The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 13, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY PREK PRESS ©ar we CHAPnArt: CHAPTER I. ' } "' The Mad Sea-Captain. IJeatenantJponald Paget, .emerging from the'navy ;offlce In Washington In a state'of'Hlgn'exuberance at having received command of a submarine," collided violently with a tall, elderly man of slngtlai; aspect.:."."'.". "V "."-.'•.:•'• ' Th'e'stronger was dressed In a quasi{nautical costume of his own devising, iresembllng nothing known to any navy {In the,.<w.orld:, , His JJronrgra-y \ beard, iewept "down"to his waist, giving him ithe aspect -of • a • twentieth-century [Noah fand just' then he was very angry (Indeed, for,-'standing stock-still at the .jentrance of the. building, he .shook his jenormous flat at one of the porters, jw;hqse;:black. and .highly .shocked. ex- Ipresslon indicated, his unhappy frame 'of; mind; at. this breach, of. decorum.. . "Confound you, sir!" exclaimed the pentenont angrily as he recoiled from Ibis Impact upon the sturdy figure on ..'the aid of"-a governfflSnt ButJsldy; -foj .'Which the collision had-made no more •Impression .than, If he had .fallen against .the '• Washington monument '"Why. aon't you look—" Then,, catching sight of ..the long Ibeard—"Why; Guptain Masterman!" !ne exclaimed.""Donald Paget!" cried the elderly !man, grasping : him by tfie hand. "Ex- •cuse my being .upset, but these jacks- In-offlce will be the death of the repnb- illc one of these days. " I have just •been trying to see'the secretary on a " diplomatically; 1 "Trying, sir? It's a corifounded bore tq-listen to: them! For.instance, 'there's Bruin; who has just been 1 re,fused a patent fcii! his eighth perpetual? motion machine! ' And Hiilfleld,' our presidents-he hqd to resign'from three other clubs because he insists that Shakespeare was really "James I. "Yes, it's n-queer world, lieutenant; and the oddest thing of all. is i! that when one has something of the'utmost Importance to the human race to make public, not a single man will take the 'least Interest In! It. I can't induce a 'single/member to listen to me. However, we live and Jet .live; and, as 1 said, the organization helps. But can you dine with me?" •:•••• "I've-nothing particular to-do'this evening—for the first time In years." the.'purppse of deep-sea exploration. I '"Then do come in and have dinner • ; 'In this •; and";' subsequent "expeditions wi tn me)" said the old man eagerly. "I won't 'pretend that I'm not going' to try' and enlist your aid to -save the human race In spite of those benighted, besotted,i-i bliudras-a-bat blasto-. derms in the admiralty office, because ,1 aini' . But I. believe that Providence -hits ""sent 'you to iner and If I cau't m!iki3'"ybu believe.. me; 'at .least I ; don't want It' said' that Jonathan- Hoderick .Masterman went- do^n into his grave without warning liq .human -race of ' ' """ he. had made a name for himself bj the. remarkable nature of his dlscov' feries. ; -He had -discovered the prolon. gation of the submarine spur 06 fiH continental shelf, "extending froiaj <3H Norwegian coast toward the FarBjS^j he "had Invente'd. an Improved net'foi 'scooping up thevlarger denizens oi thq 'ocean depth's'; and then he had nullified att.the personal, appreclatloaia'no 1 fame which he had acquired during •his various-voyages-by asserting that mammalian life existed on the i-sea 1 Jflo6r,"-and by- championing the;cau8q of the sea serpent. . ." • ' ' . .That.was the end "of'Captain Masterman's activities so far as the govi ernment was concerned.