Independent from Long Beach, California on May 20, 1957 · Page 8
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 8

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1957
Page 8
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Celler Says Ike's 6 ! Whimpers WASHINGTON *UR) -- Rep . Emunuel Celler (D-N Y) said 'Sunday that President Elsen. '·- hower was a "lackadaisical" leader who "Issues a clarion call one day and then whimpers the next." i Celler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, accused , the President of laying down a program, but "never following ' It up with leadership . an*! political action," · · "Ho never gets men (In Con, sresa) together and says, 'this is what 1 want,'" Celler said. "The President said on- tele- . vision the other night that we would Imperil the lafety of the nation If we touched the Defense Department's budget," Celler laid. "But the next morn- Ine he laid something else In his press conference." * · · · ' · ·' CKLLKR SAID that Elsen- hower admitted In his press c o n f e r e n c e that duplication existed In tho department of do- feme and savings could be made, "He Issues a clarion call one day and then whimper* the next." Celler said. "Who U master of his house? He Is the commander-ln-chlef . He Is supposed to run the White House. Why doesn't he do the weeding out, "We have a lazy admlnlstra lion. We have a lackadaisical President." Celler said. "We have a lame duck President unablo to control his cohorts." The New York Democrat also said that the budget could 'be cut by four billion dollars, with two and one-half billion of that cut coming from the Department of Defense. He said that ho favored dropping the soil bank program for farmers after 1937 and wanted to "eliminate all controls and let prices reach their own level," , , · WE PROBABLY will have ' problems at first," he said, "but It will be better In the long run." Celler reiterated hl« stand on abolishing the reserve clause In professional baseball contracts, charging that players were treated "like pawns In a chess game." · But Celler refused to lay what . «·[feet abolishing the reserve clause would have on the Brooklyn Dodgers. Celler'i dls. trlct lies In Brooklyn. He said, however, tWit the change would not 'help the Washington Senators. "I don't think anything can help the Senators," ho said They've lunk 10 low they're beyond help. And the reason Is the Griffith family (owners of tho Senators) treat their players like slaves. They buy and sell them like 10 many articles." WithHMor/Fiesta NEW YORK Wi-Tho luxury Incr Matsonla, rebuilt at a "ompany-estlmated cost of 20 million dollars, steamed, proudly nto New York harbor Sunday or a four-day visit. She will nter service between California ?orti and Hawaii on June 11, The flashing, 26,00d-ton liner f the Matson Navigation Co. received the traditional welcome salute from harbor craft. Fire- Mats on either side of tha Mat. onlii sent streams of water Into ie air. A pair of helicopters overed overhead. Orchids were dropped onto the Matsonla from one of the helicopters, and passing oilers and steamers saluted the luxury ship with whistle blasts, The .Matsonla arrived from Newport News, Va., shipyards. Her passengers Included con gressmen, shipping, railroad and airline executives, and news- papcrmen. The ship Is.scheduled to sail on Wednesday with a full passenger list of 760 persons for the west coait via the Panama Canal. The 23-year-old vessel the Matsonla: "This Is what Js known as a 'lulu' or a real ship. She Is one of the best afloat." The Matsonla was built In 1932 and was christened the Monterey. After service In the Pacific the was used as a troop carrier In World War II and sold to the government. After the war, ihe was repurchased by the original owner, the Matson Navigation , Co., and . reran- structcd. LONDON Wi--The admiralty called off Sunday a North Sea search for a mysterious flashing bouy sighted by-a Danish ship east of the Dogger Bank Friday "lent. . . . . . . British naval officials dismissed any Idea that the object might have been a signal from UST IT BAIN, let It *lne. Everyday Is a good day to use thg Classified Ads.. « submarine In distress. They said they were now convinced It was an aircraft marker bouy which broke loose and drifted! Into the area. Dr. Clm, 0. C. Offers Aid far ASTHMA FUZZ HARRIS CUSTOM TAILOR 1 2 2 E . T h i r d S t . MEN'S REGULAR HAIR CUTS " 125 BOYS' REGULAR V" HAIR CUTS * u WE SPECIALIZE.IN FLAT TOPS FOR MEN ft BOYS 9 CHAIRS TO SERVE YOU JAMESON'S BflRBER SHOP 1447 CHERRY AVE., LONG BEACH --Ph. HE 7-4421 Opw « »· I r. M. -- liilndlig M*ndayi ... -- AND -17815 LAKEWOOD BOULEVARD --Ph. ME 0.2881 Brlwmi Altai* · B«lk ««, 'Op*i I »· 7UO r, M.