Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1962 · Page 11
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 11

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1962
Page 11
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. . ».*·*·· '·· **·*, t Hobbyists Battle for Glass Fish Net Floats */ v * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Buoys Cross Ocean From Japan By ROBERT HEARD There it is! Not a hundred yards away! Your weary body tingles. Before you have time to will your tegs to run toward it, you are running. The bloodshot, sleepy orbs on cither side of your nose now arc like headlights. For weeks you have' looked for it day and night, and there it is in the sand, a few more strides away. It has been in the ocean, perhaps for years, and it floated for thousands of miles just for this moment, this passionate rendezvous with you, its lover. Your churning legs ache . . . your dry mouth gulps air ... you are almost to it, extending your arms and flexing your greedy fingers for the exotic contact of flesh on glass . . . there is a blurred vision of something moving at a fantastic clip on your right . . . and . . . Horror! . . . somebody else beat you to it. You could cry. The bad man got the light-green glass ball. I'KK'ITV I'KLNCKSSKS AT WILMINGTON Two of seven Wisteria Princesses--Arlcne Sasaki and Donna Hazel, both 17--add extra charm to the famous wisteria vines at Banning Park in Wilmington Sunday during the 12th annual Wisteria Festival, . sponsored by the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce and the Los Angeles City Recreation and Parks Dept. Comkinq ·* utith Malcolm pleq pOUPLE of stories about ^ kids and politics to start off the week. Opal Hutchins overheard two six-year olds in a market, one proclaiming for Brown, the other for Nixon. The Nixonite won the argument and a convert when he reported that Brown wants the schools to hold sessions on Saturdays. His Patship had better get~his position clear on that. Bob Roberts, an Anaheim school administrator, chaired a meeting the other day at which R. Nixon was speaker. He mentioned this with some pride to his son. Reed, as he was leaving the house, and asked if"Reed remembered Nixon in the last election. "Ych, I remember him. but how come you didn't get Kennedy for your meeting?" he demanded. COME ndditions have been "^ suggested to the comment here the other day nbout things to see in the Pacific Northwest beside the Seattle World Fair this summer. The suggcster is Cecil Willis, local biz-man who has a summer home on the Olympic Peninsula and is an old Seattleite. People driving north, says Willis, ought to plan to take the Mt. Hood loop trip out of Portland (or they can go to Portland that way) and see Timberlinc Lodge on the shoulder of Mt Hood. The loop also includes Columbia River Hwy. A mountain admirer, Willis also suggests a visit to Mt, Rainier where, he claims, there is more glacial area than in all the SWss Alps combined. Willis says those visiting Vancouver Island (Victoria) should find it worth while to take a ferry from Sidney (a'few miles from Victoria) and go through the San Juan islands. They can visit Orcas Island where,- from Ml. Constitution, they fee the whole archipelago ami can return to the mainland via Whidbey island. At Victoria, reminds Willis, no one should miss Mr. Buchard's gardens, a famed garden spot. He called it Buchard's Gardens but 1 remember, when I was in Victoria, that the "Mr." was always added in conversation and on signs. The Canadians obviously felt that the man responsible for-- the great floral profusion deserved that respect. Or maybe Buchard insisted on it. Anyhow, there are some more travel suggestions. This could run on and on. ^TURNED on its side, the coast side down, and colored green, a map of California looks for all the world like a tomato worm. That's the way it's presented on a fine new map showing the Feather River water project, and produced after months of research by the Feather River Project Assn. It shows the whole scheme, with such facilities as pump lifts, tunnels and reservoirs clearly marked. Accompanying text adds to the information. Brennnn Thomas, the gen. mgr. of the L-B. Water Dept.. brought one in and suggested a lot of Long Beach people might want such a map to keep straight on the big enterprise designed to send water from the northern rivers slapping into So. Cal. some years hence. I explained this is no adv. column but Thomas is a stubborn man. You can get one by sending $2.50 to the Feather River Project Assn. office. 