Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 31, 1930 · Page 7
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 31, 1930
Page 7
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the Mirror "Better ' Section" for Helpful Him ft \ i '<!i r f. jrally .any', dull worn 6an ,_" aft* filled .with real it by the right seWctioM "it- colorful daihti- '6 fairest blossoms Adders. I and shadlngs for Resting background „ iWo'mg, attractively for; hallways and din- Ing ro'btrt* and jbyous, sunshiny stm>- room pattern*. ' ' - K : To achieve, that'smart ate oi pfbd taste and 'retirteftvirtt in your home without expensive alterations or complete refurnishing deeofate with wall ptfper. Modified leg-o'-nilitton sleeves give an oM-fashloned qualntness to some" of th* sunlmer frocks. A pale pink chlf- fon has its leg-o'-mutt&n puff made by Insets 6f ereatti alencon lace. i ... In Stock For Prompt Delivery r J'^f'?-* »-, STEEL n I I Beams -Channels Angles-Bars Reinforcing Steel W^'fabricate steel to specification. Cotl- sillt us 'concerning^ your building needs. PIPE... Water, Gas and Steam Pipe Cut To Meet Your Specifications All Sizes. Galvanized Corrugated Pipe for Culverts RHUBARB PIE IS flaky Dessert, Bated and Vegetable Dish and the /pay's Dinner ts Complete / for Busineis Women. ALTOONA PIPE & STEEL UPPLYCo. 2111 Beale Ave. Dial 6151 Reason/ The Meadows Select-a-Speed Washer Leads the World UM . new luoo that ciiublea you ttk > the rlulit waihlnc for fino laoeM, IJnMu, r\lgm, work rlothev— any fabric in •••Ud Unit. th. powftrfiilt •conomlcal drlv* •nit off •act* pr«ol*fi xneclt- anleal ooiutmotlon that w« cm Mini it ft* the factory — m»d only onoa in thouwuid* hav« t? br«mk th« •*•! f«v W Belt DriTe—ooleeleee, practically no vibration, •laedy «nd ante I Two yean without • (male ier- ytce oajl e^ven for tighten* Wfl Another Mneatlonal acwvreinent la ureoleioa manufacture I Bakellte Vane Impeller— prevente oenter-poct «on- (Mtlon. Bakellte cannot pit, corrode or wear Dull lury to fabrlol * hook*. Heavy copper tub, armored with eteel exterior •hell, drawn together under ter- riflo preemre Into praotl- eeUy one piece. Thie tub cannot dent and It practically IndeetrHetiUe. Meadows Washers $ 135 Arrow Furniture Co. 1430 llth Ave. 0. W. 1.0 U DON. I'l-cs. Dial 2-9537 ilO.MKK K. .V.ttS'1'UltOOK, Kr.c. By fiblTH M. BABBEtt : With the spring cornea the annua craving fot freSh rhubarb pl«l Even the bualneas wbttian, housekeeper wfec can spend little time preparing dishe which tak^ ttme to mix ahdJbake stretch a'-point for its sake at leas onc'e during the. Sea'son. Of cours If she makes' her Own pastry she mix it the dfty before while she i getting dinner and will have it chill ing in- the Icebox ready to roll. While the Oven 'is getting very ho for the pie and the baked potatoes she will have time to get the pie ready to oake. There are several good ready to-mix-with-water pastry mixture now on sale, and if the housekeepe: uses one of these no previous prepara tlon is necessary. Be sure to use very cold water with these to make the dough. ' i ^ New cabbage is one of the 'vegeta bles which appeal at this time of year As it will cook in ten minutes afte shredding, it will be ready as soon ai the potatoes are done. Either a white sauce or cream may be used, and i you like the combination, gratei cheese and paprika may be sprinkled over the dish just before serving. In this cage instead of the cucumber ant cheese salad, a mixed vegetable salad or plain 'sliced cucumbers with 'a French .dressing may. be, used. Today's Menu Is. Lamb chops .' Baked potatoes New cabbage in cream Cucumber and cheese salad Hot rhubarb pie.' How, to Prepare It. Light the oven , Wash potatoes and bake When oven is hot Make pie and bake at the same time Shred cabbage and cook Prepare salad Broil chops Dress cabbage Break open potatoes, add butter am paprika ^ Make coffee a few minutes before serving. Kliuburb Vie. • 1 bunch rhubarb Cupful sugar % teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon butter • ' 1 tablespoon flour. ; . •Mix the Sugar, salt. Line a pan with pastry, sprinkle with a tablespoonful of flour mixed with a tablespoonful sugar, and add the rhubarb and sugar In layers. Dot with butter, cover with an, upper crust and bake in a hot oven (BOO degrees Fahrenheit) for ten minutes, then lower the temperature and bake until the rhubarb is softJ This method of arranging the filling 'may be used for all fruit pies. . Cocoanut Custard Fie. 2 eggs 3 tablespoons sugar % teaspoon salt 1% cupfuls milk 1 cup shredded cocoanut Nutmeg. Beat the /eggs, add the remaining ingredients in the order given. .Four into a deep pie pan lined with pastry. Bake until the custard is firm and the crust brown, using a hot oven for a. few minutes, then lowering the temperature. Fruit Cream Fie. . Bake the crust'as for lemon pie and fill shell with cream filling. Whip one cup of. cream, add one-half cup or more of strained fruit pulp and pile on top of cream filling. Fresh strawberries, raspberries or peachea may be used, or stewed apricots or prunes may take the place of fresh fruit. A few easy pastry rules to remember: " , How often I have heard the new housekeeper remark, "I can make anything else, but I just can't make good pastry." ; Once you know the trick, however, to make flaky, crisp pastry la a simple and a quick process. Perhaps there are several tricks, but they all are simple and easily acquired. Use pastry flour if possible. Have your shortening very pold. Any kind of fat may he used. Cut the fat into the flour with a knife. Do not rub /together with the lingers < unless you have very cold hands. ' Add only enough water to make the pastry stick together, as it will not bo tender when extra flour must be added to .make it dry enough to roll. ChUJ the pastry before rolling. Pastry may be made up and kept in the icebox ready for use. ' Roll lightly on a smooth surface. Bake pastry in a hot oven. For pastry sheila and for pies such as mince, whose tilling does not require cooking, use a hot oven the whole time. For fruit and custard pies which require a longer cooking, use a hot oven for ten minutes, then lower the temperature. Besides these big tricks, there are a few special pointers which apply to certain' pies. A little flour and granulated sugar mixed together and sprinkled on the lower crust of a fruit pie by brushing the lower edge with cold water and pressing the two edges together. The lower crust may be cut half un inch larger than the upper crust and turned over as a com* plete seal, or an extra rim of crust may be pressed over the two edges. Bake a pastry shell on the back of a pan. To prevent shrinking prick all over with a fork before placing In the oven. To make a velvety meringue for the top of a pie beat the whites of the eggs until foamy, beat In powdered sugar gradually, and continue beating until stiff enough to hold its shape. Brown in a moderate oven, ' Pastry. 1% cupa flour Vi teaspoon salt '/4 cup fat Cold water. Sift together the flour and salt. Cut In the fat with two case knives. For a large quantity a wooden bowl and a chopping knife may be used. When line, add at one side of the bowl one tablespoon of cold water and stir in as much of the flour and fat as the water will take up. Continue this until you have four or live balls of dough and some dry flour left in the bowl. Press together with your lingers. If u.11 the dry flour Is not taken up, add a )lttle more water. Chill and roll. (Copyright, 1830, by The Bell Syndlcftte, Inc.) ELECTRIC .CLOCKS HOST CONVENIENT Many are the 'conveniences which make for a smoother-running home, but hone' proves more convenfent and dependable thatt the electric clock. Accurate time 16 ot^su'eh great Importance today In the home . . . everything teally runs'oh schedule . «/. breakfast lunch, shopping, dinner, theatre . . .ana so .oft atter day. And out o* courtesy to other*, as *well as tot one's own convenience, these things must