Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 2, 1973 · Page 12
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 12

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1973
Page 12
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PAGE 12 T U C S O N D A I L Y CITIZEN FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1973 Watergate judge asked more probe WASHINGTON (UPI) The judge in the Watergate bugging trial said today he has recommended questioning several persons before a grand jury about political espionage against the Democratic party and its candidates: Chief U.S. District Judge John J. Sirica revealed his actions without mentioning names. His action followed 1 a statement by a Senate subcommittee headed by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., that it had information strongly indicating that "a wide range of sabotage and espionage activities" was part of President Nixon's re-election campaign. Sirica spoke when he set bond at $100,000 for two former officials . of Nixon's reelection organization -- G. Gordon Liddy and James W. '. McCori Jr. ---who were con-: victed Tuesday for burglary, conspiracy, bugging and wiretapping in the Watergate case. The judge-said that on Jan. 24,'about a week before the trial ended, "I gave the government several names of persons I thought should be called before the grand jury to testify about what they know about this case. "I made these suggestions, after "hearing testimony from' the lips of witnesses on the stand -arid listening to tapes of Mr. Baldwin's interview with the Los Angeles Times;" . Alfred C. Baldwin HI was the star prosecution witness at " the trial, testifying that he had been hired by McCord- to monitor telephone's at the Democratic .National Com-- mittee's headquarters..... . . . . . . All seven men originally charged in the Watergate case are expected to be called ,be- for. the grand jury. Five pleaded guilty early in the proceedings. '-. 'Sirica said some of those he said -should be called previously had -testified, while some had not. The judge also said he hoped a Senate investigation wpuld "get to the bottom of what happened." Policeman Builder reports: 'Bread-and-butter' home priced out of reach here LEGAL NOTICE the ballot It · qualified elector of the District. · ... · · The purposi of said election Is to submit to tht vote.oRhe quallf led 'electors thereof, the Question as shown on the following form f official Ballot: ··· The voter shall nark · cross In the, sauare ' - |SAN FRA^seo : s ; (Bp!). --M 'a basebatt^play^'^er geta'J300,OQOiw hittiiig^w, or'-'a^pot^'^la^'^'forffi makes ^,i»0 per tbubhdowhf' 1 they can point to San Francisco topless queen Carol Doda as the pioneer in this style of labor relations. Miss Doda's silicone-enlarged bosom measures 44 inches. She has renegotiated her contract with the Condor Club for 1973 and got a raise - from ?36,000 to $44,000. Four men, 500 pounds of pot held Four men were arrested by state narcotics agents from Tucson yesterday on charges involving 500 pounds of marijuana flown into Arizona from Mexico. Jailed were Gregory A. Sanderbal, 20, of Los Angeles; Wayne T. Barn, 25, of Dayton, Ohio; Ralph I. Dribble, 26, of Whittier, Calif., and Louis L. O'Jibway, 26, of Mammoth Lake, Calif. Authorities said Sanderbal and Barn were arrested in the desert near S afford, minutes after police reported seeing two men unload the marijuana from an' airplane that had landed on an abandoned road. The plane reportedly took off before authorities moved in. A second plane, flown by U.S. Customs agents, followed the craft to Casa Grande where it landed to refuel for a trip to Flagstaff, according to Capt. James LaPonsie, head of the criminal division of the southern Arizona district of the Department of Public Safety. He said Dribble and O'Jibway were apprehended at the municipal airport there by DPS officers. Sanderbal and Barn were . being held by Graham County sheriff's deputies who assisted in the arrest. Dribble and O'Jibway were taken to the Final County jail in Florence. The four were charged with possession of marijuana for sale and transporting marijuana. Auditions set tomorrow for musical Auditions are scheduled from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. tomorrow at the Randolph Park Recreation Center, 200 S. Alvernon Way, for parts in