--- In a final In,- .tervlew the secretary of the navy:had .said'to him: .''".' "*" "Personally I believe In you, Mas* terzaan v But It .isn't (ho discoveries that count, It's getting'the scientific • old friend was raving mad,'followed ;.worid to. believe In them. I believe in : him Into a queer little building, appar- the sea serpent, myself, because I've ently a combination.of clubland of 'what, was coming. ' ","•.,' " '"^Siiy'if-'the public knew a'' t'ithe wluit I know,' they -would mate "peace wlth'-TTrance^-Germany ? Thank you) r-^andrarm themselves against the most relentless, enemy, that ever^ threatened mankind. Sir, you will yet live to see old Jonathan Roderick Masterson's statue In gold, standing In .front of the capitol." P.igeti-now quite coiivineed that .his .another subsidy. I 'with members, all talking at once -at IcartoonistMllustrated it with a draw- matter affecting not only America—in 'i n g showing him as a sea.serpent with Trtilch" case his. indifference would not ' three heads. In the course of his ei- ararprise . nie-7-but the entire . human planatlon, Masterman consigned ' the *aee. What do yon suppose they told \.ane?" "I am Inclined to think that you got , aio further than the porter, captain," . -'ieplled-the'llSTitenant.' " •" ' "Bight, sir!" exclaimed Masterman, . , beginning to grow angry again. "And •If I were not a man of superhuman •patience, combined with inexhaustible -tact, singular clarity of inlnd, and te- ••nadtr j of purpose—In fact, an bbstl- .•nate old mule—I should let the human race go hang!" •-• laeutenanC Paget took the irate old jinan by the arm. "I wouldn't do that, •Icaptain," he said, smiling. "Come and J tell me all about it, and let us see whether we cannot devise some means •the navy department Is so busy on ac- : The secretary's confession duly, ap-> the top of their'voices; As the captain peare'd:|n s .£i,newspaper article, and the, I paused to enter his guest's name . in '''--' '•'••-'"— • • - - '" the book, Paget looked in through the drifting smoke clouds. . A dozen men hart the floor, and were gesticulating furiously. Captain Masterman, having entered his guest's | name, touched him upon the arm. •'• "" ' ! " '•':'•'••' "They're all mad,, my lad, said the old man, surveying the with, a look oE pity. "No doubt you wonder how I can associate mv nnme entire staff of the navy, department to that place where brimstone is unmolil- fled with molasses. That ended the secretary's career, and it would have ended Masterman's If his had not been ended already. After that the old man became known as a bore who buttonholed pub- I with theirs. If it wasn't for our m;ig- lic men and tried to Induce them to j azine, in which our articles appear, nnd subscribe to the fitting out of a hew j our excellent organization, I couldn't deep-sea exploration expedition.' For years he haunted the lobbies of the capitol and the clubs, growing more bring myself to it." '{'Who -edits the magazine?" Inquired Donald. .ten 'I help take the tire out 1 ' ~ \ ••'•'•. "a ' • • • of turia trouble" ';;;. "":••'-••' •^Ckesfetfeld L IGHT up! Attaboy I Even .the toughest job seema easier- if you can. "draw" on Those fine ; Tiirkisn and 'Domestic tobaccos and that can't - be-copied Chesterfield C blend"," satisfy"' ; as- iw»j other blend of tobaccos evec did before. ester CIGARETTES : if| :: T!|F '^iBiPF Chicagoan Selected to Succeed;" Lane as Secretary of the ; Intericr. • SHIPBOARD flogged and obstinate and vituperative "That was a mutter of some dlffi- as he met with disappointment after • culty," replied Masterman. "It proved disappointment. | Impossible ;to find a member sufficient- Then, when his case seemed hope- ly broad-minded to consider the others less, he had succeeded in Interesting _ and allow them jsriace, _aad nobody witn—•whose "n'oum acceprmy own oiler to become aid he had fitted out an expedition to the .editor, simply out of professional the Shetlanda and Faroes, from which antagonism.. Each wanted to- utilize he had apparently just returned. Lieu- the entire available space for his own tenant Paget gathered from his ram- crazy ideas. So we drew lots for it. bliug words that he had lost his ship, Fortunately, I won the editorship last and had returned, the sole survivor, month. Here is a copy," he added, in one of the ship's boats, vfhich he picking up an attractive little publlca- had cowed for several hundred miles tion that lay on the clerk's desk.' across the stormy waters of the North , "But I am not going to. talk to you Atlantic. : [ n tlle smo i;j n g ro0 m," continued Mas- But I brought my specimen home terman, "for that atmosphere would with me, lad!" he exclaimed, clutching prejudice you against believin" what at his companion's