Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 20, 1988 · Page 25
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 25

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 20, 1988
Page 25
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Pharos-Tribune, Logansport, Indiana, Sunday, March 20, 1988 Page 25 Today On Television SUNDAY B<8> O O 8 O OS) a OD e OD ffi IB OD © ® OSS 8 a e o o® o (E O OD CD (B OD © ® 11 AM 11:30 : uiilostic World 12PM 12:30 IHSAA Gymnastics 10:30) Spencer's Mountain Wrestling Prog. Cont. ..iving City Look at Me SportsCntr Bob Knight 1 PM March 20 1:30 2 PM 2:30 3 PM 3:30 Major League Baseball Exhibition: Mets vs Dodgers (L) Mov: Balaan Mov: Swiss Miss Tennis Upton Int'l: Preliminary Round (L) D. Brinkley Gene Keady Bus. Wld Newsmakers Ebert 4 PM 4:30 Bay Hill Classic Mov: Please Don't Eat the Daisies Mov: Band Wagon Quiet on W. College Baseball Ohio State at South Carolina (L) Atlanta 500 Stock Car Race From Hampton, GA (L) NCAA Basketball Championships Tripleheader 2nd Round: Regional Broadcast (L) Mov: Cowboy Fight Back." Hllh Mailers Superbook Club Rawhide Lone Ranger Baseball Preseason Cubs vs Giants (L) NCAA Basketball Championships Tripleheader 2nd Hound: Regional Broadcast (L) Yng People Kidsworld Mov: Lady tor a Night (10:30) CNN Prog, Cont. Brain Game Prog. Cont. Flintstones New Homes Nation (10:30) D. Bnnkley 5PM 5:30 (4:00) Bay Hill Classic Movie Cont. One On One Brady Bunch Wild Am. Happy Days Next Age Butterfly Campbells Mov: Dallas Mov: Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows Nova :15) Mills Brothers National Geographic Special Gunsmoke National Geographic Special (:15) Sentimental Swing NBA Basketball Bulls at Celtics (L) Mov: Chicago Conlidential Major League Baseball Exhibition: Mels vs Dodgers (L) Bay Hill Classic NCAA Basketball Championships Tripieheader 2nd Round: Regional Broadcast (L) Champ Fish'g 6PM Michiana Rpt Wrestling TEA 6:30 NBC News Seaver (4:30) All Quiet on the Western Front Sr?owboari)ing Ski World (2:00) Atlanta 500 Pro Skiing X-Cntry Ski News (3:00) Baseball Sybervision 7PM $500 a Day 7:30 A Place at the Table Atlanta 500 Slock Car Race From Hampton, GA (L) 8 PM 8:30 By Day Mov: Kenny Rogers as The Gambler jfestyles of the Rich and Famous SportsCntr Mov: Little Spies 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 Mother Russia High School Gymnastics Siberia Runaway At the Movie Professional Karate NHL Hockey (L) .Parti 60 Minutes Mov: Demetrius and ttie Gladiators Empire Mat! Houston Prog. Cont. Big Valley Chas. Charge Small Wonder terner & Loewe: Broadway's Las Romantics Star Trek (4:00) Bay Hill Classic 3's Company News Most Wanted NBC News (2:00) Atlanta 500 Hee Haw 60 Minutes Crossbow Africa Anim. 21 Jump Street Lawrence Welk 21 Jump Street A Piace at the Table 60 Minutes Mov: Little Spies, Part 1 Supercarrier Murder, She Wrote Billy Graham Murder, She Wrote Paper Chase Werewolf Married Mov: Oclopussy Mov: Hot Paint Star Search News Mov: Hot Paint In Touch Shandlmg Duet Chng Lite Rock Alive Star Trek: The Next Generation A Grand Night: The Performing Arts on PTV Great Werewolf Married By Day Murder, She Wrote Supercarrier Shandling Duet T. Ullman Taxi Mov: Hot Painl Mov: Oclopussy Phobia Society Can Help Conquer Fears Dear Ann Landers: Ever since I was a chile 1 i have had a fear of doctors, hospitals and anything connected with illness. As I've grown older, the problem has become worse. Sometimes I pass out. I can't take my animals to the vet or go to my doctor for a routine checkup. I can't visit a friend or relative in a hospital. ) become very upset when I hear about anyone experiencing pain. ! will be 21 soon and need to quit being such a baby. My husband and 1 love children, but I am terrified of becoming pregnant, knowing that 1 would have to go to a doctor. Also, I'm afraid of