a musical review of Broadway hits, j "Show Stoppers," sponsored | by the City Parks and Recrea- ' lion Department and the University of Arizona Student Union. The auditions are open to those" 16 years of age and older who wish to perform in musical productions. The show itself will be presented at The Cellar at the Student Union March 8-10. - A M. J. Southard TCC names Southard chairman The Tucson ^Community Center Commission elected M. James Southard to a one year term as chairman at a meeting held yesterday. ; Southard, of 5501 E. 7th St., Is district manager of State Farm Insurance. He is .also chairman of -the Commission on Human Relations and is- associate state chairman for the March of Dimes. He succeeds Gen. Benjamin H. Pochyla, U.S. Army (ret.). Atty. -Herbert E. Lahr was named vice chairman. ;..,..'. . Other business taken up^at j the meeting included theideci- sion fpt;jthe Tucson Commuiii- ityyritergto #ik';a. more^iac- r ti|e partjiti; toe ' Almost two-thirds of Tuc- , son's families cannot afford to buy a "bread-and-butter" $20,- : 000'home, says the vice president of Estes Corp. homebuilders., James Shedd last night cited a study made by his company in December which shows that at least 60 per cent of Tucson's households do not have the annual income necessary to. meet FHA mortgage pay* merits and maintenance expenses on a three-bedroom, one and three-quarter bath home with 1,100 square feet. Such a home, which Shedd called "Tucson's bread-and- butter house," cost $8,250 in the early 1960s, but land speculators in part have driven the price up to $19,000 to $21,000, Shedd said. "We are forced to do business with these people who held out -- speculators who are now coming to us with such high prices that we can't afford to build under $20,000," agreed Sol Tobin, Southern Arizona Homebuilders Association vice president who.was another member of a panel last'night on Tucson planning sponsored by the League^ of Women Voters of Tucson. Shedd also said that zoning regulations limited the areas of the city in which most Tuc- sonians could afford to -live. He added, "I do not feel zoning limitations should limit these choice areas (the Catalina Foothills and Tucson's East Side) to the privileged ·few."; . ' .: " : Another panelist, Pima County Supervisor Ron Asta, suggested that land speculators could be considered to be damaging the community if they hold out for exorbitant prices and 1 perhaps could be assessed a tax penalty or have their land condemned and sold at lower prices by the government. Asta said he is "trying to see what we can do at the" state legislative level on this," because such actions undoubt- Nurses told to demand * i freedom, bear its load today; = at Me-;, Poiic^-identifM" the victim as William Greathhouse, 30. Detectives said ..Greathouse .was shot by officer Phillip Moore" as he held Moore on his ..back ."··on the ground and stabbed at him with a knife. Moore said he fired four shots at the suspect. The incident began, police said, when Moore answered a malicious mischief call at a Southside service station. The station owners reported a man had broken out the windows. . . Thonip-: ·son !said : twi » 'newi;ticket';SaieS outletS ; 'tiad: been added at Ja; come's downtown and the Pueblo Ticket Agency. It was suggested that another office might be opened in the eastside City Hall. v - · ·· The time h as come for nurses to demand autonomy and to, shake the traditional image of unquestioning obedience, a , Loyola (Chicago) University associate professor of nursing ?."says. ·* v ·i "Speaking at a three-day ., seminar'at the University of, Arizona College of '-Nursing, Mrs.' Myra Levirie''said; how- " ever, that such self-direction carries with it an added rer spbnsibility. . v : ; "The nurse is the .patient's , advocate, and that must in : elude the most vigorous guarding of his safety from the consequences of ignorance and mauce," she said. "To witness in silence anything that jeopardizes a patient is to participate in that action yourself." She stressed that the nurse's code demands that patients be protected from incompetent, unethical or illegal practices, whether committed by other nurses, physicians, technicians, aides, orderlies or hospital administrators. edly have legal ramifications. Zoning, the builders.argued, also forces them to hopscotch over