Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 18, 1969 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 18, 1969
Page 13
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KNU4I* Ac** WJMINOTON (Ai) _ Tht B t f a s a t · Dtpartmmt r r - H Ma.» - ··«» ··'WlWw%iTMlw VJMeNlVV ·adley MtV 01 IRfM Nudetr Pliirts CA11IRUGE BRUCE-TERMINIX CO. 442-2292 Tk* P4tt Prevention Stnin WASHINGTON (AP) - Dem ocrats on the Senate-HouM Atomic Energy Committee have roaced angrily to the report that the White House has or dered a study of the possible sale to private industry of three major plants that process clear material. Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, chairman of the Atomic Energy Com mission, told the congressmen of the move Thursday and urged them this issue.' "not to prejudge The Democrats said the Nixon administration could be in for a bitter fight if it tries to sell the plants to private industry. The committee chairman, Rep. Chet Holifield. D-Calif.. agreed and added. "If anyone has the idea these plants are going to be sold for 10 cents on the dollar, we're going to take a very close look at it." He said the gaseous diffusion plants involved are at Oak Ridge. Tenn.; Paducah. Ky.: and Portsmouth, Ohio. He said their estimated cost to the government was J4 billion. a_seaeeassa.ssteseeei . MeK».»en.i«xel SPRING SALE t Price Thru April BUSY.? Bring Your Laundry and Dry Cleaning In To Us. We'll Give Your Clothes That Clean Crisp Look In Just One Hour. Laundry In by 9 a.m.--Out by 5 p.m. COMPLETE STORAGE FACILITIES ONE HOUR C L E A N E R S Celteee- r..lletllle,Irk. Phone 443-4U2 Open T a.m. to * p.m. Mon.-Fri. Sat. 7 a.m. to * p.m. Quick Look At Today In History By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Friday. April It. th* IMth day of Iftti There m 257 days left in th* year. Today'i hiihtlifht in hiitory: On thii date in 1*M, San Francisco was struck by a vio lent earthquake. On this date: In 1775, P*ul Revere mad* his famout midnifht ride from Charlestown to Lexinfton to warn: "The Britiih are com in*." In 1942, carrier bombers led by Lt. Col. James H. Doolittle bombed Tokyo and other cities in the first American effort to bring the Pacific war to the Japanese homeland. In 1945, American war correspondent Ernie Pyle was killed during action on the le Shima in the Ryukyu Islands. In 1961. thousands of Russians demonstrated before the U.S. Embassy in Moscow to protest the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba. Ten years ago -- Leaders in Communist China claimed the country had increased its industrial and farm output by 65 per cent in one year. Five years ago -- A strike by doctors in Belgium ended after 17 days. One year ago -- U.S. Secretary of State Dean Rusk suggested 10 possible sites f o r peace talks with North Vietnam. «D at T ML M *·«»» MUM n n.. roftOL fm * *um». ctMreM ckttea, · Cknr «· track. ·»· «·» reeal. jrt teiee t. «jaitee»eere. 44«l RUMMAGE ult, 11 ran In 1] raMailM, ·n tatuMty. StO Johnson "treat. DEADUNMi I ate tr* accepted uitll 4 pnv «· the day b*or» publication and until U:» a.m. Saturday tor Monday trabUeatMo. ClMatifie* D l i p l i r Ad»«rtuini Deadline t d«r« kefMe *ublica- Horn. ACT NOW! Dial Times Claislfitd Ad* 442-6242 CLASSIFIED INDEX LeTBAb NOTIen CAM OK THAMIM I--ANNOUNCIMINT* *--COMINQ IVINT* I--FRATERNAL MOTICI* iMAU USIOR One league Kummlft Hit-- Mturtty. April 19. 