Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 31, 1930 · Page 6
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 31, 1930
Page 6
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jfpPsW^'f^F' 1 ^^ ' gfenlijlj^; ' - ^mgrgiiirgi^H m «•.«... — — - — —- • - .^ .• , ', _^^;.•',•-. . ' - ; ; •. . Sfakc Winter-Jaded H^^C^Tt^m^ .; „, _ „—__. -. ,„,,„,, .»^^»« M ^.-~.»o«.». w ~»'''»-"-^''^^,****«*• YttrmrmfAft Dormers not only' #*«, *&W6 Ughj ( lg>jfliagaMiiheir7T^rni«siMii^»ii^'^ii^'' i * uiii »"*"'™ u *'"*''^ UATTC17 UYTulllllll and space to mte*wrs, But lUMwise , - ••--.. 111 ii' ' „ . * * » * TJ ^^ nllllLlPl FlAlrmlUll serv4to Chan8?« AHd H«pr6T* t>B OUt- I People Judge Your House 'By Its Roof » Three qualities that a roofing shingle should possess are—Appearance, Long Life and Reasonable First Cost. PRESTON SHINGLES embody all these points to a very unusual degree. We will be glad to submit you an estimate. Union Roofing Co. 1807 Ninth Avenue We Also Apply Asbestos, Slate, Tile and Built-up Roofs Building Materials Lumber Roofing Cement Shale Sand Building Hardware Phone 7303 We Can Save You Time and Money J. A. FINK CONTRACTOR & BUILDER 445 Baynton Ave., S. Lakemont INSURANCE premiums and tax payments must 1 be paid at specified times; if you lac^k the ready cash we can advance it to you at unusually low rates. "A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed" Altoona Discount Co. 1425 Twelfth Ave. Phone 2-3678 JJFT at GRANT'S J Cabinets In Novel Forms 1412 Eleventh Ave. Prepared Paint Quart A wide assortment of colors in a gloss finish and may be used DO inside and outside aa well. ^GRAHf iPflfPAREDPAWT ^GRBfNjM T.GRANT^»2j > * l ' r Brushes Any kind you may need for use on all kinds of work. Priced from 10e to-51.00 Guaranteed to give you satisfaction. VARNISH STAIN A very fine quality stain and varnish combined for interior work, a bright smooth duiable surface and is easy to apply. i* 25c Quart 50c BRUSHING LACQUER A beautiful finish for wood work or furniture. Easily applied and 4rie» in a fevv minutes. A full ranye of beautiful colors. Pint 25c Pint 50c HOUSE EXTERIOR MARKS ITS AGE Dormers not and space to erve to chftngfe and ' side appearance of the tnodernieea house. Then, again, the removal of a dormer sometimes aids in the Hiodern- It is the exterior of a "marks its age. tllne house that maeiiDiy iirariui '«» "s— T .? «ul tecturai lines, the outline of roof, the windows, the entrance—all of these speak eloquently of the years that have passed. Exterior treatments .for «° a ernlzing may be varied materially. Often a veneer of brick, stucco, shingles or new siding may be put right over the Sid structure. ^ combination of these treatments »ay_to ««edto advantage shingles or siding for the second. Or a brick entrance or porch mav be built, and stucco, shingles or Xg used for the rest of the exUrlor. Each individual home should be carefully studied to determine the exterior materials and trim, or combination of materials best suited to its style. One of the most noticeable improvements in the appearance of a modernized house, Is a change of roofline. Regrouping windows or adding win- downs often makes a decided improvement. The addition of shutters on certain types of homes had a tendency to make high narrow windows appear wider, and more pleasing to the eye SUGGESTED FOR 5DNDA! add charm to the exterior 6 the home. In some instances this lei accomplished by the addition of trees and shrubs. A spot or two of colorful flowers, a graded terrace, a sunken garden— a Illy ( pond or rock garden. Perhaps a trellis, a pergola or arbor. Very often an at- ractive hedge or ornamental fence can be place to advantage. Window boxes or climbing vines will give the right touch to many an exterior. The landscaping treatment depends almost entirely upon the appearance and size of the house, size of lot, situation and surroundings. - * Any one, whether he may own a cot* tage or the largest mansion can now. moderize his home by means of *> monthly payment plan that has_ been worked out and made available to Altoona home owners by "one large contractor. Under this plan a home i owner may have almost any