Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 32
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 32
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#^«..----.--__ i jPream Becomes a Nightmare THOMEY ^^"or money £r : By TEDD THOMEY Sftfr. Nearly everybody has that dream of striking it'rich $£'m Y«gas .' . . hitting jackpot after jackpot . . . seeing tor- *-'J(rents of silver pour forth . . . feeling the coins pile up £'£around you until they reach your eyebrow^ ... . '£ ^ For most of us it's just a dream. But it all came ^jubilantly true for Jim Boyle, day bartender in the '^.Victoria Room at King's Victoria Restaurant, 6075 Long ''-''-' ~ Beach Blvd. On a r e c e n t weekend he dashed off to Vegas with Nell Turco and they were wed in the Little Church of the West. · His bride immediately brought .Jim a fabulous run of luck. In quick succession at the El Cortez.he hit a $50 jackpot, a $10 jackpot and another for $20. Then he and Nell went into another casino where so many things happened that Jim can't recall the name of the place. Bang, bang, bang--Jim hit six.$50 jack- in a row, all on 50-cent machines. The excitement him so warm he took off his coat and draped it . -over a nearby chair. While he was trying for his 10th ·V,- : jackpot, the d r e a m suddenly turned into a jarring ;-;-. nightmare. - .'-. . ''"' ' A sneak thief lifted Jim's wallet'from his coat. It 'contained all his winnings which he had converted into ;-^over $400 worth. · After 'that Jim couldn't hit another jackpot for love proving dismally that Lady LucF; ain't no lady. 5rv ' . * · * * 5-'· GREAT PLACE TO FILL 'ER UP--Mrs. T. and I had ^-' a far more consistent run of luck one evening last week V'' when we decided to visit Spano's Villa by the Sea res- T* taurant, 16821 Pacific Coast Hwy, Sunset Beach, about S^a' six-minute drive south of Long Beach. It turned out to »?£., a f asc i na ting dining choice for at least two reasons: )· the restaurant is a former gas station which owner i has converted into an attractive dining room jaaim lounge, and (2) Ted's Italian-American food is hp- -^mackingly delicious. Our first surprise of the evening '"'"\vas finding a familiar crop of whiskers waiting to greet us at the door. They belonged to Ted's older brother, Domenico Spano, who is helping him run the restaurant Domenico, who established the super-successful chain of ' Domenico's pizza houses, recently sold his major interest ' in those restaurants but retains stock. '·'" Ted has an investment of $150,000 going for him In the Villa. He's done such a smart redesigning job that - -- you have to examine the place carefully to recognize its '-"TVgas; station characteristics. The dining room (formerly the · ^ "auto repair shop) has Italian tapestries on we walls, rea linen tablecloths in the booths and subdued lighting. ': Some of the tables are beautiful carpentry examples m- ! eluding extremely thick plank tops varnished to a high / gloss My wife had broiled chicken Milano-style ($195 , i ..basted in wine with mushrooms. I tried a top sirloin steak ? WS365) which was an excellent cut, char-broiled to seal ''; :?