The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 13, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1920
Page 2
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TEE DAILY FREE PRESS ,IHE DAILY FREE PRESS Ectabllshed ' 'V 1tes Weekly 1877' Publishing Co. MR*. JOHN T. QAUBRAITH Editor and Manager Telephone - - 218- TBRMS =* . ««k*crtptlon 16 centa a week. , . ,. Ad^ortSsinK bills due weekly. ..Job wo« gtncuy nib. -ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION IT.80. •• Altered at the postofflce at Carbon<•'*•£•, UliaolB, aa Mooed class matter. -O«o* la the J^ee Preaa Baildin«, Main Street Feb. 13, 1920. ANNOUNCEMENTS -HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER. " The Free Press is authorized to an• >aoiuice GEORGE A. PORE as a candi- 4Ma for Highway Commissioner of Cavrbondale township, subject to the -Republican Primary 1 March 20. "ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR. * The Free Press is authorized to announce WM. M. HOLLJDAY as a candidate tor reelection for Assistant 'Supervisor of Carbondale township, subject to the .Republican Primary March 20. i. PAPER CONSERVATION' The-.publishers of the country are loyally doing their 'bit to relieve the .shortage in print paper. In December they.-used 9,565 tons less than in November. Production in the same period increased 21,746 tons. It is an ex. ample of united effort that alone can save many of the smaller papers from -' disaster. ' HOUSTON SAYS FUTURE BRIGHT Secretary of Treasury Reports U. S. Finances in Excellent } ; Condition. NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT 3 Days 3 DAYS Wit H JOHNSON, VANOL TAYLOR GO, | Saturday, Monday and Tuesday are the Last Days | Only 3 days more and our greatest" February Clean-up Sale will be a matter .of history We are [ offering you a real opportunity to redupe the high cost ol Jiving by selling you merchandise at less HIGH COURT IS HIT Acquittal Paid One Newberry Aid, It Is Charged. ^Witness, Former iV.ayor of Flint, Says >He Escaped Prison by Political Support. Grand ftapUIs.\Mic!i.. Feb. IS.—A -term popularized during the war best describes the chsirsicter o£ the; main -evidence'-Introduced by the government in its election conspiracy cusp .^.gainst United States Senator Truman IT. Newberry and 122 political aids. "The terra is: High explosive. And the reaction of the defense to •"this testimony might be said 10 be reminiscent of shell shock. A former mayor of Flint swore flint one Newberry defendant, in the pres- isnctt of Bothers, promised to "fix"-the Michigan supreme court so that an as- :£<iult and robbery verdict against him ^would ' be reversed, provided he ear- rried his district for Newberry in the "1918 primary. And this former mayor explained jthatT desirous of being on the safe .-side, he carried his district, for New- 'berry and was given freedom from a sentence of from two to fifteen years through action of the state supreme • court in reversing the verdict agniiist :.htm. . . : -' William H. McGeighan, mnyor of /Flint in 1914 and 1015, handed out ^tMfe TNT-ladeji testimony. The man •.*)eV.(?h'arged with promising to nx the .siiprenie court Is Richard H. Fletcher, .Michigan commissioner of labor. fofl the men he suys were present •wh'edthe promise was made are: Paul H, 'King, general manager of the New- t(<crry campaign; Fred \V; Ctistutor, •f»etroit alderman and leader in labor cycles, and Fred A. Henry, a subordinate to Commissioner Fletcher. last Remaining Floating Indebtedness of the Government Will Be Re•- —deemed Monday—Reconstruction Work Satisfactory. Washington, Feb. . 13.—Announcing that the last remaining r floating Indebtedness of the government would be redeemed Monday, Secretary Houston said the position of the treasury ivas- "very bright," and that government officials saw nothing in the present financial situation ovhich they would regard as extremely grave. Only about $80,000,000 of sliort-term certificates requiring" to be refunded at maturity remain to be redeemed! Outstanding tax certificates, issued in anticipation of income and profits tax installment dates for the purpose of relieving the quarterly strain on the banks, amount to $2,935,949,500, but In no instance exceed the estimated.. amount of taxes, and accordingly no funds'will have to be provided to' meet them. Some Difficulties Ahead. Secretary Houston dhl not minimize the "pains and difficulties" still to be encountered in the process of reconstruction, but declined f<> enforce j the pessimisitic views of. some public ] men whp have forecast a crash in the I International financial fabric. • j "People lose sight of the.many ways j in which we have been assisting Eu- j ropeVhce the armistice," Mr..Houston;- j said. "In addition to government loans we have furnished them $700,000,000 worth of surplus army supplies, $100,000,000 for food relief, probably .