Independent from Long Beach, California on May 20, 1957 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1957
Page 9
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' ' - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' · ' ' ' ' 1 ' ' ' SEASIDE HOSPITAL Is large place and employs many people, BO It Is understandabl that even the personnel dlrcc- tor doein't know everyone who works there, . · ; · · - · Anyhow, to promote better employe relations, the hosplta twice monthly holds luncheons honoring various persons who are celebrating birthdays. And for each Invited guest Betty Greer, the personnel, director has a birthday card., , The other day one of the bl- m o n t h l y parties was being held. The guests enjoyed chicken luncheon, and then II came time for Miss Greer to hand out the birthday cards. Everyone's name was on his card, and all went well until Miss Greer came to tho last lady at the end of the table. The personnel director was out of cards and embarrassed be- ctuse of. a possible oversight, "I'm sorry," »ald Miss Greer, "but I don't seem to have a card for you." ,, , "Oh Mat's all right," ald the Iranian, "/ don't work here, I iwu jutt patting by and was hungry, »o / jutt came in to have lunch tvlth ' txnt." , . ,. , , .... , JERKY tIAKDIN spotted an · automotive eye-opener out at the Intersection of Lakewood and Artesla the other day. ·The car was a 1950 Chevro- , let, and Inside was a man, drlv- · Ing, and a woman, at his side, ' But that's not what Inter; csted Jerry. : -·-'- · Seems there was a great big , -;.' dent in the right rear fender ;.'·· of the car. ·- -.· v -..·--·-. · i' · " And Inside the dent, In , '.'. ' very big letters, was the · ; . - , ; word, "HERS." , ' - . . *' * ·-,.'* '" · ' P O L I C E OFFICERS Just .;'.:.. aren't the hardbolled Individ- ;, uals they sometimes are pic- ;". tured W be. .... · ·C · For example, the other night . Of (leers -Bud Lewis and Bob ,; Johnson were tent out to ar,i s rest a man, a newcomer to ' . ' , Long Beach, Another state had : ·;.' a bad check charge against -..; him and had Isued a warrant for his arrest. ... . . . . - , When they got to the home, the two officers from the war- rant detail did their duty and " made the arrest. But It was ' probably one of the toughest \ . arrests they'll"ever have to ^'- make. .'. -,,- , v . , , , . . '..,.. ' ; 'Vou tee, the man had a ' fine young wife who iww ex' posting a baby at any time, _ He also had a little boy . who uxu ill. And a quick , ' , checkup revealed that all they had to eut in the houio ' uiai a half jar ot honey and . oil* boa of corrt/Jokw. ,,. ' % , · Yes, Offlcen Lewis and .' Johnson made the arrest as '· ordered, but later they re. turned to the house and delivered a big box of groceries. Then they sent Earlma Davis, polke stenographer, over to the house to see If she could help. .-, , . ., - . . M S I - . "A fine girl and a da,rllng boy." she reported, and she's / been helping out. financially · and otherwise, ever ilnce. », . i i · -. Since that time the new- v comer has worked out his trou- ', » him With the. taw. He made t good on the checks, and the ··» warant was withdrawn, .,;.-,.;- . BBB Tellij of Sliady TV ' ' . - . · ' ; '·" ' · · ' , ' - · · ;/ . . ; . · . J - ' By LARRY ALLISON "How much Is ItT" -- ·Forty-eight fifty." V - . - . That's Just four times what the TV repairman had said It would cost for repairs. But nothing can be done now except pay or leave the TV set at the repair shop. Only c a s h Is accepted. It happens every day. Customers sometimes protest violently, sometimes, threaten to sue. Nothing can be done. Fort money through legalized robbery. And often, the "theft" takes greater may be J105, not $83 as been understood. had THE · CAR . BUYERS h a d signed blank contracts, and It may as well