Independent from Long Beach, California on January 21, 1975 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1975
Page 9
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PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) UM. MKD, c.m., TML, j». n, tm ·;* ·»* Lid Ymn Spirits UTAH SYMPHONY Maurice Abravanel, Cond. One nt Ami-niM s h-n ISi-st -- I.squirt inurs., jan. 73, 8 P.M. L8CC Aud. · Clark and Harm Way S*,00 9en. and S2.M studcnls. irs over 6? · A S T E A L ! Tickels al LBCC Bank (»·»)) and al Bon OMicc DEAR ABBY Enjoys first marriage re-runs ,. ... .. : _ ,u. -.,,* rf the tfieil Itlill uic ivoi. ul ** 1C iattrat: his turn at being postmas- tofass. tor. . ' . ..' · " " ' Tbe^trick was to try^to D A L E I N S F NX'S LAD1IS HAIRCUTS, ONLY * · · TIME IS RUNNING OUT _START NOW CLASSES STARTING NOW 'I ENROLL NOW FOR Q MEDICAL ASSISTANT 0 DENTAL ASSISTANT Q MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST ENRICH YOUR LIFE THRU SERVICE A C C R t D l T H D M E M H F . R N . A . T . T . S . A P P R O V E D FOR V E T E R A N ' S P L A C E M E N T ASSISTANCE M E M B E R C A L I F . ASSOCIATION 01 : P A R A M E D I C A L SCHOOLS LONG BEACH COLLEGE OF MEDICAL AND DENTAL ASSISTANTS IS AN ELIGIBLE INSTITUTION UNDER THE FEDERALLY INSURED STUDENT LOAN PROGRAM CLASSES STARTING NOW DAY CLASSES Bus. HOUJI 8:30 to 8:30 Dgily 8,30 to ?:00 p.m. Sot. CALL NOW 422-0481 LONG BEACH COLLEGE OF MEDICAL AND DENTAL ASSISTANTS 4439 ATLANTIC AVE, LONG BEACH By ABIGAIL VAN BUKEN DEAR AEBY: I recently began an affair with my ex-husband. W e ' v e been divorced for five years and have two children, but I never stopped loving him. We met to discuss the children a few months ago, and I had to admit that the old magic was still there because after he kissed me just once, I was helpless io resist him. Wo w e r e divorced bo- cause I caught him cheating on me several times. He admitted that he had a w e a k n e s s f o r o t h e r women that he couldn't overcome, and being a highly moral woman, I couldn't tolerate it. A year ago, I married a fine older man. He's wonderful to me and the children but he is impotent, The Aces on bridge IRA G. CORN JR. TUM CAPTAIN A man is lost in a maze of underground tunnels. He comes to a fork of two p a t h s . One is c l e a r l y packed with the steps of many who came before h i m ; t h e o t h e r shows much less traffic. What path should he choose? Winning defense often presents a similar choice and a hand played by Ace Bob Wolff offers a good example. It was played in a team contest and both W e s t s c o n s t r u c t e d an accurate p i c t u r e of declarer's hand. For one defender this was enough -- he chose the well-trodden p a t h . Wolff reasoned one step further and reached a different conclusion. West led the diamond deuce and East's ace cap- t u r e d declarer's queen. East shifted to the spade seven, won by declarer's ace. Declarer led the club jack, West covered and dummy's ace won, East dropping the revealing 10. DECLARER LED a tramp from dummy and West won the jack with the queen. West had now reached his fork in the maze of tunnels. Our first defender pictured South's hand accurately -- a singleton diamond and only two clubs. Therefore, six hearts and f o u r spades. Why not clear the hearts and wait for the spade trick? If the hearts were not cleared, declarer could easily ruff his f o u r t h s p a d e in riummv. West cleared the hearts and declarer found the natural countermove. Declarer ran all his hearts, reducing W e s t to three spades and the diamond king. A club was led to dummy's queen and West was finished. If he threw t h e d i a m o n d k i n g , d u m m y ' s j a c k w o u l d score the tenth trick; if he threw a spade, declarer's spades would be established. W h e n Wolff defended with the West cards, he had