Independent from Long Beach, California on May 20, 1957 · Page 10
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 10

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1957
Page 10
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_ -»* ,, - ..iff, '.1 · . · . Mrs. George Lake --F»rry OrlKIUI Stvdl* Mrs.'Lake WilHGuide Sandlarks Mn. George Lake wit , elected 'president of Sand* ,. larkf. Long Beach Guild of the Children's Home Society, at i recent meeting In the home of Mrs. Edgar Cralgo, Serving with Mn. Lake for the coming year will be Mmel. Dan Farnham. vice president: Robert Peek, recording secretary; Jack Marsh, corresponding secretary; Hnrvey A. · White, treasurer; H o w a r d Jones, parliamentarian; and ;,. Fred Lehman, past president. · ' Sandlarks Is one of many ·^auxiliaries throughout the atate working toward placing children of all races and creeds In adoptive homes where they are loved and needed. All money earned by the Sandlarks Is donated to ! the Children's Home Society In addition to the help given s by the local Community Chest, -v :· ' ,^. i f w..vv.v Emblem: Club ·%.': ' Long Beach Emblem Club will honor California Supreme Officers and State Officers at their llth birthday dinner at Lafayette Hotel Wednesday at 6:30 p. m. Past president Mrs. John O'Connell Is chair* man of the event; Mrs. Lester Barnett Is co-chairman. Hostess at Luncheon i Twelve fortunate friends of Mrs. Floyd York, 5823 E. Seaside Walk, were entertained ·t a delightful birthday luncheon recently at her home, Lavender and purple stock d?rorated 1he beautifully appointed table, and favors were blique angel flguerlnen representing the correct sign of the Zodiac for each guest, Bidden to the unusual event were Mtnei. Harry Hooper, Ed Zumwalt and J, Grossman of Sepulveda, Mrs. W. E, Weymouth, Mrs. B. Wey mouth and Mrs. Harry Jordan of Glendale. Mme«. Ira Lambert, Charles Bolster and V. Davis of Loi Angeles, Mrs. H. Woods of Beverly Hills, Mrs. Roy Ojler of Downey and Mrs. Anson Carmean of Long Beach. . ·-«,· - . -i , · / - . Napleaihene: Installation?;'^;" N a p 1 e f.thene Toastmlstress Club will install the following ifflcers at a meeting at the Hawaiian Restaurant May 38: Catherine Cobb, president; Phyllis McClure,' vice president; Joan Harmon, recording secre- ary; Helen Bottles, treasurer; Dede Roche, club represent* ive; Vivian Hudson, alternate. Officers were elected at work, shop meeting at the home of LaVerne Butcher, 136 Venetla Dr. and Esther Murdock was named delegate to the Regional Conference In Phoenix, Ariz., May 25-26. Mary Ishmael, toast* mistress of the evening, Introduced speaker*. , WE; THE PiqrB-2--INDEPENDENT SMI*, Mir, M«k, M«r M. City Panhellenic lans Senior Tea Long Beach City Panhellenlc ill meet Wednesday for noon uncheon at the home of Mrs. Marvin K. Paup, 244 Belmont live., with Mn. R. W. McFadden crying ai co-chairman. Pin replicas to be displayed y Individual groups at the senor tea will be shown and given o Mrs. Augustus H. Hartman. ho will be In charge of the tea t Long Beach City College on une 1. Brucks ,. to Take Helm Mrs. William Brucks, 1079 Vina Ave,, will be Installed as president of XI Alpha Kappa Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi, in a ceremony Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs, Ardell Blumberg, 12 La Linda Dr. Mrs. · Brucks has been · member of Beta Sigma for nine years, servlng^uring the past year as vice' president and extension officer. Other new officers to be Installed are Mrs. . Anita Christiansen, vice president and historian; Miss Wllma Wright, recording secretary; Mrs. A. W. Anderson, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Robert Crum, treasurer, and Mrs. Ardell Blumberg, City Council representative. * .v,, · LOVED: PERON DARGaviota Unit Elects S 1 ·!, · .- ·-' Two Important events follow each other In quick order for Gavlota Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, with election of officers taking place last week and a tour, this Wednesday, In company with the four other local DAR chapters to the Los Angeles Indian Center. Mn. Charles ' L. Carpenter was unanimously elected and Installed as regent for the sec ond consecutive term when members gathered at the YWCA a week ago. Chosen to serve as j! her officers were Mmes. Rus Firms Tissue, Lifts Contours, Clears and Tones Complexion Right in front of your eyes, while rections, and say good-by to "ex you watch it happen in your mirror, years will ecm to slip away from your face, lines and wrinkles give way to a new, firm look, dry, flaking fkln appean moist, -dewy-fresh and younger, ptession lints" and wrinkles, flabby tissues, puffy are*!, the tirtd look of drooping muscles that makes you hate