Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1962 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1962
Page 9
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'Andersohville' Dramatic Fare at Magnolia Theater By ROBERT 9. \VYLDER The luiustion was not new in the recent trial in Israel, and it was not new at Nuremberg: who is guilty, tin: officer who gives the inhuman commands at a Bel- seii or a Dachau or the subordinate who carries them out? -Whether tho question wa new in the Civil War i doubtful, but there is n doubt that the problem make g r i p p i n g dramatic fare a presented by the Magnoli Theater's production of Sau Levitt's "The AmJcrsonvill Trial," which opened thi weekend. Masterfully directed b O.A.S. PENSIONERS You o'» tntltltd to 01 Ey* (lamination and , Nt* Glomi if ncrdVd uncJtr fh* STATE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE FLAN I No eppoinlmtnt n*cti* · tory. Juit bring in your cord · · · Com* In ar*d consult us for informa* lion en Iriij plan. DR. J. M. SOSS . Optometrist 37 fin. Ate. HE 5-421T Nior tit aid tin Office* Alioct 110 A»olon. Wilmington, on J 1261 Sailor!, Tottono John Williams and powerfully acted by a distinguished cast, the play doesn't provide an a n s w e r , but it certainly sharpens the question. That question, in specific terms, is whether Captain Wirz, commandant of the in famous Confederate prisoner of war camp at Andcrson- ville, is guilty of conspiracy to kill his prisoners. * * * * TI1R ISSUE finally resolves to a moral one, whether his responsibility to humanity should transcend his military obligation to obey his orders While the issue is clear the conclusion is not, since Wirz was tried in the intense climate of post-war vengeance which made his conviction : foregone conclusion. The rca conflict of idea thus got losl in the cross-currents of the time. It i;cts lost a bit in the play, too, but the theatrica If AN FARE rVMAYK*.7CF" ' WO».»t.F Give By Walt Ditscn excitement is still .there. As 'crry Mason and his fans well «iow. a trial is by its very nature a clash of opposites, :he stuff of drama regularized and made orderly in presentation. The players make the most of this natural theatricality. Nat Adler heads the cast as the judge advocate who is courageous enough to* risk his military career to focus on the real issue at stake, man's moral responsibility. His ea actmcnt is a sensitive arid powerful one in both the outer clashes and the inward anguish. CAUL YATES plays tin counsel who plots the skillful d e f e n s e of the obviously doomed man. He underplays the role Just enough to underscore it, with very effective results. Ed Skillman is Wirz, liis client, an enigma whu un questionably has been in volvcd in the alleged crime) ut may or may not be accountable for thvm. Skillman conveys a fine ambiguity in lis portrayal of a man who wants to be a human being jut is not ure how to do it. W. Leigh O'Malley plays the President of the Court with fine authority. Witnesses against Wirz, all excellent in their interpretations, are J. F. Costello, Dick Davis, Dick Harvey, Jerry Anderson, Dick Newton, and Thomas J. Smith. Others in the cast: Bcnnic YOU READ IT, TOO? . . . wr* v MI did! tl -tMr *c twtrt C*n HC Mill. tit. JO fir riltt. Atfvfftrtifif DMl. Musicians of 32 Nations Vic in Moscow Contest *2_. Stevenson, William Cataline, S i d n e y I'cnn. and John Stovall. Dick Hunter designed the set. The v i c t o r s make the morality for the losers, says the defendant; I acted as I had to act. Uut wasn't there a higher value than military expediency? Can man ever afford to be less than man? The questions will be asked again on weekends throughout April, curtain at 8:30. Witnesses are welcome. SEND "YQUJ " ·'- · .''· -TTV'.'k ...· · /"* 7 "'· ''··· ^''« a*---." Easter Cleaning NOW! BEST WASHINGTON CLEANERS 1356 CORONADO ST., L. B. Your dream come true ... MOSCOW /lV- The second annual Tchaikovsky compc- jtition was opened formally (Sunday in the Kremlin Palace [of Congresses with Premier 'Khrushchev and other Soviet leaders in the boxes. A message of greeting was read from Van Ciiburn, the Texas pianist who won the cultl medal in the firit compu litiun in I'J.'iS. E k u t u r i n u F u r l s c v u , ; minister of culture, welcomed c i v i c tlic pianists, violinists andla · cellists from 32 nations in-]*2j 4b eluding tlie United States. Composer Dmitry Shostako- vich, head of the competition's organizing committee, told the pthering "Music. i which requires no translation.! unites people." with E-Z WALK FOUNDATION A V/or.drouj walking ecice GJII iiov,' . Tw » A m e r i c a n s weic; h e yours! Dr. Scholl's E-Z -(chosen to perform Monday on; .., ,. ,, . .. - 'the first day of the com^ti- Vlilk Foundation cushions every ::!··;) . . . holds ht-.-l in place ... gives your MtH! ,, Ml a qentlo 'lift'. ""'"M You'll love ever/ step. '' TO day of the competi tion for cellists. They ;uc Jd.mne dc Kayser and Gloria Strassncr. There arc-:'. in llu-i contest. ' Two other Americans wue! chosen to perform today on, the first day of the violin con-' test. They are Arnold Suko- nik and Michel Davis. There arc 39 in the violin competition. Drawings from the pianoi contest were not announced.! D- Scholl's FOOT COMFORT* SHOP /). !::·:: K,':J. C! /',,./·- ·.':'./ ia ,l::i:Jj'..t 412 LONG BEACH BLVD. · HE 7-5313 (If,* li:J.:\l .. ..... : *'.!.! ' Plan an HFC Shopper's Loan to cover a new suit for dad . . . new Spring and Summer clothing for the whole family ... even gifts for graduations, weddings and anniversaries. You "make better- buys with cash and avoid bills at the end of the month. Instead, you simply pay HFC one convenient monthly amount that suits your pocketbook. 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