work, done without making any down payment, and spreading the cost out over a period of as long as eighteen months. By OSOAft OF *MB WAtttOBt. Anchovy Canape Mutton. Broth ' Chicken Fricassee, New Waldorf Boiled Rice Sauted Parsnips Hearts of Lettuce, Waldorf Dressing , Apple s Meringue Coffee * Chicken FtU»i«e«, New Prepare and cut a chicken up as for a fricassee; slice an onion and a carrot, put th*m In a large atew- pan with six odnces of butter and fry* for five taiinutes, stirring continually. Put In the chicken and one saltspoonful each of salt and pepper and stir over the five for -five minutes' lo-nger; then work in thVee table- • .*•• 't «**<*' »»ii far *"**• " »•»»•'" spoons of flflw, stir tor ninutfes* &dd thitted c<ov out in pMceSgl atMi, **» pints of broth. Stlf ow boiling, then niov* tb the side and slmmet fot Take ofte attd one-half I rooms out In slices and parsley, and add to th« ten minutes longer. S«vj» dish. Apple Morlrtgn*. Pare and core seven 1M and baUe in a shallow plat* but not broitem .BeartM three eggs with three fine-powdered sugar, one pint of scalded over thft baked apt..—, ^-r--^..^ been piled Up in the ftfm of f-J«*»» Bake Until the custard,«,«**" *' remove and anow^to, o<»\ meringue of the egtf whites by ££ i ssup/sa*!3g and a Httle lemon flavoring 4ftd- b6« until quite stiff. f^^L** 1 * *** apples and brown In thft oveft. i ^COATS. You can purchase calicos and gay chintzes already quilted at a moderate sum from which you can make delectable little coats for sports wear. Above- The " brings color as weU as music Into this nursery. smohlng RADIOS ARE FAMMJIEMBERS They Pit In With the General Scheme of Things These Days Just as Other Items of Household Furniture. als, rhinestones or pearls, set in pli- ble platinum or gold links. The ravat usually is a huge gem,--ruDy, merald or diamond, set in small diamonds, in the knot shape. "WHITE HATS. Summer brings a vogue of white hats, not the least Of which is the vashable white beret. With colored uits, frilly white blouses, white jloves and white hats make a most jleasing picture. Now That You Have Finished Housecleaning Arrange to heat your home with McGUIRE SPECIAL COAL, the coal that gives an abundance of heat but makes very little dirt. Once you use this famous. Coal, you will always use it. C^Bi^^ .-, McGuire Special is positively one of the finest coals that can be bought, and the price is very reasonable. Ask someone who has used it. Let Us Fill Up Your Bins Norv for Next Winter McGUIRE COAL CO. 915 Nineteenth Street Phone 6378 CORRECT TIME -Melodious Chime 0M10ULDNT It b. to* to ,bww that jw* U^ clock wu ix* "rfwut right»-b«t ***** Hfht? You CHI be urn otf cwrtet dm»-*U M CU)CKS •eMe*«e^ W^ »«we>» Junptagaei outfit <ud th. KeM«m wffl gfr* you M* «ffl,. -xi nnkte «*• hhwhhfc m *f*n*. The •bk fa eklwr H«n or Mantel dock ityhw— modentdf priced. Com* feudMthean. Pay A Small Amount Down Balance Each Week ILIIIPIPMA JEWELERS FOR OVER 4O YEARS II'" AVE «. 13'" STREET •M • • | jj I ( I j m I | . J • j I \ By JULIA BLANSHAKD. NEW YORK, May 31.— The well- dressed radio this spring, like the well- dressed modern woman, fits into tne home scene in a quiet and harmonious manner. Radios are no longer novel visitors. They are part and parcel of contemporary life. As such, they take their place along with chairs, tables, sofas as regular members of the furniture family, and are housed in cabinets that follow the interior decorating scheme perfectly. The well-planned room in a home with a radio, there fore, no longer merely sticks any kind of a radio into .It., Rather, if it is a Jacobean room, there is a Jacobean cabinet for the radio; if an ultra modern room, with metal and fln wood furniture, the radio cabinet o like construction has its place. Innumerable kinds of radio cabinet are now on the market. In additio: to the general trend toward matchin the radio up to the rest of the furnl ture a second noteworthy feature ap pears. The radio cabinet serves dual purpose, often. Take a cozy corner in a man a room done in contemporary design of geometrically designed furniture, in inlaid maple, redwood and ash. By the comfortable big chair in the