Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 7, 1929 · Page 14
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1929
Page 14
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I'"/'' f. '•••S' 14 KIDNAPERS WORRY CHINESE CAPITAL ' PEIPJNG, Nov. 7.—Pelplng police officials nre n I firmed by the appearance here of a number of kidnaping gangs, who nro believed to have como from the vicinity of Shanghai. — Shiinghni hna been troubled by dar- iiig !•' papers for some years, but the for>_'i;fn and Chinese police there Oiave p rimed them HO vigorously In recent wee'' that it Is feared some of the ganps have transferred their iiUentlonn to the north. • In this walled city, wbose police have been considered the most rf- Hcient In China, kidnaping In the past have been i,.rc, and the presence of darln;; gangs here is regarded with c: -corn. The most (hiring of recent lild- naplnga here was that of Yang Cheng, Torn Chinese minister In Bertln. A polished gentlemen In a motor cnr culled at Yang's residence one evening, presented the curd of Qoncru Ma Chung-ying, nil army cotpg (.'ommfindcr, and said (General Ma fiesircd to sec Yang at his hotel. Yang, siiiq.cctlng nothing, entered »he motor rar, and disappeared. Shortly afierwiml, his fumlly received im anonymous letter, saying that he was held for ransom, and would lie released for $2iji),00() gold. Severn! bnndlt leudfrs In Iho vielnity ill' Peiping have kidnaped the children of weallhy res -nts of nearby towns tuccntly, and have nsked and obtained r> Smaller towns have been afflicted by siieli gangs in the past, but their presence In I'eiping Itself is suf- flci ntly \iniisunl to attract much attention. BANKING DAYS IN SCHOOLS Wniiilrnw illss H<;rlng Miss ailmour Miss Hcnnlnger Miss Tussey Miss Coclfrlll.! Wilson Sr.hool. $ 1.55 t.2« 2.27 2.02 •2.32 Total $ 10.32 'Previously reported $ 382.33 , Term total ],Otf!in School. Kmily Buyers Arlntha Kinch Carolyn Stamin Alice Bullcr Hazel Blowers Ruth Epler .. Irene Weont Adella Eshlerniin Hose De Leo Margaret 'Rllcliey ..$ 392.65 3.1)0 11.52 4.05 •1.03 (1.22 3.71) •1.78 3.80 4.78 4.00 MALE <SRI«LV BSARt, PINO- INS A HOMTIN© RAN0E TO HIS LIKINK3, WRITES HIS CHALLENGE WITH HIS CLAWS 1 ON THE TRUNK OF A TREE AS HIGH AS HE CAN RE-ACH. OTHER'MALES . PASSING THAT VMV ALSfcJ CLAW THE BARK, 8OT IF UNABLE TO RE-ACH THE MARKS ALREADY THERE /THE 1 / DO NOT tlNS^R. LONG, HE OSTRICH DOES BURV ITS HEAP FOR PROTECTION, BUT FOR. THE PORPOSE OF OBTAINING WATER-" WHICH .IM PLACES, IS MEAR- THE SURFACE. 1429. BV NI> ClnVttt. IttC. ALTOOKA MmROR-THtmSpAY, NOVEMBER MARGIN CALLS BY . BROKERS NUMEROUS Total * 411.40 WnliNtnr Selioiil. ".'.linn darn P. Fay $ 0.30 O'FrluI 3.00 .Rebecca Smith .01 .Grace H. Hunt 1.00 Janet Hyatt 3.75 Nellie Craw 1.45 Amir. S. Swopn 7.BO Helen A. Grimm 2.01 ,,M. Mentzer 4.80 JMary Fries 3.20 'kargaret Hedding 3.00 MAIL CARRIER SAVES ' LIFE WITH PARACHUTE RELLICFONTE, Nov. 7.—When his plane caught lire as he was flying a National Air Transport mail ship over Ring mountain, about mid-Way between Bellcfonto and Hadley Field, N. J., sometime after 2 o'clock on Wednesday morning, Pilot Thomas Nelson saved his llfo by a parachute Jump. A short time before the accident, Nelson Hew his ship over the local airport, but having sufficient fuel to take him to New Jersey, did not land. While fow details of thu accident to the'piano are available, It wa.s said by.local N. A. T. officials that his plane caught fire from some undetermined cause,' and In order to save his life the pilot was forced to jilinp Into the inky darkness. Ho landed safely, while the plane crashed Into the mountain aojno distance away. Whether the mall was destroyed by fire has not yet been determined. DIES IN DANVILLE. BEL.LEFONTE, Nov. 7.— Mrs. Lavonia. Miller of near Howard, died at the Gelssinger hospital in Danville on Saturday morning, after an eight weeks' Illness with heart trouble and complications, aged. 74. $he was born hear Howard, her maiden name being Lavonia Cottle. Surviving are two sons and a daughter; Bveret. of Williamsburg and Beezer and Mrs. Etta Confer, both of Howard. Funeral services were held on Tuesday afternoon from the Falrvlew church, Rev. Mr. Ylngllng officiating. Interment was made in the Schenck cemetery; Hy KMVIKB C. WALZEH, IT. P. Financial ifdltor. NEW YORK, Nov. 7.