131« Hillrrest (Unit ·hind Evelyn Hills Bhoppinf fienter). :30 a.m.*I3:00 noon. t-Leir AND reuND «_*T*AVM ? TMB!«K:?!8.. w.«tr. ^aWiWSBSr" IONIV TO IOAN .. .OINTt WAMTIO It--(ALItMIN WANTIO* 17--SALIIWOMIN WANTID* II--HILP WANTED--MALI* It--HILP WANTED--FKMALI* M-HILP WANTED--MlM-Ftmell tl--SITUATION! WANTED--Male B-*ITIIATION WANTED-renreH _ _ ,T§ » MARINE ·nuplH »·--MOTDneveLE* .FOR SALE--MeMae HMMi CLASSIFIED Phone 442-6242 NX WORD . . . le Minimum Order U Word* It-- Toil* __ . 0£ CAT*, n-- re* «*i.«-- ne» I7A-- MUSICAL MIRCNANDKI f contecutivt) Inwrtloiu S contecuttT* Iniertioni * oor»ecutlT4 Ineertiotui J consecutive InMrtiont t «onHeuti«» tUMTtionj word . Me . 140 AboT* uej tbt Cab OKcflant ntet you win reetiT* by or- dertnf ytmr A4 at Th« Tiroet oHIci and ptylnf eajk tor It or by oMertni TOUT Ad by Phene and p«yinf for it wtttt. in 10 dayi of the date bUlea. 10% added after u daya. Wr bttt ramlta civ* (dl tftteerlp* tion and atari Tour ad Or f dtya. Vou may eaujMl TOUT ad whea ra. aulti an obtmiMd. You'll ontr b. charted far tie actual number el dayi the ad ran. SA.V MONEY the TIMW SWVICB 3 Linn Daily For ONI MONTH Plae* your ad in BWECTOIIV ONLV tl.OO PUBLIC SALE eated 2 mi. So. of Sulphur City a new bridir on Middle Fork hen aharp left. So. 2 mi. on the Old Van Gundy Place. Watch for lgnj SATURDAY, APRIL 19, 196? Starts 1:00 P.M. IS Head mixed cattle. Maaeey Ftr- luaon Tractor, model 133. dietel, eat than 100 hnun uje. Many oth- «r farm machinery 4c tooht and other articlet too numeroua to mention. 5eorge Rains W. C. Farmer, Owntr Tom Cobb, Auctioneer I-- FRATIHN e--HKSONA (-·SAUTV UTV CAN (--INSTRUCTI 7-SCMOOL* IONS TMU iMIve MADI 2i-rail ML! OH TMADI W-- KXCHAN6I II-- WANTED TO BUT U-- WANTCD TO THAOI U-- POM »AUI OH AND BOARD UMTS VOII HINT PLCX rOH MINT 17-HOUMS FOR KENT ITA-MOEILE UII.DINalJ"pOI(* FOR RENT RENT ___ . HA-- ran IHWT OR LIASI M-- »O» LIAII et-TOR MHT-MltctlltntaMn II-- WANTID TO HKHT OH LIAS! 41-- WANTaTD TO HINT 4S-WAMTID-MAL MTAT1 44-«ALI OK TRAOI-- Rt»l aTMIM MA-- SALI-LIASI-RMl KM* UC-LOT* POD »AL1 tlV- FARMt AND AORIABI* If-VOR IALC-- RIAL MTATI ·mar w«alM «nrtMiic It wand saiaer "Male'* «r "Fesntte" mlowa ·eadhn for On omTaateame f JeV teekeri. VBleas aa adrerttseeneat tee. emosltr tlatel teat aptUentt * et» aer «aJ7 V)H tie acejesHe'. leVteeken akmM ailimie Hat antloaKts el el- Iker ad will ke oanMcrM fer me ·MlOn, to emtuaan «Hk Title TO, am mikes Act « im. La0al Nolictt- V Gaily Colored Tress Tamer, from 3.50 More than a scarf . . . less than a hat ... it'« a wardrobe ntctsiity to held your hair beautifully in place. Acetate scarf with foam rubber shaping. In assorted prints, dots and stripes, from 3.50 See the many other colorful head-bonds, scarvti, imokt ringi. Colors to match any ensemble. Priced from $1.00. WA«M!Mi ortfint !