Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 2, 1960 · Page 45
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 45

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1960
Page 45
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THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 2, I960 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 47 Portent Of Engulfing Black Terror Sensed By Visitor To South Africa Whether you meet him m · primitive reservation or in teeming urban slums, the South African native lives worlds apart from the white man's comforts and privileges. In this concluding article of a series, an Associated Press reporter describes the enormous--and pos' sibly fateful--contrast. By SAUL PETT AP Correspondent DURBAN, South Africa W -Durban is a big modern city on the Indian Ocean. It has tall office buildings, electronic calculators, glassy hotels, ears, radios^ hi-fi- sets, smart shops, movies, sophisticated night clubs, stately white women (whose children are being cared for by loving African "Nannies") hurrying off to the veranda of Claridge's for gin slings, blue-eyed Englishmen and square-faced Afrikaners in crested blazers hurry- teg off to 'meir "bowls," their tennis, their golf. And just 30 miles to the south it has Zulu warriors who still form war parties as big as 2,000 »nd fight, maim and kill each other witt spears, clubs, knives, smuggled guns and evil spirits. : And just six miles to the west It has one of the world's ugliest urban slums. THE CONTRASTS need to be understood in any picture of South Africa's tense racial problems. South of Durban, I visited the Umlazi Reserve, where about 90,000 Zulus live on 200,000 acres. Generally, the natives here work in sugar cane fields, each family being allotted 10 acres by the government. Government officers help with the planting and marketing and the schooling of the young. The reserve is administered by whites. Punishment for minor theft and simple assault is dealt with by local tribal chiefs. All ether crimes are tried before white magistrates. Faction fights flare up often-aver a girl or a beer, or a report that one clan had sent an evil spirit to another. In the last fight, the war parties were summoned by cow horns and marched to the roll of native drums for the attack. In all, 90 huts were burned, five natives were killed and scores slashed. The Zulu warrior may be rela- ; tively uncivilized, but he's no fool. Me takes his women with ton to war. The girls «arry the ·ff^'^^^v**i;*^ r ri ·- , ..tf- -· ZULU WIVES --AC Wlr«(JhHa SUNDAY RELAXATION IN DURBAN --AP WirephoU Bowling on the green is favorite form of Sunday relax- In background arc some of City of Durban's modern ation for whites in South Africa, stage of racial strife, buildings. food and the milky native liquid called Kaffir beer. Those who became Christians and married in church have but one wife. But most are still pagan, polygamous and devout believers in witchcraft and medicine men. Many Zulus have five wives each. Some men have as many as 45 children. THE ZULUS FORM little family settlements called kraals on the lush, rolling country near the Indian Ocean. They live in round, dried grass huts reinforced by sticks and over the- door they hang cow horns to ward off evil spirits. The wives and children share huts. Each husband has his own--to avoid jealousy. All wives help in the cooking of food (usually cornmeal) and the brewing of beer, but all wives take orders from the first wife. Each wife must first taste the beer or food she has prepared for her husband. A man can't be too careful. They go to white doctors, but to be doubly safe they also get animal fat, herbs, dried bats, empty ostrich eggs and a host of other products from medicine men for luck and health. They sacrifice cattle for the dead and to show their appreciation for recovery from an illness or knife wound, they slaughter a white goat or lamb. The Zulus believe in "Tokolosh," a little invisible man who can be sent from krall to krall to punish an enemy. Just recently government officials found one Zulu who had been hiding in the sugar cane fields three weeks because he