiling **' Ranxe _t Design Bombload . 10,000 poodd* v * Maximum Bombload . ,,, $4,000 poundi ^ Crew . . .' 15, including 4 relief member* '£ Power it (applied by nx Pnitt tc Whitney piiton engine! o£ 3500 horxpower each and four General Electric J-47 turbojet* developing S200 poondi thnut each. The nx Ci:rtiii propellen are electric, three-blidtd, 19 f«t in diameter arid have revenible pitch. Landing g«ar ii tricycle type, with dual DOH wheel *nd four* ''t i.N wheel main geari. Like Beer, Ice Cream Soda Once Cost Nickel / . a By E. V. DUELING * Flatter' and -praise Commend, extol their graces Say they have .'angels' faces. .That.man that.hath a tongue I say, is no^nan. If with his tongue, he cannot .- win a woman. ' : -- --Shakespeare. ^Ice cream sodas are' now" price at 25 cents. When I was., a kid yo could get a.gbod ice cream'soda fo * nickel. In those days .my father' top salary was $30'a-week. I bi llevehewas as well off as a ma making $100 a week-today. Th highest salaried man living on ou block in South Brooklyn, in raj boyhood, made $30 a' week. He wa * big shot. He wore a frock coa and a high silk hat on Sunday. BMNDES , The ; Italian blonde is one of th ·world's most attractive types o women. Byron's last sweethear ·was- the Countess Teressa Guiccoi an Italian blonde. The 'countes became interested in Byron wher ·he heard that Lady Caroline Lam' had said of the poet: "He ;Js mad had and dangerous to · know." In cidentally, a bachelor of whom it 1: ·aid he -"is dangerous to. know 1 never lacks for' interesting fern Inine companionship, PASSING BY Patricia Marmont. .Clever young actress- now appearing' with Flora Kobson in' that-highly absorbing hit play, "Black Chiffon.'' .Patricia k the daughter of Percy Marmont «inema luminary of the silent film «ra. If you,'remember. Percy in rsorrel"and .Son," I may be abl to .get you- Into the-: young olc That ig; if you:-can reca! NEW YORK, Oct. ,3Q. (^P--Mar- 5 'aret Truman made her singing ebut on television last night. "I loved it," the ·President's con ·ert singing daughter said.after the telecast.. ."Everybody w.aa.,sb nice to me--arTd J had fun.", Miss Truman," on.'the- air. six minutes, sang two song^as a giies: artist on Ed Sulllyan^s' "Toast -'of The Town (CBS) variety show.-. The studio-audience -of 750 gave enthusiastic applause to her offer- Ings-.-O'er -tie .Hill," 'a .hunting »ong from the American revolutionary war period by Francis Hopkinson: and "My Johann," by Edyard Grieg. In the studio audience were Secretary of the Treasury John : ; W . Snyder and a group of 27 friends of'Miss Truman. ' The ^President and Mrs.,Truman ·were reported here to.have tuned in on the. program in Washington The progiam was'carried to 19 cities., as far west as Omaha, Neb CBS estimated the audience at 10,000,000; Face Charges For Taking State Child CHICAGO, 'Oct. 30. JP)--A .young couple arrested here by the federal bureau of .investigation onlcharges , of unlawfully seizing a child, and transporting her from Phoenix, Ariz, told police they -understood they had permission to-take the child.,". Arrested ' were ': James Edward Meadows, 24, and -his 1 -wife, My'r* belle, IS.·'They are .charged..with "taking Christine Gulllck,-..-2%, · th_e daughter of Mr. and -Mrs.. Glen Gullick-of Phoenix.-Arraignment is scheduled today. . '; George R. McSwain,.chief agent for the FBI here,-said the-young · couple told him they believed/they had permission to: 1 take the child.' v McSwain said .the -Meadows; said they became .acquainted.'with the ' Gullicks in Phoenix last September and the Gullicks .took -them to see their two children Jn a Phoenix nursery home. The Meadows said they were given permission to keep Christine, for % couple of days. They left .Phoenix with the .child and traveled to Hot Springs, Ark: Later they took the child with them to Memphis, Tenrf, and New York. Mrs. Meadows said' she then ·re- turned the child by bus to Phoenix, where she gave her to a taxi driver, and told him to take her to "the Gullick home. · . v - _" - ' BAYER A S P B R B N - RflitV£$ FatN AND SORE THROAT """"GOIDS who .played the son, Cesare Siepe. Basso of the Metropolitan opera. My favorite operatic basso was Jose Mafdones. By.the way, what became of those amateur bassos who specialized in'renditions of "Many Brave Hearts Lie Asleep in the Deep?" . · BRIEFLY .We'hear much these days:about, y o u n g grandmothers. 