have been blank checks. The dealers later filled In figures that will bring them nloe' profits, and to the buyers monthly nightmares a b o u t "good deals," Complaints like these pour Into the Long · Beach Better a sewing machine or vacuum percentage of businesses using cleaner--only to hear the sales-junethical practices h e r e Is nvm denounce It as "no good",small. And It's easy to avoid them. The BBB, which Is supported entirely by local business, says to avert unhappy buying or Investing experiences; and be sold a higher-priced model. He may buy "top quality" furniture that falls apart almost Immediately. He may be victimized by cleaning shops! l. Look into the background that take his costly garments of a firm before doing business nnd launder Instead of dry clean- with It the first time, jlnc them, and present bills for] 2. Chock sain contracts, and tho more expensive dry cleaning,'never sign a blank one. Business Bureau, 115 Pine Ave. proportions. Literally, dozens of pleated CHILDREN CHOIR , , Choirs from five Long Beach churches took part In the Children's Choir Festival presentation "Seasons Jn Song" In the First Presbyterian Church, Sixth and Locust Sts. Sunday, Choirs performing were those of the First Presbyterian, Silverado Park Methodist, St Thomas of Canterbury Episcopal and Woodruff Community Churches. Mrs. Ruth Krehbell Jacobs, president of the Chorister's Guild, directed the program.-- (Staff.) - - · · - - ' . , The Southland's M Finest Morning Newspaper '_ ; - ' · LONG BEACH 12, CALIF., MONDAY, MAY 20, 1957 ·· Six Charged WitH^Assault After Weekend of Brawls Six suspects were arrested on ssault charges Saturday nlgnt of 7493 McNIel Way, B u e n a nd Sunday after five brawls, police reported. Alfred Reeves, 57-year-old wner of a bar at. 1000 E. Ana* elm St, was booked (or Invest!- atlon of assault with a deadly e a p o n after he assertedly nocked one of his customers; onald Hilton, "28, of 1063 E. nahclm St. unconscolus with a aseball bat during an argument. . . . . : Willie H. Olivers. 31. of the SS Buckley was booked for In- eitlgatlon of battery after 'he ruck servlcq station owner, aleb Bromley, 42, with his fist urlng an argument In Brome- '« station at 2933 Santa Fc ve,, police said. Grove, and James Blcments, 29, Park, wore arrested for Investigation of assault with a deadly weapon after Clements asserted- ly held Louis E, Chandler, 33, of 138 ;E. 53rd St, while Gaddls hit him on the head with a pool cu» during a fight In a bar at 2624 E. Anaheim St. Willie Shields, 31, · of 1911 Orange Avc., was arrested for Investigation of assault with In' tent to commit .murder after he assertedly stabbed Lee.Andrew Rucker, 31, of 2094 Orange Ave. In the throat with a knife during an argument over a card game at 2068 Lewis Ave, about 14:30 p.m. owners of newly-purchased cars, doubly proud because of the 'good deals" they got, get a olt when the sales contracts arrive In the mall. Monthly payments for those shiny sedans ' . 1 3 . Inspect merchandise nrit* ' BUSINESS fully before signing any agree,, . , .. . ,, , ... «t the rate of more than -JOOiBureau In many cases Is help-'ment nnd before taking delivery. Forty-clght dollars Is not big,per month. They Involve almost less to undo tho damage once 1 4, Take hum! when "preMure" !!!!. *i.T.._.Vi..JT ^?!-i? .!" every typc of b " 8 ln««- I" some a buyer or Investor Is vIc-W "rush" sales tactics are used. 