Independent from Long Beach, California on February 12, 1958 · Page 5
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 5

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1958
Page 5
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Fugitive Dad Gives Up To See Dying Girl 'WASHINGTON 01E) -- ' A fugitive father who put love ahead of liberty held a tearful reunion with his dying.little girl Tuesday and then learned he will be given a chance to escape a prison sentence.' · Robert Backover, wanted on grand larceny charges, traded his furtive freedom for two hours at the bedside of his 6- year-old daughter, Paula Ann, who is suffering from leukemia. Backover walked stiff-faced from the arms o£ his child into the custody of police, who have accused him of fleeing to California with 52,300 belonging to a suburban Hyattsville, Mi, bowline alley where he was employed as assistant manager, But an insurance company, which -already has repaid the $2,300 to the bowling alley owners, immediately 'announced it would ask -the state of Maryland -and Hyattsville police to drop criminal, charges against the 28-year-old father. . .; -- « ' * * * , M. EDWAKD SAJTFBAN, Baltimore insurance b r o k e r representing Lumbermen's Mutual Casualty Co"., said he would meet with Backover today "to work out a means of restitution." ' · '·' "We '11 'ask the boy or some member of his family to sign a note and repay the money over a long period of time,"- Saffran said.- "We feel sure -authorities will not press charges- in view plight and her prayers for his return. Early Tuesday, .he got off 1 a Boy Pushes Girl, 7, to Her Death NEW YORK (ttK-- A'15-year- old boy who was expelled from - 2 p. m. Custom Made Clothes at Ready-Made Prices Mad« in our own ihop of firutt import«d abri«. Wortt«di. Flan- nek, Sharkikini, CashmeriJ. You nami it ... «· havt itl Doobl* trtaitfd Sultt Converted to Siriglt Ircmfed /Iterations of Alt Kindt Bpu FrliUy Evtalup Until 3tOI 122 E. THIRD HE 7-4406 circumstances of this Magistrate G r o v e r of the case." Trial -0 Small later released Backover on S2.000, bond and set a preliminary hearing for.Feb. 25. Officials at Children's Hospital said Paula Ann' would be allowed to go home today and stay with her father, * * * * .BACKOVER fled j u s t i c e without knowing his little gir " " contracted leukemia. He "You go-see your ittle'W;" ' ' h -. school Tuesday ..pushed wee ks. ago, a . to her. death. from the roof innocent Tuesday-to charges spying .for Russia;.. Prosecutors at,-an Army .court-martial' .said they"'-' would :prove-. .'Rhodes ou go-see Dennis told him. '"We won't of . a; : 13-story Bronx apartment xther you while you're. at ·thejhouse.-.and" then' walked into',a hospital. Just sh6w''uphe're .at ' " ' · · · · · Backover went, to thefhospi- tal room where Paula* Ann -is being treated. His' wife Irene was wifh him..-- ' » - * . » * ' THE LITTLE GIRL, who had insisted, that "I'd.get better if daddy-came home," looked up in. surprise. : "Daddy! Daddy!":she-cried, The father rushed to the bed and" embraced, his daughter. Both were' sobbing.- · Backover pulled, two. little Indian dolls fro'm'his pocket - "I -brought' these to ' you from California,' 1 he 'murmured. .