Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 34
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 34

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 34
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·EACH C9MB1NG MALCOLM JEPLEY ^HERCHEZ le. lucre.motive' ,-\!^(you can mix ^ariguages iriMhe international city, can't-you?): ·; -. . -^Everybody must.know.'by ,#ils.-time, that it was the big tfieater owners who'insti- gated and mainly financed -trie 1964 campaign to outlaw pay tv -- a measure just: knocked;6ut hy^the Supreme' .Court. : · . . , . ; -They were openly fighting another entertainment media ^th'at might cut theater revenues. "'/Awful after thought: You .don't suppose the barbers are behind those authoritarian-attempts to make teenage youths keep their hair cut? J30Y SCOUT patrol leaders, as you may-or may not know, wear, as 'a symbol of their authority two cloth bars stitched horizontally on their jackets. · At an organization meeting here the other night, the adult .leader, displayed 'the two. bars and.then proceeded with the selection of the -patrol leader. After.the meeting the boy chosen came forward eagerly. . "Man," he said, holding out his hand, "let me have that number 11." A N ANCIENT public beef that is always being .renewed concerns .pavement cutting. Said 'an -irate feminine .voice on the 'phone: "You 'should swat somebody in the city for what's going on out oh E. Seventh -St. at Recreation Park. For. heaven's sake, they've, got the .pavement -dug 1 up and are laying pipe. Why didn't they have eriough;sense to lay the pipe before ittey. .-"p a' v'e d that 1 '- . ·Being one who is also annoyed about paving cuttings, r-prpmised to check, and did. Unfortunately,' I can find nothing' . in 'the . situation that deserves the swat proposed by "my caller. .They did lay pipe before the paving of E. 7th -- 44 years ago. It's gas pipe, and after 44 years it's leaky as a si_eve.. So the gas dept. is replacing it, and it is doing the jOb-Jihead of 'a resurfacing project on that street so theyj-won't have to dig up new-Surface later on. ^Daggone, one's forever finding facts that undermine the. basis for a good, crack- 1 ling .complaint. r)P~G OWNERS like me can :Vrjroduce fanciful dialogues such as one I did ab'out space dogs here a while 'back, but some parakeet" owners don't have to resort- to spoof about their pefstalking. They really do. ."One such is Perky, the de -light of Dorothy Sutherland, 6723. Gardenia St. in north Long Beach. ^Through a lot of patient wojjk,' Dorothy: has taught PjJrKy full length: sentences, su:h-as: 7 -Cyndon Johnson is presi dent- of the United States" . . . "Our Flag is red, white and blue" . . . ".God Bless America" . . . -"President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963." Perky also gives the fam lly address and telephone number, and occasionally emits a couple of cuss words. rjRrFTWOOD -- Asst. Po- J -' lice Chief Bill Kummer is back from a trip to Rose- burgr in western Oregon. "It rained all the time I was up there," he reports. Well . . BEDROOM C E N T E R OF AclryiTY says a headline in piir paper. And snaps Keri-Hempnill, in a daring note: -"What, else is new?" ; ; '."Reader suggests that the VA-Hospital should bedesig- nated on a San Diego Freeway-.'sign at the Bellflower turri-off, where State College ; is already designated. And maybe it should be . . . Memorial Hospital has tried in vain to get a freeway designation, however. "Too many hospitals," is the essence of the answer of hwy. officials. . ' . ' " . ' ' · . . · · · . . . · ' · - ' · · ' · ' . . - ' ' . -SliH Pinto b y CURT JOHNSON E^CACTLY.33 YEARS after the LongjBeach earthquake.'R. V. Pearsall recalls as.h.e leans bri fireplace how it was damaged by the quake. Bricks were used . for temporary'Outdoor stove after the quake, then used to rebuild chimney. MANY REMEMBER L.B, Got Shook 33 Tears Ago By STEVE GIBSON "For us it meant sleeping on cots and mattresses out in the backyard for several days. It was sort of like a picnic." · · - - · · That was how'R. V. Pearsall, 80, a civil engineer, remembered the big Long Beach earthquake Thursday on the 33rd anniversary of the temblor.. . "I was sitting right there when it started," he said pointing to an easy chair next to the fireplace in the living room of his two-story home at 2595 Lime Ave. "We'd just returned, fro ma boxing match and my brother and sister-in-law were in .the living room.with me. My wife was in the" dining room and the kids were outside,"- ' · - , ' · ' ' , ' . P e a r s a l l said he got out of the chair arid crossed the living room momehts before the chimney of the fireplace toppled and fell through the living room ceiling. , "There was a four-foot, pile of. bricks ; t in the'Hying room, but no-one was injured,." he r'ed'ailidi'.V/.l V.; ."We told