The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 26, 1906 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 26, 1906
Page 2
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CHILUCOTHE CONSTITUTION SEPT. 29 1906 The ChUlicothe CONSTITUTION CONSOLIDATED WHH THE MAIL AND STAR SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1900. J. I*. NBWLAND WM. L. WATKINS EDITORS AND PUBLISHERS JBHCIAl PAPER OF THE CITY. Terms of Subscription: CONSTITUTION pnarantees to dvertlsers a lartrer circulation In Uvlnpston County than hat of all Other local papers, published in Chilli- ootbfi combined. •Che price for the weekly if paid on or before the end of the year is 81.00, or 50 cents for six months. Subscribers neglecting or failing to so pay, will Ue charged the 81.50 rate. This rule will be strictl-v adhered to. Entered at the postoffice at Chilli- oothe, Missouri, and admitted for transmission through the mail as second-class matter. Office in CONSTITUTION Building, 516.South Washington Avenue. Telenhone No. 105. By Mafl—Postage Prepaid: Daily, one vear 85.00 Daily, six months 2.50 Weekly, one vear. ha advance 1.00 Weekly, one year, if not paid before vear ends 1.50 Weekly, six months 75 v The Daily will be delivered by carriers to subscribers in Chillieothe at 10 cents per «™*k. Any irregularity n delivery should be promptly reported atthis. Democratic State Ticket. For Judge of Supreme Court, Long Term. A. M. WOODSON. For Judge of Supreme Court, Short Term •w.'w. GKAVES. Railroad and Warehouse Commissioner RUBE OGLESBY. Superintendent of Public Instruction . HOWARD ALLEN GASS. DemocraticJCounty Ticket. For Congress W. W. RTJOKER' Representative JAMES 0. RANET Sheriff MARK WHITE Recorder of Deeds WILLIAM REYNOLDS Prosecuting Attorney E. O.ORK Olerk of the County Court A. M. SHELTON Treasurer U.S.ALLBRITAIN Probate Judge PIERCE OVERTON Olerk of the Circuit Court MATTHEW ;McBRIDE Collector B. F. THORP Assessor JOHN J.MAY Presiding Judge County Court S. HAWKINS Judge Eastern District IRA DONOVAN Public Administrator FORREST M. GILL Judge Western District - O. W.GARLIOK For Coroner. R. H. CABELL. THERE are no;Democraticjbolters in Livingston county cause there is no occasion for any. The spirit of factionalism received a body blow when the organ of faction and discord gave up th e struggle. The Democrats of the county have a strong ticket and one which they can support with a •will. The result of the doing away with the factional feeling will be shown in the reelection of the entire Democratic ticket this fall. THE defeat of the Democratic candidates for representatives who have had the nerve to say that they stand for the Sunday closing law is the program of th brewers and liquor dealers Missouri this fall,Jim Raney, tb Democratic nominee for represen tativein Livingston county, ha leen brave and manly enough t( «ay publicly and privately that h stands for the strict enforcemen of the "Sunday laws—aad that Trust to Naturei A great many Americans, both men and women, are thin, pale and puny, with poor circulation, because they have Ill- treated their stomachs by hasty eating or too much eating, by consuming alcoholic beverages, or by too close confinement to homo, office or factory, and in consequence the stomach must be treated in a natural way before Ifcey can rectify their earlier mistakes. The muscles in many such people, in fact in every weary, tbin and thin-blooded person, do their work with great diflicultv. As a result fatigue comes early, is extreme and lasts long. The demand for nutritive aid is ahead of the supply. To insure perfect health every tissue, bone, nerve and muscle should take from the blood certain materials and return to it certain others. It is necessary to prepare the stomach for the work of taking up from the food what is necessary to make good, rich, red blood. We must go to Nature for the remedy. There were certain roots known to the Indians of this country before the advent of the whites which later came to the knowledge of the settlers and which are now growing rapidly in professional favor for the cure of obstinate stomach and liver troubles. These are found to be safe and yet certain in their cleansing and invigorating effect upon the stomach, liver and blood. These are: Golden Seal root. Queen's root,. Stone root, Bloodroot, Mandrake root. Then there ir Black Cherrybark. Tim