Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 33
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 33

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 33
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Cancel A-34--INDEPENDENT Death Notices 1 COFFEE -- William Edwin, son Cash; daughters. Mrs., FOIE -- Henry. S5, of 423 77 ot 2331 Easy Ave, died Katherine Haroetiaux. MisSjW. Ninth SL, died Wednev Thursday. Survmnt are wife,'Elizabeth Sanderson. Service day. Surviving art brother, Fay; dau t bten. Mrs. Virginia'today. 3 p-m, Patterson Henry, sister*. Mrs. Tina Ej- Storrey. Mrs. Margaret Bond; 1 Snively Mortuary. reress. Mrs. Emm Zeinsky. tons. Wffliam Jr, George.} -- Private service scheduled in · Patrick. Service Monday 10 HAY--Mrs. Edith May, of.Sunnyside Memorial Park, am, B. W. Coon Funeral20C9 E. Third SL, died Patterson t SniveJy Morta-1 Hcme. | Wednesday. Surviving broth- uy in charge. COLLETTE -- Patrick. 49.1 of 343-B E. 20th St, died Wednesday. · Surviving j ire Patrick, Mrs. E v e n I . - 'er, William O. Kttaan. Ser- · GREE.VBERG -- Mrs, EUa.;vice Saturday. 3 p.ra, Mot- Sr. of 2720 E, First St, died telTt Mortuary, Thursday. Sumviaj are hus-j inursoay. auznvuc WT cu»-], · · ., band, Albert R; daughters, PEHRSON -- Mrs. Anna)'TM. Mrs. Stanley Henline, Mrs. Victoria. 70. ot 3270 Cerritosi^y: Gregory Corby; brother Louis Ave, died Wednesday. Sur- R. Strieker. Service Monday, viving are husband. Oscar W.; II »jn, MottelTs Mortuary, daughter, Mrs. Ellen Forward; sou, George V^ sisttr, Mrs. , , . . : ELLISON -- Joseph K, SIJBenha Uruala. Service Moa- charge- bf 13SOO Annandale Drive.'day. No. 12, SeaJ Beach, died'ary. pja, MottelTs Morta- CLTEERTSO.V (Compton) --Mrs. Edgar M, 74.' of 802 ,. ,, . iN. Locust Ave, died Wednes-1 wife. Ladje: daughter, Mrs.] KA1IANU -- David X. "-'day. Surviving are sons. Gunti^..i.._ rk;*w.r^ C»i-tif» r /i fit ^Js/Tl Rravtnn Ave_-died , Wednesday. Surviving are| Douglass Diamond. Service J5!. of 5SCT Brayton Ave, died , cr L yj^. Daughter. MrsI Mar- Saturday, 1 pia. Peek Fam-AVednesday. Surviving aft'jorie Hig^ns; brothers, Cor- ify Colonial Funeral Home. s-ns. Merle. Oivld; "VSn-j V m. Charles Hinkley: sisters. ' Bim rg--Mn Nettie Miv |tc "' Mis - Tt "" ,, 1 ; S '.Mrs. Orpha Lantz. Miss Olive v: r,f ill Rh« St died'' 1 "- Rboda Ml ,7 .,^"'iHinkley. Service Saturday, 10 £r*£A - S-JSto^^Jto.SS ^ Hmter Mortuaiy John; daughters. Mrs. ^fy tmQt ^ Mrfc ^^ K ahanu; COUGH -- Mrs. Jane H, I Woodary, Mrs. Alice CnUer.'^^ ^^^ ^ s ters, Mrs. 82, of 172 E. Allington St, Sen-ice today. 1 pja., th^-^Dor, Kane. Mrs. Elizabeth died Wednesday. Surviving lar's Mortuary. 'Kahaunaele. Mrs. Louise Jere-|are sun, Joseph; sister. Miss - : SANDERSON -- Lewis Tjmiah. Mrs. Alice Smith. Serv-;Margaret Howe!!; stepdaugh- 91 of 259 Grand Ave, died ice in Hawaii. Ho!ton Son ter. Mrs. Mary McCarthy. Wednesday. S u r v i v i n g are Mortuary in charge locally. Service Monday, 1 pjn. Hunter Mortuary ChapeL ' ELDER--Robert F, 74, of I 2303 E. 14th SU died Tuesday. S u r v i v i n g are u-ife. Rite Set for L.B.Man ' i U* Jf» O U I V I V I U ^ 4UC »* il C, T/ r *7I I * 1/f* C!f. ,,. f* Anita; son. John; daughter, Killed 1H Mine Olian M«. JuneWler. Re|uitm 'Mass today, 10 ajn, St An' Funeral sen ice for a vet- pair was interested mn Long Beach oU-field ,u.'P»»l«tin S on the side. wrvwnr Rohf rt Allen Pro- P"" 0 TM" s wdo pemsor Robert Allen Pro-^y the |w( ^ wost 5 . k i l l e d Wednesday to the old rr.inmg community . Anemone. Church. B W. Coon funeral Kome_,n_charge. DODSON (Paramount) -- I o , 53, of I3S03 Fair- Av . die d Wednesday. I Johnnie; . In » fall down an abandoned 75 miks from Us Ve gij two Suniving are wife, mine shaft near Searchlight u .