be attended to on time I The electric clock in the borne bespeaks an appreciation of the value of one's time . . . really life itself I Embodying as it does the* greatest 1m- pVovement in timekeeping M over 200 years, it eliminates, fbrever, all winding, oiling and regulating. The tiny silent self-starting electric motor which directly runs the hands 16 kept continually accurate by the satne electric current which light the home. This 14 electricity's latest service, made possible with springtesa electric clocks built in a score of appropriate designs for every room in the home. Truly, the ideal wedding, anniversary or birthday gift ... fully\ in keeping with any. occasion. Here you can give expression to your personal taste in Wall Papers Wider Selection Good Workmanship Prompt Service ' Reasonable Prices \ S. A. Hite & Sons ' * ' . • ' , . | "The Home of Betted Work" 2510-14 Seventh Avenue Dial 5936 \ LUXURIOUS FOUR-PIECE Bed Room Suite $ New in design, striking In appearance, superior In construction and very low in price. Beautifully veneered In matched walnut. . • ' 115 United Furniture Co. NATIONALLY ADVEBTISBD 11OS-11O7 OA8H ^ B _- ^ ^ ^ *>' *. FBIENDUB8T Sixteenth Street TERMS S3 JUST X)FF ELEVENTH AVENUE j Garage So tragically simple for the garage to ruin the effect of your ,home—the well-kept house, the lawn, the car. If your garage is decrepit, or out of harmony with the house in its very design, people will notice that first. ^ * Build a modern garage, of sturdy, seasoned wood. Build it in harmony with your house (indeed, it can be a pocket-size of the house jtself). Beautiful color effects can be gained from combinations of paint and stain. In 30 minutes, a Penn Builders expert can estimate exactly the cost—exactly the best design. Ask him to explain, too, the plan of building a double garage, to make the rent from one-half pay Uie en-lire construction cost. No Money Down-'/Two Years To Pay NEW GAS RANGE IS FOLLY AUTOMATIC , Did you ever hear .of a gas range that Wbuld light Itseff? Well, neither did we 4 until Just recently. But it's a fact thAl. you c*h now secure a"*gas range for your home and it is never necessary for you to carry any matches In the house to light the burners. Neither do you have to press any buttons or in any bthef way Ignite the gas When the burner Valve is turned on. When the handle of-the valve is turned, the burner instantly lights. That is all there is to it when you have the Insta-Flame on ( your y gas range. No fuss nor bother, no matches nor pressing of buttons. Just turn on the gas valve for the burner you want to use And "pftsto*? the burner is lighted. It's a marvelous invention and so simple that we wonder why it was not thought of" years ago. -And we wander how we have -been able to get along all these years without the aid of such a device as the lnsta»Flatne. Any burner on the gas range lights instantly when the gas is turned on. And that means the oven too as well as the simmering burner. Can you realize the advantage of not having to light a match and turn on the gas into the oven burner, stoop over and open the oven door and then—fearing that you may get your hand or arm burned you insert the lighted match into the oven and the escaping gas from the burner is ignited. Now, all you dp is turn on the handle of the gas valve (controlling the oven burner and the burner instantly lights .without any further effort on your part. The Inata-Flame puts an end to a great many of your worries. It is positive in action, both on and off. There is no possibility of any gas escaping. >If a child should mischievously turn on a gas valve for one of the burners on the gas range/ nothing serious will happen even.-though you are not in the room and. did not know that the gas was 'turned on. All that will happen is that' the burner' will light. No unburned gas will be left to escape into the room. Also the Insta-Flame puts at an end your worries about fire because you do not need to strike matches in lighting your gas range. The gaa and the gas flame are always under perfect* control with the dependable Insta-Flame. It is simple, practical, sturdy and there Is nothing to get out of order and no danger of breakage. VALUABLE LAND IS DEDICATED^ COW (By United Frees.) CHICAGO, May 31.