-- Inclidhig Mondays ' LAS VEGAS ·2iTr»,c AN AVI. BRONCHITIS SINUS I Wky (MtliM »· iiifftr dltfTMtlnf rymptoni «f Ccngkli*, |lrMrlil*g, Mm Owr Clwsr. HM» and SlwildMi, lfilpltarl.1 « Hw HMrt. SlMrfMM *f Inarli. tor Appttrto, N** I ftf. Me* whM Dr. Clraii'i Fwmiu H«rM TKvrcpy My Mf rn b«k ?· HopplMSS tqt\»J ;.' ; . .., , "N» M.r. AsrhM fw MO u,i Mn. «lrl» H.rrr, IIM Hthlw ». LJ. I »wl liMMi l tUltn IH ltd. M illk. Mi M" IHM ·« n J,l ·" I IMI Or. IkM'i HMtil (kmr). Atln · flnl · ' · · · "*- §*iw tiw --"~ · -- - ·-- ·· HrtriM 7«l. HELF FOR SUFFERERS OF THESE AILMENTS · HUP, m* (Ml 4MIHI H · Um r i » l . · 1 »..!« · M4W0 · fllM nil CONIUlTAtlON WITH mil *D ' · · - . ' ' ir IIH, I.I., Inltw in t. tli .HIM Itf · In* (MMlt.Hr M|H| .tllm N ·^.J"".^ 1 'I'." 1 '." 1 ;··".!'.«· .'· ·",r»- «·««··« niiKMIWIr ·If lit 7111 A Vlll ·ID MtfWffM fl«. UNl|t Oil Mtinl OfTICI HCHMIt I Mw. · rtwri. 10.1 rim. a M. i»4 W«L tmt, l«.| Dr. Chan, D.C. · · CHINIII Hill IFICIAUII 928 American Ave. U TNTI t,P.T».50.«T · Ml l.lmt Im . »'-' I I: **:. .1 i * ' i ·--» f~--, YTM"\' JT'tf : , -\ k 1 \ t \M 'J ·"A " , \ \ \ i 'f4 y '' 1\* \ *? ' ' ikrt**«j %*'^x)*e* S*Kv^4 LIFETIME GUARANTEE Ask us about-it I t. NYLON 3T DELUXE NYLON SUPER-CUSHION U.S. Soldier Faces Trial, by Japanese \ TOKYO (Monday) Wt -- A district court Judge said todi-v Japan will Insist on trying a U. S. soldier Involved In the killing of a Japanese woman on an artillery range last January. . Judge Yuzo Kochl, of Mae- batihl District court said "we will li«ue a warrant for his arrest If the United States refuses to let him stand trial," The soldier, Specialist William S. Clrard, 22, of Ottawa, 111., was Indicted by the Japa nese Saturday on a charge ol bodily Injury In the woman's death. .; · · . , . - , » , ,;· i · · · ! · ' · . ' " , ME IS NOW at Camp Whit, tlngton. North of Tokyo. He Is held there under nn order by Defense Secretary Wilson pending a review of the case. Tho dead woman, Mrs. Naka Sakil, wa* alleged to have been klllrd by an empty case pro- pelliid from a grenade launcher after she and leveral other women Ignored warnings to leave the range, where they wern salvaging scrap metal. 95 6.70 x 15 Tube-Type plus tax and recappable tlrt Pounded by · J*eklMmni«r for 34 noun... crushed by J1.15*. Ibi. prt»iure..,iHbjact*d t* Vet net on* cord broken I Available at all Goodyear Retail Stores Pou nd for pou rid, Goodyear's 3-T Nylon Cord Is stronger than steel I l rt.!l * » - - . . - J * . . , · · . * , . i , ' , ' ' · * ^BW ALL-TRANSISTOR HEARING. AID';. Value Amaslag ^ Piriornaan " · PrMcripttoa «M»d Ilk* ' · lh« most ·xp«nair«, , · Fr»» trial Mon«y-back . . .;, Now...look at that prlct agalnl A n«w low ,,P | 'l c «fei'6«)ody«ar'«3.TDelux» Nylon Suptr- ' ," ,. Cu « h 'onl At this price, you can afford to put !{, . y° ur family on nylon for !··· than you'v* tv*r ^ ",.' W e ' v e got your size at a new low price Size Black Sldowall , White Sldewall Tubt-Typt Tubtlifs Tubt-Typt Tub*l«»s PRICE' SALE PRICE* SALE PRICE' SALE PRICE* 6,00x16 $18.30 nylon cord--the real muscle , rt-i" that makes this tire stronger Inside...safer , jf|«fi4i(,,;i.:- outside, .'-..; ) · · ; · .. . . . . . . ( .,. ., .,, : , »^r*.;«- Exclusive tread design -thousand* of non^kid ·i K '.·; edges for safe, dependable traction. ( % ' " ' - ' : " . .' . ' · ' : ' - . - . c ' . - - - . - * · ·:· ' '· ' i;y ; Mor * P*opl« Hde on Goodyear T1re» -- 7- than on any othar kind I - 6.70x15 19.95 $22.55 $24.50 $27.65 7.10x15 22.15 24.75 27.10 7.60 x 15 30.30 24.25 27.10 29.65 33.25 8.00x15 (1 26.60 , ·Pkis tn and r*c*pp«bl« tint \ S' r. k AS LOW AS 30.20 32.60 37.00 The difference la Inside I "ALL-WEATHER" BATTERY "yGOOOAEAR Fits most cars i 25 WEEKLY / putt you on nylons I ; ::\,'.;,:; ; - --;.· ····., ^ . - · · i i · Built by lh» *orld'» firrt , and oldwt mak«n oi '· ·UcUonk hearing cdd*. · Com* to th« offlc* for b»» t*st or phon* 'for bom* appointment. No obligation. t .,.,,,.-., i NaUmal Clrr Baak Bld«. · ' d at locust , Ph. HE 2-M61 BARNES DELANEY LONG BEACH ?i SI GOOD/YEAR) "- TIRES -^ AtlanHe at Willow ', .. tj GArfield 4-1601 NEveda 6-1785 H l GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES LONG BEACH ; 444 E. Anaheim '. · ' HEmlock 2-0903 LOS ALTOS VILLAGE LONG BEACH ; 2169 Bellflower ,, , · HEmlock 4-3461 i PEDERSEH TIRE CO. NORTH LONG BEACH Artesia at Paramount GArfleld 2-5419 MEtcalf 3-7444 , NEvada 6-4644 - ALSO ALL RICHFIELD AND SHELL STATIONS DISPLAYING THE GOODYEAR DIAMOND SIGN

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