1 '. Nothing, about young grandfathers.:Wonder who America's youngest grand- pappy is Girls develop most rapidly between the ages of 11 anc 14. Boys -between; the 1 ages'of and 17. That's why girls are, always the smartest pupils in grammar school and the most backward in high - school. SHORES OF TRIPOLI "·'Do you know the inspiration o) the line about "the shores of Tripoli" in the U.S. marine hymn? The iirst time a United States flag was loisted over a captured city in 'the old world .was on the shores of Tripoli. And Lf. Presley N. O'Bannion of the U. S. marines did the wlstlng. ASKING Queries from clients. Q.-_ How long should it take a wife to get been hiccupping steadily since July, - - "· - - - dressed to go out with her husband? That is, from the time she starts to change from her house at ;lre to her' going-out attire. A. Much depends on where, the couple ,s roing. .For ordinary occasions calling for Informal attire, 10 minutes should be sufficient for 'a clever and .considerate wife. For formal, occasions one-half hour should be -allowed. So say ' our Horses Women .experts. ASIDES : Iron Man Joe. McGinnity pitched and won a double-header when 54 old. .That was 'in'Dubuque, Iowa . .V The Seven Sisters Sweep shop is the. name-of an : Athens (Pa.) .-establishment.- 'It ia operated Pastor Takes V o t e S t a n d For the first time 1 iri 'nearly'10 'ears of his pastorate-in Tucson, Rev. Maurice G. Ballenger, yester- !ay in 'his morning sermon made a ecommendation to his. congregation on election issues. . · -' Preaching at the morning service if the University-Catalina Method- st church, 2700 B. Speedway, Kev. Ballenger urged his congregation )f 1,500 members to vote against egalized.. gambling and for local iption. "X The University-Catalina. church s" the second-'largest Methodist ongregation In Arizona. Of gambling, Rev. Ballenger said t would be "poor business" for Irizona and would bring an Influx if undesirable .people to.- Tucson and other cities of the 1 state. "These people would no doubt vear · nice clothing, but it would, not be long before they, spread orrupt'on among all ranks of our puollc officials,* Rev. Ballenger aid. As for-local option, the preacher aid "It would not of itself bring jack .prohibition, but. would give he-people a voice In regulating the iquor traffic." "I'have no Influence as a'min- sterv.ih any home which permits the social cocktail," he said.. "I rriay .ave friends there but it is ques- lonable'how, ..much such friend- hips really mean." ,In his closing prayer. Rev. Balenger 'said, "Let us have a mill- ant/ church,, not one too weak- n'e'ed to take a stand on the great ocial issues of our' day," hurch Women Discuss fissions At Conclave, PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 30. The Women's Missionary society of le United -Lutheran 'Church ' Vmerica will discusa plans naintaining American- and foreign missions at. a two-day' : study confer- nce opening tomorrow. Mrs. C. W. Baker of Duquesne, a., announcing the program for the triennial meetings, said repre- entatives from every; state aa well s S3 synodlcal presidents and other aders are expected to attend. The ·riissionaryjgroup claims a member- hip of 92,000 members- by seven sisters who dress alike when in their shop. PLEASE NOTE Am asked to name a great song writer who was born-in. Brooklyn. George Gershwin was born in the beautiful borough across the bridge. So w,as 'Maude Nugent-who wrote "Sweet Rosie 0'Grady."-Also J.- Fred Coots, composer'of- "Santa Glaus Is Coming to Town." COURAGE : "Courage is resistance to ; fear, mastery of fear," said Mark Twain: Robert Louis -Stevenson said' the greatest courage was- In doing something you are afraid to do. Gen. Douglas MacArthur once said: "Most all soldiers are afraid." (© 1950, King Features) Hiccupper Lacks i Funds To Return ·GLENDALE,,Calif., Oct.;-30. (U,R) Weary Jack O'Leary celebrated his 25th birthday yesterday^by hiccupping at. one-second intervals. .The former grocery clerk has 1948, despite constant medical treatment that depleted his finances. : His "' mother, Mrs. Margaret: O'Leary, . said the youth's only respite from the mysterious attack, started by an appendectomy, ' Oc-i curred early this year in Phoenix, Ariz., where a, specialist attempted a cure. The hiccups resumed when O'Leary returned here, . . - ' ; . - · · " "If .we .only .could, get back-to Arizona." : I'.