to face a birthday or your mirror. Only Aralinn, in all the world of cos Do you have tell-tale sagging, metres, an do 10 much in such tissues, t drooping chinline, dis- short time, miking you lovelier counging flabby contours that obliterate the clean, fine outlines ' of your lower face? Do you tee things approaching? Do you re- aliie that Time reveals ill seaeti first at your throat? Don't just dntd looking older , . . don't look older than you must t . . . DO something about it ... and do. it NOW. Use ; Aralinn according to direction], ace for yourself how tired, droop' happier. - A bottle costs only 13.00 (pliu tai). Save by and consequently large-sized single the warning signals of th«ie ugly getting the package of four »t * M3.00 (f51ui tax.) A whole new outlook will open up before you the moment you UK Aralinn. Why deny yourself the privilege of being prettier whtn it'i right within your reach? Be sure you ask for Aralinn by Marie Btrle , .there is nothing like it, noth- "just as good", nothing Out ing muscles will respond. Stimu ("^ hted circulation brings back the Lvi radiant coloring of girlhood, the V dull sallow skin that makes so ; many women look older than ^ ' their year* will glow in a way ( that nukes eyes seem brighter, ···.' teeth whiter, clothes more be.; V coming. Made by *n exchuhrc, *«, secret formula, based on loo| feicientific research, tested, tried : \-, ' and pfovti astonishing in Irs : j!\. tesults, j Marie Eatle'a Aralinn ·','' combines emollients and *strin* ' genta by « unfque process. -Il w ~ comes in two types, No. 1 'for ?vt Dry Skins, No. 2 for Oily Skins. ; '. · Spend just 13 minutes t day v- tuing Anlinn according to di- fc) ·', Buff urns' -- Pin» ·* *o«dw«y sell M. Brougher. W. H. GIllls, Charles C Ernst. E. J. Weller. Hardy Wray, A. k. Murray and Harry C Bowen. Mrs, J. W. Bratton. Installation officer, also Inducted . to the board Mmes. Arthur S. Phillips, Wai ter S. Nye, Rupert F. McCook, John E. Cannon and John B. Bell. Mrs. Carpenter announced that Gavlota Chapter has won a place on the national gold honor roll, highest DAR award, for the fourth consecutive year. Card Party Set; Court M a r i a n No. 1669, Catholic Daughters of America, will entertain with « card party at 8 p.m. Wednesday at Knights of Pythias Hall, 1133 South St. Mrs. Madge O'Brien, c h a i r m a n , announces that bridge, 500, canasta and pinochle will be played. Member* and their friends are welcome. , - :·.-_· i - - A New Friend,:and a Powerful j Enemy: / . . By NEUDA Rf^AS. ·- IThii (t the second In a ierie» of JO memoirs by Nelida Riwu, w/io uxu lor two year* the loyal companion of Gen. Juan Peron and during the period uiAen he was preiiitent and dictator of the Argentine Republic.) High school girls were going wild about the Union of High School Students, known as U. E. S. It was a new sports club which President Peron had started for young girls at his presidential villa at Ollvos, a suburb of Buenos Aires. I was 14; In my second ye at high school. My classmat were bubbling with stories the wonders of U.HS. -- t latest Hollywood films, rldet motor scooters, sports of kinds; dellclout meals; ind freel The Idea didn't appeal to m I preferred reading to the at letlc field. But I was mad about movie On Sundays I would see many as three films at a tlm My friend, Teresa, would sa "Silly, why s p e n d money movies? · Come w J t h me U.JXS." : ' , . . ' . , Y Without Permission My father was very conserv live and severe. I didn't thin he would g i v e me permlislo But one day In August, 1933, went with Teresa anyhow. PEO* Sessionrmv/ -jf" · Unaffillated PEO members are Invited to B meeting of Chapter OL at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday In the home of Mn. J. W. Foster, 3749H Weston PI, The hostess may be contacted for reservations. .,, Card? Party fr' '.'· Carnation Club wlH*sponsor a public card party Wednesday at the home of Celene E w e r s , 3010 Olive Ave. Luncheon will be served at noon by Sadie Cramer, Effle M. Berry and the hostess. Members and friends art welcome. ~*. , . 