Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 34
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 34

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 34
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Navy Wife Saves Children in Fire V · · ' . - ' . ' . . . . · . . - . . ' ' . : . ~ tank men ^MAUMMJM EpCcv^ 1 QUR COASTAL plain Is not ^* notorious as wind country, but we do get some hair- r a i s l n g . shingle-rattling blasts now and then that are perhaps the sharpest digression we have from a generally predictabla and constant climatic routine. Mid-February, I have noticed. Is a likely time for such disturbances, and because the winds are usually Intense and dirt-laden, they jet no such welcome here as does rain, which Is usually regarded as pleasant change. 'A big wind, nevertheless, Is interesting and particularly so to one who happens to lie awake in the dead cf a gale-swept eight in a location where the only noise is made by the weather. fFHE VARIETY of such sounds ii impressive. They run the gamut from rus- tls to roar and the buffeting air currents do mysteri ous things to houses and their surroundings. " There are strange creaks and rattles and even now and then an une.tplainable metallic clang that is the cymbal for the nocturnal symphony. Oddly enough, as the stona proceeds, new sounds develop, as if something tie a door or a window CT a board had held tight for a while and then yielded to the gusty pressure. Shrubbery you hadn't real ized had grown that high brushes a screen or a tree limb reaches down and taps the roof. If there are animals rn the premises they are likely to stir around, am maybe demand entry to an Interior haven. The wine may whine around some obstruction and, if you stand rear a fireplace or an air vent, you hear a muffled, un dulating roar. It all adds up to an extrav aganza of experiences, most ly for the ear. that makes a windy night fascinating an exciting. If it's a santana, as most of ouri are, the mom in» after may not be so pleasant, with a coating o FIREMEN KILL FLAMES IN GUTTED TRAILER STRICKEN MOTHER TELLS FIREMEN OF LOSS OX SATURDAY Libraries to Close; No Mail Long Beach public librar- ries and the post office will observe Washington's Birthday with a holiday Saturday. All libraries in the county s y s t e m w i l l be closed. There will be no mail deliveries. All Long Beach district schools, Including City College, will maintain their usual hours F r i d a y and Monday, as will Long Beach State College. City, county and state offices as well as banks, all closed en Saturdays, wiH follow the regular work-day schedule both Friday and Monday. Most stores and other business places also will remain on their regular schedules. Independent The Southland's M finest Morning Newspaper **· IONS BEACH 12. CALIFORNIA. FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 21. l»64 Pijt B-l 'Salesmanship' to Doctor Told in Sex Trial A woman witness in thewhich were designed to bring sex-scandal trial of a Costa'about an abortion. During the Mesa physician was Irving'treatments, she said, the 30- g with a man when she went to year-old physician abused her the doctor for an abortion,!sexually while she was under according to testimony of- the influence of Trflene gas. fered Thursday in the Santa y for Pay Admitted Ana courtroom, of Judge Howard C. Cameron. Dale Batchelor.22, told the, corloboTlltd court he was Irving with t j je ;^ u ". ui ~'«'-" i witness. Mrs. Pat Noga. who!*«% BATCHELOR, under cross- examination by Flier's at- ° ° n * ' d McCartil «* womaa s he *»* «* since has married a Camp 1 . Pendleton Marine. Mrs. Noga ro earlier in the trial told the , ' ° f "* W ° man S | court she received treatments 'rom Dr. Samuel Frazier Dr. Frazier is charged with ff*. 17 counts of rape, se* perversion and abortion. A key prosecution witness 1 ' testified Thursday that he had made a tape recording ; and signed an affidavit that ] he lied in a murder trial | where three men were con-'" victed for the 1959 slaying'* of an Anaheim restaurateur.! But he said these statements dust over everything, inside l?" ere .'f 1 . 