arm. "Think of , I am going to say. And I must con- that, lad!, She didn't want to eat. ! vince you, my dear boy, because those They don't eat -after they're mature,, lunatics are utterly beyond the bounds Donald. That simplified matters con- of reason, and much is at stake A siderable. And so I brought her, and cataclysm is' impending which will in- I got her safe to my home. Donald—" j evitably destroy humanity unless we The old man's voice failed him. He , devote our common energies to the began muttering to himself absently ; maintenance of our lives, our liberties again. No doubt his terrible experl- and our civilization 1 count of the war, perhaps a little leniency, with Its shortcomings might be in" order, !eh?" ' ''•"The war? What war?" demanded aiasterman. "Why, our few words with the Ger- ittana," Masterman." War with the Ger- loans? "You "'don't mean to tell me we are at" war with Germany?" "Do .you mean to say you don't know that America and Germany are at war?" demanded Paget Incredu- .lonsly. "No, sir! And, 'what's more, it \ doesn't 'interest me. How the deuce should I know all the gossip and frivolities of the day when I only returned •to the capital yesterday?" "But, my dear captain—gossip and frivolities!" exclaimed the lieutenant. "Surely you have seen newspapers, or heard people talking about it?" "I tell you I haven't seen or heard anything! I've got more important things to think about. Anyhow, it will have to be stopped at onco," said Mas- ence had unhinged his brain. Lieu-' tenant Paget had always known -Masterman to be a natural eccentric, but never before had he talked like this safety of humanity, and awful and imminent danger about some which only he could avert. The lieutenant 'could see that the old man's cheeks were sunken; his eyes were wild, -and under his long coat .the faded blue uniform was shrunken and stained with sea water. Lieutenant Paget felt well disposed toward the whole world just then. He had been summoned home from service with' the Atlantic fleet' to receive his commission as commander of the F55. And Miss Ida Kennedy, the daughter of the American consul general In London, .whom he had met there the year before, had written him that she was sailing in company with her aunt by the -Beetle for New York. At such a time, 'when his professional and personal interests were being served .so well by fortune, Paget. felt that fate had played a wretched trick upon Masterman, whose llfework had utterly failed of recognition owing to his defects of temperament. Though he was sure that the old sea captain was crazed, he admired him as a dnr- Ing seaman and an original genius of a high order. "My dear lieutenant, I am extremely glad to have met you. Nothing could have been more fortunate," said Masterman,' recovering his equanimity terman, half turning. "I'll have to go I with a suddenness that surprised his 1 back and see the secretary jmicedi- ately." However, he suffered his companion -to les.d him out of the building and nalong the street, while the lieutenant, firmly convinced that his old friend was iiiad, held him by the arm tightly and listened to the captain's disjointed mutterings in the hope of discovering the nature of his delusion. Donald Paget had known Captain '_ Jonathan Masterman when he was at Annapolis, where the old man, who '•had'-once been a quartermaster in the, held a subsidiary position on the Instructors'' staff. The acquaintance .tad continued Intermittently. Master- friend. "C:m you find the time to come Into my club and have a little chat with mo? It's the Inventors, but they call it the 'March Hares,' I believe, because of some of the queer characters there. In fact, between ourselves, I believe that I am the only member who is entirely sane. I joined It for professional reasons — that is to say,. we have an organization and a magazine, for the purpose of getting into touch with people who are inter- Paget nodded, and resigned himself to his friend's guidance. "We'll have a little dinner first," said the captain. "We have an excellent chef here, and, between ourselves, I have eaten nothing bnt ship's biscuit for .the past three weeks.' And afterward, when we have got our cigars alight, I'll take you into the cardroom, which Is never In use, and give yoa my message to the world. It is embodied pore fully In my manuscript, which I shall hand you before you go. 