Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 7, 1962 · Page 39
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 39

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1962
Page 39
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M O V I E S Max to actress Nancy Kwan of "Suzie Wong" and "Flower Drum Song" fame. They even draw a physical parallel: Warren is 6-foot-l, lankishly" handsome, green-eyed, with "sensuous lips and scowling brow." He is an ex-football star. Max prefers the more gentle sports of walking and playing tennis but also is athletic. He stands 6 feet, weighs 150 pounds, has black hair and brown eyes, and speaks five languages: French, English, Italian, German, and a Swiss dialect. rnHERE SEEMS to be some divergence in J_ vanity between the two. A coworker in "Splendor in the Grass" recalled how Warren kept whipping out his pocket comb every time the camera made a pass at him till the director Elia Kazan became upset. If that's the case, Warren has changed in the last few months. When I talked to him at his newly rented home above the Sunset Strip, he looked anything but well-groomed. His clothes needed pressing and his hair combing. Maximilian, though sometimes immaculately dressed, usually cares even less about his appearance. When he played a village idiot in "The Reluctant Saint" and couldn't find a barber who would chop his hair to suit the role, he did it himself--and then was amused by the stares thrown his way outside the studio. Neither Warren nor Max throws money around, but Max is undoubtedly the thriftier of the two. His' attitude toward money was evident in his recollection of a trip to Switzerland, where his father contemplated buying a car. "I told him I would like to give him money for a car, but then he would only have to build a garage to keep it. And since my father doesn't drive, he'd need to hire a driver. Then my father would not want to ride all the time, so he would have to buy a place in the country to drive to, I told him, 'You see all the trouble a car brings?' So I talked him out of it." Most of all, both Warren and Max are vehement about being identified with their famous sisters, although Max in- sists he would like to costar in a film with Maria ". . .. provided we do not play lovers, our parts are equally strong, and Maria gets top billing." On the other hand, when Warren overheard a publicist refer to him as "Shirley MacLaine's brother," he reportedly exploded: "From now on I want it made .clear that I am not Shirley's brother. She is my sister!" Commented Shirley, "I like Warren, but we don't seem to be able to communicate any more." While Warren and Shirley don't go out of their way to seek each other's company, they don't avoid each other, either. I have known both of them for some time --Shirley is a next-door neighbor--and have never heard either say anything unkind about the other. In fact, I find myself acting as middleman, bringing them up to date on the other's activities. I have the feeling that there exists a bewilderment about their estrangement which both of them would like to overcome--if they only knew how. M AXIMILIAN is far more outgoing than Warren. He will give any subject a whirl, any time, any place. I recently flew from New York to Berlin with him for the premiere of "Judgment at Nuremberg." When Max wasn't sleeping, he was answering every question put to him by the 110 members of the press aboard our chartered plane--except those referring to his romance with Nancy Kwan. "Asking when I am going to get married or how many children I am going to have is like asking when you want to die," Max says. Privately he'll admit that he's in love with Nancy and would like to marry her if he wanted to get married at all! "I am confronted by a tremendous struggle," Max told a friend. "1 would like to have children, but I know if I am married my acting would suffer. Marriage takes concentration. I am more interested in concentrating on my work." At this point, no reporter would even consider asking Warren how he feels about Natalie Wood because he is liable to clam up or walk away. Obviously, both Warren and Max like to be free of attachments. That goes for studio contracts as well as women. "I feel emotionally better off not being committed to one studio," Warren says, "because I like to be able to choose freely what I am going to do." Maximilian shares his point of view: "I want to select parts on the strength of scripts and the ability of the director." Warren has turned down nine films this year. Maximilian has refused 16 films in the past two years, 11 of them from Hollywood. So the futures of the brothers of Shirley MacLaine and Maria Schell look good. The critical praise and possible Oscars of today seem only a small part of what both can expect tomorrow. Fnmili; Weekly, April S, 19C2 GETTING UP NIGHTS MAKE YOU FEEL OLD? 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