thought Tokolosh was after him. I walked with Charle* Hlengwa, 48, A chief who speaks English and lives better than most. He has 20,000 subjects, but for reasons he didn't mention, only one wife. "However. I am negotiating for another," said Hlengwa, who wore a broad smile, khaki' shirt and pants, but no shoes. "One wife is not enough. After all, I'm still young. Besides I don't have servants. I need more wives to take care of me." | Over on the next knoll in the ; next kraal live the chief's brothers and their wives. Each has at least two. The women generally go bare-chested, wear European skirts, but bury their ankles and wrists in beads and stiffen their hair into ringlets with animal fat i and earth. They like the odor of old animal fat. The men have beds in their · huts. The women don't do so well. In one, which is about 20 feet across, 20 women and children Wearing beaded head and neck pieces, ?AI!U wives are shown at Umlazi, a Zulu reservation 30 miles south of if I wanted to make any donation, j the cacophony of a restless rne- give it to him and avoid a fam-; nagerie, ily quarrel. This head man has six different wives in six different kraals j buildings from the last riot. It was on six different hills. The farthest | h , A ,, h ^ m , wife is two miles off, involv-! ing a four-mile, round-trip hike, j 0(ltra R cd because their political In all, he has 37 children. "Too' leaders wore jailiHl, began a lor- many," he said grimly. THE NATIVE RESERVES On thp fringes of Cato Manor, we could still see half-burned Durban in South Africa, seething with racial conflict. James Sfarnas Heads Tucson Beautif uP Group eat from clay pots in the middle of a clay floor and sleep on thin, straw mats. When 1 dropped in, a skinny dog surrounded by flies lay on the floor near the cooking pots. An old creased woman slept on a mat, oblivious to the naked children dancing around her head. On one wall hung a dried-out beef carcass for a dead family member. The Zulus believe the dead return a n d d r i n k t h e animal juices. In another native reserve aptly called "The Valley of 1,000 Hills," I talked with a headfman or sort of precinct captain named Madi- yeni Dhlala, who wore sideburns, wildcat tails, cowhide skirt and huge discs cut into the lobes of his ears. His b a r e - chested daughters begged for money. Ohlala «sko*j me not to givt them any, that | we visited seemed quiet anil peaceful. Then we headed back toward Durban, and just west of the rity The Tucson Chamber of Commerce has launched a Tucson B e a u t i f u l " c a m p a i g n w i l h the organization of a rifying march along the n a r r o w : c o m r n j, ( e e u n f jer the c h a i r m a n s h i p of J a m e s Sfarnas. The i n i t i a l m e e t i n g , h e l d at the Chamber of Com- roads Inward the white man's Durban. They were slopped f i n a l l y by armored cars and guns. 11 w a s ' merce yesterday, was a l t e n d e d by Ifi representatives of came on the terrifying slum called j hpr * in January that nine native Calo Manor. j policemen, on « liquor search, Here 50,1)00 urban Zulus live In were harked to rlenlh. incredible filth and congestion. The government, has tried to clean it up and build new housing, but it has a long way to go. Natives live here in piles of metal sheets thrown together to i various locnl businesses, professional and neighborhood associations. Vice chairmen of the Tucson SOUTH AFRICA has a long his- Beautiful Committee a r » Tom tory of sporadic native rioting in the urban areas. But in recent years they seemed to have been more coordinated. Still, the government says it form tiny shacks where cighl or j now ) ias ||, e situation well in hand, ' torin landmarks. i, 10 human beings may share a i that thp avcrapp African docs not \ The program will br under| house no bigger t h a n 10 hy 1 S J w n n t to a n d will not riot or rebel, j lakon with Mrs. Mabel Woadook, feet. There are no lighls, no ru,| the visitor can't help t h i n k - Southern Arizona representative Cop Haler Gives Officer A Sprint Rnllis and ,lnhn Stegrr. i Purpose of the romm,...c R I s ! MONTEBELLO. Calif.