the kids to get a w a g o n and. haul the bricks to the backyard, =We built a makeshift stove with ' the bricks and cooked on it for several days, until we got the house repaired." ' Pearsall, a pleasant man with steel-rimmed glasses, leaned 1 against'the fireplace mantle as the hands of a clock^close by neared 5:55 p.m., the time of the quake .Which left 90 persons dead and 700 injured. That flight, Pearsall remembered, .he and his family slept .under the stars as many Long Beach residents-fearing another quake--hurried out of town."We were worried, too, but decided to stay. I didn't know much about the nature of earthquakes then. I later learned that the first shocks of an earthquake are the worst--if you live through the first on.e, you don't have anything to worry about. The ground isn't going to open u p o r anything." . : . . . - [ _ . . . ' ' - . A few days after the quaHe, ; he said, they rebuilt the chimney with the same.bricks that fell. . .: . "We had everything back in order .in about a. week. Admittedly, we. had a lot of fun put of the earthquake And if I had known then what I know now about earthquakes I wouldn't have worried." . . Navy.. Man's Death Cause Not Certain Fright-Death Jury Locked Up for Night Jurors deliberating the fati of three men charged witl causing . the death by frigh of a robbery victim will re sume attempts to reach a ver diet today after failing to d so Thursday. Superior Court Judge Bead Vasey sent the four-man eight-woman panel to a hole at 5 p.m. Thursday when th jurors reported they were no yet in agreement. They ha begun deliberation's in .th month-old trial: at ,10:26 a.m Defendants " ; are : .-Johatha rt Stamp, 21, Michael Job Kobry, 22, and Joseph Dea Lehman, 27.. They are ac cused. of. robbery and murde of. Carl iloneyman, 60, wh died last Oct. 20 of a hear attack, 15 minutes after bein held up in his office at 51 W. 17th St. FIRMS IN ULTIMATUM TO 24 CITIES Ambulance Threat By BOB DAVIS An ultimatum that could larply curtail private anibu- ance service in Orange Coun- was delivered to the. coun- y's 24 cities this week by the ounty's 10 ambulance firms, t was revealed Thursday. . The: ultimatum, in effect, old city' fathers that unless hey agree to reimburse a per- entage of the ambulance fee or transporting traffic acci ent victims when the victim s unable, or refuses to pay, mbulance service may be cut ff completely. Richard Crane and Donald l o w e r s , ambulance owners peaking for their counterparts throughout the county, aid the ultimatum is strictly ne of 'economics. "We are losing money under the present system," they complained, "and we want the cities to pay us in specific cases where patients do not pay." A request for a remedial solution to the economic problem was made to the Orange County League of Cities on Thursday. The group created a special committee to look into the ambulance firm problems, hoping to recommend some solution that would keep am bulances on Orange County streets and highways. A possible solution is expected when the league meets agnin in early April but, whatever the recommendation, it would still remain up to individual city councils to ratify the plan. Bowers said there are two possible solutions: I. Cities would pay ambulance firms under the same type conditional agreement FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 1966 SECTION B--Pago B-l MARKETS ON PAGES B-8 i B-9 now In effect with the county. 2. Cities could Inaugurate their own ambulance service operated by either the police or fire department. Crane and Bowers agreed that ambulance service would be greatly improved if each city operated its osvn ambulance because tax monies could provide all of the equipment needed for a " s u p e r service." They added, h o w ever, the expense might prove too much for taxpayers. In 1961 the a m b u l a n c e firms united because of similar economic problems, and p r e s s u r e s they exerted prompted the county to pay for services rendered. Under the present, county, (Continued Page B-8, Col. I) Nab Suspect in Blast at Navy Apartments » A ' Long Beach police Thursday arrested a fry cook on suspicion of stealing a stove Saturday from the Cabrillo Navy housing project and leaving the gas line unplugged, causing a $400,000 explosion Sunday morning. Sgt. Ray Henry and Officer C. B. Ussery said they arrested,Bob Gene Anderson, 32, of 1631 W. Pacific Coast Highway at his home at 1:15 a.m. Recreation Board OK Given Shoreline Plans Development plans for two shoreline areas to be improved at a cost of more than 53.7 million, were, .approved Thursday by the Long Beach Recreation Commission. The widely separated projects are the Belmont Plaza Beach Center and tile Marine Stadium West redevelopment, both to be financed from tideland oil funds. Commissioners included in their Belmont Plaza