medicinal principles residing in these native roots when extracted with glycerine as a solvent make the most reliable and efficient stomach tonic and liver invigorator, when combined in just the right proportions, as in Dr. Picrce's Golden Medical Discovery. Where there is bankrupt vitality—such as nervous exhaustion, bad nutrition —and thin blood, the body acquires vigor and the nerves, blood and all the tissues feel the favorable effect of this sovereign remedy. Although some physicians have been aware of the high medicinal value of the above mentioned plants, yet few have used pure glycerine as a solvent and usually the doctors' prescriptions called for the ingredients in varying amounts, with alcohnl. The "Golden Medical Discovery" is a scientific preparation compounded of the glyceric extracts of the above mentioned vegetable ingredients and contains no alcohol or harmful habit-forminu drugs. that will be methods. .a rebuke to such •will support the policies of Gover nor Folk looking toward the bet 'torment of the moral conditions o Missouri. It is up to the voter .-of Livingston county, regardles of party, to show the enemies o: - the Sunday law that they canno run affairs in Livingston county by giving Jim Raney a majority •a/ VIV an unfailing cure for eczema, pimples, dandruff and all diseases of the skin and scalp. ZEMO is recognized by ' eminent scientists and physicians as one of ; ;ithe most important discoveries of medical skill and science. ZEMO is a clean liquid'for^external use, it always CURES Mr. Jacob Frank, s. prominent business man of St. Louis, says: "*Yonr remedy cured me of one of the most obstinate cases of eczema that I have ever known or heard of. My case was of four years' standing on both bands, and_had been pronounced incurable by leading skin specialists and physicians of this city. Like all sufferers of itching skin diseases. I tried all remedies that were recommended to me, and found absolutely nothing th£t did me any food until ZEMO was used. 1 w il I be pleased to -write any sufferer who doubts this statement. Yours very truly, ~* JACOB FRANK. Pres. Frank Merc. Co., 821 N. 6th St., St. Louis. Price,$1.00. LeadingDruugists or by Express FKEFASED OKLY By UCINE CO. THE OPPOSITION TO HEARST. It isn't strange that all the New York newspapers should oppose the candidacy of William - R. Hearst for Governor of New York. They are all business rivals of Mr. Hearst and probably not a few of them are jealous of the success that the Democratic publisher has made in the publishing business— a success that surpasses anything in the history of journalism. Other papers criticise Hearst's papers, call them yellow and sneer at them.but the people buy^them and advertiser find ia them a profitable medium, else they would not continue to grow and prosper. And these things stick in the craws of the other New York publishers to the extent that they would haturally oppose Hearst in anything he stood for. Without the support of any other newspaper and with the determined opposition of Tammany Hearst, on the face of the returns, came within 3000 votes of being elected mayor of Greater New York, and the probability ;is that if he had had a fair count he would have been elected. Hearst is a man of foroe and ability and one who has prove i himself a friend of the people. While others have talked Hearst has done things. He has instituted proceedings that have resulted in the curbing of numerous trus s. He is not only a trust fighter but a "trust-buster" as well. And he supported the Democratic ticket in 1898 and 1900, when those who oppose him now as "indignant Democrats" were helping to elect the Republican candidates. There is much talk now about the odds being against Hearst and the "old-time" Democratic leaders opposing him. But it is highly probable that when the votes are counted he will have a handsome maiority. The opposition is ca- .ble of making a good deal of noise, but Hearst will show it a race in which noise will count for fittle. SCHOOL HOUSE MEETINGS. At a meeting of the members of the Democratic county committee and candldales.held Friday night, it was decided that school house meetings should be held as follows: McCormick school, Rich Hill township, Tuesday evening, October 2. Jacksnipe school, southeast of Chillicothe, Wednesday evening, October 3. Prairie Valley school, four miles east of Sturges.Thursday evening, October 4. -Linville school house, north cf Chillicothe, Friday evening, October 5. The candidates will attend these meetings and good orators will be present to discuss the issues 'of the campaign. Good music will be furnished and the committee has issued a special invitation to the ladies to be present. • ^. .