Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1962 · Page 8
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 8

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1962
Page 8
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P«a« A-8-INDEPENDENT «·-· ··«*· «·"· · *·"* t "" Uiiruly Zipper Wrecks * * x~« Lady Pianist's, Concert WELLINGTON, New Zea Und (UP1) -- English pianist Irene Kohlcr was attacking Rachmaniiiutrs D Minor con ccrto with her customary vigor here when the zipper at the back of her low-necked bodice broke. Engrossed in the performance, she played on. ··IKE rLACE 10CO" FOR WIDF JOICN1 COLOR AND JTtKtC SOUND iT rum CI'tlMI Wt« I'SATAH KtVtll SUtK- r*t J***i* NEWMAN WOOOKABD "BAHY AROUND THE · FUG* BttS la Color During the second movement her gown's long sleeves began to slip down from her sliouldcrs. As the movement came to a climax, her low neckline began to dip lower The audience sat on the edge of their chairs en thralled as the pianist con tinued into the third movement. A m e m b e r of the accompanying New Zealani National Orchestra dashed onto the stage and draped a stole over Miss Kohler"s bare shoulders. As the pianisl struck the final note, the udicncc broke into wild nplause. RODGritl * MAMMERSTEIN'S "FIOWEH DRUM JONG" WIIK N«« KWAN R,k HUDSON "COME SEPTEMBER" tt» In Citar ,-- OPEN « P.M.-J Audrmr NtfnHrtittti.i «5»EU. cuSffrM ·HJUORITT CF OKE" "«MiN SPRING CF MRS. STONE" ^. III* In C«l»r OPEH 4:U I It. Dtfll Dlv--R*ck Hvtftvn ·tOYER COME BACK" In Cllw -- 4 : J I - 1 I . 1 I Dtbtrafe KERR ·THE IKXCCEHTS" SMwn ·! 1.15 Oil OrtH AT M) · T O M O R R O W · FETER USTINOV "THE M1N WHO WAGGED HIS TAIL" coMcor ItJHM Diilwjt tril.lh Sutl.lKl COURTCfT · COMFORT OOWWET NOIW/U ·TIIUI. BllllI tl M i l l ·Tjuyin in sum" "It*! H I I H t U T rill" IIW MtMltl. li.n; Tl Mill · -noun IIIIM ttii" -toil JIHIMIU- Itlnlll. lr»l. HI 4 J i l l "THC C H I l B X I ' t H Q U I " ··cei's IIITU «t»i- (EOONOO IfXCH itie cm u tun cm. riinii Hi. nuiuu-iuc tviiltl ··l Miioiiti or cif lULFLOWfX jlll n i-llll "MIMtlUII IUIIU" ··tuit cr mi nice »mn" O4ROEN GROVE IIKI II Mill "IHI tHILB»U'« HOUI" "I1CI tlllll" WILM/NGTOH 111110k ( U l l l l l Hill) It 4 1111 "IHI CHILtlirt K t U f "tUUI U19I" MllllOI.IIIIM.«ir»Mt III till ··tm dm Min tuiii" " V l l t l l IIIIIO" U MlllBl tllllrl rmitlll HI HIM "THI I I I O C I I 1 I " "jtuMii IB im UK mill" -DKII r o'tieti" ·icii cr inociiii" iui:g»i in x. «ik.i|iw Ki ··tiisii u i»i nmt" "INI Ull "OI^I""^"^ rwri~iii1iiitni 4fTij«i~ci 4. "IIIOIR II IKI IIIHI" "III HIIUDII" orcMIIA-M - OPEN AIL NICHI JimntTtWART · A.MUrHr "NIGHT PASSAGE" A»CARONt* · Jli'llCOTtrH "ANGEL WORE RED" OxmrKAVE · r«t JURCrNS 'ME AND THE COLONEL' » PINC Avr PHONF HE I «» "ICE PALACE" "HIGH SIERRA" "Shoot'Ort at Mtdiclut Rod" ··:'-'-:.-^ By RACHEL MORTON The great art of German eder singing is becoming Imost obsolete In our coun ry and one almost, never ears the lieder recital any more. So it was understandable o sec Royce Hall Auditorium rammed with eager listeners Saturday night when the UCLA Committee on Fine ,rts Productions presented lie celebrated E l i z a b e t h Schwarzkopf, soprano, with olin Wustman at the piano, n a program of G e r m a n ieder. When a very beautiful --AuoclalH Prm Wlrechclo MESSAGE FOR EDDIE is brought from Rome by Kurt Frings, right, agent for actress Elizabeth Taylor. Frings, who would not comment other than it was a "personal message," is met in New York hotel lobby by Eddie Fisher. "SHOW] TIME ! L Here are sctarting times ol f e a t u r e s at Long Beach theaters as listed by theater managers: STATE ·*B3 Country." 1Z 30. S.1J. »:53 "Thynder Read." 3:11. 1.00. TOWHt "Flwtf Drvm s:nj" I «. "Com. Srottmttr." 4.30 » SS. RIVOll "levf Crrt-t Bit*." 1:10. t 50. 1.55 -B«lk SVrft." J 30. » a. 11.41. ··y.t »ij ts» co'rwpi." 10n. IOC. }C7. "A.1KI V.lir RM." IMI J i», li II. J.H. -H.iM r*.--«." 2.X '·"·"*· PAtACE -Shoe) cot ·» Mul.cire R~id." 1 I'll. 15.IS. 4 OJ "H it Verr* " ! 