Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 18, 1969 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 18, 1969
Page 12
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Before JtorMt/ ng seriously of artificial inscm- nation in the hope that 1 can ecome pregnant. It has teen lefinitely established that my msband's sperm count is low and that is why I cannot conceive. Are there any dangers to Mrs. R. T. Virginia Dear Mrs. T.: Artificial insemination has been used in many similar instances as yours with remarkably good results. The success of the induced preg nancy by this method depends on many factors including the skilled training of the physician who undertakes the process. Usually it is an office procedure and it is completely free of pain or danger. B e f o r e the sperm of a healthy male is complete knowledge of personal and family helth m u s t be known. Any hereditary history nf emotional or p h y s i c a I distrubances should rule out the use of this person's sperm. SECRET DONOR It is imperative that conplek anonymity be maintained. The donor must not be known to Hit recipient and the recipient mus 1 n/E NEVER 5AIP7HAT I DESPISE rtw ME..,«W LOATHE ME...W ABHORME...iW DESPISE ME We WANT A SERIOUS YOUNS- MAM WHO IS ANXIOUS TO G-ET AHEAD ' I" 6 BEANPOLE AND,. CORNSTALK BRIDGE 80 FEET HIGH AND 400 FEET IONS, CONSTRUCTED BY UNIOM ENGINEERS OVER POTOMAC CREEK IN 9 DAYS, CARRIED 20 MILITARY TRAINS EACH DAY- IT WAS SUILT OF ROUGH LOSS, AND PRESIDENT LINCOLN NAMED IT THE BEANPOLE AND CORNSTALK BRIDSC DR. ERNEST L HAZELIUS C HTMBM 3 PROCESSOR Or .' TiirriO.'SY AT IWVWICK Si-MIWARX AS A BOY OF 10 WAS OFFERED ADOPTION BY EMPRtSS CftTHLK'INK THfc RUSSIA AND lilt TIT.* OF GPAND DUK; ·BUT HE INSISTED STUDYING FOR Tr/f MINISTRY tMPShSS HAD liONt 10 SCHOOL WIT 'THE BOY'S MOTHtR S'i WAS TVJEl SCN VSAS A NEW D=?SSS IN T^E \\INOOW ' A BRASS RIMG- WORKI 1M 17th CENTURY ENGLAND - AS A CURE FOR CRAMPS Your Horoscope IOOK DOWN BELOYi MR. SAWYER. BO VOU 5EE THOSE ICC-S AT TOE HASH OF THIS KCCK? WOULD YOU KIDEAKAFTTiRU 1HATICY,SWIRLW6 SVATE V!ELl,Ai:..,wIBC!iT KNOW. IW. AFRA!t NOT. : HERO WE, I WAS THINWNS...I WONDER..JFONLV SOMEBODY COULD aiMSPOWMTHIS WRETCHED PINNACLE, ITMSHTBEPOS5IBU TO GO FOR HELP... 1HATIS,IFHECCIUl[ BUItDARAFr. « h a l your outlook is. according to the stars, OCT. 22 to NO. 22 (Scorpio Flavor your usually direc !··(!! SATURDAY, ence, respect for other's opinions, suggestions. Yon w i 1 1 a c h i e v e most by being M A R C H 21 to APK1I, (Aries) - - You have an Irnl. chaiiee of f i n d i n g Ihc inform n t i n n ymi need if yon go to the right sources. Your intuition w i l l be h e l p f u l in this conncc- moderate, performing pressure. NOV. 23 to DEC. 21 taritis) -- Unusual situations w i l l now call for your top-flight ! performance. Sudden shifts in i circumstances should not deter you from pursuing meaningful finals. Keep plugging. You will win! DEC. 22 tn .IAN. 20 (Capri corn) -- A pleasant day. Capitalize on your know-how and step out to make new records. All good efforts will pay off. JAN. 21 to FEB. 1!) (Aquar- A P K 1 I . 2 ! to MAY 21 (Taurus)! : -New techniques, novel ven- ! 1 u r e s. unusual propositions ·could bring real advancement n o w - i f all the facts arc known ami possibilities c.xplorcd. Your i n n a t e keenness should he a \veNTHOM6"' ITSflTBWK. MAY -2 to J U N K 21 (Gemini) --Some unique offerings indicated. Consider each separate- medilating. delibpriiting be| fore accepting. When sure, be ; quick to act. so as not to lose liir best. You can set some new ius) -- Influences now tend to distract you from duties and obligations so a "first" and perhaps a difficult task: Keep yourself in line -- but without anxiety. { MV HUSBflND AIN'T WUTHLESS, i NOS1CHTHIN6!! HOWDV,! OWEEZ!