Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 31, 1930 · Page 9
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 31, 1930
Page 9
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IN BONDS Investor Is . fidt Instead tff - -ff&HWrtM market .tttfHfttfai, Mass., May 31.' is the one w.htt Mo ftftd niiaftdal sa'agaWst it. At ilnt clearly to 4 of 1 ' bon'd prices. ici ift th<5 stock [fig de. Jott of tend prides disappointing. 'Mow- rf haye now become Stb'clte arid will turn « feettrfeg flecufltlesv i rdther thAn hope of t" WHV 'fhOtifCtd, a his Is clearly seen in h df savings' bank 1if£'lMsufsince sales. The uanna; imiiu: lUBuf &ttCG.^companies fire large-BOHd Buyers.' 'T^ey must employ fcSlarge pa*t Of their Increasing deposit! f» th* bond market. Instltu- disCOtt tO fl*« •TMftl speculij largeiM tha -~" J ;, will .•'Iricr'efc.Bs, exerting a Jf:lrifltietice pti bond prices. A y«jw ago with call tnoney rates at 10 t* 38 pei> c^flt, corporations and private ftidlvfctoats were .attracted to the call Ibattftftarket by the high rates. They I&att8d huge sums in that way. Today $»ith call money at 3 per «ent they hftye^Ithdf&tfri frpm;-call loans and ari;&*sttU»gJpth«r forms of investment. Hlghigeade bonds and' preferred sto6ltg rpffer the-.' best yields. The return on the more desirable commo.n stocks Js Considerably lower than that L in good' bonds or on the best preferred asuea. E Ifoi'4inBtance, the yield on flfty ndustflal common stocks Is now 4.3 per cent-whefceas-the yield on fifteen industrial bonds in 4.9 per cent. The yield on, good utility common stocks averages 2,4 per cent, whereas the yield 6tt high-grade utility bonds is 4.6 per cent. A group of 100 common stocks of all Classes shows an average yield of :3.9 .per cent whereas a groub of sixty sound Investment bonds In 4.5 per' cent.y iThe best grade industrial v .»iref errefl stocks offer the highest re- 'tlir'hi with an average yield of 5.4 per cent. < TVHh. the prospects for business "profits uncertain, the trend of the'stock''market undertermined, and ; the 'call-'loan -rate offering no Incentive tor employment of funds, it is but natural that many investors should seek the. safest investments, which, curiously enough, are also the ones yielding the highest return! These are good bonds and investment grade preferred stocks.. ' ; There •'Is every indication of low money* rat?s. for some time to come. The' fixing* of the rediscount rato at 3 percent signifies the belief by the banking authorities that mpney will be sufficient to meet all requirements of business and finance during the coming year. '.The demand for commercial loarts is low, owing to the slackening in general .business. The stock market glvea no indication of absorbing largo amounts of credit. Brokers' loans are lower. The 'gold movement is still toward the United States. Aluo government authorities wish to keep money rates low In preparation for the new foreign loans resulting from the Reparations -settlement. Since bund/prices advance under the Influence of low Interest.rates this factor in itself is .a powerful reason for" advancing bond prices. The" commodity price situation is definitely in favor of a rising bond market. Just as Inflated commodity prices and living costs push bond prices down, so declining commodity prices and, living, costs should pull bond prices up. vit is ft Matter of the purchasing power f/mt the dollar. The more goods bond Vflaupp^s wlllbuy the higher the value '"of the bond.', fixed interest bearing securities, like bonds and good preferred, stocks, always benefit from a declining' trend in the commodity market. , The buyer of sound bonds today gets a bargain in more ways than one. Not'only does he stand a good chance of having his capital appreciate with rising bond prices, but ho invests in securities which now have a far ihigher margin of protection than they had flve . yoara ago., Corporations have built up huge reserves and surpluses out of earnings. This gives protection against declining earnings and assurance .of continued interest payments even in the event of an earnings' decline of. major proportions. While no HUHUI? y KN/MMtM tife fsawd Attits and of cef jwrntretii w tfi« ftort few yeafs HM IHrt» ritettty Uf ««*«» of stick issue*, , itefty trottd* WW* b-eert Mtlfid. PWsfciMKfs, fwft tffltolt sale* ftAve gd«* iftto «xp*fi«idtt of filariti an9" eiju^msiUt fchfeh gtt&tty enlaff*a artet value . fahlfid. the j-e* «fttrtiii» bonds. A. b6rtd i« A Joan MMj has »o ownafship In thb frropwifr but the Safety of the bond 4«£enda flfat 6f all lipoti the vain* of the assetn protecting it. In tHI« Jiflod of declining earnings It is especially - 1m* pbttent to wake sutfe that underlying values behind yoiir securities M« *en pmtected. . / ,Occaelori*lty we hear thai bonda Are passfee aB' an Investment medium and that long-growth common stocks are the comlftg method of investment. Don't believe It! Bonds Will always be bbpularwith thosft Investors who hav* the prudence and wisdom so essential to successful investment.. The Stock market debacle last fall ought to teacTi a lesson to the Stubborn common atock fanfttlcs. If the maporlty of Investor* had hot possessed ft sound backlog of good bonas when the stock crash earner ti6 should have experienced a financial panic. .of ruinous' dimensions*. .TMSe bond holders -*efe' a strong bulwark supporting the. Whole flnahdlal atruc- Wre. Many a 'man Would have bejsn ruined last/ November had It not been for his- bonds. A few carefully selected common stocks in growing : industries •are, of course, desirable as & part of one's inVesmtent list,, but no one Should neglect to Include a goodly proportion of sound bonds. Any balanced invest-; ment program •" absolutely require* them. Business by the Babsonchart now stands _at 8 per cent below normal compared with 11 per cent above normal. at. this time a year ago. Copyright, 1930, Publishers Financial Bureau A. R. PATRICK Jeweler Eleven Sixteen, Twelfth Street Awnings, Window Shades and Linoleum Dress Up kour Home This Summer , ' WM. W. BABCOCK Home i'urnlshlngs 1312 Twelfth Avenue Easy Credit Terms D. S. MEIJCHEY DEPENDABLE PLUMBERS Call Oil Us We Are Dependable 857 17th fit. Phone 2-8575 Save 65c Victrola Records Your choice of all the popular numbers 10^ each ALTOONA RADIO & ELEC. CO. 1318 12th Ave. Dial 9318 HKKEY & SON Altoonaf Longest Established FUNERAL .SERVICE Lexington Avenue WIDE, ANGLE LENSES Orthogen 01 Tillyct lenses give you tull vision to the very edge. • ^ ffot soli, bunting or driving Uiey are' especially fine. Hrlccd at *2.(jo uet pair above the regular Torlo lenses. Macdonald'i Spectacle Bazar Altoona, I'u. I4IO-UHA.VB • U Quality Low PHces Expert Advice SPECIAL YALUES Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday House Paint, Half Gallon .49 Moore's and Glidden's high grade House Paint in white and colors. An exceptionally low price for the three days. Regularly $1.90 half gallon. 1 Floor Varnish, Half Gallon .19 Horn's quality Varnish. It wears well. It is water-proof and scratch-proof. Heels will not affect it. Regularly $2.40 half gallon. ; 2 Spar Variiish 99$, L on g wearing, high gloss Varnish for interior woodwork. Gallon, 13.89. Special for the three days. Floor Paint $1 .10 A qt. Porch and Floor Paint in all standard colors. Durable. Low priced for the three days. f Screen Enamel 59 c qt. The better kind Screen Enamel. Covers in one coat. Will not clog the mesh. , Black and green. GABLE'S 1211) AVENUE BUILDING—SECOND FLOOR ' ' '' - ' «sf*%Op|| * p* iffifi^ / > J • ' « / Summer Unfurls Its Colorful Bann .'''',' , ' ' "" > i' In Gable's Home Furnishings Building If It's R^ed Furniture If s Smart This heading is your guarantee that this particular item offers extraordinary values in new, desirable merchandise. Watch fbr them every day. • MONDAY ONLY! '• ." ' \ i ' ' Empire Sheets These Are $1.49 Values These are -slight Mohawk seconds, but wear Well despite the irregularities. 81x90 size. A limited quantity at this Monday price. nth.A.VENUE BUILDING—MAIN FLOOR All Electric Clocks In A Special Selling $7.95 Regularly .95 A dainty upright model in a graceful and exquisitely beautiful case of genuine bakelite, embellished with pebbled panels. Ideal for milady's boudoir, yet appropriate for desk, mantel or table use. It stands 5 inches high. Fully guaranteed. ' llth AVENUE BUILDING—MAIN FLOOR For June Brides Fostoria Glassware Quite a selection of plain or neatly etched Fostoria Glass' i ware in crystal and colors. Bowls, , console sets, ice buckets, bon bons, luncheon sets, sugars and creams and other pieces. 