The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 6, 1957 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1957
Page 4
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1 ' <,! -*'' ,- r ' * u ' ' * fi . ' .. .„ t<J -> r s, tV^.;/ i,'. ^^j , ..Ji—jXiIk. L . - J .-•>.. JiBBl C^ffwwtjijkh •> IfDCH/tffSI attftltf Mft I* drtw* t*« tttiic hif ••ytl»— JLCVIU ya*i^« ^••••»** •— —— ™T_^ *| i to*«jrtit*s «l tnt »«n witecwa i« u**d far **a«*tl*i, "with th* 6bj*etivt el ftftiudfcg th* tall ta«l«* th* p«Mflt dmageftifli* ft* the di««JM, M that they «an f«eeivt tmtJWfht duHfig *tagft» wh«rt «*«« at* new DIMO CHKP mi SINAK OWICf U ebainnn Paul Butler confide* to Intimate* that he i* seriously mat for th* Scaate from li •galf-tt Senator Wffilam X. Jeafier. to seek elective office. H* •point* to the fact that f*« f A^OTS fret Communist Ws. C*H*in u sure to ., ** Brit- IUUI•.,^VWV4Vfc V* «w»w.« **• *.••- ^itt and 6th«t.cou»tM*« -en desper- trade, Bed Ua« . IB rebruiry, in whlcH tie Sui«l»B pond** uas»«. the gr*»te« »dv«H€« fit tf«Atrft«nt aft* AifMtff. Aii6 fc to** ytwi 6* ait«*t eiaesf* we .t ««£ k* change I* puttie sttltud** IMMMI Th* •« ift *Weh c*n«f nilW Aft* it raft MM* in*.., th« MM f*», tfrt tttttV tkt UK** IpoHmfc* * en wertftrtwn by to«wlw» a* now wwifiK* that ttflfitt b* eufei ' , But fiadtat ft« fttfn will fc A»d in tb« me«ntlw«, «*&? ti ftttd hfctf tt ring of kawat urday morning, help yourtdH tad htlp ethers t* eo^titf prog*** * hi* difficult task of bringing mow effldeaey tote th* huge and far-flung * ntuclMt to l*t go, unl*** b* find* ImpoHtftt —position from Mr. fiscnhow**. -.8* f*r, Mt* has backed him in mott of ^'requiring nigh level review—and Charlie" i* willing to stay on. •^"i.**!* 1 ;&*-••. „ for Butter'* plaa ha* CAM* treat influential Democrat*, Including th* party* titular leader, Adltl & Steveftton, . •x-Frerfdent Harry S. Trualaa•".•a* 1 G«f. l\ O. McMen Williams *t Michigan. ' Moreover, there would b* ao clamor of "dent do it" if Butler resigned hi* national chairmanship tt enter the Indiana battle. Many of the tame Defnoeratt whb would Ilk* to M* Butler la the Senate *r« t*t* than en- thuKattit about having him continue a* national chairman. Should Sutler resign, there would b*^ strong effort to swing election of California ' naneotl conunltteemaa Paul Zlttren a* hi*' V •'" V MAY.flCXT 0» JOB—Heport* tint"D4ten«e SeenHry Charles k Wllioa might resign soon are heard leu aad lea* ftequrntly, aad a good guess now is that he will remain in the Cabinet for at l***t another year—and perhaps longer. Wilson's often barMd criticisms of Congre**, certain aspect* of the military establishment, and even—on occasion—of th* higher executive* in government bar* brought him under attack but, ia th* long run, reaction has Men favorable^ Meanwhile, hi* aides at the Pmtagon •ay Wilson ha* particular Interest ia *om* 14 project* aad hope* to M* them completed. Most ot them will take tome time. WUaoa alM f«el* that he ha* mad* aott* • IAKXMA CANAL NO tirez - smc* tjgypf* N*s*er nationalited the Sues canal, tM** bat b**a rlatot lo«M talk ever th* pttatlbdttr that PaninUi might do th* same thia*f with th* Panama canal. However, no teeponsibi* otfld*l:ia Panama or Washington believe* wefi** thlni will ever tak* place. UpMttlatwa about nationalisation Is used mainly by the Panamanians a* a mean* of deriving more benefit* from the United State*, the treaty negotiated two year* ago, -modernising'' United State* right* to the 10- mU* canal •on*, ia*, never been fully im- plewentei. Ptduoataliu an understandably annoyed. Still to b* acted «pd*f by Congress an law* eitebUfUnfj United StaUr—u and transfer i Aft Editor'*..