approval an enclosure for the proposed new beach swimming pool, even though this improve meht does, pot yet show-.on the plans'.'' * * + * TOE DESIGN' is to be ie- vised in time for a start on the project late next summer, officials said. Scheduled for construction beginning in June are. the Marine Stadium improvements, including the filling of an 850-foot segment at the extreme west end of the sta- dium, it will be developed for park arid roadway use, partly in conjunction with the elevated Pacific Coast Freeway plan. Other features include a boathouse, a landing ramp for powerboats and sailing craft, cleanup and rebuilding of the jeach area, landscaping, lighting, irrigation and a perimeter roadway system. Commissioners approved one, more major-event in the stadium before the recon struction begins--a powerboat race May. 30 under spbn sorshlp of the'Sou'therri Call forriia Speedboat Association and the Belmont Shore'Lions Club. * * + · IN OTHER actions the com mision: Agreed to the use of camp Hi-Hill on Mt. Wilson Aug 15-17 by mentally retardet children from the J. P-.Greeley School in Orange: Henry said the stove and a refrigerator stolen from the tract were recovered from the apartment of a girl friend of Anderson in Lomila. The officers said an informant gave them the location of the stove and refrigerator and that a check of serial numbers established they had been taken from the housing tract. The refrigerator was stolen Feb. 18 and the stove was taken about 8:30 p.m. Saturday. The cutoff valve for the gas line was stolen along with the stove, the officers said. Gas that escaped from the open pipe accumulated in the vacant apartment arid apparently was Ignited by a hot water heater pilot light at 11:22 a.m. Sunday. Thirteen other units in the- project were severely damaged and 53 units received minor damage. The explosion delayed the moving date for about'100' Navy families that were to move into the tract, which is between 20th Street and River Avenue in northwest Long Beach. · Because the apartments were under construction, they 'had not yet been turned over' to the ,Nayy, and Long Beach police had jurisdiction' in the case, ah FBI spokesman said. CHRISTIANS, JEWS CONFERENCE 3 Civic Leaders Honored A Navy petty officer was; killed Thursday on Terminal island's Seaside Avenue under the east end of the. Vincent Thomas Bridge. Harbor Division police listed the death as a possible traffic fatality pending the outcome of an autopsy. The dead man was identified as Petty Officer 2.C. William Hope Nelson of the Landing Ship Dock USS Comstock. Police said Nelson was lying in the street when he was hit by a car driven by Mildred Ann Nagel, 41, of 362 W. 10th St., San Pe'dro, at 2:50 a.m Miss Nagel, a waitress, said Ads in I, P-T Altvays Are On-Target "I had over 200 calls from my I, P-T want ad when I sold my 30-06 with scope and Marlin 30-30 rifles the second day the ad ran," reports M. M a r t i n s o n , 10939 Alondra Blvd., Norwalk. Place a thrifty, fast- working I, P-T classified want ad for on-target selling. For the hot line to e a s y ad placement phone HE 2-5959, from B e l l f l o w e r p h o n e TO 6-1721. she saw the man too late to avoid hitting hirri. Officers said they could not determine immediately whether or not Nelson was already dead when Mrs. Na gel's car ran over him. Nelson apparently had been walking on Seaside Avenue, which has^no sidewalks, from the Navy base to where his ship is docked at Bethlehem Shipyard. * * « * CM LONG Beach, another sailor died Wednesday at 11:30 p.m., 31 hours after he was struck by a shipmate's car while on his way home to celebrate his wife's birthday. Seaman William E. Burge, By RALPH HINMAN JR. "Understanding-- ; togetherness--brotherhood. : :". These characteristics of the National Conference of Christians and Jews' were reexamined Thursday night as the local chapter held its annual testimonial dinner in Lafayette Hotel. Honored by the 700-pIus who"filled International Ballroom were three Long Beach civic leaders who, in the words of dinner chairman John Barrett, "have contributed so much-to our city"-Harry Buffum, Rabbi Harvey Franklin and Rear Adm. Ned W. Sprow. tween people," he said "I am Sprow, commandant' of th e proud and honored, that the l l t h Coast G u a r d District conference is presenting this here, was Rear Adm. Carleton plaque to Rabbi H a r v e y B j naya| f ' f [Tfortlrtm ^iF i m . i v . 'Pnrrtr.lrt ' »v.