% 'its delectable juices and savoriness. The_ pnces m- '· ·? Deluded outstanding salads with croutons and bleu-cheese · % for Italian dressing, plump ravioli, large warm game ;$ rolls, coffee and after-dinner mints which waitress ·; :%,Madelon Reuse thoughtfully served with the check. Our } ptVmall blonde daughter gloried in a mushroom pizza 51.35). I l|f ^Verdict: Spono's fs definitely AAAA in atmosphere, : "%'fpod. and service. ·' : -' "· ' . J. ' -A' ; DEPT OF GOURMETS IN VIET NAM-Aware that I was once' in the Marine Corps, PFC Frank K\Vhitney- u -4ormer I P-T sportswriter now dodging bullets with the -r ' 'USMC in Viet Nam-sent me a fascinating letter recently - bringing me up to date on the "delicacies" which Marines - r -?--eIt in tte field. I'm not sure whether Frank was kidding ' '''···'' or not but here's what he wrote: . ; ;tf or n ?. A case of Orations contains 12 very appetizing ls, each guaranteed to make your tastebuds water meals are subdivided into B-ls B-2s and Ms. For breakfast I usually chow down on Ined ham, a B-l. I heat it over an open flame. The side courses include fresh peaches, crackers with cheese spread and two | candy bars. Other B-ls include turkey loaf, beef and potatoes and chicken and noodles. Ham and lima, beans take the most razzing from the troops but they are one of my favorites. Though n o t very tasty as they come from the can, they . become a gourmet's delight when mixed FRANK w ith a can of cheese spread. Desserts included with the B-2s are fruitcake, bread pudding, pound cake and pecan r o l l -- n o n e of which are like mother makes. 'The B-3's main treat is hot chocolate. Mixed with powdered cream and sugar, it's an excellent drink before retiring. Accessory packs included with the meals offer cigarettes, matches, gum, salt and coffee." Frank's letter made my mouth water so badly that I .almost marched down (o the Post Office to re-enlist. However, I decided to wait until the Marines fill thost C-ration cans with Caesar's salad, lobster tliermtdor and /laming crepes Suretle. * * * '··; JOTTINGS OF A FRISKY TABLE-HOPPER: Bill Chuck, tall dark and good-looking manager of the fashionable Rossmoor Inn, 12311 I.os Alamitos Blvd., recently introduced some special family dinners served Sundays from 1 to 10 p.m. Included are roast young squab, $2.50; stuffed filet of sole, $2,95 and roast sirloin of beef, $1.95 --all with soup du jour or superlative salad; potato, vegetable, roll and butter. Children under 12 are half price; darlings in high chairs dine free .. . . Hearty-eater Sherm Williams, a prize-winning 1, P-T reporter, r a t e s the smorgasbords at the Villa Rey, 800 E. Ocean as distinct prize winners. I agree resoundingly. The Villa Rey is the only smorgasbord in town to offer carved roast sirloin of beef, plus other meat entrees, vegetables and scads of 1 salads. The $1.95 tab includes a nifty Swedish dessert; beverage is extra . . . John and Isabella Tschernjan, proprietors of. the Broadway Cafeteria, Broadway at Long Beach Boulevard, are a restaurant'columnist's joy. They are careful organizers who serve only the best f o o d s , but at realistic prices. Their knockwurst and sauerkraut plate for 75 cents is such a delight that people go out 'of their way to tell me how much they enjoy it. Often on Sunday the Tschemjans pronounced (Chernians) serve a roast turkey and dressing dinner for $1.35. Their pecan pie, 30 cents, will bedazzle your palate. ·- * * - * DINING TREASURES NOTED BY A WANDERING