the same picture of declarer's hand after winning the heart queen. But he did go one step further. He could see that clearing the trumps would eliminate the spade ruff, but t h a t it would also force declarer into the winning line of play. So, i n s t e a d of c l e a r i n g trumps, Wolff played a club. T h i s not only re- NOKTH * 9 4 2 f 1 0 8 3 f J 974 + A Q 7 WKST EAST t J 8 6 5 * 1 0 7 ¥ A Q 4 1 6 + K 1 0 2 4 A 8 0 5 3 + K 8 6 + 1 0 9 5 - 1 3 SOUTH + A K Q 3 ; K J - 9 7 5 2 Q + J 2 Vulnerable: Both, Dealer: South, The bidding: and all efforts to correct it have failed. For some strange reason 1 don't f e e l guilty about carrying on w i t h my "ex." I almost feel t h a t u n d e r t h e circumstances I am justified. What's wrong with me? I'm b a s i c a l l y a v e r y m o r a l p e r s o n . W h a t should I do? FIRST LOVE DEAR FIRST: Yon can't have it both ways. If sex is that important to you, perhaps you'd better divorce your husband and re-marry your "ex." To continue this adulterous affair without guilt feelings indicates that you are not the "moral woman" you claim to be. Infidelity is not justified under any circumstances, be it your ex-husband's w e a k n e s s for other women, or your present husband's impotence. DEAR ABBY: I played post office as a child in England. Here's how we I played it: One m e m b e r of the party would be elected "postmaster." He (or she) would then station himself (herself) in an adjoining room. Each person remaining would be given a number, let us say one through twenty. Through the door, the postmaster called out a number. Whoever had that number would join him in the other room. If they were of the opposite South West 1» Dbl. ·)» J'ass North East . 2» 3» 'Pass Pass PERM SPECIAL MAGIC MIRROR beauty salons BIXBY KNOLLS, ^c: :w,,-. ; A,,- jrj-ss DOWNEY, ei^s^-o^o. SOLOSJ? LAKEWOOD, s-io £ ···· -··· " «i- CYPRESS, wi9-.v c ,, si :u 430 9615 · I ' - ' - . V j g . C M - r - J r nc Opening lead: Deuce of diamonds. moved dummy's entry to s a v e Wolff from embarrassing discards, it also gave declarer a choice of plays and a chance to go wrong. Had declarer played for the existing distribution, he could have made the hand by ruffing his fourth spade b e f o r e p l a y i n g another trump. However, if hearts had been 2-2 and /East had ruffed the third spade, this line of play would have led to disaster. Q u i t e understandably, declarer played another trump -- the chance Wolff had hoped for! With subdued e l a t i o n , Wolff pounced on this trick and cleared the trumps. And now he could wait with patience and in comfort for the 'setting spade trick. Bid With Corn South holds: 4 A a 6 r ) 3 + 109 i^ 3 North South 1+ ? Answer: Two clubs. The hand is worth only one bid and the single raise is the most constructive ( a n d preemptive) bid. Special Discounts Available This Month Only, BEDROOM GROUPS Heritage ( pc. . Hcnix-don (· pc. Hciirodon ·) pc. Hcnrcdon ·) pc. R.r. S I M S . S i i t o . SI 2 6 2 . , S 1 2 1 S . . Sail SH99 S699 S999 S999 G-ntury -f pc. . IA_ i' i ,,_ i / I V -\V I » J/*.. . . Henreilon -I pc. Drcxel -i pc. . . . DM. Sail S1201 86% S 903 8196 S 79-f 8529 S 503 8386 sex, they would kiss. If not, they would shake hands. The postmaster would N^Sen--N^Appointment: Nothing, but Koir-Cats! Cbssd Sun. * Mon. Scissor Cutting--All Styles,- Short 8, Med. $6.00; l °" 3$7 ^- · M.B. Ph.CT.iV The Medical Professionals. Become One! Start here* , TlfE'BKr.\IA.\SCHOOI* · 3633 Long Beach Blvd., L.B. 90807 CALL 426-8388 Please send me the Itee booklet "LEARNING TO WORK IN A DOCTOR'S WORLD." NAME ADDRESS- CITY ZIP_ '- _AGE_ _STATE_ _PHONE_ ©The Bryman Schools. Inc. A. 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FBI, 9-9, TUES. WED., TOURS. SAT. 9-6. SUN. 10-5

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