$400,000,000 in private loans to foreign bankers, and a considerable amount of accrued .interest on ^the government loans, so that the total probably would reach $4,000,000,000. In addition. Eu- rope'has beem selling securities here." i Reconstruction in Europe.' I Mr. Houston said all reports from I •JSurope indicated that "reconstruction 1 was going on while they were talking | about it," citing the rebuilding of | French railroads and bridges ;\s a no- I table ex.'implo of what has been accomplished. ......... -As—to- The"" Uompstlr"-sllnsitlon. he 4 minted nut that approximately 51.- KK).000,000 would be spent this year and next in road building under arrangements made while he was secretary of agriculture, and that build-i ing permits, always n good inde^ to !| luslness conditions, indicated that the ' country was rapidly .making up the I ] shortage of houses caused by the ces- [ satlon of construction during the war. than the present whole sale cost. It is^your privilege to attend this sale and buy the merchandise you need, now : 6r may need for months to come. ..••••• '••).. ^ f. • Our personal guarantee of quality and price goes with eivery purchase. ^ BAIL IS DENIED MRS. TABOR Aged Woman to Be Tried Next Month for Death of Daughter, Maude Virgo. Pawpaw, Mich.. Feb. i.'!.—A motion for dismissal o[ the charge of murder against Sirs. Surah Tabor, held for trial in connect inn with thu death- oC her daughter. Maude Tabor Virgo, was denied in ciivnir court liens. A request Iliar tin' is-hry-ycar-iild woman be admlitPd M liiiil mis also denied. TrRil ha:; !•'.•( .1 :'.•; for March 1.1. RETAKE TOWN FROM. REDS Czechs' and Remnants, of All-Russian : - Force Win Back Cherem- r . kova. Siberia. Harrin, Feb. .13.—The troops of General Kappell, commander in chief of the western armies of the all-Russian government, have joined with the Czechs, and are fighting the bolshevik! of Cheremkova. Cheremkova, which is on the Trans- Siberian railway, 80 miles northwesl of Irkutsk, 1ms been retaken from tie bolshevik.!. / t.99 We ought to make a hit j — Chesterfield \ ND why not? Never •**• were fine tobaccos so skillfully blended' Chesterfields bring you the best oi£ Turkish and Domestic leaf, blended to bring out new delights of flavor. ' Clean up of air Suits ^ •'• * ;i •'< •-!.-•• ; ' " Second J19O1T. ,. >;.•.>. $65.00 valu^TBe^utifill navy blue silver-tone suit. -$44.50 •$55.00 value Brown : trico- \ , tine tailored suit.. ... .$39.50 $95.00 value Nobby suit of henna shade tricotine, fur collar... $59.50 £45.00 value Navy serge ! suit semi tailored $29.75 Blankets Woo! Blanket Special One lot plaid and.grey. \vool. blankets, -worth up to 16.00 a pair, February Clean-up .sale at per pair. ........... .$10.49 _ 2.49,Cotton Blanket Special One lot 64x76 cotton fleeced blankets with pink and blue border,, wprth 4.00 per pair : ;. February clean up price per p^ir. . '..... .$2.49 ,..; ' , JOc ITiD>;rb«|r;=Tpowl Special' ''•'•<•'.=One lot standard-size Cotton barber towels with pink bSwier, Clean up price : eacli - 100' 2.49 Table Linen Special S6fitt.b1eached : ,all Hpenjy table linen attractive pattern worth 3.5a,,yard, February clean .up price per yard.................... .$2. Clean up of all Corsets and Brassieres 7.00 Nemo self reducing" corset, clean up price;.... '. ; $5.49 10.00 Redfern front lace corset,; clean up P rice •••• ' •• ••••$7.91 5.00 Warners back lace corset, clean up , price ......„: $4.29 2.00 warners corsets, clean up priee'..... .$1.69 2.00 Warners silk brassieres clean up price 1.$9 1.50 Warners lace brassieres clean up price |.29 of all Coats Floor $95.00 value -Modish coat ' pi taupe tinseltone .'.'. $59.75 $67.50 value girlish coat - oi Imperial velour .. .45.90 $37.5° value Navy kersey cloth coat........ $24.50 $69.50 vaTue Nobby coat of Bolivia cloth ...... 45.00 Clean up of all Waists 2jid Floor. . ; 10,75. attractive taupe \.Geor• ; g ette waist.... $6.98 i5.oo,JFIesh georgette waist;. .$9.95' 18.00 Special value georgette blouse r.... .$12.75 15.00 Navy and red combination georgette blouse... -$8.95 .13,50 Blouse of Sunset shade :. georgette :. '$8.50 ( , - . ' . : . ".. 