—There will be an open highway in the heart of Chicago's busy loop for the use of Bessie, the Baaaett cow, despite the traffic regulations which are very clear on the subject of herding. cattle through the city -streets. While Bessie is not as famous as Chicago's other bovine celebrity, the one which has the honor of overturning, the lamp that .ignited Mrs. O'Leary'g barn, and a goodly portion of Chicago besides, and while . the 'Chicago \ Historical society.' hasn't erected a, bronze tablet in her honor, she or her successors have a mantic, and' incidentally more expensive monument. , Her private cow path at Clark and Monroe 'streets, still lives and awaits her return. So that Chicagoans may know of the cow path and ,of Bessie, and that they may be fittingly honored,as has Mrs. O'Leary's pet, R. P. Mulvaney, official -, custodian of the path, plans to remove'. the present swinging doors and replace them with a more elaborate gateway. At present the path is guarded by bronze doors which are never closed and have no locks. Mulvaney would replace them with doors with panels upon which would be replicas of Bessie and the old homestead in base relief. The cow path dates from the early 60'a when Dr. Jared Bassett bought the entire Clark steer frontage, 160 feet deep, between Monroe and Madison streets. In the center of the block he built his home with a cow barn Ijor Bessie. As time went on, Dr. , Bassett sold most of his property but always with a provision for a ten foot easement so that' Bessie could make her way to the barn'. . So in 1925 when the 10Q West Monroe Building 1 corporation took over the lease for the property they found the flaw,which preserved the path but too late to do anything about it. While their solution of the problem was a little, costly, it was rather unusual, for they usurped the air rights and left Bessie her 10-foot path with an 18-foot clearance, just in cft«« «tre 1 should desire to brlftg in « wagon load of hay some time. Above the 18-foot level the building Jutu out at right angle*, covering the cow path and extending upward for twenty stories. While in set back buildings ari common sights fn Chl- ca'go this Is the only set out building on reeortt. AtM th* «p«s*i9»* ' bring abotrt HfrOOft «* The double cnfffow pleated from tfie shatfffW i _________ , to the natural wat*tttne, f* Mjw* stunning. The pleat* fit Krfa it ' sash that tie* in a botr in front* __ illyouacceptthis^ INVITATION? ^^SsssS SPINNER J. E. HEAPS ELECTRIC CO. 1004 Chestnut Arenoe . Neftr Poitoffec Phone 2-1022 I $<$ 1 rt Roper Gas Range- the automatic cook Make your appointments—prepare dinner put it in the stove— leave the house to keep your appointment and when you return, everything will be ready to serve hot and done to a turn. Patented oven linings so easily kept spick ajjd span. Burner* will save you real money. And Now—Equipped with the New Insta-Flame Lighter. The stove that lights itself. The Standard Furniture Co. 1407 Eleventh Avenue r-'ft ' « ll « :/••? i G. F. Eichenlaub Coal Co. Miner <S Shipper Of HIGH GRADE Page Rusty Loudon AND Miller Seam Coal Time Weight Date, Sold to :.. TONS Page Coal Customers Demand This Weigh Bill Change Cash. With a Full Bin You Will Not Have to Worry About Prices or a Comfortably Heated y Home Next Winter BUT PAGE CCAL-N While prices are lowest for the Year. High Quality—Clean Lumpy Coal—Best to Hold Fire NO CLINKERS TO BURN OUT YOUR GRATES This Coal is mined on the Mountain and hauled direct from Mine to you by Trucks owned by Residents of this City. Order from one of them and Protect Yourself by (Demanding our Weighbill) G. F. EICHENLAUB COAL CO., Dial 9531

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