Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 22, 1973 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1973
Page 12
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Northwest Arkanttu TIMES, Thurs., Nb. 22, 1973 PAYITTIVILLI, ARKANSAS fWill Charge Cities Or Counties ' Indigent Patient Payment Bill Introduced :', : 'LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- A bill '\vas introduced in the Arkansas ·House Wednesday to allow the ''University of Arkansas Medical '·'Center to charge cities and ^counties for the care of indigent ·patients. ; 'Under the bill by Rep. J. K. 'Mahony II of El Dorado, tcity or county in which the the -patient lived would be billed if 'the Medical Center was not 'able to collect from the patient. '.!·' ilf the city or county did not ^pay within 30 days, the Medical .Center would certify the amount of the bill to the state treasurer, who would deduct the money from state aid funds ^earmarked for the city or coun- ·ty. . Mahony said the center "runs ;up a tremendous deficit" be-cause it picks up the tab for poor patients. Under his bill, the Board of Trustees of the Medical Center would establish a system ot uniform charges . for hospital, clinical and emergency room services. '.. · : . . . ' Rep. James Brewer of. Trumann introduced a bill to require legislative appropriation of all cash funds held by state agencies and institutions. The bill also would require ' t h e agencies "and institutions to put excess cash in savings accounts. TRANSFER BILL A bill also was introduced to authorize the transfer of about 1.440 acres of land in the Camp Robinson military reservation to the city of North Little Rock to he used as an .industria park. The bill was submitted by Reps. Dave Roberts, Henry Os torloh and Bob Traylor, all ol North Little Rock. Rep. B. D. Brandon of Little Rock introduced a bill to refum the sales tax on athletic admis sion tickets to 'all colleges and universities in the state. Sen. Guy H. "Mutt" Jones of Comvay' introduced a bill that vbuld require the state to re- 'und to taxicab companies the tax levied 'On motor fuel. Jones also introduced a bill that would exempt tires, batteries repairs and other maintenance terns required by taxicabs to be exempt from the state gross receipts tax. Sen. John F. "Mutt" Gibson of Dermott introduced a bll that would require children to be immunized against rubella before'being admitted to a pub lie or private school in the state. Sen. .Ralph Patterson, o North Little Rock introduced bill that would allow 1,440 acre of land in Camp Robinson to be given to the city of North Liltl Rock for use as an industria park. But Lobbies Are United Congress Said Divided Over Deianey Clause ;. WASHINGTON (AP) - While' '-the food and chemical industry lobbies for softening the law · prohibiting cancer-causing sub- jstances in food. Congress is divided with some members hop- .ihg to make it even more rigid. .--.Sen. Gaylord Nelson, D-Wis., plans to propose, again legislation to extend the Deianey Clause to require pre-market Resting of most additives to make sure they don't cause 'birth defects or genetic mutations. h- ; 'Food and Drug Commissioner Charles C. Edwards says the 5FDA must be "neutral, and I .mean neutral" on Deianey, but lie has called publicly for .months for a privately funded ·International symposium draw 4iig together the world's best Scientific brains to wrestle with the question. ··-' jThe Nutrition Foundation and the Food ind Drug Law Institute, both industry-oriented and supported, have joined with ".Consumers Union in gathering pledges to support such a conference later this year. "?,The plan is to attempt to draft a mathematical formula Coving that "safe" amounts ol 'r£ known carcinogen can be 'added to food without causing fiancer in man. ' TIME BOMBS But leading scientists, In ized as safe, which themselves re under review for safety, or the category of prior-sanc- ioned ingredients approved by ither the Agriculture Department or FDA'before 1958. The others could be banned, lowever, as "poisonous or dele- erious" by ong-standing gal authority. 00 ingredients generally recog- ormed at FDA's National Cei the but FDA under unwieldy le- The chemical industry says he average American ^con- umes about five pounds of syn- hetic additives: a year, and the ales volume of food chemicals s expected to grow from $485 million in 1970 to $750 million by 1980. Food chemicals are used as stabilizers, preservatives, dis- nfectants, antioxidants, extenders, tenderizers, emulsifiers, growth promoters, bleaches, sweeteners, colors and flavors, .o the advantage of either the processor or the: consumer. "Most additives are purely cosmetic. Many involve outright deceit." contends Ralph fader's Health Research Group a 28-page booklet distributed recently to congressmen. The message is that.Delaney. should not be changed." ''"." Opponents of Deianey '£ tend the law -prevents the" ercise should of scientific scientists eluding many employed by the government, say such carcino gens can be hidden time bombs that result in cancer 10, 20 o: 50 years after exposure. "In providing a framewor! for evaluating potential hazard of these additives, the Delane; Clause simply ratifies the pre vailing expert opinion in