-^Th, to develop a community-wide proc » r looked suspicious. Jt was gram for litterbug control, t r e e ; moving slowly, without light*. So p l a n t i n g and preservation of his- P a t r o l m a n .loe Grundy stopped plumbing, no pavements. Goats, .chickens, dogs, pigs. cows vie with humans for space in Ihe narrow dirty alleys. The ing that one day these Africans may rise from all the Cafo M a n ors, all the good and bad n a t i v e of Keep America B e a u t i f u l , and manrieri. Grundy, 35, complied. it. When he looked in the window, a pistol was pointed at h i m . "Turn around," the driver com- Tom Price, h'-arl of Ihe City j ma " f(W k his pistol, then localinns of Smith Africa, a n d ! advisory capacity. Sanitation Department, acting in ordered: "Start running." For two blocks, Grundy, it gun- i odor of a n i m a l , h u m a n and de-' march on the whites and t h e r e ; A specific schedule of a c t i v i t i e s : point, ran beside the car. caying vegetable rises in an op- i pressive cloud. And, over it all, the constant noise of h u m a n and animal t r a f f i c rises in * steady loud hum »nd caterwauling like won't Iv enough armored cars to i is being developed by K s u b - j Then the driver--apparently the stop them. And the white man ! rommittre under Rallis' chairman- i man who had robbed a nearby will go down in a long, black · ' ' night of screaming, unimaginable j terror. ! service utation of $35 « short time Another meeting of the com- j earlier--roarpd away, shouting: ' m i l l e e is scheduled .June 7. "1 hate cops!" CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING! TUCSON'S GREATEST MARKET! READ FOR PROFITS USE FOR RESULTS I DIAL MA. 2-5855 . . CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING ·USINESS DIRECTORY 1 BUSINESS DIRECTORY ACCOUNTING DRIVING SCHOOLS _1 [BUSINESS DIRECTORY_ PATIO ROOFS 1 1 LOST i FOUND 2|HELP WANTED, MALE 9'HELP WANTED, MALE 9 (HELP WANTED, MALE 9iSALESMEN A7 Ar ACCOUNTING SERVICE I LET » woman teach you to drive. /yPbrrT6NS~'"~ "~ jErE^tlKAJ^CTJEERING A inS*\/~\L. i ELECTRICAL Engineer. 12 yrs. exp. AlK\JvJM Design, specilicatlon layout. QUALITY BOOM ADDITION ?° mm " ^^ * "d"'""" 1 - EA C. CONTRACTOR AX. H-2M8 .-3OM additions Remodeling. | Free Plans fc Designs. Financing, j WIRING--Residential commercial ALUMINtJM PATIO ROOFS 1 of size--our mistakes save $$$ Prices incl. normal insinuation 6x27' natural alum S19B 9x22' natural alum S20S 10x22'white baked enamel . . . . 11x20' natural alum. WESTERN ALUMINUM 1248 REWARD LOST: Black-white cat. in yeara old. Altered rnale. Miasiru? 3 weeks. On-ner hctirtbrokcrj. AX. 8-10.19, L O S T : Ony * Learn Welding GI Approved Slat* Approved Night classes. Start an* ..,, w *^ w. : TRADI 1CHOOL i St. MA. 4 7KZ1 7-0022 ti EA. «-3»5«. I37.1SE. Grant EA. S-2921 ELECTRIC SERVICE Contractors, EA. 7-4151. BATTERIES _____ GUARANTEED REBUILTS -- $4.95 up exchange -- *11 types -- heavy duty--commercials--diesels. Complete repairs. Recharging facilities. Aoadrunner. 4-1982. 446 S Park. MA. aerv. Kerrnlt Ostrich. EA. 7-4281. 24 HOUR residential, commercial. JSpnded: Phil's Electric. EA. ELECTRONIC SERVICES BONDS RESIDENTIAL-COMMERCIAL, design, assembly, installation;;, repairs. GONLAB ENGINEERING CO. 41MB E. 22nd SI. - EA. EXCAVATING PATIO WALLS Northside. Large white shaggy dog and large thin black mongrel. Child's pets. Reward for return^ JMA^S-fla ___ LOST: Large black shaggy 'female Poodle. Vicinity Oracle-lst Avr.-, Rillito. Reward. EA. e-0095. EA.iExpe.rienced. wlth_own hand^tools. ATTENTION "MECHANIC PATIO Walls, free estimates. Ami do and Sons Construction Co.. EA | BRlCK~Biocit--Adobe. The Wright I , viny t AX. 8-6204._R£asonable. ! D S. Constr. Licensed Contractor, i Phone MA. 3-2644 or AX. 8-3621 i - i 6-4.198. REWARD!! LOST: German Shepherd, ^ 4,_ M A ·, 0771 ^^ , D ' * R Auto Service. 1102 S, -- Venice, just east ol Medco, o f t ;22nd. vi..i, 1 EXPERIENCED food plan salesman. , Good commission*. 