1 L o r d Kitchener Chapter, Daughters of the British Empire, will meet for luncheon at 13:30 p. m, Tuesday at the home of Mrs. A, J. Newton, 560 E. 31st Si. Cohostesses will be Mine*, H. H. Hackett, E. J. Whltehead and Beatrice Brackenbury. u- DBE Luncheon can do so much tot you. S U M M E R SCHOOL and CAMP. . MI-SMI* aiiBMt -- M« Pitt ·· Rf44fM* VlMMt ^ WtplW Nf M fin SOUTHItN CALIFORNIA MILITARY ACADIMY . We were looking at the poc of motor scooters In the garag when T e r e s a exclaimed: think the General Is over there Girls were flying from all c rections to gather at the othi end.of the garage. Teresa and dashed to the spot. There I want The President himself! H turned around and his , eyi came to rest on me. ; He smiled and said: "I see v have a' new girl here toda Hello, honey. How do you 111 the clubT" I was speechless. I felt a ch running up and down my spin I began to tremble. I continued trembling e v e after he had gone, I had see President Peron and he ha spoken to met I could hardl walk. "What's w r o n g with you? Teresa a s k e d with Irrltatlo "You come here for the firs time, he speaks to you and yo don't even answer!" We continued our tour of tl grounds. I carried with me th scent of General Feron's pe fume. I was Impreued by the Cei eral's cordiality and his goo looks. He was then 56, but t me he looked no more than 4 -,..-! '·' A Prize · ,,y Several months later, In vember, the General was atrol Ing around the club ground handing out prizes In the form of billfolds to girls who ha passed their high schsol exam "And how a b o u t you?" th General asked, turnl.'g to m "1 passed," I answe.-*d. "Then you, too, get a prize he said. He felt his pockets, but h had run out of billfolds. Whe I saw him again a few hours later he had replenished h stock. He pulled out a blllfol containing a new 500 peso not and handed It to me. All I could say was: "Than you very much, General." The next time I went to th U.E.S. no one was around, t I used the opportunity to en gage the General In conversa Hon. "General, If you allow me, would like to speak with you. want to thank you for the prlz you gave me," "But I thought you already had." "Yes. ' but my : thanks i are something special, .1 gave the money to my parents, and they asked me to till you how grate ful they are. My father Is very 111, and the money,Is helping tremendously. He o f f e r e d further help through the foundation established by his late wife, Eva Peron. In time 'I- Infiltrated the sports committee, the group o! girls whom the General In variably met when he visited the club, and by November, three months after I had Joined, the President knew me by name. The General frequently Invlt ed eight or nine girls to lunch with him In the private dining room of his chalet, the only building on the grounds which did not form part of the club proper. During one of- these luncheons he alked me: "How are you getting along with the motor scooter? "I am not riding." I replied. . "Why not?" he askefl. ^.. · ' · More Confident - -. By now I felt c o n f i d e n t enough to reply: "The o t h e r girls are being taught by an ordinary Instructor, but I would like the honor of being t a u g h t by General Peron." He stored at me. stuck silent for a moment Then he exclaimed: "What a refreshing an- swerl" He readily agreed to teach me to ride the motor scooter, and proposed we meet Sunday morn Ings, before the other girls arrived. He didn't want to offend the other girls, who might envy the exclusive arrangement he had made with me. Our friendship ripened during the next month. However, Dr. Armando Men dez San Martin, Education Mln Ister, who originally promoted the club to Ingratiate himself with President Peron, didn't like what was happening. He thought I wa* being too familiar with the President. - - , 'Stay Away' ; - '/ He sent me a message order- Ing .me not to approach the President again. Whenever I «aw the General approaching on his motor scooter, I w o u l d change c o u r s e and turn my scooter Into another path so as to avoid him. He noticed this and found nn opportunity to catch up and ask: "What's wrong? Why are you staying away?" I told him about Mendez San Martin. .-.--. The next time he came to the club he summoned me. When .T arrived, I found M e n d e z San Martin with him. Speaking to his 'education minister, the President said: 'She's abandoning Us, Isn't she, Mendez? We must be getting old. Let's do something about this." Then, turning to me, the President said: "Have lunch with us today." The President sat me nt his right and Mendez at his left, directly across from me. What a memorable luncheon! On one side I saw General Peron, and my happiness was Indescribable; It was like a dream. On the other side I c o u l d see the sup- Train Child^Early'f to Be Responsible , . · - By ANOKLO PATKI ' *. , John Henry, 12. brought « note from his teacher. "John Henry It not working to capacity. The term Is well over and he has not qualified for promotion. If he would only apply himself, really get down to work, there is no reason why he should not tand In the top quarter of his clan." tlal so be careful to grid* tiff work. Don't expect too much too soon, but keep teaching, praising and encouraging and that note will not come, -, 1 Father studied his con, then read the note again. "This says tou don't do your work. Why don't you? Want to be left back? Want to be the boob In he class? Want to let your ouslns get ahead of you? Whal the matter with you anyway? Vow you get upstairs and get o work and I'll look over your essons hereafter." ,, . . . i( Many a home echoes with such words this time, of the term. Many · half-grown boy ·nd girl get tli« »ame »rt of note. They do not put all the effort that their lessons require. , . , , , . . ^ .,,,.