large vacant land areas : and build farther and farther away from the city's core, accounting in part for the fact that at least 35 per cent, of the land within Tucson's city limits is vacant. Asta partially agreed,, say- .in'g that the city, for example, has 100 square .miles of land zoned for industrial use, withs 87 square miles unused. ',... ,, This land could be/rezoned; he said, but he recommended postponement until "the whole picture" could be studied during a proposed zoning moratorium. Meanwhile, he said, smaller parcels within the city already zoned for homes could be developed, an idea the builders put down as economically unfeasible for them. Other panelists who discussed planning problems in their areas were David Richmond, Development Authority for Tucson Economy director; Donald Bufkin, Tucson Area Transportation Planning Agency director; Dr. Roy Mattson, Amphitheater School District board member; Gene Reid, Tucson Parks director; James Hummer, a senior city planner; and Frank Brooks, Tucson Water and Sewer.De- partment director. LEGAL NOTICE ORDER AND C£LL OF SPECIAL BON ELECTORS O 10 (AMPHITHEA V APIZOKA .. j'ficE IS'HEREW G^VEN thatj pe clal bond election has, been ordered arx called by the Board o' *-- * "'- CogntyT Arizona, bur Title loard of Supervisors of Pirn pant to the provision , Chapter .... AUDITORIUM-3,?J 5 A^R Pr ^«TARY SCHOOt- ThVtM^'SfaMatth lour of 6:00 a.m. and closed at the hoi 7: So P bSlioh! wm'be'Yece'iyed by the lud». of "the tlectlon unless the person offering FULL GOSPEL BUSINESSMEN FELLOWSHIP Breakfast 8 AM -- RAMADA INN SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd.'-- SPEAKER HARRIS VV/tCOX PRISBYTIRIAN LAYMEN, BERGEN, N.Y. · ALL WELCOME SCRATCHES DURING DENTS FITZGERALD MEANS FLOOR SAMPLE LOWEST PRICES EVER SAVE A BUNDLE ON APPLIANCES!! FITZ QUITS THE APPLIANCE BUSINESS ALL APPLIANCES 13 HOUR LIMIT 2 YEAR £ FREE O PARTS V SOLD AT COST' SAT. 9-6 SUN. ELEMENTARY SCHOO ---- ' No. , COUNTY,. ARIZONA, ON MARC Shall the Board of Supervisors of Plma County, Arizona, be authorized to Issue and sell negotiable, serial, coupon, : general obligation bonds of SOooT District No. 10 (Amphitheater) of Pima County, Arizona, In the principal amount of 13,900,000, · thereby · Increasing the Indebtedness of said District above but not.above 10% of the valu- _..on of the taxable property in said District, to provide funds to puf- LEGAL NOTICE "cwallfled .tl iof Jhe District are «t' Board if a, h astillo Chairman /s/ Ron Asfa/. Member · /s/ Conrad Joyner Member ' . s/. Jim Murphy, Jr., - iSnwfby ttfe'dlstrlct, to furnish and equip 'hi-same and Improve the grounds jTM"g°f, o pay all- lecessary legal, financial consultant/ architectural and contlroent tees 5 1 · ---~.with, said bonds to be dei- jchool District NO.. 4 (Am- of Plma.County;/ Arizona, ovement- 'Bonds, Project of "to 'be:'lTMthe denomlnatlbn of $1,000 each of multiples thereof; to be Issued in one or more series, each series of bonds to be dated as of the date of Its ssuance and chase school sites in a sum not to exceed I1«5,000, to make additions to present school structures, to construct school buildings and appurtenant facilities on property now owned by the District, to furnish and eaulp the same and Improve ttie grounds thereof, to pay all necessary legal, financial consultant, architectural and contingent fees connected therewith; said bonds to be designated School District No. 10 (Amphitheater) of Plma County, Arizona, School Improvement Bonds; Project of 1973, to be.In the denomination of Jl MB each or multiples thereof, to be issued in one or more series, each series of bonds to be dated as of the date of its issuance and none of such series of bonds shall ever be issued at a time that will cause the bonded .Indebtedness of said District to exceed 10% of. ttie valuation of the taxable property therein as shown by the last assessment roll prior to the Issuance of said series of bonds, to bear Interest from the date of therr issuance until the maturity of each of said bonds at a rate not to exceed 8% per annum, interest payable semlannually on the first day of June and ttie first day of December of each year until the maturity of each bond of each series, and all bonds of a Series to mature serially on the first day of the same month of eacti year which may b» either December of June, in the amounts and 'during, a _p*rlod to be deter- l of Si . Member , : ATTE / S s/ : Elsa B.,Hanna - ..' .