330S E. Grant noon MKN-31-.il! National nrjznni/Jitlon nerd* qualified men. $450 per month to start If n u l l i f i e d . Marrirrt, ambitious Workable car. Can f o l l o w instruction* Our men are now , making »/K)0 1o $inno a month. Nn lay alia. Plus many other company benefit*. If Interested In Keltlng ahead, cull Mr. Johnston al MA I2-54W. for personal Interview »-J2 r» T ? i r T» r» REWARD PLASTERING i gm ^ ^ mjxcd . up pus i brown, answers to "Jake." Jimmy Kitchen Helper ELECTRICIAN'S CONTR.'S LIC. BONDS Pick Noon Ins. 1«3 S. 5th MA. 3-2111 TREE ESTIMATES EA. 6-1JS1 or EA. 6-40B8 B EQUIPMENT CO. xrnalljobs. Free est. EA. 7-2953. Patching Jk'stucco work. Small job?.I REWARD! Apply tn person, 808 E. Speedway. Rib Barbecue. - D n M n v h u - T - TM PLUMBING AND HEATING BUILDING t REPAIR I LAND «ncl lot levclinit mud graainj. iF. W. Gantz Plumbing * Heatinj!. I M» EA. e-sssi 11021 N. Third Phone MA. 3-3731. ; swers to Eczema. ' ' · name of "Duchess." has DM ta«s. MA. 2-5406 COMPUTTE residential and commercial building. Addition and re- mixjtlins service. Plans--designs-- flnanctoji. EA. 8-8S51. _ FENCES I PLUMBING, cooling^ repairs." I censed. Gilchrist. MA. 3-44JO. . Li-| PERSONALS Maker, painting, antique _ restorttlon. Call Don. AX. 8-1025. tio walls. 3 ycari MA. 3-3817. Smith Bros. Fences j REMODELING Tucson's oldest locally owned and iEX^EBT ceramic til'ing done hy iperated complete fencing aervlce. j bonded licensed contracior. Spe- 603 W. Wetinore Road MA. 3-018) eializing in remodeling and new rucson. ; jobs. AX. D-4873. JTOlLiDJNG -- JUmodelin*. Cement work. Plannlnt. Free ntimatex. Licen»td. MA. 4-im. ^TJOBNSED-iNStmED-BONDED Quality Construction Company. guarantee* complete Mtlxfaction for ill phases of remodeling or addi- tiqn»._Fr«_ totlmates._£A._7 r M_M. JtEMODELING. Addition*, cabinets' Homeb. Beat quality worfc. Free Mftimates. BOB BUSH. General Contractor. Licented. Bonded. EA «-lS07. CAB1KETWOBK at iU best. Be : | modelin( and dexlfninc for efficiency kltchenc. FENCE CO MA 2-8835 FLAGSTONE TERRACE plantera and Bafbecuts. Material cost plus labor. Phone John Lyons. EA. MIM4 after S P.M. HEATING t COOLING COOLING, heating, duct work, re- frig. Ace Cooler Maint. EA. f-451t. PLACE Detective 15 assist, you. Modern, efficient methods of np- eratinjr. Personal problems analyzed with no obliKation. Appointments at your convenience. Call ·rHF~X5SAZlNG new Blue "Lustre': will leave your upholstery bcauti- '· f u l l v gpft and clean, .lacome's. I new Installations."Fast service. Hea-; PlANO-Accordion lessons. Y o u r aonahle. Birdman Roofing Co., AX. j home. EA. 5-9906. MA. 2-7423. j * "TM^_ ... ._ IALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Day 1 SAND AND GRAVEL .nites. MA. i83. 215 N. court, i ROOFING EXKERT rcpajrinn, re-roofinR and HOUSEHOLD REPAIRS DOT Y'S'HAND Y~SERVICE AX. 1-0828. Cooler jervice. Painting, aeryice. Home repairs. INSTRUCTION ST* M .A. , SCHOOLS CY. 7-0602 , COUNSELING and ANALYSIS. Call j ._M.A._.2-8!B3..for trustworthy advice. I Fill MASSEUSE--Relax with Massage.! ·""· 64S_E. Speedway MA_2-4280| 211'GLADYS Meacham"Counsclinc Cert. 2926 E. Fairmount. EA. 5-8458. FLOOR COVERINGS ARMSTRONG TUUC and linoleum MOHAWK carpetini -- contract or retail. GAJUtETT'S. 144 S. Tucson Blvd. MA. t-47»- TEACHERS will tutor grade? through U; reading specialty. E 5-W8I. CARPENTRY CAnPORTS. remodelm*. additions, repairs, built-ins. masonry, fences. ^ patios. _EA. 7-7739. CESSPOOLS, SEPTIC TANKS SEPTIC tanks, Sewer connec. wer lines cleaned Reas. AX. 8-1427. JANITOR SERVICE V r , ' v i' Murray. Lie PRINTING MACHINES AND SUPPLIES REPRESENTATIVE FOR LARGE A R I Z O N A DISTRIBUTOR. EXCELLENT D R A W I N G A C COUNT AND COMMISSION. P R I N T ING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. SEND APPLICATION TO STAR-CITIZEN BOX 154-G. Steady work. Experienced Jour, neyman only, otherwise rto noi up- Gram IM. ply. Personal Interview onlv. Kirk Elrctrir. .110 E. 39th_S1. TRY Cook wanted. Muirt br experienced and fast. Apply Johnlc.i No. I 2M5 E. Speedway. FULL--PART TIME Full time »100-$lilfl per week, part f l l r n e . »f»-170 week. High nohool I education, age 18-3IV car necessary Call Thursday only. 11..10 - ]J:30 .noon, or V30-A-.H p r o . EA. S-23SII lYOUNG MAN-rarry out h o y . ' A p p l y G r a n d Central market In person. (No telephone.) CHAUFFEUR companion:" mual. be experienced and permanent. Llvr In position. Gond pay MAIDS AT YOUR SERVICE. 