what would happen if my own children became sick. Fortunately, my husband is very understanding. He takes the animals to the vet. When he had extensive tests at the hospital recent- ,ly, he didn't ask me to go with him. A few months ago, I made an appointment with a mental health counselor but the fee was $50 an hour and he said I'd have to go for at least 12 to IS visits. No way can we afford it. Please, Ann landers, help me. - FRAIDY CAT IN OKLAHOMA CITY DEAR FRAIDY: Your phobia is complicated and enormously crippling. You need a lot more help than I can give you in a letter. Write to the Phobia Society of America at once. The address is P.O. Box 42514, Dept. AL, Washington, D.C. 20015. This organization does a fine job. They will provide useful information and excellent guidance. Dear Ann Landers: I hope you don't receive a trillion letters concerning Frank A's slight miscalculation. He said if you count a trillion $1 bills, one per second, 24 hours a day, it would take 32 years. Actually it would take about 32,000 years. Smith Released From Prison FRONTERA, Calif. (AP) Cathy Evelyn Smith, who admitted injecting comedian John Belushi with the heroin-cocaine "speedballs" that killed him in 1982, has been released from prison after 15 months. Ms. Smith, 40, a native of Canada who pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and three drug counts, faces immediate deportation, said Joe Flanders, a spokesman for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. She was paroled Wednesday from the California Institution for Women in Frontera, said Hal Tanner, chief deputy superintendent. Tanner called her an "excellent inmate" who "abided by the rules." Belushi, 33, was found dead March 5, 1982, in a bungalow at the Chateau Marmont hotel on Hollywood's Sunset Strip. The portly comic, who gained fame on "Saturday Night Live" and moved on to star in such movies as "Animal House" and "The Blues Brothers," had embarked on a drug binge with Ms. Smith that ended in the bungalow. Ann Landers If you receive a trillion letters and choose to read each one, at one per second, you would have read only just over a billion in 32 years. It would take 31,709 years to read them all. The bright side (for the post office) is that $220 billion would be spent on stamps, unless, of course, each person enclosed a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a personal reply. That would come to $440 billion in stamps and another 31,709 years for you to answer them - at the rate of one reply per second! Here's wishing you a long life. - GREG M., LOUISVILLE DEAR GREG: Since that column appeared, I have been flooded with letters pointing out that 32,000-year error. Your letter, however, was the cutest. Since we're on the subject, here is another mind-boggier: A million $1 bills, if laid end to end, would cover the distance from New York to Philadelphia. A billion $1 bills would span the Earth four times around the equator. A trillion $1 bills would stretch more than 200 times the distance to the moon and back. P.S. Thanks for writing. 1 can't imagine wanting a trillion of anything! Dear Ann Landers: Recently you told "Tampa" that manners have gone the way of the whooping crane and the told eagle. I'm pleased to tell you that both the whooping crane and the bald eagle are doing nicely. The whoopers once numbered 20 but now there are 130. And since the ban on DDT, the bald eagle is rebounding nicely. Thought you'd like to know. ELLEN N. IN ACCOMAC, VA. DEAR ELLEN: Wunnnnderful! What do you hear about the elf owl? I really do care although most people don't give a hoot. Dear Ann Landers: I consider myself a fair person and would appreciate an answer to a question that I'm sure others would like answered also. Here's the situation. I'm a male in my early 30s. The woman I started to see a few weeks ago is my age. She called me and said she was trying to get tickets for an ice show and asked if I would like to go with her. I said yes. We took the train to the city. (I paid for that.) When we reached the booth for the reserved tickets, she just stood there. It became clear that I was expected to pay $40 for the tickets. 