*.w commander and head of the Los Angeles Naval Base. Sprow said he has been in Long Beach only five years-"the best five years of our lives. In 32 years of married life, my wife and I at last have found an opportunity to Franklin of your Temple Israel. "He is a symbol of what a fine American Jew can be!" Rabbi Franklin recalled for tu's audience the formation of Long Beach's first chapter of NCCJ in the early 1930s. He of founding members, Ike Sukman and Monte Abrams, "who were physically unable to be here tonight, but they send their love." I n t r o d u c i n g Admiral paid special tribute to a pair become associated with a city 'understanding : -- togetherness--brotherhood." After dinner s p e a k e r Robert L. Gordon, the Bank of America's executive v i c e president for Southern Cali 'ornia, declared that "government action may end segrega lion--but decency and brotherhood cannot be legislated." One of the things he said brotherhood is not is "the c o o l cat's noninvolvement --this city. Chapter chairman Wallace Arntzen talked briefly of the group's early history, tied to gether the individual speakers' view of NCCJ as full of MARK STINSON Grip on Life Failed Boy Victim of Cave-Iii Succumbs Mark Bradley Stinson, 13, buried under a mass of earth last Friday In a homemade foxhole in . Downey, died Thursday at Rancho Los Am I go s Hospital. He never regained consciousness, hospital Spokesmen .'said)-)'·'· · · ^ The boy, of 7850 Lyndora St., Downey, was rescued by firemen in a frantic, 20-minute battle to reach him beneath the soft dirt which had caved In while he and three companions played. The other boys, including .young Stinson's brother, Scot, 12, were not : injured. The boys had dug two holes in a vacant lot at the.south- east corner of Imperial Highway and Smallwood Avenue, and the wall of the hole occupied by the older Stinson boy collapsed, covering him with four feet of dirt. The boy,, brought to the surface arid given resuscitation by a fife department rescue crew, had been in an iron lung since being hospitalized. H e ' d i e d ' a t 5:45 a.m. Brain with others the idea of 'letting George' "foster t h e concept of unity. Mayor Edwin W. Wade and Supervisors' Chairman Burton W. Chace i s s u e d official greetings to the audience. 23, of 345 Daisy Ave., was hit 3y a car while crossing Ocean Boulevard at Daisy Avenue He died of brain damage anc other injuries. Police said Burge, a radar operator aboard the destroye USS Mansfield, was struck by a car driven by seaman Ronald E. Peters, 29, also o the Mansfield. Friends told p o l i c e tha Burge, who returned' Feb. £ from Viet Nam, was walking home to his apartment when his wife, Jannalee, with hi family and f r i e n d s , wer waiting to celebrate her birth day. BUFFUiH'S plaque was pre- ented by, The Independent's :olumnist, Larry Collins Sr., o the ailing merchant's son, Richard Buffum. LAC, dubbing Buffum "Mr. Long Beach," noted that "in he 40 years or so I've known Harry there has been no important activity in the city to vhich he didn't give himself." The younger Buffum, a ioleta newspaper publisher, noting that "I'm in an enviable position because I don't have to be modest," said his father's "secret of rotherhood" is embodied three things he's passed on to me: "It's not a backslapping type of brotherhood but s on a direct person-to-person basis . . . and recognizes that the individual's differences are important to him." * - * « * PRESENTING the second honoree and "my old pal from college days" was Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin of Wilshire Boulevard Temple. N o t i n g that NCCJ's "great work is in breaking down hatreds be- damage, caused by the loss of oxygen, was blamed. Funeral services will bo Saturday at 3:30 p.m. at Westminster Memorial Park Chapel, with Miller Downey Mortuary in charge. Friends may call Friday noon through 9:30 p.m., and Saturday until noon. Surviving are the boy's father, James L. of Huntlngton Beach; mother, Mrs. Ralph E. Sutliff of Downey; brothers, Graig and Scot of the home address; and grandparents, Mrs. Emma Stinson of Huntington Beach and Mr. and Virs. Joseph A. Sanderson of Lakewood. CIVIC LEADERS honored at National Conference of Christians and Jews testimonial dinner were, from left, Rear Adm. Ned W. Sprow, Rabbi Harvey B. Franklin and Richard Buffum, standing in for his ailing father, Harry Buffum. Sailor Faces 5 Felony Counts for 'Invasion' Billie Frank Davis, 23, Thursday was ordered to enter pleas to five felony counts stemming from an alleged "invasion" of a young sailor's apartment. Davis, himself a sailor, will appear 'in Superior Court to enter pleas to two counts of Burglary, plus assault with a deadly weapon, kidnap, and attempted rape. Municipal Court Commissioner Loyd Lavender set bail at $8,250. Mr. and Mrs. David William Oberdoester t e s t i f i e d that they'were awakened in .their apartment at 718 E. Sixth Si March I by a man they identified as Davis. · · "' They said he tied up Ober- doester, 20, and attempted to rape Mrs. Oberdoester, 18. Oberdoester said he freed, himself of his bonds arid fought with Davis while Mrs. Oberdoester screamed for help.

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