thi National Cancer Institute am in other professionally qualifiei group? that 'there is no prac tical method t,o determine saf dietary levels for a carcino 'gen," says Dr. Samuel S.. Ep stein of Case Western Reserve University. *· The likely effect of Nelson's bill will be to stall, at least temporarily, industry efforts to modify the current law. * So it will be questions revolving around cancer, the nation's No. 2 health menace, which will bring Deianey to a head. The Deianey Clause, which bars cancer-causing additives' from foods, is very narrow in scope. It applies to fewer than S',000 additives for which FDA lias issued regulations. ;. UNTOUCHED : ' I t cannot touch the roughly ability to determine a safe no-effect level of carcinogens in food. · " · Laurence Wood, president ol the Food and Drug Law In stitute. said some supporl research is expected to be per er. for : :T6xicoIogical Research a former military facility a ine Bluff, Ark. TEST PLANNED There, government scientis 1 lope to devise tests using thoi ands upon thousands of an rhals to determine at what lev A carcinogen · does not cause cancer in animals. But before that happens. FDA officials say, a theoretical ormula must be worked out to prove it is feasible. . Unt,il ,a satisfactory solution is found. Commissioner Edwards said, he finds himself in accord with consumer activists. 'At this point in time you could say there is not enough evidence to suggest Deianey should be changed either way," e said. Concern -has been expressed that bails eners and livestock-growth hormones "might affect public health, adversely by pricing off the '.able of poor people a n d . boosting consumption of carbohydrates. Scientists' ability to dream up new tests to detect has far exceeded iheir'ability to interpret the re- sujts c ..Edwards said. ''If" only scientists could say, "The total scientific community has got to weigh all the issues-involved and help us come up with some kind of a ratioria 1 judgment on the whole subject o f ' risk-to-benefit, althougt that's a little crass," he said. Road Program Approved By Budget Panel JUTTLE ,-ROCK (AP) ---The egislative: Joint Budget Committee approved Tuesday a bill or a highway program like the ne proposed Monday by Gov Dale Bumpers. · The-bill by-Rep. B.D, "Doug 1 Brandon of Little Rock woulc allot for. highway construction ip to $18 million a year from ederal revenue-sharing funds and an anticipated $12 millior n revenue. from a proposec one-cent increase in the-state ax on each gallon of gasoline. The total additional )ill is expected to make avail able for road work is about -$3^ million. ' . : · - - . · · " , . . Before the committee gavi .he bill a "do pass" recommen dation, Brandon proposed amendment to include Bump ers' recommendation that $ million of the money expectet from the gasoline tax increasi be devoted to county roads. Under the bill, the legislate would decide whether to impos the added gasoline tax. Bump ers said Monday that he woul decide within 72 hours whethe he would recommend legisla live approval or a public refer endum on the tax question. Hi speech text had said he woul recommend the referendum but he omitted that referehc when he actually delivered th speech. On another matter, the com mittee recommended $25,Ot annual salaries for the pres dent of Arkansas Tech at Ru sellville and the chancellors the University of Arkansa branches at Pine Bluff an Monticello. - " "''.';"...,' Remarks That Get Tiresome As One Ages By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) -- Re marks any man gets tired of tearing on any : of his birthdays after the age of 39: : "So you're a year older: Well, hat happens even to nice guys. Jheer up." "Did you ever stop to think .hat. after 35 every birthday makes it that much more .un ikely tftat 'you -will 'ever be a success in life?" " . . - . ' ' · . . 'Please accept : my con gratulations. I'm 'too cheap to juy you a get-well'card.". It makes me think of when you first came to work here You used to have, a boyish grin then. What happened to it?" "So you're a year older Well, hurrah, hullaballoo, and hello to Aunt Mabel." "I suppose this makes yoi think about retirement plans. don't know what; you have in mind but -- as a hedge agains inflation -- I'just bought'my wife and me a cemetery plot It's kind of nice to know tha when you've got to go at leas you've got a place to go ti where the climate - ain't to bad." · - . · - . ' '. "Now that ou're a ear old er, don't you think you ought t start trying to make - sense You can't do it any younger. "I knew you wouldn't want t eat at home on your birthda -- no human being does. So. reserved us a - t a b l e at -- .oh shut up, Henry, it.isn't all tha expensive, and anyway, yo only have a birthday once Third Suspect Bound Over In Triple Murder DONiPHAN. Mo. (AP) he' third man charged in the an. 17 slaying of. a Grandin, do., banker and two members f his family'was-bound, over or trial .in- circuit court Wednesday. Magistrate'Willie Dodd ordered Dallas R. Delay.