· The Oencerr Oert ef WatUBBtea leettr. AAeasai Oerathv Dean snits. Pitintifr, vt 30267 D. 7. Stulta, Derendtnt. Tht Defendant, D. J. Stultz, is erl in appear In thta Court within thirty day and answer the complaint ef the Plain tiff in the above entitled cause. Witness mv hand and seal of tM Court thm 26th day cf March. J%9. Alma Kftllmeyer, Chancery Clei By Ruth Shipman, T).r. («eah 41c 28-Apr S-ll-I ORDER la Ite Caaaren Oxrt of WasnlnfM Oiiaty. Artaemas James Edward Torix. Plaintiff. va a»l Mildreil Torix. Defendant. The Defendant Mildred ToriT. is warm » appear in this Court within thirty da: and answer the complaint nf the Plaintif in the above entitled cause. Witness my hand and seal nf this Coor thii Mth day «« March, 1969. Alma Kollmeyer. rhancer? Cler! By Kathleen McNeil. n.C. Sen! 4IC 38-Apr 4-lt-l OARAOB Me, BN Lt«a«i, Friday tit Bat'jrday. ·tt*vW*. 4-P*n*nqls- ZAVE peace -- free counseling Mr tnnbled eeiet enrUrae, I4M4C4 or write B. C. corhim. Eltinf. Art. 72r. 4-lrwtrurtitns- APPUCATIONB ton betel taien fee ·ntMper earner tort U jelrt er old- ANNOUNCIN6 Triininr on IBM Keypurtch chin* Limitert *nTBllm*rtt. -- rijht «1M««. Freretiuiaite aptitude tetrt Ozork Data Proceitinj 1M W. Center 443-33(1 Fiytttcville. Arkiiwu 1fhlt« Spae* D O E S Reatdcnlup Of Ada 1 1 Drawing, Painting, Pottery eivlm v. p-i. MfA deirrte, experienced teacher, 10 years public end private achooii. For Information Call 443-42*3 Or Write 331 Frijc* VOICE--Piano Reawnable Retea Phone 44JM44 7--Schoeli-- EARN WHILE YOU LEARN W« m now Klectlnl youni men from thi» «r«e to trtln in the highly paid field of eu'o body end auto mechinio. Work in full time salaried poeition whil* traininf For more informetion write Dean Newberry. 214, North Waco, Wichi ta. Karuu 67202. Pleut five) phon number. l-lett and FOUM!-FOUND arey female oat wearing red collar. Phone, SJI-JOJO or 4424440. FOCKD-run Slu4 Shetlani) peir- Own er may have by identifymi and neyifl for ad. Phone 44R-3088 or 43-3HO. LOST--White Miniature Toy Poodle, 1 years old, eUM'a pel. entity titan been trimmed. Ual seen around earapu Phone 443 »7« or 4«-3IW 12-vtin«« TEXACO SERVICE STATION FOR LEASE · Excellent Highwoy loco tion · Strong promotional sup port · Paid training program · Financial Quittance available CALL J. R. MASSAY 521-1573 Nijhta PL 1-80IB Have Sunglasses To Match Your Ensemble Do your own thing with sunglassei . . . havt th« fashion fun of our Flip-Out Kit, It contains sunglassts and 4 intcrehongMbU Units in brown, green, blue, and amethyst. $6.00 100 W. Dlckwn $h«fport Vin«|* Hlwiy 1* I. 441.1441 J.GOMAJU*SCM IJD. Goddard's of England are pleased to announce the appointment of COLLIER DRUG STORES who are now featuring the complete line of Goddard's famous Cleaners and Polishes. Yon are cordially invited to coma in'and gee these excellent products which have achieved such widespread popularity in America. Especially ask to see Goddard's Dry Clean Spot Remover, Cabinet Makers Wax and the new and wonderfully effective Tarnish Prewmtive Spray for silver. 