—Brokers sent out new margin calls today after yesterday's orgy of selling, which reduced values of stocks on the stock exchanges of the country by more than $15,000,000,000. The Industrial average 1 today stood within two points of its low of the year and the railroad average was at a new .low for 1929. Thus, the entire amount of the rally staged last Wednesday and Thursday has been wiped out. - , The margin calls going out today struck the wealthy stockholders and many of the newcomers In the market, who thought they could make a killing when prices were showing signs of recovery last week. Much of the selling yesterday represented liquidation of poorly margined accounts and according to representative brokerage houses there is much additional necessitous selling still Overhanging the market, The sudden decline of Steel to 165, within 7 7-8 of the year's low was a disconcerting factor on the street. According to one report the big holdings being liquidated were some.of the stock Involved" in the Steel corporation's acquisition of the Columbia Steel company. There was no/verification of the report or further information regarding details of, the deal, but it was presumed that Columbia shareholders would receive more than 200,000 shares of steel common. It was learned that the slump in prices of shares of the National City bank and the Corn Exchange bank probably would result in suspension of merger plans of the two Institutions. • At yesterday's closing National City bank stock was nearly .$200 a share under the price prevailing at the time of merger negotiations. The same was true of Corn Exchange. There is still apprehension regarding the immediate future of business, hut the Street, its well as the business leaders, is convinced that fundamental conditions of industry are sound, Tho action of radio companies tq reduce the price of their sets has brought out talk of further reductions in prices of luxuries. .Wall Street heard today that makers of high-priced auto- mobiles would cut their prices. The motor industry in general is reporting a falling off in Business, but It, nevertheless, la Id report ft record year In point of sales and production. Barnings have been reduced due to lower prices brought about by stiff competition. TOT MISTAKES BALLOTBOX FOR A COMMUNITY CHEST WILLIAMSPORT, ifov. >.—An elec,- tion board In tycoming county today' is 15 cents richer than It wals Tuesday, but ft should be explained the money was received by the board without any thought of fraud, either by the •board members or the donor. Shortly after the polls closed, a tiny girl calmly walked into the voting place in the George Washington school and before she • could be stopped dropped a nickel and a dime into the ballot box. "I thought that was the community chest," she explained* She was assured her contribution, for which she had saved her pennies for weeks, would eventually reach the organization for which it was Intended. < ' KOCH & TOOLE offer ' • Waste Paper Baskets for $1.00 - Something new—something different they're made of wicker in assorted colors. ; 1316 12th Ave. LIVINGSTON'S XXXX BREAD Mnde with Potatoen D C 7 C " no "' our <lriver " "111 • QDOa be pleatrd to serve yon S. M. Griffith Co. WALL. PAPER AND PAINTS 905 Green ~Avenue M PEIl-FHANKFI nTKll created by 'wo \Meniors of C/kinUsi c/ratikfurlert NOW— for the First ?ime~ : the Wonderful Luscious, Fresh Flavor Found Only in Frankfurters the Minute they+come from the HICKORY-SMOKE Ovens tuts been CAPTURED FOR YOU ! V O €J T ' i\KW FRANKFURTERS Flavor-Captured in Tins Y OU'VE tasted Peaches just plucked from the Tree. Apples just fallen from the Bough. Grapes fresh from the Vine. Now—for the first time ever—you can get this same liiBcious,'fresh flavor in Frankfurters— that wonder- fid flavor found only in , Frankfurters instantly fresh from the Hickory • smoke, ovens,/ Yogi's have captured it for you in vacuum-sealed Tins. Ask your dealer for this new taste wonder! Ready to Heat and Seme—Just thg thing for warm weather—no cook' ing. Especially good for Picnic Sandwiches — they're so tender, juicy. and [skinless I The only known diamond mines In North America are located in Pike county, Arkansas. Total * 37.98 . Total for year $1,260.88 . . Knii'rson School, Miss Hautli $ 7.27 Miss Rohison 4.40 MlBS Denny 3.40 • Miss Erneat 2.64 :IMlss WllHOii 3.31 Mlsa Shoenfelt 4.08 Miss Croft 1.50 Miss Wahl 3.75 ',(Mlas Hoffman 1.81 'Mlaa Armstrong 1.01 Misa McKee 1.30 Miss Morrow 4.57 i De VlnceiiH .46 '" t Total ? 