-believe'. the- hiccups would 'stop," iris mother said. - ''But we jus.t haven't any money at all." "Nothing I -., eat - or drink stays down," said'- O'Leary, whose weight, has dropped from 138 to 85 pounds "I can't sleep more than a few moments before I wake up." State Meat Slaughter Decreases 9 Per Cent PHOENIX, Oct. 30. (U.B--Meat animal slaughter in Arizona decreased -7 .per cent during. August from die year before, the! federal crop andJHvestock reporting service said today/; --'" · .'· ·'··'-- The total :for'August was-;7,200, 000 poun ds, compared with. · 7,900,000;pounds in August, 1949. The average,weight per'head was higher' this?-August than last'^for cattle and'"calves,'-.but" lower for hogs, sheep'-and lambs. .Total slaughter during the, first, .eight months of. 1950 was -67,100,000 pounds, up 5 per cent iroin the same period in 19-19. . , : '.. _ ...and THE ' BUSES ROLL! s I Now that downtown is again as near as the corner bus- stop you'll want to bring your worn boojts and shoes to Reliable for Tucson'* finest factory-method shoe repairing. Don't accept less than the best! Bring'them to .. ·.:·'.. RELIABLE have been. In the news on-and off ince\"World War* II When the Germans cut loose with them at ingland. When the Nazis were de- eated, American scientists were ble to learn tile results of German experiments in jet and rocket .evelopments. And the U. S. has been working n guided missiles ever since. Now .pparently the program is making iretty good progress--maybe ready or niass 'production -- because feller is a mass production exert The T7. S, air force people have one some digging into the history f missiles and cams' up with a tudy which traces the idea--or the laddy of the idea--back quite a ways in history. What follows is all taken from this air force study: Rocketry Ig Daddy The daddy of the guided missile dea was rocketry. There's a legend dating back to 360 B,-C. about a wooden pigeon which was sent flying,by a stream of compressed ir. In 53 B.C. a Greek philosopher nvented a jet engine, which in- luded. a boiler filled with water 53 EJiST PEJTNINGXON MORTGAGE LOANS AH Sizes Kinds. Lowest Rateil Prompt Serrlcel, Murphey Realty Morlgage Co, MORTGAGE BPBCJALISTB · S O O N . 8tOo» EitabHshed 1898 Phont t2895 1 WASHINGTON, ,0ct. 30. (fP)--Guided missUes are red with military men and they'je-always getting "into ' . .'U_j_. 1 iT_^. :^3 An «* ^,.;^]^J TnToeilor. ^f« anpl(»Tlt Tll^f^rV. ^guided missiles pro- Missiles over 'a fire,',using the resulting steam to whirl a metal ball around. JBut it" wasn't until 1232 -MJ3. that practica^use.of the "jet irin- ciple, was made. 1 The Chinese used it in war with the Tatars. The' weapon, used by Chinese, According to the air force report, w;s: "An arrow with a rocket propelling device tied to it, a true ro:ket In which the propelling ch.irge *ent the rocket on its way." T'lese rockets were called "arrows .of flying fire." By the beginning of the 15th century rockets were wadety known in, Europe and we're used on 15th century battlefields. By the l«tter part of the 18th century India had developed rockets well enough to have a rocket corps with 1,200 men who used it successfully against f hagen alone, practically destroying the city by,fire. -.. ,-. ^ When this country w«nt-*to war with .Britain In 1812 the .British brought ",up rockets against .the American defenders'of Washington, turning-the 1 American "flank, and were .able to march 'into -the capital. ' And the air force report adds this: . . " ' "Thought their rockets "were not effective enough to win the war of 1812 for the British," they did make a spectacular display. Their brU- | liance so impressed Francis Scott Key, that he wrote his great poem: "'And the rockets' red glare, "'The hombs bursting fa air * t "'Gave proof through the night " 'That our flag was still there.'" Goddard Made Progress And so on and on, with more developments. The torpedo, developed in the Civil war is listed as the first guided missile. Americans made big strides in rocket development, particularly; Dr.. Robert H. : Qoddara of