Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 30, 1950 · Page 25
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 25

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 25
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l.))North Fremont and East Drachm aii. .. hazard gone. 2.) Santa Rita and! Linden . .". blind corner. Corner Owners Help Campaign By BOB BURLING- Some changes are being made 1 Tucson :and many -'.'blind. interse 1 tions" have already been eliminate . through carefril- use of hedge cu · ters and hand saws. More than sixty notices have a ready been mailed- to ;home-qwnei · by the city building- inspector · office notifying the property own · ers that their corner lot landscap · ing has developed into a traffi hazard for their neighbors; *· "I've seen lots of corners alread cleaned up," Barney Aros of th inspector's office, said today. "Eve though we haven't'-been ,able ;ye to officially check up on the places quite a few people have alread; · corrected the situations on thei Aros, who^ works In'-Building "'In - s'pector' Edward Hen-eras' office ' mails out the notices along with. small 'drawing which shows th t. land owner what must be done t * meet city zoning- and safety re- · ;' quirements. - . ' · ·The letter quotes the 1930 6rd: - nance- which -forbids "the .'erectin; ; or maintaining" of any structur .: or growth' which is more thai f 'three feet above, the sidewall ;·· level on a corner lot. · · ' . A "pie section," 20 feet on. th -sides, must .not have any obstruc j tion more than three feet high in ~ it on the corner of the lot closes ' to the- -intersection. The 20 foe . "should be measured back from tin ;'corner of the owner's propertj ' ' line--not from the corner of the · s t r e e t , according-to the building " Inspector's office. · :'·"··' Each day, the dity police repor · "blind corners" tn various parts o the city'fivresidential;area to tb building inspector's office. : Capt. Prank Keefe, in charge o *·: the police*traffic division, said to- · 'da*/.that the patrolmen .will con j , ,tfnue to. file--the reports until--the r.-clty.has been.completely canvassed for "blind corners." *;-. A'previous'police report showed |-"that "blind corners" caused thou- »: sands of dollane in damage in 1949 J '-because of automobile collisions. t 'Blind Flying' f-.-} Motorists, unable to see.through i,.; the thick hedges, low-hanging tree · j.foliage, fences and patio walls ·· which have been placed on corner lots,. flnd_themselves in the .middle of an accident situation with rib ^tlme to avoid a collision. Clearing away of corner lot obstructions would eliminate this . "blind flying" at busy Intersections. City-county T r a f f i c Engineer :lJohn Caarls; presently recovering » -'from an ear infection, announced that he would attempt to carry the campaign into county areas and ' eliminate bad intersections on county roads. Caarls also announced that his office, In co-operation with the police and building -inspector's office, |: would' attempt to organize-some I patrol force to 'check on the en- I ;forcement. | Persons who disregard the re- I · quest to clear their corner lots of "I'V obstructions 'may-be liablc-to- court {: action. ' · · · · - . . ~ " Co-operation In : .every case most desired.however,- Caarls said. They Co-operate "A man named Ten Eyclc at 110 E. Seneca' St., trimmed hls ; hedg before It was -reported: His neigh bor on 'the corner' of Seneca anr Fremont:has. always -kept his frui trees trimmed up from-the bottom, Aros said. "Another man, Juan Cota, at tb corner of'.South Fourth avenue am East 23rd. street, took his .hedge right out. He had .it growing on raised :lot," Axos- said. .Purpose of the ordinance is to maintain traffic- visibility at corn ers. A single, tree · or well-space' :rees may be.trinimed up the trunk From the bottom. .With the lower limbs out- of the way .the motoris can then see across the corner. Hedges and'bushes can be trim med down for the first 20 feet from the corner. Patio walls: and fences must be lowered. -Some changes are being made in Tucson--- and when' they .are -al made the result ·'will-be safer motor ing-in-the Oldl'-Puebld. Unloads^Last Of -· · ··-«·- State Herefords . CASSODAY, .Kas.,- Oct.' 30. m-- The last of a shipment of RTE'reg istered ..breeding Herefords valiiec a't;"$200',000 was unloaded from 16 railroad cars here today. The cattle are owned by William A. Spence who has sold his Steep! X, ranch'.: at · Spring'erville, . Ariz, ah'd moved his herd to the Kansas Flint Hills grazing area. Walter Jones, Emporia cattle- nan, said the shipment was be- laved .to be the largest of registered Herefords ever made by rail The cattle, will- be. wintered .'on he Ward McGinnis ranch .in Greenwood county. Spence meanwhile is staying at Eureka and ooking over ranch property in the