* COMMEt., By GLENN HEATH i.'* *« * »j * k'«W , Bvltwua «k*rw*». „«.«»«.—- ,ltg jjMtefft trad* withRed utfAunUnt to about M only to (6. mlfilon dot«,- : *i > ' ' ' •' Th« bltf development i* the reatMMhent at diplwn*Uc relations-** lack « th*ra--b«« tween th* Peiping government it* K*d Chin**e nel|nbx*. ^ It i* likely that JiWiB*#i Premier Nobusuke Kilhi will start thinking about reeognii- ing the Red Chineie government diplomatically^ „ Sooner of later the United SUtet will start thinking, too. On Tornado** have the tmljue and. Soviet Russia have in cort- • OOMCMRI MOSUtS-A big problem la mistle research may be solved by using concrete in th* air frame of these supersonic, intercontinental birds. Ordinary concrete, new research indicate*, may b* Ju*t the material to withstand the high temperatures and great structural streets* of mbsl*> flight The concrete would be pre»*trc*i*d to. give it aecewary rigidity. Weight Mem* to b* the remaining sturakling block, according to AJr Force edenust*. On Th* Side... 64 PERCffNT OF IRISH UNMARRIED the*e small, violent, *hort- ? lived twirter. are native Only to thl* country (and mostly to the area between the Rockies and the Mississippi Biver), to th* southern and central portion* of ftuctia, and to Southern Australia. Bratosport, which I* in the portion of the United State* where tornadoe* are most fre- quentt^iot * very brief taste' of tjoi phenomenon Tuesday, and Ibdtdn't title 'good. We Were lucky; whatever the potency of th* funnel* that were seen, they didn't strike in place* where they could perform their miracle* of demolition. Brixwport is used to hurricanes, and many of the red- dent* 'can relate the effect* from first hand experience. But tornado*! ar* lomethlag new. Not on* of the scores of persons who called The fact* Tuesday to give or receive information had ever **en on* befor* So now Bratoeport has something new to worry about. And the extent to which Braxosport is worried is ibown by the number of penon* who flood thi* office with call* about th* weather forecast, often asking specifically if tornadoes ar* la air close to the ground; above thU, t- ..- mutt be a layer ot warm, ui<y aJr. This It th* setting. Now, the tornadoes happen when a "small Una" or front collide* with the above condition*. , Th* Weather Bureau keep* track ot the movement ot front*, and they know when * front I* going to run Into the condition* of warm, dry air overlaying tnoist air. Thaf* ' when th«r warning* go out The Weather Bureau warnings come out on The Fact* United Preta teletype looking something like thi*: "Severe thunderstorms and tornado** arTloneatt for th* central Teax* ana, with th* possibility ot tamed*** tormina; within aa an* 40 mile* on either side of a line drawn between Kerr- vUle and a point 30 mil** Mutt of San Antonio." By thi* they mean that fo that area 40 mil** on either aid* of the line then i* a layer of moist air surmounted by a 1«y- er of warm, dry air, and that a front of air masses I* Moving toward it That i* about a* near a* th* Weather Bureau can corns to narrow patn they do --— avetag* between MO -, and fett la width, though *Mn* «* wide as a rnfle htw* b**n «• ported. Thelf patitt «**•»«£ They move anywhere from two ortan. to fflet durin* thWt,. life *pa>, aadTat SV speed of- from lOto lo^mile* per h*H». SotMUme* the • thunderstorms, out of which tornado** an spawned, tufa up a real blockbuster to .t^gfftWCA. tornado-cycion*. xhtt.dcacflM* a cyclone, which cover* * wider areVand ha* weaker winds, .with a tornado !n*ld* g. it "iBotnpUiatjott. ,ltf |ftg* . Jflf uted'to, J? : r t •*'•'• .... " National **Bort... . IKC