1041 E Broadway. MA- 3-H6S1. ESTABLISHED NE "area' 'open (or amhltlfju*. neat appearing rnan w i t h '·»'. For detail* irinuire al R e t a i l Slrire. 441 F. _ _ Man to work in laundry. jMust have chauffeur's license. Apply 249 S. Park. CONTRACT'TftUCKMEN'rnakT M'* : . Trailer furnished. If over 22 writr MAYFLOWER Box 107. Indianapolis ; «. Ind. _______ j Small Loan Mgr\ | Or assistant manager with m i n i m u m ,3 years experience. Top salary and I excellent f u t u r e prospects. Posi- j t i o n in Phoenix area. Write full rtr- 1*1!* to B. .1. Rhodes. Exchange Finance Co.. P. O. Box Sff6. Glen- j dajf ._Ari/.ona._ _ _ |Far West. Placement Bu. ! 301 Ariz. Land Titli; Bldg. MA. 2-2712 Sf!. Acct. Public rxp MALE stcno. 30-45. !i davu. SERVICE Eng. Deg. in sanitation / . « i i - r « « r » i Chemistry or civil, single. Lots tf S A L E S M E N i traveling. -------i REG. Medical Technologist. LAWYER CPA combination. HELP WANTED, M A F 9A CANVASSERS IIP TO *m PET! CLOSE FOR PRODUCED.^. SALESMEN HIGHEST COMMISSION PLUS BONUSES FOR EXPERIENCED FOOD PLAN PEOPLE KXCEl^- LENT OPPORTUNITY FOH OUT OF TOWN CANVASSER- SALES TEAMS FOR THE BEST DEAL SEE JOE JAHELKA, WO E 22ND ST. ____ ' DISTRIBUTORS wanted for NUTfti- LITK FOOD -SUPPLEMENT nntl EDITH nenNnortc COSMETICS. Full or part f i r m . Apply 3027 N. Campbell. or phonr KA. I-'MM _ NEED 2 COUPLES 1 man station a t t e n d a n t , m r r h f t n i r with tool*. 1 counter man, 1 wlf«* waitress. 1 w i f e rook. Salary. col- lagr, board. Florence Junction Shell Station Professional Bldf. Maint. Co Janitorial Service AX LANDSCAPING you. Employers call us aga'in again for stenographers. «e ere - j ^^^^^^ taries. bookkeepers, accountants. TUTORING - Elementary S h a d e s , : . and general office workers. New 1 "'Kn school English. Experienced. SEMT-RETI71ED. *K watchman. 3 students start each Mondav. ! _l»» c l"":._ *l- 50 -_J E -A-_ 6 .- 832 P- ! ""this per week Wilmoi Sand ARIZONA COLLEGE 6r · TTTTQ TC PPOPPT? i Gravel Inc.. 2300 N. Wilmot Rd.. COMMERCE inia is rKurc.K : AX.jj-zgx Ul E. Broadway MA. 4-lfgl .Gentlemen 25-80. Ladies 21-75 have EXPEJUENCEDdrapery instalfa'tlon STUDY AT HOME spare time. Earn!clients waiting to meet you NOW i m ? n; Go ?i _opportunity. Western YARD MAINTENANCE of all Own tools. MA.JMIM4. FERTILIZER, CSROUNDT 2 Yds, 13. VAUGHN'S. MA." "2-S622; j Good .,, H.S. diploma. Low'cost. Natlonal-j All nationalities. Alice Abbott sincei Drapers-. 220 N. 4th Ave. ind.l ly known since 1897. American' 1942, Priya^te_licensed._AX._8-f»fil 5UNl6JR~PLUMiSgR~or"heTper" ' School.«;. P.O. Box M7. Phoenix. ; IS YOUR child behind in~rea~dmji? ! "an experienced on SUMMER TERM ' ^ umTner e""TM? t*^TM Junc - Service Manager ' NEEDS QUALIFIED Service Salesman PRECAST SEPTIC TANKS" TOPSOIL. gravel, fill dirt. Landi neaping. Prompt. Reas. 5A.J7-0933. IYARDWOHK--renovating too soil. - . CLOTHESLINES All types clotfeifine^-ma'il boxes. Clotheslines Serv. Co. DENN'S clothesline!. garbage can holders. fertnteinz, cleaning, hauling. 1rees removed. Bermuda lawns installed. Reasonable--prompt. AX. 8-5049. Enroll now. MA. 2^4344. _ Beglnnlnr June 13th. special courses! MBS. LEWIS: scientific advice will in typing A shorth ' college or personal nly man experienced on new work, need apply. Jjtar-Citizen Box 155-G. FURNITURE store handyman ~ Rf- Pair electric appliances. Must be . courses in Grcge shorthand, typing, bookkeeping, office machines. NCR Tthand for pre- 1 help solve your mort difficult proh-. sober 1 _r»-ii8hl»._Cs!! MA. 2-MA1. ,al use. Regular lems. burine. orpersonal. Private ; iRuG eierk. ExpericncedrPerma- . . consultation. AVpointrnent . only. | noil position. Good salary. Ex-| 1 cellent prospect for advancement. __EA._S-Oe80 -- rnailboxec. I MA. EA. «-432S. LAWN SERVICE stalled comp guaranteed. 8-M28. . i T, U.I.V "·*- «···-«-*· «a^o, t.^-ii _i^^^.^_ _-U^_-- . »*»,··». m, H* "-"'r't'-l tvt « u v f l | i i . i r i i i d i i . cashiering. IBM key punch, month- ALCOHOLICS Anonymous A«Kdat-| Apply to Mr. Kcrt. Swan Drue|Iy tuition rates. Veteran approved.! ed Groups. Phone MA. 4-2321 dayjjtorej «!7 E. Speedway. lair conditioned rooms. Free park-1_or night. . . . 