41.05 Miller Sellout. Mrs. Data $ 4.78 Miss Gallagher 3.28 .Mlsa Abelson 5.37 Alias WcHtley 0.44 Mian Horrlng ,. «.38 Miss Dlvely 8.84 Miss Schandulmlur 3.30 IvttHH Malono 21.10 TtflsH Snyder 10.82 Miss Patterson 3.04 Miss Shoenfelt 2.83 Miss Block 4.55 Miss Flaherty 3.35 -Miss Burket , 1.05 Mian Bnrnhart 2.43 Total ......................... S 01.32 Term total ................... $1,128,70 I'roNpoet Turk School, Elizabeth Hazlett Bydney Billin ••Violet Morris ...... "Emma M. Gleg Grayce Coppersmith 'JJulBy P. Conrad '* Total ....' « Term to dat' 2.77 !)0 -l.til) 4.17 2.07 l.'JO Poult School. Mor' 'Miss Kloss Miller Colvln Mlsa Bttkc'- Mlsu BlumunHchein .. ,Mln» Eocrst M|HS Frlscl' Mlsa QraffIUN Mlsa Robinson .Mlsa Bell Mlsa Moore Total Previously reported 17.30 717,90 $•1.25 3.45 7.84 1.55 2.10 2.70 3.40 4.67 3.40 3.07 2.00 7.19 40.37 740.93 '; Term to date % 787.30 s Cut-tin Hohool. Alice M. Rowe Charlotte Hughes Augusta Howard M, Ruth Taylor Mra. Brawluy Josephine Stretcher Hlldred Irvin Merlel Garverich porothy Bull Bother Brady .., Edther Snavuly Mary Keil Catherine Davias Mary E. Cri.s 9.38 0.37 R.09 fi.25 5.11 4.26 0.58 U.95 (MM 0.56 13.05 4.35 7.15 14.85 SITNEK'S DRUG STORES Two Stores— 123 ° Eleventh Ave J. >YU O IfJJ C»"""l 7»L *„- .. A 1911 12th Ave. and St. Friday and Saturday Specials CHOCOLATES I-'vend, Delicious $1.00 lb. and up MARY LEE CANDIES 70c lb. ALWAYS KKESI1 $1.00 Ovaltine 74c 60c Bromo Seltzer 46c $1.20 • Sal Hapetica 88c Total * 102.50 Prevloualy reported '2,000.0-1 Term to data $2,193.53 184^Hospitals and Institutions are using $1.00 ' Miles Anti- Pain Pills 69c Regular $2.00 Fountain Syringe $139 7Sc Glover's Mange Remedy 59c $1,20 Caldwell's Syrup of Pepsin 73c 50c Dewitt's Kidney Pills 31c to tight colds and coughs . Father John's Medicine is now used in 184 hospitals and institutions from coast to coast 'in the United States and Can-i ada. Proof of its merit is its record—7$ years of success. $1.25 Parke Davis Cod Liver Oil 98c 35c Palmolive Shaving Cream Epsom Salts. 2Sc Pkg. 17c Wampole's 59c 60c Forhan's Tooth -Paste HOT WATER BOTTLE $2.25 Bot,, $1.59 $3.00 Bot., $1.89 These Bargains Will s p E C I A L S Temple and Apex RADIO ' You will be pleased to discover the excellent performance and unusual beauty of our Temple and Apex Radios. You are cordially invited to hear these sets at our store anytime. Price PAY up 75c Ivory Comb 39c Kodaks Films Developing ; and printing Free! With each 50c Dr. West tooth brush, a 25c tube Dr. West Paste, all for 43c Your old Victor Records are worth lOp each on the purchase of new ones, Atk us about it- CURTAINS Curtains, Draperies and Cretonnes An assortment of beautiful colors and textures. We have a complete drapery department that is capable and willing at all times to aid and suggest in helping you dress up your home. Metal Bed Outfit Create a Spirit of WEEK » <» A E C I A L S x Goad tuck 3 Pieces A strong nicely finished metal.bed. A comfortable, sturdy spring' and a Simmons Orange Label Mattress. You can't beat this outfit at the price of • Beautiful Walnut Dining Suite Nine pieces of beautiful WaN gHHlSi—'• Q PiaPAC nut Dining Room Furmture PH^» » fieiCS designed after the most expen-.. sive suites. The construction of these suites and their exceptionally fine .finish make '] them a wonderful-buy at $197.50 BLANKETS Cold, wind, chill, all the'signs of Old King Winter's annual visit. We have him with us now, so don't delay getting your blankets. Warm, cozy cove/s that make a winter night a pleasure. Wool, part wool and cotton. All colors and sizes. $9.33 . $ to COMFORTERS Beautiful colors, full size and made of, the finest materials/ sewed in a way that absolutely prevents the lumping of their filling. These blankets are unusual and new in every respect. $e.56 Is the.prize s enjoyed by every purchase^ of these GOOD L,UCK Circulating Heaters. They will heat one room or a whole house with clean, healthy warmth. See our line of Heatrpla, Allen, Good Luck and* Dixie Parlor Furnaces. A price for every purse. Price 3 up LAMPS -4 Lamp light adds a distinctive appearance to any well furnished room. If you would choose from a large and varied display of charming vogues in'Table, Floor, Bridge and Junior Lamps, come and see our latest addition to our stock. Don't Forget the Treasure Hunt!! EASY CREDIT TERMS OPEN AN ACCOUNT TODAY I4S9 TWELFTH AVENUE MODERN HOME FURNISHERS SINCE 1890

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