5 St. 11:54. -u« Pi:tt.t." 1:14. laoj Beach Gric light Open UUGH l-M CAST OF SS April 5.6-7-E-12-13-14 Lonj Beach Municipal And, lOfiik Sett -- Full Oithntta ORDER NOW ttan. t Sun. - - · SI to SJ.SO Frl. 1 Sat. · --- S2.SO to 14 BOX OFFICE S1I E. 4th St. HE J-7W -- NOW SHOWING -- RYMIUAND BtiPJAt mCOlPR/VNB PAN/MSION' ACTION CO-HIT IN COLOR GUNSOFTHE WITCH Photogs Pester Liz and Burton ROME (UPI) -- Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton went out in public together again Sunday for a family-styl lunch, but the Welsh actor was so harried by photographer that he had his chauffeur try to chase them off with a broom Belle Wed toOhrbaeli Store Heir PALM SPRINGS OH -- A former Miss Sweden, Ingrid Comic, married department store heir -Jerome Ohrbach Sunday. Ohrbnch. 51. and his.25 year-old actress bride were wed at the desert home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan M. Ohrbach. The 50 guests included such Holly' wood notables as Kirk DOUR las and his wife and Laurence Harvey. Miss Goude, of Sandvikcn, Sweden, was a runner-up in the 193G Miss Universe contest. She later worked as an actress and model. After lunch, the two stars split up and relumed to the! neighboring villas in separat cars, but observers said there was no i n d i c a t i o n the! rumored romance was off--i was just that Miss Taylo had to take her childre home. In New York Kurt Frings Hollywood agent for Mis Taylor and her h u s b a n d Eddie Fisher, returned from Rome with a message Iron Liz for Eddie, but he refusei to say what it said. Frings denied any know Sand Aids Algeria AMMAN. Jordan WV-King Saud of Saudi Arabia has con tributcd one million pounds ($2.8 million) to the Algerian p r o v i s i o n a l government. Mecca night. radio said ledge of the romance an said the message did not per tain to the reported split-up 'I don't know if thcie is plit-up," he said. He said h ivould now meet with Fishe and that it was "very possi jle" Fisher would accompan) him to Hollywood today. Burton, whose wife an two children arc in London picked up Liz and three o her four c h i l d r e n at 33,000-a-month villa on the Appian Way nnd sped to the seaside resort of Torvainica. 2(1 miles south of Rome, for dinner. Elizabeth Schwarzkopf Gives Magnificent Lieder Recital \ oyous abandon "An Sylvia" nd In great contrast, the raglc song, "Gretchcn am pinnrad." There was tremendous portent in her singing of "Seine Handedruck und acli sein Kuss." Brahms was represented by our songs. They were float ng pianissimos in "Liebes- rue." Light and fancy was Bie dir slnd meinc Gedan ken," and like a whisper was he lovely lullaby, "Sand- menschen." W i t h an ava woman with lovely blonde lair In a beautiful green-and ;old gown walked regally ipon the stage, the audience vas thrilled into a long and varm greeting of applause, ilia is also remembered for many outstanding concerts. * * · * MADAME Schwarzkopf is ;he quintessence of elegance jut she is also warm anc j-icndly and outgiving. She lad us eating out of her hanc jefore she had sung a note She does not so much sing as tell stories in song. She is full of exuberance and jorc de vivre. But she can also be a great actress. It is difficult to classify her voice, as she uses it onl; to express her emotions Luckily, it is a beautiful in strument, capable of colora tura effects and richly warm sustained passages. Not sine the days of Lotte Lchmann has there been such a ravish ing vocal outpouring of love and death, of mirth and sad ness as was heard Saturday night. * · * * IN FIVE Schubert songs 'An die Musik" was nobl; sung; "Der Einsame" wai coy, sung in a sotto vote against a running accompani mcnt. Like a chirruping bird was "Die Vogcl," while in fuller tone came the bcautifu Romanze from "Rosamunde,' with its undertone of mclan choly. She sang boldly and with IT WONT WORK? Don' swear at it! Check "Call an Expert" in Classified reliable sen-iceman. for a anchc