1 was shocked, to put it mildly, and handed over the money. After the show, she suggested that we have a bite to eat. We went to a modest place and the bill was $22. She made no attempt to take the check. I feel that she should have shared the expense of the evening because she asked me to go with her. Her attitude is that it is the male's responsibility to pay for the night out. I told her it was our last date. Please comment. - NEW YORK, NEW YORK DEAR N.Y.: You had every right to expect the woman to pay for the tickets since she invited you to the ice show, After the $40 rap for tickets, she most certainly should have offered to pick up the modest supper tab. I'd say you are just as well rid of this companion. Dear Ann Landers: A few days before Christmas, my competent, reliable pediatrician wrote an eye- drop prescription for my 4-year-old son. I asked him how many drops the boy should receive and how often. The answer was, "Two drops in the eye, three times a day." When I picked up the prescription from the pharmacist, the label said four drops, three times a day. 1 questioned the pharmacist and he showed me the prescription slip. The number definitely looked more like a Roman IV more than a Roman II. Because I persisted, he called the physician, who confirmed that the proper dosage was indeed two drops, not four. The doctor was extremely apologetic, but the pharmacist said to me, "You are one of the lucky ones to have found the mistake before the medication was taken." He said errors of this kind due to poorly written prescriptions are more common than people realize. That's the last time I will leave any doctor's office with a prescription written in Latin. From now on, I'm will insist that my prescriptions are written in English. If the doctor refuses to cooperate, I'm going to pay him in Italian lire. - MA. IN PHILLY DEAR PHIL: Thanks for a letter that could help a lot of people. t mmmmmmmmtmmmmmmmm SHOWTIME Ruthless People Danny DeVito and Bette Midler star in this wild comedy about greed, revenge, kidnapping and messed-up murder plans. It's a goofy, terrific movie. On Showtime, Not on HBO." FREE INSTALLATION OFFER ENDS 3-31-88 6 Month Subscription To Premier Magazine SAMMONS COMMUNICATIONS 800 WATER ST. 753-6341 • SHOWItMt'Mi! M'iVfl f'HANNI ! INL I'll!, 1 All l'ii(|lil', Hcwtivufi 1 •('(;•. !.in,i'.t-.. :« ';iin«Ii'i*l '111! MIJV!" l.HANNH '" H,(1ion,il F';IJ M-i* 'il ',UOWHMI..1lll- MMVII. '.'.HAflNiA INC • Hlif J i', ,i Hi'fiMiTwf •->,.,.,-«•,. Mii'k f,l HOIIM. f3m Oflitu l"f STATE 'a.OOIil»>TINEiTOll«t Cinemas 753-1641 Downtown le^Miaort 9 ACADIHir AWARD NOMINATIONS A True Sfor^. " "The most enihralling movie epic in ages. A grand expenence. ._ .. ^UK. 2:307:10 r" r """" B " " •••••••••••••••II MOVING RICHARD PRYOR One family's experience with the "M" word SUN. l:3S.4!l 5.7:1 S MON. «:00 (E MON. 7:15-9:00 ••••••*• i WING 2130 Market Street at 22nd Street DING Logansport, IN. 722-4399 SUPER TENDERLOIN SPECIAL 79 Now Til Mar 31,1988 -COUPON - M.OO •COUPON' OFF Any 9, 12, 16 or 20 Pack of Delicious CHICKEN Limit 2 Good til 3/31 788 Wing Ding FREE COKE COFFEE or TEA with purchase of 3pc CHICKEN DINNER limit 4 Good 3/31788 Wing Ding Heloise Newspaper Clippings Enjoyable To All DKARHEUUSE: After my family has finisher! read ing newspapers, magazines, iinci even junk mail, I #(>t my trusty scissors and cut out. unusual pictures, stamps, poems, jukes, roinirs. puzzles, Heloise hints and any other interesting items. I place them in a sack, and when a birthday or special day