'This usually is the first sign of trouble. Businesses aren't the only cases they are misunderstandings that are resolved easily. Others , arc harsh lessons . to buyer. Shndy business tactics In this area take many forms. The buyer may be promised a guarantee on his purchase, and never get It. He may try to buy a ridiculously low-priced Item-- perhaps The BBB's method is prc-_ ventlve, rather than curatlve.'problem of the "watchdog" BBB". THE BETTER tlmlzed, according to Asst. General Manager Bob Galley. It urges buyers to "Investlcutc before you Invest.' and keeps complaint files to warn the public against attractively-baited pitfalls here. Fortunately, Galley says, the Though some firms are "repeat customers" of the bureau, some of their Victims are, too. A few buyers go from one difficulty to another. Galley says, "and they never seem to learn." LITTLE DOGGIE Maxell's Size^Saves Her Life ' By WARREN WALTERS .' 'onto along all you dlibelievert , While uifl recite the narration ' Of a full-growed hcl/cr With a built-in abfcrovlallon '' We'll now, out there on Long ', leach's Chlsholm trail Kansas. Clark Gregory got set to ride. Mindful of a powerful wlnd-a- (: blowin' In from the moist south : plains, he gave his ten-gallon , Stetson a forceful tug. Then he hiked up his belt and · icnt down to tighten his spurs. Almost ready, Kansas stretched his l e a n, levl-and-shlrt-clad iame to Its sinewy height of Ive feet and nine Inches, , He reached for his halter \ylth ho certainty that while this . may not be his last ride, It was ertnln to be his shortest. . And then Maybcll, an un- | broken, frisky two-year-old reg- stored Herford was led-out of icrstnll. i . . ,. The tension mounted. · ' . ' , ' · Gregory mounted. - ' . · · · And In seconds It was all over. Maybell Just klnda hunkered Bldg., Loan Founder's Rites SlatedU Services for Clarence 11. Lough, co-founder of the Hunl- Ington Park Building and Loan Assn., will be held Wednesday at 2 p.m. In the First Presbyterian Church, 161 E. 6th St. Officiating nt the services will bo Dr. Reuben F. Pletcrs, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, and Dr, Johnston Calhoun, a retired minister and friend of the family. Lough, who died Saturday In his home, at 759 Cherry Avc, founded the Huntlngton Park company with his father. He also . organized the L o n g Beach Building and Loan Assn. In 1920, The firm was sold In 1950 to Home Savings Loan Assn. Interment will be In the fam- , ily plot at the Sunnysldc Ceme- · tary. Orange Avc, at Willow . St. legion Gals Prepare Aiuiual Poppy Sale :,-.;- ·· .·/:,. '· . - . - : . , . - : JTIV . , - , , . , . ' A cent's worth of wire and| Sellers will make an early colored ' papar -- multiplied by start this year, Mrs. Horn said. T. TM, 30,000--can mean help and hopel ."Some of them will be out at Blllle Fay Henry, 22-year-old .,, a ncedy veteran Friday and midnight. May 23, at bus barns. Ife of Ray Henry, was arrested r Investigation of assault with deadly weapon after she alleg- dly lunged at'her husband with hunting knife In an argument scr possession of the couple's eddlng rings. Kenneth E. G a d d l s , 30. nf 162 Lampson St., G a r d e n N K I . S HINMAN, seventh t . grade student at Lindbergh ,j Junior High School, has good , · reason to bo proud, . , · ' . The boy won a first prize - and an honorable mention in i , metal crafts competition for w i all seventh grade students In '/ the Long Beach Unified School j{* District. - -.-.. r · ' ' - \f' This Is remarkable'because V' Nels entered class late and *{' could complete,only two nroj- I,' ecu In time for the compctl- · , tlon. ' : But It It even more remarkable because Nels Hlnman Is ' .blind.' - . . · V · "Best of all." said William Guidlnger, his metal crafts teacher, "Judging was done without any -'handlcaplng' for his sight Impairment." k ; , " Not ««!!! after the torn- : petition did judget learn ·', .'''- ' that two of the top pritei t»£ went to a bov who il blind. ., S .'