12.98 Tailored georgette waist $9.00 Special Misses Shoes ioo pairfe of misses' shoes, all sizes, worth up to • 4*00,' v .....: '. .-.--$1.95 4 - Special Men's Shoes \ i ' - *' 100 pairs men's shoes, worth up to 7.50, most all siz f s -. ••..-• .-$3.95 Special Women's Shoes 100 pairs women's shoes worth up to 8.5~o, up-to- date styles *. .. .7 $3.95 ( . 20 per cent reduction * on all Boys, Girls , Misses -ar.d . • Children's shoes - •\;#. Special Boy's Hats Our stock, of Boy's wool hats, worth 2.00, .1.50 and 1.25.......... Special MenV Caps One lot Men's Caps worth 2.00. 1.50 and 1.25, your choice.... BACKS NO STRIKE LAW Governor Allen Declares New Kansas Act Will Stand Test. Executive Delivers Address st Annual Meeting of the Chicago Bar Association. Chicago, Feb. 13.—bov. Henry J; Allen of Kansas arrived Jn Chicago bringing with him a wealth of free- spoken western platitudes. regarding the coming presidential election, the League of Nations and his ideas of the excess profits tax. To discuss these things, however, was not the purpose of Governor Allen's trip: He delivered an address before the annual i"eeting. of the Chicago Bar association at the Congress hotel. Governor Allen chose? for - his s-.ib.iect "Industrial Legislation Re- I'cntly EnafV' in Kansas." Kansas is i against strikes. "\Vo will havi- !Vn strikn ot railn!::<! workers, n'g;!rdless of what Pjivciur General llincs and the railror.d wnrk- eVs do." Governor Ailon contimiei!. "The law prohibits^sui-h a thing ami. li-hnf. is more, tho.' union officials in Kansas know this. Already ilie'Chair- uipii of the Kansus sfrik" col-.inH'tieo of the. railroad niainteimnr-o "Of way and roads union liave j'.sked their superiors to exclude my state from any strike order that may'be promulgated. "Kansas .recently .enacted iintistrii;u and lockout legislation which will meet any emergency. The people are.taking to the law. They appreciate its serv- ife to the_ community. \Ve alreadwhave seven case's OTi n>e"aoc"Ket ol oiu- ten- day' old court of industrial relations. Three of'these havn been filed by employers and the remaining four by employees. In all of these, negotiations having failed, the parties, to the disputes have decided .to have their af- 1 fairs straightened out,by the court of the state," declared Governor Allen. WAR RISK FUND $80,000,0001 Sweet Bill Makes Bi-g . -Increase Money Available .for Disable! ,-~- Fighters. . t I "> I Washington. Feb.13.—Eighty million dollars more a year in'compensation £01; disabled ex-serviqe men is one of the outstanding results of the passage of the amendment to the war. risk act commonly known while pending in congress as the "Sweet bill." Tills fenlnre o.f the new law is retroactive ::nd sill awards of compensation for disability to cx-son'\'ice men heretofore.-made :'ire being increased to the new basis. Checks for compensation at the increased i-ute from .thu ilate of- the original awards are now being distributed by the bureau.of war risk .insurance. 31 DESTROYERS AT CRISTOBAL Part of Big Atlantic Fleet Reaches Port on Isthrryus — Expect Com- • ' mander February 25. < P.anaran, 'Feb. 13.' — Thirty-one. de : stroyers :ind four, fenders, .nai't of (lie Atinntlc licet oT'tlie AinVrittin iiiiyy, arrived' at rrrr:t.iihrJ.-' ; ;Ad'iuiral H. B: Wilson, co:rii3]|>nrler in, chief of licet, is nor o:\r-T' J {>fl to arrive at isthmus bci'i';! 1 '?- l^Miriiiiry "."5, - (he U A new^aote— ye've struck it" , —Chesterfield N O . "sharps", 'no "flats", but my! bow Chesterfields do ."Satisfy!" '. • A delightful selection, of fine Turkish and Domestic tobaccos, harmoniously- blended — that's Chesterfield! ALLIES iNSiST ON FOE TRIALS on the Sub- Another ject May Be Sort at Once. , ..London,' '!>!>. i:.!.— The allies' supreme council. ' alter discussing the .situation nrising from flerniany's violent protest over the extradition 'de- ninnds.'- agreed, on 'the.qnesLion ..of insisting oil' -those demands, It was stated.. ..'••:•••. Tfluid been rpiTorlcd ibm r!n-iv \vciv dil'iVrences bet\veen rram-o ii.i>d (Ir.'ni Hntsiin as to wlinihcr iho (lonisinOs should be modilied. 1: is probable thnt the pnsiiipn of !'!u> allies will .bo set-forth soon iu ;1 .st;it.ement. . This may take the form of another 'communication toOermanv or possibly ojie to Holland. As far ns can be. ascertained, however, nothing definite has been decided regaraiha- any further steps to be taken toward 'Holland. . ' ' . - \ . •• \ •, i

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