^KS ago in an attempt to dau S hter, Mrs. Billie Fmlej- Kev, will be Monday at 11 recover jdditional gold and brokers, Herbert Jo gold and brothers, Herbert, John Uliss; Old Blossom 1 jister, - - - - - - - ' a lease. Service Monday, 2 pum. Para- ] * .!,, f.Ti mount Methodist Church. Par- .v i f , 2« /'"'amount Mortuary ia charge. the Iiit some oO iett NEVADA authorities said above the bottom of the shaft axrinChurihof OurFathers,! s j| vtr f^n Forest Lawn. Cypress. ) go!1 ; Hunter M o r t u a r y u in charge. Provost, cf 5617 California Nevada authorities listed the CAS1D1AX--The Rev. Arthur D, «. of 24S E. Artesia Blvd.. died Tuesday. Surviv-' 'Ave, fell from the lift bucket'dcath aj accidental in the 400 - foot - dctp shaft) Born in Coalings, Provost ing are wife. Iva: son, the; tivtiile it was being raised to had made his home in Long Rev. Edwin E. Cashman: sis- 3he surface by a companion,! Beach for 25 years. He worked tcr, Mrs. Grace Stultz. Serv- %Joseph Neavcs. |a!l o\cr the Southwest on oil ice today, l\3Q pan. First - Neavcs. head r-f Neave Pe- development. iChurch cf the B r e t h r e n . .troleum Co. of Beverly Hills.j The couple has two chil- Compton, B. W. Coon Fu- Provost's employer. The drcn, Leon and Donna. Jnera! Home in charge. AMERICAN BUILDING CENTER IN LOS ALAMITOS ·/»»*»»»*»***»»»»*»»*»»*»»»»*«-»»»****» t . LUMBER PANELING ************************************** Birch-Prefinished , 4x7 $2^5 Sapeli Paneling tnfauttti. T-$r»t«. il po»«l 2x4 Random Length · «\ Lie. htt '. '.... Reed Fencing 1 V t *' H'^ 2x4 Clear Redwood Cn». Iiitfoa ki$tk 90-lb. Roll Roofing U.S.G. Ill S«. K I.B--N. D.Crtr, . to«f1. f 15-lb. Felt lit S«. Ft. (all. Rustic Rail Fence 4 e $295 12 e $2*5 J195. 47 C 0»k[« (ail. 7* ctirni f*r Ui. Ft-- Ctfritg Free Oelirery YfHhit 4 Mi. Jtatfin Free »»*»»»4t»»*4»»t**»»*t»-» **»»*»*»»*»»«»· » PLUMBING : i************************************/ Brass Champion Heads ......... W Galvanized Elbows__ . PVC Pipe !,,---«· J«i.r»-- fetft ______ Sprinkler Layout _______ 3 /4" Polyethylene Pipe ».« .FREE _'3.88 We of Pipe fo for Ointn?ois CLEMNGf r ELECTRICAL I V***** *** *-**»*-»-***+ *+******** ********* Range Hoods ^».«,. F^ ^-'14.95 14-2 Romex t « *._.._ . 3 e Silent Switches 27« Thin Wall Conduit ,,-,,,. 79* 6" Extension Cords 19 C Refrigerator Bulbs nw«t 15* G. E. Light Bulbs : . 10% OFF lovoif a*i Ceisffafio* fre* »»»»»»»»»»*»»»»*»»»**»»»*»»»»»»»»·»«»\ GARDENING : ****»*t ************** *»»***»***»**-«*« Steer Manure , C .F,_ _ -- ~ 29 C Chlordane to ^ 98 e Malathion 4 o«. 49 e Redwood Bender A. T i,. r k. i«. * 4 C Sevin5% _ ..39 C FREE (N« OtCvcry ·· Steer Mature) . PITtWRGH*PAiNf""i ************************************** Redwood Stain c ... _ _ M.88 Primer ttri . $ 4.88 Rubberized Masonry Paint $7RR Cnyei leif*. foclflc C*rel. Cimn Mdu Gal-- *«00 Paint Tray and Roller Set . 98 e Home Decorating Idea Booklet FREE AMERICAN BUILDING (:;' 3626 £AST CEKRITOS .(Spring St.) *;LO GEneva 0-7581 I-NTIRE INVENTORY SUBSTANTIALLY REDUCED Carl's announces another great stortwide annh'ersary sale, featuring reductions of up to 4096 on all items in all departments. As always, we offer furniture from the rnost respected makers in America, tastefully displayed in pleasant surroundings. Take advantage of ihis opportunity to choose from traditional, contemporary ^Spanish, oriental. French and Italian provincial influences. Carpeting, area rugs, accessories, original paintings, lamps and furnishings for every room in jour home are available, during this event, at authentic savinp. OPEN MONDAY T H R U FRIDAY TIL 0 DURING SALE SouMmi California's finest furniture and carpet selection J250 E. PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY · LONG BEACH · PHONE HE 7-7457 . OPEN MON THRU FRI TIL 9 DURING SAIE · AMPIE PARKING AT REAR ENTRANCE

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