comes up, ! send a couple with the gift or card. Everyone really enjoys these. It is so easy to brighten someone's day. -Hazel CJ.ue.ar, Arcadia, Ind. What a nice gesture! When you take a little extra initiative, it is really appreciated, and it is easy! I do the same and everyone likes it. — Heloise STICKY BANDAGE Dear Heloise. Here is my method for removing a sticky bandage. First, soak a cotton ball in baby oil, then wot the bandage with it. The oil helps loosen the adhesive. Many times, especially with a child, this has helped ea.se the pain. f have used many of your hints and now 1 finally have a chance to send one of my own. Keep up the good work! — .Joan Haberton, Billings, Mont. You keep up the good work too! Nothing ouches like a bandage. — Heloise RUBBER STAMP Dear Heloise: One of the best purchases I made is a rubber stamp with rny child's name on it. It has seen unlimited use on clothing, books, you name it. from nursery school through summer camp through college. (One son is even using his for his cruise with the Navy ROTC.) The expense is minimal — the last one cost $3.50, — Mrs. A. 0., New Orleans, La. WEDDING TIARA Dear Heloise: I have been married for 20 years and I decided to put my wedding t.iara to use, so Cm using it as a beautiful stand-up doily with seed pearls and lace. In the middle I put, a rose in a crystal vase. How attractive it is! — Donna Sedwick. Peterborough, Ontario, Canada CHILDREN'S DRAWING Dear Heloise: What do you do with those giant-sized paintings your kin- dergartener brings home from school? After displaying them on the refrigerator for a while (and, of course, saving the best ones for posterity), we fold or roll them and store them with our gift-wrapping supplies. Later, when our daughter is invited to a birthday party, she' loves to use one of her old paintings to wrap the gift if ir, is the appropriate size. She proudly announces that she designed the wrapping paper herself. —- Diana (irosman, Reisterstown, Md. GARDEN HELP Dear Heloise: With summer here in Nevada, gardening is in full swing a.1 our house. The one thing 1 really dislike is getting dirt stuck underneath my fingernails while working in the garden. I have found an easy solution. Simply run your nails across a bar of soap before gardening. After washing your hands, your fingernails will be clean. — Linda Jenson, Reno. Nev. DEAR READERS: A friend who is a doctor shared the following information with me, and I think it is important enough to pass along. Did you know that if you have an injury and you improperly apply ice or if you leave it on too long that it can possibly cause frostbite or even damage organs which are located close to the skin? The correct way to apply ice is to rub it lightly over the injury and never let it remain on the same place too long. Always wrap ice with a towel, but never leave it on for more than 1.V20 minutes. — Heloise SEND A GREAT HINT TO: Heloise P.O. Box 795000 San Antonio, Texas 78279 EASTWOO ' '"*"' t MAIN si PERU• "Action Jackson" R Sun. 2:15-7:15, Wlon.-Thur. 7:15 f \ , "She's Sun. 2-7 Having a Mon.-Thur. Baby" PG-13 7 OPEN SUNDAYS "FRIDAY SPECIAL—I r~'3 MOVIE RENTAL' overnight rental 2for s 5 (for 2 nights) EASTGATE PLAZA (nexf foKmart) Sun. 12-9 722-6688 Man.-Sat. 10-9 Movietime Video 400 S. CICOTT 722-6625 Sun. 12-6 Mon.-Thurs. 10-8 Fri.-Sat. 10-9 SUNDAY SPECIALS Children 12 & under half price FRIED CHICKEN or STUFFED PORK CHOPS Dinner includes mashed potatoes,gravy green beans,cole slow,and dessert SAM & JERRY'S L 722-9795 Witmyers 2430 E. Market '2.00 ANYTIME CASS PUZA Loonnsnort 722-1300 GOOD MORNING VIETNAM SUN. 2:204:307:20 MONDAY 7:20 SWITCHIUG u* jm KATHLEEN TURNER BURT REYNOLDS CHRISTOPHER REEVE A lot more is going on than news, weather and sports. SUN.J:10 4 : .IO 7:10 MON. 7:10 ON11

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