-.:;.,, _ · They have to make a real truggle to 'do this becauie they re at a ttqge of growth thai akes much of their energy, and t the same time they feel the eed of rest from labor and the n Joy men t of entertainment. The radio, the television and he teams call to them with far more enticing voices than do the essonsf They havg a problem as well as the teachers. "Shades of he prison house begin to close pon the growing boy." That Is nevltable. Unless parents look head toward that day and trengthen the children to meet the teacher's note, and the ause of It, are certain to appear. How should you prepare or It? , An usual we h a v e to begin arly. As soon as a child begins o want to be useful, allow him o be so by giving him a chore ressed fury of the education minister. When lunch was over an5 I rose to leave, the General said Ith a warm »mlle; "Let's not o»e. touch again," I was thrilled. But I was aho retried. I knew that Mendez an Martin would never forgive me. I could see that he had cleared war against me. ' : (In the third article of this leriet. appearing tomorrow in The Independent, Press-Tele* gram, liin Rival telll of her 'hrittmat Eve dinner tdlh General Peron.) within his ability to begin, carry on and complete. These three steps are imperative. We are teaching the child that he Is responsible for the tail; he has un dertaken. We do not tell him so, of course, but, to make the les von effective, we give him work that .he Is well able to do and which will give him a feeling of achievement. That feeling brings great satisfaction and contentment of spirit. .·.f.y,.-,. -Kf. - · The pre-teen-ace child who draws that note from the teacher ban not known that feeling, or not enough of It, to know the utlifactlon of Movement and the fMlIng of power It Induces. It Is going to be hard for him at his age to catch up to hli growth and It* needs, and responsibilities. It un be done but done the hard way. « · , . · · - · · . . To prevent t h i s hardship, teach children to do what they can do with all their might. Give them tasks within their ability to FINISH. Finishing Is essen- th. iMt Iwk IMllll," AppwU l«g'r »f!«d fitm Write for bnnUet "V ihowine SO itvla. 3pm rtlil«r Night Third cxd Pin. Docs your child get along well ?£i with his playmates? Is he timid ;.·'··; nnd lonely? Dr. Patrl hns writ-'.;,;)/: ten a helpful booklet for par- , : cms, No. 304, "Your Child and '·! Other People." To obtain a copy. w| send 23 cents In coin to him, £ P.O. Box 99. Station C, New *,,-; York 19. N.Y. · ^i- "I'm Flat Bmted , . . . *nil would be in · ,, terrible lit it 1 hidn't Vorxned i chifgt iccount r: | P B T R I ' S f o r mj ·, Ijurulry and Dry Clean* /. ing,' I'm out to muih of ' the lime 10 I *rrinjr.eii , with mr drim for i tcgu ,j lir-limnl Hop, Why don't , you .call PETRI'S .1 HE , 6-6:91 inl mike · menu loo?" «.'. W H Y TAKE LESS? WHEN,YOU CAN HAVE ONE OF BEE'S famous " ·'·-'. 1-PRICE PERMANENTS 95 Machine Machlneless Cold Wave 5 TRY US 70DAYI '. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY \tti*n»t ' · ' ROY BURDETT , ' llaircutting-Slyimg BEE'S BEAUTY SHOP 2337 AMERICAN AVE. ' GArfW 4-101 i .. HAIRCUTS ::: $2,00 NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY HERE WE GO AGAIN- with our incredibly successful S-P'E'E-D U-P PLAN \ ' - - » This time you geV A NEW FIGURE BY JULY 4th! If you start the Speed-Up Plan now you should have a new figure by July 4th-- in time for the summer fun ahead. Everything scientifically and humanly possible is going to be done to insure that this happens. Yourfigure will receive ; the most intensive personalized attention it has ever received. ' Without starving, exercising, or even disrobing, you will ' lose weight and inches where you need to lose-- quickly and , enjoyably. Results are guaranteed, f" -" . ": ?"'' 1 -.. ; "" 'W--- .' .· "-·'."·'.·«!:"·· ' -?'..··'- ' '''"; ' ' ' - f ' ' · . - - i '*, '-,' :' ' , ' , - - ' ' " . . - , . .» Visits are only $2.00 each. If you call today-or tonight-you may have a complimentary treatment and figure analysis, »t no obligation. · » - ', AT THESE SALONS ONLYI PAT WALKBR nationally known figure consultant UN8 BEACHiWw/w faWUM · 936 Pine Am Utt ANGaES · VALLEY · PASADENA · SAN FRANCISCO 9 OM. 'til JO pjn. · Open Saturday '

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