IS NO FRIEND OF BIG BUSINESS FIRMS WABHOTUTUN, wi — «»« ChUf* th » t *>*> M**nh*wer ad- mlnUtratioa i* by and for big butlaeM ,»*>,' tag Mjnewhat imder weight " partrtent i trust-field. This w«tk'« Supreme Court General Motor* stock .was In vtolrfibn ot fn'e' anti-trust B. V. DOBUMO Ok. my belov»dl How divinely *WMt I* th* pun Jof Whea kindred *pirit* meetl —Tom Moon Who Invented th* a*n-*kM tint Otf- kaftd, I can't say. Eow*v*r, I wtH cheek. X warn* him, if h**i *tUl around, to invent a acMkid nib. I dipped (lightly la the bath- tab th* other morning. Just caught my**« ia time or I would have cracked something. That wouldn't have been an unusual accjdeat Coastaatly reported an accident* of penoM having serious t< ddent* from (lipping ir bathtub*. The bathtub tr. gseteral wt* i* outmoded It beteags to thi* country-t •tacit day*. I neesnm* tarfir battueosa* with bathtubs vaai an w a*4 deep. A »ort of miniature swia- po*i Aa4 with * nonjlip, non-»«4 Men of th»» vital ou**ti«a aaoa, thumb* down aa "Able 1 * Irish Bo**," **y- lag. H dldat h*v* a ehaac* to enjoy a long ma. »• I art* tt Mid. Thaf* wrong. Alexander Wolloott predicted "Able't Irish BOM" would enjoy gnat iwccew at th* box otfiot, S* did Alan Dal*, drama critic *t th* New To* Journal. Queriet from CllanU: Q. Bow old wa* Mr*. Patr-ck CampbeU when sh* first p^yed th* part of BUa Doolltti*. th* flow*? girl in Bernard Shaw 1 * play, "Pygmalion." Who wa* her '-adl g man? How old wa* h*T A. Mr*. C*mpb*ll wa* 41 year* old *•>» th* mad* her bow a* SU«* DoolUtl* in "Pygmalion." Pkflip Merivtl* who played Henry Higglaf w*f U y*er* old. 0- What doe* th* Gaelic expnanoa M Cu*Ua-ma^hr** m*aa"} A. tt a»*an* "Darling of my Jwart." caa Mldom tupply thl* Information, because the Weather Bureau wldom can. Individual tornado** are an impoc ribUlty. Thar* caa b* no warning, usually. The r*a*on 1* th* short life, and also the small die. with aa erratic path that cannot b* predicted. But her*'* what the U. S. Weather can and doe* do a* a aort of pre-wamlng. While they can never tell when or where an Individual tornado will *how. up, they can readily ipot'th* exact condition* which are necessary for a tornado to form. Two U. S. Air Force officer* are responsible for discovering th* exact eoadl tion* that oused tonuAM*. tad they set down * ^*^ , . Any warning «f an Individual tornado Would have to be done locally. Only on* *ueh • planned device has come -o the attention of thl* staff. l*);a town up In th* Panhandle, th* dty coundl voted fund* to P*y for a hug* drea, louder and with a ton* different from that of the fin siren, to W*ra o« approaching tornado**, Tktt happmd^lMt n«mth7altor 5e selge of tornado** in that vi- funnel-thaped doud ta«t suits from th* condensation of <. taolstun through cooltagjby • expansion andHfting. of air in- th* vortex. "• »«.-•• ThU funnel grow* from toe agon*r"dta«etionftl* bottom of the cloud beads sharply at ;th« bottom because th* tip la f«low*d by friction with the •round. When exhausted, the tornado diw from tt* top down, to th* In which it wa* tt aw*r jteporter* find still another tnJ5uV*oodltt*nntultingfrom atornado— again because of th* which It Interpreted *nly by » «•>«??