Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1963 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1963
Page 6
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P* 3 , A-*--INDEPENDENT luck, cut., w««. Art i 1M) , Labor Drops Its Opposition to Transit Bill WASHINGTON (UFI-Or-]pcomise amendment aimed at]first major New Frontier leg-jnounced after the Senate deg a n i z e d labor T u e s d a y protecting collective-bargain-illation to face a thowdown^eated a move by Sen. Barry dropped its opposition to ing rights. - (this session. Both Demccrits | Goldwater, R-Ariz, to strike President Kennedy's $500- The action strengthe'nsland Republicans anticipate a ( frozn the biH a Job-protection minion, mass-transit bill after chances that the bill win pass dose vote. provision which labor leaders tponsors worked out a com- the Senate Wednesday as the! The compromise was an- considered too weak to give transit onions real protection. The amendment to be of fercd today is intended to prevent local transit unions. I mainly in from being K Declines Peldiig Visit; Invites Mao By PRESTON GROVER I MOSCOW, Wednesday IB--Premier Khrushchev has turned down a Communist Chinese proposal for a Red summit meeting in Peking and instead invited Mao Tze-tung to Moscow for a face-to-face showdown on Communist they start war to decide byjwill be touted completely," · force, of arms on which way he continued. war. ia which mankind should tike ia its development, the w a y of capitalism or the way of __ socialism, it will be the last which the Chinese have bit- But the Russians bluntly refused to make any cLange* in their cold iaiicn terly attacked. supremacy. ; There .was no immediate southern cities, reaction from Peking on the abolished whenTass announcement Tuesday summer. A New China news agency private transit systems are of the invitation to Mao to incorporated into municipally visit Moscow this spring or ;owned units. A number of 'southern cities have ordinances forbidding collective bargaining with . city em- ployes. I Sen. John Sparkman, D- 'Ala., chairman of the bank- teg subcommittee which reported the bill, and Sen. Har- trison Williams, D-NJ, its author, announced the corn- rupport it as an amendment today. Go Id water's amendment. defeated 63-27. would have might help clear the air over knocked out a unioa-protec-[the deep Moscow-Peking rift ion feature which labor said before any Khrushchev-Mao was not sufficient. That pro-! vision gives the secretary of encounter. In his letter, dated March abor and the federal transit 3^ Khrushchev declined with thanks the Chinese invitation to stop over in administrator discretionary authority to protect employes lo 5lop ovcr ,,, ,-c^ng *a affected by the federal grants. ,^4, to Cambodia this spring. The bill would provide for )The , etter K ^ Khrushchev $500 million in pants over a|j,,,« three-year period to urban areas for helping build rapid- [ .A penny can make your drink taste better.;. The average penny doesn't go far these days. ; Unless it's the extra penny it costs you, per drink, to buy a 'decidedfy non-average whiskey. . Four Roses. .Ice can't melt away its char- .'acter. Mix can't mix away its authority. So the surprise isn't that Touf Hoses costs more. It's how tittle more it costs. -Your investment in a bottle of Four Roses comes to about a penny more a drink. A better drink, that is: 3? 1K T '" "We would lie to .hope that it would be possible, as a result of such a meeting, to carry out a number of constructive measures to overcome the present difficulties," the Soviet Communist Party's story from Peking said only c TMtral Commi"« message lhat the Soviet ambassador to Peking, S. V. Cherovenko, had delivered the letter to Premier Chou En-lai and other Chinese party leaders. THE FEELING in Moscow promise and said they would was that Khrushchev hoped Mao would accept his alternate suggestion and send a representative for talks that said. The answer dearly reflected the disposition of the Soviet party to ho!d off at this time any large-scale meeting where Communist problems would be aired. The Soviet Union is in a weak position because of its' missile pullout in the Cuba affair and its own economic and cultural difficulties. Khrushchev's letter dwelt at length on what he called US. imperialism. He said the CaliforuMs Juiciest, Mosf Delicious ROAST BEEF DINNER SEITING THE SAVIl TOf C-UAUTY UET FOt 11 TUU. California's Jsiciesr, Most DeEcioas Includes. Vegetable. Potatoes, Safad, RoD and Batter. Coffee, Tea or Buttermilk !-- 97' transit systems and cut down on growing traffic congestion. Four Fume Victims CHY OF C O M M E R C E (CNS) -- Four sheriffs deputies Tuesday were overcome by fumes traffic at where a drum of formaldehyde toppled from a truck. The four, Joseph Page, Constantine Petrides. Fred Lutze while directing an intersection and George Kinder, were treated at Bella Vista Hospital. had never intended to visit Cambodia and that S o v i e t President Leonid Brezhnev is scheduled to go instead. The letter suggested that the best time for Mao's visit to Moscow would be in the spring or summer of this year --"good seasons of the year in our country,"' Tass reported. If Mao cannot make the trip, the letter suggested, a Chinese delegation would be welcome in Moscow for talks on a high level · » * » IT PROPOSED the meeting be held on or about May 15. United States is trying to up- international reaction almost singlehandedly, and iiinted that America is ripe for a fall * * * · BUT MEANTIME, he said, the Communist camp "should always have a preponderance over the imperialists in armed forces." Other Menu Selections OLD FASHIONED TOMATO MEAT LOAF- OLD COUNTRY FRANKS KRAUT POUNDED R O U N D SWISS STEAK . '/« ROAST CHICKEN -$1,00 .$1.00 -SI.25 HICKORY SMOKED HAM (Jonts dairy farml_$l,25 SHAMROCK CORNED BEEF. _ SI.35 ROAST PORK LOIN (Jones dairy farm) _ $1.25 ROAST LEG OF SPRING LAMB (U.S. Prlm«)_$l.50 PRIME ROAST TURKEY AND DRESSING _ $1.25 U. S. PRIME RIBS OF BEEF _: _ $1.95 FISH EVERY FRIDAY ' _ _$l.25 Ti* sio»» tttecrioti itntS daily Inm J:30 til 7 p-nt- Spcchl Indiai Main urrri iiflj I I "We shall make the im- peralists remember that Oir fit t tti roUi art wait fnm tit f7««st ligrtfittH ·rttTobfo «*4 art ielerf litrf itj . . . tl iff f«fj -- elwaji THE DEPENDABUSBU1UBY DODGE! NEW! 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