Flint Hills region. ' ' Spence left behind at Springer- ille a string of cattle to be "shorn n'd sold at Phoenix, Los-Angeles nd Denver in December and Janary. -,-Herdsman. -Harry Milne tayed to show'the animals'. '-, . Jones,^ who estimated; the value f the herd, said included were everal bulls valued at from $6,000 o $10,000. Mrs. Spence' is staying in Phoe- llx with their son, Lt. Keithly pence, who is stationed there. A aughter, Shirley Spence, is a stu- ent at-Wellesley. RidingTrain Far- From Dull Dye For Dear Old Television · SINGAPORE, Oct. 30. (#·)--If you're looking for a thrill, try riding the mail tram from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, .capital city ,of the federation of Malay. Likely as not you will be blown out of your berth, injured, even killed on the. 250-mile "stretch northward. Communist terrorists, you .see, delight in taking cracks at the mail trains. Here's . a typical government press announcement--arid such come very often: · , Typical-Dispatch "Last-night, in Job. ore, the Kuala Lumpur - to - Singapore day' mail train was derailed by an explosion caused by. bandits. The engine capsized and three coaches were derailed.,The driver-'of. the engine was killed .and two firemen were 'Blizzard Head* Refuses To 208 Fired Under Loyalty Program By VIRGINIA MACPHERSOtf ·HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 30. (U.R)--A tiny lady with bright yellow hair founded what s,be calls the BPOTVB today to do battle with gentlemen who DON'T prefer blondes. Not in television, anyway. Unscramble the letters and you have the "Benevolent and 'Protective order of Television Blondes." And with this Sybil Chism, organist and lady emcee, is Cutting her pretty golden head smack-into.one of the oldest taboos of TV. i' blondes on television--that's what ithey say,"/ Miss Chism muttered. "They say we fade Into the background and- come out looking scalped." ·Blizzard Head' slightly injured. Or-"Early this morning, in Negri Sembilan,.-the pilot .train of the Kuala Lumpur-to-Singapore night mail train was derailed by bandits. The driver of the engine was slightly injured." Even' so, there .doesn't seem -to be a shortage of Malay engine drivers or · firemen. As fast as they're 'killed or .injured, others step in to take their places. ; British soldiers and police guard the trains, but -that .doesn't seem to put an end to.the planting of mines -or other explosives on tracks, or ' otherwise derailing trains. ' : Communist .terrorists in. .the dense jungle bordering the railroad 'requently fire on tHe slowly moving trains.-- . : ' : ' Pilot Train Rons First To' prevent destruction of the main mail trains, and loss of life or injury to crews and passengers, a pilot .train usually makes'the first run. . Frequently, the pilot train-takes he brunt of terrorist Activities, but not always. It seems the Communists have caught onto this trick and so bide their time to lant or touch off explosives to get he main mail .train after a pilot ·ngine has passed. Communists ripping up fails father Of Year Loses Negates Election Bid NOG ALES, Oct. 30. (U.R)--Results : the election.'for presidentrof : the ogales district 1 board of trustees howed'.today .that Mrs. E. ;S. Edmonson, Arizona's mother ot the ear, lost her bid for the post. James W. . Manson, the incum- ent, polled 591 votes to Mrs. Edonson's 391 in Saturday's election. ften force postponement of train chedules.-But as soon.as..railway uthorities .'can get. things back In, hape, the mail trains'move'off from Singapore for another .try at getting safely through to Kuala Lumpur. " ' . 1950 Honey Production Higher Than Last Year PHOENIX, Oct. 30. {^--Arizona's 1950;.honey production was set af 5,100,000 pounds today,,an average yield, of 75 pounds per colony... -.The honey crop iS' 1,600,000 pounds .more than that produced last year -by the state's beekeepers. The:lncr.ease was attributed'to an Increased'flow of. nectar following summer rains and because of the high market price. Last year many producers left honey in the hives Because the, price was very low. The trade.name for these canary- colored' cuties 'is '"blizzard heads." And mild-mannered engineers have been known to throw up- their hands when a blonde performer walked into a'. : TY'studio. Miss Chism, who has r nine shows a week on television; has news for these boys. She says science has come to the aid of these poor maligned maidens. Nowadays, she'll have you know, the new TV camera tubes and lighting- are good enough, to stand any d.nd of -electronic- shock. Even a blonde. .But the boys still, groan, when beauty shows .'up with -golden curls. "They tell me I'll 'have to dye my hair," Sybil says. ."I tell- 'em'I won't. I've missed out on more jobs that-'way. :" : - "But I refuse to dye for dear old TV." . ",'-.. ' . Faye Is Still a Blonde Looke at Faye Emerson; Sybil points out. She--in case you haven't looked lately--is still a blonde. So is Roberta "Quinlan. Coin' Tight I well on TV--both: of-'em. , "You do .'