5 * ~*?* ** was * -- j .... T,... -,i:_ -rr«.v:-.v (for making them. The s t a r t l i n g testimony rocked a defense contention that Michael Rosoto, 26-year-] old Seattle. Wash., service; station attendant, had given ?erjured testimony in the i, I960 Orange County murder!*: trial of Joseph Rosoto, his 3 and out But all in all. I think it's something to enjoy and remember. Today In L.B. ON STAGE -- Oh. Men, Oh Women," 830 pTTi Community Playhouse, 5021 E. Anaheim St. Take Her, She's Mine," 30 r i m , Magnolia Theater, 2400 Magnolia Ave. "Irma La Douce." 8:30 p.m, Off- Later Thursday, Mrs. Barbara Tendler. 37. cf Newport Beach, testified that she went Jjjto the doctor because was _ [·"unhappy" about being preg- ' 5 j nant. She is the mother of DALE BATCIfELOR [.three other children, she said. Man With Whom She Lived JOEV, 4, CONSOLES MOTHER WITH BOYISH LOVE Flames ''Just Jumped 9 to Ceiling., She Says By GEORGE ROBESO.V A flash fire from a defective water heater destroyed the trailer home of a young Navy wife in Bellflower Thursday, moments after she rushed her t\vo small children to safety. Mr«. Phyllis Lee Allen, 22, said she was in the dining room of the trailer at the Flamingo Trailer Park, 17441 S. Lakewood Blvd, uhen "I looked around and saw flames. »nd all of a sudden they just jumped to the ceiling." She said she tried to extinguish the blize with a * * * DR. FRAZIER told her lie! n,,/ :,, only ''helped'* unwed girlsj slWWIt'O she said. She testified of using what she called "sales- j'manship' 1 to persuade him to (perform the abortion treat- rments, which involved Ijand manipulations. She told the jury as Dog Sought if * * AS SMOKE BILLOWS Mother's Daring . : · · - · - : · · ' ·" · · . ' · . ' ·"_ -··'. ~ · Rescues 2 Tots A 20-year-old Artesia mother raced twice through 'smoke and flames Thursday to rescue her two snail Children from their burning bedroom, firemen reported. ! Mrs. Linda Dana suffered first and second degree burns '";about her face and arms as LaVewood win have to S he carried first one child.' tike the painful Pasteur treat-then the o t h e r from their! she merit for rabies unless the flaming one-story frame house Cypress . Broadway Theater, 211 Bjvisited him first on May 27 black-and-gray German shep-, ' " II9M Arkansas St. rpHEVLL BE holding another clinic for rabies shots for dogs at the Animal Shelter tonight and if last Friday eve, was an indication, it will be quite an eve- ring out there. I wasn't on hand, but Mrs. M; Mankovich has written a fascinating report: Tra sure all the dogs In Long Beach, with their owners, turned out It was tha most amusing sight I've seen In a long time -- even my husband grinned. All the dngs. large and small, pedi- Crced and mongrel, some running, some wanting to fight, some struggling in the arms cf their masters. "Eve'n the poiice turned out in grand style, doing a marvelous H. By the way, we r.ever did get our dog ·shot.* After fighting for a parking place a half mile from the shelter, and wait- Ing in the long fine, my thoroughly disgusted husband said: Take this dog to a vet, no matter how much It costs.' "I laughed ail the way to the car, as we took turns carrying our 25-pound pet. It was a show worth a price tf admission." THRIFT WOOD -- GoHwater headquarters here, believe it or not. includes a staffer named Jane Unruh. ... Eva Taylor, Long Beach wccnaa rioted for her good works, recently went around her neighborhood and collected $20 which she used to buy soap to be shipped to orphans in Korea A reader reports that there is a serious .need for crosswalks at the intersection of 55th St. and Orange Ave. She says many oldsters and children cross there, menaced by ,'niission is · aulumbnes. .four days. lime Ave. FOLK MUSIC -- The Smothers Brothers, folk- singing and comedy, 8 pjn.. Convention HalL Municipal Auditorium. CONCERT -- Vienna ,,«» became dizzy while uh-j herd that bit him on his upper! Neither S t a n l e y Wayne __ 'der the Trilene gas. She said right arm last Friday is locat-iDana, 3, nor James Deaaj j-f ry~i\*11 ji *y he then had intercourse with ed soon. (Dana, IS mos., was burned * IL/^tfl/ll U I J ^ ^er. The same thing hap-J Kenny, who lives at 4447,in the rescue, firemen saidj pened on other visits, she Iroquois, was bitten at Mon-j Mrs. Dana, who w o r k s said. Voe Elementary School. He nights at a drive-in theater Commission Thursday night! | She said she was aware of said the dog had a collar [snack bar. told Ba tt a l i o n tor ^ ocd prono,^ _ I t j I what the doctor was doing.'wiih tigs on it. Anyone Chief Ralph Russell of the, . l ~^ "i but, because of tie effects of ,with information about this'County Fire Department that, Ilmi) y ho "«ng development . The Cypress City Planning testimony that linked the!§ three men to the shotgun |-££ slaying d Leslie Simpson, a witness in a robbery trial against Joseph Rosoto. the a n a j t h e t i c gas. "didn't care." the dog is requested to telephone,she was sleeping in an cent b e d r o o m when HA 9^5353. of L o i AUrtitos' she Naval Air Statioa [ pan cf water---But it just didn't po out," she sobbed. She grabbed the children. Joey, 4, and Crystal, 2, and rushed them outside. Neighbors called the county fite department. .MRS. * ALLEN " praised, county firemen, saying, "It seemed like I no sooner pot the kids out of the trailer when they arrived." But the Urge. expensiM j house trailer wjs too en- . gulfed in flames to bs · saved. Firemen under Battalion Chief Ralph Russell were able to keep the blaze from spreading to ailjoin- m-: trailers, however. Chief Russell said the trailer was destroyed, with all the furniture, clothing. -personal belongings and children's toys. Only the trailer itself was insured, Mrs. Allen said. SHE TOLD 'firemen th« gas water heater had been worked on by repairmen about a year ago, and that-"they assured her it was in good order. Her husband. D.jnald. ZX i« an electrician aboard the Long B e a c h based USS Poir.t Defiance now in the Western Pacific. He is due home in April. Mrs. Allen and the children staged ii a neighbor's PALO VERDE AVENUE THE STATE Supreme Court granted the defendants a stay of execution when defense lawyers produced a tapej recording in which Michael said he lied at the trial. The! court also granted a petition I for writ of error and assigned. Judge Clarence · Kincaid as. referee to take testimony on the new allegation that M!- Bixby Ranch Subdividers Oppose Highway Route -jsmeDed smoke around 11:20. In , LT)an imous vote, com-! 1 m ~ , , ( , . missioners denied an jpplica-j EWtSTIGATIXG, she saJd tioa b y the ctmreh °' -« s "' she discovered the children's .Christ of Latter-day Saints to theVezone 12 acres to allow high:s near ihe main ' bedroom on fire and 'youngsters huddled fearfully Vise buildin" ·in a clothes closet. ' je , runway ." Taking young James in her This ,,, , arms, she dished out of the , 'house and deposited the £onsult f u n h t r v ' lth the Nl By' GEORGE WEEKS ' · I. Sherlock presented a long asserted )t is no niore a dup-lduM on the front lawa; then.,? 15 lh = possibility of a land btions Committee decided- · - '· ^ - . . ' - ' . · · - - . ·; [series of tralfic-voJume pro-jlication of Studebaker Road racmg through the flames exchange for a proposed park'7 hursd ?y l ? '«« lhe initiative, 'jectioras to .'strengthen his than Pine Avenue is of Longlagain, she snatched! up , the site. ( in seeking in format ion on per-. -· - - *' · ' ~ - ' - · _ ! * » : _ _ t · · · » · _ · _ : ' * ' ; · uu-*- *,^1V-.T.* ' t-.--' 1. J ' ... t ,SOn] pO«lClCi A *OCi| KlW trailer Thursday ni*ht. Plan Quiz on Hiring Policies : *; Beach'j Hjcnn Re-1 Ixng ticcis ^ Boiy Ranch. subdrris»n;co»-^ mt ' h m r« .'. __ . . , .. ^saru*ntrpTi»p» of Palo Verde Attorney GeneraTs o f f i c e ^rOUght MlChfltl ROSOtO tO - -- · -- e -- / · .1^«*^*»J **y MA.ic.Aa«.u i^yj^-**-. . , vigorous arguments, the Long tion and an even greater rise area." (Continued Page B-3, Col. l^Beach Planning Commission in vehicles, he "'·' ' "'-- Road. 