·' TEEN-AOE JAKOO.V g e t s ' more complicated all the time. You all know what "a . square" Is, of course, But what goes on when a * " teenager says, "You're a trl- ; angle" or "You're a cube,"? A triangle, Is seems, Is "a · square without all Its pa/U." And » cube- It "» three- ' · dimensional square," ;-.,,-,- · Theft of Tools, . Saturday. | the city hall, and factories which Those are the dates of night shifts." Annual Poppy day drive, com- memoratlnij the flowers which grew between 'the graves of the 1 World War I dead In Flanders'; fields. Thirty thousand Is the number of 1 popples American Legion |_ Auxiliary workers and others ff)l* 2 Features 'Announced hope to sell In the Long Beach area, ,, down to the floor*. · · · MAYBKU/S COLLAPSE was not the result of Gregory's weight which Was Imposed for the sake of a photographer. The gal Is smart. Shu refuses to support any:man, · Besides, the heifer Is just 22 Inches tall from the floor to the topmost part of her shoulders. She weighs In at 215 pounds. Gregory, operator of Gregory's Roping Arena, 3400 Golden Avc. sketched the little bovlne's short history. 'Ho and Ronnie' Hattendorf bought MaybeH two.weeks ago at the Los Angeles Union Stock' yard. Gregory COWPOKE AND SHORT WEIGHT - This could be a picture of a bum steer, except for , the fact it depicts Clark Gregory taking a short ride - on--Maybell, a 'full-grown 22-Inch high Herford heifer. Gregory, operator of a roping arena at 3400 i ·,;,, Golden Ave.,' hopes to use Maybell as a mascot for ITM 1 ? ^j" ^ followed by old. · t h e Long Beach mounted guard o f which h e i s a ' ~ * -member.--(Staff Photo), Palos Verdcs Toastmasters Meet Monday PALOS VERDES ESTATES --Two newcomers arc slated for "Ice breaker" speeches at the Palos Vcrdes Estates Toastmas- tcrs* meeting tonight at the Elks Club on Redondo's Esplanade. Jim McConncll and George Blair arc the neophyte orator*. Kindergarten Entrance '·Pre-Registration June 6 Gene Lepore speaking on 'The Art of Woodcarvlng," Bob Muncuster speaking on "Land's Full Value," Dr. Clarence T. Ratcllffe speaking on "Optical Exercises" and Fred Tweedy telling why "Redondo Needs a City Hall." . Spring Concert of 'the Long Kfinnrtftrl " We wln hnvl! ' about 30 ° Beaeh College Band, Tues neponea ,,,,,,,,,_» gald Mrs . MBrBUer i le 8 pm ln tho Lltt]e · Burglars stole tools valued at Horn, Poppy Day committee w i][ feature performances said his. purchase probably saved her from the fate of becoming an extra small filet mlgnon. Instead, Maybell. with proper training, will probably become the mascot of the Long Beach Torrance Pupil * ii.-i.t) B i'U!irii ii/i M I C ·*»» i an n i/ niuic rcgorUt passport, y, · O f semester will be held in local Insurance policy over 2 years old (yOHlfif tO JlVeaGll Pro-registration for the fall family Bible record, passport. ' Mounted Guard of which Greg ,. ,, member, of| She may also romp around $988 from the Foster andlchalrman of the Arthur L, Pet- gma || wmd instruments ' and during roping contests held 'at Klelse .plant. 1429 Magnolia ««n Post-Auxlllory unit 'two student soloists. Ave.. Saturday nlgM or early Sunday morning, police reported. In an earlier burglary Raymond Slevers.,27, of 9923 Bel- niont Ave.. told police Sunday someone stole lumber valued ,at $1,000 from his construction project on Harding St. north of Cherry Ave. sometime In the last six weeks.' Veterans' of the Ho*. 1 \ the arena Wednesday nights and Woodwindchoir of the .band o n a t u r d a y ane.Sundays. will perform ."Oympodle" by| Satle and "Such a Tender early January. |^-^ ^~^jTM jfi^ I'ach flower costs about one students Ken and . cent to make, -and l« sold for QH Bobbins W l l l p e r t orm "about 20 to 22 cents," Mrs. . H aydn's "Trumpet Concerto" Horn said. Eighty per cent of and dlrtct Elle Selgmelster's that Is used for rehabilitation, -Folk Song Suite" Dr Sanford child welfare and education of H - lm i, th - ban[ j local veterans. He ' m " . " an(1 BUY A POPPY AND HELP A VET . , Ladles of the American Legion Auxiliary organizing the,annual Poppy Day :''; drive, May 24 and 25, emhaslze the importance of buying a poppy to help a ,, ; needy veteran. The "buyer" is surrounded by (left to right) Mrs. Dona Ful*-"-i bright, president of the Arthur L, Peterson Unit No. 27; Mrs. Jack Egan, . · Samuel Thomas Unit Nn 326; Mrs. Marguerite Horn, Arthur Peterson Unit; · f,Mrs. Helen Henson, Signal Hill Unit No. 490; Mrs. Dorothy.Miller, Houghton *'Park Unit'No. 560; Mrs. Verna McFarlln, presldent-of Capt.