of tone came "Meinc Licbe 1st grucn," which was sung like a veritable jubila ion. The accompaniment was resplendent. · * · « THE GREATEST singing of the evening came with a superb rendition of Wolfs "Kcnnst du das Land." This is a song of heartache and loneliness--of poignant sadness. Madame Schwarzkopl wrung our hearts with her ncomparablc singing and interpretation of this number, and the accompaniment was tremendous. Of the four other Woll songs, "Anakrcon's Grabc" was outstanding. "Philine" vas light and Impish; tender vas "In dem Schatten." and Die Zigeunerin" was sung In n Infinite variety of expres- ion. Four beautiful songs by iichard Strauss were "Ruhe, mclne Seele," "Ich Schwebe." song too sacred for utter- nee, ''Waldseligkeit" and the oquettishly sung "Schlcchtcr Vctter.' To a. clamoring audience, he graciously responded with hrcc encores, and then she hut down the piano lid. ohn Wustmann provided ac- ompaniments sensitively and ympathetically worthy of the ·real art of ichwarzkopf. E l i z a b e t h · RHEUJOOD ·§ HA £-2530 lit' l- [iii OPEN 1:11 - FREE PARKINO PLUS-- S» Atitnhirt THrUKr "QUKS el thi BUCK WITCH" FitanH hi C«l«m«rt ****·) PACIFIC THEATRES TOWKE ««5 AiUnile GA M i l l »U CCtOI !««·! ··rt«MR»iumtir "M«l H M I M I I I " STATE J III lUCllsmit! Octin t Pill -III tlliim" HE 7-1121 "IHUllll 1011" MATINEES TODAY! STATE RIVOLI . RIVOll 1 R R l « 4 Kl u. Bi»a,si HE 6-JJOJ -MCE mill" PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES * SHOWS START AT 6:30 CIRCLE ' I" luciiumtst TnHIc Clrcli "«'l »u"»" CE 1-1511 "tmilll MU" UKEHOOO _ will" ·««« CA 1-9911 '··»» «MIIU|l«n' IINCOLN ·inmiHIH 1" llncoln W. el "«l«l» ·' ««'« Unott *«··" IA T-MIl '··· "« ««UH IONG BEACH Illtd al LOS ALTOS Billllr, Sprint HA 5-7i:2 Nr.C-C.BUJ. IE «-«H WAHXER Wirntr W. el Bitch Bltd. VI T-1S1I lOVlt MOII1V! ··emiiiii'i MOI" "tCU UTI1I ICIt" IU Cllll »««»! ··FltMiTU«t IUIIH" ··llllllllltlKiltl" ··MIMUUII iu«ui" ··till ll Hill Witcl" IUII Mill! ··I.I. IWU" "Uimcini noci" i.n ru ciiuii ATLANTIC · OCK HUOSOM - DOXIS DAY *»**»****^ COME BACK"* . OP - f 1 « **JMr-+**»»V: * LOVER .*^ffli- wr-»^»»» ^ *,| c ^ * "BACK STREET" * r« * JUJAN HAYWAID -- JOHN CAVIN 7*»»»»Mt»^. ART "THE KING 1" »»« OiKt OKI, «t f:ll PM. "CAROUSEL" »»** J 6:30 « r*******V, have Miss Taylor's doorstep since she Home photographers been camping out on Sunday and Burton t o u r e d Rome night clubs Saturday. 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COMJTOft 477H.Cotnptonintd./ PARAMOUNT 1S353 Paramount nird, / LONG BEACH tl/01 Atlantic Ave. All uvlnct mttrtd In envelope* pottmutcd April 10 cam from April 1 What Does It Take to Make a Newspaper Display Ad-man? Let's take a look fit BILL NORTON Account Executive Independent, Press-Telegram Another sunshinc-scdcr. Bill cimc to Qlifornii in 1927 from lowi. He attended schools in both Iowa ind California, and sct\cd in the U.S. Army'j aviation engineers. Bill has wotkcJ for the Independent, Press-Telegram for the past seventeen consecutive jcirj. (liven before that he was a carrier for the Independent.) For years Bill wa in the Circulation Department, and did a brief stint in Classified Advertising too. In September 1959, Hill transferred to the Retail Display Advertising Department, and he currently handles the Amusement, Political and Religious advertising. He keeps informed, as docs the entire staff, by participating in training classes such as "Operation Step-Up" and "Rctailwisc." li. his leisure hours. Bill enjoys sports and the outdoors, especially frnh water fishing. He also has hcptm an impressive coin collection. Bill and his wife, Betty, live in Bclmont Heights with ri£ lit -year-old daughter Linn, and six-jcar-old son S«tl. If you are In business In the Southland area, BILL It a qualified account eiecutlvs ready and willing ta ierv* YOU. INDEPENDEN1-PRESS-TELEGRAM Phone Display Advertising -- HE 5-1141. Eit. 24S

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