'And now let us forget that melancholy exhibition of human folly and fall to." Pleased with his phrase, he led the way Into the dining room,' where he Sid full justice to an excellent meal. After dinner the two lit their cl- Sars, and the captain led the way out af the dining room across a small ball, and into the cardroom, a little, deserted place, through the opposite 3oor of which they could see the smoking room and hear the noisy cries af the members. Mnsterma-n closed it, and the sound subsided to a distant rumble. "The cardroom was built to be sound-proof," he explained. "It is, sxeept in the case of voices of. un- isual timbre." "Quite so," said Donald. The old sea captain hesitated queer- iy, tried the chairs, and at last stretched himself out in a comfortable 3ne before the lira, inviting Donald ;o_be _seated opposite him. Wilson to Prccide at Next Session .'of .Cabinet—Secretary Tumulty Says' \ He Has Never Scon President • Looking ' Better. Washington,. Feb.. IS.—John Burton Payne of.C'hlcago has been -selected. h.V President Wilson to he secretary of the Interior to succeed Franklin K. Lane. Mr. Payne is now chairman o£ the United States shipping board. Mr. Payne will take over his'new duties March 1, when Mr. Lane retires at his own request. Mr. Payne's'' successor as chairman of the' shipping board lias not yet been announced.' Before becoming chairman of the shipping board o« August 7, 1919, Mr. Payne was general counsel of the railroad' administration and before thiY he was general counsel of fae 'cmer- _cenay...fleD.t...caeparat:on. -He 4s n, ua- tiye of Virginia ;irfd is' sixty-five years old.' Formerly Railroad Lawyer. John Barton P.-iyne has been active in Democratic politics in'Chicago for a number of years, and since 1011 has been president of the south park commission. He was a judge of the superior court from 1S93 to 1SOS and -has practiced law in Chicago since 1SS3, being counsel for the Chicago Great Western and other railroads. He was born at Pruyntown, Va., 'January 20. 1855. Wilson at Next Cabinet Meet. ' • The next meeting of the 'cabinet probably will be called "and presided over by President Wilson. Secretary Lansing, who has been. issuing the calls for-the meetings for several months, said today he had written cabinet officers that there would be no 1 more repfuTa? sessions'/of the president's official family, for the present. He . would offer no explanation, but it •.was-unUer.sto.od ; that his. letter was written' by' : iiirection of Mr. Wilson.-' , ; .... Throughout tlie president's illness the cabinet has met regularly, 2nd when the ,coal strike situation'became acute the meetings were increased | from one to two weekly.' .There was no meeting Wednesday and 'none will be hel'd'Friday. ' *'.••'•'" For .'.several -'weeks' now' the president has'been'taking more arid more of a hand -Ifi' tlie conduct of official business. Secretary Tumulty said today lie Jim) never.'sefen .Mr."Wilson looking better; ISSUE 'BLANK "NEWSPAPERS Printers' Strike Ties Up Press in New Haven, Conn.—Violation of Contrast Claimed. Xew Haven, Conn., Feb. 13.—No .news or advertisements were printed in' the three- New Hnveii afternoon newspapers. The" Register went. to press with four pages, three of them blank and the front page bearing this | motto: )' "Owing to the violation by the j typographical union of their eo.ritrnct •I'.w.IJh the -New Haven newspapers an(i refusal to work on till the papers as ordered by tlieir international officers the four New. Haven,newspapers announce their temporary suspension to- 'day." ' ' VIRGINIA REJECTS SUFFRAGE Both Houses of State Legislature Vote Decisively Against Amendment— Arizona Ratifies. Richmond. Va., Fob. 13.—Suffrage was defeated in' Virginia when the 'bouse" dei,'-?ales adopted, 62 to 22, .the Leedy resolution rejecting the Susan B. Anthony imiemliiient to'the federnl constitution. 