-33 1 .'of Valle Mines, held for trial in Ripley County Circuit: Court after an all-day preliminary learing. The next term ,of the court begins March 19. :· ' Lloyd D Cowin, 21, and Jerry W. Rector, 22, both/of Van Bur en. Mo., were held for trial'on the same three murder charges earlier this month. The three-men are accused in the slayings of Robert R. Kit terman; 43. president of the Bank of Grandin; his wife Ber tha. 38. and their daughter Rob erta, 17. Delay sat through the hearing Wednesday in leg irons. Prose cution and d e f e n s e 'lawyer called : about 25 witnesses. ; The Kittermans were foiinc shot to death about 90 minute after Kilterman walked into hi bank wearing a device rigget with dynamite, told bank em plpyes' his wife and d.aughte were being held hostage 'an left with $10,850 in. a satchel. year -- now and then." "Fortunately, \you're: one those' people who carii wea wrinkles fairly gracefully." "Ha, Ha! That's good for laugh. But now let's get dow to the truth. How old are yo really?" · .'' "Don't let it get you down There's a fair chance.; you' survive to see another one." Tucker Opposes Moving Of Consumer Protection Unit LITTLE-ROCK (AP) -- Atty.lthe constitutional offices con- T - . - - ^..... n*..»1 P ~.. e^tA tqima/4 Iha'mrtnPV tOi lUtld Ulfe en, Jim Guy Tucker said Wednesday« that moving the onsumer protection division of is office to the slate Commerce Department would be extremely damaging" to con- umerj'protection.- . '.· fucker, who won election last ear inla-campaign in which he ledged a · vigorous consumer H-otection program, made the emark as the House Insurance nd Commerce Committee recommended. Wednesday passage f a bill to move the division.- Tucker said that to his knowledge only two states, Florida and Oklahoma, had a consumer affairs office located wholly outside the attorney general's office. He said one of the authors of he bill, Rep. Art Givens of tained the money lamea me mviiey w, mTM ui» consumer affairs division or his office, but discovered when the bill was halfway through' the legislative process that the money had been deleted and placed in a separate bill.. ·' However, .he said that the budget for consumer, affairs was not ir/'dispute. The budget for the current year provide.s about $40,000. Tucker said he could accept a continuing level of funding · for the next fiscal year and still beef up-the work of the consumer protection divi- ' ,by s'upplem.enting services the'regularNattorney general staff members. . Sherwood, lommerce claimed that Department the had employes who were "not occu )ied fully 'and who could staff a lonsumer protection office. But Tucker said the , department would have ; to h aye additional staffing* , and /that this would add to.the proliferation of lawyers iri:'the'state.- BEGAN BY. THORNTON .;. f The 'attorney generall said the consumer protection .'program begun in the attorney general's office two years ago by Ray Thornton had recovered $63,657 for consumers in 16 months. He said the office had received 948 complaints" and closed 705 cases. He said;it hasthree legal actions pending involving more than $1 million. . Tucker .had thought!that the general appropriation bill tor Breshnev Welcomed PRAGUE (AP) --.'Soviet party chief Leonid Bre^hney was welcomed at Czechoslovakia's eastern border today by Czechoslovak Communist party presidium member Vasil Bilak, Prague Radio announced; Preshnev is in ,-. Czechoslovakia to. take part in the 25th anniversary observance of the Communists' coming u power here. The TIMES U The 1 Best Buy for Your Advertising Dollaril ' ' ' '5"x7" Color Photos in your hem* for $5.95 Call Jim S. Hill--5I1-UM MR. QUICK Weekend Special Friday - Saturday - Sunday Pay Hikes For College Heads Recommended -;· LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Salary increases for the presidents of the slate colleges and universities and for several depart- trient heads were recommended Wednesday by the Legislative Joint Budgel Committee. '^The committee recommended that the salary of the president of Slate College of Arkansas be raised from $21,500 to $26,000; from $27,000 to $32,000 for t h e president of Arkansas State University at Jonesboro, and ftom $32,500 to $35,750 for the president of the University of Arkansas at Fayelteville. t- The committee earlier had fecommended raises for presidents of other state colleges and universities. £ Salary increases for state de- nartment heads included: 5--From $16,000 to $19,000 for lie revenue commissioner. '{·-- $15,000 Id $19,000 for the Acurities commissioner. fr--$17,000 to $19,000 for the in- sairance commissioner, rf--$18,000 to $19.500 for the fenk commissioner, g--$14,000 to: $17,000 t'or the forestry director, gi--$14,000 to $17,000 for the Want Board .director. ·,--$15,500 to $17,000 for the la- Mr commissioner, j--$15,000 to $18,000 for the feme and fish commissioner. ^Awarded Custody JiS ANT A MONICA, Calif. tAP) I ·* Actor Tony Curtis has been Awarded custody of a teen-aged Sughler from actress Janet | iigh, his first wife. ^Superior Court Judge Charles Woodmansee signed the or- ,r Wednesday after Miss feign consented to the change ir their daughter, Kelly Lee-J 2 RIB EYE Steak Sandwiches Reg. 65$ Each SANDWICHES Friday Only MR. QUICK 1525 South School FayetteviHe Phone 442-9333 LINKWAY 1535 N. COLLEGE FREE AT DOOR PARKING HARDWARE APPLIANCE PHONE 442-7363 REST EASY TONIGHT W IT H B E D Dl NG BU Y S LI KE T HESE! 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