'EXPERIENCED Dinner cook~--' ;ln K . Day * «venm 5 sessions. S37 S.I MA SSEUSE. my home, yours. Any - Work COOUNG AND HEATING WESTERN HTG.-COOLING CO. ARCTIC CIRCLE COOLERS Refrigeration Service B R E A K I N G . Grading, Men _ . TRAIN at home for coming LANDS-CAf-iNG. Brick work. nmt .[ JS%gfegEffi-W ing Decorative fraveV LCXTAL EX- SPRINKLING PBRIENCE. EA. 5-7261 i Stone. MA. J-7421. Lamson Butinets|' d 'gy or hour. Reasonable.'EA. 7-0302. ANNOUNCEMENTS 3* 1JI W. 5th St. I SERVICE COOLERS. 13 years 1 «x- perlence No job too amall 01 f«r»e. MA. 3-98M. ^fT^To^il ff$ MA"' L^ Krd '! J^.A MnanclnTMA. 3-M7° TRAILEIl AWNINGS See »Teila"l!~nrSeT*Ktio""Roof(i TRADING STAMPS EXCHANGED. Green. Bluegift. Frontier. Security (Service charge 30c--1200). Ross. EA. 7-4172. fC:00--1_:»). Licensed. fry cook wanted. Apply in person. No phone callt. Triple T Cafe, 44!1 Benson Highway. ICE CREAM Truck Driver. On commission bant. Apply 505 E. 8th street, between fl and 10 am. Evenings, phone EA. J-4327 between 8 " \ : *_P.'. M A . 4-1430 _ _ _ C EXPERT h*d»e rrimmmg. -- - Lawnsi renovated. Reliable vacation care.; EMPLOYMENT AGENCY AH TM«^ten«ffiT^^«W i gra^STuSl^feSerT-ertir- coNTiMcrons -"· KCPAtRS. vddition* or will modernize your kitchen. Financinir. LICENSED CONTRACTOR. MA. 4-8M2: if n« answer call MA. 3-7*39 FOR PLUMBING and »ervce at Plirmfcfn*;, licensed bonded 'con- tratloT. MA. 3-Vtto, ExpertenggdV EA. 5-4gS3. UGHT HAULING Tactory. 373» E. Grant Ra. EA. SOW! TUTOmNG EXPERT i T^OR^TOG.jGroo-p - ^rtwt*. Sum- \ Sr.'SSai^xLt-MM. Serv.; -^ ---_- ,- Stone Garden Plaza MA. 2-482R UNLIMITED i MaG , MTMtratin ^. r ,-, n2 « 30 ,,.] C , , xp ggi I'/IAdver. Public Hel., Retail exp. j · U C I * A uifiUTCrt 4 A A I C A ' PERSONABLE young man to train : I"*:" VTArllcU, mALc y : ,, realty salesman, specializing ; !I NEED »t assistant in my" fuller; i"* 0 "** Property. Call mirnings MS i Brush hartnen Part time, rvp»r E. 3peeow»j.__ ve*r«. ;Car. Call after 7 n.m. ESTABLISHED expanding Arir 2T? 8^ SCOTT AVE WALLS. Brk*. snjobe. block erete irortt. J»A. 4-05J». TRIES removed, yards and alleys ^1 cleaned. mbbfeh hauled Lie Davis. MA. 2-2fO).MA. 2-5«0. ·ppTinMcs fur- UPHOLSIfcRING EA. CUSTOM upholstery _ _ rnan." Recovery - ««ylrn». Pl«ns «n4 fhnntcmj. Lic«vs«di-£S co«tr»etw. B. V. McDrnmll. XA.i J, 5-S134. ' __-_^-_^H~ r^r^^~ Civil Service Commission ! City of Tucson Open "Continuous Tept for SENIOR PLANNER ' Salary: $500-$600 i tbcperrettee m ptrtl»r pianntnc from fotn* yetr tTniver- Corp. often outstundinc opportunity for 3 nmWtimrg ixr- flftnable m*n, Aiffn 27-45 to train for Tn«n»ecmrni posiiionn. Room ! 21S Pfrma Plawi BMff. 3030 E ! Broirdway. 10:30 itharp. Thitm,- 1 TVi-Sat. __ __ _ i A GROWING""" ..... I ; ORGANIZATION | i Has opening* for 3 high ; calibre men who desire a · JULTERATIONS, V.oOie*, 4r mf»m. lA . * »pecJ»rly. 7-77M. SMrtt.- teUm«tes. BLAOt German Sheih«rd rim 6 ;rrt y tr ** rnajor in dviT cngirtftrmt ' weeTts old. WnTt* star in center' °r itrchtrgcurre «nppl«weriTed by s»*. AX. i-1144. ,M«y jn-n »*oot! "APPLY »ef«t»c1 win trairred * wiR fmJ warding profession. Kppt. c»li 9-1 p.m. _ Jtor Brti . re- For City HaH _ Cleaner ft SpMter GENERAL MOTORS OR FORD EXPERIENCE PREf'KRKNCI! UNDER 40. Don .1. MrCormick Vv/ORLD MOTORS VOLKSWAGEN MA. 4-5515 NO CALLS UNLESS BODY MAN With Sport and roreutrt car «x- prriffncf Call MA. 3-8524, *sX for Clyde or JD»n. tSfiMXTEftS' acquafnted In home Improvement line. Must he capable of f-stJmatinf own job^ Apply. Century Buick Co.. 4138 E Gr*nt_. CAREER IN ELECTRONICS COMMUNICATIONS Permanent, irteady employ- msnt for qualified young men under is years nf ag« for work wilh electronic equipn-ent. Minimum requirement high school graduate with two years of math and fcience. Better than high school education or training and experience with military electronic «wnrmjni«rtion» desirable. Paid vacations, sick benefits, pension and other desirable working conditions. Scheduled wilary increase!, starting rare o- Pendent tvr pst expen- fnrt tmS Trammf. In reply 'ffiVf IwliTsg fyf his/h xdtool math and xntmx. a-rtivttiBt school, yew