-William Sullivan Gregory, who spend many as a Kansas ranch hand, added the heifer la a gem midget, perfect In proportion, In contrast to dwarf cattle which are often characterized by grotesque features. Her lack of stature, he said, Is possibly the result of Inbreeding. But, meanwhile. It's back to grooming the little lass for her role as a mascot. In other words, git along little dogk. But say It In short, clipped lingo, · t.B.l*ESIDENT IS COLONEL, CANT SAY WHY Elmer C. Goss, a variety store owner of 1290 W. 33rd St.. Is now a Kentucky Colonel. But he doesn't know why. Goss received word last week he Is entitled to the honorary title. "Someone must have nom Inated me for the title" Goss said, "only I don't know who." I used to live In Kentucky, but can't think of any reason for the nomination." He plans a trip to Kentucky In June, to, visit and see old friends. Goss figures he'll find out all about his new rank then. He has lived In Long Beach six years, , elementary schools June 6 for. which states date of birth ofi children who will enter klndcr-Jchlld. hospital record, or Sun-l TORRANCE -- M a r j o r l e garten In September and for! day School cradle record over 3;Towle, a Junior at North High School, will study In Sweden i next year. Marjorle, 16, was chosen an exchange student by the American Field Service. The service boys and girls not now enrolled'years old. In the local school district. I · C h i l d r e n registered from miiy be pre- T». i- n · 9 a.m. to noon "ipeline Project to 3:30 p.m. Dec. 2. To qual- will itart today to string 6- Ify for the first grade, children m |, ca ot plpc ttom |hc j, ync r|on must bo b years on the same, _ . . ' ... at North High. Into date year " ·"'""-' ·""'"-1 sewage treatment . plant Parents who nro not sure Snnta Monica Bay. · · · which school their child Is to I .Installation of the 22-Inch · · School Paper · John Leonard, son of Mrs. attend arc urged to contact the j pipeline was expected to take John A, Sperling, 5023 Irquolj wo weeks and cost $3,629,000. i st - hns been n » mcd Io . the * dl ; .... ... , * . . Itorlal board of the "Harvonl , When It Is anchored at.sea-by |CMnuon M. dally new ,paper of 100,000-pound concrete block, | Harvard College, Cambridge. nearest elementary school. Parents enrolling pupils. In I kindergarten and first grade aro| required .to furnish the school ' with an approved verification of tho pipe will become the sludgo|Mass, He Is a graduate of Wood- date of birth; such as, birth cer- disposal line for the City of Losirow Wilson, and is a freshman tlflcate. baptismal certificate,'Anjeles'sewage, system, lat Harvard. Unit No. 617, and Mrs. Mllllcent Prytz, president of the Signal Hill Unit--(Staff), Grove. Home Ransacked · "Fred Walker Rogers, 34, of 83 E. Ellis St. reported to police Sunday his home was entered Saturday night and $600 In money, numerous non-negotiable securities and other papers stolen from three.steel boxes. Rogers owns a bar In Garden PICNIC Former Oklahomans gathered to watch Indian tribal war dance at annual Ok, lahoma State Picnic In Blxby Park Sunday. Real Oklahoma Indians, the dano- , era are members of the Drum and Feather Club of California. More than 5,000 pernons attended the picnic.--(Staff Photo.) · - . . . . - ·

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