210 W. Seventh St., LA. 14. WILDFLOWER h u n t e r * . can find a big field of bin* ones east of Woodruff off Carson. The nearby countryside is beautiful now. But the Auto Club of So. Cal. tells me that it'll be a week or so before flowers arc at their best in the des- rrt of the mM. The big sociation. The children arc students of more than 20 teachers in the association. During parts of he concert. 25 to 30 pianists vill perform simultaneously. Other numbers will feature )iano-and-organ ducts a n d liano with flute ensemble. The concert will begin at 3 .m. at the Lakcwood High School Auditorium. Proceeds will benefit the California State Music Teachers Associa- ion's statewide scholarship und for young music students. Tickets selling at $1 each for adults and 50 cents for students may be obtained rom Mrs. Margaret Woodruff, 4218 Clark Ave., at HA 5-G874 360 to Present Children's Concert More than 360 children from the Lakcwood area vill participate next Sunday in a massed piano concert o be presented by the Lakcwood Music Teachers As But that's the way the old glass balls tumble in one of the most competitive sports known to man. hunting for the fishing-net floats that have broken away from clutching ropes in one of the storms off Japan. No one knows more about the finer points of the game than Marine Gunnery Sgt. Jack McKee, 40, of 1909 Greenbrier Road, and his wife Alta, also 40. From 1957 to 1960, Mc- Kcc was stationed at Kanc- ohe Marine Air Station, Oahu. Hawaii -- the best hunting-ground in the world for the glass balls. Assisted by his wife and his son, Johnny, 15, McKec managed to gamer 173 of the floats, the second largest collection by a serviceman so far as he can learn. The hobby is not a hobby, it is a curse, a disease, the sergeant says. Neighbors who once were close friends of the McKees "almost hated" them by the time the serviceman was transferred to the air station at El Toro. G l a s s - b a l l h u n t i n g "hooked" the two families at about the same time, but the McKees became much more successful practitioners of the art. Jealousy and one-upman- ship reared their evil heads. "I'd be over at his house late at night." McKee recalled, "and I'd get up to leave. '"Where're yot 1 going?' he'd ask. Think I'll go home and read avhile.' I'd say. Time for me to hit the sack," he'd say. As soon as I got outside, I'd run like hell to my house to get ready to go hunting. But before I was inside the door, I could hear his car start up. "If xve ran Into each other on the beach, I'd say. Thought you were going In hit the sack,' and he'd say, 'Couldn't sleep.'" Some devotees keep elaborate records on storms around Japan so they can try to predict when the floats jarred loose by a storm will turn up on Hawaiian beaches. Many use -il.ll 1T»:« SOT. AND MUS. McKEE SHOW ItEACIICOMKEK TROPHIES Independent Thr fnulhlmiFM M I7n«l .Homing Knrtpnptr * * MONDAY. APRIL 2, 1962 -Pago B-1 binoculars, and almost all have pood flashlights for night hunting. Rumors that the high tide is bringing glass halls electrifies the enthusiasts. They sxvarm over the sand. Even if it is 3 a.m. Christmas morning and pouring down rain, you can go looking for glass balls and find another guy got to the beach first, and you'll wonder what the idiot is doing there. Many a footrace or swimming match goes to the lucky rather than to the swill. It is all a matter of your position in relation to the hall when it is sighted. And as in most other sports, if you take your eye off I lie hall or hesitate, you're lost. "Sometimes we'd go for months without finding one," McKce said. "And then I'd get a hunch. They're OUT THERE,' I'd say. 'One's coming in right now, I just know it. Let's go. 1 " A true glass-ball hunter will never buy one or accept one as a gift, according to McKcc. 'The thrill is to find it yourself, to know yours are the first hands to touch it in maybe IS or 20 years," he said. McKec has an easy explanation for his family's /cst for the game: "We enjoy ourselves." Crcwcut, smiling, boisterous, fun-loving, that's McKee. Tales of cleverness and no - h ii 1 d s - barred rivalry abound, but the Marine says little about his own participation in c l a s s i c dashes. The closest he comes to it is when he tells about the time he grabbed one nf his most prized finds, a rare basketball-size float. He spotted it when he was in the company of collector friends. He and a woman were nearest to the ball. "They claim I tripped her," McKee faked a sober face, "but," he brightened, "it was more like SHE tried to trip ME." Schools Slarl Rehearsals for May Day Riles Rehearsals for May Day ceremonies are being held after school hours for Long Beach youngsters. Schedules are: Admiral Kidd Park, re licarsal Tuesday; Dixby Park, Thursday; C a b r i l l o play {·round, Monday; California