- For two 'hours,' father 'and daughter talked and hugged each other. . ; . Then he walked away'for his rendezvous 1 with justice. police station arid confessed., Police' .said Francis' ·· Michael Medaille lifted C a t h e ri TV e Hedgemann over "a three-foot parapet ".before shoving her to the'street .below. * '* * .HE THEN TOOK an elevator to the street floor of the apartment .house- where both' he anc his victim lived, police said; anc went to the. nearest- station house. ··'- - , , - " · ' -' 'I pushed 'a- girl from a roof,' lice'quoted the boy. '-. ^ "I -was; on- the. roof ,with Film Couple to Wed HOLLYWOOD' 'W -- Actor Richard Egari and actress w~^~~ -- -- -- Patricia: Hardy plan to marry, been missing since two a spokesman for the actor said Tuesday ;The marriage,-- the first; for each, is tentatively planned for May. . . had tiad ,,,-- - ,, weeks . before . Christmas. He was hiding out in Los Angeles when he read a United Press story describing his 1 daughter's Credit Man Bilys Pistol; KillsSelf atherine, 'and :I-' hy,-bu't I. started" to', choke r and I pushed' her. off the of." . . · · ' ' - ' ' ' · » ·*'. * ' . - MEDAILI.E TOLD police he ras . expelled from Cardinal ayes High School in the Bronx ecause; he-'had failed in:.'three ubjects. -Sources close to, the mily said he had, been de- ressed and had tried,'to Jun way from -home shortly before iristmas.- . " . ,; . The boy applied lor 'admis : en f to other Roman Catholic gh schools after his expulsion ut was refused because the chools were too crowded/farh- d Phillip Behman; 33, owner of the Lakewood Credit Exchange, 1 5036 Faculty Ave.,. shot himself \to'. death Tuesday in the parking lot-at the rear of Dooley's Hardware Store.- . -. Police 5,'aid B e h m a n shot himself with a .22-caltber auto- Everyone's* Talking About ROYAL JELLY New Special Formula With Vifamlnt NOW AVAILAlllF N«ur.'l mo.t poUnt «"·! v«ry l«re. «ond.rJoodM th. Qunn »o«. "N=tur-J.!" com.i in »ald s.iatln »««)« to pf»«« tho va'uobl.,. E= C h ap,,l, wnt.ln.oO ·»».,.I .«clo». R.WI JoHy - «uc.ranto.d fKESH! You hav. r«od about It -- now try Itl A«k tor "NAIUR-JEL" ... the tlnett Royol J.IIy lormulo .voltatal.. Sold only. «t.. . Schulman's Nutrition Centers 142 fINE HEmlock 7-3440 Mall ontf Phonm Ordtri filled 62S PINE HEmlock 5-2045 matic pistol he. had purchased at the hardware s t o r e . He bought the,,weapon Saturday and attempted to take deliver} Monday, but was told to return .Cor it Tuesday in compliance with the city's 72-hour law on purchase of firearms. · » * · » * BEHMAN T O O K the gun and a box of cartridges- out t the parking lot, climbed int his car and shot himself in th head. ' . i He left several suicide note in which he said "things Jiav become too much for me" ahc "everything seems, to be lik a big,hill without a top eve an .'sight." Behman was pronounced dea at -Seaside Hospital. The bod was taken to Spongberg Mor Better than a pocketful of change- a telephone credit card There's never -a. delay for getting coins--or for depositing them-if you have a General Telephone Credit Card.--good anywhere in the country. And there's' no guesswork or doubt about what you've spent on calls. Your itemized mon'thly statement tells the whole story. ' - Inquire about this handy and valuable convenience--call our Business Office, HE 2-2411. GENERAL TELEPHONE On* of iht World'* Crtal Communico/ioni S/sftml LIKE A JOB? Now's- the time to get it! See the cbliiriirai in .Classified. · - .".""·"· WASHINGTON L»--M. Sgt.| women;, which ended with ; ,the oy A. Rhodes formally pleaded sergeant being told, one'of the - - - - women ;was pregnant. 'Kelso said this was,'used as a club to get information j '."from.-Rhodes, .. Rhodes' was stationed,: ;at the -. Trial counselMaj. Winchester Kelso Jr., said he would- prove the .-40-year-old' sergeant · became involved · .with' Russian spies-after a party with aRus- sian\nechanic and-two-Russian. 