/- ALFERD HAWKS!! y. ' CVES ON VOU IN ft HllNNfiRT I THOUGHT VOU SNUFFV VWUZ STILL HITCHED 22 in J U L Y '.'.'.', (Cancer) --Abovc-avci'agc opportunities. but you m;iy fiave to .seek some out for yourself. If gracious and WUTHLfcbS HUSEflWD FEB. 20 (Pisces) -- to MARCH 20 Don't go against artful (as you usually arc) you lind yourself completely out of step w i t h others. Sume of your future objectives are taking rihnpe. J U L Y 2-1 to A U G . 2:1 (Lco)- l)o nut be carried away with Yon born toda have r \ o r and or CNtravagant- talents and the verve to lead interesting, action - filled life. You arc endowed with Your successes coul c o m e ! through routine measures. must be interested in what you are doing ur you drop it. This is not so wise since many things A U C i . 2! to SEPT. - Relations with the TO E SURE VOU DON'T KISSTH' WRONG GUV-J HERE'S HK i PITCHER YOUSIWLL. HANDLE FOSDlCK. f . r AM' NO SKIMPIN'ON TH'TRADITIONAL KISSO' D I WAS BRUNO UP TO RESPECT TRADITION could turn out to he more fruitful t h a n you expect. You have nced projects high 'v/U NUMBER FOUR, VOU5E ARE WOW S a great love of beauty, arc delighted with higher learning enjoy travel and meeting in tcresting people. No mattct what your occupation, you car My | v e r - i a t i l i ) y . Your v i t a l i t y should be at a peak. 2-1 to OCT. 23 (Libra) and it would probably be along emphasize your alert thinking. 21. Important government Kroup abbr.) 23. Decimal base 23. On the sheltered side 20. Prevaricator '27. Weakens iS. Water barriers 29. Bacchanalian cry SO.Goltterm lil.Total 35. Household need SS. Recent 40.Thing (law) .12. Removes 45. Wander 47. Si^fers ·IS. Gas 49. Card 50. Health resort 51.Labium M, Undivided 54. Turn to tho right 5. Kliort- care (Her.) C.Jv'ew 11. Male doer 13. Win;; 1-t.liiipoi'hmo ^. nut 10. Buddy city 1. ShippaxU S. Vase 9. Mature 10. Kvergrcen. ti-cc 12. Instrument M.Kesin YOU KWEW. SH£ JUST MOVED INTO HAVE YOU OUR MEW NEIGHBOR wow: WHO 15 THAT.-.' 2rt. CIo.-.o "2. Tank i-j. Iron, gold, Answer to ycstovdiiy's puzzle. c lime o(flotation: ?5minu(CK. 2 · tterthw** ArtonTM TIMB, Friday. ApHMi,m» '·t* MYOURIEiLTt -- By tESTER k COLEHANj M.D. ---Artificial Insemination My husband and 1 are think- not enter into this situation witti- out being firmly assured of the emotional, leg?.!, and even religious implications of this most important step in your marriage. BORIC PROBLEM In one of your columns you wrote about the danger of using horae acid, even in powder form .n the diapers of young children. If it is dangerous, why is it still rmrchastible? Mrs. S. E., New Jersey Dear Mrs. E.: Borac acid has for years been used to prevent diaper rash. When such a substance has been used for a long periud of time its potential dangers are minimized because we tend to forget about them. It is now well recognized that boric acid can be absorbed by the skin in sufficient amounts tn produce boric acid poisoning in young infants. In a recent book on pediatrics. Dr. R. B. Kumar wrote. "It is not sufficient to ban boric acid from nurseries and hospitals: there seems no reason to permit the sale of this agent in drugstores for a n y purpose whatsoever, and it is high tim« that its sale was prohibited entirely." There are so many oth- not be known to the donor. !,,,. cxcc ]| cnt wa ys of cleaning A pregnancy that is begun by| ( |j. i l ) c l . s without endangering this method has no greater t]lr rllil(1 l h a t t h c r e j s no acl . physical danger than a normal v s n t a R P in ,, s