I: How long has it been since you had a truly enjoyable chicken-fried steak with old-fashioned gravy? Try it or the $2.25 dinner at Ken's Restaurant, a beauteous spot ai 3918 Long Beach Blvd. It's a knockout... For interesting Italian food--rich in character but easy on the wallet-Mrs. T and I give our highest recommendation to the elegant di Piazza, 4722 E. Second St. The spaghetti with Italian sausage is merely $2.25 with sea food cocktail and tossed green salad etc. That pleasant, personable bartender at Nik's Viking Room, Cherry at Wardlow, is Harry Renz, who's been there nearly five years. The VR's $2.45 lobster dinner (including a glass of wine) is one of the best values in town . . . It's impossible for me to be too enthusiastic about the $2 steak Ranchero dinner at El Patio Restaurant, 3503 Atlantic. Try it and then tell your friends. They'll be convinced that you're a gourmet-about- town . . . Earl Slack this week starts his 20th year at Sileo's, 1174 E. Wardlow, home of a wonderful $3.25 N.Y. steak EARL dinner. He began work there as a bartender March 10, 1947 and now owns the place. " *- * * ' · ' BY ALL MEANS DONT OVERLOOK THESE: Incredible is quite an adjective, but it properly describes the $1 and $1.25 dinners at Charlie's, 5705 Atlantic. Until you dine there, you won't believe so many courses .(soup, salad, beverage and dessert) can be included at such a low tab . . . I also wax poetic about the dining bargain at the Snack Shack, 1765 Broadway. It's a spencer steak dinner for $1.29 with soup, salad, potato, toasted bun, beverage and ice cream--no k i d d i n g . . . Chef John Leonhardl (formerly a co-owner of the Chandelier) has a master's touch in the preparation of foods. His new place is Mr. L's Steak House; 1473 Atlantic Ave., where the features are a New York steak, $1.69, and barbecued chicken, $1.59, with salad, stuffed baked potato and garlic cheese toast. Delectable? You bet! * * * CONFIDENTIAL MEMO TO A RAT: Sir, that was a dirty trick you pulled last week, stealing that hand- carved Mayan mask off the wall at Moreno's Restaurante, 3490 Long Beach Blvd. O\yner Bert Moreno deserves better treatment than that, if you'll return it as surreptitiously as you took it--no questions will be asked. And that's a promise. SI BON Con line nil I or Americin Cuisine --you find your fivorites h«re «t th«ir vcrr b«t! We're fimouj for Filming Duck . . . ior chooie from * number of d'hute dinners -- Lobster Tiiermidor, for irutince, or Beef Stroganoff, Prime Rib) of Beef, Broiled Filet Mignon or New York Cul Steak. Our Caesir Salad it semalioml. For DcsKrt, live it up with tialced Alaska or Crepes Suzetle. I For the Finest Steaks--Sea Food Prime Rib--Chicken Luncheon Dinner Cocktiili W _ H , MANHATTAH 1903 E. FOURTH ST., LONI IEWH HEntlMk MHO CLOSED MONOAH m, H*. 11, |NDEPENDENT-F*fl» A-33 \ } * * * i i DOFTMASON 1 ^ j Nightly at Our Piano Bar V.'l At« Proud to Bt Me*nbe'*«f D n*ri Club, C*r1e Blanc«. ,*r.ierrc*n E CrtAl Sviltmi PH. HE 7 - 5 1 2 6 733 E. BROADWAY 1 Only Plato of /fs Kind on the Coast The Beautiful PARISIAN DINING ROOM Restrvartafli ftcqutsftcf EVERY SUNDAY BRUNCH $| QC 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. · · · * CONTINENTAL CUISINE ?r r '3.50 DANCING ENTERTAINMENT RIEIER HOVDE TRIO IKing Arthura STEAK HOUSE ELEGANT WORLD of P R I M E RIDS" Jim Stockman'* £dgewater Inn MARINA HOTEL 2nd Street at E»it Pacific Cent HkPrww. Lent ItKh h Mirfn a c c en rw It* Long Beach PHONE 434-8451 Bmqutl Pjfilititt in tkt 's Tbront Room TP!