'three-year-old.' boy. and' car e \en if .the areaBeach BouJe^rd. and Stamp Shoiv Starts in Road wiH be jammed to ca- fie originating far away as said the youngsters apparent-'park. After hearing 2'/j hours of paciry by increased popula-jweH as in the immedUts'ly started the fire while p!ay-l . .in; with matrhej. Warren Cook, assistant su-1 rfce fire · · · · perintendent cf schools, ex-'roojnj j n McCtTSiT, a former deputy!fT e . ised conc«rn for the pro-^u^ an [took the issue under advise-1 setting a date if*" 1 *****· that . com-i^" on ^« i f* rajt «'«« bi l- damage, he said. ^5 OIAIRUAN E. John Hinn*,. jj, who proposed the inquiry, de-~ the house and which "a rectangular buffer, tllred lhe «»nraittee shouklT estimated $1.700 rone would be set up along* 10 * wllt '^ ' urtnfr cop-* the highway*" »"«?»« 1 3 Dam 'the main jet runway tract, asked that) 'residents of housing plaints cf discrimination such" those filed months a pi by miitce. ,, i* OT , ^f^y from the master plan as an at Long Beach Municipal onne cessary duplication of Aoditorrara durin s the Long ^ Studebaker Road to the Beach Cora Stamp ~ tJon, Th« show win be fa Exhibit! SUPPORTING his position Hall frees 10 ajn. until 10 were Kenneth Cutwater, suV r t He and construction Verde extension into the i u.-suM. earlier on proposed hearings 12 Of tWO meet development, the road- Meyer filed a detailed tech- P.BU, today through Monday.'division engineer and James oka! report predicting t . - -. property owners. World Fair Hoard Meets --,. , i{psmefi| of prfpar . ng lhe Executhe Committee of the] commissioners emphasized questionnaire for review at California World's Fair took, 11 ^c "xeting that they were Each member wiU submit no action Thursday oa telec-;? 0 * "Denying the application ^ te questions for consider- . ,,,,.. . -- , -- ,,.,, , . ,, ,, The ccmmissioa eventually tioa of an executive vice pres-i"* 0111 * * Navy claims, Rarest ot the coins oa dis- V.'. . ·k.v^u^.w. ^M^n»i.w, »-v- --*-- jjjc U^OUTUASKXI cYcniuaujiiion c* an execuuve vice pres-j*'^ 1 ^**-^ '^ "«» (.uuns, cut ation tion engineer, and Jarces oicil report predicting that ^a report to the City Coon- ident, but will give further,TM 111 *^ because the master! THtV AGREED also t Meyer, a staff engineer the San Diegoi Freeway, when HI, whkh ia turn must con- consideration to the matter P^n does not call for such a's^i approval it the Cir T\» 1 **rw ^**»k. *- f*A 'rYvmr»I»f**l t^ I nr\0 KAarh lit*' j ^ _ · ; « . , » * . - · . . A~* +]f*~~.~^m _ -- . _ .1. . : _ ' _ * r . . . . ' play win be a 1911 Canadian for De Leuw Gather Ox. ccmpteted in Long Beach late^-ict a hearng before ilecid-'nert week. o City doflar. One of three knowWtraffic consultants. -this year, win substantially ',,,,; whether to amend the| To be filled is the post f » r - i o n . . r a c c o n s u a n s . - , o beeitam. it is insured for The opposition argument reduce traffic congestion in d^elopment n e a r lhe air council and the city attor M .. « $100,000. Rare stamps in-|came frcin FrarJc Sherlock 'the adjacent crude an inverted Canadian principal planner for the Gty area. [issue vahied at $20,000. Ad-^PUnrung Department, with; Sherkxk. who ' 5 0 cents for i iv Mt iiucu i un; yj*\ |w5 "i ney's , ,-- jmerly held by Fred Hall, ex- A letter to the cnrcmission'quett state college. The disputed h i g h w a y governor of Kansas, who re-from a representative of the! James Blackburn.laborrtp- Iwould extend from AnaheinVsigned last fall. Loren McCan-lEastgate housing devtlop-'resecta:ive o.i the committee, _ . t o contended.Rnad to a junction with the'noa, administrative %ici pres- rsect \-oiced the only objec-'suggested that the question* all backing from Planning Direc-;that the extension is reeded proposed Loynes Drive south idect, is acting general ciaa-'tion to d e n i a l cf the r lent out also to local ;tor Werner RuchtL |ncw as well as in the future.'of Vista Street. 'ajer. 'thurch's's applicaUon. ' I

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