100 W. 44943*2 441-3441 Vitti|e NOW INTERVIEWING Ittt UOpM, A *M "Iff V4 auUe. leer taeM tranamiiliin. MlM 4IMM. aervlce ata1(an m apartment complex wifhln IMt n/TMOUTH «ouM. 4MM nmtUf twli'ion, (ood itetwiateir, neK. ngf- efle lighter, eMrytfUaf werit. "Wy In Terr toed edition, «H».H. Call W- 33ff liter . . ^ a** M*f titw Mr etrriet WM 1J jearl «r ·Her. AFJIr drnltlloi e.artaiatt Fartaweet 1M4 CHEVROLET Bel-Air, * cylinder. door, «H" Kenmora eUctrie tr,tr, MO. Phone 44!-4X4. 14-Mtiwy T« U«n- ? NEED MONEY ? ate Hi We PUT . . leu . , . TMM far Ifwt Aarttiai We «1U »U7 your dilBOsrfl. oattMt, iuu or eortslai l raloe ail Hn m u er*oi to rtenrchtse them. CAMEO JEWELRY ENGRAVING SHOP HWTO 1*17 »UICK Usebte. Oneowner. 4J.IW milef. four door hardtop, air conditioned, power brakes end stearins, excellent con- dition-hifhwty drivihl only. Mult tell, 115M. Kee it the Holiday Inn Gulf Rta jon. Hifhwly 71 North, FayetUville. 1«B \'OI.K!WAOr.N- entme complete, W,OM actual, fieedi overhaul. First 1100. Pnone Paul Marinonl 4(?'«T. U-H.lp IXPKIIIENCKD tnrlr painter tor hdust aintint. riiotie 442.\t3?. Extension 42, r write Bos Ff, Fayetterillt. EVEMlSoDT nidi tie TDUI WAirr AD8. Too are! *ert Artanstt etrcuiittpn iipanrteoL Herta- TD1C 19-Htlp Want*d-F«malt- BEAUTISIANI-- fttperienced preferred Phone 5JMSS». FOUNTAIN Heltl Tor d*y Apply in person. Palace AVON NBF.D MONET to help, your ftmil? mdeet? AVON nefls you tn serve cus- tomerl. call 443-7377 ellernoont and ait or Wrs. McCl»rnon. VANTBD: cashier. Oiark Tneatre. A^ in person. Mr. Hammond. 20-H.lp unllrtlitej 1*11 KOrth O611e«e, now nmns male or female full or (art INfiDB work or car hop. Apply in per i. no tlhone call?. Dairyiand Drive In. ·**'_ y,A»rfMI,1Mt · HI. Art* CARMAN Ohll Volliwtll". 1*4 mwtrl ·port coupe. M». Plwne «4*4«S. IMS V O L K S W A G E N tqUKbict l«i. One owner, excellent condition, 11095. Phone W1374J fl«r 5:00. 1965 HUffTANO. 4-Spttl. 3». air con ditiqnH. dual exhaust vinyl top. Phoif «:-*!(« aft«r S:00 p.m. ]«} 14 ton Torn pii-kun, ISOOOO. call B9-2919 after 5:00 pm. 1M« CHCVBU.K two «o*r. V-l tutn- mttic trtniinisKion, excellent condition Pnone 5214308 alter 1:00 p.m. new 196S Golden Couaar. blSrlt vinyl top. factory air. power. loaded 17.000. onf.ftwnfr miles, loitf warraaty lett. i!.9»soo. DOnoE Charter, full ponfr turei. di«e brakes. po«»r stMr stereo tup* player. 313 V-*. «n( ·utomatlc tnnimiilion. Phont 442-5933 af»r .1. FOR «a!e 19tt Ford convertible. 