- .». NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Notice Is hereby given that scaled proposals will be received by the City Auditor of the City of Ohllllcothe, Mo., up to 12 o'clock, noon, on tho flrst day of October, liKM, for the furnishing of all material and the doing of all work and labor necessary to construct a sidewalk, 50 feet In length and I feet wide of the material described by and in accordance with ordinance No.2*S;:i sidewalk 00 feet In length and 4 feet wide of the material described by and in accordance with ordinance No. KW: a sidewalk -10 feet In length and 4 feet wide of the. material cle- scrified by and ia accordance with ordinance No. 240; a sidewalk 40 feet in length and 4 feet wide of the material described by and in accordance with ordinance No. 211: a sidewalk 10 feet in length and 4 feet wide of the material described by and In accordance with ordinance No. Sl-':a sidewalk ISO feet In Telegraph Positions Offered Just received a letter from the Rock Island Railroad offering a station in Daviess county, Mo., salary $50 a month at lirst. No question about opportunities. Enroll any day. Maupin's Cqllege "TEi POSIT15N SCHOOL" ChUlicothe, Mo. TOM JOHNSON IS FOR HEARST. Cleveland, O., Sept. 28—Mayor Tom Johnson stands for the candidacy of William R. Hearst. If he lived in New York he would vote for him. "What do you think of Hearst's candidacy?" he was asked. "I think that Hughes, the man nominated by the Republicans, has done some good work. Nevertheless, if I lived in New York I would vote for Hearst." What is a cold in the head? Nothing to worry about if you treat with Ely's Cream Balm as soon as you begin to sneeze and snuffle. Neglected, the cold may grow into catarrh, and the air- passages be so inflamed that you have to Tight for every breath. mid In accordance with ordinance No. 211: n sidewalk 56 feet in length and I tvt-t wide of the material described by niul In accordance with ordinance No. 245: n sidewalk 17-1 feet in length and I feet wide of tho material described by and in accordance with ordinance No. 2JU;a sidewalk 112 feet in leiiKth and •! feet wide of the material described by and in accordance with ordinance No. 2IX; a sidewalk 00 feet In length and I feet wide of the material described byand in accordance with ordinance No. 219; n sidewalk 50 feet In length and -1 feet wide of the material described by and in accordance with ordinance No. 251; a sidewalk uo feet in lennth and 4 feet wide of the material described by and In accordance with ordinance No. 252: a sidewalk 112 feet in leuitth and 4 feet wideof the material described by and in accordance with ordinance No. 25!; a sidewalk HO feet i length aud 1 feet wide of the material do scribed by and in accordance with ordi nance No. 231; a sidewalk 112 feet In leiiRt and 4 feet wide of the material described bj and in accordance with ordinance No. 235; i sidewalk (0 feet in length and I feet wide o the material described by and In accol'dil nc with ordinance No. 2Sii: a sidewalk 112 feet ii length and 4 feet wide of the material de scribed by and in accordance with ordi fmuce No.2i»7. The proposals must be according to torn required and furnished by the City Engi neer. A certified check in the sum of $55.0f must accompany each bid to insure thi making of n contract. The right to rujec any and all bids is reserved by the .011} Council. BUEL WIGELY. lOSeptdtd City Auditor. ^f^^^"^^^ ItistruethatE.y's Cream Ba.m nance No. 21;!; a sidewalk m feet in length ' cures catarrh, promptly and cer- and 4 feet wide of the material described by t & ( n ly. g u t you know the old saw about the ounce ofprevention. Therefore use Cream Balm when the cold in the head shows itself. All druggists, 50o , or mailed by Ely Bros., 5tt Warren Street, Now York. JACKIES VISIT THE POPE. Rome, Sept. 28—The pope received fifty Amerian sailors today from the warships now at Naples. The pope gave each of the men his hand to kiss and in a shortaddress urged the sailors to be loyal to their religion