teleulKW* itttm- EXPERIENCED JEWELRY SALESMAN SAVE M A R T 7IVI W. Congress ~"~$200~WEEKLY~"" If you are 2S or hvrr, have a rar. you ran make »20fl a week, every week, working with me. l^et's talk il over. For an appolnt- meni, call EA. 7-11552 __ · WANTED '. Sales Managers ' MOO MONTH rajary. plus liberal; over-ride. Experience nerrssary tn : recruilinK and training. Group in- mirance full cooperation for right man. For personal interview, please, contact Mr. Triano al EA. 7-»6«l WANTED 1 GOOD honest hard-working aale*. man. GILF^ MOTOR CKNTEB 711 N. STONK »«0 WEEK UPr SPANISH SPEAKING AN ASSET. WK TRAIN YOU AND FUONISH LKADS. NBEP 1 CAH. SEE J. 1,. HArtDMAN. B . A.M -4 P.M., MM E SPEEDWAY. ' W O R K by appl. Call Mr. France, ! 7;.TO ' I I I 11:30 p.m. EA. 5-4DD. _ DELIVERY BOY Muirt Imvi* own rjir. NJ«hu. Apply : nfier * p rn. MARCO'S. N. 1*1 A Ft. I^owcll _ i P A R T ' T I M E If -your rvrninai" «rr frre- anri yoij'nr h«vin(T trnuhJ** rniik intt **nd*. mrr-t Phnnr F,A. 7-fi27i b*-!w*rn 0 Ar_ \'2 niv»n M A N A G E R S m a l l local p l a n t showing phenomenal growth. Salary $150 weekly p l u s s h a r e of profits. Secured i n v e s t m e n t of $15,000 re- q u i r e d , secured and ret u r n a b l e . Appointm e n t by c a l l i n g , M O O R E C H E M I C A L C O . 133 W. RILLITO ST. MA. 2-0856 The Money Is Here If you w a n t It. If you have solrt freeawrs. pois. pans, books, var« or any other speciality ilrmy thi? i* for vou Fast fji-lfvery. No holdbacks. If you ran makf. $2.100 f i r M month, we ran tinr you, Al»n bonus Only s-harp hard close men need apply. Leads furnished. MfA E. 2nrt St ,_Apt. fi. _ _ _ REAL" ESTATE HAVE OPENING FOD I SALES PERSON -- EXCELLENT OFFICT. COOPERATION b COMMISSION SEE MR BIFID, ARTHUR B I R D REALTY. REALTOR. 14S F. SPEKDWAY. 1 0 WANTED, F«malt TO LAUNDRY HELP WANTED, Female 10| WHITE womnn to live in and rare | for elderly woman. Somn ntirirlnir experienre, CA. fi-ftttw i r- » I T CA o j ! ExTerlenred preferred, but t a r n $17.50 Up per day"-?ch younj. atmnK. capaWi- rlrl«. WANTCT) JO WOMEN FOR DEI^IVERY WORK STEMMING FROM ISXTTN.SIVE j ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN MUST RE ABLK TO UK ON FKKT ALL BAY. BE AT ·MM E BROADWAY r i « 10 A M. A z P.M SHARP FOR FUU, nJCTAlUS. WHITE W O M A N . 40 yeiira or ovei for rooking and M c h L hnuiwwoik Family of 2- Live in. 8173 m o n t h Pcrniflnrnl fKisilion Gtve w o r k i n g r r f f i l r n c r s in r e n l , W r h e Star. Citizen, liny !!.«-(; KflY COVjK. neat, clean, and fast A p p l y in perwon. Frostop Drive-in Zi.lfl N. !«1 Avr COUNTER G I R L Nrnt. appearing fnr r»rry out location. 20 or nvrr NHru Apply anytime *nrr S p m. Marro'f K. 1st fk Ft. LowtJl WAITRESS. Full o r p j i r t ' l i m r I'M] S. r/ih Avrnmv No phone call." KXf'K'flJKNCKD f o u n t a i n v/oman. No Sundays. A p p l y mornlncs. No ph John-on Drug Store f o u n t a i n . Park AT Sp*?fdw;iv. KXPKniENCKD WAITRESS " Dinner j - h l f t , A p p l y In prrson o n l v . riolrtcn Phrmmni Rrjstur^nt. 3234 E. Sp*ed- CASHIER,'fXp*?ri*'Tirrd.~l2 fr n p m" A p p l y fn prrson fin I v Golden PhfaMni HrxtJiurJint. 3234 E. Sp^fd- u' a'. FEMALE hookkeep*r. f u l l ch«r««; * -TM-rif-nr'- i r n u j r c r l PJII t - t i m c , nL.irs avail/ihlc. References. APPLY, ; Prn.'ewlonn]. Snlrs At Cirrlcal Offic*'. An/.onfl Statr Employment Sorvirr, 7 North Grannrtu A v ^ n u r i Girls, Women--All Ages BE A RECEPTIONIST TrJtin for tnlrr«stin.K. well ^«irt poslttons. Day jind nijrh: classes R i f t r l Monday. Your choif.-e of train-: my PBX operator, hookkefipina.! husmrss m«chin»5. IBM card p u n c h ! and Speed writ ing Shorthand in « 'Afr*-kf Jobs J i w a i t . rail, writ* or ""' S P E E D W R I T I N G Legal Secretary Writ* Slar-Citl/tn Box IHC-O '·tJitlng age, experlenca and refer- enres, __ !' BARMAID WANTED: Must apply In person after 2 p m , 1532 S. nth Avemi«. HOUSEKEEPER No cooking. Live In. EA ?-«§6.__ RECEPTIONIST Attractive girl. 25-3S Some photographic ability desirable but not essential MA 3-R44B _ OFFICE NURSE PART-TIME Registered. Hours 4-« P.M Monday through Friday. 