352. automatic, new tires, call sa-1491. OT. OradeMere.: »s*M. lUflater*. Stuvlnaw Cfnk ^ . Call for ipaclnlnient-- Are* Co4«: »H U3-47M Office tn-an x«*i4fm« At Stu«, AflHA Orand Charapioi «t Kilter, (in * Copper Minx, winmr at CUrcmora Fiitgritr. Phon* Cly«« W««m«, 443.9W4. WAMPUS Kara Jr. AQHA, No. ]S5«n, M stud, r.randaot at Him Mrf. Ttaat 44L'-S»19. REGISTERED ANGUS CATTLE COME lit* what w» hiv* to offer out of thii outitndia* btrd. Bulli, helftn ind eon. Firm looted S miln Eait Hifhway 45 -- ',' rail* North. Phon« Homtr Fry. 443-292*. FRY ANGUS FARM Colt, P«H- WANTPin AKO remtered puppiei. B 10 «e»ka old. pnnne 417-35S-2W1. FOP. SALE, Border Oollle pup. thrr montha old. Phone 443-39* after S:« UT.ST Highland Whitt Terrier pupp:ei» Phcne S21-11M. EIGHT week old puppy, ihort hair, small, refntered sire, evcelient temperament. 110. Phonr 442-9416. T.F.fiUfrT.p.r.r) h'acfc mmialure Pwjd.e. male, l^i e a f i old. Phone 443-M15 a f t e r 4.00. TAP.T pooille pun^. '10 tarn. Pr.onf 115. «TfiO. CAVK ftprinia Recapptr harint · tire ·ale. Special. 7S6/14, 800/14, wnitawallt, SU.30, mounting and baltncini tree. 1st- caied at Norm end of Ow Sprints. Pnone ·SS-M5 or 2SM«S. CbtTTOlet picrupl. D Jfr D Suzuki, corner acnool A Ipnnf ite. Phone AKC male apricot poodle. Plume ^',3- 4T19 after S:00. SIAMK.SK kittens for stlf. Phone TTM *vfnin£«. Orman Shepherd P'JP- piei, 135. Phone- 521-1*66 27-For Sal«-Hom» mrtvt beiuty rlwtn't *hn«? ~an !t ht nnf **\rh it flow. f«c Hl-if I/m- . r.»nt clfctrlc ·h^mporxr. )l. R'1 nkl:n. 410, No. Cf,\\*tf. Fii.^tf. :!!»·. ATTn.CB fouflWin help. A * W . . . £(* North Ooll«|e. ·.fur 10:00 im. in person RALSTON PURINA CO. Spring dole Turkey Plant NOW H I R I N G Production Workers Permanent openings for men and women over 18 years of age starting April 39, 1969. Base wage a $1.75 going 10 $1.82 July 1, 1969. Excellent working conditions. No Experience Necessary WE WILL TRAIN YOU Apply in Person to: Ralston Purina Turkey Processing Plant Wobe Ian* Springdole, Ark. WE ARE AN EQUAL OPPOR. TUNITY EMPLOYER VOLKSWAGEN REPAIR RAuilt enrlnes, new · used nerts tt discount prices. Oisrlc Texaco. 80. 71 A Cato ·priafa Road. I2-SM3. 24A-loat* Marine Supplies CAR INSURANCE URBAN HOLLAND 1M N. 442.U1I irw.i^. thro* run, fruit ]»n. f : « n - i f txjuipment. tublr, electnr hf«: f«". m»n'«. rhiMren'R. wom^n'i c',i!h:rz. m:«celHn*oui. Frid«y p m. and Eitur- rt*v. f;o!!in. IS11 Mission Trftditinnul rouch. folfl tnl while. 1 fc» fw ronditiftn. I.ifht cherrv deik. Thonf I42-7BI »f!*r S'OO. LARSON bott. S5 hwM »l*ctnr John- ·on tnt trtilcr. .?' ctno* vnti I horw motor. Pfton* 521-S6H. M*rruir *n S. ?A h p. »l*dric ttlrt. rf- mnl« fflntroll, J295 M T. D. WhitthOrti, EXCELal.ENT rwnbinatiftn fnh or ki fib*r|l*i bott xlmoct new; us h P Johnson; G«Or trtilSr. Call 8E-1338 r 4:30. Onlv iwpo. N.TW ·lumtflum iJ-rrxn hn»t inri n «« VfCulloch i h p. mMyr. Phnnt 442-971,1. JTJlT fctttotn, 7'i h p. molftr in6 t *1W. On* block lOTilh *nt on* blwk it of Laundry in Farmmtton. HEAVY DUTY Marine Batteries Vaughn Battery Highway 71 South BOAT INSL'R-JMCE HW-P i Apply il ovt»r 71. m«lt »nfl Ten Hul. »» N. C6!l«ff. BVEnTIODT rasas tla TIVKI WIST ADS. Tou arel Attention Students M«!« ftr (wnilf. looxtni for · Hummer job? Whv not it«n now worttmr »t Vie Mon Dnv* In. NfM two nifht carhoi* to work fiv* or six niflita w«tk. Appl in ptr.wm Vjc-Moo Dn v» jn. 1S« HONPJl *H frraWn. «W1 On» ftlork fiouth anil ore block Wait of nry In yarmintton. 