Independent from Long Beach, California on January 21, 1975 · Page 8
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 8

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, January 21, 1975
Page 8
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ISABEL PATTERSON, center, whose private donation made possible the construction of special chid care facility, walks with young friends over to cut ribbon marking building's dedication. Mrs. Patterson is an alumna of LBSU and also has provided for several scholarships. , ' by BOB SHUMWAY' Child center dedicated at LBSU By PATRICIA de LUNA Staff Writer The Isabel Patterson Child Development Center -- built from a child's eye view on the world -- was dedicated officially Monday morning and is set to open next week to as many as 300 pre-school children of students, faculty and staff at Long Beach State University. , The Child Development Center, named after Belmont Shore real estate broker Isabel Patterson who donated $250,000 for construction of the facility on the north side .of LBSU campus, is considered a unique laboratory of learning not only for the children but for the University students and faculty who staff it. ' The Center, initiated after the LBSU Associated Students appropriated $50,000, has grown from rented quarters housing 30 children in 1970, to a Soropti- mist House location with 120 children and a long waiting list since 1971. The long waiting list convinced the Associated Students and its Child Development Center commission that a permanent facilty was necessary. , Directed by Mrs. Louise Maddox, a former Head Start teacher, the center will try to maintain a ratio of one teacher or LBSU student assistant for every 10 children. ACCORDING TO architect Frank Sata of Pasadena who designed the wide open, free-flowing facility with special areas for science, crafts, puppetry and pantomime, housekeeping, library, and eating and sleeping space, the building is for the children "to look, listen, touch, play and to grow. "This is a place to form the foundation to a lifelong search for answers to questions they are just beginning to ask. For the faculty, this is a chance to rekindle the spirit of childhood -- for that is the spirit of love." Stephen Bass, commissioner for the center from the Associated Students and a senior in psychology, told the crowd of about -100 students, faculty and administration at the dedication ceremonies the story of a small boy who .came to the center two years ago. : . . . . . ' · ' "This is not an isolated case," he said, "but an example of how the children are changing in so many ways here. When the boy came he was angry and frustated and would cower whenever we approached him. By the time he left the boy would hold open his arms to us. "I saw the transformation of human life. That's what goes on in this center." UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT Stephen Horn is upstaged during dedication ceremonies for new Child Development Center by Julie Farrell, 3, of Long Beach, and playmates who .will be occupants of day-care facility with start of Spring semester Monday. Life/stule O Long Beach, Calif. Tues., Jan. ft, 'in INDEPENDENT (AM) Joyce Christensen, Editor PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM)-A-9 VISTA GREEN window shades, appliqued with a fabric floral motif, enhance the "French salon" atmosphere of this charming Louis XVI living room. The continuity of mood was established by framing panels of the curtain fabric on each moire-covered wall. WHAT'S NEW AT HOME? They can make a shade of difference IN REMODELING this kitchen-dining area, designers dressed the windows in a bright chevron print of sunlit yellow, orange and lime that makes the room look cheerful, rain or shoe, night or day. The window shade was a do-it- yourself project, easily produced with the iron-on lamination method, and the cafe curtains (that cover an air conditioner in cool weather) were, made to match. There are two major kinds of "dress up" techniques in decorating with window shades. Last week we discussed one of these methods -starting from scratch and w o r k i n g with a plain shade by adding some of the beautiful trim on today's market and the applique method. Another i d e a , if you w a n t to do y o u r own thing, is to paint a window shade to coordinate with the decor of the room. You can work in any style you choose, traditional or contemporary. Acrylic, vinyl-base latex, or textile paints w o r k well, depending on the type of shade used. Some shades will take thin oil paint -- to be sure, always test a scrap f i r s t . C h a l k - s k e t c h in lightly if you like, copying or tracing fabric patterns in the room; or do a landscape, an abstract or a graphic. Just keep the paint layer fairly thin, so the shade remains flexible. You can also create your own designs or use p r e - c u t standard type stencils available in most art supply stores. LAY THE SHADE flat, lightly mark in the locations of the motifs and then tape the stencil in place on one of