12-4 P.M. Saturdays Apply Business Mf.nagir. Tuc«on Clinir .1.".. N ' TH c ??n " lvri _ Nrw. first, time irhown ~ in"Tuc»nn7 exclusive large volume selling product. nationally known company. You should average |75 p*u- we«k or more hy m a k i n g phone calls from your home. Call Factory representative. EA. 7-0485 _ PBX addressograph, mimeograph Apply between 2 * 4 P M only. Tucson Laundry A Linen S«rv1c«. ·m K. 6th SI SCHOOL 443 S Slonr MA .1-5830 .Suleiman for £*n*r lady with experience H^il "Eartat^ business . ' A *«vj downtown location. lent working conditions. C. C. R o m i n e REALTOR 73 f Bdwj. _ .MA TF YO1T really want to get ahead and feel you are linrit- *d in your present employment, here's an opportunity for you to brooTm? associated with a really fast- growing company. No »a!e« exp*rien« Txrcessary. On- the-70r) tmimrjg with » good ineom*. for excellent career. Mrs uays HA. 3-7520. , KA. 7-1H7. CVK^ktail.-; only. Applv a f t e r 4 p m Club I,* Jolla. 100ft S. jth. Dictating Machine Operator TYPIST. MUST BE EXPERIENCED O P E R A T E G R A Y AUDOGRAPH MACHINE AND K L E C T Tl 1 C TYPTWRITEB PERMANENT S DAY WEEK EXCELLENT TTMPIXYTnC BENEFITS. Apply INFILCO, INC. WI S. CAMTTBEU. AVE Phone MA. 3-S40I Telephone Solicitor Lsfly to call from our c{firf. vicinity Swan-22nd. Inquire 1-4 onh · Registered Nurses Positions in suigery and general d u t y . 3 to I I shift. New hospital, npenprl J u l y , with new surgical sunr and hospital facilities. Advancement opportunities. Tucson Gi-nrral Hospital. EA. 7-3444. CASE vate organization. Part-time. Social work degree desirable. But not necessary II have cxs» -work-administrative experience. Write quali- flcallon?. Star-Cuizen Box J 2S3-E POSITION open for qualified office worker. Must have had experience in bookkeeping, posting machine* and typing Do not apply unless you meet the above requirement*. M .1. Lawrence Mem. Hospital. P O Box 538. Cottonwood. Arizona FOR BEGINNING - review classes in mhorthanrt typlnr 6oo)cK*«Bir,s, rathlering * office machine* call L»m»n Busineg. Collen. Ph. MA. CAR HOP Zl or over. Neat appearing No »r. .penence required. Will train. Gammon Placem't SeTv.ltxnttSKgs^g-jp. erators wanted. Must have Factory experienct. Apply Dcbby Mf « Co.. 242 S Park 301 N. Stone Garden Plaza MA Z-4«J»i P.XFrUTIVn Scr. stcno car $300' ASST. Dept. Mgr. Ladles' wear exp. CORSETIERE. mature, exp TYPIST SO W P M . 20-30. Dictnt Exp. FULL CHARGE Bkkprs exp Sccrclarirs with Meno Bo WPM 'Bi LEGAL secr; .. heavy iteno «30f» COST clerk, f-xp. $2dft SF^Y \wi h k k p r . light steno J.1M SEC iteno personnel dept. am RKKPR. mach. exp. N.C.R. exp $150 R K K P - A c c o u n t i n g . Office exp p-ROFiriFNT with 10 kev add. mach «7S SET YOUR MtART ON MODELTOS ^/'"A, 0 ^ JIL2S»" «!?·"· __ W HAIRDRESSER !£ a ; dsBr lLI our s ^« AN EXCITING CA THE MODELING Ft The experience of Faatoir* * h o w . Photofr»pik:. many other types of m tng. plu» the look of Model . . Gin b* forever. Call Now! EA. «-3333. or EA.J-74W. , EXPER1EJCED fotSTtii?n~' s ffl ^-n i or" a , e cie C R 0 yd. Aaob *' Prn "- Tl ' il ' ?? ' E. Broadway ' ' MA. '''- ?nc«i. Full or part itme. Exceptional posn(/r ·with good commission and guarantee. Apply in person Catherine's Beauty Salrm, M42 T. ,ith St i»s» * . S*nT-'Cfti3«)i Vfrx 9K-Z. MAN In ttx Tutsan #r*t. T«1ce slron Krto trio* to rwitact nmcm- fft Wrff* 6, T. SvnttltfK. frrs Somn-wesrern petrotftm fid,, "fiat · "m. Tflft Wnrfri. SALESGIRLS Ixpenenced m «llin« women s aroirel. Poll trme or evenmifs, iSirrordays mi Swndayi. ST*»d\-. Apply wt Maw. X5I4 E, awd, OT t. fnct not necessary. FROLIC. S 4th Ave.. MA. t9»«. nrLL CHARGE hoireelceerwr for 1 ehiM, pltra parents. Live m only-private room. Spanish .waiting prere-ired Days 5-1977. 1554 '3H Ariz. Land Title BTdf. MA. l-ITIi ,BANK Savings Teller STENORETTE IBM elec. Int. :STEN'OGRAPHER. Spfmn* NCR 3100 On. 5-day DICTAPHONE or. *1e-. ty»». RECEPTTONTST, Stcno; nrr EXP. Meitifal Sec WOMAS to Ihw in. C*n J nYen. B«»T« intd *1S week . - m hern*; c»taWe of em---- t»ctffft orrr easterners »nd to sell on sflypOTnt- tnetts wnly. Car r.'Ri'rt^'ai f . Awrt' TfHt y, ftmtf. "SECWETARY BS "fftttffrtftfi ftfr L ePW^WTOl. l(0l,

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