*VKT|5P*?F^ fEATUHING Brochette o1 STEAK and Er FACILITIES PRIME Beef LOBSTER SPRING AT BELLFLOWER BLVD HA B-9 13 A GOURMET'S DELIGHT is dining at BROWBR'S Continentale PACIFIC AVI. tt 23rd STREET in LONG BEACH GArfkU 4-1285 ' 4132 WOODRUFF · LAKEWOOD · HA 1-7063 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEIK FROM 11 A.M. STEAKS "' HOUSE SPECIALTIES Steaks * Lobster * Seafood Banquet Facilities From 35 to 85 TOP SIRLOIH STEAK C (Choie» Cut -- Char-Sroil«d f ALSO: SAUERIRATTEN AND WIENERSCNITZEL .... 2 25 COCKTAILS-- IMPORTED 1EK Sing-o-Long with Carl Ada Zeller HOFBRAU CLUB 22 H»f1 W«M, I "Ik. £· « t- »· »'»'- " " ' 1 1 OPEHt rJ*.-CLOSED MONDAY S. FOR LUNCH OVER THE BRIDGK . STOP BY PBPFY'S SirvKl 0»JIY II A.M 10 ' P-M. St. 881 W. 03«i 7 Daw · «« « SAM TEDIO · m«fY«IHIll C.1I HljHj PRIME RIB CAPITOL Sirvlnt Ch»ic« Prim* Rib in thi Dinnir for SI.55. Tki TtidtrlaiM Re»tiur*nt it' fi») kicinint " Th « Print Rlk eiplitl." Vlill at Hen at 4381 Atlantic AVI. «A I-SS13 View the Panorama of the Long Beach Harbor from your Dining Table FAMOUS FOR OUR CLAM CHOWDER Cetwi SANTA FE 1735 W. Picifie Coort Hiway HE 7-7966 ANNOUNCINQ thi ALL NEW flEITAURANT if Ui( ItMk GE 3-9506 5430 E. 2nd St. · 6UMONT SHORE (NAPLES) Couple!* Dinntrj Irom 52,45 Servlnc fro* 5 p.m. Franz Steininger ·t The SlllffWly · SUKHI COCKTAILS · XI COVU CHUGE · LUNCHEON DAILY 11:00 1M:K · DIKKER !M (t !2lW · SUNDAY ftM HH 730 East Broadway · FM» PARKIHS LUNCHEONS DINNERS DANCING NITELY FfXTUHINft wda'i "SEIEMME1S" ORCHESTRA " · HE 5-4117 ,· IXNMIBT FMIL1TIEI AI .Ha'penny; The Sign of Good Food when prtat sirloin of tttf reltK suprtnw! Phone{714892-3308 LUNCHEON DINNER PARTIES BEACH BLVD. at WESTMINSTER · WESTMINSTER FINE FOODS · COCKTAILS Choice PRIME RIB DINNER . . $195 for Ktiinmttam 427-173} 3490 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach _ - F ..b seri-ift and fttisnit for Your Dining Pleaiurt , LUICHICI-I1IIEI ; i*igi/ET FAIILITIZS C 4 O I ATLANTIC DA 2-1221 OO RESTAURANT · GOOD root · EXCEUERT SEKVICE · FHE PARKIM AND loom/ · C«:tfaff Long* · Dfiliif *··« · Collet Stop RESTAURANT Often 24 Hun ON PtERFOINT LANDING Foot of I.I. FrMway Co-^e As Yo · · DELICIOUS LUNCHES · SUPERB DINNERS · · COCKTAILS · |Sin4«y Merniiif IrttUiit fttm I 4. M.| OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 3918 LONG BEACH BLVD. · GA 6-2336 VISIT THE BEAUTIFUL Sheraton Beach Inn 2 1 1 1 2 OCEAN BLVD. (Pacific Coast Hwy.) at BEACH BL, HUNTINGTON BCH. 536-1421 Dinner and Dancing in the Caribe Room--Dinners from $3.25 LET'S DINE OUT MEMBERS WELCOME BREAKFAST · LUNCHES DINNERS · COMPLETE FOUNTAIN HAMIURQERS · FRESH SEAFOODS Dkk Matio* * S*ni COFFEE SHOP Mil PKifk An. n\-wi oxn 7 .m. It i* P.M. itedro **ww 15I» Si. Wtlttn »vt., CAXDEH* ·CMktlll L««r)(» · Sizzling Sink! » LekiUr fall COFFEE SHOP' ( A.M.I A.M. MOO CHERRT »f WARDLOW RD. U Mill LAKEWOOD'S FINE FEATURING SUPERB FOOD AND ENTERTAfNMENTi FOR THE GREATER LONG BEACH AREA [JOE CETANI NIGHTLY AT OUR NEW PIANO BARJ CORAL B* 7-7U1; PA MM in p«f:vouN' «: CARSON · Hifft'OOD CAufORNiA · "Fifno'if

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