corner stands what looks to be a low armchair table. A modernistic lamp with colorful 'shade stands on it. So does smoking equipment and a fe\y books and magazines. It is the radio cabinet, unobtrusively standing there ready to be useful as well as musical. In a quaint, early American living room, coffee is being served from the top of a low Colonial cabinet. It Is the radio, again. In a comfortable library where books, easy chairs and rich walnut panelling call for few pieces of furniture to better show ott the room, the desk upon which the woman of the house writes her checks is the radio. Most of the new radios are compact. Some of them are made es- Decially small to lit into modern apartments. One of these, built for use in the one-room apartment, is made to nt a corner and to be used as service table for the drop-leaf breakfast and dinner table. Another, made up in the same Queen Anne design as twin beds, serves as bedside table between them, with a French telephone on it So varied and extensive is the gamut of radio cabinet designs now that they are to be had in suitable style and size for bachelor apartments for business girls' apartments, tor the most spacious and formal of countrj home rooms and. for the tiniest of city nests. Among the newest and moat moderi of radio cabinets is the one that ib painted to suit hte contemporary col ors of gay 'rooms. In a children i nursery, for instance, which has •< green lloor covering, maple furniture and gay red organdie curtaiiu, the radio is painted a lacquer red to match the curtains and is incorporated m set of play shelves which are paint ud the contrasting green of the iloor With all these different cabinet available, it really is not giving the eadio a good break to keep it an otivi uus outsider in the home. It hiyi earn ed the right to the general family .surname of the rest of the furniture See that it has the same family fea lures ! Your Last Chance TODAY Buy your Majestic now before the increase in price June 1st. LIBERAL TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE On This New 1930 Model 93 MAJESTIC RADIO Today I Gifts Will Be Awarded This Evening Last Day For Voss Washer Offer CKAVA'i' NECil The newest nerk adornment i.-i tin.- cravat necklace. The part that circles the neck usually cousiiaU of cry»- Model OS Illustrated 146 .OO J-PSti Tubes Our Hon. John J. McMurray, Mayor of Altoona; Mr. Fred Pearce, Advertising Manager oE the Altoona Mirror, and Mr. Perce J. Williams, Bank Teller, Central Trust Co., will officiate in the awarding of the gifts, to be given this evening, beginning at 7.00 o'clock. Will one be yours? 1st Gilt—Bulck Sedan 2nd Gift—Chevrolet Coach 3rd Gift—Welsbaeli Electric Kefrlger- utor 4th Glft-^-Estate Electric Kange 5th Gift—Voss Electric Washer nth Gift—Hoover Electric Sweeper 7th Gift—Uosch Electric Radio 8th Gift—Living Koom Suite Oth Gift—IJInliier Koom Suite 10th Gift—Bedroom Suite llth Gift—Sellers Kitchen Cabinet 12th Gift— Uurney Refrigerator 13th Gift— Kleotrlo Iron 14th Gift—Lump 15th Gift—UxlZ Axmlnster Rug Kith Gift—2 Talrg Curtains 17th Gift—1 Silk Cushion 18th Gift—Bathroom of 'Linoleum llltli Gift—1'ull-up Chair •4»th Gift—Kitchen Table •ilst Gift—Bath Room Hug iliUm! Gift—Traveling Bag 23rd Gift—Library Table «4th Gift—Simmons Deep Sleep Mattress 25th Gift—Rome lleLiixe Spring 20tb Gift—100 Piece Set Dishes 37th Gift— Express Wagon 28th Gift—Bicycle 20th Gift—Bed Spread 30th Gift—1 I'alr Pillows 31bt Gift—1 Ham Porch Swings All Lengths $0.95 Gliders Modernistic Awnings Made To Order Sold complete with Majestic Matched tubes, $167.50 Here's an opportunity for you to dispose of that old Radio regardless of make or size. J. E. SPENCE Electric Store 1310 12th Ave. Phone 419J The Home of the \VorliTs Leading Electrical Appliances anil Uutlius Tuiiu In oil tlic Spence Brunswiffc l'i-ugi-am next Wednesday between j. auU 4 p. ni. over FREE! WITH EACH VOSS WASHER. . . 2 SELF-DRAINING TUBS and BENCHES Band Concert 7:30 to 8:30 DON'T MISS IT! Lawn Swings With Canopy \ $1 A.75 Awarding Starts at 7 O'clock Sharp! w 1429 Twelfth Avenue Everybody Welcome. Come. Early

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