and country, faithful in the performance of their duty and obedient ^.to their superiors. The pontiff then bestowed the apostolic benediction on the sailors. Each of them was presented with a souvenir medal. The laxative effect of CHAMBERLAIN'S STOMACH and LIVER TABLETS, is so agreeable and so natural you can hardly realize that it is produced by a medicine. These tablets also cure indigestion and biliousness. Price, 25 cents. Samples free at the N. J. Swetlaud Drue Store. WERE MISTAKEN. From the flnllntin Democrat. It seems that we were mistaken last week in our item about Hawkins, the detective, as that gentleman came in Tuesday and paid for his printing. He tells us that he had written us a note before leaving town explaining that he had been called away hastily but we never received it and thus our wrong coacluMons. We make.this amend in order to remove any in?- pression that might h-ive been conveyed by our article that, Mr. Hawkins was trying to beat his printer's bill. We very much regret our hasty conclusion and ask that the papers that copied our article make this correctiop. Escaped Death. It is not an uncommon experience for us to get a letter describing how the writer escaped death by taking DR. CALDWELL'S (LAXATIVE) SYRUP PEPSIN for Ciambsrlain's Cough Bemedy Acts on Nature'. Plan. The most successful medicines are those that aid nature. CHAMBERLAIN'S COUGH REMEDY acts on this plan. Take it when you have a cold and it will allay the cough, relieve the lungs, aid expectoration, open the secretions and aid nature in restoring the system to a healthy condition Thousands have testified to its superior excellence. It counteracts any tendency of a cold to result in pneumonia. Price, 25 cents. Large .size, 50 cents. For sale by the N J. Swetland Drug Co. ST. JOSEPH AND RETURN FOR S3.10 via the Burlington Route. For the Horse Show at St. Joseph we will sell round trip tickets Sept. 22 to 29th inclusive good returning not later than Oot. 1st for $3.10. For further information call on or address, R. B.JORDAN, Agent tha 1 Bewa-e of Ointments for uatarrn Contain Mercury, some violent and dangerous stom- J as mercury will surely destroy the sense o ach ur liuwel Iiiflq^-'"^""- Thn smell and completely derange the whole itJOBiTfae gentle, soothing, curative, purifi- cative action of this pleasantsyrup is without any equal in the science of medicine. Sold by all Druggists at 50c and §100. Money back if this fails. READY TO GO TO CUBA Philadelphia, Sept. 28-The coaling of the cruiser Brooklyn has been completed and the warship is ready to sail for Cuban waters at a minute's notice. She will sail with her full armament i.and crew on Sunday or Monday. The Tennessee will be ready to sail as soon as her equipment of men is complete. Marines havo been arriving for tho last few days and a big detail cametouay from Norfolk. Neary all the mariaes statii n 5d at the Virginia yard have been ordered here. Water is being pumped out of he ballast tanks of the St. Louis, he other transport stationed at he League Island Navy Yard preparatory to the loading of tores. She * ill be ready to sail at about tho same time as the 'anther. On account of the delay n getting the two transports ready or orders the first men will be ent to Cuban service _on the Brooklyn.- It is espected that this ruiser will carry about five hun-, red marines under the command f Lieutenant-Colonel Moses. Are you troubled wjth piles?One pplication of ManZan will give ediute relief. Sold, system when entering it throush the mucous surfaces. Such articles should nevci be useJ except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, us the damage they will do Is ten fold to tho sood you can possibly derive from them. HALL'S CATARRH CURE manufactured by F. S. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains no mercury,and Is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood aiid mucous surfaces of the system, lu buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get thejzen- uiue. It Is taken internally and made In Toledo, Ohio. Dy F. J.Cheney & Co. ; Test monials free. y^J< Sold by DrcKgists. Price, 75c per bbCtle. Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation. Bear, tie Signature of , The Kind You Havs Always Pouglii 1£~ rt£ A BIG EAR OF CORN. Jasper Minnick sent to the CONSTITUTION Saturday a red ear of corn which measured 12^ irches in length and which was filled out in fine shape. Any person having backache, kidney pains or bladder trouble who will take two or three Pine-ules upon retiring at night shall be relieved before morning. The medicinal virtues of tt« crude gums and. resins obtained from the Native Pin« have teen recognized by the medical pro- Cession for centuries. In Pine-nles we offer allot the virtues of the Native Pine that are of value in relieving all Kidney and Bladder Troubles When two strong men como to blows,even if they are well matched, it is not a pleasant eight, but if the man who gets the worst of it will use DEWITT'S WITCH HAZEL SALVE, he will look better and feel better in sho:t order. Be sure you get DEWITT'S. Good for everything a salve ia used for, including piles. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. EXCURSION Tq TEXAS. A special excursion sleeping car bound for the heart of the Texas Panhandle will leave Chilli- eothe October 2. The fare for the round trip will be S-0, including sleeper. Those buying land will have their fares refunded. Land values range from S10 to 820 an acre, where any one crop will pay for the land; whore the rainfall the three growing months of the year is the same that it is in Chicago. For booklet and other information seen Beu F. Broylos, Ctiula, or B. J. Meek, ChUlicothe. s22d&wld WAS A VERY SICK BOY For Infants and Children. Kind You Have ways Bough! AvtgelabiePreparalionfor Assimilating iheFoodandRcgiila iiig the Stomachs and Bowels of Promotes Digeslion.Cheerfu!- nessandltest.Contains neillter Opium,Morphine nor^liucral. NOT 7JAH.C OTIC . /leapt vfai<U)rSAMVIX.P!KHlJl Aperfecl Remedy forConstip 1 '- fion , Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea Worms .Convulsions Jeverish- ness and Loss OF SLEEP. Pac Smile Sgnature oF But Cured by Chamberlain's Colic, Oho era and D;a;rho?a Remedy. "When my boy was two years old he had a very severe attack of bowel complaint, but by the use of CHAMBERLAIN'S COLIC, CHOLERA and DIARRHOEA! REMEDY we brought him out all right," says M^truie Hickox, of Midland, Mich, This remedy can be depended upon in" the most severe cases. Even cholera iufantum is cured by it. Follow the plain (printed directions and a cure is certain. For sale by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. 5 OS-TE-OP'-A-THY. \ « The driiKleas remedy for the relief of tho suftVrlntf. la rapidly winning fitvor with * £ thinkinc people. For further infurin.itkm see jg I Dr, T. fi. Pheips Dr, Lavina Beausamp ^m^clS-uS | J Consultation and Examination.FUCK. J * Phones: Office 111: Residence: Pheips ins; iseauchnmp :)52. * »*»*»***«***»»«*l*»«*»ll«***K***» »**«»«**»***********» EXCITEMENT OVER ASSAULT. JeSerson City, Sept. 28—Rube Francis of Centretown, in this county, is in jail here charged with assault on Mrs. Attis Hobbs, a widow in Centretown. There is much excitement in the Conlro- town neighborhood over the affair. BetterThan Spanking-. Kpanklnftdoes not uure children bed wet- tine. H it did there, would he few ulillilren that would do H. There is a constitutional cause for this. .Mrs. M. Summers, Box II:'. Notro Dame, Incl., will send her home treatment to any mother. Khe asks no nuinoy. Write her today if your children trouble you in tills way. Don't blnine the child. The chances are it can't help it. LOW RATES TO KANSAS CITY Greatly reduced rates will be I made to Kansas City and return, Tuesday, October 2nd, account 'Festival "Priests of Pallas." Train No. 31 will carry extwi | coaches to accomodato passengers for this occasion. Returning special train will leave Kansas City at 11 p. m. after ihu p;irade. See local ticket agent, C. M. & St. P. Ry., for further particulars. MEINERSHAGEN FURNITURE GO. UNDERTAKERS. 'PHONES: NIGHT 153. DAY 39T- Olllo! Hours: s to 12 A. M. 1 to S P. M. VNitlntf hours by appointment. Otllliri!: Bank of ^hilUcoUie l>l(lK. Telephone :!7U. Dr. Chas, L WoSfe, Osieopathic Physician Fifth Year in Chillieothe SPK(HAUST ISOffKOSIC i> [ S R A HiK S c iNSlTi/r.vnoN- AND KX.VMINA- TIOS K 11 E E . TO the West and Northwest AUGUST 27 to OCTOBER 31 ManZan relieves instantly tho pain causeti by those blind, bleeding, itching and protruding piles. It is put up in collapsible tubes in j such a way that it can be applied where tho trouble originates, thus- stopping the trouble immediately. j Try one bottle and if you are not : relieved, your money v^ill bo refunded. Try our free offer. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. FALL FESTIVITIES AT KANSAS CITY Sept. 30th and from Oct. 1st to 6th the C- M. & St. P. will sell round trip tickets from Chillicothe to Kansas City and return at $3 good returning until Oct. 8th. S. NICHOLAS, Agent. Think of Dr. Shoop's Catarrh Cure if your nose and throat discharges—if your breath ia foul or feverish. Itrcoulaiiia Oil aiid~Eu»~ calyptus, Thymol, Menthol, etc., incorporated into an imported, creamlike petrolatum. It soothes, heals, purifies, controls.. Call at our store for free trial box. The N. J, Swetland Drug Co. M. L. Wisehaupt of Bedford transacted business and visited friends in the city Friday afternoon. For social, medic'nal or household uses -I." W. Harper whiskey is the best and safest. The most popular high grade whiskey on the market. Sold by M. L. Higgins. NEW FEED STORE I have opened a now feed store on south Locust street opposite Platter's staoles. I will handle wholsale and retail feed and coal. I invite all old and new customers to call. Prices right. L E. Fullerton. P.ione 091. d2w When you have a cold it is well to oe very careful about using any thine that will cau-?o constipation. Be particularly careful about preparations containing opiates. U_se__ _KENN_EDYIS_ LAXA.T_LYE_ HONEY and TAR, which stops the cough and moves the bowels. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. W. J. BRYAN-KANSAS CITY §3 00 for the round trip yia C. M. & St. P. Sept. 29th, tickets good-returning until and including Oct. 1. S. Nicholas, Agent. H. J. Woolf and L. C. Tomblin of Browning were business visitors in the city today. Removes, the microbes which impoverish the blood and circula- ion. Stops all trouble that inter- 'eres with nutrition, That's what Sollister's Rocky Mountain Tea will do. Tea or Tablets, 35 cents. Swetland Drug company. O. P. Clark returned Friday night from a three days' business ;rip in Kansas City. Don't let the baby suffer from eczema, sores or any itching of he skin. Doan's Ointment gives nstant relief, cure? quickly. Per- ectly safe for children. All Iruggists sell it. Burgy Brunswick "Brunswicker:—P. E. and bride arrived in JBruns- n No; 9 return from No one would buy a sailboat with sails that could not be reefed. There is always that possibility of a little too much wind that makes a cautious man afraid to go un- provided. The thinking man, whose otomach wometimcs goes back on him, provides for his stomach by keeping a bottle of KODOL for DYSPEPSIA within reach. Kodol digests what you eat ;md restores the stomach to the condition to properly perform its functions. Sold by Clark's macy. Lock Spiiugs Herd id — Miss j Kathleen McClure went to Chillicothe Tuesday to visit her sister. From there she will go to Butler, Mo., for a visit with her brother. A Perfect Bowel Laxative for constipation, sallow complexion, headache, dizziness.sour stomach, coated toague, biliousness. Lax- ets act promptly, without pain or griping. Pleasant to take—-Lax- ets—only 5 cents. Sold by the NJ. Swetland Drug Co. $27.30 $27.30 $24.80 $22.30 $1730 From Chillieothe, Mo., to Portland, Tacanr.i. Seattle, Victoria,.Vancouver and many- other points in the I'aciliu Northwest. to San Francisco, Los Amfules, San Die^o. and hundreds of points in California. to Spokane anil other points in the famous ''Inland Empire" of Kastern Washington. to Salt Lake City, Ogdun, Uutte, tlHonu, Auiiconda, Missmila. and other Utah and Montana points to Billinsjs, Mont.,metropolis of a large and prosperous farming and stock-raising region. Ask me fur further information, please. R. B. Jordan, Agent. C., B. & Q Ry. We \yill_sel[ at public auction at the Faubion farm, 6 miles southeast of Chillieothe, on WEDNESDAY, OOT. 3, 1906, EDWARD VII. The following described property: Black Jack,foaled 1880, 10.1 hands hijrh, knee. 14 inches: cannon bone. 12: ear, 32: hock, IT. Sired by Gelberton: lie by Re.sran & Wilson's Gelberton: he by Hopktn's Alberado; he by Cunningham's Randall. IIU DflDTCD Jim Porter is a srray jack, with white iJiHI rUn I Clf. points:foaled June 12,l!IOO: 15 1-2 hands hi"h: ear, 3H knee: 1-H hock: 10.',: canon bone, 12. Sired by Barcelona; he by Ben Harrison; he by Joe Blackburn: he by Prince 3rd; he bv Prince 2nd: he by Imp. Prince. First datn, Ruth, by Black tlawk. One span of work horses. 