23-S«rvle« PO BABTMTTINO In my hon.t-.Uy, t wttit or hourly- Phon» 821-3351. PATKTIKO. ptpettRI. wallcovtriBf, vinyl. r*rpr«fitr'. rmtmf. ·hMlnvIt iih. G*n*r«l h«nrl\Tn»n. Phflnt 51Q- SUN BRITE JANITOR SERVICE Carpet Shampooing Jack Curtsinger 442-7062 or 442-5503 Appl:»np« All tj-p*t R*p«lr P*r- on Phon» 4«-2145 or r«mot1fiinf or ftnrrtl contnctinf. Pnone rarpinttr work, mnm ··Mitjoin. f^iinr!«- tioni, nv-finf in4 homt improv»m«nlv frf* f*tim*t'l, iitiiflctln ruksttntr*'! Phent 921-1^. TOP SOIL Gravel AeUTirtl yird work Pimm 4J- VTSCFXIJINDOU8 hiulinf inr tim». Interior p« In tint Bill 44MJSI or 121- 8W5. T:r.. 1«P »»·'. M! flirt yirfl wftrlr. Ptint Rtpcir. Hint Hin;inf, y M Nifht 445-HTI inn. rviitflm work hy hour IT nwlrarl. rfr clfirini, d i t r h m f . pr.n1 riMn rfiKvn»M* ril't 4 · vi fir MB I M». 23A-M«chin«ry A Toelt- TTHtD IrartO' four Bp** 1 !. MM f»» .nr Ford tfiK'k h-1 i.i1 M«v-k ra^.. tjnn ftrtKI. y^rrt trirltr. »\.**ll.»tH in. hllfjt an1 f i r n f i r»rl I' lUV b»!tr, lilr» vtm. J«vn rf»n 1C. ?4'? . . f i f » nr b l f l ^ a r f l «l»n. Will t ^ » l 1W rni.'OKR. 1 ir**4 tran v.i. p r« r,AM*1.T.f. *nir Ite «m. UHBAH HOLLAND U4 N. atletll PIMM 44MUX 24*-Moforcyclet- fl. MOO. PMn* 4-1.V3TW. LIGHT BULBS *Je.i«re4. HHp Ev-*nmf U'ons Kyntfht protrnim. Phone 44W512 day «r n^M. GOOD ntlfction of uitd furr.iturt at D*nnn Hoin» PaiTiiihir.ti. 324 W««l DldtaVaTl. FLUFfT inft an-1 hnjtht 8^ n*w. Tnal'i ·hit eiMmm mi* w i n 4t *hfa you u«» Rlu* Luftrf 1 Rfnt f!*rtnf tthatnipw^r, II. Pftllt Furnituif 603 W. U:ck»on. Fav- 27A-Musicfll Merchondiit- MAGNUS chord nrfin Htnd hats, Bi«"if nd nvnnr '·horrtJ. i*e«il pulal Jl^S. hon* 442-W9J b*tw«n 5 and 7 pm . Vntf Pilfi flr«!i. Pi«r,o m 3211 irlv. Frtrt Smith. Ailr. 7Z»01 MOVING SOUTHWEST PIANO VAN 2616 Hwy. 71 S. 442-6572 SPIN'RT riASO. mutt I:nn»fer nt»xt II di;-i. 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U' .wlf-rontainfd IH55 HOBITI HOMR WHOLES A I.t PRICKS II'XS*-' 2 h»*l. $MM 12'x.l»' 2 b«d. S- 1 «^^ U x 4 V I31AO I/vjH»-J At New Hope Trailer Park So. 71, Hojfrj. Ark. AND Robert* I m p l e m e n t Co. WtAtvill*. Okli. PA 3-4333 Trailer Towing C e l l Chandler Trailer Convoy, Inc. Phone 4 4 2 - 8 8 7 1 Eugene H. Minton JBATlinrnT. G/vxl Pent* rlr^«- t»T rr 1 *!**!!infiii* hn 1 ' miT? anil wnrri- IT,« riotning. Hilh*l 112. Ph-wi* 4 1 - '.T Offl Imurf y v i r n t TH n^w rnml-non. rVfrnrilf ifti !B*r«inr. fru-irr . P f B H i n e motfir ii-H h « i : Aim I'*'-* rh»vrnlf t h'ji r»mpt*r --ifi'l'. lor T.". Int.Mntti" r-.:h tr««-tnr with «ttm-V m»nit R^itor.nb.^. Pnont »·· nOYS 1 hlkf* tnl 3^' I-iii' Eni! ·«!, Boih m Rooil ror.f!it.on. Plrwf 413-3P' 1 !. 4 HP rM:nf mft«r.»r. $V1, jr- tim. nir^ard Ma-Han. I'M !.n GARDEN TRACTORS WHEEL HORf,E Tr*rttir w r h FREE MOWKR DUNIVAN'S S»I«i Ac S«Tv:ri» Hwy. M Wf«t. Springd*!* 756-^270 I - F K P *!jlr"1lr«l P n - » ] i - p » « « r . 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