50c to 32-Piece Dinnerware $4.50 to $15 The June Bride would delight in receiving one of these new 32-Piece Dinner Sets. There are twenty-six different patterns from which to chdose. Nice quality porcelain, beautifully, decorated. Service for six. 35-Piece Sunset Ware .50 and $8.50 Very new! 35?piece apartment dinner sets in round or square shape. Three clever designs. 12th AVENUE BUILDING—SECOND FLOOR Summer Needs from Housewares Section Hammpoks in various colors $2,85 to $6.50 Porch Rockers, cane seat and back $1.75 Steel Frame Window Screens, galvanized wire, $1.00 Betty Bright Mops 89c Dry Hand Mops, special at $1,00 Wall or Ceiling Brushes, long handles $1.00 Garden Hose, best rubber. Coupled.4,25-foot $2.50 Brooms of extra quality corn 79c Ironing Boards, standard size. $2.50 regularly, $1.29 Urn Sets, pitcher, sugar bowl, tray and urn. .$16.50 Garbage Cans, regulation size $1.00 Clothes Racks, $1.50 regularly, special $1.00 Rubber Sink Mats in assorted colors $1.25 Bread Boxes, assorted colors. Round or oval. .$1.00 Dish Pans, enameled in ivory $1.00 12th AVENUE BUILDING—SECOND FLOOK GABLE S Growing with Altoona since 1884 3-Piece Suites Worth $49.00 .50 / On a. porch sheltered from the rain, there is nothing more beautiful than Fibre Reed Furniture. These. Suites of loom woven fibre are beautifully finished. Covered with Cretonne in several different patterns. Spring-filled cushions. Chair, rocker and a 48'inch settee. Gliders for Color and Comfort 1.95 29 You've no idea how comfortable you can be until you try one of these neW Gliders. Colorful cretonne' covering in three different i patterns. Six loose cushions. Many more Porch Gliders on display in the Furniture Section. , , TWO EXTRA SPECIALS for MONDAY $69 Davenports Boudoir Chairs *ed davenports, up- m * g^ Q ^ enim tapestry. Full «P/| \J»xJ ion. Loose reverse t"S Well 'colistructed holstered in denim web construction cushions. Cretonne covered Boudoir Chairs in several different patterns. Valance around bottom. Regularly $12.95. Specially priced for Monday. .95 ASK ABOUT OUR VERY LIBERAL BUDGET PAYMENT PLAN v 12th AVENUE BUILDING—THIRD FLOOR . Grass Mattings For Cool Summer Porches See pur stock of Porch Grass Matting in stenciled designs. 36-inch width, yard, $1.25. The 54-inch 3 #7.75. The 72-inch, $1.75 and #2.25. Formerly priced at $1.50 to $2.50 yard. / Small Charge for Binding the Ends •^^••^ Waitex Rugs Very attractive rugs for the summer porch. Many beautiful colorings and desigiis. 6x12 size, $16.25. The 6x9 size, 172.25. The 4x7 size, $8.25. The 3x6 size, $4.25. i Deltox Rugs Grass and fibre porch rugs in various patterns and colors. 3x6 size", $2.19. The 4x7 size, $3.98. The 6x9 size, #8.25. The 6*72 size, #79.50. 12th AVENUE BUILDING—FIRST FLOOR Window Shades Which Can Be Scrubbed You keep everything about your shades immaculate. Why have shades that cannot be washed? Tontine Window Shades can be scrubbed 'with hot water, soap and a brush; scrubbed until their original color has been fully restored, at the first or fiftieth scrubbing. They will not crack, pinhole or fray. Plain or striped effects and printed designs on plain tan background. Criss Cross Curtains Lovely sheer dotted marquisette Criss Cross Curtains with cornice ^ruffle. 2% yards long. Regularly $1.95 pair. ' $1.95 Cottage Sets Dotted marquisette combined with plain "color voile. Curtains for the upper sash have cornice ruffle. Day-Bed Covers Light weight striped denim , Day-Bed Covers in various color combinations. Trimmed with fringe. 12th AVENUE BUILDING—FIRST FLQOR 1 1 .75 .75 3 .50 Advance Sale Blankets 100% Virgin Wool Blankets Worth $12.50 Pair 10 .45 Not to Be Paid Until Delivered P r - In September Only because of a special price concession from one of our Blanket Manufacturers are we able to offer these fine All Wool Blankets at so low a price. Large block designs in beautiful color combinations. 4-inch triple stitched binding in plain color. Each pair weighs 5^4 pounds. 72x84 size. Place your order now. Deliveries in September. In Green, Rose, Blue, Pink, Gold,. Peach, Tan, Gray and Black, Combined with White Rayon Comforts Included In This Summer Sale Reversible Rayon Comforts tilled with three pounds of the finest Australian wool, beautifully scroll stitched. Finished with matching silk cord. Plain colors. 72x84 size. 9 .95 llth AVENUE BUILDING—MAIN FUOOK

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