-It with- lights,".! Sybil says. "And a dark;.background.". .But female entertainers .all over the country are .dunking their curls in dark dye, she says, -jusr to keep their jobs in TV. :' I "The- boys on my KNEH show are, getting used to -my hair," she shrugged. "But they still pull that old ; she-better-3ye:that-Hair - l i n e when 1 a blonde guest comesi :on the show.' i If this keeps up much, longer. Sybil sujs, the woods'll be full of brunettes and.redheads and blondes, become extinctl Then that"!' make her hair-do old-fashioned-and you know what-that does to a lady's ego! Swedes Hold Norwegian In Rape· Murder Case STOCKHOLM, :· Sweden, -. Oct. 30. CU.B--Swedish police seized and held for- American authorities today a_ 33-year-old Norwegian who Is wanted in Tacoma, Wash., for questioning in the rape-murder of 84-year-old. Mrs. F,anny Eice. The Norwegian 'is CarL.Eedersen who was seized aboard the' liner Stockholm when it docked- at Goteborg. .Swedish, police said they did not question Pedersen,.but would .hold him pending further instructions from .American authorities. State O f f i c i a l Says Ohio Elections Honest COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 30. (£)-- The Ohio secretary of .state's office disagreed" today with Democrat Joseph T. Ferguson, who has- been saying. Sen. Robert A. Taft (R-Ohio) is plotting "to steal the election." "Somebody .doesn't know, what he is talking about," said an official in trie office.of Secretary of State Charles F. Sweeney, a Democrat.': "No "one'is going to steal an-elec.lon: in ? Ohio." . ; . ' i Two Shipyards Get Orders'From Nary SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 30. (U.R-- The Hunters Point-and'Mare Island naval.shipyards,step -up ship reconversion ^vork this week with 12 war vessels slated for modern- isation. An order received by the yards will put Hunters Point to -work on five submarines and a destroyer escort -which is to be converted into an antisubmarine ship.. Mare Island will streamline, four subs, convert a destroyer-escort and convert a 195-foot landing craft into a cable-laying ship. When conversion of the subs is completed, the underwater craft will be used to train airplane and ship crews in anti-submarine tactics. No live ammunition will, be fired, but subs -will cruise the coastal waters to ( . train, navy dar and. sounding devices to detect them.' WASHINGTON, Oct. 30. (U.R)--The, civil service commission reported! today that 208 government em- ployes have-been, fired as security risks since the federal loyalty program was started in March; 1947. It said 1,593 other employes resigned while being investigated by the-FBI and 1,171- more quit while their cases were pending before loyalty, review boards. In 34 cases, employes either are facing' removal or their appeals from discharge, rulings are pending. M TRIPS DAILY PHOENIX Chilean President Promises U.N. Aid ..SANTIAGO,. Chile, Oct. 30. (F)-President Gabriel Gonzalez Videla says Chile will give military assistance to the United-Nations in combatting aggression anywhere; The President saiu he has asked Chilean army leaders to study such collaboration with the U.N. He .made the statement in a speech inaugurating ; an agricultural, industrial and livestock ex-] position. 5:20 AM* 1:30 PM* 6:00 AM 4:00 PM 7:45 AM 5.-30 PM _ 9:30 AM J:30 PM*' 11:00 AM 7:00 PM 12:30 PM 10:15 PM ""FoiMhru* Expr.n.*.' BroqJway of Church Phon 3-0538 NEW AIR-CONDITIONED COACHES GREYHOUND 13alt.it OHflzrn Monday Kv.nlng, Oct. M, 1150' State Cowboys Winner* t'San Francisco Rodeo SAN'KRANCISCO, Oct. 3p/ Wild Bill Elliott, a movie cowboy, won the first trial of the cutting horse championships-at the'Grand National rodeo last night. Other.'results included: . if Bareback bronc riding: Jim Davis, Phoenlx,,Ariz.; third.' Calf roping: Claude, Henson, Chandler, Ariz.; second. Brahman bull riding: First, Jim Davis, Phoenix; 'second, Daane Graham, Salem, Ore. LOUIS ALBRECHT About Your INSURANCE PROBLEM 1037 East Sixth St. Dial 2-2392 -- Tucson -- "Insurance Exclusively" -- Drink it Straight ? It leaves you breathless! S mirnoff M qrsalest -HOM* -VODKA $0 or 100 proof. * Made from 100* grtin oeutnl spirit!. Stt Pierre Smirnoff Fls'lnc, Hartford,Conn. WEEK OF BOOK SALE! Hundreds, thousands of books! And af prices you'll never believe, they're so low. Every possible kind of book at the lowest pricei you've ever seen. Come in for sure this week -- final week of the Book Sale! Here are just a few examples of wonderful buys:-- Head Hunting in the Solomon Islands ^ - '.....Mytinger, WAS $3.0O Sneaking Frankly . James f. 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