Clark university. He titttftm Baity fflffixtii ·-^^ ^ Mend»y Evinlnf'.'Oet. W, died In 1945. He, developed' th» basic Idea orthe- bazookt... \ He was the first to -dcvtlop'-* - rocket'motor using liquid fuei'ahd · used-it successfully; in" 4.926;-n'e«rl3r 18'years before the' Germans «ame\ up with their V-2 in World-War II." 1 There's not room here to/list* various' developments. But German "V-l -and V-2 rockets, capturad'ty,, the -allies when they Invaded-'the- contlnent in. World War'H, wer« reassembled and used in expert-, meets. YELLOW CAB 8811 the-British. Briton Developed One In 18.01 an Englishman developed a successful rocket weapon which the British used to bombard the| French coast when Napoleon wasi preparing for the invasion of Britain. The British progressed, so much Jn the development of their rocket weapons that they Vere able 'to hurl 25,000 of them against Copen- FENCE P. H. A. .TERMS Complete Line ot Anchor Chain Link Fence Also -- CLOTHES -POLES and PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT Phone 3-3601 DA* or NIGHT We erect fence anywhere In state Van Denburgh fence Co. 20? East PenningtOB You Too Can Save Money if AUTO if FIRE * CASUALTY I N S U R A N C E When Yon Are Insured In The Iowa Mutuals See Vour Own Agrnl nr Call OH for the Name of theJowa Mutual Representative Nearest Xon. MIKE KENNON The 602 E. Navajo Rd. .Iowa Mutuals G e n e r a l | A g e n c y 1 Ph. 3-3236 S MEN'S JACKETS Poplin and -tackle twill' models with zipper front 4.95 to 8.95 HORSEHHJE JACKETS Motorcycle style with quilted, lining, and lots of ·JiM C|» zippers O4.0U ATTENTION MR. and MRS. TUCSON SPEMonev--SAVE ^e Worry and Aggravating Parking Problems , Shop af TucsonY NEWEST and LARGEST Family Shoe Store Where B-15 JACKET Tan or brown,tackle ttvill, mouton collar. »nd other. \M QE Une features ··»·«»* A-2 JACKET Horsehide J a c k e t n-ith patch pockctg, Mouton- collar,.quilted ARMY STORE 51 No M Aye "NEXT TO SEARS" Low Prices Mean - IOW/LOW PRICES Shoes below whole-' sale cost "Prices Low on Brands You Know" OPEN DAILY and SUNDAY ,9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. NEXT TO EL RANCHO MARKET SHOE OUTLET 100 C ON C H A BELTS SlNG^ 1ACKACHC BLUES AWAY Thouiariai one* Mi» anl denreiaed l«lt Ilkt tlnclnr when they dt»coT«r«d " -- Tonder-woUUm- CIBTEX tut =»*^i RSHJL^gJKff *ltaont or- f uile .or nrrtntle «4o»«. CTWTCt irarki In Kid eaadluuu t7 hilplnc o»tur« olnr » mrUln Irrtutlni Tun-tpteUlp IMBLI -w attto cant* BKB treaU*. ttao. nmturt Jue tut. r i « B ' t i n l t . wntehid alihti-Btk* JM lorry. O*VOXB- iXEX tnm reur £afi fata "« M* bow ulcklr you nur led llk xtndac «nln. or nOoqr-tack ia fairmwed. JO SOUTH. SCOTT ST. If net to the Post Office NOVEMBER 7, A VOTE FOR Capt Frank Eyman IS A YOU FOR HONEST, EFFICIENT LAW ENFORCEMENT IN P1MA COUNTY Cast yonr Tote A or ember 7 lor the kind of law eaforce- m"ent"j'ott expect and Pima County is entitles to^-honcst, efficient lair enforcement-by * capable, 'experienced officer.' Vote for-FRANK EYMAN SHERIFF Famous'step-down design steps out with new Skyliner Styling I Prices begin /twf, above rfie fowerf * V^ 1 ^ A * 4 rugged series starring the new HUDSON HORNET and its sensational H-I45 ENGINE PLUS HYDRA-MATIC DRIVE* The show's on--in our salesrooms--now! -, A thrilling array of new Hudsona--in four rugged, custom series--thfr lower-priced Pacemaker, the Super-Six, the Commodore--and the fabulous Hudson Hornet! . This exciting new car introduces the sensational H-145 engine--which, brings you miraculous high-compression per* fonnancc--and does.it on regular gasoline! , But no matter, which Hudson you choose, you get the beauty; roominess, ride, perfbnnance and safety that on}y' 'step^do 4?AviarriMT tlrirtmfnn* rtm vtmvi^A^ M^MV WA fnrruvrf Vrt11 fl Tun* In THE IIUY KOfI SHOV ABC-TV Nttwufc derifpied Hudsons can provide! lilay we expect you soon? , ·Hy*o-Matie Drfv« opHenal at «lra eotf oil Hudwn rlemrf on* CvmaMtn Curtom $«rf«i. Miracl* H-Power--i (ine -- amazing getaway.-- fiurtwned powtr In a mooth engine superbly simple in de-, sign, for loweit upkeep cost--an'-engia* built to outlast any other now on the market! ' - f PERKINS MOTORS, Inc. -185 N. Stone Avenue .: , ! - ' . · - , · · / ' , . . - . Did! 2-280!

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