- ologUt. but W» I* ****i>«alJy what th* condition**n mutt b* a lay* of very humid uuy* j * ' • • • - -, DeVpiw thdr *m*ll tlM, tor. nadoe* can do an Ineredibl* awo^ *f dtaw^ wtthlntt* caa flatten ttardy buiUjfivg*, drive straw* or blade* of gr*M through tr**» or even metal, andttey can lift railroad car* off thetr track*. Th* n**on fer thi* U,v*le*> to aad th* sh*rt spiral of th* wind direction. Though, no on* ha* ever m*4*uerd the v»todty •f wta«t la th* vortn 9<_ttw tornado. •eUatirt* Ja»* •*«« mtedfawn th* effect* that th* wind* rtay r«*«b a* high M MO mO*f P*r hour. . , _ Sft^rpTtlwy don't sar**4 thfbr dmrnn «r« • wMf ana, they an M thorough at CBM* f*«*iOMl wnclag wtw In *• wwto wrtew c«n« . anything m the same wtount. %*' ",| Yean Ag* Newspaper reader* who scan thr-Wr headline* en-route-to th*H sports and comic-pages-• eatily could b* convinced thereby' that the Xlstnhower Department of Justice had novidrt in hard • on the two gnat corporation* commonly mott ctetely Identified with th*. administration., Fir down in th* Du Pont- Generol Motor* story, K at aU, wa* th* information that th* AIM on thl* bloekbutter was lighted way back In 1B4B by th* Truman adminiatraticu Department of Justice. Th* attorney general at that time wa* Tom C. Clark, now an associate Justice of the Supreme Court •'•• • :••'*• ^ GUrVa earlier connection witji-th* C*M explata* why h* did not participate in ia* high court'* Judgment ot it, Coariiutea by B**wa*ll JUenhower's Juitie* Department old, ot court*, share in th* prosecution of the Du Ptmt-Qcatral Motor* cat*. Whether Attorney Orneral Herbert Brownell Jr. would h*v* btgua the suit can b* no aien now than a matter at speculation. Th* hard fact I* that b* brought it to *ucc**c ful eoneluslnn. Th* charg* that the K**a- hower *dmlni»tration is by and for big butto*** U * Deaw .cratie indictment and decidedly in the field ot political eon- trovenr between th* lett and right wlii||*:ot American p»- littcal thinking.' A Mtntwnit different complaint heard somttlmes among Republican* i* that th* Wteiu hower Juttic* Department un" ha« beeft over- lustice. • _„_ bttt witfc overtone*.of wry humor, R*. publican* nave been heard t«» «ay that BrowneH-confine* hi* anti-trust action* to th* administration'* best friend*. That feeling among torn*) Republican* 1* part of th* •*• planation M tfce current dU- enchantment of many big .businessmen, with the Elsen- hower administration. Artlon* Inelttd* Big Oae* Brownell h*j v tn«d *ome bit suit*. H* hauled the American Newspaper ' Publishers Assn. Into court on .charge* of prie* fixing in the field of sdvertlt- ing. Brownell got a content deer** which th* department considers to have been a victory. ' That action sometimes t* dted by persons who would defend the lisenhower admla- ittrttion against th* aMwtioa that It fosters th* devotion ht th* United State* ot * one-party prass. • , Th* Truman admlnicttattoa was-counted no friend of bU butlac**. . Dwtag Truman'* U»t four White House yean, hi* Justice Department fitod lot dvfl and Tl rrlmlnal anti.trutt *ulta f«r a total of II}. • During th* first four BUen. howwr y**n, »h* jrutita* Dj- partment filed 14 *lvtt and •» criminal »nU-tru*t «***• for • total of III. D ^iyf ^55 ssv ¥£?_p to U< HJtii» tirit •UMag* W* ^wWAv .o**« tmrrrmoHT AH M»w York drama eritio* turned THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS AUc* KO«MV*U Longwortti wa* rnarrUd \9 yean btftm ih* becaw* a mother, I kn*w « coupl* who had b**» iaarri*4 W y*at* before their first child w*s hem. Now Owy have tte chttdm. . , . Bt^monaa say* h* hat * *n*l American dog," • Ch*tap.«k» ntri*y*r, K* I* in po**c<atoa of a rarity. Thar* r*« only two g*wiiw Am*rt- caa br**4* P* dogs: th* Botton terriar and tit* ChMipifk* retriever. ty. : to:i*b^ v ww»*» look th*|r bert a nifht dub j« tf htjrt pjak llghtiaf. Of, 19 ftff 'Htrt*a* OUiri#%v« , . Ate Kb**, on* Of tii* tnoft Vtftiilt husband* Bji» *m h«4 ****** « Try and Stop Me «yllNN|TTCIR <H drink t* ypw A«fm, your bewty, you.nugh ld*t *f har4 up I am fw » driak." W-S% ,-«

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