1 span work mares, 1 pair yearling horse colts, 1 2-year-old filly, 2 suckiny colts. 1 mule colt, 1 Pert-heron stallion.'a head of milch "cows, Itcah-es. Ill brood sows, 15 head of feeders. 15 piss, all farm implements and household <roods. TERMS OF SALE:—All sums of $10.Oil and under cash in hand: on all sums over $10.00 a credit of 12 months will be .iriven without interest if paid when due, if not paid when due to bear S per cent interest from date: purchaser to give note with approved securities. No property to be removed until terms of sale are complied with. 8 per cent off for cash on all sums over $10.00. SAUNDERS & FAUBION COL. A. SLIFER., Auc. Six Room Cottage Modern. Three blocks from •MIIIUI-O. Good collar, wood house, i'rice WlW.UO. Nine-Room Brick Honse [rTcTty. ModernTcood barn. Price .{2,700. Eight.-R.oom JfYame House Two blocks from square. Price $l,>s:>0. Five-Room House. Three blocks from square, jjood barn. Price $B2ti. Five-Room^ Frame House Two blocks from square. Price $1._.")0. Eight-Room Frame House Three blocks from square. Modern. Price -13,500. Six-Room House Five lots, i'ooil barn; fruit of all kind. Price WOO. Five-Room House Five room house. Good repair, price $525 00. Seven-Room House In >:oo<.l repair; jjood location. Price $1750. BazelJ.Meek Land Co. AT. Cunningham, Mgr. Chy Dept. OWN A HOME We Have These and Many Other Bargains. $1.SOO—Nine-room dwelling, small barn, some fruit, two lots, in excellent neighborhood. $2,35O--Seven-room dwelling, bath, etc., barn and woodshed. Lot 30x112 feet $850—Five-room dwelling, on West Webster street, one lot. $1,OOO—Six-roomdwelling on North Kim street. Good neijjh- hoocl rnd a bargain. $85O — Five-room dwelling with lot OUx 140 feet. $6OO — Two small dwellings •$WO each, on easy terms. GILL ®> RYAN, Barney Bldg. ChfflicoLhe, Mo. GREATEST —* BARGAINS -IN- FARM LANDS, PASTURE LANDS, CITY PROPERTIES. I'rices on Best Crop-Growing in Kansas ranj^injf from $30 to $4O per acre. Invest now and double your money in live years or less time. Correspondence ^'iven ready reply. All calls of prospective buyers given courteous attention. LEBO LAND & LOAN GO. LEBO. " KANSAS. COFFEE CO CITY REAL ESTATE. Modern sla to-roof, brick veneer, 8-room dwelling, iarse lot, Hue shadeand fruit, tlno location. 4-room, almost new dwelling, nearCentrib school, price. Jt'A) Nice rt-room dwelling, near Central school 3ooil cellar, south front,, price $!fc">0. 4-room, new 1 story dwelling 1 on Raynardt street, price J'HIO. iTi-room new dwellings and barn and [OLS aud barn, price $700. near Industrial Home. The last four .dwellings belong to non resident and have to sell. Farms, 100 auras Land—It) acres fine corn, land balance timber, bluo grass pasture, unfnll- inrt sprtnK. i2,;"ioo, JJXX) down balance tt per cent. 70-acre Farm—t-room dwelling, barn and out-buildings, 40 acres fln« corn land, Jml- and telephone line, unfrJllne spring in pasture, price $-2 l')0, t'WO down balance at n per cent. I have large list of nil kinds of Real Estate and can suit you. Money loaned at 5, liund 7 per cent on city and farm land. Insurance written in companies that pay losst-s on farms and city property. Ollico luirosastreet from Post Ufllcu. L N. PACE. STONE MASON House Moving & Raisin? * * [ -r Leave orders at Saunders-Tnrner Lumber Yard J. R. McCLELLEN English spavin LlnamenE remove H&rd, Soft or Calloused Lumps an* 'Blemishes from horses, Blood_ Splints. Sweeney.-Ring Bone. Strfjtfli] ', BII,Swollen Throats.'Conirl $ JOHN H. TAYLOR. I * ATTORJTEY-AT-LAW, 4. " Office: 2nd floor Masonic Temple, 8. •!• "Washington St. Collections made •£• T and promptly remitted. Notary al- -J* *£ -*'ays in office. J^ $.H-*.H-H"I"M 11 H-H-K-MI Mt* CiUNHIi $25.00 VIA SANTA FE From Kansas City, with proportionate rates from other places east of Missouri River, to Los Angeles, San Diejro. San Francisco, and many other points in California, New Mexico, and Arizona. Tickets on sale daily until October:!!. lOOrt, Inclusive. Good In Tourist sleep- Jns-caifs; $5.75 additional furiloiiblo berth. Liberal stopovers a!lowed In California and at certain points In Arizona. For Literature and Particulars, Address G. W. HAGENBUCH, G.A., .A.T. &S. F. Ry., 905 Main 86., Kansas Ctty. Mo. HOLUSTER-S Rocky Mountain Tea Wuggefs i Busy Medi-

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