the marks. Use a stiff stencil brush and textile paint. Dip the brush, remove the excess, and work from ' edge to center until the design is filled in. Don't remove the pattern until the paint is dry. Then clean the stencil and repeat the process. Aft"" 1 "' AT WIT'S END hours apply an iron at low h e a t f o r about s i x minutes, u s i n g a press cloth between for protection. For such simple, bold designs as chevrons or stripes, acrylic or vinyl- base latex w a l l paint usually work best. (Do not use rubber-base paint or the kind made with turpentine.) Use m a s k i n g t a p e specifically m a d e for painting. Apply it to the edges of the area to be painted; this will insure absolutely straight lines. Protect the rest of the shade with paper. Use a roller or brush, whichever will give a smooth, even coat, and remove the tape carefully when the paint has set. HERE ARE SOME important do's and don'ts when painting: Room-drakcning shades arc usually best for paint- ing because light coming through the translucent type may show up an uneven application of paint. Fine textured shades will "take" p a i n t more smoothly t h a n coarse ones. N O T E : Painting works well on most cloth- based shades, but never paint on solid plastic -paint may destroy that kind of shade. To m a k e s u r e t h a t shade, paint and masking tape a r e c o m p a t i b l e , make a preliminary test on a sample or scrap of shade cloth. If one is not a v a i l a b l e , u n r o l l t h e shade all the way and use an inch or two at the very top -- the portion ordi- n a r i l y wrapped around the roller. ' The painting method will tic in with the decor of the room and repeat the color points made elsewhere. The second "dress up" method for shades is use of the new, self-help aids offered in a wide variety of stores and specialty shops. They include two types of do-it-yourself l a m i n a - tion for the look of allover pattern. Both come in kits with graphic "how to" instructions that are very easy to follow. Also available are custom shaped borders to dress up plain shades. There arc packages fringes as well -- all w i t h e a s y - t o - f o l l o w instructions. E v e n s h a d e cloth valances can be ordered at the same t i m e as the shade and installed on a simple curtain rod. These valances can be treated to many of the same do-it- y o u r s e l f techniques as shades. Next week, I'll explain how to measure your windows for shades so you can get started on your project. Let's talk again then. Life begins at 40 if you learn to accept it By ERMA BOMBECK This country is extremely age conscious. That is why a new group has been formed called "40 Anonymous" to help people overcome the problem. Here's how it works. Several months before reaching age 40, birthdayees are invited to a group therapy program. There is a 10-minute film where Doris Day wrinkles her nose, moistens her lips and smiles, "I'm over 40 and I still have freckles" just to get the audience in a receptive mood. Then a testimonial is given. The one I heard was from Sylvia X. "I'm over 40," she said in a faltering voice. (Applause) "A few months ago I was depressed and morose and thought life was not worth living. I got a chill when the furnace blower went on. I refused to eat apples even though I had my own teeth. I nipped at Geritol in the mornings after the kids went to school. I sent sympathy cards to myself and refused to start any long novels. A friend suggested I come to a '40 Anonymous' meeting. That night I heard Strom Thurmond speak. He was wonderful. "I WENT HOME and practiced saying '40' in front of the mirror. I thought I was cured. Then one night I went to a party. Everyone there was under 30. It was terrible. No one knew the verse and chorus to the Beer Barrel Polka. They had never heard of Lyle Talbot or Maria Montez. When I said Okey Dokey, they laughed. "I went berserk that night and drew a mustache on the Mod Squad; made an obscene phone call to Annette Funicello. A member of '40 Anonymous' found me throwing rocks at a rock festival. 'Get hold of yourself,' he said, 'Just say out loud, I am forty.' "1 am foooooffffffoooorrrr .. cried. "YOU CAN! "he challenged. I can't do it," I By Judy Hazlett · Home Furnishings Editor "IT'S NO USE," I said. "This world is for the youth. Everyone around me is younger than I am. My doctor carries his stethoscope in a gym bag. My attorney has to shave only once a week. My son's math teacher is still in braces. I rode a plane the other day with training wheels on it. Good Lord, man, don't you understand I am older than Mickey Mouse." Sylvia's voice broke. "Today, I am proud to say 1 have learned to live with my problem one day at a time." (Applause) That night 1 stood in front of my mirror and said, "My name is Erma X and I'm f f f f f f f f f f f . . . . I don't look it, but I'm f f f f f t . . . some days I look fffffooooo . . . last year I was . . . " It was no usn. I called "40 Anonymous" to come over and have a drink. V

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