-' Clerk · : . , : · . ,". p S ulnsh: January 26, February li 9, 16- 23; 973 Tucson Dally Clllie'n . '.v - , · . · ; - , . . - · : , ORDER AND CAUL OFSPECIAL BOND ELETORS TO THE 7 °N N OTICE IS HEFiEBY.GIVENrttiat « spe- cla) bond ^leMion ^^.been^ordered and i.ici num..*.......,. nas.oeen DT««iTMp«"; called by the Board of Supervisors of Plma County, Arizona, pursuant; to the.provlslons o_f Title 35, Chapter 3, .Article 3, Arizona of T t e as, tnapier ·», Mriiyc.o, /MITMTM Revised Statutes, as amended, and will be picm MTMrch I/1»73 at ttie followlnp pol- LSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, mined by the Board of Plma County, Arizona, which period shall not exceed thirty (30) years from the date of the issuance Supervisors i) QUALIFiED SCHOOL n c e hour, of 6:00 a.m. and closed at the hour of 7 00 p m on election day . .. , . No ballots will be received by the ludoes of the election unless the person offering or ine eiecrion unless me pyiawu VIH=I«IIH the ballot is a qualified elector of the DIs tr! -fh« purposes of said election Is to submit to the vote of the qualified electors thereof ttie question as shown on the following form ·· official ballot lubNo H » I? FOR* SPECIAL BOND EJECTION HELD IN HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 4 (AM PHITHEATER) OF RIMA COUNTY, ARI ZONA,ONMARCH« N Shall the poard of Supervisors .of Plma County, Arizona, be authorized to Issue ani sell negotiable, serial, coupon, general obll gallon bonds of High School District No.-x (Amphitheater) Of Plma County, Arizona, LEGAL NOTICB n the principal amount ol'11400,000, ,*"*· ly increasing the Indebtedness 9fs*tt..^ rlct above 4% but notubove 10% of tne of .the valuation of the.'taxable property herein as shown by the last assessment roll'prior to the issurance of said series of bonds,-to bear interest from the^ date of their Issuance until the maturity of each of said bonds at a rate not to exceed 8% per annum, Interest payable semlannyally on he first day of June and the first; day of December of each year.until the maturity of each bond of each series, and all bonds of a series to: mature serially oh the first day of the same month of each year which may be elther-December of June, In the amounts and'during a-period to be rtcter- mlned by the Board of Supervisors of Plma County, Arizona, .which period shall not exceed thirty (30) .years from the date of ttw Issuance of each series of bonds? NOTICE TO VOTERS: BONDS, YES · / · ' · BONDS, NO The voter shall mark a cross In the square opposite the words "Bonds, Yes'' or Bonds,.No", whichever words express his choice. · . . ' . , Only qualified electors of High School District No. X (Amphitheater) or Plma County, Arizona, are eligible to vote at this election. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Board of Supervisors of Plma County, Arizona, has caused this notice to be fllven as required by law on January 19,1973. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF PIMA COUNTY, ARIZONA AT /s/Joseph A Castillo Chairman · /s/ Ron Asta Member 1st Elsa B. Hanna Clerk /s/ Conrad Joyner Member /s/ Jim Murphy, Jr. Member /s/ E. S. "Bud" Walker Member publish- January 26th, February 2, », 1*, 23 1973 'Tucson Dally Citizen I ADEK'S We moke business possible 3129 I. SPEEDWAY AT A^ERNON 793-9404 CIMATRON PRINTING CALCULATOR 239" RECONDITIONED BY IBM AT THEIR FACTORY *We think too much of you and our TOSHIBA calculators to ask you to "SAVE THE BOX"-to send the machine . bock to the nranufac- turer should something cause it to require servicing. We operate ovr own well stocked parts department, keep plenty of leaner machines for your use, and have factory trained service technicians *We think too much of you and .pur TOSHIBA calculators to ask you.to "JUST READ THE MANUAL". A qualified sales representative will show you and your staff how to get the most out of your TOSHIBA calculator You and your staff will be trained to handle all of your calculating problems in the simplest way. * The TOSHIBA 12]6PA computes percentages, will figure depreciation, proration, and do distribution, etc. On addition there is no heed to enter the "decimal. It is entered automati- , cally. 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