j ng i )or ic a c i d , one. There arc. however. most| c v c n if tho | laza - r(i wcro j ns jg. important emotional aspects o jnifj c a iit this procedure that must not be overlooked. Occasionally t h o enthusiasm for artificial insemination does not take into consideration the potential damage that this may later do to the husband by creating within him a feeling of inadequacy. Tt is my firm and absolute belief that be- such an important step is both the wife and the husband should d i s c u s s this natter with a psychoanalyst in rder to avoid even the vaguest jossibility of an emotional up may be destrnc- the family. Please do S P E A K 1 N (i OF YOUR HEALTH: Springtime is a finR lime to clicck (he automobile against leaks of deadly carbon monoxide. Dr. Culeman welcomes letters from readers, and, while lie can- nut undertake to answer each one. lie will use quest ions in his column whenever possible and when tliey are of general interest. Address your letters to Dr. Cnleman in care of the North west Arkansas TIMES. v-ONTRACT BRIDGE B y B . J a y B e c k e r (Top R«orJ-Hold«r In Mortert' Individual Chnmpionihip Hoy) BIDDING QUIZ You are South, both sides vulnerable. The fiiddingr lias been: North East 1* What would you now bid wtth following five +AQ76 +A7 4QJfl842 3. 4K7 »962 +AK +KQJ963 4. *AJS *J7 4A10 9 *AKJ52 5. 4A75 VK982 ^5 jjjAQJSG 1. Pass. Opening one-bids in a suit ordinarily range from 12 to 21 pouits in high cards. It naturally follows that at the moment you open, the bidding with one of a suit your partner has no idea whether your starting 1 bid is of the weak, strong 1 , or intermediate class. You have the first opportunity to i d e n t i f y the actual strength-of your hand at your next chance to bid. In the present case, that time is now. Since your opening bid was of the minimum class, you can best express this by passing one spade Any other call would show val- jnininuun an would m i s r e p r e s e n t your hearts. S t a n d i n g alone, this hand is also in the minimum class, but it has risen ellent taimp support for part, ner's obviously broken suit Jiould not be suppressed evea hough you started ·with, only 14 high-card points. Partner id entitled to have his free bid respected when you have such important filiers fop his long suit. 3. Three clubs. This hand la in the intermediate class and you can best show it by jump. ng to three clubs. Game seem» ikely in either elubs, hearts or notrump. The final verdict depends on what North does next. 4. Two notrump. This hand ia also in the intermediate class. 3ut all the indications am that Ae hand will play best in no- aump. The jump to two no- trump shows 18 or 19 points, notnimp distribution, and stoppers in both the adverse suits. However, the final contract is still an open issue. North, may go along- with notrump, or ha may have the type of hand is better to play In a suit Wherever ha leads, you follow, since your values ar» flexible enough to-fit any pattern, of hand he may have. 5. Three hearts. Here you should have a decided yen for suit play, and you flash this message at once. Ths jump raise in this sequence is forcing to game. You can't treat this conglomeration as just a 14- point iiand. The guaranteed appreciably in strength taecausi the A-Q-x of hearts have as sumed a special value. Such ox (o IMS, Kins Features Syndicate, iac.) heart fit and the distributional values put it into the 18-point class. PONYTAIL "Going steady with the captain of the track team has done WONDERS for my figure!" TIMES Classified Ads Get Fast Results, Try 'em, Just Dial 442-6242.

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