144CJ' Y» VUJ.L1 ,^Jj\ V » t · '· - - -- -- -- -- -- · --- - ' ,. . . agreed - to . become a Soviet U. S. embassy in Moscow from agent .'while stationed "in -Mos- 1951 to 1953. , r . · ; - - '..'.' cow.' ' · ' · · . ' . ' . Defense lawyers-won Ja partial, victory : when the_ law officer of. the'court-martial ruled that 23: of 25' 'allegations, -of overt acts must be ignored by .the ;iO-memberi..-panel ^hearing the case. , V ; . -', -" ..-.' ' \, Pentagon Studies Case · . - . · - . p · ·- - · of H-Protest Croup .WASHINGTON UP).'-- The group, sailed from San Pedro Defense Department is relying Monday. .Bigelow,. 51 on its- task force^commanders ' .roof .with to - ·, thelr -best:.'judgment to don t Know prevent in;jury to fciur pacifists to 'halt nuclear tests in ' the Pacific -next. April.. -.. Neither -the ^Pentagon /nor the Atomic Energy Commission has taken 'official notice 'of . the announced . -effort by Albert Smith','Bigelow and.. three companions' 'to halt' -the tests by sailing their ketch "into" the Eniwetok: Proving Ground area. is from Cos Cob, 'Conn. '.. ,.- ... A P e n t a g o n spokesman asked whether the 1 government has any. legal right to declare off-, limits any area of -the high seas, -said-.this now is'-under consideration by 'government lawyers. Earlier, defense' oftt- cials had voiced doubt-that the government has any such 'authority. -. ·'. One official' said that in the final analysis, it. will, be-up-to This still left standing two espionage conspiracy, counts. .Upon.' conviction, .the' sergeant still could get a maximu m ·pen- alty," of.-life · imprisonment- and dishonorable'discharge. "; The bulk"of'the'charges were thrown . out- on grounds- that they applied, to a prior enlist- ment.of Rhodes, ;and that even though'..' he : ' re-enlisted : in the Army.-; the 'next'! day''there''was a. break in service- which pre- ve^nts.'. a''military' trial- on- 'the 23 points'. '-. " . . . Rhodes.. in a Brooklyn 'spy trial last' year admitted^ contacts with the Russians. s -.' But before -his'trial got. ; un- dar way'Tuesday he told reporters -he is .innocent. '·· ATTRACT JLTTENTION to your want with a. "Wanted" ad Works FASTI -Call HE 2-5959 for an ed-writer: . . . , ' - 111 IJ W C UWtX - J. J.UVJU.1£ \ J A W M l i " . ".*· V"- A H i f c * * **nv**j "-fcj . - - . · - , . ·. .Bigelow-and his companions,|the,mih"tary..commanders in the all members. pfHhe; Co'mmitte'e mid-Pacific'to prevent-Bigelow for'Non-violent'.action. Against . Nuclear. 'weapons, ' a '· pacifist and his associates' from entering the danger . area. Dale Carnegie Course Public Speaking--Mtmory Training--Human Rt/aflons INDEPENDENT--PagVi-A-f | loch, Cdll., W.J., f«fc. 13, ifII (Adv«rtl»«ment) Hew Personalized Glasses Conceal Wrinkles and Under-Eye Circles , l ' ' V . Use of eyeglass frames individ- ized frames .exactly suit '.tha jally designed,, these personal- kjoc UL tj ts** 1 ^ 1 * i*i*'-».«i-j *-·%" · --- .LtKU. ii,(iiiit;a .c^a^Lij' ouiv .ui» ually, designed;;,,to camouflage Carer's age, personality'- and blemishes, under-eye c i r c 1 e s, p r edommant' -wardrobe ''colors.-' wrinkles and .imperfectly bal-xhe perfect'frame for'any face ' aiiced features is accomplishing c ' a ' n be determined wfthout cosmetic miracles.- These strik-jguesswork/Not expensive; easy:- ingly attractive frames, individ- terms. · DR.' 3. M. SOSS.^Op- ually designed by. new scientific tbraetrist (31 '.years ".Long- methods, amazingly improve the Beach), 37 Pine Avenue.-..HE wearer's appearance by unob- 5-6219; HE 6-6739.. 6pen-..-Firi- trusively distracting attention (j av evenings and all dayr'Sat- from any .undesirable-.features. 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