playground, Monday; Cherry Park, Tuesday, Drake Park, Friday. El Dorado Park, Wednesday; Houghlon Park, Monday; MacArthur Park, Tuesday; Palm Beach Park. Saturday, 10 a,m.; Pan American Park, Friday; R a m o n a P a r k , Wednesday. ' j Schcrcr Park, Thursday; S i l v e r a d o Park, Friday; Somerset Park, Friday, Veterans' P a r k , Wednesday; Wardlow Park, Thursday; Whaley Park, Friday. The U. S. District Court and the State Supreme Court vill move to the offices of he Long Beach Federal Sav- ngs nnd Loan Association, 328 Long Beach Blvd., this morning to return control of he association to its officers. The last stage of 10 years if legal hassles will begin at 7:30 a.m. when federal and Mate court judges, escrow r.iins cluln't f.ill o\fr thne. iCo. Gift of Music A collection of GO long playing records of classical and semi-classical music hasl been added to the Fullerton Junior College library. It was a gift from Columbia Rrtord 'MIKADO' TKIO Barba Merchant, Cynthia Howard and Mary Keating (l-r) portray the three little maids in Gilbert and Sullivan operetta "The Mikado," to be singed this Saturday and Sunday and the following Friday and Saturday evenings in MiHikan High School auditorium. Tickets for the event, sponsored by the I-akewood Philharmonic Association as a benefit for the physically handicapped, will lc available at the .door and at Jack's Corsican Room, Rose's Hardware and Wallichs Mtisir City. 1-nkrwmxl. Long Beach Federal Fight Ends in Dignity, Hoopla gents, lawyers, association ifficials. Federal Home Loan lank Board officers and Uhcrs will meet to sign the upers. * * · * TELEPHONE L I N K S to 'scrow agents in four Southand counties will be open to record the escrow transac- ions, part of last month's Wife Finds Male Dead by Oil Well A wife's anxiety over her nishand's failure to return 'rom work led to the discovery Sunday morning of he death of Robert R. Mills, Jf). of 303fi Los Coyotes Diagonal. Signal Hill police reported ills was expected home at I I p.m., and that his wife, Jean, searched for him at i.m. and again at 0 a.m., looking around premises of oi! wells in the Signal Hill field which he regularly checked in hii work as pumper for (he Progressive Oil Co. A nephew, Paul D. Mills, o I5727'/j Orizaba Avc., Para mount, told her of another well, the company's Hoyt No 11 Well at Temple Avcnu and 20th Street. At 0 a.m. she found her husband lying dead under a rocker beam of the well. Police said his car was parked nearby with ignition and headlights on ami that the death appeared to be accidental. , compromise between the association's officers and the edcral agency that seized the Kamlil Takes Woman's Anlo A 20-year-old Long Beach saleswoman was nibbed Sunday of her fur coat, purse and automobile by a robber who hid in the back of her car and attacked her as she drove away from a grocery firm in 1910 and 1960. the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. But, apart from the legal transactions, the return of the association to its officers will not lie without promotional hullabaloo. Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin will arrive by airplane after 11 a.m., landing at Long Beach Municipal Airport to sign autographs at the association offices for persons adding to their accounts or opening new accounts. A s s o c i a t i o n president Thomas A. Gregory will lead i column of GO employes hrough the door and into the iffice when the legal transaction is final and the association opens for the day's msiness. Alice Herman told police he bandit lunged from the rear scat and yelled, "I sure surprised you didn't 1?" Miss Herman said she struggled with the robber anO managed to fall out of the car. She said the bandit then drove away with the car. Acapiilro Crui-c Ship Departs The S.S. Acapulco ha sailed from Wilmington on its regular twice - inonthl) voyage to Acapulco, Mexico. Aboard for the sailing were former Los Angeles detective John K. Reeves and his wife They won the trip on the tele vision program "It Could Be You" a* a result of Reeve* record of providing help to persons in trouble. 6 Rescued as Sailboat Turns Over Six persons were rescued Sunday shortly after their 17-foot capsircd outside the cntr.mci 1 to Al.irnilo* Bay. Ralph Blood, life guard Rescue Boat skipper, said the six clung to the side of their craft about 10 minutes before rescued. The six were identified as William Vejchar. 24, of San Gabriel, the boat owner; Robert tavcrac and his sons. Rocky, 14, and Brad, 12, all of San Marino; Don IIcwus, 20, of West Covina. and Mark Shuping, 24, of South San Gabriel. None wan hospitalircd. :

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