'The senate, by -,\' vote of 24 to 10. previously had adopted tiie resolution. . • • Phoenix; Ariz-., Feb. 13.—Under suspended rules the house of representatives of .the' Arizona legislature unanimously adopted n resolution ratifying the woman sul^gige amendment to the .national Cor_stii:rtic^. LAURA E. SWARTZ 08TEOPATH1C PHYtlCIArf Chronic D1se**ei • Ipoclaitv Offle* In Laud*r-Nlche!i Bid* W. W. HAMILTON Coal and Ice MACKEY"" COAL OfUCt Phon. 204 ECONOMY COAL YARD J. B. WOODS, PROP. Wiuhcd Nut, Eai *n4 ., Phone 149 K. HENRY BAIN TRANSfKR GET OUR PRICES Phone 342'K H.O. HALL SCO. FEED, COAL AND POULTRY SUPPLIES ' Phone 233 W. A. BRANDOK M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE AND TUB •-- -,•• /-..EYE Ey»« Tatted aiami ntto« Virginia Bldg. Carbondal*. in, DR. J.W. BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUILDINQ Hcura t to 11 A. M. and 2 to f P. '.. PHONK M ,.-• F.L.LINGLE,M.D. General PractlM ' •peelal attention to Eye, Ear, and Throat '. Olaeaee Ptted Phone*: Residence 830-2, Offlee Mt Virginia building WILL ASK 5 PER CENT BEER COREGA Dental Plate Comfort Powder Sprinkled lightly on DentaLpIato • ' ' Holds False Teeth Firmly in Place ' Prevents Irritation and Sore Gum» Absolute Comfort Awured Healthful - Sanitary -In Sanitary Sifting Top Cans, 35c, 50c, an Manufactured by the Corega Chemical Co., Cleveland, Ohio » Recommended .net Sold by the following L6«il Dirunut, OPERA HOUSE DRUG STORE, HEWITT'S DRUG STORE, FOX'S DRUG STORE, . SEIBERT'S DRUG STORE or manufacturer will mall trial pacha ge for ten cents. ... . •' -;—i—' '•' *' '-'•-'- ".' ; . (To contumea.) DENY CITIZENSHIP TO I. W. W. James P. O'Malley Turned Down, by •Examiner at Prescott, Ariz., as Undesirable. ,. ' Prescott,'Ariz., Feb. 13—.Tames' Patrick O'llfilley lost his chance to be- Nothing wrong with our balance?" -Chesterfield *"pHEright balance -"- of costly Turkish and choice Domestic "tobaccos, proportioned by experts— that's why Chester- ields "satisfy'" esiedin^our projects; But H's ££'l Corae a ?° Tze " of «' e ™ te ? Stat - b company, Paget, for a common-feense f^f °L*- W ' W ' affijiatlon s. "The man. like myself, with no nonsense L - W ' AV ' ^T** neither ri s ht nor about him " wrong, nor flag nor country," said Ex- -Alittle-tryin^canlmagine..^,,.' JS^J. ".ST ' * "* DANE&WIN SCHLESWIG 3 TO 1 \Official Plebiscite Figures Give .Oen\ m»rk 75,023 and Germany \ ' 25,087 Votes. Copenhagen, Feb. 13.—Denmark won. : an "overwhelming victory in the plebiscite,held in the:.'province, of • Schleswig, by which.;the ; future status o.C that district was determined, according to- official figures issned here. These &Kures show that.Danish Adherents cast 75,023'votes while the Germans •btit'Tffi.OST/-- '-••••. If. HUNT'S,Salvc fail? in the treatment oflTCH, BCZEM A RINGWORM, TETTER or other itching Bltin dtsemes. Try a 75 cent bra* at our rUk. HEWITT'S DRUG 8TORF Famous pai:i and ache Liniment* kept handy, brings gratifying rc-Hef I HEUMATIC f.vinges case up soon. So do stiff joints, Jamc bacic, neuralgia, overtaxed muscles, and those pains from weather exposure, too — they don't- fight long against the_ counter-irritant Sloan's Liniment produces. Keep this old family friend handy §<}r instant use — a little feitelrales without rubbing, leaving no skin stains, muss, or clogged pores. You ought to keep a bottle handy always. All-'druggists. Three sizes— -35c., 70='., $1.40. ' . .... its Keep HAMILTON & BRADLEY .Attorney* it Unv Phon* 2*2 K Suit. 112-11B New Hamilton DELIA CALDWELi,, M. D. McANALLY BLNLDINQ 211 W»«t M«ln Strtfi Pflle* Hour*— 8 toiuA.M.; 2 t» 4 P. •, CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN Home Made Candle* and lc» Telephone 144 Y Congressman Vare of Pennsylvania Plans Volstead Act Change at Next Session. Washington, freb. 13.—The first definite declaration of an 'effort to- amend the Volstead act, which limits- the alcoholic content of beverages to one'- half of 1 per cent, was made ia the house by Representative Vare- (Eep.) of Pennsylvania, who announced that at the next session of congress he would introduce a bill providing for sale of 5 per cent beer.

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